The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, November 04, 1909, Image 6

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The Chief
C. B. HALE, Publisher
, Boiling Down of (lie More Impor
tant Events Here and There
Tho Koreun imtrlotlc league tins Is
filled n clrculnr expressing satisfaction
lit the assassination of Prince I to. It
snys; "Now Ih the tlmu for our twenty
jnlllloiiH of people to secure their In
dependence. Ito in dead. He brought
to our country the rule of the Japan
cue, and enslaved the people. HIh
HclflslincHS has received Its reward.
His crimes were unpiirdonnble and
what happened to him was a fitting re
ward for IiIh trickery and Just punish
input from our country.
At Santiago, Chill, a great demon
stration was held In memory of Gen
eral Jose de San Martin, a celebrated
Spanish-American general In the. wnr
for Independence, whose brilliant vic
tory at the Malpo April 5, ISIS, virtu
ally drove the Spaniards from Chill.
Thousands of troops and school chil
dren formed In procession and
inarched past the statute erected In
his honor.
A scene of great disorder was caused
at St. Petersburg, Russia, by tho so
cialist interpellation In the duma, de
claring uiicousttlutlounl the imperial
ukase, Issued September fi, with refer
ence to military legislation. Secre
tary Zamyslovskl refused to read tho
Interpellation on account of its dis
loyalty. Nicholas, emperor of all the Rub
slas, matte a triumphant entry Into
Italy. Whatever may have stirred be
neath the surface the outward mani
festation was a cordial and popular
welcome to the head of a friendly
At Czenstochown, Russian Polant
during the night robbers entered the
(Impel of the Pauline convent and
despoiled the image of the Virgin of
the Hobo of Its pearls, the diamond
studded crown and ninny votive offer
ings of Jewels. The imago itself was
not damaged.
Japan will thoroughly probe tho
plot leading to the assassination of
her leading statesman.
William .1. Kngol of Butte, Neb., ac
cording to Judge Wltten, forfeited his
right to the prize farm at Aberdeen.
The government will appeal from
the ruling of Judge Holt, at New York,
in tho sugar cases.
Prince Ito, assassinated by Koreans,
was regarded as the leading states
man of Japan.
Hair a million dollars In Indian
funds is involved In a treasury de
partment decision.
The vacancy left by the death of 12.
H. Harrlman In the directorate of the
Delawnre & Hudson company was
filled by the election of Former Judge
Uobert S. Lovett.
Premier Asiilth announced in the
house or commons that on November
r. he would move for the rejection en
tirely of the house of lords amend
ments to the Irish land bill.
Leroy Foster, a young rural mall
cnrrler of Clay Center, Neb., shot and
killed Inez Cox, a stenographer, and
committed suicide.
Congressman Fowler has sent a chal
lenge to Senator Aldrlch to debate tho
central bank question.
There was an enormous comparative
Increase in exports during the month
of September.
Kx-President Roosevelt is going Into
the man eating lion country.
Until France and the United States
arc anxious to avoid anything in the
way of tariff war.
The llurllngton has announced Its
Intention of bulldlr? an additional ex
tension in Wyoming to run as far cn?t
as the Powder river and to form a con
nection with tho Northwestern.
William H. Onlllnger, 39 years old,
n son of United States Senator Gal
linger or Now Hampshire, died of
heart failure In New York at the
home of bin cousin. Mrs. Adelaide 1C.
Dr. Frederick A. Cook, who lectured
nt St. Paul, announced that Prof. I,.
L. Dycho or the University of Kansas
has been definitely decided upon as
one of the members of his forthcoming
Mount McKlnley expedition.
The department of commerce and
labor telegraphed to I.os Angeles, Cal
authority for tho release on ball of
Gulterrcz do Iara, who was arrested
as tin anarchist and an alien, who en
tered this country without Inspection.
At midnight Juno 1G the 15,000
electric light of tho Alaska-Yukon-Pa-clllc
exposition wero put out, closing
the World's fair of 1909.
