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Paul a Prisoner
The Voyage
Sunday School Lenoo for Oct. 31, 1909
TfZ0M- Q
Spoelally Arranced (or ThU Papor
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You Should Knowg$jjM
1 ivJUrt a
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I ",j V Vi4ri
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Apartment House
- jJ
NEW YORK Thorp Is n man in
blB runl estntp llrm In tlio Wall
btroot district ot Now York city who
linst not paid a penny ot housu runt tor
the last tun years, nlthotiRh ho has
llvud during all that time In hand
some npnrtmcntH In the most laHhlon
able part of town; the smallest or
which never Is leased lor less than
$2,fi00 a year. Among the very Tew
who know the secret ot how ho Is
able to occupy puch expensive quar
ters free or charge he la the most on
".led man. Yet lie hlmsoll llml.s hl3
Rood fortune r.omothliiK or a trial.
No does not know from one month
to the next where he will have to
move. He always Is tho llrst tenant
ol' all to move Into the house, and
when tho house begins to till up ho
knows he must prepare to get out.
Then this man who lives rent tree be
gins to wonder where he will have
to move to next No sooner has his
family made a circle of pleasant ac
quaintances nmong the other newcom
ers In a big apartment house than
they have to make some excuse, tele
phone for the moving vans, nnd have
their turnltitro taken to a now place
or abode.
Sexton Finds Ghosts
THERE are the "ghosts" In the his
torical old Chapel or tho Comfort
er at 10 Horatio street, noar Jackson
square, In New York City! Soren
IJnjlgren. who until recently was sex
to of the little mission supported bv
jriHcenslcm parish, of which the Kev.
Or. Percy (Jrant is rector, has not
only seen the spirits, but ho has taken
photographs of two of them.
These strange, mysterious figures,
according to Mr. LIndgren, congregate
every evening at tho Toot of the altar.
It in a weird story Mr. LIndgren tolls
of his experiences In the church,
where ho and his wife, who frankly
confesses that none of tho "ghosts"
have been visible to her, had their
living apartments.
' So Interested did tho sexton be
cdio in tho movements of the do-
Elephant Collects
I, miCK" RICHARDS, keeper at the
U llronx Zoo, in New York city, be
lieved until a fow days ago that the
high road to riches lay in simply
Ilcntchlng an elephant, hanging a tin
linrl ii flit, n.iltnol ti.i.l !.... ......!. i.
,... v... i.iv, twin, u ii milt iiii-i, iuiii:.i..ii;
hi in to bcu moucv from the mihllc ami
rlng a bell whensoever he put a pen-
I ny In tho bank.
Richard's faith In tho inteurltv of
eiorhnnts wns a sublime thing, but
ii.iuw no oiepiinnis to no not only
minora!, but capable of almost human
In short, It was Richards who a
iM taught tho llronx elephant
ingo to beg pennies nnd put them In
bank, for which the huge beast has
.pen tnmous ever since. It was tho
Mock Court Ends
HE Yemassle Hnvmnkers. a West
U side organization In New York
y, whose members say they aro
i nnlt.iAn nf f nnni. t'lMtfi't ft f a . f n .. A
I .llllllll'JIi Ul IIVUUUI uv iiiujitiKiin,
yi an outing ut College Point and
iuai lumuiiiiiuiii u.wiiu .mint; uy
y of the Enst Thirty-fourth street,
ry at 1:30 o'clock In tho morning.
'''y lammed the ferryboat. Manhnt-
, i .,..'. i .i '.. i i. i
it ni'iimi, uuu inoiu Knu tiimi iiuu.iru
I'liiinhor of niitRlHnrn rntiirnlnir In
ilr homes.
