The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, February 10, 1910, Image 5

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Chas. (irotit was in Hustings Tues
day. Mrs. .1 liuiilen i- bi Si. Joe this
Uenew your Mtb ription for the
.1 V Wintuis of l.'tiu'oln Is in town
this week.
Clins. Shnllak went to Hastings
I. II Holmes went to Ktiirbury San
da morning.
Mrs. Frank Cowden is visiting In St.
.Ion this week.
Mr. Simpson e nnc home on 11 Wed
nesday morning.
Hilly Uense is moving out to hij
fui'lll tll'lS C"U.
Walter Warrun ami family spent
Sunday in Superior.
l'aul Storey was in Lincoln tho tlrst
of tho weelc on business.
Mrs. KtacUlioiide sl'ppedatlier home
and sprained her iitihlc.
llring in your furs while market is
high. .1. O. Cai.iiwku..
See Dr. Stockman for oyc glasses
Satisfaction guaranteed
h. I.rndlleld and wife left Wednes
day for their homu in Oklahoma.
IJertrude lilaekledgc came homo
Sunday morning from Hlooniiiigton.
Mr. and Mrs. J. Harness arrived
from Hebron the last part of last week.
Dr. Dainerell'.s brother and wife ar
rived Tuesday evening from Montana.
Mr. Dobbins of Mankato, Kas. is
visiting at the home of Iohu CrilVeth.
Foil S.vlb Hhode Island Hed Cock
rulls. Inquire of Mas. C. II. Kit, rfd
No. 3.
W. L. Egbert is moving his family
into the Andy Hart's property this
The Kebekah's initiated two new
moiubers into their lodge Thursday
Mr. and Mrs. Harry l.ot.son cuter
tainud the Junior Whist lubt Thursday
l'oit Sam: Three show cases. In
quire at Newhouse's for further par
ticulars. drant'f urner has bought F. L. Hiues'
dray line and 1ms taken possession of
tbe same.
Aubil Crabill is lookiug after the
elevator busiuesa in the absence of
his father.
Geo. Overlug who has been ou the
siok list the past week is improving at
thiB writing.
Clarence Eshelinan aud wife arrived
home Sunday morning from their
astern trip.
O. C. Teel and Ben Grant went to
Graud Island TueHday to attend tho
base ball meeting.
Jim Moranville has installed a rural
pbonc aud thobe needing veterinary
service call on him.
Take your spectaeio caso to Mow
house Bros. They will put your initials
on It, free of charge
Koontz fe Wccsnor snipped 2 cars
of hogs to Kansas City Sunday. Mr.
Weesuer accompanied thorn.
Fo Sauk: Two typewriters good as
new, one Smith Premier and one Rem
ington. Inquire at this office.
Get your heating and cook stove in
to shape for w invor. Ordor your stove
repairs from Morhart Bros. now.
A public memorial scrvicp in houor
of Miss Willard will be held In the
Congregational church Feb. 17th.
Mrs. 0. A. Wells has returned to her
home In Cowles aftor sponding a few
days with her sister, Mrs. J. K. Butler.
Morhart linn, have their Intro coal
stoves on their tloor. Cum .n v id see
the tinest line of the best stoves you
ever looked at
The 111 in of Wallin & Hiitisen li-.s
dissolved Mr. Hansen retiiing from
the business and Mr. Wallin will con
tinue the business.
Mot hint I iros. carry a complete lino
of Klectrie lumps, Carbon. Tungsten
and Tantalum also hi-low lamp lt'-l
(Jet your lamps of them.
The spelling contest which was to
have been held Friday evening, reb.
llth., has been postponed on account
of the Fanner's Institute.
Teacher's Reading Circle meeting
will be hold in olllce of County Snpei
Intendentat Rod Cloud, Fob. VI, lull,
at i! p in. Maiiix I)y, Co. Supt.
Mr. ami Mrs. J. V llutlcr entertained
a number of young people at their
home last Thursday evening in honor
or Miss Myrtle Wells of Kduiond, Kn
Foil Sm.k Cut: vt a ! horse powi
Tiaction engine in vicinity of lllue
Hill, Nebraska. For full particulars,
addicss, It. care of V. litor of this
Hoisi: and hois roii Si.k. A nice
15 room house and l1, lots located
close in. I his is a nice place. In
quire at the Chief olllce for further
Do you want, a farm loan. Remem
ber 1'. U Overman loans in Webster
and Franklin county Nebraska and
Smith and Jewell Co., Kansas Low
est terms going.
