The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, December 02, 1909, Image 5

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There is every advantage in doing so especially
the great advantage of having a full stock from
which to choose. Long before Christmas many of
the more desirable gifts will be gone.
Many things now here will be picked up this week
by early holiday buyers.
Beautiful Gift Books, Leather Goods, Hand Painted
$ China, Art, Pottery, Toilet Articles, Fountain Pens,
jij Toys, Christmas Cards &c.
t'; Come now at least come and see what we have,
;? then choose or not as your judgment dictates.
I CHAS.L.COTTING, The Druggist.
"" ::". A?I 4v
Mr. K. Davis spont Sunday iu Axtel.
Mrs. Uomford was in Wilber Hun
day. Renew your subscription for the
Rich cut glass at Mitchell's Jewell y
Alvin Pope left for LIdcoId Sunday
morning, j,
Willie Gllham is on the sick list
this week.
Paul Pope and wife spent Bunday
in Superior.
Mrs. Arneaon came home from Ina
valjo Monday.
Don Saunders went to Droning Mon
day morning.
'Mr. Greenhaogh Bpcnt Sunday at
Frank Cowden'o.
Chas. Robinson returned to Hastings
' Monday morning
Orant Ualley returned to Omaha
Sunday morning.
J. C. Brooks and wife were shopping
in this city Saturday.
Al. Galusha and wife of Lincoln
were in town Sunday.
Mr. Strong of Culbertson is visiting
his brother of this city.
The finest in table silverware at
Mitchell's The Jeweler.
See Dr. Stockman for eye glasses
Satisfaction guaranteed.
Bruco Robinson returned to Ulay
Center Monday morning
Miss Anna Richards returned from
Hastings Saturday noon.
Wantk A fresh milch cow. Inquire
at Newhouso Bros Store.
Miss Iltihlii Nelson of Cowles was
(hopping in town Wednesday.
Mrs. Cora Whitaker came in from
Denver, Colo., Sunday morning.
Weesnor A: Koontz shipped two ear'
loads of hogs to St. .loo Sunday.
Oscar Hughes and wife returned
homo Thursday morning from Dakota.
Mrs. Carrie Mclvceby entertained
the five hundred club Friday evening.
Mr. Good of Cowles spent Thanks
giving with hit daughter Mrs. Paul
Buy a whip of Fogel, the harness
man, and get a free chancf on the tl8
Kenneth Williams returned from the
eastern part of the state Saturday
Loyd Bradbrook of Woodruff, Kas.,
spent Thanksgiving in this city with
his mother.
Miss Mattie Able was down from
McCookto spend Thanksgiving with
her paronts.
Harry Waller and family of Cowles
SDent the latter part of the wo.k at
Jud Bailey's
With cvory 81 whip bdught of Joe
Fogel you get a free chance on an 818
single harness.
Editor Ashby of the Wilcox Herald
was a pleasant caller at the Chief ofllec
Tuesday morning.
Ray Palmer and wife of Laird, Colo.,
are visiting friends and relatives in
this city this week.
You'll bo sorry if you miss "The Old
Clothes Man" at the Opera House,
Saturday, Dec. 4th
Morhart Bros, have their hard coal
stoves on their floor. Come in and see
the linest line of the best stoves you
ever looked at.
i SAY MISTER ! ! !
3 Having secured three carloads of wire fencing at $
Sa BIG BARGAIN, we are willing to divide with you.
Take your spectacle caso to New
houno Bros. They will put your initials
on it, free of charge
Jim Moranvillc has installed a rural
phone and those needing veterinary
sorvicc call on him.
Bert Carr, wife and children of
Minden spent Thanksgiving in this
city with their paronts.
C. H Crono and wife of York, Neb.,
spent Thanksgiving with their daugh
ter .Mrs. Frank Peterson.
Get your hoiling and cook stove in
to sliapo for winter. Order your stove
repairs from Morhart Bros. now.
Justricolvcd another ear of e.tia
choice cabbage at The Miner Bros. Co.
$1.2.") per hundred in (pitmity of a 100
pounds or over.