IB soon ns tho boat started Charles
no'TSO years old, fiG7 Tenth nve
. palled some of the picnickers to
r and announced In no soft tones
ho was going to cpen court .and
4 ns Indue he would sentence evorv,
ifj broughf before hi in for .dlsoruer
nduct. , I , f (
,ie idea wns taken up readily 'and
several of the "oHleers" appoint
I i
Mascot and His Job
This nomadic New Yorker's re
moval from one place to unothcr does
not cost him anything, except the
wear and tear on his furniture, and
the labor of getting settled In each
now apartment. His changing about
Is parr of his day's work and arises
solely from tho fact that ho Is consid
ered as n mascot or a forerunner of
good fortuno for a ccrtalr rich man,
who owns a great deal of Manhattan
real estate, and who Is continually Im
proving It by putting up large apart
ment houses
One of the crucial periods In tho
lire of an npartment house Is when
It Just has been completed, and It Is
desired to fill It with tenants. All tho
apartment houses owned by this rich
man are managed by the llrm of
ngentii In whoso employ Is this mascot
who never pays rent, .luut how tho
superstition started Is not mown, but
thnt the man who believes In It has
grounds for such boiler that are sat
Istactoroy to himself Is evident from
Its long contluuancee.
When a new npartment house be
longing to this great landlord is lln
Ibhed, tho lucky clerk In the agent's
office Is notified that his quarters will
be ready for him on such and such
a day. His apartment Is tho first to
be completed. The other npartments
niny be ritlll In the hands or painters
and decorators and the halta may bo
littered with shavings and broken
plaster. Hut this proresslonal first
tenant has to have his household be
longings moved In and get thorn ar
ranged as artistically us possible with-
in a
parted spirits that he purchased a
camera and Iny awako at night to
take snapshot pictures of them. The
I.lndgrcus took up their residence on
an upper fioor of tho church last No
vember, and the presenco of tho
'ghosts" was revealed to Mr. LIndgren
the first night he slept there.
" 'lie not afraid." ho assured me
This building was once a dance hall,
and it was here that I wasted a for
tune which had been left to me by
my father, who was an Italian noble
man. I killed a man in this very
room. Yes. 1 smbbed him In the back,
I stole tho money to buy rum, and
her 1 am a physical wreck.'
"Early the next night." ho said, "as
tho old man approached tho altnr I
fixed my camera In position and gavo
the picture a long exposure. Mrs.
LIndgren was- with mo and we went
directly to our apartment nnd devel
oped tho picture. Only the whlto out
lines of the man's face, head and
board were shown in tho photograph,
but by using a pencil on one of the
negatives. I succeeded In drawing an
excellent likeness of the mysterious
Pennies in Z
keeper's practice when tho bank wns
full to take Congo across to tho soda
fountain nearby and buy him n quart
of ice cream out of tho day's receipts.
At this rate Congo soon learned tho
value ol' money, nnd also began to
lovo It not for Its own sake, but for
whnt It brought him. When Rlchnrds
went for his luncheon a few days age
ho carefully emptied" tho hank, leaving
Congo with a vacant tin box.
When the keeper hnd finished his
meal ho hastened hack to the faithful
Congo, but on tho way met four Ju
bilant urchins, who were dividing CO
There stood Congo, swaying mourn
fully. Reside him Sultana and Khar
toum, two other elephants, wero hold
ing up their educated fellow, who
seemed 111.
A seedy man standing at tho rail ex
plained tho enso:
"Some boys wore Just In hero with
some apples thoy'd stole, and every
lime they gavo tho elophant with tho
bank an apple he gavo thorn a cent,
an' ns soon as they got his last cent
they beat it."
in Real Court Trial
ed by Amnion dragged a much-frightened
negro heforo him.
"This man spit on tho deck," said
one ol" tho gang.
"Mako him stand on his head," or
dered tho court.
Tho negro mndo n feeble offort to
put his feet In tho air and when he
was unable to do so he wns made tc
drink five glasses' of water. Ho bo
camo III suddenly nnd his tormentors
let, him go. ' '
It happened that Sorgt. Trwln and
six patrolmen, all traffic men In citi
zens' dress, were nbourd tho boat, and
ns soon ns they heard of tho court
they started a mock fight so thoy
could got arrested and i see how. (ho
"court" was working. ' '
Pntrolman Frit sen was promptly
nabbed as a disorderly person and
was hurried to whero Amnion was
holding forth and wa3 charged with
, wm mm linn iuw uanusprings,
shputefl Amnion. but'FrltSch, who luV
powerful lelkiw. jiurled tjwo or the
fiien nfsido ajuf walked uway. j Next
(lay In a real court tho "rowdies -T-ud
line? for their lun.
