The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, October 28, 1909, Image 6

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The Chief
C. B. HALE, Publisher
Merit nnd perseverance win except
iu a Government land lottery.
Thero aro mighty few Idle mills
and factories In this country now.
From Impending lawmiltB It Ih o.vl
ilcnt that all persons who wear wlngu
arc not nngcln.
It is gambling when you lose and
speculation when you win. There Ib
no other difference.
Here and there a French aeronaut
BiicceedH very well without the aid of
queer-looking whlHlcr.
Chicago has some lino skyscraper
roofs which bhould look attractive to
aspiring aeroplane operators.
One woman says that Bhc stole two
shirt waists because uhu was hungry.
Still, shirt waists are not very tooth
some. It will not ho long before- the sight
of farmers coming to the city In nu
tos will bo so familiar as to escape
With 7,000 Immigrants coming In
one day New York may have to put
upper stories on Its parks for lodg
ing places.
People continue tofall victims to
the ".Spanish prlbonoi" swindle. That
1b what they gut for not reading tho
Homo day the world will really
come to an end, and it will bo Just the
luck of those prophets not to be on
the Job at the time.
Actors aro said to be scarce In Now
York, but uh this Is the open season
for decayed vegetables and aged hen
fruit, "there's a reason."
It Is high tlmo a stopwas put to
those Spanish swindles, and it Is also
high time that Americans grew too
wiso to bo caught by them.
Spain has a war abroad and a re
bellion at home, which Is enough to
make her unfortunate government
walk Spanish. At least, this is tho
pleasant prospect if they do not win
the wnr and put down tho rebellion.
Tho Helgian concessionaires In the
Congo aro suing missionaries for al
leged libelous statements about cruel
ty to the natives. If the trials aro
fair, they ought to afford a good way
of bilnglng out tho truth about this
much-mooted point.
The sultan of Morocco ItTwritlrig to
tho powers that he is afraid Spain has
ulterior motives nnd that tho powers
might ns well look Into tho matter.
Which sIiowb that these oriental bar
barians have caught the infection of
some European diplomacy In tho way
of slyly arousing International Jeal
ousy. The annual average loss of propert
by Are in (lermany, Austro-llungury,
Italy, France, Denmark and Switzor
land is .about 3 It cents per capita. In
the United States it Is ?2.47 a year
The only consolation for Americans
In such Ilgures and It Isn't very sen
Bible -Is the fact that they have mart
per capita, than the Europeans t
The postal authorities at Washing
ton have ruled that a mall carrier li
not obliged to deliver mail where
vl( mas dogs aro kept, and that owners
of such animals must call at the post
olflce for what is coming to them.
That seems to ho an equitable deci
sion. Uncle Sam is under no obliga
tion to provide mall carriers as tid
bits for savage canines.
An nuthorlty In a western university
declares that too much prosperity al
lows students to buy motor cars, nnd
that their studies suffer in conse
quence. Ho apparently holds that
work and a taste or hardship will keep
In check tho natural propensity of the
averago student to get Into mischief.
No ono can deny that a speeding car
Is a terrible Incentive to the fast life.
Forty-sowm Chinese students, nn In
stallment of several hundred that ate
coming, have started from Pelting for
the United States. These young men
will go to various institutions of high
er education, and as they are selected
by competitive tests from the bright
est youths or the Celestial kingdom It
may be reasonably expected that they
will make their math in scholarship
Tho latest Enoch Ardwi has rather
varied tho usunl order of things In his
celebrated case. Disdaining tho mag
nanimlty of his prototype, he had tho
Bpouso ho loft behind him arrested for
bigamy. That he was able to show
any originality at nil in tho matter of
Buch long-OBtnblltiied precedent Is to
his credit, hut no amount of other
good qualities can mako tho whoVi
claes of Enoch Ardens other than un
desirable citizens.
Companies for operating nerlal linos
of travel aro multiplying In Germnny
nnd many of tho most solid financiers
are nmong tho Investors. This ap
pears to afford opportunities for Htor
ully taking llyors In stocks.