Mrs. Theodora Henner, daughter ot
former United States Senntor Van
Wycli of Nebraska, has tiled a peti
tion In district court seeking n di
vorce. Mrs. Ilenner was Miss Happy
Theodora Van Vyck. She was born
In Washington, though most of nor
lifo has beeu iassed in Otoe couuty,
There Ih likely to be n wholesale re
lease of supposed lepers on an island
of tho Hawaiian group,
Charles F. Murphy and tho entlro
executive committee of Tammany at
tended the funeral of Senator Patrick
H. McCarren In Urooklyn.
Cooperation of governors of all
ntatcs and territories in a natlon-wldo
campaign for safe and sane celebra
tion or Independence day In every
hamlet, town and city throughout tho
country Is tho object of a movement
now Inaugurated at Washington,
Seven persons and possibly moro
were killed in n wreck on tho Pan
Handle division of the Pennsylvania
railroad near Colllnsville, O., in a
"Pat" McCarren of Urooklyn, N. Y.,
a prominent democratic politician,
died from a surgical operation.
Modern (irceco Is apparently In
danger tiotn the rapid emigration to
the United States on the part of tho
young men.
Rev. Frederick II. Wnrd, pastor of
the llaptlst church at Frcowatcr,
Ore., pleaded guilty of bigamy and
was sentenced to five years In tho
Washington penitentiary.
The Prince nnd PrlncoBs Kunl of
Japan have communicated through
Mr. Matsul, the Japanese charge
d'affaires, their thanks to tho Amer
ican people for the generous hospital
Ity which they received while In this
country to attend the Hudson-Fulton
celebration in New York.
By the terms of the will of the late
Dr. Levy I. Shoomnker or Wilkes
barro, Pa., which was tiled Tor pro
bate. Yale university Is given moro
than $500,000, to bo used in the med
ical department or the Institution.
Sweeping regulations designed to
both facilitate importations of nil
hides or meat cattle nnd to safe
guard native live stock by requiring
certificates or dislnrectlon signed by
American consuls have been Issued by
the treasury to customs ofllcers.
The real name of Francis Schlatter,
who died recently at Hastings, Neb.,
was stated by David McNaughton of
Chicago to bo Charles McLean. Mc
Naughton has known tho alleged
healer for thirty-live years.
Knrngod because his chorus girl
wife preferred a life on the stage to
his companionship, William H. Short
of New York City shot and perhaps
fatally wounded her on the west por
tico or the Union station in Wash
President Osborn or Dcs Moines col
lege announced thnt the girts toward
tho $100,000 endowment for Dot
Moines college have reached $80,000.
Henry dilutes Lea. widely known
as author, banker, scientist nnd pub
lisher, died In Philadelphia aged 48
Dr. Maurice C. Stack, for thirty
three years nsslstant superintendent
of tho government hospital for tho In
sano died in Washington Sunday night
of cancer of tho throat.
Information has reached tho state
department that the celebrated Alsop
claim against Chile, Involving valu
able guano deposits and silver mines,
Is in a fair way of settlement.
Orders were Issued by the postofllco
Jepartnient to all postmnsters, railway
mall clerks and other postal employes
to keep a sharp lookout for mall mat
ter from or addressed to the Cuban
national lottery. The lottery has un
dertaken to exploit the United States
In violation of the postal laws of this
country, It Is alleged, and more than
llfty communications to tho concern,
each containing money, havo been
held and the contents returned to the
Tho announcement of tho death of
Justice Peckhani. while expected,
came as a shock to his associates on
tho bench and In odlclnl circles, and
everywhere expressions of regret
were heard. Justice Peekham was n
democrat and before taking a seat on
the bench gave considerable atten
tion to politics In New York. Ho was
bom In Albany, N. Y.. November 8,
18:iS, and had been on the bench,
state and federal, for twenty-six
years. Ho was appointed to the su
premo bench by President Cleveland.
The Chinese government has sent
forty-seven Htudents to American col
leges and universities In compliance
witli the understanding with the
United States regarding tho disposi
tion or tho Idemnity remitted by this
The Hrownsville court or Inquiry
decided to visit Hrownsville, Tcxns,
late in November to hear any new ma
terial racts bearing on tho ruinous
"shooting up" of Hint city on the night
or August 13. 1900.
