The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, October 21, 1909, Image 3

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The Imitator
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MANunacTupro n the
Fig Syrup Co.
The Best Kind
Of Life Insurance
a health insurance. The best
way to insure the health of your
family when any member gets
in a "run-down" condition, is to
use a tonic that removea the
causa of tho ill-health, Such
a tonic i3
A "run down" condition is
generally due to the failure of
the digestive organs to properly
digest the food. Dr. D. Jayne's
Vermifuge tones up the digestive
organs so that they supply the
body with proper nourishment,
and in this way bring about last
Ing health. Ordinary tonics
eimply supply food material in
predigested form, and conse
quently are only effective as
long a3 the tonic is taken.
Sold by all Druggists
two sizes, SOc and SSc.
Dr. D. Jnyne's Expectorant has
been relieving nnd curing Coughs,
Colds, am! similar ailments for nearly
four generations.
Nebraska Directory
Ji jtui wunl iIm- Host lorn SholU-r maJo' If mi,
mvlst on IuvIiikii
Wrlln lor rnmiuK or v-u your local iloiilrr,
Beatrice. Creamery Go.
I'njH tlic highest price for
RoM jy till- IVwt IHwIerK. Wo will nenit to purlin -
twu'Iiimoii rivc'lpt otlScthln tm. a lMnch, fmro
maple. InnimVnirulo. JOHN Q. WOODWARD
4CO."TlloConcJy Mon"Councll Bluffs, la.
Improved nnd unimproved furmn In eastern
Ho tli Dakota for Hale oil
Will i' root ImllilliigHon any farm uu wuiieoiisy
ti-rniH. I'rii-o fit) to I0 per acre. I-'or IIMh,
Uiii)m, ctc.aililreHH ALEX. H. KAIT. Farmers &
Merchant' Bids.. 1 5th and O St.. Lincoln. Neb.
Rubber BUimpa, Stenclln,
Heals, TradoLbPcLs,
Iladgos, Ktr.
Ononil Ma
I'lilulilh, Mixlul
M.iki-rs, Unit
UiKtintft. Miuoln, Neb.
Of nil vn
rletli'H per
mutuMitlr currd in u
ft-wdava without n Biirclral op-rntinii
or detention from biiHlnehH. No pay
will ln uceepted until tho patient It
completely witlhtlod. Write or call on
Room 300 Bee Bids,, Omaha, Neb.
Boots and Arctics
TatbK Mirk
Atk your Dealer for Goods wth this brand
American Hand-Sewed Shoe Go,
- w . .
Best ($!& Prices
I Cvv"ot"-vvyrirl tup
r?X cm t P I nt
Made ip' Same
Usually There Aro Other Troubles to
Prove It.
Tain in tho back is pain in tho kid
neys, in most cases, nnd it points to.
tho need of a spe
cial remedy to remove-
and euro the
congestion or in
llammatlon of tho
kidneys that Is In
terfering with their
work and causing
that pain that
makes you say:
"Oh, my back."
Thompson Wat
kins, professional
nurse, -il!0 N. 23rd
St., Parsons, Kan.,
says: 'Tor some
time I was annoyed with sharp twinges
across tho small of my back nnd ir
regular passages of the kidney secre
tions. Since using Doan's Kidney l'llls,
1 am free from these troubles."
Remember tho name Donn's. Sold
by all dealers, fit) cents a box. Foster
Mllburn Co.. Huffalo. N. Y.
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"Your father ordered some wood
from mo this morning, miss. Do you
know whether ho wants hard or Boft?"
"Oh cr not too hnrd."
New Geyser In Yellowstone Park.
For n few days past there have been
Indications of nn eruption of somo
kind near thu Fountain hotel In Yel
lowstone park, says u dispatch from
Mammoth Hot Springs, Wyo. Now a
new and magnificent geyser hns bro
ken out In full force about 100 feet
north of the regular Fountain geyser
near Fountain hotel. This new geyser,
which does not appear to affect any of
the others in that vicinity, played to a
height of 150 to 200 feet, throwing off
immense quantities of hot water, mud
and steam. The new geyser does not
play regularly as does Old Faithful,
but nt short intervals, tho eruptions
occurring ilvo or six hours apart, and
lasting about one hour.