This is tho country of big things,
even in tho matter of small ones. The
ofllclnl Btatistlcs show that tho people
of tho United States havo bought
$100,000,000 worth of toys iu ten years
and that the toy industry lioro is
largo and nourishing. Unquestionably
tUis is a happy land for tho youngster
What It Going on More and There
That It of Interest to the Read
ers Throughout Nebraska
and Vicinity.
Stella, Neb. Tho vault of thu Fann
ers' Btnto bank at Shubert was blown
open by burglars at an early hour on
Wednesday morning. Tho vault was
completely wrecked and tho small safe
rontalnlng the money was thrown by
tho force of tho explosion Into the inld
dlo of tho room.
The safo with the money was lying
face down, and It Is thought that the
robbers were afraid to try a third shot
for fear of being caught.
Ono of the citizens heard a report
at 2 o'clock hut as there were some
large galvanized water tanks stored
icnr the hank be supposed some one
in passing had thrown a stone at a
tank. A second report was heard but
it that distance ho still supposed it
tvns the same thing.
An expert has been sent for to get
got tho safe open. Two days ago a
team and buggy were stolen at Vordon,
the next town south. An effort will
be made to catch tho burglaVs.
Tho Midwest Life.
Tho Midwest I.lfo Is Just issuing a
new list of Its Lincoln policyholders.
They now number 278 and tho amount
of insuranco they havo In this com
pany aggregates $r.:9,200. In this list
none aro Included who do not Hvo in
Lincoln. No company doing business
In Nebraska has any stronger homo
endorsement than Tho Midwest Life.
Tho agency force of The Midwest
Llfo has recently been Increased by
tho addition of Mr. W. 1'. Hancock,
formerly with tho Northwestern Mu
tual, who will work In Lincoln; Mr.
A. L. Pope, who taken ehargo of tho
agency at York; Mr. W. N. Peterson,
who will mnko North Platto his head
quarters, and Mr. (3. S. Southworth,
who will aid Mr. C. L. Williams In the
development of the Norfolk agency.
There aro plenty of good openings loft
for men who are producers or who are
capable of becoming producers. Write
the company for nn agency.
Hunter Accidentally Shot.
Columbus, Neb. While out hunting
Wednesday afternoon Louis Weinber
ger of thin city was accidentally shot
nnd may die from tho wound. Ho and
some companions woro out of town In
tho sandhills. Wolnborger started to
t'ot out of tho buggy, placing bis gun
on tho ground ilrst. In some manner
It was discharged, the load entering
his right breast. As soon as possible
an nutomobllo was telephoned for, but
beroro It arrived, another ono camo
along and he was rushed to a hospital.
A book In his pocket broko tho force
of the (,hn t and probably saved him
from Instant death.
Suits to Test the Law.
Heaver City, Neb. Tho fall term or
district court convened hero Tuesday,
Judge H. C. Orr presiding. Of the nine
ty cases on tho docket nine are Tor di
vorces. Tho most Important cases are
the Biilts of the county against the for
mor county treasurer for Interest on
county money deposited In excess of
the bonds of depository bonds. Tho
suits are not criminal and were
brought more to test tho law than for
any other reason. Court will continue
during the week.
Boy Killed Near Ashland.
Ashland, Neb. As his brother was
banding him a shotgun, Robert Young,
eighteen years old and tho son of a
farmer living east of hero was acci
dentally killed Wednesday. In some
mnnncr the gun was discharged and
tho young man died almost Instantly.
At the time of the accident the boys
t'iii gathering driftwood along the
nauo river. Tho coroner decided that
an Inqm st was unnceonsiry.
Fire Destroys Large Barn.
Beatrice. Neb. A large barn on the
farm of Frank Marsh, seven miles
north of Heatrleo, was destroyed by
lire Sunday night about midnight. Six
head of valuable horses, a large quan
tity of harness, machinery, live hun
dred bushels of oats and olght hundred
bushels of corn were consumed by
tho flames. Tho loss Is $2,500 with
$1,700 insurance. Tho origin of the
flro Is not known.
