The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, March 17, 1910, Image 2

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"An Ounce of Prevention" A check
account will run your business without a
"hitch". When you pay by check, you
get an itemized receipt for every bill.
Then, too, you have a complete record
of receipts and expenditures in your
pass book. We invite you to open a
check account with us. Your account
small or large- will receive attention a
bove the average.
Interest Paid on time
Webster CoUnty Bank,
CAPITAL $25,000
B. F. Mizer, President, S. R. Florance, Cashier.
B. F. Mizer, C. J. Pope, Wm. M. Crabill, Wm. H. Thomas,
S. R. Florance.
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Oysters r,u A: iSOe per ,qt
Tho th Avenue Meat Market
State Historical Sod. ty
See Dr. Stockman for eye glasses
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The Chief $1.50 a year.
R. C. Rhode Island Red
Eggs For Sale
From Pure Blood Farm Range
R. F. D. No. 2 Phone 11 on I 5
Mrs. T. W. White
4 Newspaper That lilvcs The News Fifty-two
.Itilm Ruthjon moved unto the Mizer
farm lust week.
Geo. Baylor rented Homer Boner's
farm Tor the coming year.
Geo. l'iorcu is quite sick. Thoy hud
to call tlio doctor twice last Monday.
Mis. HiMisu'b nephew and nieeo spent
Saturday and Sunday with them on
the farm.
L. l Kngclhurdt shelled about 2.0(H)
hu. of worn for ltasser. Uustand Bense
l.iFt week.
Ciaholine seems to be all sumo autos
ncod, sonic of them found It out when
they had to walk or send for borne of
the necessary
Spring Is on, the farmers nrc Rutting
ready to sow oatH, the women tire
swapping eggs and sotting incubators
at 13c per pound and eggs at 30c a
dozen, the women will ull bo wearing
Charles (Juy Is still very ill.
Oscar Monia lias moved to bis farm.
I. S. (ileiison is building' a porch or
two on bis bouse.
Alva Htiekley's little two year old
daughter ha been very ill.
Robert Jewell is improving the last
few (layn. lie was very low for more
than a week.
Juntos Young has two very sick
children but both are thought to bo a
little bettor.
Win. Ryker has been vory tick for
several days but was much bettor the
ilrnt of this week.
Tim Hendriekson is building a houso
for J. II. Crurv on one of the farms
north west of town.
Mrs. Wade and daughter are staying
at H Mlluer's at present. Sho Is
thinking of buying residence propetty
Harvey Galley after a vUit with re
hit Ives here, at Ked Cloud and at Co wles
bus returned to his farm at Mitchell,
S. B. Kly and family came up from
Reynolds and spent the (list of the week
with the Kly and Vaughan families
here and to greet Carroll Wilihan and
family who arrived hero Monday.
C. F. rnnzor moved this week to his
farm, and Frank Shadley and family
will occupy the Panzer property thus
giving Mis. Thorton possession of tho
Moloney residence which she recently
Rev. G. W. Pool preached a splendid
sermon Sunday morning. A ladies'
double quartette sang a bentlful so
lection. They woro Mesdames, Fair
field, Roles, Roland, Hunt attd Misses
Cooper, Vance, Dickerson and Pool.
Geo. F. Hunt and Carroll Wlllhan
and families arrived by team .Monday
from Lakowood, New Mexico. They
are glad to get back homo and all
thuir friends aro delighted that .thoy
nro back again in good old Nebraska.
They drove througn In six woekB lack
ing one daj.
Mrs. Seua Hartzcll Wallace the
noted W. C. T. U. worker will lecture
here on Thursday evening March 24
at tho Baptist church and Friday even
ing Marclt 25 at the Opera House. All
cordially invited. Admission free.
A collection will be taken. Re euro to
hoar this gifted lady lecture.
While sitting iu a buggy wuiting
for another lady Mrs. K. C. Cristy was
thrown to tho ground striking against
a tree lu her fall. The horse suddenly
took fright nt something ami cramped
the buggy throwing tho lady out.
Her f ace was faoverely bruised but other
wise she was not much hurt which
sucnts almost a mirlclo under the cir
cumstances. GARFIELD
Miss Julia Kngels is on tho sick list
tills week.