"Lut him turn a fow handsprings,
I.KHSON T1-:.T AftHKl-SJ. Memory
versos s!-'1
OOLlHiV TP.XT - Commit thy wuj
unto the Lord, Imiki nUo In lilm; ami ho
plmll IiiIiik It to I'sn. 37 6.
TIMi: - Htinutii-r ami ntiliimn of A. D,
69 ol ()
PLACi: On tho .Mrdltirnuiraii sen, on
the way to Home.
Suggestion and Practical Thought.
The voyage of lire Illustrated by
Paul's voyage toward Rome.
1. Tho Voyago on n Peaceful Sen.
From Cesarea to Crete. Vs. Mil. Tho
ships. After It was determined to
send Paul to Rome under military
escort, the first thing was to find a
ship. There was probably very little
direct commerce between Cesarea and
Home, and hence they embarked In
a trading vessel which coasted north
ward along the shores of Palestine to
Sldon nnd around tho eastern point
of Cyprus, past Clllcla and Tarsus,
and part of Pamphylla to Myra In
Lycla, near the southwest angle of
Asia Minor.
The second ship was a large Kgyp
Man merchantman loaded with grain
from Alexandria.
The ship's company Included Paul
and other prlaoners, Luke, who writes '
the account (note the "we" In the
story); Arlatarchus, an old friend of
Paul who was one of tho comniltteo
thnt accompanied Paul to Jerusalem
with tho collection for the poor (Acts
20:4); Copt. Julius, with ti guard of
soldiers from tho Augustan band, be
sides wo know not how many other
.passengers, and the crew.
The Peaceful Voyage. They sailed
westward. It took them several days
,'to reach the port Cnldus on a penln
sula at tho extreme touthwest point
of Asia Minor, although tho distance
1 only 130 miles.
The sailing was still dllllcult, and
they put Into n harbor called Fait
Havens on tho southern coast of
Crete. Hero they walnted for pleas
anter weather. Hut It was late In tho
searon, and rough, stormy weather
must be expected to prevail. Paul ad
vised them to remain at Fair Ha
vens till spring opened.
Paul's advice was good, but It Is not
strange that experienced seamen
should not regard very highly tho
opinion or a Fcholarly landsman.
'J. Storm Tossed on a Wintry Sea.
Vs. M-HG. "'There arose against It"
(v. 11), the ship, "a tempestuous
wind," typlionle, tempestuous, Uko a
whirlwind; a hurricane, a typhoon, a
15. "When tho ship was caught.'
A very strong expression, Implying
that the wind seized hold or tho ship,
as It were, and whirled her out or tier
course. "Wo let her drive," 11. V., "wo
gavo wny to It, and were driven" be
fore the wind.
IS. "The next day they," the sail
ors, "lightened tho ship." Tho Im
perfect denotes that they began to
lighten the ship, set about it by
throwing out foiiio of tho cargo, not
the precious wheat which was thrown
overboard later (v. 3S).
19. "Cast out with our own hands,"
that Is, of tho passengers as well ns
of tho crow, "the tackling," "tho fur
niture of the ship, Its fittings nnd
equipment, anything movable lying
on tho deck, upon which the passen
gers could lay their hands, such as ta
bles, beds, chests, and tho like."
20. "When neither sun nor stars
. appenred." Wo have to re
member that heforo tho Invention of
the compass the sun and stars were
tho only guides of snltors who wero
out or sight or land. "All hope . .
. was thqn," nt last, henceforth, "ta
ken away."
Tho Vision of Cheer. Now Paul
comes to tho front, tho only ono in
tho. wholo ship who could bring a
messngo of hope. Tho reason for his
assurance follows. An angel camo to
him with a messngo from God, as
Jesus had appeared to his disciples In
tho tempest-tossed boat on tho Sea of
Tho message was that ho would bo
saved because ho (v. 21) "must bo
brought before Caesar," as God had
promised him beforo (Acts 23:11).
Paul's safety was as sure as God's
promise. Tho promlso hnd been ob
scured boforo this, but It had shono
out again through rills in the clouds.
"God hath given thee all thorn that
sail with thoo." Doubtless Paul
prayed earnestly Tor the safety of
those who wero In tho ship with him;
and their lives wore granted in an
swer to his prayers. Tho good man
Is never selfish even In his prayers.