Wells-Fargo Report.
Tho Wells-Fargo company has filed
Its annual report with tho stato rail
way commission. It indicates a mod
est nmount of prosperity, with a 10
per cent dividend paid last year and
with tho profit account showing moro
than four millions to tho good on a
capitalization of $8,000,000.
Select Judges for Show.
PJattsrnouth, Nob. Work on the
new steel brldgo of tho Missouri Pncl
lie over tho Platto rlvor north or this
city hns neon sLirtod, a largo brldgo
gang occupying some ten cars bolng
stationed at La Platto. Thoro aro
about twenty-four cars or brldgo ma
terial in tho yards at this city and
about olght cars to come. At La Platto
thero aro about eight or ten carloads
of matorlal. Tho work on tho bridge
will roqulro a lnrgo forco all winter.
It is tel tin ll Ktrvl flpplf fir. lor utt-iin-
I turo on concrete piers nnd will bo cap
1 ablo of carrying tho heaviest trains
Stato News and Notes in Condensed
Mrs. Frank Spear, a ivjsldont of Dll
lor, Jefferson county, was thrown from
nn automobile and killed near Pick
orcll Thursday morning about 7:1(0
James Keenan, age nlnoty-two years,,
residing on his farm ono mile cast of
Hrokon How, died Tuesday night of.
blood poisoning resulting from n
scratch caused by a sand burr.
F. L. Koran, who resides on the oast
side of the river east of Nebraska
City, sold 0,000 water melonu from
eight acres of ground and received
$025 for them. He has something like
two carloads loft which ho will keep
for seed. This Is tho most profitable
crop he. has ever raised.
At tho iinnuul meeting of the stock
holders of the Security stato bank of
nroken How, a now board of directors
was elected. Tho board In turn elected
the following olllcers: W. A. George,
president; Jules llaumont, vice presi
dent; L. If. Jewett. cnshlcr; Itoss
Pickett, assistant cashier.
The Kearnoy city council met Mon
day evening and accepted tho hid of
Troupe & Crult for the erection of
the soldiers and sailors' monument at
tho Intersection of Twenty-fifth and
Central avenue in that city. The mon
ument Is to be built along elaborate
lines, and Is to cost tho city $4.H00.
During the progress of threshing at
the Wake rami, two miles north or
Sewnrd. occupied by F. E. Wood, a
spark from the engine set fire to the
grain sacks and beforo tho flames
could ho extinguished, three stacks
or wheat had been burned. Tho crop
was Insured, so It will not bo a total
lobs to tho owner.
John O. Pearce, a pioneer resident
ot Jefferson county and father of
Frank T. Pearce. editor of tho Dlller
Record, died Sunday at the home of
his son. Tho deceased was n native
of Cayuga, N. Y. Ho was In his ninety-first
year. lie located In Jefferson
county in 187(5, where he resided up
to the time of his death.
Robbers made an unsuccessful at
tempt to raid the bank of Manley early
Thursday. Although tholr explosions
were hoaifl by citizens for two hours
nnd a half no one appeared to havo
suspected what was going on. Tho
building and safo or the bank were
wrecked, hut tho interior each box do
lled their clTorts to open it. There is
no cluo to tho robbers.
Trinity Lutheran church or Fremont
celebrated the twenty-Iirth anniversary
of Its founding Sunday. Tho princi
pal address on tho occasion was made
by tho Rev. J. Hlllendorf. who, In the
capacity of pastor of the Drown Creek
church near Fremont, was instrumen
tal in tho establishment of Trinity
church. A largo number of Lutherans
came from Hooper, Dlalr, Scrlbncr, Ar
lington and other points.
The Aurora Electric company ban
asked tho stato's permission to Issuo
additional stock in the sum of $2S.
000 ror Improvement or tho plant. This
company, a local corporation, already
has a capital of $:52,Ol)0, all or which
Is represented in tho lighting plant Tor
the city. It now seeks to branch out
and install a hotting system and Tor
this purpose, as well as new equip
ment In the electric part of tho plant,
seeks additional capital.