Many Were fn the Same Boat.
According to tho Saturday Evening
Post, this is a story heard with much
glee by congress during tho last days
of the Roosevelt administration:
During tho recent cold spell in
Washington, a ninn, shivering and
lagged, knocked ut the door of a K
street houso and said to tho lady:
"Please, madam, give me something
to eat. I am suffering severely from
"You must bo more specific," tho
lady replied. "Aro you n member of
tho senate or of tho house?"
In the Beginning.
"Yours is certainly an unusual
case," said tho lawyer, "and it will bo
neccessary to consult a number of
"So?" queried the client.
"Yes," answered tho legal light,
"and we will begin with your pocket
book." A Ready Explanation.
"What is the reason you were so
Into in discovering the north polo?"
"Well," answered the explorer, "you
see they have such long nights In tho
arctic regions that I overslept."
Wherein They Differ.
Her When a man starts to talk ho
never stops to think.
Him And when a woman stnrtSBho
never thinks to stop.
I think tho Ilrst virtue Is to restrain
tho tongue: he approaches nearest to
tho gods who knows how to bo silent
even whon he is In the right. Cato.
Devote each nay to the object then
in hand, nnd the evening will find
something done. Goethe.
Broken by Coffee and Restored by
A banker needs perfect control of
tho nerves, nnd n clear, quick, nccu
rato brain. A prominent banker of
Chattanooga tells how ho keeps him
self in condition:
"Up to 17 years of ago I was not
allowed to drink coffee, but na soon ns
I got out in the world I began to uso
it nnd grow very fond of it. For Bomo
years I noticed no bad effects from Its
use, but In time It began to affect mo
unfavorably. My hands trembled, tho
muscles of my fuco twitched, my men
tnl processes Bcemed slow and in other
ways my system got out of order.
Thcso conditions grow so bad nt last
that I had to give up coffco altogether.
"My attention having been drnwn to
Postum, I began ltB uso on leaving off
tho coffee, nnd it gives mo pleasure to
testify to Its value. I find it n delicious
beverago; llko it just aa well ns I did
coffee, and during tho yenrs that I
havo used Postum I havo boon freo
from tho distressing symptoms that nc
compnnied tho uso of coffee. Tho nerv
ousness, has entlroly disappeared, and
I am as steady of hnnd as n boy of
25, though I am moro than D2 years
old. I owo all this to Postum."
"Thero'B a RenEon." Read tho littlo
book, "Tho Road to Wellville," In
pkgs. Grocers sell.
IJvi-r rem! the nbnvr letterT A new
one nppcnrM from time to time, Thry
nrr irrmilur, true, und full of liuoan
i- ' ' -fiiymi'iiF
: n.'jL-art- jcm
-s3f ,&&& TV
Jawm Amic.
Congress Will Have Long List of
Delicate Questions to Answer
When Petitions Are
Washington. 1. ('. Out- of tho big
gest pieces of business that any con
gress has ever had to determine will
ivqtiiio the attention of that body at
the coming session. For congress will
be called upon to decide whether a
lonventlon of the states shall be per
milled as directed by the constitution
looking to l lie roUslon of that vener
able Instrument.
When two-thirds of the states peti
tion congress for such a convention,
coimress Is commanded by the consti
tution to call it, and to make laws
for Its organization, selection nnd com
pensation. Thlriyone stales constl
tutc two-thirds of the union; and jii3t
thirty air now on record as Inning
passed, through their legislatures, the
necessary resolutions asking for such
a convention.
Whenever one more state shall have
added Its resolution, the matter will
be, In a innndatory fashion, before
congress. There Is considered almost
no doubt that more than one addi
tional state will Join the column this
winter, because the income tax
amendment to the constitution Is at
tracting general attention to the mat
ter of constitutional amendment, and
while ratification of the income tax
amendnient does not involve adoption
of the demand for a convention of
states, yet it does bring the general
subject to the front.
Congress will have a long line of
delicate quest tons to answer when it
confronts the petitions or thirty-one
states for a convention. There has
never been a convent Ion of the states.
