The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, January 27, 1910, Image 2

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M) At Red Gat
h '
The nhovo cnptlon nlioiit represents
tho growth of Central Canada. Tho
statement wa tniulc tint long hIiico by
n railroad nuin who claimed to havo
mndo the roninrkahlo discovery that
fiuch wm tho ciino. There 1h not a
dlfitrlct of a fair amount of nettle
inent In any of the three Provinces of
Mnnltnlm, Saskatchewan and Alherta,
but ban Itn Mhool, and thn rnllwnyH
have HtalloiiH every seven or eight
miles apart, around which group tho
towns, KOino largo and roiiio Hinall,
but each Important to ItK own district.
Hchools are largely maintained by pub
lic funds and the expense of tuition Is
but a nominal sum.
Tho Until returns of tho grain pro
duction for Contrnl Canada tor 190! Is
now In, and the llgures show that tho
valuo of the crops to the fanners of
that country Is about 105 million dol
lurn, as compared with 120 million last
year. American fanners or those who
lmvo gone from the United States, will
participate largely In these splendid
returns, and thoho comprise those who
liavo gone from nearly every State In
the Union.
One of the many proofs that might
bo put lorward showing the immense
wealth that tomes to tho farmers of
Central Canada Is seen In tho sum
that has been spent during the past
two or three months by tho fnnners
who have for the tlmo being ceased
worrying over tho reaper and tho
thresher, and are talcing to enjoying
themselves for two or three months.
It Is said that tlfty thousand people of
these Western Provinces spent tho
holiday .season visiting their old
homes. Moi of tin so passengers paid
forty and some forty-live dollars for
the round trip. Some went to Croat
Ilrllnln, some to the Continent, others
to their old homes In Eastern Canada,
nnd many thousands went to visit
their fi lends In the States. The amount
paid alone in transportation would be
upward of two million dollars. Somo
make the trip every years. It need
not be askd. "Can they afford It?"
With crops yielding them a prollt of
$"0 to ?-i per Mere, and some having
no much as twelve hundred or more
ncies, the tpi"sMon Is answered. 'I no
Canadlnn (lovornmeiit Agents tit dif
ferent points In tho States report that
they have Interviewed n great ninny
of those who an now visiting friends
In tho dlftercut states, and they all ex
press themselves as well satisfied,
nnd promise to take some of their
friends back with them. There Is still
n lot of fice homestead land in splen
did districts, and other lands can bo
purchased at a reasonable price from
rullwn.v and land companies.
Housewife Yon always seem to en
joy eating my food, but my husband Is
never suited with It!
lteggar Say, get a divorce and
marry me!
Too often the kidneys are tho causo
nnd the sufferer is not awaro of it.
Sick kidneys bring backache and sido
pains, lameness and stiffness, dizzi
ness, headaches, tired feeling, urinary
troubles. Doan's Kid
ney Pills cure tho
cause. Mrs. X. K.
(1 r a v o s, Vlllisca,
Iowa, says: "I suf
fered from kidney
trouble for years.
The secretions wero
disordered, t h o r o
wero pains In my back and swellings
of tho anklet. Often I had smother
ing spells. 1 had to bo helped about.
Doan's Kidney Pills cured mo llvo
years ago and I have been well slnco.
They saved my life."
Remember the name Doan's. Tor
sale by all denlers. no cents a box.
Fos'e-.Mllburn Co., Muffalo, N. Y.
Real Early Rising.
Fanner llrowu and Farmer .lonca
were near neighbors, and many a dis
pute took place as to who was the ear
lier riser Hoth maintained that each
excelled the other.
One day Farmer Drown determined
to put the subject to test. Rising very
early one morning, about two o'clock,
ho proceeded to visit his friend. Great
was his astonishment when ho saw
Mrs. Jones hanging out the clothes in
the garden
"Farmer .Jones about?" he asked.
"Well." replied the lady, "he was
tho llrst part of the mornln. but I
dunnn where ho be now."
The Usual Way.
Smith Mid the lawyer get anything
out ol your uivdo's estate?