Prosperity seems to have struck thti
Hurllngton shops In Plattsmouth. Many
moro men have been placed on tho
rolhi In the last row weeks and tho
company Is advertising tor more. In
addition tho company Is wiring th
shops for olectilc lights and making
other preparations to run the plant on
long hours during the winter. Work
In tho planing mill Is considerably be
hind and this shop runs until until fai
Into tho night, the men making b's
Directors .;f the Omaha Saongerfost
association, which was' originated tc
boost tho Northwest Saongerbttnd con
vention to ho held In Omaha In 1 ill 0,
were guests nt a dinner tenderod them
Monday evening by tho Omaha Maon
nerchor at tho Maennorchor club
rooms, U120 F.irnam street. Otto W.
Roland or St. Paul. Minn., and George
H. Kleck of Milwaukee, president and
secretary, respectively, ot tho Saen
gerbund of tno northwest, woro pres
i nt at the dinner by special Invitation
and brought words or cheer regarding
the coming convention.
The Commercial club or Plattsmouth
has Just concluded arrangements with
a company of Omnlia for the putting
In of a shirt and overall factory there,
tho contract for tho plant having b?en
rlgned up and work on remodeling tho
Pearlman building, where tho plant
will be located started. It Is the in
tention to have tho factory running in
full blast by the ilrst of Novomber.
Fifty employes will bo used at tho
start. Tho factory movement Is pre
liminary to tho eroctlon of a large
plant here, conditions govornlng the
irado being considered. This plant is
tho first fruits of tho work of tho Com
mercial club and Is hailed with delight
by piopcrty owners and cltlzons.
Elmer Miller, tho boy who escaped
from tho roform school in Kearney
and mado his get-away on a stolen
horse, was round at his old homo north
of Mlnden and brought back to tho
school by an officer of tho institution
Tho work of surveying tho Nemnhn
river territory through Johnson conn
t for tho proposed drainage ditch was
commenced by tho government ongl
noosing forco Tuesday. Tho crew In
cludes threo Biirvoyors and four help
ers and tho work was commenced on
tho county lino, northwest of Sterling,
Says He Is Convinced Country Is
Against Proposed Innovation,
and Submits a Plan to
Elizabeth. N. J. Charles N. Fowlei,
congressman from the Fifth New Jer
sey district and former chairman nl
the house committee on banking ami
currency, Saturday addressed an open
letter to Senator Nelson W. Ahliich
of Rhode Island, chairman of tb mon
etary commission created In congress,
uud also chairman of tho finance com
mittee of the senate, ehallengnr; him
to a joint debate In one or morn ilMes
on the subject of a central bank. In
the letter Mr. Fowler says ho Is op
po. -.1 to the establishment of a con
ti.ii Inn': under o.Nistlng conditions,
because he believes wiMi it wou'd
come a most discouraging and dis
heartening favoritism md tin- ultiniaiy
destruction of our purely indllduaj
and Independent form of banking.
The letter follows:
"Just beforo you started for Euiope
In August It was stated In the press
or tho country thnt as a result ot a
meeting or the monetary commission,
or which you arc chairman, a central
bank was to bo advocated by your
commission, and that upon your re
turn rrom Europe you would proceed
with a view or Instructing the p.n.plo
upon our financial and currency needs,
and recommended ns a "euro all" a
central bank.
"After your departure there was an
evidently Inspired and well organized
propaganda In favor of a central bank,
conceived and carried on for tho pur
pose of preparing tho way for your
homecoming, and your arrangements
to swing around the circle,' and in
itiate tho people of the United States
Into Hie mysteries of your centra)
bank plan.