Mnnv of the states which have passed
these resolutions asking a convention
have asked It Tor the purpose of
amendment to effect popular election
of senators; others have placed no
limitation upon it. The lirst question
is, whether this convention, onco In
existence and organized, can be re
stricted to the least range of enter
prise that any state may have do
lined? If twenty states asked for a
convention to consider senatorial elec
tlons. and eleven askeil a convention
to consider income taxation, would
congress still be lequlred to take tho
necessary steps and provide the pre
liminary legislation? And If so, could
the convention take up all the ques
tions specified In the states' resolu
tions and as many others as it chose?
These questions have never been
answered In experience. The strong
element in congress which would op
pose to tho bitter end any effort to
secure a convention would undoubt
edly urge that there must be nbso
lute uniformity in the demands and
that the convention be restricted ab
solutely to specified subjects. In this
view, it would be almost Impossible
ever to get a convention save for tho
general purpose or revision; and In
that case, tho mandate would bo as
broad as tho whole constitution.
Constitutional essayists have In gen
eral held the opinion that a constitu
tional convention, once called and or
ganized. Is a law unto Itself, no Hint
ter how restricted the range of the
demand for its election, the conven
tion onco in existence can do anything
It plenses. Its work, of course, must
be submitted again to tho states and
must bo ratilled by three-fourths of
And this leads to another inquiry.
If tho convention decides to submit
ten amendments to tho states, must
all ten be voted upon In gross by tho
states, or can they bo voted up or
down separately? On this point there
is precedent in favor of voting on
them separately, so that part may be
rejected and part sustnined. This was
the method whon the first series or
amendments were submitted by the
Ilrst congress. Some of them were
ncted upon and took effuct long be
fore the fate of others had been de
cided. Conservative statesmen are general
ly fearful of a constitutional conven
tion lest It should be radical and
should fundamentally reorganlzo the
constitution. From those will come
strong opposition If the matter be
comes ncute. ns It is expected to do
Inshlo tho next year. Tho men who
favor certain amendments, however,
nnd who would like to see a conven
tion, urge that there Is small danger
of much radicalism, simply because
the work of n radical convention
would bo certain of rejection by the
states; hence the probability that tho
leadership would be essentially con
servative on the theory Hint a few re
forms would bo better thnn a com
plete fizzle.
Man and Wife Found Dead.
Philadelphia, Pa. Surrounded by
pieces of broken crockery nnd other
evidences of a struggle, tho bodies of
.Maurlco Hnrphnin, forty-four years
old, and his wife, Alice, aged rorty
flvo, woro found Sundny In tho dining
room of their borne. Tho man had
two wounds In his breast, whllo tho
womnn, in whose hnnd a rovolver was
clutched, had been shot through the
llnrphani, who was tho womnn's
second hushnnd, linil frequent quarrels
with her, according to neighbors, due
to jealousy.
ng fry 'ful T1 VJ1
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una cosfrT
I n- , .... id i ..liny
;:- VM-JjiXtintatrcf uticqift
No nmount of force or pcrsunr.ion on the part of the imitators ir. r,Tcnt cnotiRh to rven
Imdc it from its prcsu.t fum hold on tho minds ol tho people. Thin Ii.ih been emphatically
demonstrated several times during the past few years. Imitations have come nnd gone,
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lie fooled by inferior quality. They know the goodness of Kellogg's and they invariably
come back to it. Try it yourself today. At all Grocers.
to bo known ns W. K. Hcllouil Nallonnl Corn Tropliy to bo givon nt tho Nnllounl Corn Exposition,
OMAHA, NED., December fctli to 18th, 1909. For llio imnse of i-ncotmiKlnir tho belter brtcdlnK In com for linprnvlnK tho
quality. W. K. KcllngK, l'resMent of tlioTouMa!CurninukeO.,freiu$l.X0.00 beautiful solid rotilnml silver trophy to tho
tcrson Krowinff the bent ear of corn In two dliTun-iit enwtis. Thu lUbtneasotmnpvclnien to be scut to tho National Corn Ripo
fcltlon.Oinahii.Ncl).. before November 27th. IW. Thltoller l open to every mini, woman iiinl child In tho United Stiitca. It will
be Judged by the leadlnu com uuthotlty of tho world. Prof. O. Uoldcu. Wutch thin paper for further putticulnra.
