The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, December 09, 1909, Image 1

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J State lUslU'M So. HIV
1 .:-' "'I- - ' --- ft''- . :'W ' '',"1vf ' B- '' V'" ' : ; t3V:& si---. . ,' :'l
? '' 4 Ncwspaiir.r Unit HIvi-a The Nuns FiftVtHo Weeks Each Your For One Dollar.
the Miner Bios. Co. I CHRISTMAS GIFTS!
General Merchants
The weather man says it will continue to be cold,
If so, warmer bed clothing is sorely needed by many
families. Our Wool Blankets are made from a se
lected quality of Wool. We have them in a large
range of patterns and in several qualities. Our
Cotton Blankets are made from a soft grade of cotton
with the much desired woolnap finish, which makes a
very warm blanket.
Come in White, Grays and Tans, with colored bor
ders, and In plaids,
By ail c(ds, our Blanket Stock Is the largest, newest,
best and lowest Priced in the City.
See us always before buying elsewhere, as our stock of
New Goods is the Largest and Prices the Lowest.
WASHINGTON LETTER df". " evident that there N going
Washington is lmsv in Hid prejmru- to ' activity, or, at least u
tlon for tins Congressional session, tin- B"1"1 Hl-peariince ot activity, by tli S
advent of the crowd that ahvaysooines udnilnlstrntlon In pmsuit ot trusts
uithlong.ess and also the Waterway which It have ,n some way
i .,,. (Wention which lsex- wr& valuable franchises oruoneess-
nectcdinu few .lays. Some of the ion, without any adequate return
tick-nates luivo already arrived an.l the onsideration to the government.
the ihnebd w.$m
Em 83 v. !- IT I n 1 WLa HS KsLo c
convention will be the largest of its
kind ever assembled in this country.
The President, of course, is busy,
with his message to Congress, lie has
deferred it to the lust moment. His
predecessors' were In the habit of huv-'
ing the message prepared weeks lie-
ftne hand and spending days in rcvis-.
aiv iiisi'i:iiimi SMi nil
Miss Miller was tumble to attend
school Monday on account of illness.
Prof. Morit. taught her class until
her luttiru.
Many country pupilsire absent from
of bad roads and
Lockets and Chains!
Silver, Plated, l'illed and
Solid Gold lockets from ex
tra small to extra lare 50c,
75 c. and up.
Silver, Filled and Gold chains
in regular u i U in ln locket
chains, 75e. .ind upward
Timely Gift Suggestions,
Just a few ideas from our immense stock. Come in
ana see these and hundreds of others. Every thing sold
with our Guarantee of
Satisfaction or Your Money Back
We have space for only a short list, a visit to our
store and inspection of our stock will show hundreds of other
articles, something useful and suitable for every one from
Baby to Grand-parent. We have made unusual prepara
tions for this Christmas season and seeing will be believing.
Always Pleased to Show our Goods.
What to Give Her.
Diamond ling c"'-'' upward
For school Moy or Girl a few
special pens at 50, 75, and $1.00
The Parker an absolutely
good pen. warranted by both
the maker and ourselves,
$1 50 to $7.00.
Manicure and Toilet Sets!
An cu'i'llent assortment of Silver
I oilet and Manicure Sets, at S'1.50 to
$15 IH). A ino-t useful as well as
Ornamental gilt.
Ion after consultation with the mom- school on account
lurs of thetrcabliietsiinll other ti listed c0, W(,llt 1(J,.,
p.litical advisors. President Tuft Is Mlis rioiouee Kellogg favored Hie
i..'il.in0'if not olMi'iiid.nud it is doubt- mj,( M1)()()1 w,t,, (,u.lm.ntal M,0
fill If he ever spends a sleepless night j ,,VHayi Ve hu.- many talented miisl
in the piopatatioti of a message ,J1' L.jalis i the lied Coud"chools.
sneceh. lie, huwevci, has no lack of .
31 ' . ,. ., i .., The Literary Society met lrlday
assistance with rcgird to those Import- .