"Inasmuch as I am eoinlnoed that
the ono thing above all otheis that
this country does not want Is a cen
tral bunk, because It will not affect
nor accomplish the necessary reforms,
but in the end, will make a bad con
dition lninioasuronbl worse, therefore,
In order that the American people
whom I know will decide this most
Important question now pending be
fore them for consideration and de
termination, right, as they did that of
the gold standard ir only they bo giv
en an opportunity or tuning both sides
or It fully presented and thoroughly
discussed may be Informed as early
as possible. I now challenge you to a
joint debate upon the following propo.
"Flio-t A eential bank will not ot
feet nor accomplish the neevssary u
rortns or our finances and currency.
Is uiibuited to our conditions; will ac
centuete many ot our piosent evils,
and precipitate and develop other evllj
or a most serious nature.
"Second- Our financial and cur
rency problens be solved upon
economic llnea or an entirely different
character. I assort that you cannot
successfully and beneficially supei im
pose monarohial form of banking upon
nearly 25,000 Individual. Independent,
free banking Institutions, which have
grown and developed in harmony wIMi
the principles or our republican form
of government and are themselves re
publican In form and character.
"To o.stabliFh a central bank in thi.
country under existing conditions
would he undemocratic unrepubllcan,
un-American and Inimical to the g( u
oral welfaie of tho people because,
with a ccnttal bank, will come a most
discouraging and disheartening lavor
Itlsm, tho gradual breaking down and
ultimate dei-tri'otion ol our purely in
dividual and independent lot in o
'i will meet yen In joint debute
upon the above propositions at one or
more of our leading cities or a bun
dled or more of them ir you choose,
at such time and under such condi
tions and terms as may be agreed b;
us hetiatter."
Ready for Lsnd Lottery.
Aberdeen, S. D. Every arrangement
Is completed lor tho drawing of names
of winners ot the looot) farms In tho
Cheveuiie river and Standing Rook
Indian reservations Tuesday morn
ing little Alice Jackson of Aberdeen,
and Josephine Ilurke, the little daugh
ter of Congressman Charles Durke of
Pierre, chairman of the Indian HlTalrn
committee, will begin to draw tho
names and they will continue all week.
I M'l, rte . i.fc Q1 nftft n.itilt.tnfitii i-nl.tutiifnil
A H-1 f .III; UI.VWV lllllllt.lil ll!IIH1 )kl
Building at Grsnd Icland.
Grand Island, Neb. Tho contractor.)
nro nt work on tho roof of the fedora!
building and epeet to have it en
closed beforo the cold weather sets
In, so that the work on the Interior
can go on uninterruptedly during the
winter as fnr as weather condition.)
aro concorned. The contract calls
for tho completion of tho building by
March 31. It Is not expected, how
ever, that tho building can be com
pleted in that time.
Boom Glenn for President.
Onnba. Nob. Tho first active pros!
dentlal boom for 1912 was sprung
Sunday night in this city when former
governor Robort D. Glennn of North
Carolina was Hindu tho subject or a
campaign cry by tho thirty-sixth na
tional convention tho Women's ChrlF-
, Man Tompornnce Fiilon. It being Sun
' day night, no official action wns taken
by tho convention but following an
extensive address by the former ?or
ernor his nnmo was nroi'Oaed lnfor-
I mnlly for tho nomination In 1012 by
tho prohibition party for president.
Items of Interest Around the Stato
Can They Scratch Ballot,
Will voters bo able to scratch tho
name of any candidate for Judge nnd
vote for an opposition candidate with
out being forced to mark his ballot
from top to bottom ror ench person for
whom he Ib otlng, or at least without
marking all his prercrencos or Judge?
This Is the question that is put up to
the attorney general by Secretary or
Stato Junkln. In his query the secre
tary supposes that a republican voter
should desire to vote his ticket straight
except for one Judge, nnd here he
should want to vote for a democrat.
Can said voter place a cross In the
party circle, then another cross oppo
site the name or the democratic candi
date for judge he prefers and have his
ballot counted by tho Judges. If the
Judges agree to count the ballot they
must, according to law, count It as a
straight vote except for the one cross.