Jones Get anything? Ho got It all
Mr. Wiiulow'ii himtlilnir Syrup.
Tor ctilMrrn iwltilntr, todrui ttie cum, mlucc In
Cauiuutluu, allujri pain, cure wind collu iJcu IjoUIo.
One tlshernmn ought to believe the
stories of uuother, but he seldom does
CCWMCfr 1907 BY O0&OS-fiRMLL CO,
MIhh Pali Ida UoltirooU nnd Miss Helen
Hollirnok, Ik l nine, Were clltiUHtcil In
Hie cine of I .mil unci' Donovan, u writer,
ftutnini'iltig near I'oit Amiuriclnlc. .Miss
Patricia confided to nomiviiii Hint nlm
fen led Iwr brother Ih'iiry. who, mined by
u bunk failure, had coiiHtiititlv tlirciiteiied
her for money from IiIh father's will, of
which MIsh Patricia was Kiiitidlnn 'I hey
came to Port Aiiiuimliile to escape Henry
Donovan sympathized with thu two
women. Ho learned of Mini Helen's an
tioyltiK milter Donovan (Uncovered nnd
caiituied un Intruder, who proved to bo
HoKlliiiM (llllcKJile. Hiiltor for the lilillil of
Minn Helen llolbrook. (illlonple (llsim
pcurcrt tin) following tnotuliu,'. A ioiikIi
wilier mipciiied mid wiih oideied away
Donovan saw MIm Holbioolt nnd hel fa
ther inert on frlendlv terniH lionovan
foiiKlit an Itnlhin iimsiihnIii. He met the
man he Huini!"'(l wiih llollnook. hut who
milil he nan HiirtrhlKf. a caiine-mnUer
After n sliort dlHciimlon Monouili left
Hill 1 1 1 V . (llllcMple M1H lIlHcuvclcd lev Ion-
rivmi presentlnK a count ty cluiri h with
II nil CHI. mill, nillnllled III klli'VV of 1 I I -
litonU'R prisence. MIhm Pat ni IdiiiwU-ilK.-d
lo Donovan that .Mlxs Helen bad Is en
mlxslni; fur a fi w hour While tiding
In a launch, the Italian leiltui- ullcinpieil
lo innli'Hl Hie trio but failed MInh Put
iniuoiinied In r Intention of HkIiHiu, H.-ihv
llolhlook and Hot ((IdiiK iiiiollier Idd'lig
place Donovan nut Helen In g.irdi'li at
nlKhl. Dupllcltv of lleli II wiih confessed
by the yiHiug Indv . She .nlmllleil i nnnlv lni;
Willi her fat her despite her aunts
precautions. In a iiIkIiI iiKellnu with Don
ovan. The tin winl for a liinglldr the
following day That nlulit. dlHgulHed iih a
llllll. Helen Htnle flolll the linlise. She met
ItPKlnnlil IHIIcHple, who told her his lose
(UllcKple wiih confronted by Doiiomiii
llelen'M lnvi r esenped. At Hie (own post
olllce Helen. lliiHcen except by Doiiomiii,
slipped u iliaft Into the hand of Mm lint
in, uiiilnr hi also Hluiialed her father
MIum Pat mid Donovan "look In" the
innoe carnival A young lady icncinbllng
MImh Helen llolliroiiK wan iiu4er'ii auuie
In u canoe, when Helen wiim thiamin t
have been at home Donovan met l.ll
loyplc CHAPTER XII Continued.
"I, myself," he continued, taking a
chair near mo and placing bis feet In
an open window, "am cursed with
rugged health. 1 have unite recovered
from those unkind cuts tit the nunnev
thunku to your ministrations and
am willing to put on the gloves with
you at any time."
"You do me great honor; but the
affair must wait for a lower tempera
lure." "As you will! It Is not like my
great and gracious ways to force a
light. Pardon me, hut may I Intpilre
for the health of the ladles at Saint
"They are quite well, (hank you."
"I am glad to know It;" and his
tone lost tor the moment Its Jaunt!
ness. "Henry llolbrook has gone to
New Yoik."