Tho Port to Which Wo Should Sail.
A statesman declares that "Tho
llrst requisite of ono who would have
a successful llfo, as or tho pilot or a
ship, Is a knowledge of Its goal. No
helmsmnn nowever skilled In handling
a wheel or experienced In seamanship
would be trusted to guide a vessel
unless ho know and could specify In
which direction It should go. A
knowledgo of the gonl of nations is
tho flrBt essential of statesmanship,"
and also of manhood and womanhood.
Chicken, Deviled.
Singe nnd preparo tho chickens as
for boiling. Mix fogomor onn.lmir nt
' .,,- nr..i .. ..,." ......: ""-:
, H.I.OJU.UIIIIH ui mm, uuu Hllll-SpUOniUI
each of curry powder, dry mustard
and paprika, adding Just enough ollvo
oil or molted butter to mako a th'clc
pnstc. Mako a numbor of Inclsioni on
the breast and thighs of tho chicken
and tub Into them tho paMo; brush all
overvlth a little melted butter and
broil over a clear I'te When dono,
wrango on a hot plattor, squeeze ovor
allttlo lemon Juice, gainlsh with creas
u'nd servo with tartoro sauco.
Tho woman pnusod. breathless, at
tho entrance of tho familiar oltlce
building. Three years? It seemed
either Psterday--or an eternity!
Poising herself determinedly, she
passed on through the lobby and
touched the clouitor bell. Her face
wns very white now, In contrast to Its
accustomed warm pink, and the set
expression about the lips Imparted to
It tho look, rather of IW than '.!!.
In less limit two minutes she found
herself seated in the little box like
nntoroom to wait her turn. Nothing
was changed except, perhaps, a trllle
or bo In the furnishings- new things
duplicating an far as possible the old.
The clock, the book cases, the picture'!
were the same. Looking at them watt
like opening au old wound, and she
kept her eyes resolutely on the hands
crossed In her lap.
Finally tin- door at her left opened
nnd a htiKgard-faeed man emerged, lie
picked up his hat from the table In
tho center of the room and passed out
The doctor glancitl toward th
woman and nodded; the next Instant,
tholr eyes locked. He pronounced her
nnmo In a fotmal tone, and she rose
automatleall and went Into his pri
vate office.
Dr. Drury pulled up a chair and mo
tioned her to ho seated.
Without a word she sank down, pull
ing norvously at her glove-fingers.
"And what can I do for you today,
Mrs. Pel'ltun?" Ills Inflection wns
courteous, professional, to a degree.
"It's tho some old thing Jack," she
said, with a llttlo Ineaught breath.
Her eyes evaded his keen gaze.
The doctor's browB went up the bar
est trifle. He looked at her with a
puzzled Interrogation. "Pardon me,
but with hundreds of patients coming
and going continually "
"You haw-rorgolton!" Tho tone
brcntheil Btibtlo reproach.
Dr. Drury cleared his throat to hide
his annoyance. He turned uway
ffllliii U
In the Tragic Abandon of Despair.
briefly, and drew down tho dark green
shado over tho open window. "Neu
rasthenia?" ho questioned meditative
ly. The woman gave a little sigh and
laid her hand ovor hor heart with an
expresslvo gesture.
"Too much coffee, eh?"
"I never touch It." She bit her lip
hard, an Incipient frown drawing hor
blnck brows closer together.
"Go west away from this enervat
ing climate."
"1'vo been west east north ev
erywhere, only to como hack again
and ngain. 1 can't stay away Hut
Is tho thing." Sho dashed tho mist
from her eyes with a furtive forellngor.
Dr. Drury regarded his patient with
quizzical gazo. "I'm afraid, Mrs. Pol
ham," ho remarked presently, "that
you havo allowed yourself to bocomo
morbid. Havo you tried occupa
Hon?" Sho laughed softly. "Thoro's noth
ing I haven't tried, nothing". I I'm
starving!" she broke out In sudden
passion, "can't you look at mo and seo
that?" Sho covered her face with her
hands and drew long, spasmodic
"Doubtless you need a tonic, my
dear mndam," and ho began scribbling
hastily across a prescription blank.