The pnople of ("owles have arranged
to hold a Farmer's Institute in that
place Feb. 2."th and '2tith. We received
notice too late to give program this
week. Full account will appear in
tho next issue.
The program rendered by the C. F.
society last Sunday night was very
commendable and highly appreciated
by their friends, who attended in largo
numbers. A splendid testimony was
the liberal offering for Medical Miss
ions in India.
At last a cream seperator has been
built by a reputable house which is
little in price yet big in capacity.
Tho Beatrioo Creamery Co . have one
on exhibition in their branch olllce in
this city. Messrs. Hanson and Trine
will bo pleased to show you.
Tho regular services at tho church
of Christ will be coudueted next Lord's
day in the Christian church. Every
body is cordially invited to hear Mr.
Hussong discourse on these themes;
"A Bid tqr Men," at 11 A. MandThe
Prince of Traise," at 7:30 P. M.
Teacher's examinations will bo held
at Rod Cloud and Blue Hill Friday,
Feb. 18 and Saturday, Fob. 19. Regis
tratlon hours 8 a. m. to 10 n. m. and 1
p. in. to i p. m All who register must
remain until close of registration
hours. Maiikl Day, Co. Supt.
Foil Rent: ISO acre farm: Webster
Co., Nebraska, L miles boutb of Inavale,
Nobr. 130 acres under cultivation, 320
under fence for pasture or hay land as
desired. Write or call on Dr. C. W.
Waldkn, Beatrioo, Nebr., John D.
Fulton, Riverton, Nebr., or Bank of
Inavai.k. Jtiavale, Nebr.
I HAVE A quarter section 3 miles
from Red Cloud which I have just for
Bale this weelc. There is 130 acres un
der cultivation, part of it is now In
crop. This place will sell on first
sight to a man that is able to make his
first payment. Can get possession by
the First of March if desired. If sold
soon this place can bo bought at a
bargain. For further information call
on A. II Caiut.stku.
Special services at tho Congregation
al church next Suuduy. In tho mom
ing at I0;l."i tho pastor will endeavor
to answer tho question "Are wo under
r,ittfnt inn tn the colored race, and if
J so how can we discharge that debt?1
'. In thu evening ho will hold a me
See The Chief for job work.
F. W. Cowden left Sunday for a
visit to the eastern markets. Mrn.
Cow doti accompanied him as far as
St. Joe where she will visit friends
and relatives. Ho will personally in
spect a largecoiisignnn tit of upto-dato
clothing for tho Cowden ICaley Cloth
I' g Co., of thisoitv. This linn believes
in knowing that it bus the best the
market all'mds for Its customer Mr.
Cowden will be gone about ten days.
The ' Layman's Missionary Move
ment" convention, which -r. Hussong
discoursed last Sunday morning, is to
convene in Lincoln, Nebr., Mar. lfi-li.
This -movement" is an oyeopmer to
the present opportunity to ovaugello
the world with tho gospel aud necess
ity of Christian unity to accomplish it.
The "Christian Endeavor," "League."
'II. V. P. U.," "Y. M. C. A ," "Y. W.
C A," student Volunteeis' and "01
.i.his" have all tended to raise up
i iiis 100.000 christain men in tho
churches in America. They will hold
T.'i conventions in America and raises
M.yOiiO.OOO to preach the gospel to all
people. Mr. Hussong has been asked
in assist in tho convention at Lincoln.
I have a quarter section 8 J.j miles
-until oast of Red Cloud There is a
gooil new house,!) rooms, barn to hold
Pi head of stock, hog house, two chick
en houses, wood house, tool shod and
other buildings. Theio Is 70 acres
broke, 31) of which is in alfalfa, 15
acres fenced hog tight, 3 or I good
springs of water, good cistern, no well,
lo not need any, buildings are all
painted. This place is in (iartleld
township, 1 mile south of the Dunkard
church. Tho Methodist chinch is 1 f.
miles from it and It is only '., uiilo to
school Price SOSOO. Can givo good
terms to tho right man. For further
particulars call on A. II. Cahpi:nti:u.
The last number of tho Lecture
Course for this season will be given by
tho Wilbur Starr Concert Company
Wednesday Fob. 10 at 8:10 I". M. in
the Opera House. This is one of the
best if not the best ontertaininent of If you wish u seat it stands
you in hand to secure it early as every
body wants to hear Mr. Starr one of
the best baritone sdngers on the stage.