Roy Teel and (Menu Walker of Lin
coln spent Thanksgiving In this city
with their patents. They returned to
Lincoln Momlay.
Dr Win rick, the specialist will meet
o.e, ear, nose and throat patients at
Dr. Dainereir.s olllce in Red Cloud,
Tuesday. December 7.
Miss Iilenor (lilhiiin entertained the
8th grade at her home east of town
Friday evening All her class mates
report a good time.
Mr. Murray and wife returned to
Montana Wednesday morning. They
wore called hero by the death of her
father, Jacob Relgle.
Morhart Bros, carry a complete lino
of Electric lamps, Carbon, Tungsten
and JTantalum also hi-low lamps KM
Oct your lamps of them.
Clarence Carpenter went to Lincoln
Sunday night.' Ho will 'drive back'hls"
father' new WbJttejSteamer automobile
which be purchased sometime ago.
Misses Zella Taylor and Vernon
Storey, who are attending the state
university at Lincoln spent Thanks
giving in this oity with their parents.
They returned to Lincoln Mouday.
Mrs. Ivan Oickenton of Inavale Is in
Red Cloud visiting her parents, Mr.
and Mrs. Clayton Drown before going
to Uma, Colo., their future home.
Ivan having already gone with a car
of stock and household goods.
Rev J. M. Bates returned Tuosday
from a two weeks visit to St.' Paul and
northern stations nuu win noid ser
vices the next two Sundays at Grace
church He reports tho towns north
of Grand Island as having SO inches of
snow in tho storm of two weeks ago.
Tho I.O.O.F. elected' the following
officers at their meeting Monday
night of this week.
Ed Hanson, Noble Grand
C. B. Hale, Vice Grand
O. C. Teel, Secretary
Klmer Ross, Treasurer
M. 11. Corner, Trustee
There will be services atthe Brethren
church each evening next week 'Song
service at 7:15, preaching at 8 o'clock
Rov. A. C. Root of Denver, Colo., will
have charge of the meotings. He is
one who has had much experience in
ovangclistio work nnd It will pay you
to attend each service.
A7 iWFJffiBfhss? SIhL ''Oft 1
fit mmWwmm3 mkw
WlvL I Am ufts mw
vr fwmWwVEm:- mi
mmmmW M&. Inicaao
Yours truly,
P. S. We sell only full rolls: 15, 20 and 40 rods.
Copyright 1909
-Jouk ofKuppeahaaMr
Not To Early To Think of Your
Christmas Buying!
We are ready to Show the Holiday line of Mens, Boys
and Childrens Suits, Overcoats, Pants, Furnishing Goods,
Hats, Shoes, Suit Cases and Trunks.
Worlds famed line in all Departments.
Huppenhclmer Clothes. Keith 8 Stetson Hats.
Selz 8 Florshelm Shoes. Wilson Bros. Shlrts&Tles.
i -'"
At the Union Thanksgiving service
an offering was taken forthedostituto
families of Cherry, 111., amounting to
$14. The Congregational Sunday
School took an offoring for same pur
pose last Sunday amounting 07.25.
If any one wishes to contribute Rev.
Cressman will receivo and forward tho
Dainty, vivacious and piquant, Flor
ouce Thompson will be seen at tho
Rod Cloud Opora House on Saturday,
Doc. 1th, in James Kyrle MaeCurdy's
great play "The Old Clothes Man."
The offering is a most pretentious one
ami me production compioto in every
detail, regarding costuming, scenic
equipment and electrical display. The
supporting company is a capable ono
and justly deserves the Mipport of tho
theatre going public.
Summary for November 1909,
Temperate Highest 82 on Uh, low
est 9 on 17th. Greatest daily range 18
on 4th. Precipitation total 3.28 inches.
Greatest in 21 hours .95 on lath. Snow
total fall 4J inches. Days with .01 inch
or more precipitation 11, clear 10, part
ly cloudy B, cloudy 0. Dates of thun
derstorms 1, 12, 28, sleet 1.1, 15, 28th.
Chas b. Ludlow.
MEN'S SUITS $8, 10, 12, 15, 18, 20, to $26.00.