Kx-Presldent Roosevelt lino sent a
Mory of his exploits iu killing wild
beasts of Kast Africa.
Street car strikers In Omnhn hnvn
determined to go on with tho light
Senntor J. P. Dolllvcr, has won his
case In tho United States circuit court
of appeals, tho suit brought by Waro
I.eland to recover upon book account
and notes.
Tho Right now William Hobart
Hare, bishop of tho Episcopal dio
cese of South Dnkota, died at Aber
deen after a long Illness. Ho was
72 years of age.
Collector Loeb admitted there wero
nn-'calH In the customs service.
James J. Hill, builder or tho north
western empire and a powerrul fac
tor in tho development of tho north
ern section of the west half of tho
United States, will bo tho guest of
Omaha during the National Corn ex
position. At Carthage. Mo., Kdward Brooks,
a millionaire. 2.1 years old, attompted
to murder his wife by cutting her
throat whilo tho two wero out walk
ing. Pn-ident Belaya Is arming sixteen
year "Id boys In an effort to crush tho
Nlcaiamian revolution.
Two brothers were arrested at Kan
sas City, charged with the murder of
tho Van Royen family. One of thorn
has confessed that he alone did tho
Dr. Cook replied to dotrnctnrs at
Hamilton, Mont., and practically ac
cused Peary of Instigating theur
Week Long Agricultural 8chools Have
Been Dated for Half Dozen
Nebraska Farming
The following dates for regulnr
fanners' Institutes hnve been llxcd for
tho fall or 1909 nnd the winter of 1910
by Vnl Kcyser, superintendent of thnt
department of tho Nebraska university
college of agriculture. They arc sub
ject to changes whero communities
nre unfortunate on account of bad
(veatlier or other iinforscen conditions
but as n rule will remain tlxcd as pub
lished In this list:
JlastlnK. October, Tuesday and Wed
nc., 12-13.
Axtel. October, Wo.dncnd.iy and Thurs
day. 13-14.
Ifoldrcee. October, Thursday and Fri
day, 14-15.
Holhrnok, October, Friday nnd .Satur
day, 1G-1C.
Peru. October. Friday and Saturday.
Mitchell. November, Monday nnd Tues
day, in-ie.
Hcnttsblun. November, Tuesday nnd
Wednesday, lfi-17.
Mlnltnre, November. Wednesday. 17.
Hayurd, November, Thursday. IS.
nrldueport. November, Thursday and
Friday. 18-19.
Alliance. November. Friday and Satur
day. 19-20.
Hip SnrliiKP. November. Monday. 22.
Chappi'll. November. Tuesday, 23.
Ixidyo Pole. November. Wednesday. 21.
Kimball, November, Friday and Satur
day. 20-27.
Atkinson. November. Tuesday, 30.
nasactt, December. Wednesday, 1.
Ainsworth, December, Thursday, 2.
Valentine. December. Friday. 3.
Cody. December, Saturday, 4.
Morrlman, December, Tuesday, 7.
Gordon. December, Wednesday, 8.
Hay Sprlnes, December. Thursday, 9.
Cliadron, December. Friday. 10.
Harrison. December, Saturday, 11.
Somerset. Deec.mber, Monday nnd Tues
3ay. fi-7.
Welllleet, December. Wednesday, S.
Fnrnam, December, Thursday, !'.
Kustls. December, Friday and Satur
day, 10-11.
Grant. December. Tuesday. 7.
Palisade, December. Tuesday. 14.
Waunetn. Wednesday. December, 15.
Impel lal. Thursday, December lfi.
Trenton. Wednesday, December 15.
rienkleman. Thursday, December 10.
Anoelnio. Wednesday, December 15.
Ansley. Thursday and Friday, Decem
ber 10-17.
Cornstoek. Monday and Tuesday, 13-14.
Loup City. Tuesday and Wednesday.
December 11-15.
Palmer, Thursday and Friday, Decem
ber 10-17.
Central City, Friday ami Saturday. De
cember 17-18.
Chester, Monday und Tuesday, Decem
ber 27-2R.
llriiuliiK. Tuesday and Wednesday, De
cember 2S-19.
Genova. Wednesday nnd Tlmrsda'-, De
cember 29-30.