Hut this latter cross presupposes that
one republican Judge has been left off
tho list. Which one? Can the judges
even make an assumption? And II
not, do they only count tho vote foi
the one judge who Is marked or do
they throw out the vote on Judges en
tirely? This question hns been put to the
secretary or state and ho passes it up
to the attorney general. It Is consid
ered or some Importance because or
the present eompaicn for place3 on the
supremo bench. Tho democrats are
making the entire1 tight on tho theory
that non-part Isanshlp should reign on
the supreme bench anil some demo
crats should sit thereon. This battle
cry Is a modest ono. inasmuch as only
one democrat now sits on that tribun
al. U enough or the people give heed
to the slogan and vote for a mixed
court, election boards will have to
nnswpr tho question on the method of
counting fairly often.
Meningitis Ic Contagious.
II r. W. II. Wilson, state health In
spector, hays tho Impression may have
ga'ned some foothold that the disease
of spinal meningitis is not contagious.
Some published articles recently have
rather convoyed that Idea. Compe
tent authotltles have hold that the
disease Is not only epidemic, but con
tagious, and thnt is the stand taken
by the state boird of health. It In
sists that every case shall bo strictly
quarantined, and this action of tho
boRi'd has resulted In checking the
spread of the disease very materially.
In support of the contention that
the disease is not actually contagious
some physicians have pointed out that
in Lincoln only ono member of the
family has had the disease In each
case. Dr. Wilson admits that this
seems to be true of the disease in Lin
coln, but declines that In other parts
of the stato, particularly where It has
raged hardest, two, threo. and over,
four members of the family have been
stricken with tho malady.
Just how widespread the disease
bar. boon and Is now Is hard to de
termine. Although the law requires
that overy case of a contnglous dls
easo must he reported to the office of
tho state board, phjblclans do not nl
wayj obey it. About 200 cases have
been reported In the past few months,
although It Is said on good authority
that fully COO cases havo been found
In tho two counties of York and Polk
alone. Onlv six or eight eases hnve
hern reported from Lincoln, although
possibly more than that number have
The chief counties In which spinal
meningitis has been reported this sum
mer and fall are Polk, York, Seward,
Hamilton. Saline, Valley, Custer. Hall
and Lancaster.
Seeks to Save Neck.
John Masourldcs, through his at
torno.vs. has appealed from tho sen
tence of the Douglns county district
court, In an effort to save his neck.
Masourldcs wns sentenced to be
hanged for having on February 10, last
murdered a policeman of South Oma
ha, Edward Lowrj, and tho date for
the execution was set for January 10,
1010. The appeal Is based on sixty
eight exceptions to tho Instructions of
tho court to the jury und to motions
which had been overruled by the court
during the progress ot tho case.
Among tho exceptions It Is stated that
tho witness for tho stato were In
timidated hv tho South Omaha police
and compelled to testir.v. Masourldcs
was being tnken to jail last winter by
Policeman Lowry, In oompnuy with a
girl with whom ho had been found. On
the road to the lock-up the Greek shot
tho officer and then Etabbcd himself In
tho abdomen.
State Is Loading Guns.
Attorney General Thompson, Assis
tout Attorney General Martin, the
threo rallwny commissioners, Export!
U. G. Powell und L. E. Wettling
havo been closeted for days reviewing
the testimony offered by tho railroads
In tho Omaha hearing where they are
attempting to knock out the 2-cent
faro law and tho Aldrlch maximum
freight rate law. The railroads Inning
was before Special Mastor In Chnncory
Chas. Pearsall, and the stnto's turn
cornea on November 10 before tho
namo official of tho federal court.
Want to Issue Stock.
The Harvard Electric company hns
applied to tho railway commission for
permission to sell $12,000 In stock to
securo an electric lighting By3tom for
that city. The city haB no system at
present, but has mado all tho neces
sary contracts for tho construction,
tho Itoms or which are sot forth In the
petition. PermlFfalon Is asked for un
der a law passed by tho last legisla
ture which gives authority to the rail
way commission to control tho lssu-
J nnco or stock and bonds of public sur
vico corporations.
