The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, January 13, 1910, Image 1

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The growth of this bank since
its organization, eight months
ago, is significant endorsement
of the sentiment "A satisfied
customer is the best advertise
ment." Interest Paid on time
Webster County Bank,
CAPITAL $25,000
B. F. Mizer, President, S. R. Florance, Cashier.
B. F. Mizer, C. J. Pope, Wm. M. Crabill, Win. H. Thomas,
S. R. Florance.
y Financial Condition
OF the City of Red Cloud January 1st,
1010. as Compared Wllh Nay 5th.
Tlio folio. viiiK- report of the tlnanou
committee read mid ordered placed ou
Hie. Yens, McArthur, I'ulsiplicr,
Bailey, Uutmiiu. Curried.
We find us on May fith, I'M). Electric
titbit bonds amounting to SI 1,00(1 and
Water Uouds S22.000, against the city.
May 5th, 100!) thero were judgments
against the city as follows:
One in favor of C L. Olmstede for
Oue in favor of Sunderland Booting
and Supply Co for S77.1C.
One in favorof Westinghouse Mipply
Co., for 3027.21.
Since May 5th, lOll'J, the oily has
paid in ou the last two of the above
judgments the hum of Sl.'.Ol -10 and in
terest thereby semiring a cancellation
of the same.
Tl'O following shows the condition
of the various funds and levies as com
pared with May fith, 1U0!:
Occupation Ki:m
Balance on hand May 5, 'cm. . Jl 71
Since collected 2190 .'.0
Outstanding warrants Sim fid.
I'lllF.MAX'S I'' I Mi
Balance on hand May .1, K '.). .? 212 15
Since collected (iO 00
Total receipts 272 45
Disbursements 75 10
t .
Balance on hand .Ian I, UU0.. S U7 0."
llegistored warrants
outstanding May
r.tll, l!f! eio'i.'! 37
Cash bal. oh hand Mav
.'ith, iDO'.i
Since collected
& 210 ru
2iir. oo
jer,5 31
Total receipts
Disbursements Hill
Ualance on hand Jan 1st. HMO $S2J till
Watiiii b'rsi)
Balance on hand May .', I'JOfi. .9 -'IKI -17
.since collected 11 70 70
Total leceipts UUl 17
Disbuiscuients.-. '-- '"
Ualance on hand .Ian 1st, 1010. -,'it i
Elkotiiic Limit IYnu
Halance on hand May r, 1000. .5 bl5 CO
Since collected U70 HO
Total receipts
Paid all icgistered and
other warrants 'JoOll 51
Halance on hand Jan.
1st, 1IH0 8 fji',1 80
May ."ith, 1000, tlusie were outstand
ing registered warrant- for the con
struction of the Llcctric Light plant
S7'J07.!1T, ou which no change has been
May .Mh. lOult, tlieie were also in ad
dition to theabovc.outstandingiegli.t-
eied and other warrants against the
city amounting to SJMO.'J.'l all of which
have been called in and paid in full
also the two above ludgments and in
terest amounting to fl'XKS.S.I
.my .i, 1000, there was a cash bal
ance in all funds and levies amounting
to 82.1tn.0ii. as cuinpaied with S'llirJ.Oa
at this date January nth, 1010. This
shows to this date SluS".08 old dent
paid oil' and an additional j-UlS.12 in
treasury over May nth, 1000.
Dated Hod Cloud, .lauuaiy 1st. Illlo.
.1. II. i
!!. I'. Oatjian rinance Coin
J A. McAltTlli U )
John Holsworth has a lolativu from
Canada visiting with him.
Quite a number of the young folks
took in the Opeia Saturday night in
lied Cloud entitled "The Messenger
Our school is small ou account of
cold bad weather. Miss Weesnor is
plucky mid drives from town every
Wo are not aloue in the snow deal.
Mr. Parker just returned from Missouri
and reports moro snow than we have
Corn in the tield all along the hue.
Mr and Mrs. Fred Barber are tho
proud patents of a daughter who come
to make bur home with them. She
will need their care for a few years.
W. S. House met with what may be
a serious accident while putting up ice
Monday. He slipped and lull over a
cake of ict) and struck his head ou the
side of the house and was knocked
senseless tor a while. Mr. Parket and
ltoj Rust took him to lied Cloud
I'loyil Simpson's babe has been very
sick but is now better.
licv. Hamilton was a guest at the
home ot N. . Itaker Monday.
11. LatliiMpi was heio attending the
funeral of Ins brotherAlbert Lathiopo
Guy Humes aud wife of Gat Held
precinct spent Sunday with Harvey
Taylor and family.
John (ileasou and wife have beeu
enjoying a visit from their daughter,
Mrs. Tyler of Kansas.
David Cassell of Ong visited from
Kriduv till Monday bore with his
brother, J J. Cassell aud family.
Grant Miller vikited last week at the
homos ol L. Smith and I. X. Smith.
Ills home is at Dresden, Kas
The new olllcers of tho Haptist Sew
ing society are.
President, Mrs. Win llykor.
Vice Prcs., Mrs. J. S Marsh.
Secretary, Mrs. E. K. Burr.
Treasurer, Mrs. L. V. Ely.
Esthet AdelcMcCall only child of
.Mr. aud Mrs. George 11. Mc.Call died
Friday morning, January 7tb, HMO,
aged 4 years, 1 month and 12 days
She was beloved by every one and tho
homo is very desolate without her.
