The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, December 02, 1909, Image 4

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8d Cloud - Nebraska.
Cnurcd In tho l'oatoltlcu at lied Cloud, Neb.,
m Second CI bum Mutter
Forty out of 02 counties of Nebraska
now have v onion superintendents.
At this rate of invasion it won't bo
many years till tin- ladles have cap
lured tlieni all
Prof Hicks timst again aUnowlolKO
his inisproplii'Hy given last August on
ilin Cliuittaticiiiii oliitforin In regard to
the minimum amount of percepltatloti
diiiiiiir tlii! reninluilcr of the vciir. It
would liavo been all right but th
warm weather nnd the houvv ralim
came without any previous nrrunge
iiientaiid hence interfered with tho
Most of our stoics now have tlielt
Christmas goods unpacked and ready
for sale. Just a woid to customers
Buy your presents early and early in
the day. You will be doing a twofold
horvice if you follow this injunction
Ono Is you will save the clerks, and
tho other is you arc apt to get hotter
vnluo. Jinny pcoplq in their endeavor
to find tho most fitting present will
wait till tho last day in tho nftornoon
nnd then oxpect to sec every stock In
town before they mako up thoir minds
what to buy. Our advice Is buy now
and get what you want and don't com
pel the clerks to work unceasingly for
1C hours a day during Christmas week.
The Hcmingford Journal asks its
merchants and citizens generally to
Kite information as to how the city
might or could be improrcd. What a
wonderful impetus to public spirit
would this simple request give if every
person would avail himself of tho
opportunity to contribute this portion
of sorvice. Why "hould not the citi
zen who owos his living, his protect
ion, his schooling, to a certain munici
pality givo a little thought about
bettering or ndvancing that municipal
ity? The editor may bo depended up
on to do his part but for the love of
country don't let him do it all. And
ay, if the idea Is good for Hcmingford
It is good for Hed Cloud. Now don't
wait for the whole house to fall before
you get busy
We have had a chat with the oldest
inhabitant, or to bo exact wo liavo
had a long conversation with the ven
erable gentleman regarding the pros
ent weather conditions. We received
considerable vnluablo information.
In longth of duration, considering tho
timoo' tho year, this shady weather
has all records broken since the invas
ion of the buffalo. Itnevorhappenod
so lunir before and tucreioro it is a
reliable index as to what tho remain
der of the weather will be. First,
there will certainly be a Merry Christ
mas and a Now Year. Second, at some
timo during tho winter a heavy frost
is sure to come solldlllng the present
moisture, existing either in a free
btate or housed up within tho conilnos
of tho soil. Third, It would not bo
Hafo to make any more serious predict
ions as complications might arrived
unforsccu by present penetration and
upset all established theorlo. We ex
pressed our appreciation as strongly
us we were ablo and promised the old
gentleman to call again.
keep that which he had committed to
Him Hgaititt that day of Inquisition to
which all must come.
His departure occurred at Fremont,
N'obr.. on the 24th day of November
10011 at 10 o'clock a. m. His age being
nearly 81 years.
He leaves ." sons and 1 daughter, -children
and his beloved wife having
gone before him to bo with Christ.
Servant of God well dono,
Rest fioin thy loved employ;
Tho battle fought, th victoiy won,
Kuter thy Master's joy.
Tho funeral was held at the Christ
ian church, the Baptist house of wor
ship being too Small, and was attended
by a very large concouiso of the older
people of the community. The (lis
com so at tho request of tho deceased
was delivered by llev. I. W. IMsou and
was a very pronounced tribute of ro
spect to tho departed citl..nand minister.
On Thanksgiving day, at the home
of Mr mid Mrs. T. .1. Ward. 18:15 So
llth Street Lincoln, occurred the mar
riage of their daughter Frances E. to
Mr. Ilex O. McCall of Hed Cloud, the
beautiful ceremony being pronounced
by Dr. A.J Northup of Trinity M. H.
church. Tho bilde wns attired in her
"go away" gown of dovo colored paiia
ma with a pretty waist of I'eirtiiu silk
and lnco, and curried a shower bouquet
of white carnations Tho marriage
was solemnized at high 'noon after
which all sat down to a table prettily
adorned with whito chrysanthemums
and forn and were served a regulation
Tlmuksgivlngdlnner. A largo number
of very nice presents were received
even from unexpooted sources, all of
which aro highly valued by tho bride
and groom, Those present beside tho
immediate family wero, Dr. and Mrs.