Tho woman wntched him in silence,
her facoleplctlng n vuriety, of strange,
panoramic emotions. Her next "words
wero calculated to precipitate a crisis.
"There's no use boating about th"
bush any longer, Jnck. You already
know wjiat's tho matter with mo
don't yoh? And notwithstanding your
simulated Indlffcronco, I can seo yon
romomber. You can you look Into
my eyes, John Drury and deny that you
still lovo mo?" Sho had risen, nnd
was stnndlng very close to him, hor
pink, palpitant check Jtst grazlug tha
rough bluck of hls'coatalcovo. -1 v
Very palntnklngly, nnd without t
word, Dr. Drury laid aside his tablet
and pencil and shrugged.
"Don't be u fool, Dolly." His tone
wns admirably modulated, but tho
barely perceptible twitching of his up
per lip revealed a transit nt weakness
to his companion.
She laid a trembling row of finger
tips on his arm Ho remained Ita
lian able, and she caught his hand In
her hot palms, crushing It convulsive
ly. "Jack!" The word was half
whisper, halfcaifMH.
lie shook off her lingers brutally.
"1 thought wo hail settled nil this,
yearn ago. Didn't I say enough then?
or are wo to repeat the scene?" III.!
eyes searched her shrinking face mer
cilessly. Presen'ly sho began to speak again,
In a low, broken voice.
"I, too, thought tint It was over
then," she said, "b;t It could"! bo,
dear. I've found that out. I cannot
forget. God alone will ever know
what those three years wero to mo
Hell Itself can hold no greater tor
tures" "Stop!" Ho turned blazing eyes up
on (ho plendlng woman; his face
flamed with dull crimson. Hut even
as sho looked up, a softer light mndu
Its transient passage aerotw his fea
tures and his eyes fell away from hers.
Her hands dropped listlessly to hor
Hides, nnd her slender body shook from
hend to foot.
Tho clock on tho mantel ticked audi
bly. A minute passed, two three.
At last tho woman lifted her eyes.
The doctor stood with folded arms,
his gazo on tho floor. Without look
ing up ho said: "Several patients aro
waiting for mo. We do no good by
prolonging this Intcrvlow. Good after
noon." Ho started toward tho door,
but tho woman Interrupted him with
a llttlo low cry of pain.
"Jnck Jack!" tho word broke
hoarsely from her whlto lips, "you
can not mean thnt this Is the end?
that that O my God!" sho crumpl. l
down on the floor and flung her nrn.M
about his knees In the tragic abandon
or despair.
Au Instant the man stood like stone,
then suddenly his powerlul frame
shook under a torrent of emotion, and
he lifted her In his arms, staining her
to him in a passionate embrace, llhi
lips swept her hair, her eyes, hr
mouth with burning kisses. At last
he released her, whlto and trembling
and she staggered against tho wall for
When their oyes met finally, all tb
old slavish devotion hnd como ban
to tho man's. "Wo can't stny on here,'
ho said huskily, "I I'm married now
you know. In n wool: I can got uy
affairs Into shape, and wo can go away
anywhere you say."
Tho woman contomplntcd him a sec
ond In bnilled Bllonco. Then swiftly
like n fork or lightning, rago and dis
appointment flashed athwart hor quiv
ering face.
'You fool!" sho Blnieked, "when 1
was so near It, to bo defeated nt hint.
I hate hate hato you, do you under
stand? Do you think artcr that day
thrco years ago I could over think of
ou again except to desplso?
"Shall I tell you why I camo here
today?" sho hurried on, gaspingly,
' It wns becauso I heard that you had
grown famous, grown to bo u great
mnn. That you had married n beau
tiful girl, and wero happy your
name In everybody's mouth, your opin
ion valued above all -thera' .... per
haps you havo heard or Lynnelto Mae
Farlane, famous on two continents an
ono of tho leading woman sculptor.??