Mrs. Starr Is an accomplished Cellolst
and Miss Livingston comes highly re
commended as a violinist. They are
a stroug company aud will give a most
delightful entertainment You can
not afford to miss it. If you do you
will be sorry. Tickets on sale at
Cook's Drug Store Feb. 9th.
W. C. T. U. ITEMS.
(This Space HcIoiikh to the V. C. T t'.i
The sins of the father shall bo cast
upon tho children even unto the third
ami fourth generations
One swallow does not make aslnner,
but it makes a young man loose all
that stands for manhood and right
eous. ...
The W.C. T. l of Missouri is going
to appeal to the luiatlve aud reforeud
ti in since the Missouri Senate voted
down a constitutional amendment ou
The Hotels and saloons in Denver
were closed last .Sunday voluntarily.
l'hey say they fear state wide prohibit
ion They sutoly have committed
themselves by their own words and
actions. Be not deceived tho women
in Colorado can vote too
orrtci: In I'orri it III n.iusu
'Jin acres of land within t miles of
Uberliu, Kansas; one half in culti
vation, improved. Price !." nor acre.
'lo acres, part bottom laud, near'
state line in ClieyonneCouiity, Kansas.
?() acres cultivated, I in acres tillable,
some linpiovemonts. nice &. p(r
Hioacies 1 ' .. miles north of Limon,
Colorado. Laud lays Hue aud could
all be plowed in one land, i!0 acres
broke, small house. Price S3U00 clear.
Residence new and modern except
heat. wlthf'). I fit) It. lot in Holdroge,
Nobr. Rents for S1.1 Price SWOO.
'A'M acres near Palisade, Hitchcock
County, Neb. 'Jon acres in cultivation,
a lino tract. Price i.'SO per aero.
100 acres in Smith County, Kansas;
10 miles from Rod Cloud, Neb. Tim
ber, water anil Improved. Price ?M)
per acre.
Foit Sam:: A meat market doing
bininessof SIO'K) per month. Cream,
poultry and ice business; slaughter
house and ico house with Rl: tons of
ico. Only market In town of COO in
North Kansas. Price $1500 for quick
sale. C. A. SU1UI.TZ& Co.,
Potter Building Red Cloud, Neb.
(Spring the House Cleaning Time will
soon be here, you will find us prepared
with all the New Snappy Styles in our
line. Lace Curtains. Rugs all Complete.
CflLady Assistant our own Personal
Services in our undertaking Depart
ment. License Nebraska & Kansas.
Ed. Amackp Prop.
B .:-x:
;:.: 1
To show you our new line of Spring photo
mounts of fine quality.
We have all size Card mounts, Squares, Ovals,
Panels, Bust, Different sizes for family groops.
Folders, of neat quality. Come and look at them.
See STEVENS BROTHERS Photographers.
1 ::?
o :
a &
Having secured three carloads of wire fencing at
All members of tho I. O. O. F. arc re
quested to be present at tho regular
meeting Monday night as the second
and third will be put on.
En. Hanson, N. 0.
Mrt.. R. (5. Runchey, who has been
visiting hor sibter. Mrs. Will Beltler norllll sorvce in honor of Lincoln's
at Cowlos returned home Wednesday ,ni hivthilav and will give the char
I urn now prepared to do your haul
ing, price reasonable. Commercial
trade hollcltod. V. T. Maoism;,
acteristiiss which made Llucolu great.
Tho old soldiers, teachers and pupils of
our schools will find this lecture inter
esting and helpful aud with otherH aro
most cordially invited to be present.
Letter list.
List of letters remaining uncalled
for at postotllce at Rod Cloud, Neb
for tho woek ending Feb. 0, 1910.
J. O. Saudberg Mrs. H. T. Wilson
Those will be bent to tho dead letter
office Feb., 24, 1910, if uncalled for
before. When calling for above please
say "advertised."
T. C. Hackeu, Postmaster.
We Arc It.
The Htate high school inspector was
inspecting our high school Wednes
day. Ho asserted that for tho size
of tho city Red Cloud had the best
school in the state. He found every
.thing very satisfactory aud general
conditions excellent. He was unstint
ed in his praise of Supt. Moritz.
What a change one little year lias
Card f Thanks,
I wish to extend my sincere thanks
to all those rrho so kindly assisted mo
In my late bercavemeut. Especially
do I wish to thank tho ladies of the
neighborhood for what they have dono
and aro doing, also tho A. (). U. W
and Kagle lodges, the school touchers
and pupils sf grudes .1, (J and 7 and to
Miss Alfa Longtiu and Father Fitz
gerald. All these have my hoartfelt
thanks. J. V.