Kxeter. Thursday nnd Friday. Decem
ber 30-31.
Hcave.r Crossing, Friday, December 31,
and Saturday. January 1.
Falls City. Tuesday and Wednesday.
December 2S-29.
Pawned Cltv, Wednesday nnd Thurs
day. December 29-30.
Mornn, Monday and Tuesday, January
Mason City, Tuesday and Wednesday,
January !.
Kivcunu. Wednesday and Thursday,
January 5-C.
Wood River, Thursday and Friday. Jan
uary 0-7.
Gibbon, Friday and Saturday. January
Culbcrtsnu. Monday and Tuesday, Jan
uary 3-4.
Wilcox, Tuesday nnd Wednesday, Jan
uary 4-5.
Upland, Wednesday nnd Thursday, Jan
uary 6-6.
niuo Hill, Thursday and Friday, Janu
ary 6-7.
Edgar, Friday and Saturday, January
Ccresco, Monday nnd Tuesday. Janu
ary 3-4.
Hooper, Tuesday and Wednesday, Jan
uary 4-5.
West Point. Wednesday und Thursday,
January 5 and 0.
Wlsner, Tbuisday and Friday. January
Stanton. Friday and Saturday, January
Pla'lnvlcw, Monday and Tucbday, Jnn
uimry 10-11.
Oroishton, Tuesday .and Wednesday,
Jan unn 11-12.
Verdlgre. Wednesday and Thursday,
January 12-13.
Spencer, Thursday nnd Friday, Janu
ary 13-14.
Hutte, Friday and Saturday, January
Superior, Monday nnd Tuesday, Janu
ary 10-11.
Nelson. Tuesday and Wednesday, Janu
nry 11-12.
Shlcl;ley. Wednesday and Thursday,
January 12-13.
Western, Thursday nnd Filday, Janu
nry 13-14.
DeWItt, FihNy nnd Saturday, Jitiuaty
Callaway, Monday and Tuesday, Janu
ary 10-11.
Oconto. Tuesday nnd Wednesday, Jan
uary 11-12.
Kenes iw. Wednesday and Thursday,
Jnmuiry 12-13.
Harvard, Friday and Saturday, Janu
ary 14-15.
Polk. Monday and Tuesday, January
Osceola. Tuesday and Wednesday, Jan
uary 25-2B.
IltfduK Cltv. Wednesday nnd Thursday,
January 20-27.
Valparaiso, Thursday nnd Friday, Jan
uary 27-28.
Wnhoo, Friday nnd Saturday, Jnnunry
KlKin, Monday nnd Tuesday, January
Albion. Tuesday nnd Wednesday, Janu
ary 25-20.
Says Court Erred.
City Attorney C. C, Flnnsburg has
llled In tho supremo court a motion
for a rehearing In the Malono contest
enso wherein ho souks to provo thnt
ho was elected mayor Instead or Don
L. Lovo. Mayor Lovo has Indlcnted
that ho is anxious that tho recount
shall proceed, but tho city attorney
will not hear of this. Ho says that ho
has not waited tho usual forty days
botovo tiling his motion nnd will insist
that tho county court wait until tho
hlglior tribunal dellnltoly doubles
whethor tho county court haB Jurisdiction.
Newman Grove, Wednesday und Thuis
day, January 26-27.
Humphrey, Tiiutsday and Friday, Jan
uury 27-28.
Madison, Friday and Saturday, Janu
ary 28-29.
Auburn, Monday and Tuesday, Januury
llrock. Tuesday and Wednesday, Janu
ary 25-26.
Dunbar. Wednesday and Thursday,
January 2C-27.
Syracuse, Thursday nnd Friday, Jnnu
nry 27-28.
Pnlmyra, Friday and Saturday, Janu
ary 2S-29.
Orchard. Monday and Tuesday, Janu
ury 31 and February 1.
Osmond, Tuiuduy und Wednesday, Feb
ruary 1-2.
Laurel, Wednesday n? A Thursday, Feb
ruary 2-3.
n Allen, Thursday and Friday, February
Dakota City, Friday and Saturday, Feb
ruary 4-5.
