The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, September 23, 1909, Image 1

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H$ A NcvjtMjir.r lcs The rtr.r FiTtj-lra ho.s Fa..h Tint Tor Cm: Dollar.
! !'; VOLUME XXXV LI. : ICD LOTI), M31SKASICA, SK!TI2MlUfili !. li)0i. N IT'UttlSR .')!
'' , i ProDur use of Shcfijj in Hitfaiir.ralM .,, m.-iov u'ln'cn.M' " : :
; ., X Oveir.uetl tt.infti:s on Nallannl u ' ' ' l ' 'K,v u l',jr ' iAK
; Z ' We don't "just think" Bask JK i.i.K...... s,Tt on.. s.n,.k....... tu..s,i, ......... ALfiAfLlrA WAnlluP f
I Jr. iJKSBaft. ftKSujivm thoiiirliotn the West will do Lft :itttiu1 I'. M Utucuiil and wife silent Sunday Aw - .... -.w w w -. .....,,. Kg
We don't "just think"
we can make it worth
your while to do busi
ness with us; we know
we can.
V a jP5!a IE-rW t Irani that t'nclo Sum is studying llaivoys.
' We Can make it WOl'th llBlflW means for using hop t rogenetutcj Miss S.itah llaivey letiitued to
J 1 HVff-IHSi ovotgt.ucd ranges. liiifii oxpoil- bVtiuklin Mmnlav niKlU. i
il , Trt-l'.HJl 1111111 H UflW lll'UlU I'dlllllll'It'll IIV L11IT
Webster County Bank,
CAPITAL $25,000
B'. F. Mizer, President, S. R. Horonce, Cashier.
B. F. Mizcr, C. J. Pope, Wm. M. Gabill. Win. H. Thomas,
S. R. Florance.
...L... i.ij ii.j ..miijiii ii in i r in ii ii-ii i- ..- - -J-- "," .'JJ"."
are now showing tne
Largest one
that have ever been brought to
CjjLarge and Complete Lines of Dry Goods
Womens Cloaks, Suits and Furnishings,
Notions, Shoes and Groceries also a fine
assortment of Children's Cloaks. : : : : :
e iviiner oros,
General Merchants
H. A. LETSON, Wfir.
mmmmam.mmmmm3 m Mmrwrm wmmmm i
Seo Dr. Stockman for eye glasses
Satisfaction Kuaranteed.
Help Wanted-Malc.
'I'he U. S. Navy oilers exceptional
opportunities to young men 17 to 25
years old; men wiiu iraues up w .,.,
caiu old. (Jood opportunity for
education and piotnotloti. Mubt be
American eitletts. Minors must liavo
parent's ceitillcato of ao. lay fiom
81T.(i0to over 577 per month, with
practically no expense. Visit or ad
dress U. h. Navy HecrultliiK Station,
Post Otllce liulldliiB, HastliiRs, Xebr.
. vo,
Co. (I
Subset ibe lor the L'hluf
GllLti WCtaUl
III A .MONO UK IMI I'U.l.H. for tWdlty-fiTC
yiam rccirilat (is Jifst.Snftet, Always Ucllabtc
LADIK1? " -r
Aefc your llnmitl.t for CFII.CIinS.Tim'S A
11KANI) 1'ILl.S in KPli nmlA
e bftxM, scalca with tllue
TAKB HO OTIir.n. IluyoryourW
ami n.W fur ClIl.Clll'H.Tf.K H V
t nited States 1'Wst Sot vlfu ntUio e.v
pot iniottt stnt ion uitliiii tlti) Wallowa
N- . ... .(..., 1 - ' tvitu ,-iiuu lltllL;1' tlllll lillllll. lll.Jt
ational IDtct in nortlioiisturii Oro-1 ,, " ,
, , , ., . ., , , to l'liiiiUliiiono day last wcu U.
(,'ott tloiiiiiiistraU' that t no wiAg of J
sliiu'p ntiik-r piopcrii'striu-tions is an I A jjoo I many WcnU-iii Wubstorites
iinpottant fa.-tor i.i tlio w.n-kof rosuctl-' ',u wtu-nilitijr the I'alr at lila.len this
injr ovLttat'd tannos. woek.
Tlio pr OiUmii boimt stniliuil is Unit ol IJlniei lliifvcv who has ln-oii IiiinIiik
icstoriiiK to ilopli'ti'il Hindi's tholi' oil- a sioge of typholil fovor is tniii'li bi'tti'f
Kinal ooii'iln ol mountain bitiu'h I at picsi-nt.
iri.ihs, tin- M-iiMitltlo naniK of which is Tliti., was a big oroiil at CliatU-y
IVstttiM viil.lttla 'l'hisKia.s i-, ono of suu-ls -i's sail Tnesilay ami prh-eswoio
thctnot impoilatit of tlio Hiuumt'i' ustra n l
fuiiiKo platits In tli- lilirli. r runffcs or M,. (lt((j M.H Uon afQ lK
tlio NoMhwost nuil Its rnpl.l .llsappa.- U( of ft tab bon, ftt
unci' from thorantJOH by u-noon of ovnr- jjy , ,jlt
sto"lutu cciuUl only b ti'iinli'il at i .... .