Ward of Omaha, Mr. R. D. Austin Mc
Cook, the Misses Nora and Mary Mc
Call of Red Cloud and Miss Bertha
Calkins of Lincoln. Mr. and Mrs. Mo
Call departed on an early train for
Omaha and will bo at home to their
friends after December 15th at Mr.
McCalPs farm near Red Cloud. Wo
extend to tho new Mr. and Mrs. McCall
the glad hand and wish for thorn all
tho joys Incident to matrimonial bliss.
Rev. Gcorfte 0. Yclscr.
Uev, George O. Yoiser was born in
the state of Kentucky on the 1th day
of December 1S2.1. There he grew to
manhood and about ItiGO began preach
ing the Gospel, remaining there until
187,') when he came to Ashland, Nebr.,
where he served tho Baptist church
ono year as pastor thence coming to
ltod Cloud in 1870 and serving tho
newly organized Baptist ehuich for a
number of yeais as pastor. (1878 to
J883.) Afterward becoming pastor at
(luldc Hock where ho preached for
about 7 years.
He wus County Judge of Wobster
county for two terms and also served
for u number of years with great
efllclenoy upon the Board of Education
in this city.
He rondered conspicuous service in
tho dovolopmcnt of the country, and
probably as much as any individual
citizen contributed to the cnlurgomont
of tho city, sharing with others the
beaut praise of a benefitted citizenship
when all was prosperous, and meeting
with courtly dignity the disfavor of
home, when drought and disaster had
unsettled conditions and caused the
wisest pluns to fail.
He will be best remembered for his
religious work; wise, calm, thoughtful,
alwuys instructive in his public minis
trations, he wrought well in difllcult
Hclds and compelled the admiration of
those who differed; with him, because
of tho absolute honesty of his convict
ions of duty, and the ingenuousness of
bis conduct in public affuirs.
lie died as he bad lived, serene and
confident He knew whom he believed
and was persuaded that be was able to
That Stranger.
Considerable excitement was caused
Sunday night at Robinson's restaurant
by the erratic manuerof a well dressed
lady. After eating her supper she
canned for a newspaper reporter stating
she had some- important information to
give Our Mac, who is always the right
man in tho right place, was present
and stepped forward to attend tho
wishes of the lady. Slowly and with
careful choico of her languago she
dictated a story of her tribulations.
Among other experiences sho stated
that she had been an inmate of an
insane Institution. After reading her
dictated statement to tho public sho
signed her name. Sho took a team
for Lobanon at seven o'clock. Tho
unfortuuato lady, who appeared to bo
about 45 years is well known In Leban
on and has been insano at intervals
for some time. The Smith county
officers detained her waiting for news
from Kansas City ns to whether she
had given tho asylum folks the slip or
had been discharged.
(liv WmspKiiiNii Smith)
(iraec Leonard is absent from school
on account of sickness.
The rainy weather has caused sever
al absences among the out-of-town
pupils, lately.'
Tho foot ball boys returned from
Oberlin, Kns, looking as though tlioy
didn't enjoy their Thanksgiving tur-
lioyv U lie score was I!,! to 0 In favor
of Oberlin.
After a long and undisturbed slumb
er the Literary Society has awakened
and will show its smiling face, Friday
evening at tho High school building.
The pupils, no doubt, will tako an
activo interest in the society aud will
hold interesting and benollcial meet
Ings through-out the yenr. The So
phomores, Juniors aud the Seniors aro
sponding a part of each day in be
coming more familiar with Parlia
mentary Laws, which will be necess
ary in enrrylng out the programs.
A RcMtfte fram Fmmis leaty
Specialist t Wmmr Utklti la
Eaeriy aid Vitality.
Thousands of women vainly attempt
to improve their complexions and to
remove blackheads, crows' feet and
other blemishes, through tho uso of
cosmetics. This treatment falls bo
cause tho trouble lies far deeper than
the skin. They are suffering from im
pure and impoverished blood. This
condition is in many cases due to a
catarrhal condition of tho whole sys
tem which finds Its expression in sal
low, muddy complexion, dark circled
eyes, general weakness of tho system,
and perhaps most plainly In tho weep
ing of mucous membranes that is com
mon 1 called catarrh.