"Good riddance!" 1 exclaimed, hear
tily. "And now "
" Anil now If 1 would only follow
suit, everything would be joy plus for
He laughed and slapped his knees
at my discomfiture, for ho had read
my thoughts exactly.
"You certainly are the only blot on
tho landscape!"
"Quite so. And If I would only go
hence the pretty little Idyl that Is be
ing enacted in the delightful garden,
under the eye of a friendly chaperon,
would go forward without interrup
tion." He spoke soberly, and I hnd ob
served that when he dropped Ills chaff
a note of melancholy crept Into his
talk. He folded his arms and went
on: "She's a wonderful girl, Donovan.
There's no other girl like her In all
the wide world. I tell you It's hard
for a girl like that lo lie In her posi
tion tho whole family brokon up, and
that contemptible father of hers haug
Ing about with his schemes of plunder.
It's pitiful, Donovan; It's pitiful!"
"It's a cheerless mess. It all came
after the bank failure, 1 suppose."
"Prnctlcally, though the brothers
never got on. You see my governor
was bit by their bank falluro; and
Miss Pat resented the fact that he
backed off when stung. Hut the Gil
lesples tako their medicine; father
never squealed, which makes me sore
that your Aunt Pat gives mo the icy
"Their affairs are certainly nilxcM,"
I replied, uon-coninilt tally.
"They are Indeed; and I have studied
the whole business until my near
mind Is mussed up, like scrambled
eggs. Your own pretty Idyl of tho
nunnery garden adds the note pi
qtianto. Cross my palm with gold and
I'll toll you of strange things that He
In the future. 1 have an Idea, Dono
van; singular though it seem, I've a
notion In my head."
"Keep It," I retorted, "to prevent a
cranial vacuum."
"Crushed! Absolutely crushed!" ho
replied, gloomily. "Kick mo. I'm only
the host."
We weie silent while tho few sounds
of the village street droned In. Ho
lose and paced the floor to shako off
Ills mood, and when ho sat down he
seemed In hotter spirits.
"llolbrook will undoubtedly return,"
1 said.
"Yes; there's no manner of doubt
nbout that."
"And then there will be more trou
ble." "Of course,"
"Rut 1 supposo there's no guessing
when he will come back."
"He will come back as soon as he's
spent his money."
1 foil a delicacy about referring to
that transaction on tho pier, It was
a wretched business, and I now
realized that the, shame of it was not
lost on Gillespie.
"How does Honry como to havo that I
mJ vim
'What the Devil
Italian scoundrel with him'" I asked
after a pause.
"He's the skipper of the Stiletto,"
Gillespie replied, readily.
"He's a long way from tidewater,"
I remarked. "A blackguard of Just his
sort once sailed me nroimd the Itnllan
peninsula in a felucca, and saved me
ft om drowning on the way. Ilia hero
ism was not, however, wholly disinter
ested. When we got back to Naples
he robbed me of my watch and money
belt and I prolltod by tho transaction,
having Intended to glvo him double
their value. Hut thoro are plenty of
fai in boys nroiind the lake who could
handle the Stiletto. Henry didn't need
a dago export."
The mention of tho Italian clearly
troubled Gillespie. After :i moment he
"Ho may be holding on to Henry In
stead of Henry's holding on to him. Do
you see?"
"No; I don't."
"Well, 1 have an Idea that the dago
knows something that's valuable. I.nst
summer Henry went cruising In the
Sound with a pretty rotten crowd,
poker being tho chief diversion. A
man died on tho bout before they got
back to New York. Tho report was
that be fell down a hatchway when he
was drunk, but thero wero some ugly
stories in tho papers about It. Thnt
Italian snllor was one of tho crew."
"Where Is he now?"
"Over at llattlo Orchard. He kuows
his man nnd knows he'll bo back. I'm
waiting for Henry, too. Helen gave
him $20,000. The way the market Is
running he's likely to go broke any
day. He plays stocks like a crazy
mnn, and aftor bo's busted he'll be
back on our hands."
"It's hard on Miss Pat."