Oakland, Monday and Tuesday, Janu
ary 31 and February I.
1'apllllon. Tuesday und Wednesday,
February 1-2.
Valley, Wednesday and Thursday, Feb
ruary 2-3.
Arlington. Thursday und Friday, Feb
ruary 3-4.
Cedar Muffs, Friday and Saturday, Feb.
ruary 4-5,
Kills. Wednesday. February 2.
Union Hall, Thursday and Friday, Feb-
Dlller, Friday und Saturday, February
Arapahoe. Wednesday and Thursday,
February 9-10.
Atlanta. Thursday and Friday, Febru
ary 10-11.
Mlnden, Friday and Saturday, Febru
ary 11-12.
Heaver City, Monday und Tuesday,
February 7-8.
Naponee, Wednesday nnd Thursday,
February 9-10.
lted Cloud. Thuisday and Friday, Feu
runty 10-11.
Guide Rock. Friday und Saturduy. Feb
ruary 11-12.
Wayne, Monday und Tuesday, Febru
ary 7-S.
Cut roll. Wednesday and Thursday, Feb
ruary 0-10.
Ilartlncton, Friday and Saturday. Feb
ruary 11-12.
St. Paul. Friday and Saturday, Febru
ary 11-12.
Ulysses. Monday and Tuesday, Febru
ary 14-15.
Gresbam. Tuesday and Wednesday,
February 15-10.
MeCool Junction. Wednesday and
'Ibiiisd.iy, February 10-17.
.Mllllitnti, Thursday and Friday, Fobru
nr 17-1S.
'rcte, Friday nnd Saturday, February
I u I J.
i:.iKle. Wednesday. February 10.
Weeping Water, Thursday find Friday,
1- l-MI (ltd ,V ll'lfl,
Sprlnt-fleld, Friday and Saturday, Feb
ruary 18-19.
Gitalin In, Tuesday and Wednesday,
February 15-10.
Paxton. Wednesday nnd Thursday. Feb
niury 10-17.
Sutherland. Thursday and Friday Feb
ruary 17-1S.
Hershey. Friday and Saturday, Febru
ary 18-19.
Johnson. Monday and Tuesday. Febru
ary 21-22.
Teeumsrh. Tuesday and Wednesday,
February 22-23.
Fnlrbury. Wednesday nnd Thursday,
February 23-21.
Davenport. Thursday and Friday. Fcb
ruaiy 24-25.
Cowles. Friday ami Saturday, Febru
ary 25-20.
Humboldt, Friday n-id Saturday, Feb
ruary 25-20.
Maxwell. Monday nnd Tuesday. Febru
ary 21-22.
Gothenburg. Tuesday and Wednesday,
February 22-23.
Cozad. Wednesday nnd Thursday, Feb
ruary 23-24.
Lexlnutim, Thursday and Friday. Feb
ruary 24-25.
Mint Creek. Friday and Saturday, Feb
ruary 25-20.
Maniuette. Tuesday and Wednesday,
February 22-23.
Aurora. Wednesday and Thursday, Feb
ruaiy 23-21.
...Wi,,'" Thursday and Friday, February
24- ';.
Tfiniorn. Friday and Saturday. Febru.
nrv 25-20.
Morse Hluff. Monday. February 2.
Wuverlv. Tuesd'iy and Wediic.mluv. Mi.
ruary 1-2.
Huveloek. Wednsdny and Thursday,
March 2-3.
Clay Center. Thursday nnd Friday.
March 3-4.
Falrlleld. Friday and Saturday, March
Hpaldluir. Tuesday und Wednesday,
March 1-2.
Cednr Iliilds. Wednesday and Thurs
day. March 2-3.
Fulleiton. Thursday nnd Friday, March
Boys and Girls' Contest.
Tho following dates for tho holding
or the boys' and girls' county contests
In agriculture and domestic science
have been definitely arranged. A few
others will be held In connection with
regular farmers' institutes:
Hutte. Friday and Saturday. October
C'uv Center. Wednesday. October 29.
HnstliiKS, Tuesday, October 12.
HoldrcKc. Wednesday. October 13.
IVaver City. Wednesday, October 20.
Alma. Thursday, October 21.
llloomliiBton. Friday. October 22.