.liro.H,,,Timlcl5M,tl s'o,k.n,n ', L!tt ht'rlrai1" ! ",",ft "U'
SifriilntleLflon litis Mu-rvful Iwu beett Ii nmii rt, of ! ! i..W I. guiu--iron
to tlio ...stomtion .f the Rfftss , 'n" " ' "ipblly.
b th.' Plant 1vloiiit of tlin fcVircht T''-"' " - " ' ' ' l'"11 l"'t
Sfr.lci-, iii.I his lfttot report hoH o' thr i ,untj S.ituuay !iilit. A
that a tlmrt.iigli tos.-edihif has bi"
nn.ic-11 1 upon thv at as ti ujiicli ft pro-
lie'!" l?mti.jT stPin In leH ap-
In the initlol (stilus tliH-o diffrf nt
tttptbo'lH of H'-eeiHne were nuil, tp
on one cio.1 1 ho Ftet ivhh allowed to
drop to the (trotuiil without treatment.
Tlu' jfeil was bi ushoil in with n brush
drig oi'iutrrow on tile -i-cotnl tract
and upon the third a band of hh'Vp
was iafct 1 ovr tbm-un. i i a compact
bixlv twit-f. ThU 9uiuriif r it ha b.n
fonurt that t!u .una not ti-ati-il h8 ' "iaml apeuiim" 'u ioniiHnd of
thelthtosthtundol HtedlltiKu, 'hile lelt"' of inquiry aouoarnlinr the op
the renultiuK' HtollitiK htami on the ' P"inity f i m'UIitm. JuM no mi
other two areas Showed but little tarl- '"""1 "teret , i nteii in the Trmd .e
allon in density, but latr. duiinir Uo jCaih.m Ini.tion pioju-t in Nt-xa-lu,
period of drought the send I lug sou tw iwreu thon.und furms offered to
aieiv bnihlied or died out badly, j l"Koekeis i. tho tiovoiumeut op. n
will la on tin area upon wliHi Hie tB,lu,'l"' pwbllltlus
ihiva hntninrpil In tlw knn.1 tlmri. s
very llUK loss.
Uaer .lev.i.ipiMl ,i,e'
facfiUut thoii-otnyi. eim. of the seed
wlMCivhttU tcUu U mip.-l ill wn otic-
h. Iftootw loch i!. .-rlii th t, "Itlutn
tliu roi,i hyi,totnb of tho seed wli i-hhadvj'.v,'t. pA.vablo in Uu i i imal 1- .tab
bitil bmshed in, this condi km beiug ui'iith, without intiret. The.' is iu, (
duo to the faut-that the m-i.iI wiik dt lining or nn. d.-uieiit f vham n ;
irrOund Into the boil mort. 1 .' iil V- ' pphiiitf t V one of tl6 ) fat ins. It is
thttaluep than by the biuMi hanow.
Ho far as the invalidation baa but ti
can led it indiuates that a deiD-or ami
more dioitth lesibtiint stand of bumh
yiiish can be sui'mud wlieie tho sheep
aiu allowed on tin au-a after the plants
hao hiedeil and dtopped the seed tlmn
wlieie they aic excluded thioiitfhoiit
the entire season This discovery in a
conlirniation of the practicability of
tho plan to use raiiKes during altci unto
spring and lull periods bo that a
thoiou;h rcsccdini; may be seemed by
utilmiil means.
Airs. Henry liiittou is lopoited veiy
.1 S. .Marsh and A. W
."ueley weio
in Supeiiur Tuesday.
Uev. Tool has been tetntnoil by tho
c mfereni u to (iutdo Uock.
Tho W. C T. U., 11 incot with Mrs.
II. W. O' Neul, Wednesday aitcrnoon,
Sept. 2'Jth
The Chiistian Tea will be served at
the home of Mis. Hannah Crow Fridav
afternoon October 1,
Not many of our people attended
tho County I'alr this week even if thote
was an oxcursioit train.
Wilbur Ayer of Havana, Cuba has
been visiting' roiatives and fi lends heie
and at Uostwlck the past week.
Mrs Maty Ctossand Mrs. Will Cross
and babo spent Sunday with Mis. K.
M.l'aiker. Thoy icsldo near Mankato,
ulenn Moinuvillu second son of .Mr.
and Mrs. Hd Moiumillo died at l:I&j
-. -..,,.. ..J ....... ..WW.., .., -..
Tlio funetal was held at tho family
home at !! o'clock Wednesday after
noon. Hev. J. M. Moelcy preached the
faormou, Tho gilof sttlckon patents
and brothers have tho sympathy of ull.