"And it's harder on Helen. She's In
terror all the tlmo for fear her father
will go up against tho law and bring
t'urther djsgrace on the family. There's
her Uncle Arthur, a wanderer on the
face of tho earth for his sins. That
was had enough without the rest of It."
"That was greed, too, wasn't it?"
"No, just general cussedness. He
blew in the llolbrook bank and
"You told me that Henry llolbrook
found his way here ahead of you. How
do ou account for that?"
He looked at mo quickly, and rose,
again pacing tho narrow room.
"I don't! I wish I could!"
"It's about the laBt plnco In tho
world to attract hlni. Port Annandale
Is a quiet resort froquonted by western
people only. There's neither hunting
nor fishing worth mentioning; and a
man doesn't como from Now York to
Indiana to sail a boat on a thimbleful
of water like this lake."
"You are quite right."
"If Holon llolbrook gavo him warn
ing thnt thoy wore coming hero "
"Don't you daro say It! Sho couldn't
have dono! She wouldn't have done
it! I tell you I know, Independently of
her, that ho was hero before Father
Stoddard over suggested this place to
Miss Pat."
"Well, you needn't got so hot about
"And you needn't luslnuato that sho
is not acting honorably In this affair!
1 should think that aftor making lovo
to hor, as you havo been doing, nnd
playing tho rolo of comforter to Miss
Pat, you would havo tho decency not
to accuse hor of connivance with Hen-
l ry llolbrook."
"ou lot your Jealousy got tho better
Up Here For?"
of your gooil sense I have not been
making love to Miss llolbrook!" 1 de
clared, angrilv, and knew in my heart
that 1 lied.
"Well, Irishman," he exclaimed with
entile good humor; "let us not bring
up mine host to (lml us locked in mor
tal combat."
"What tho devil did you biing me up
here for?" 1 demanded.
"Oh. just to enjoy your society. 1
get lonesome sometimes. I tell you a
man does get lonesome In this world
when he has nothing to lean on but a
blooming button factory and a step
mother who tilts among the world's ex
pensive sanatoria. I know you have
never had 'Itutton, button, who's got
tho button?' chanted In your ears, but
may 1 ask whether you havo ever
known the joy of a stepmother? I
can soo that your answer will be an
unregretful negative."
He was quite the fool again, and
stared at mo vacuously.
"My stepmother Is not the common
type of Juvenile tlctlon. She has never
attempted during her widowhood to
rob the orphan or to poison him. Dless
your Irish heart, no! She's a good
woman, and rich In her own right, but
I couldn't stnnd her dletury. She's
afraid I'm going lo die, Donovan!
She thinks everybody's going to die.
Father died of pneumonia and she said
ico-wuter la the finger-bowl did It, and
she wanted to have the butler ar
rested for murder. She had a now
disease for me every morning. It was
worse than being lefi with a button
works to draw a stepmother like that.
Sho ate nothing but hot water and
zwolbaoh herself, and shuddered when
1 demanded sausage and buckwheat
cakes every day. She caught me one
day clearing up a couple of chickens
and a mug of ltnss with tho gardener,
and It was all over. She had noticed,
she said, that I had been coughing of
late 1 was doing a few cigarettes too
ninny, that was all and wired to New
York for doctors. She had all sorts,
Donovan alienists ami pneuniogasttic
specialists and lung experts.
"The people on Strawberry Hill
thought thero was a medical conven
tion In town. I was kidnaped on the
golf course, wheie 1 was about to win
tho eastern Connecticut long-drive
cup, and locked up in a dnrk room at
homo for two days while they tested
me. They niado all the known tests,
Donovan. Thoy tested mo for dis
eases that haven't been discovered
yot, and for some that havo been ex
tinct slnco the duys of Noah. You can
see where that put me. I was afraid
to fight or sulk for fear tho nllonlsts
would send mo to the madhouse. I
was afraid to eat for fear they would
think that was a symptom, and every
time 1 asked for tood the tapeworm
mau looked intelligent and began pro
scribing, while the rest of thorn were
terribly chagrined because they hadn't
scoied llrst. Tho only Joy I got out
of the rumpus was In hitting one of
thoso nllonlsts a damned hard clip in
the ribs, and I'm glad I did It. Ho was
feeling my medulla oblongata at the
moment, and ns 1 resent being man
handled I pabted lilm one ho wna a
young ehap, ami fair game I pasted
lilm one, and then grabbed a stilt-caso
and slid. 1 stole away In a clamboat
for Now Haven, nnd kept right on up
Into northern Maine, where I stayed
with tho Indians until my fnthor's re
lict wont off brokon hearted to Dad
Nouholm lo drink tho waters. And
hero I aiu, by tho grace of God, la
perfect health nnd In full control of
tho button innrket of the world."