McCook, Satuiday, October 23.
Trenton. Thursda- October 28.
Imperial. Friday, October 29,
Geneva. Friday. October 29.
Keatnev. Thursday. November 11.
North Platte. FrlOav, November 12.
Ofrnlnlla. Saturday, November 13.
Se-ttsblun. Wednesday. November 17.
KildKcpnrt. Friday. November 19.
Sidney Friday. November 20.
Kimball. Saturday. November 27.
Ord. Wednesday, November 10.
Greeley. Tburwdav. November 11.
Central City Wedncsd.t" November 17.
Grand Island. Saturday. November 13.
Fremont. Thursday. November 18.
Osceola. Friday. November 19.
Aurora. Saturday. November 20.
York. November 22-27.
Omnhn, Tuesday, November 23.
Nebraska City, Wednesday, Novembni
Paplllion. Wednesday, November 24.
Pawnee Cltv Friday, November 20.
TeuuniBcli. Kntunluv. November 27.
Wnyne. Thursday, December 2.
Wnusa. Saturday. December 4.
Fnlrbury. Frldiiv. Deeomber 3.
Stanton, Saturday. December 4.
nentrlc Saturday December 4.
David City Saturday, December 4,
. Farmers' Institute Schools.
Tlioso schools run for n period of
one week. They differ from the regu
lar Institute In several respects. Tho
classes aro conducted In tho saino
manner that Instruction Is given In
tho short course of tho school of agri
culture. Lectures onch forenoon ,ro
supplemented by practice work for tho
afternoon sessions. Arrangements
hnve been made for conducting
schools at tho following towns:
Cambridge, Neb., December 27 to Jan
uary 1.
Mlalr. Neb.. January 3 to 8.
lleatrlce. Neb.. January 10 to 15,
Ilrokeu How. Neb.. January 24 to 29.
Hebron, Neb., January 31 to February
Franklin. Neb., February 14 to 19.
To Be Free Lances,
R. L. Stnplo of Ord has sent his
declination to the sccretnry of stnto
and will not ninko tho raco for Judge
of tho supremo court on tho prohibi
tion ticket. Following closely tho res
Ignatlon of A. O. Wolfonbarger as n
candldnto for tho samo position In tho
same party, this leaves tho prohibi
tionists without u ticket for Judgo of
tho supreme court. It is said authori
tatively that tho places will not bo
tilled by tho committee. Tho secre
tary of state has sent uotlcss to tho
county clerks of tho state to leavo
therr names off the ballot.
Man from the Middle Webt Favored
by Secretary Nagel as His Chief
Assistant Treat Gives Way
to Lee G. McClung.
Washington. Important changes In
ofllcers nnd a now swing In the admin
istrative work of the treasury occurred
Monday. Two acting secretaries step
ped out or office, one Into private life,
nnd the other to other olllclal duties.
With the departure of Ormsby Mc
Harg, assistant sercretary of com
merce for New York, Solicitor Karl of
that department becomes acting secre
tary. Mr. Mcllarg has been acting sec
retary for a goodly portion of the past
few months In the absence of Secre
tary Nagel. Ho has boon trying for
some weeks to leave public office in
order to nssunie his new duties as n
member of the firm of Noble, Jackson
& Hubbard in New York city, but
stayed on pending the selection of his
successor. It Is understood Secretary
Nngel favors as Air. McIIarg's succes
sor a man living In the middle west.
Mr. Nngel, who Is expected here No
vember 7, has conferred with the pres
ident and will ninko the announcement
Tho now tariff honrd began Its work
Mondny, although the members of the
board bao held several meetings.
Mr. neynolds retirement as assist
ant secretary of the treasury became
effective Monday. Ills successor wlli
probably be announced shortly.
The commercial agreement with
France, under which reciprocal low
rates on Imports prevailed, expired at
midnight Sunday and Monday the full
rates under the new tariff law will ap
ply on all Imports from France. Roth
the United States and Franco planned
to afford every facility to Importers
on both sides of the Atlantic to get
In their goods under the lower recipro
cal rntes up to the last moment.
The change In the office of United
States treasurer took effect Sundny.
