The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, December 09, 1909, Image 4

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Red Cloud - - Nebraska.
Entered In the I'onlulflru t Hid I'lniicl.Neli..
Hi" fccond (,'lHft Mntlor.
. U. HAIjK
Till: ONLY JU.MOrllATlr I'AI'fll IN
Vi:ilSTi:H '()f NT Y
Sunday morning Old Sol who bus
been in hiding t hese mimy la.v beheld
N'ebrasUa miigiiilifetit In her robes i)f
Himw and Mulled. Ilmv tlmt Mnile
pleased tuir )C(i)l' wln have It ii1
euniiuli of I'iiilmli weiitlier. 'I'lu
beautiful snow uliieh uieeted lln ejo
was in strange eontriist to the green
livery of summer so iniliceable last
Friday. Nebraska lends I la- world not
only for her sudden eliuiiges of tern
Iierattiro bill also for her nbiiniliineo
of ideal weather.
Such energy as displayed by C H.
Lowls is worthy ofcommendation. Ho
needed work to supply Ills houBobold
with the necessities of life. Tho street
crossings wore muddy and hardly pass
able therefore ho importuned ttio
council to appoint him commissioner
of crossings with the result that tho
crossings are In excellent condition
and his larder is overflowing with good
tilings to cat. This but shows what
may bo dono by any one who really
wants to work
Wo aro muklug nrrangomoHts to
publish an enlarged edition of the
Chief for our Christmas number. This
edition will contain several breezy
nrticles portment to the occasion as
well as display advertisements of re
sponsible business houses of this city.
Wc will print several hundred extra
copies, but from present indications
those will bo exhausted in a day or two
therefore wo ask that you soud in your
orders early so that you may not bo
Wo aro sending out to our subscrib
ers this Avcek letters showing bow
their accounts stand with this paper
no that they may bo able to take ad
vantage of the old rate which will be
in cfTcct until Jauuary 1st. If you
want the Chief do not neglect tosoe ua
as the subscription price will absolute
Jy be $1.C0 to all on and after that date.
We may be a bit prejudiced but we
fully believe that wo are giving you a
dollar and a half paper right now.
Advertisements arc index to a paper's
growth and standing and an index to
business foresight and we ask you to
examine the columns of this paper and
satisfy your selves of the efficiency of
the Chief in this respect.
When you rocelvo your notice act at
When tho workmen, in charge of
tho construction of the north annex to
tho court house, removed the boards
under the floor they found several full
grown cornstalks preserved In perfect
condition. These bac been under the
Jloor for .T.I jetirs. ever since the magni
ilelcut stiiicluio was envied. Koine
believe the building was elected
in a coin Held at that early dale and
thus account Tor. the cornstalks but
the residents who weie heie at tlm
time believe that the cornstalks must
have been placid thereby the team
sters who hauled the lumber trotn
Hastings, coin fodder at that time
being a favorite food for horses.
However they got there they have
unquestionably been therefor 'Myears
which verities the contention that the
old hulk contained hidden treasures.
I'M! tor IIhit l' the Campbell I'ilicn
is much displeased because some Initios
of llladen have orgnni.eil u cult ut e
club for the i pros pmpo-c ol im
proving thi'ir intellect ualattiiinments.
l'or oni'M-hes we would be pleased
to bae such un oiguniation in every
city and town in Nelmihka. To those
who have In en depiivcd in their early
years of an intimateiicqimliitaiico with
the nniMei . the gicat i-WMitMf history
or those who disirn to supplement
We pay interest on lime deposits, and
endeavor in every way possible to ac
quaint our customers with the ninny ac
commodations affordccTby an up-to-date
banking institution.
inierest,raia on time
Webster County Bank,
CAPITAL $25,000
B. R Mizer, President, S. R. Flbranco, Cashier.
.BJ FJ Mizcr, C. J. Pope, Win. M. Crabill, Wra. W. Thomas,
S. R. florance.
lliolr store of knowiedgo with modrrn
investigations, such organizations otter
an excellent opportunity for develop
ment. We contend that It indieau's a
deslie for better tilings mid Is In pel
fee! hnnnonv with the trend of pres
ent day progress towaid v. higher level
of livinir.
Mnnv of us have foil the need of an
organisation of this character but the
ever present pocket booh with nothing
In It has hindered us from gratifying
a thirst for more know ledge. We feel
like lending our full encouragement
to thosn who are so situated us to be
able to grow, at any period of their
lives, and have the will to eatry out
their early aspiration.
The net number of the lA'tuio
course will bo a ledum ly Dr. .lames
Medley, Monday Dee l.'l. Subject. "The
Suniiv Side or Life." Says A. K.'Tay
lor late l'icsldeiit of tho Kansas State
Normal School "For innocent fun, for
graceful tributes to make manhood and
womanhood, for exquisite pathos, for
sublime diseriptlon, we have seldom
hoard him equaled, never excelled."
Tho lecture is suited to all ngos and
conditions and ought to bo board by
very youth of America.
To The Public
Tho Merchant Delivery will com
mence Dec. 1st 11)09. In order that
your orders can be dcllvored promptly
you must have your orders In Promptly
bv 8 A. M., 10 A. M., 2 P. M. and 4 P M.
L. M. Crablll.
Real Estate Transfers.
Transfers reported by tho Fort Ab
stract Co. for tho week ending Wed
nesday, December 8 1000.
John B. llluin to James Mo
Bride lots 7, 8, V Blk. 21
Cowles w. d
Lofton H. Fort Ueferoo to
C. F. (iund s w 10 .'J 10 rofe d . .
Mortgages tiled, ('.'077
Mortgages release,)!, S.'J3fil)
One Million Dtllars for a
Good Stomach.