Look for
She John Henry! I wonder how
you can Bit there and look mo In tho
lie So do I, my love; but It's sur
prising what a rockloHaly brave man
can do!
A hand-made cigar frehh from tho
table, wrapped In foil, thus keeping
fresh until smoked. A fresh cigar
mado of good tobacco Is tho ideal
smoke. Tho old, well cured tobaccoB
used nre so rich In quality that ninny
who formerly umoked 10c cigars now
smoko Lewis' Slnglo Hinder Straight
Cc. Lewis' Slnglo Hinder costs tho
dealer somo moro than other fie cigars,
but tho higher prico enables this fac
tory to uso extra quality tobacco.
Thoro aro many imitations; don't bo
fooled. Thero Is no substltuto! Tell
tho dealer you want a Lewis "Slnglo
Joke Medicine.
Ho Is n very practical, serious
minded mnn of business. Tho other
dny ho met a friend, and related to
him nn alleged joke, and at Its con
clusion laughed long nnd heartily.
Tho friend looked nvvkwnrd 'for n
moment, nnd then said:
"You'll have to excuse me, old mnn,
but I don't bco tho point."
"Why, to tell you tho truth, I don't
Just see tho point myself. Hut I'vo
m r do It n rule to laugh at all jokes;
I think It's good for the health."
Deafness Cannot Be Cured
oy loc&l applications as thry cannot rrath tho dis
eased Krtlon ot the ear. 'IIutc li only out- way to
euro ui'.ifnesii. ami that 11 by nmatltutlouat rcmidlcft.
Deafness Is caused by an Inflamed condition ol the
mucous llnlnic ot the i:ustaclilan Tulc. When this
tube Is Inflamed you have n rtunhllnic Round or Im
perfect hearing, and when It Is entirely cloxed. Deaf
ness Is tho result, ami unlets tho Inflammation ran bo
taken out and this tuuo rrstorcd to Its normal condi
tion, hearing will bo destroyed forever: tdne rases
nut ol ten aro raui'd liy Catarrh, which H nothing
hut an Inflamed condition of tho mucous surfaces.
Wo nlll Klve Ono Hundred Dollars for any case of
Deafness (caused hy catarrh) that cannot 1- cured
hy Hairs Catarrh Cure, rieml for circulars, free.
f. J. CUCNKV & CO., Toledo, O.
Bold by Drueitlits, JSe.
Tako Hall's l'amlly l'llls for constipation.
Didn't Stay There.
Father Didn't I tell you I would
whip you If I caught you In tho water
Son Yes, sir, nnd that's tho reason
I hurried out when I saw you coming.
What can harm us If we aro truo
to ourselves aud to what wo think Is
right? Black.
Aids Nature
A f h. . -7T, I
The great success of Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical Dis
covery in curing weak stomachs, wasted bodies, weak
lungs, nnd obstinate and lingering coughs, is bahed on
the recognition of the fundamental truth that "Golden
Medical Discovery" supplies Nature with body-building,
tissue-repairing, muscle-making materials, in con
densed and concentrated form. With this help Nature
supplies tho necessary strength to the stomach to digest
uuu, uunu up me oouy unu iiicreoy
0 coughs. Tho "Discovery"
digestive and nutritive organs in sound
nnd enriches the blood, and nourishes
bort establishes sound vigorous health.
your dealer offers aomcthlnQ "luat aa &ood,
it fa probably better FOli lUM-lt pays better.
But you aro thlnhlmj ot tho euro not tho profit, no
there's nothing "luat aa Hood" tor you. Say so.
pr. Pierce's Common Sense Medical Adviser, In Plain English; or, Med
icine Simplified, 1008 pages, over 700 illustrations, newly revised up-to-date
Edition, paper-bound, sent for 21 one-cent stamps, to cover cost of mailing
only. Cloth-bound, 31 stamps. Address Dr. It. V. Pierce, Uuflalo, N. Y.
Color more poods brlohtsr and faster colors lhan sn other die. One lOo package colors all fibers. The die In cold water better than in, other die. You can dia
anj wrmeiif wluiout ripping apart Writs lot freo UookUt-How to Ore. Oleach and Uu Colon, MONROE DRUQ CO., Qulnoy, tltlnotm.