Hn7yLf J2H
m nv mixtures are offered
e Kiihstltutes for Royal.
.. . is ihe same In composition
or effectiveness, so wholesome and eco
Somlcarnor will make such fine food.
Baking Powder
Absolutely Pure
Royal Is the only Baking Powder made
from Royal Grape Cream of Tartar
City Council Precedlnfts.
Red Cloud, Feb. '2, 1010.
Council met in regular session.
Mayor Potter presiding. Councilman
McArthur, Pulsipher, Bailey and Oat
man present.
Minutes of January' Sth and l'2th
read and approved.
Mr. Trine on behalf of Mr. Leonard
tthkscltyto take actlou in opening
street south of Mr. Leonard's tract.
Mayor appointed Bailey and Oatman
to look up tho matter aud report at
next council meeting
R. D. Moritz et al appeared In be
half of petitioners and asks Council to
take action in opening streets apprais
ed by the committee selected.
Petitious and report of appraiser! on
thn Overman tracts presented aud
read. Moved by Bailey and seconded
by Oatman that the report of apprais
ers on tho Overman be layed over until
the next, regular meeting. No Mc
Arthur, Pulhipher, yes Bailey aud Oat
man. Mayor voted yes and declared
Petition and report of appraiser ou
the '1 aber et al tract presented and
read. Moved by Bailey seconded by
Oatman that report of appraise on
Taber ct al tract be laid over until
next meeting. No McArthur, Pulsi
pher, yes Bailey and Oatman. Mayor
voted yes and declared carried.
Clerk read communication from L.
II. Blackledge In regard to Ohmbtead
vs city, caso pending in Supromo
Court.- Mayor stated ho had arrangod
with Mr. Blacklodgc to attend to this
case. Moved by McArthur socondod
by Pulsipher that Mr. Blackledge
present his expenso account. Yos Mc
Arthur, Pulsipher, Bailey and Oat
man. Carried.
Petition of voters on license or no
license read. Moved by McArthur
and seconded by Bailey that the ro
quest be granted and clerk Instructed
to placo the question ou ballot. Yeas
McArthur, Bailey, Oatman, no Pulsi
pher. Moved by McArthur seconded by
Bailey thut Mayor appoint a committee
of three to buy a now dosk not to ex
ceed 815 for the uso of Light and
Water Commissioner. Vs McArthur,
Pulsipher, Bailey. Carried. Mayor
appointed McArthur. Bailey and Bur
gess committee.
Clerk stated that Frank Peterson
and Uoo. Morhart had been notified to
fllo bonds for plumbing and oloctrio
litrht wirlntr license. Moved by Bailey
and boconded by Pulsipher that if
bond Is not furnished by next regular 1
meeting the clerk is instructed to j
cancel license. Veas McArthur, Pulsi
pher and Bailor. Carried.
W. K. (Jeer appeared aud asked
Council to pass on a now "JJilley"j
which ho presented. No action taken. 1
Report of (i. W. Burgess Water and ,
Light and tiled. 1
Report of . I. o. Butler cltv treasurer,
road aud tiled.
Motion to adjourn. J
O. C. Tcki., City Clerk.
a BIG BARGAIN, we are willing to divide with you.
Yours truly,
P. S. we sell only full rolls: 15, 20 and 40 rods.
The home Grocery
P. A. Wullbrandt, Prop.
flji l carry a complete line of strictly fresh Groceries,
and my prices are such that it will pay you to do
your buying in this line of us. Only the first-class
brands of canned and package goods carried.
All staple Groceries inbulk at Bed-rock Prices.
1 (rtiitnre '" a Urocory store moro than In anvbiog else,
Ji UluallllliCbb buyers should demand Absolute Cleanliness.
(fjl You cannot buy Groceries in a dirty, ill-kept place and bo sure o
ffi pure goods Clcnnlincss'.fliul sanitation arc our hobbies. : : : :
KT a. .M.a.
asaflftaaafc, ,
IF YOU WANfa monument for
Decoration day place your order
will receive
the most careful attention.
Material first class, workmanship un
excelled. OVERING BROTHERS and CO.,
Red Cloud, - - Nebraska.
At Red Cloud, February 10 and 11
- I
f ..1
1 I1 I
i n'V
. ' j i&'jl&faikx'b n . V -