In fact this wholo tendency is,
properly speaking, Catarrh. Banish
this eatm th, aud the complexion will
clear as If by magic, eyes will bright
en, faces become rosy and shoulders
erect Perfect beauty goes only with
pel feet health, and perfect health for
women can only be obtained through
one certain treatment that which will
cure catarrh.
Mmo. Swift, Now York, tho famous
beauty specialist known through-out
the world and nn accepted authority
on all relating thereto, states that the
one positive and permanent relief for
catarrh Is Kexall Muco-Tone. Hero Is
her letter:
"I can strongly endorse the claims
made for Kexall Mucu-Tono as a cure
for systemic catarrh. Its tonic effects
arc remarkable. It builds up the
strength and restores vitality. If
women who are tired and run down,
lacking iu energy and vitality, will use
Rcxall Mucu-Tone, they will praise as
I do its strengthening and healing
Rexall Mucu-Tone works through
the blood, acting thus upon the muc
ous cells the congestion and inflam
mation of which causes local catarrh.
This remedy causes poison to be ex
pelled from the system, and the blood
is purified and rovitalized. Thus the
natural functions of the mucous cells
are restored, and tho membranes are
cleansed and mado strong. Wc know
that Rexall Mucu Tone does relieve ca
tarrh. Wo positively guarantee to re
fund the money paid us for this reme
dy in every case whero the user is
dissatisfied. It is a builder of vigorous
health aud a creator of good complex
ions. Price GO cents and 81 por bottle.
Mail ordors filled. It may bo obtained
only nt our store, The Kexall Store.
Tho II. E. Grice Drug Co., Red Cloud,
Specials for the Month of November
Goods, Outings, Percales, Calico, Underwear, Linen,
Gloves, Table Linen, Silks, Embroideries, Laces, Combs,
Fancy top Hair Pins, Corsets and Collars.
Ladies outing night dresses at 50c, 75c,
90c, $1.00.
Ladies outing skirts at 50c, good value.
Ladies Union suits in light weight, medium
weight or heavy weight, which ever you
Cotton Bats.
Cotton Bats at 8 1-3, 10, 12 1-2, 15c
The extra large ones at 85c.
Children's Bear Skin Coats from $2 to $5
Ready to Wear Skirts.
Come in and let us show you our line
of Ready to Wear Skirts.
Come in and look our line of Silks over
think you will find just what you want.
Messaline Silks 27 inches wide, in plain or
stripes or figured, at $ 1 a yard.
36 inch black silk at $ 1 a yard
Have you received one of our Souvenier Plates if not come
in and we will tell you how to get one.
Beginning with November 1st we will give a coupon with
every 50c purchase entitling you to a chance on the three
dolls we are going to give away December 24th.
Agent for Bvitterick Patterns.
1 R
An improvement over many Cough, Lung and Bronchial Remedies, because it rids tha
system of a cold by acting as a cathartic on the bowels. No opiates. Guaranteed to give
satisfaction or money refunded. Prepared by PINEULE MEDICINE CO.. CHICAGO. U. S. A.
Mrs. Roy Rifo went to Denver Mon
day. Ed. WBlters wab down from Oxford
ovor Thanksgiving.
It will pay you to read tho Christmas
adds of our morchants in the Chief this
Grant Turner's little girl won first
prize iu the baby contest and tho little
Fulton baby was second at tho Topee.
Tho Ladies of the Chrlstatn church
will serve a chicken plo dinner and
supper in the Woodman Hall Saturday
December 18th in connection with
their bazar.
As just as we are going to press we
loarn of tho death of the little seven
week's old baby girl of Mr. and Mrs.
Fred Smith, who live in Garfield town
ship. It died Wednesday afternoon of
whopping cough and pneumonia. The
fuueral took place this afternoon at
8:30 o'olock.
UERE'S an overcoat made primarily for use of auto
mobilists; but you can easily see that it's suitable
for any wearer who wants a
long, roomy, comfortable gar
ment for riding or any other use.
Hart Schaffner & Marx
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You see the smart styles it shows;
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fabrics wear.
We'd he glad to put you in one of
these; you can get the auto to go with it
later if you choose.
" - """ JZj xlBBaT 'n -rlEK;JslTf2j'''-'-'''
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ifiht igooby lw
Hart Schaffner & Man
Fine overcoats and suits in all
and fabrics.
This store is the home ofJHart
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- .itfci .wmwjHii, iswiiiwin "
SWMflia rinrra- aw -r .