IB ' 4fkrV--r4S)
4i w .-mrt&3 wmEbz"
2MfT ATmxmf M i
zsm, ( s xmsr v&z& mw m
orco. ': -yw i -- mew www imr Mm
UJ tfr jfc-M JbJSm ' $ lA& LSM
V-' -? M.-U WVJP- Wl&et i& Vf :b w -
. , w & m-5r' nfej m ms
vxrr -nf -? ' zic , ... ,i
Tfiei? Carit Badge ft
The highest medical authority
on foods,
Sir James Crichton Browne, LL. D. F. R. S.
of London,
gives the best reasons for eating more
Quaker Oats
In nn article published in the
Youth's Companion of Septem
ber 23rd, 1909, Dr. Urovvne, the
pjroat medical authority on
foods, says, about brain and
musclu building
"There is one kind of food
that seems to me of marked
value as a food to the brain and
to the whole body throughout
childhood and adolescence
(youth), and that is oatmeal.
"Oats are the most nutritious
of all the cereals, being richer
in fats, organic phosphorus and
He says oatmeal is paining
ground with the well-to-do of
Great Britain. He speaks of it
as the mainstay of the Scottish
laborer's diet and says it pro
Good to rier Husband.
"George, dear," said .Mrs. Uoveklns,
who had como downstairs in time to
pour tho coffee, "I'm going to vvnlk to
tho enr with you this morning. Aren't
you glad?"
"Very glad, Indeed, lovey. It's so
nice of you to think of me and to
get up early for tho purpose of making
It unnecessary to walk those dismal
three blocks alone. How much do you
How She Knew.
Tho cartoonist's wlfo was talking to
a friend.
"1 jtiBt know Fred didn't wnnt to
work at tho ofllco last night," sho
"Why, bow do you know?" was
"Hecauso In his sleep ho said: 'Well,
I'll stay, but I don't wnnt to draw.' "
Llpplncott's Magazine.
A Frencch Scholar.
As Wllllnni bent over her fair face
ho whispered: "Darling, ir I shoujd
ask you In French If I might kiss you,
whnt would you answer?"
She, calling up hor scanty knowl
edge of tho French language, ex
claimed, "Jlillot doux." Tlt-Hlts.
inrow on nncenne
re - establishes tlio
heclth, purifies
the nerves ta
Vg fJS
duces a big-boned, well-developed,
mentally energetic race.
His experiments prove that
good oatmeal such as Quaker
Oats not only furnishes
tho best fond for the human be
ing, but eating it strengthens
and enlarges the thyroid gland
this gland is intimately con
nected with the nourishing pro
cesses of tho body.
In conclusion he says
"it seems probable therefore
that the bulk and brawniness of
the Northerners (meaning the
Scotch) has been in some measure
due to the stimulation of the
thyroid gland by oatmeal por
ridge in childhood."
The Scotcli eat Quaker Onts
because it is the best of all
Positively cured by
thcso Littlo PlUa.
Hias niey nmo relieve jjib-
iHiTTIF' treHwrotnDyBpcpala,Ii
El I 1 5-IT (liKVHtKiunndTooIIeiirtf
H I VtK Kiitlnc A perfect ren
in Dill A ody for Dullness, Nau.
MM " Li. J ova, DrowHlneMH, Had
fcl MM TuBto In tliu Moutli, Con
MHHH ril Toiikuc, In tbs
S Imi.., Tnmin UVEH.
They regnlato the DowcU. Purely Vegetabla
Genuine Must Bear
Sick Feeling X:
that follows taking a dose of ca9tor
oil, salts or calomel, is about the
worst you can ensure Ugh it
gives one the creeps. You don't
have to have it CASCARETS
move the bowels tone up the
liver without these bad feelings.
Try them. w4
CASCAHHTS 10c a box for a week's
treatment, nil drumrfstB. IlicRent eeller
in the world. Million boxes a mouth.
Live Stock and Miscellaneous
In great variety for 8nle
at the lowest prices by
uttier tareli only M ouiiuiw nmo price and
W. N. U., LINCOLN," NO. 43, 1909."