Lee C. McClung, one conspicuous as a
college gridiron hero, taking the oath
of olllco as successor of Charles II.
Treat. Every time a new treasurer
takes ofllce. a complete count of the
moneys In Uncle Sam's cash box Is
necessary, and for severnl months u
large number of employes will be kept
Mr. Treat leaves behind him a num
ber of reforms. Probably his most
radical change was the formation of
a committee composed of the chiefs of
the various treasury divisions.
This "committee of the treasurer's
cabinet" met eveiy Tuesday. Through
the cabinet Mr. Trent managed to do
away with a great amount of duplica
tion. During the formative period of
tho Payne tariff bill Mr. Treat was
called upon for expert advice by mem
bers of both houses of congress. His
reward came in a bill Increasing his
salary from $0,000 to $8,000 a year. Ho
also was actlvo In advising the mem
bers or the monetary commission.
Strong efforts wero made to have
Mr. Treat retained. Hundreds or let
ters are on file In the department ask
ing his retention. Flvo state banking
associations petitioned the president
to keep Mr. Treat In office. It is said.
A. Piatt Andrew, who recently re
turned from Kuropo with Chairman
Aldrlch of tho senate linnnce commit
tee and tho monetary commission, of
which Andrew Is nn expert attache,
took the oath of ofllce ns director of
the mint Mondny.
Automobile Wreck Fatal.
Cedar Rnplds, la. An automobile
containing seven people wus wrecked
ten miles west of this city Sunday
arternoon. One person was killed, two
seriously injured, nnd" two slightly
hurt. Tho mnchlno belonged to 1). C.
Melcod, a prominent contractor of
tlila city, and was being driven along
tho road at n rate of thirty-flvo miles
an hour when one of tho tires explod
ed. Tho muchlne turned over twice.
Ada MoLeod. aged seven years, was
Instantly killed, being crushed under
the machine. Miss Conly of AtkiiiB,
la., and Mrs. McIeod were seriously
Injured, nnd Mr. McLcod and Axel Mc
Gregor wero slightly Injured. Baby
McLcod escaped without a scratch.
Auto Struck by Train.
New York. William T. Terwilligor
and Robert Welch, real estate dealers
of nrooklyn, were Instantly killed, nnd
Gilbert Rhodes a law student of Mil
ton, N. J was probably fatally injured
when tho nuto In which they wore
riding was struck by n Long Islnnd
passenger trnln at Lynnbrook, L. I
Saves Life of the Baby.
Philadelphia, Penn. After Mrs. Mny
Schneider had committed suicide by
drinking cnrbollc acid a healthy baby
girl was born In the bed where the
woman had been taken. Mrs. Schnei
der, who was eighteen years nld. hiviiI.
( lowed tho poison In tho room sho oc
cupied with her husband. She was
quickly removed to a hospital where
sho died shortly after her admission.
After a hasty preparation the physi
cian performed a eaesarlan operation
and succeeded In saving the llfo of tho
State News and Notes in Condensed
A largo skating rink under a tent is
how running in full sway In Crete.
At n special election held at Kenc
saw the water bonds carried by over
whelming majority.
Daniel Rehrlnger has sold his 240
ncre farm southeast of Tecumseh to
Thotnns C. Uoylnn of Rlverton, la., for
$30,000, or $125 per acre. Possession
will be given next Mnrch.
Mrs. L, D. llosserninn of neatrico
has nn orange tree which has been
yielding fruit for the lust Tew seasons.
The tree at the present time has four
green oranges and a number of blos
soms. Rev. Jesse nurkhardt of Sioux Falls,
S. O., has been unanimously called to
the pastorate of tho Congregational
church nt West Point, made vncnnt
by the death of Rev. G. W. Crofts,
D. 1). Rev. Mr. Hurkhurdt has ac
cepted the call.
Cornhusklng Is progressing rapidly
In Cuming county and the yield 1b nn
uvcrago one. Farmers arc experienc
ing great difficulty In obtaining com
petent help. Flvo cents per bushel Is
j)elng paid for husking with few men
to be had even nt that price.