The funeral was held at the home Sun
day morning, January Mb, at 10
o'clock. I he entire community sympa
thizes with tho bereaved parents in
their gieat sorrow
Would seem to demand that you read what Ambrose L.
Ranney, A. M. M. D., late professor of Anatomy, New
York Hospital, says:
"Eye-strain may, and often does, cause chronic and intractable distur
bances of the stomach. Chronic intestinal and gastric disturbances may
be and often are, companions in graver disturbances of the nervous
system, due to eye-strain.
Our glasses are made to i elieve eyestrain.
Total receipts
1SS5 bo
.:i7:u :w
Halance on hand Jan 1st, 11)10 SI 151
Waihr Lkvv
Halance on hand May 5, '00.... 3 HI3 87
Since collected W0 00
Transferred from Eleu L. Levy 10U0 00
Total receipts
21.1:1 87
1037 :h
l Delayed)
U. Harrington is 1
oportod very
lJaiauoe on hand Jan. 1st. 1010 StCO
Joikimkm- l-UNH
Balauco on hand May 5, 1900. .S 105 (10
Since collected 1&70 00
TmI.iI 1 ocelots 1075 CO
Disbursements (paid judgm'nt) 103.1 85
Balance on hand Jnn lbt, lOlO S SO 81
Klkctmc Limit Lkvy
n..iu.,..n on hand Muy 5, lOOtf.. 510 i
Since collected....
1315 00
ToUl receipts
Paid out 8 7J38
Trauaf. t water levy 1000 t.0
$1850 03
1748 38
Balanoe on luind Jhu 1, MO 5 to?
Two of Mrs. Elmer Harvey's little
girls are dow n with pneumonia.
Uarl Harwell who has been seriously
ill with pneumonia is improving.
Mr. and Mrs. Link Daily came home
from Missouri Wednesday morning.
Whooping cough is spreading lurther
out in the country. Some cases are
peculiarly scvcie this winter.
Miss Kdith Herrick of Campbell
visited her brother Clarence Herrick
and family several days this week.
Mrs. Irons and Mrs. Powell of In
avalo were out sleigh riding Monday
aftei noon aud called ou Mrs. O. I!
Little Ililey Ueed died Thursday
night, ho had been sick a short while.
Tho funeral services were conducted
from tho Methodist chinch and tutor
inont took place in the lied Cloud
comotery. Ililey was seven years old
and was greatly beloved by all who
know him his sweat sunny nature, aud
his abiding faitb in God made-him -a
living angel, ane the plnco ho has va
cated will never tie tilled, tbo family
have tho slnceto sympathy of the en
tire cotnmnnity.
Batin is coveted with about a foot
of snow
Jess DedricU went to Hod Cloud
1 If f I til A t 1 t
iu rugeraiii is snucicing corn tor
Sorgeson Bros.
Joseph Havel has bought a lino team
from Jake llllingef.
Miss Hmma Havel spent New Yeai's
day out In the country.
I'l ank l'avlick from Kansas City is
visiting with his folks this week.
l red Hanson is going to California
lie said it was to cold for him in Neb
Mr. aud Mrs. Will Howard hav.i ro
turiud from a week's visit in Missouri.
Mrs. Joseph Polnicky is up and
around again alter a few week's ill
noss. Miss Winnie Morrow from Fairlleld
is visiting with her aunt, Mrs. Joseph
Mrs. G. Hanson has bought a Hue
team fiom Henry Mrickson. Consider
ation 1100.
The party glveu by Mr. and Mrs.
Kellett on New Year's night was a
grand success.
Will Mackoy has quit working for
Jos. Vavrioka and is now going to tiro
on tho B. & M;rall road.
Inez, and Homer Petty aie sick with
whooping cough.
Mis. Klmer Harvey has two llttlo
girls very sick with pneumonia
Miss Blanch Barker was calling on
Miss Hannah Jnrgenson Sunday.
Mrs. lions aud Mrs. Powell ol In
avale were out t-lelgh liding Monday
afternoon aud made a call ou Mrs. O.
H. Harvey.
Arthur Davis is visiting his father
and mother in Iuavalo this week.
Artie looks as tho time stood still with
him !u his southern home.
The members of the Christian church
of Inuwilo are erecting a new parson
age and are to have a resident minis
ter. We congratulate them.
Mr Jorgensou had a sad misfortune
Sunday ufteinooii. He turned his
horses into the lot and while running
a tine 2 year old colt fell and broke its
leg in such a way that it had to be
Iuavalo school began work Monday
with a full attendance. Miss House
holder the Prlmai y toucher having ro
signed, llor place was given to Miss
Williams 01 rem. who comes well re
commended. (julto a number ol small feeders in.
this vicinity are selling their cattle be
fore they are ready for market on ac
count of the corn being in the Hold
yet. Sumo of the big feeders are ship
ping in corn for their stock.
January 7th. this neighborhood was
shocked to hoar of the death of little
Ki ley Recti, sou of Joe Kecd. lie was
only sick a few days. The funeral
.services were held in the Methodist
church at Iuavale and little Ililey was
laid to rest in the Bed Cloud cemetery.
Tho whole community mourn with the
atllluted family for Ililey was a doar
little fellow and lovod by all who
Morhart Bros, carry a complete Hue
of Elcctrio lamps, Carbon, TungateD
and Tantalum also bi-low lampu KM
loot your lamps of tbera.
knew him.
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Tho next time one of the children
catch cold, give it something that will
promptly and freely but gently move
tho bowels. In that way tho cold will
at once bo driven out of tbe'.Hvstem
Kennedy's Laxative Cough Syrup
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