.... I want to bo world-famous! AJnl
had I succeeded In my quest tod-.j-, 1
would havo been .... 'Spurned' has
boon offered a placo in tho great In
ternational contest .... tho figures
nro completo just ono llttlo expres
sion lacking In tho man's face, elud
ing mo persistently .... I camo n
thousand mllea to got It, r.nd you havo
failed mo!" The woman paused,
her breath nil gone. Her faco wan
lined and pallid, and Bho heat her
hands together in tho passion or her
Tho man stood watching hor stup
idly. Ills tongue moved, but mado no
sound. He put out his hand blindly;
It fell limp nt his side.
"Dolly!" Ills lips framed tho word
at length In a duM monotouo; his
eyes Bought mutoly to kludlo some an
swering spark in hora.
Hut with nn ejaculation of disgust,
tho woman whooled and swept past
him to the door.
Wiping Out MocqultocB.
Tho wnr against mosquitoes In
Greater New York and Jersey hns
proved an eye-opening, heart-felt, sur
prising success. Thcro nro places In
Grontor Now York whero three years
ago a- herd of cattlo would stampede
In terror from mosnultoes, where
cows ')iad to bo milked In a cloud of
dnrnp burning straw, whero tho pests
would) sott'o nnd form n gray film ovor
tho u'jomacha of poor old horses,
whero these pests were so thick as tc
troubro u hunter seeing tio slghti
nlongjils gun barrel. Today In som
of Uiqso vory namo places thcro ar
not only few, but no mosquitoes, f
blecBltig in comfort and real ostatt
values that la simply "'nspeakublo.
Now York Press.
' HlHwlfi Coldcn 1
Hwv! Seal 1
1 aKfM-MSirS Root. 1
Golden Seal, tho root of tho nbovo
plant, la a very useful mcdlclno. Many
people gather it In our rich woodlannfl
during tho summer, l'ow people know
liow valuable It Is In dyspepsia, catarrh,
nnd ns a general tonic.
Many thousand poundflof this root, nro
nsetl each year In tho fninoii!! catarrh
remedy, Pcruna.ThlrtfnctoxpJnlns why
everybody uses Parana for entarrh.
till tlUlllll Utllilh 13 Ill3l!lllliy
relieved by an application of
Sloan's Liniment.
This liniment takes tlic place
of massage nnd is better thnn
Micky plasters. It penetrates
w itliout nibbing through
the skin and muscular tissue
right to the bone, quickens the
blood, relieves congestion, and
jives permanent as well as
temporary relict.
II iiniiiiiil iny ftiimtioli wan Jtiat im If I
i. til lioi'ii litutti-n tltli 11 rlnli. 1 iiM-i!
ccry I'lnsti-r 1 cimM eel with no relief.
Hlo.m'rt l.lnlinuiit tunic tin) p.illi rlutit
out, nml I i'.'iii now ilo in much l.ulilor
uoik iu imy man luthosliup, tliaiika to
Mr. .T. I'. I'.vAV. of Mt. Airy, (1.,
Pisi ",Utor liclua utllletotl lor Unco
ji'.'im with ihoiiniiitlKtii, 1 Uft'.l HIimii'h
i.lnlnimit, nml unroll miniit nml
null, ami nin Rl.ul Iob.iv I hiivii'lbiiii
trntililuil .villi rlinnmiUlMii hIiioo. My
li'Kwta li.ully hu'iillcn I'uiii my hip to
my Univ. Oni-hitf u huttlo look tho
I'.iiii nml swelling out."
Sloan's Liniment
has no equal as a
remedy for Rheu
matism, Neuralgia
or any pain or
stiffness in the
muscles or joints.
NliMiii'tt I, mile tin
Iiomtn,ca((K., liri,
nml poultry aunt
IW-o. Ailtln-ia
Dr. Earl S. Sloan,
Boston, Mass., U.S.A.
551 W. Ad. mil St., Clilcnuo
Nebraska 'Directory
Half Tuiii't nml Mi"' i;ti.'tilii(,'H Ni'n nml mm-ili-tifiiK'un),-
plant. i'lON llthut , Mm-uln.
! i.. ..
i i .i i .
ir. ti ii '
l.i ii-r niailu It ho
UK a
r ' im k r m'i looil .li'.iirr
I iui ii iii.uiu yuu uuius iMi juui uiu.
Gool ijrndi-s, quick tli pmcut nud low
pricos. Direct to tonsiiiuur
F.W.Brown Lumber Co., Lincoln, Neb.
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