Mr. mill Mis. .Inri'immiti unii I'lillincr
... ., ., ,..... ...,....
' " j
hav,v li uMoriu i ropouul on . on,
Tttompi ,u Cnt.'..
j Qui', i nuinbjf of fiieni mnl rola-,
lives j,; din trrl in and stirprhpil Mr.
Martins to their ntsv homo In Inuwilo. '
A very pk-awHut time l it-ported.
Every AiwHcant tfs a Farm
Allgllst 1, lU'lJ.
Tlii' fcivat agricultural UeutoineUt
uwy.Vmfurn the Went J, atVrnoV'j
' "ir Metir,au atteuvton. timi tvery
I ue0 aDd Hm fn o to pv.iv boln
Ude hoiueiekn, th iulv ij.jn'iio.
w,l " Mf,,'il,""n '1 tl nondniil fll-
' fPf. ""'" t!'u !"' ,ut'1 K,"u i,f
iwiwuiuiiuink'"1 " ' K" """ 'j"
t,,, 1'bis ihai,.-i .. ut.i t'i c 0 pi i '
,"ly neocMiry to make a lioiiusta l
entry at the land otliuii at Carson l.iv
or at the ollleo of t lift hand I'mumis .
loner at Knllon, Novada. i
Nattuo has endowed few tigtmis
mute llbeially with all the eleiueuts
necessary to build up a tt"at common
wealth th. in are found in this spetlon.
Tho feitile Ileitis glow alfalta, eeieals,
fruits, vegetatiles. in fact piactically
all the pioducts of the teiupeiatu'oiic;
the climate is dty and delightful, and
thu alloy is singularly fieofiomsevete
storms Tho Hun shines almost eery
day in the jear. 'I'he gieat mining
regions fuinish a home maikut and
good pi ices lor eveiy thing that can bo
iiilsed, and splendid trauspm tatloii
facilities eonneet the piojcct with tho
eoinnieieiiil ei'titers of the country.
The Cloveintnont iirigatlou sjhtein as
siiies Hie farmer an abiinduit supiily
of water. Thonveis oltor uulliultetl
possibilities for tho development of
If you u Uli to obtaiti oiio of tlico
farms jon should wiito at oncu to the
Statistician of the l' . Iteelamalloti
Sorsico, Washington, I). C, foi de
tailed information.
Col. J. H. Ellipger
Dpes livestock and genet al auc
tloncerlng. satlsiaeiiouguaran
teed in every case, i'udurstands
pedigrees and stock val
Many yeats epoiiuiice. I
him anytime
Red Cloud, Nebr.
rfrfr VrArf AsrA AA
Will buy your hay in Stack or on Car.
Highest market prices Paid. Will be
glad to look at your hay any time.
Address Alma Alfalfa Mill Co-
Alma, Nebraska-
(-vv.-N yj - sr-Nr-s
Wc h tvt tin ni 'I. K. - ttn
ticR, I J.miwarr , !lutjit:s
'..IM'lll'ft' .it I . ,' II.
Wk imm Si" i i tt i in : . ipltii Hu.IiUhV UHid.-'nivat th
Luivtf i I'ni'i . Il i ii i . UK- il ." in Mj-illuti tu itu flr.'nlnii'f
win!., Mtiil all Kbuls .' ;' . ('nm t; ami Kittitt? .': 'V f ! "
0l.f. 4MC S '
nm WlHi'M IMM
U'e will have fn a Line i.f A UTOMOHIL ' S Soan.
? hl r.iu.,1 U..i.m llfcCwl- P. i
I ... WM WOLX,
'. Tfcgw4ftr
unraf .
&SEj"r?A ' ' snmrs-nr. ill irfffffT".i-nTifi i bjk mt. jt T-mt wuhp. huw.- M?M
Coirrl: t I'-to, lyC. I.. 7inn .rnunCu--!J 15
Is not only possible in every home, but it is possible
to have every room ideal. This May be effected by
proper furniture and arrangement. Most all stuffed
rooms are Stuffed from the fact that the furniture
does not harmonize. Haven't you been in a house
that has an atmosphere of Comfort and pleasantness
and harmony which made you feel very different?
There is nothing So important in fitting up a home
as discrimination in Selection Your Furniture. Come
in and let us prove this to you. You can readily see
for your self, how if some of our nice furniture or
rugs were installed in your house they would Complete
your assortment and transform the apperance of
your home.
Wo hang your oltados, lay your carpets & make picture frames.
Funeral Director andiEmbalmer.
K v
- tnl t. ur stotkofllar-
ami l-.inn Machinery s
....... 7
Socrct,r$. ff
w'hmvietwmtmwui wyw
' ""W WW ffltMWWN-qw MU4I.UW . 7
-qta-Tnim mutts, i
y-w WAyywalW :.