IP'MliniiLL ,,... ..- ! tiii.lil mill n .in Hi t in rulrui inir n Mnnt'w1
and "" ........ .... ... .,
rres ieo nvan. ice rres.- uuy niu-
aut National questions
which his message to Congicss will
emphasize and recommend. Among
other recommendations, it is given out
will be the one in regard to the change
of the (Jovernniont of the District of
Columbia. As is well known the Dis
trict (loverntnotit lias been for yearn in
the hands of three commissioners up
pointed by the President with the ap
proval of the Senate: but recently
there have been disagreements and
bickering Hinting Him triumvirate
which has ruled tlie District and tho
citizens of tho Greater Washington, as
it may lie called, nre elainor.oiis for u
i. nernnient with u single head sup
polled bv a v'orps of advisors, some of
whom lib least, if is lecoinmeiiiled.
sli.ill be chosen iy ln electorate of
wood, Sec Phil Minrwood. Ciitks-Miss
Uicliards, Sargeant at arms Aaron
Hedge ami Howard Foe.
The uth Knglish History class en
joyed ii debate Wednesday on the
question. "Was tjueeli Kli.abeth justi
lied In killing .Mary, ijueen of Scots"
Negative Vincent Johnston mid IMill
Sherwood, Allirinatlve llruee IOshel-
man and Floyd Tnrnure. The judge s
ilecision was in favor of tlit'iilHriniitiw
The lollowirg uaiiies are on the
bulletin board for nild-weel; chapel
talks; Dec. S i;. .1. Ovcring, Dec. 15
Miss A. II., Dec. '11 liev
Hnssong imd .Ian. 5 Unn (iarber.
The rcgulniudiaiiel talks voro start-'
An extra large Stock of the famous
llri.i. Dutu'iiaui.i. II mii.i-: Umbrellas.
Two Hundred different handles, seven
(Jradesof covers. Malting Complete
Umbrellas from. 5)2.00 to $21.00.
any handle Ills any cover.
Absolutely waiiantid as to handle
.and cover.
Ladles' Watch Chains
and fobs!
I.ony chains, f.iiiey styles
$1.75 t. 910 50
Ladus' lobs and Foblels
Sill; with yold tiiinininys
$1 75 to $3 50.
Gold Filled $1.75 upwards
Plain gull ring .
Stone -ci ring .
Loclcets .
Shirt wiist set
Veil p. us :
.lew el cases
Collar plti sets
lielt pins
Hat pins
lied room dock ,
lliusli and comb sets
lion lion dishes
Hook marks
Hat pin holders ...
Pin trays and boxes .
Watch chains or fob..
Kelt buckles
Manicure sets
(ilove box
Hat and cloth brush.,
Sew ing sets
Silver thimble
Cold tilled thimble .
Parker fountain pen
'2 :.u
I. tu
. i
i. lJ:.
1 .7.1
a ixi
i t:.
l .oo
I. fit)
Moure's lion leakablo pen 'J .5(1
Shoe horn 50
Pin cushion I do
What to Give Him
Ash lia, . .
Cloth brush
Cull' links
Vest. 1 1 nt i n
Pol) .. ... .
Manicuring aillcles". .
Military brushes
Signet rlng
Shaving cup iitid brush . .
Tie clasp
SI. ui upward
1 Ml
Soap box l.fitl
qiiililledeltl.ens. L niversiil snilrugo j t.,i j,, ,,e ,j,, b(m00i Wednesday by
i, not desiiod by any icspouslble per-' j.j, j Oveilng Jr.. president of the
son in Washington. The city had .a i, liU,i The speaker showed what tho
taste of universal sullrage. wliieii students owed to their patents and to
inciiiit government by refugee luyioes the tax payers, by proving buildings
thirty or more yeais iigo and does not oquipiiieut and instructors. This was
not charily but inisiucs-, statesman
ship. In return they should live a
life of service, whatever the vocation.
This is imperative whether lliey ontor
ed business for themselves, engaged
in some professional work or wore
employees. The successful men and I
women of tills world weie they who
rendered the most servieo, Kichaid'
W. Gilder late editor of the Century
mugi'ines Hue typo of American who
lived such a life. Howard stiro In joy
of servieo woll rendered. He a master
Sirrc. Miss A. II. Itiuhards will da
llrer the naxt talk.
wish to repeat the experiment, i lie
same negroes mid progeny remain ami
are no butter qualified forlndmillistrat
ive functions ihau they were then.
The Department of. J nstleo has under
consideration a proposal t'.uit the Gov
ernment shall enter stilt against tho
slate of Colorado to recover tho value
of a.'.'KXI acres of mineral land which,
it is said, passed Intostato control by
fraud ' Also. tUnt tho Attorney-Goner-al
is preparing a suit claiming threo
millions of dollars from tho American
Smelting and ItcfiningUo,, of Colorado,
of which Daniel (Iutx2nhim Is prcsl-
As a (ii ,i iii i.i to i- r.iunlj . i.i'tli
Hi" equal-, il, EiHsoil l'b "" '''' ph
1' 111 li('s 1 I e t nlei t.ulillli lit I ( the
worl I into (mm nun ho'i i With
Edl.SOtl ,ou In. vi- tli, i.iiin-i n ent 3011
want, uhen you want it.