Exclusive patterns New Models
Men's Overcoats $5.00 to $35.00.
Most beautiful line of Boys Knickabocker Suits and Nobby Overcoats.
Our prices are right and our styles are newest.
The Cowden-Kaley Clothing Co.
Fifty Years the Standard.
Makes finest cake and
pastry, light, flaky biscuit,
delicious griddle cakes
palatable and wholesome.
Ingredient found In tho
low-priced baking pow
ders are deleterious, rhe
active principle is a min
eral acid derived from sul
phuric acid, oil of vitrioL
The Cherry Mine Disaster.
Rov. A. A. Cressman will preach
next Sunday morning on "Incidents
and Lessons from tho Cherry mino
disaster " Ho will exhibit some pict
ures and give some graphio scenes,
given him by bis son Dr, Ralph Cress
man who was on tho ground tho second
day the mino was on fire. Everyone
is cordially invited.
Tho best pill is DeWitt's Little Early
Risers tho safe, easy, pleasant and
sure little liver pills UoWitt's Car
bollzcd Witch Hael Salvo is the ori
ginal. (Jood for cuts, bums and
bruises, and especially for piles. Sold
by all druggists.
A renlly meritorious offering to i
patrons of tho Ited Cloud Opera Mouse
is "The Old Clothes Man" a Comedy
Drama by James Kyrle MucCurdy.
The principal diameter Is a Hebrew
not the baso carieaturo to which
theatre goers are accustomed, but a
mau of flesh and blood, one of a typo
common in the large cities. Mr. De
iJuerre presents himself as a man of
strictest integrity, possessing large
ness of heart and domestic virtues of
the highest order. Tho plot revolves
upon his good and bad fortune, and
when the audience is almost ready to
cry out for sympathy for tho old
clothes man, ho turns tears into laugh
ter by a sentenco bubblelng over with
wit and humor.
Special scenery is used throughout
thojentire production and no expense
has been spared by the management
Gilson & 1 trad field to make it one of
the best productions that will bo seen
at the Red Cloud Opera House this
season. It will bo here Saturday, Dec.
The New
Pattern in
Sterling Silver
No lime Phosphates
A Few of the Good Things.
Dill Pickles !5o per doz
SourPickles lOo "
Sweot Pickles lOo ' "
IJulk Olives loo " '
Horse Radish 10c per bottlo
Catsup 10c " "
Celery Relish 10c "
Mustard 10c " glass
Olemnrgerine Butter. . .20 & 25c per lb
Oysters S0&60cperqt
Thm 4th Avmnum Mtat Market
To The Public
Tho Merchant Delivery will com
mence Dec. 1st 1IM). Iu order that
your orders can be delivered promptly
you must have your orders in Promptly
by 8 A.M., 10 A. M 2 P.M. and 4 V
L. M. Crablll.
The most at
tractive silver
service of the
Subscribe for the Chief.
Far Sale or Trade.
A 14 room brick house suitable for
keeping roomers and boarders if de
sired. Size of building 24 x 43, story
and a half high, 18 lots and G fractions
ot a lot, olectric lights and water in
house. For further Information in Chief office.
Lecture Course.
The next number of tho Lecturo
course will be a lecturo by Dr. .Tamos
Hedley, Monday Dec 13. Subject "The
Siinnv Side of Life." Say& A. R. Tay
lor late President of tho Kansas State
Normal School "For innocent fun, for
graceful tributes to make manhood and
womanhood, for exquisite pathos, for
sublime dlscriptlon, we have seldom
beard Jhlm equaled, never excelled."
The lecture ia suited to all ages and
conditions and ought to bo heard by
every youth of America.
Lest We Forget.
Having givon our reasons for the In
crease in tho subscription price of this
paper wo wish to make plain when tho
now rato takes cfl'oct.
On and after January first tho price
of this paper will bo 81.50 per yoar In
advance. However any ono subscrib
ing beforo January 1st. may take ad
vantage of tho old rato of t l.oo per
yoar. Also renewals will bo received
at tho rate of $1.00 per year until Jan.
1st. You can pay as many years in ad
vance as you please. C.- B, Hamc,