"You havo undoubtedly been sorely
tried." I said as he broke off mournful
ly. In spite of myself 1 had been en
tertained. He was undeniably a follovv
of curious humor and with tiuusunl ex
perience of life. Ho followed me to
the street, nnd as I rode away ho
called me back tor though to Impart
something of moment,
"Did ou ever meet Churles Dar
win?" "Ho didn't need me for proof, nut
tons.'" i wish I might have hVd one word
with lilm. It's on my mind that ho
put the monkeys hack too far. I
should be happier If he had brought
them a little neuter up to date. I
should feel less lonesome, Irishman."
He stopped me again.
' Oueo had an ambilion to find an
hoiirxt man, Donovan, but I gave It up
it's easier to be an honest man than
to lliel one I give you peace!"
I bad learned some things from the
young button king, hut much was still
opaque In the affairs of the Hoi
biooks The Kalian's presence as
sumed a new slgnlllcance from Gilles
pie's story. He had beui party lo a
roiisplriif to kill llolbrook, alias
Hart ridge, on the night of my adven
ture at the houseboat, and I fell to
wondering who had been the shadowy
director of Hint enterprise tho cow
ard who had hung off in tho creek and
waited for the evil deed lo be dono.
The Gate of Dreams.
In niv heart I was anxious to do
Justice to Gillespie. Sad it is (hat we
are all so given lo passing solemn
judgment on trilling testimony! I my
self aiu not Impeccable. I should at
any time give to tho lions a man who
uses his thnni". as a paper-cutter; for
such a one is clearly marked for bru
tallt.v. Mv prejudices tally as to a
trupipet-call at the sight of a girl
wearing overshoes or nibbling bon
bons the one suggestive of ptedatory
habits and weak lungs, the other of
nervous dyspepsia.
Tlie night was line, and afler re
turning my horse to the stable I con
tinued on to the Glounrm boathouse. I
was strolling along, pipe In mouth,
and was half-way up the boathouse
steps when a woman shrank away
fiom the veranda rail, where she had
been standing, gazing out upon the
lake. There was no mistaking her.
She was not even disguised to-night.
and as 1 advanced across. the little ver
anda she turned toward me. The lan
tern over the boathouse door suffused
us both as I greeted her.
"Pardon me. Miss Holbiool. ; I'm
nfiald I have disturbed your medita
tions," I said. "Dut If you don't
mind "
"You have the advuntage of being
on your .own ground," she replied.
"I waive all my rights us tenant If
you will remain."
it is much nicer here than on St.
Agathn's pier; you can see the lake
and the stars better. "On the whole,"
shi' laughed. "I think I shall stay a
moment longer, If you will tolerate
I brought out some chairs and we
sai down by the rail, where we could
look out upon the star-sown heavens
and the dark lloor of stars beneath.
Helen bent forward wiih her elbows
resting on the rail, her hands clnsped
under her chin. The lamplight fell
full upon her slightly lifted head, and
upon her shoulders, over which lay a
filmy veil. She hummed dreamily for
a moment while I watched hei Had
she one mood for the day and another
foi the night? I had lust m-en her
that altemoon after an liom of ten
nis, at which she was expert, and she
had run away thiough Gleiiarm gnto
with a taunt for my defeat: but now
the splilt of stars and of all earth's
Bllent things was upon her, 1 looked
twice and tin Ice at her clearly
outlined profile, at the brow with Its
point of dark hair, at the hand where
on the emeiald was clearly distin
guishable, and satislled myself that
theio could he no mistake about her.