This Offer Should be a WaralRate Every
Mai aid Wenaa.
The newspapers and medical journals
have had much to say relative to a
famous millionaire's offer of a million
dollars for a new stomach.
This great multl-millionairo was too
busy to worry about the condition of
his stomach. He allowed his dyspep
sia to run from bad to wor&e until in
tho end it became incurable. His mis
fortune should servo as u warning to
others. Every one who suffers with
dyspepsia for a few years will givo
everything he owns for a new stomach.
Dyspepsia is caused by an abnormal
state of tho gastric juices. There is
one element missing Pepsin. The
ab.seneo of this destroys tho function
of the gastric fluids They lose their
power to digest food.
Wo are now ublo to supply tho pep
sin in a form almost identical to that
naturally created by the system when
in normal health, so that it restores to
t he gastric juices t heir digestive power,
and thus makes the stomach strong
and well
Wo want every one tioubled with
indigestion iiinl dyspepsia to come to
our stoie and obtain a box of Kcxull
Dyspepsia Tablets They contain His-inuth-Subnitrato
and Pepsin picparcd
by a process which develops their
greatest power to overcome digestive
Uexull Dyspepsia Tablets lire very
pleasant to take. They soothe the ir
ritable, weak stomach, strengthen and
invigorate tho digestlvoorgans, relieve
nausea and indigestion, promote nutri
tion iiml bring about a feeling of coin
fort.' if you give Hex. til Dyspepsia Tablets
n reasonable trial wi' will return your
money if you uro not stilislled with the
lesult. Three sizes 31 cents, SO cents
and 81. lioiiu'Uibei1 ou can obtain
ItcMill Itemcdies in Kid Cloud only at
utir store. The tlesail store. Tho II.
K. (iriee Drug I
r-i.!!!!; MO, uu -1-1-
ggpteaga St
There is no better time for selecting
your Christmas picseiits than now and
having them laid away so as to avoid
tho regular Christmas tush.
Three Dolls given away.
Hand Embroidered Handkerchiefs with all over Em
broidery in very charming effect, dainty designs in eyelet,
and new light effects some with scalloped edges, others
with narrow H. S. hem, one of the best lines we have
ever shown at 50c.
Embroidered Handkerchiefs in fine soft India Linen,
some with narrow H. S. edges and some with elaborate
scalloped and embroidered edges, at 10c, 12c, 15c, 20c,
25c and 35c.
Ladies and Gents Hemstitched all Linen Handkerchiefs
at 5c, 7c, 124c and 25c.
Children's picture Handkerchiefs at 2c and 5c a piece.
WrWimii'i'imUS'V ttYMnfiWHk
, and
UERE S an overcoat made primarily for use of auto
mobilists; but you can easily see that it's suitable
for any wearer who wants a
-,". I fte.
ji k.yr rk
i J l f- uv-.
' .'s n
Copyright 1909 by
flait SclulTncr & Mju
lira IS 1 wte'feM
F. Newhouse
With every 50c purchase you get a ticket entitling you lo a chance .
the 3 Dolls. Dolls on display in our window.
Our Holiday Assortment
of Fine Lawn and Linen
Handkerchiefs is now prac
tically completei
Nothing nicer or more useful for a Christmas present thnn n Wool or Silh Scarf Have them in a variety of styles and
colors. Yarn Scarfs 214 yds long and '20 inchos wide at S1.2,", others not so large from 35c to 7fc all worth more monoy.
Silk Scarfs Iff yds long and 27 Inches wide with the new Persian design and colors at fl.75, same size in figured silk at
JI.TjO and smaller ones in all shades at GO and 7f)c.
Their is no one article more widdy given at Christmas time than Kid Gloves. Have a carefully selected assortment
urge early shopping while tho assortments arc at their best. Ladies 2 clasp
black, brown, navy blue, tan and greys at
Open Evenings Until Christmas.
-" $r
Make Christmas Tliintrs of Fleisher Yarns.
The rapidly growing popularit; of knitu tl and crochet
ed garments and the interest our custotm is are taking in
this branch of needlework has led us lo in. ike more than
usual preparations to supply them with the best material.
Most important is the yarn, and, as you probably know,
the Fleisher Yarns are known everywhere as the stand
ard. Whether it be a stylish and serviceable sweater, a
pretty shawl or a dainty bit of baby wear, it will look best
and wear longest if made of the Fleisher Yams. And it
is well to remember that the Fleisher Yarns contain more
yards to the pound than lower grades that means a sav
ing on first cost.
Nothing is nicer or more appropriate for a Christmas
present than a nice Silk waist or chess.
Taffeta silk 27 inches wide at $1 a yd
Messeline silk in fancy stripes, coin dots and plain, 27 in.
wide at $1 a yd
Plain black taffeta silk 36 in. wide guaranteed $1 & $1.25
Peau De Soie silk, 36 inches wide at $1.50 a yd
Sl.OO and f 1 GO
long, roomy, comfortable gar
ment for riding or any other use.
Hart Schaf f ner & Marx
make these for us, and there's
one here for you if you want it.
You see the smart styles it shows;
nothing to equal this anywhere
else; it's made as all their clothes
are made; of strictly all-wool
fabrics, and wears as only such
fabrics wear.
We'd1 be glad to put you in one of
these; you can get the auto to go with it
later if you choose.
Fine overcoats and suits in all models
and fabrics.
This store is the home of Hart - f -Schaffncr
& Marx clothes
Tlie pi vi lege of leservlng ,otir 'lnist
mas purchase olTois the special advan
tage of choiig gills fiotn complete
Kid Gloves, Paris point stitching, in.