Tb" Ambtirol fcur minute icemd now
over a j cur on the market is unequal-
ed for volume, uiilt. and sweet iii'Sn of
tone. Phoiicginphs S12.50 to ll.Ti 00.
Hdisou Gold Moulded two minute
records Ii'ic.
Ambcrol Four Minute Records 50c.
Scurf pin
SmoMiig set
Cigar and tobacco jars
Parker loiintalii pen. .
Shoe hoi 11
Desk tin ni-4iliigs .
Hand ring
Watch charms
Collar button box
(iold In tided cane
Stone fcol ring
Desk clock
Hook mm It 50
Hat 111111 k 7e
Coat hanger
Pocket cigar ease...
Napkin ring Jt . ,7B
Watch .75
I lull
1 00
Nickel 75c to $10.00 Silver
$5.00 upward Gold $7.50
HI MOXDS, genuine in
rinys, as low as $5.00. F'inc
white and perfect, brilliant
cut. $12.00 and upward.
KINGS. U,,i,y rinus Solid
jjoiil 50v. and upward. Misses
rins pl.iin and 'set $1.00 to
$10 00.
Plain and si t with Opal Pearls
Garnets, Kiili, and other
fancy s ones $2.50 to $15.00.
Diamonds ni combination
with other stum s $7 50 and up.
cu;f innToxs.
with signet tops or stone set
Gold lilh (I 35c up.
Solid Gold $3 0()n,,.
Eastman Uiownie eiiineias 81 toI'J.OO
Glass andSilvei $2 00 to $5 00.
Smoktiu sets $1 50 to $7.00.
Shaving Mus and Urushes,
In Siher$2 50 10 $5.00
Tif s ttisf.u t' ty kind.
W'iun.'i, Banner, Norma.
j Anient an Oiieen and Car
men .nlji.slaiiiC, $1 50 lt)$S.00
Simmons Ai mill. 1 and other
round .hi 1 oval hollow metal
band br.u uts. $3.00 to $15.00.
Kasluiaii lo laic-
t'Mii W5o
In fancy dishes an extia line of
llerry disiies. lb. tier dishes. Halting
dishes. ChalVlng dishes, Pickle castois,
and iiiany other useful dishes at juices
I 1 please, all of the well known Auioia
silver Co.. with the best pnssibloguar
anteu. This is lied Cloud's standard
uaic si nee K0
III Hat win o service -ueh articles as
Hefiv lorks. IceC'ieaiu folks, Uettueo
folks, llerrj spoons, Cream and (Jinvy
ladles and many others in both Auroin
Silver Co.. and liorhiiiu jdatc
Sterling Silver.
A complete line of the fiililou Gor
ham MIc. Co. 'a beautiful Hotter
cup imtteru just ojioued uj). This is
Gotham's latest jmtlern and Is sup
tilled ill various weights. The word
Gorliam oil 11 piece of silver attests
to the full sterling quality.
Cloisonne Enamel.
A well selected line of Ihc-e new
cieatloli.s of the silversmith made in
Waist pins, Heltaiid llrooeh jiliis, Mat
pin-, and other articles, with the birth
month (lower worked out In natural
colois 111 enamel. Prices ranging
from .".Of to s.i.ihi
Silver plated '1 piece set $0.00
up Other four, five and six
piece siher plated tea sets.
Solid Silver to Order.
Plaited 75,- to $150. Gold
Filled $2.00 up.
Fobs and Foblets.
Silk fobs $1 00 to $3.00.
(iold Filled $2.50 to $9 00
an excel I e iu assort me 1 t of
Ithese all wanantc c d 10 wear.
Jewel, Clove and Handker
chief Boxes.
An cUiii large assortment of silwi
and (iold In I ivy, lluriilshed and or
molu llnishos. Something ovii'.v buly
would iijijiicciittv us being both n-cCul
and ornamented.
Small boxes suitable for collar and
cull- buttons or ilng- 50c and iiji
Larger sizes $1.00 to ? 15.00
yjrr?7 ' i. '
CLOCKS: Cold and S.h r .latel S 1 .25 tn
7 50 Woodmnnlel clocks S day ?2.50 uj.
I'aney black clocki nt ptioes to please your purse,