T W. White went to Hluden with a
load of seed corn Saturday.
G. Barnes and wife stayed over nigh!
atC. Smith Friday night.
Fisher Is improving tho good woath
by cutting stocks on Saturday.
Weeks Each Year For $1.50.
Mr. Hall moved to town Friday and
Mr. Wiggins moved in the same day.
Lewis Mauley and (iuy Haines went
to Gitldo Rock Tuesday on business.
Artie Riehersoii is going to do the
bossing on the Wiggins place this
Kd Perry and Hillio Coons of Guide
Rock were callorsat (Juy HurucsTliuu
day night.
Ham Shuck was on wind mill row
Tuesday with a line bunch of cattle
consisting of about 100 head
Mr. Hull had a good sale Thursday
stuff sold well and it amounted to a
bout thirty live hundrod dollars.
Robert Boaty loft Thursday night
for Sheridan, Wyomiugufter a mouth's
visit with his sister, Mrs. L. A. Manly.
The surprise party at Manly Rros.,
was a success and every body had n
good time and stayed until the little
Rood Davis and ICuley took tliolr
cattle to Red Cloud Saturday and
shipped them to market they looked
pretty good.
Charley Smith hud quite an accident
the other day while curring his mules
and was between them one knocked
him over iu under the other one and
It trumped him pretty bad.
Frank Amuck is the puglist of wind
mill row He is practicing for the
nigger hoavy weight. He takes a round
with th hogs for past time but he
hurt his (1st u little and he snyd that
goes with tho business
Alfred Manley bus quite an eye for
business as he was seen on wind mill
row with two nice pieces of dress goods
in under his nrni and we woiuler what
is going to happen for ho wont to town
and got a dress pattern the next day.
Congratulations Alfred.
Foil Salk: Two typewriters good as
now, ono Smith Premier and one Rein-
ington. Inquire at this olllce.
i '
Josh Billings Says:
"Life is short. If it ain't jolly it ain't
worth living,
Yoa miss yoor share of fan and pleasure if you wait for that
Why not buy it now. We have an easy
payment planask about it
complete clean stock of ma
chines and a full list of records.
Victors $10 to $750. Records 60c to $7
Edison $ 1 2.50 to $200. Records 35c to $ I .
17. 1010.
Scene at Frank Amacks
,' ' -',vT-r'Tr' -j -jr jjwp
About sixty friends uud neighbors went with well (Hied baskets to Frank
Amacks and surpristd his good natured wife on her birthday on tho sixthj
Kverybody seemed to have u good time pitebiug horse shoes until they hol
loed dinner and then everybody done his best. Gut thoy wero careful for tho
Coroner was there mid no ono seemed anxious to give him a job and after
dinner Mr. Mauley took a pictmoof the wholo crowd and then the children
and several other's pictures and ho got one of Clyde Simpson which looks like
tho lust of tho Mongolian-) and they gave Mrs. Amuck n nico rneken uhuir
and told her to use it and let Frank do the work.
The Memory. J
A chief of police reports that many
of the criminals who como under his
charge confess that their fall came as
a result of reading exciting (tales of,
crime. These stories nro forgotton '
porbaps for years, or until the emer-1
gency arises, and then there (l.ishes ,
through the mind tho plot or device I
cleverly suggested by chose early stor-1 and a sample copy of any current Issuo
ios. In the belief that he will not be ' will be sent you on request, and you
caught, the tempted man tepeats some J will (lud that while The Youth's Corn
one experience with, us he thinks, a pauioii prints stories that are outer
little added cunning. Tho result Is i tulning uud oftentimes most exciting,
disgrace. ' there is never one that suggests evil
One of the most eminent surgeons iu conduct.
New Kngland recently said. "I was in-
lluenced more in my early days by
reading The Youth's Companion than
NiminsR n
Photographed By Lou Manley
by any other factor.'" .Successful men
from every walk of lift- voluntarily
testify that some inlluoneo iu early
life, such as reading stories of really
heroic men and women, has helped
them to solve ditllcultlo-, and to be
fearless Iu right doing mid at crucial
periods. You may look through any
irimber of The -Youth's Couipaulou,
jee The Chief for job work,
.."' fcy&yWmg yKS'ifcvXfcrltf(iMMU