Was Veteran of Civil War and Wat
Twice Brevettcd For Gallantry
In Action,
Rochester, New York. MnJ. Gen.
Elwell S. Otis, retired, vho died nt hia
homo here, left as his monument tho
big army school nt Fort. Leavenworth
and a record of having distinguished
himself In every command he held.
He was threo times brevettcd for gal
lantry and distinguished services.
Heart disease wa the causo of his
Gen. Otis was born In Frederick
City, Md., In 1RJS. While he was yet
a baby his family moved to Rochester.
He studied In Rochester university,
and after graduation entered the law
school at Harvard.
When the Civil war began joun;
Jtls volunteered and was made captain
of the One Hundred and Fortieth Now
York Infantry, rose to bD colonel, was
wounded at Chapel House, almost died
In a hospital, returned to tho front,
was present at the fall ot Richmond
and returned to his homo In lSf.3, a
general of brigade. He was twice
brevettcd for gallantry iu action at
Spotts; hania and Chapel House.
Eight Annual Meeting of Second Dls
Ttict Federation nt Plcasanton
Completes Its Work.
Plcasanton, Kansas. The last day
or the eighth animal meeting or the
second District Kansas Federation
of Women's clubs was given to busi
ness, tho election of olllcers for tho
ensuing jear and a program, Including
a general discussion of tno use of tho
natural forests. Thero was also a
dibcusslon of civics by tin Kansas
City clubs.
The officers elected for tho ensuing
ear are: President, Mrs. Heiibon,
Paola; first vice-president, Mrs Ram
baugh. Fort Scott; second v' .vsi
dent. Miss Glucklic, Lacygne; secre
tary, Miss J. W. Ham, Plcasanton.
treasurer, Mrs. Thorne, Olathe; audi
tor. Mrs Hale, Kansas Cl'.y. Next
year's meeting will be held at Olathe.
independence Stock Trader Throwt
Hlmcelf In Front of Street Car
In Kansas City.
Kansas City, Mo. The startled
throng ol a busy downtown corner saw
Fred Rlske, 10 years old. a stock trad
er of Independence, seek and find
death by diving under the wheels of
Northeast car No. (135 at Eleventh
street and Grand avomv. A widow
and thiee children are lett.
From talks with his family and
friends It was learned that Rlsko ha
been very despondent several mon.hs.
both from worry over his illness and
because of a lawsuit wnich he brought
In the Independence division of the
circuit cum t in February and shoitly
afterwards dismissed.
Paralysis In Nebraska Now.
Auburn, Nebraska. Tho first
case of infantile paralysis reported ln-
this vicinity caused tho death of tho
fi-year-nld daughter or William Shu
maker here. Two moro casoti aro
reported In 'his vicinity in the
rambles or Ab Chambers and Alex
Stoddard. Tho Shumakcr glil was
taken 111 while at school a week aso.
To Opposo Kansas Regulation.
Topeka, Kan. Tho Hartford Flro
Insurance company of Ilaitford, Conn.,
is planning a fight on tho Insuranco
rato regulation law passed by tho last
legislature. The company Is sending
circulars to all or Its agents in Kan
sas asking for their co-operation Iu
tho fight.
Invited Taft to Fly.
Savannah, Georgia. An Invitation
will bo extended to President Taft
and Gov. llrown of Georgia to mako
a (light In ar? airship whllo they aro
here November G. wo airships will
bo hero for racing purposes at tho
Savannah fall festival.
Kansa3 Town Brought $2,620.
Sallna, KanBas. Tho sale by auc
tion of tho town and townsito of
Shlpton, nlno miles northwest of this
city, took pluce as advertised tho pur
chaser being Frederick Warnuw, a
farmer, whoso land adjolnii tho town
on tho north. Tho conspiration was
New York Tribune for One Cent.
Now York, N. Y. Tho Now York
Tilbune founded by Hoi ace Grccly In
1841, announced that tho price has
boen cut from threo cents to ouo cent.
Mai. Gen. Elwell S. Otis.