'You grow bold." I said, anxious to
hear hor voice. "You don't mind tho
pickets a bit."
"No. I'm quite superior to walls
and fences. You have heard of thoso
Kant Indians who appear and disap
pear through closed doors; well, we'll
assume that I had one of those fol
lows for an ancebtor! It will save the
trouble of trying to account for my
exits and entrances. I will tell you
in confidence, Mr. Donovan, that I
don't like to bo obllgi d to account for
Most Obstinate Things.
A bachelor says a mule Is tho most
obstlnato thing on earth, hut married
men know hotter. -Chicago Duilv
River's Immense Traffic.
In tho Itlver I.ek, Hollnnd, mid Kb
connecting canal to Amsterdam tho
trallle amounts to over 60.000 vejsula
of all kind per annum.
Omaha, Nchrnskn, Jnnunry 2G. ThI
city Is at present In tho midst of nn
excitement beyond nnythlng thnt It
hns experienced In recent years.
Old und young, rich nnd poor, all
seem lo havo become besldo them
selves over nn individual who was n
stranger to Omaha up . to two weeks
Tho man who has created all this
turmoil Is L. T. Cooper, President of
tho Cooper Medicine Co., of Dayton,
Ohio, who Is at present Introducing
his preparations in this city for the
llrst time.
Cooper Is n mnn nbout thirty years
of ngo and has ncqulred n fortune
within tho past two years by tho salo
of somo preparations of which ho is
tho owner.
Reports from eastern cities thnt pro
ceeded tho young mnn hero wero of
tho most sturtUng nature, many of
tho leading dallies going so fnr ns to
stnto thnt ho hnd nightly cured in
public plnces rheumatism of years'
standing with one of his preparations.
The physicians of tho Hast contradict
ed this statement, claiming tho thing
to bo impossible, but the facts scorned
to bear out the statement that Cooper
actually did so.
In consequence people flocked to
him by thousands nnd his prepara
tions sold like wildfire.
Many of these stories were regard
ed as uctltious in Omaha und until
Cooper actually reached this city little
attention was paid to them. Hardly
had the young man arrived, however,
when he begnn giving demonstrations,
ns ho calls them, In public, nnd dally
met people nflllctcd with rheumatism,
and with a single npplication of one
of his preparations actually made
thorn walk without tho nld of either
canes or crutches.
In addition to this work Cooper ad
vanced the theory that stomach trou
ble is the foundation of nlno out of
ten diseases and claimed to have n
preparation that would restore the
stomach to working ordor and thus
get rid of such troubles ns catarrh and
affections of tho kidneys nnd liver, in
nbout two weeks' time.
This statement seems to have boon
borne out by tho romarknblo results
obtained through tho use of his prep
aration, and now all Omaha is ap
parently irad over the young man.
How long tho tremendous Interest
in Cooper will last is hard to estimate.
At present thero scorns to bo no sign
of n let-up. Iteputablo physicians
claim it to be a fad that will die out
ns soon ns Coopor leaves.
In justice to him, however, it must
be said that ho seems to have accom
plished a great deal for tho sick of
this city with his preparations.
Childish Inference.
Little Julia was taking her nfter
noon walk with her mother. Her at
tention was attracted for tho first tlmo
to a large church edlllco on one of tho
street corners.
"Oh. mother!" she exclaimed,
"whoso nice big house Is that?"
"That, Julia, Is God's house," ex
plained tho mother.
"Some time later It happened that
the child was again taken by the
church, this time on Sunday evening
when services wero In progress.
Julia, noticing tho brilliantly lighted
windows, drew her own conclusions.
"Oh, look, mother," sho culled out,
"God must bo having a party."
rnu i)EKP-si:ati:i routs nna ronntn.
AH'ii't .niii) Kiihiiiii Hires wlirn nil otliiT remedies
tall. Tills iilil relluliln iinilli'liiK Iiuk Seen Milil fur
oicrfJKurN iKc.MV.tlttllioltUft. AUUtulcrs. ..
Cheap notoriety often turns out to
bo an expensive luxury.
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