Herman Brothers of Lincoln arc lay
ing plans for starting nn overall fac
tory In Crete. They have rented a
lnrgo brick building, put in modern
machinery to carry on their work.
Tho enterprise will demand a good
number of workers.
Tho annual convocation of the dio
cese of Nebraska, for the Kplscopal
church, will he held In Wymoro No
vember 10 to 19. The Nebraska dio
cese takes In the eastern half of tho
state. Public services and sessions
will bo held each day.
Rose Lange, aged 211, attempted sui
cide nt a Fremont hotel by swallowing
poison, but her life was saved by the
prompt nrrival of physicians. No mo
tive for the nttempt Is known. Tho
girl registered nt tho hotel, giving
her home nt West Point, Neb.
The Hnstings Order of Elks hnve
announced their intention of turning
ovor the club rooms to tho wives, sis
ters and daughters of members, for
such social gatherings as they may
arrange. Each Thursday evening an
Informal dance will be given In the
club rooms.
Postmaster S. D. Colo of Wymoro
has been Informed that pounch mall
service will be Instnlled by the gov
ernment on tilt new trains. Nos. 84
and 80, to be Installed by tho Burling-,
ton between Wymoro and Lincoln Oc
tober SI. Tills will get eastern mail
into Wymore several hours earlier
than Is now poslble.
The new street lighting system has
Just been completed and Fremont Is
now without doubt tho best lighted
city of Its size In the state. There
are now seventy-live nrcs nnd 'M0 sixty-candle
power tungsten lamps used
for street lighting purposes, there be
ing one light on practically every cor
ner In the city's limits.
Prof. Theodore Rudolph Beeze has
been secured as musical director for
tho National Snengerfest to be held In
Omaha July 24 to 24, 1910, but will
move to that city about the middle of
November. Immediately on his arri
val he will organize nnd begin the
training of the chorus for the great
festlvnl of tho German singing socle
ties of the nation.
Ben. S. Pindar, one of the pioneer
.settlers of Otoe county, died at his
home in South Branch precinct Tues
day. He was eighty-two years of ngo
and leaves a son and two daughters.
IFe was among tho tlrst settlers In
the southwestern portion of the coun
ty nnd has been tho assessor of that
precinct almost since the county was
laid out. The funeral was held Wed
nesday. John, the flftecn-yenr-old son of
Mr. and Mrs. G. B. Clnrey, liv
ing three miles cast of Fair
bury, was accidentally shot through
the palm of the left hand while pre
paring to go hunting Wednesdny after
noon. Ho had hold of tho barrel of
the rifle and went into the pnntry to
get some shells, not knowing the gun
was loaded, when It was acldentally
Surveyors havo started work on lay
ing out the line for the new rnllroad
which will run from Bololt, Knn., to
Kearney, Neb. The survey has been
begun from the Belolt end of the line.
The road, which will bo called the
Dakota, Kansas & Gulf railroad, will
run In n direction southeast from Kear
ney, and will cross tho Republican
valley at Franklin, In length it will
be about 120 miles, and it will connect
the Union Pacific systems, Nebraska
and Kansas lines. Several years ngo
tho road was tlrst started, nnd was
built up to Belolt, nfty-seven miles
having been constructed. Carson HII
dreth. the well-known Frnnklln bank
er, Is much Interested In tho now road
and has been appointed mnnnger ot
tho Nebrnskn end of the company dur
ing tho preliminary construction pe
riod. Mr. Hlldreth Is posltivo the rond
will bo built. It is understood thnt
tho preliminary stirvoy In Nebraska
will be mnde In n short time.
J. II. Penner, Rev, Gerhardt Pennor,
Herman Wiebo, Wllllnm Hnmm and
Henry Albrccht left Sunday lor Hutch
inson, Kits., where they will represent
tho Bentrico Mennonlto conference,
which convenes nt that place this
evening. Tho conference will bo an
Important ono nnd Mennonites will
bo present from Nebrnskn, Kansas,
Oklahoma and North nnd South Da
kota. Tho report of tho commltteo
on soliciting funds for tho Mennonlto
hospital to bo erected In Boatiico will
be presented nnd It Is expected thnt
work will be commenced on the struc
ture scon after the adjournment of
the conference.
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