The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, September 16, 1909, Image 1

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K Ncwsjmpur Hint ilvs The Nws Wfly-tws Weeks Caclj Year Per One Dollar.
VOLUJIK xxxvn.
.':D !f.tUJn. NEBRASKA, SEl'TKM HBU l. 1001).
'TiKl? 8m
We don't "just think"
we can make it worth
your while to do busi
ness with us; we know
we can.
Webster County Bank,
CAPITAL $25,000
B. F. Mizcr, Picsident, S. R. Florance, Cashier.
B. F. Mizcr, C. J. Pope, Win. M. CroWll. Wm. H. Thomas,
S. R. Florance.
r inl ii h rii "
H Miner Bro
o iv'Xo
are now showing the
nnrJ.lA A '
that have eves been brought to
flLarge and Complete Lines of Dry Goods
Wniens Cloaks, Suits and Furnishings,
Notions, Shoes and Groceries also a fine
assortment of Children's Cloaks. : : : : :
The Miner Bros. Co, (Inc)
General Merchants
H. A. LKTSON. Myr.
tifiutWm Kiinninteeil.
Snli.-ii i'ii- I"! tin- Cl.Ut
Hoi Wanted- Hale.
Hie U. S. Nuvy "llVrt. cxocptloiiiil
llH-irtullli to yonntf men IT to W
y. urs nUl; nifu with tnuk'8 up to .la
,CBih old. llooil opportunity lr
cluwitUm ami promotion. Must In
Amovicun olttzeiih. Minors imut hnvo
pureufb ee.UIU-.ito of no. Pay from
$17.00 to over 677 ler month, with
praetle.tlly no expense Visit or ml
,lrev U. S. Navy KecrnltliiB .Station.
Post Oftloo HulUHnR, Hastings. Nobr.
v A
LADins J
A'w ymii- Ururnl.t for CHICIIJ!R TKR'S A
IjIAMONU IIKANI 1'II.I.H ill Kill niulAX
Box.ii metallie Iiuxm, Hcaleil Willi Ulue(
Kiblion. Taru mi onicn. Ilur oFyour V
llriiirul.t nil.! L .'III.('lll!H.Ti:it H v
III.MIllM) ItltAMt I'U.I.H, for tweuty.fivo
years regarded a He- t.HnWft, Always Keiiaulu.
i."Liv,i---'Tr.' t hii X.1W4 jf-7:w,."sjw.".L.i'i'f .r v: fc.y,i. vjti n p..-:TTji."iBniWi'
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fl Will buy your hay in Slack or on Car.
Highest market prices- Paid. Will be
olad to look at your hay any time.
Address Alma Alfalfa Mill Co.
Alma, Nebrasha-
TIo PIow Lincoln School Iltiiklln).
Tin iiluivo islin ex.ift pii'luiv of I lie m-w l.i:u . In lniiMiii It i, a orvilit to
.Uiy lot- ility ntul the pi"plf of lli-d Cloud hii mi mi in ins intlnir jn-iiisc of tlii-.
imii'uifh.'ii'iil, bifilillnir
Tlio fuiliuliitioii wall nre - iuolu's tlnelt atiil arc made of I'iiIhi-ikIo IU'1
S;iiiNtuiii' thtm wliiuli tliiM'i U no lu'ttt-r inutorhil for the purpose nuMirli'il
from the tri-numl. The hrlek ui"el Is the Onrihu hyilralic pr.-.-.o.l l.rH'k wl.'eh
is iiuiiiSci' oiii in overy i-Dspret. The ImfT color of thts- liiielv walls nuikfs n
pl:tsiii liuiui ny with the foundation atul tli- lictlfonl sloin- with which the
ImililhiK Is ortianionluil.
'I'ho bulloiiijx . t prost nts many hofirs of laUn mul in Its inclpieticy many
hours of strtipKh' ami anxiety.
Aftor it stronoua oumpititni lifiuly throf yi-iirs ajro thin oMsltiet 'otetl homls
in tin- amount of S'25.(ino hut licforo they coull hn sold an injunction was Bi-r-vei
upon tin; hoard Kecking to prohibit tliPin from sclllnjf tho wiinc. While
this was pending in ciii.rt. the panic enmu on and removed all possibility of
m.-tUingany disfio-ltion of Ihe bonds. However th next clcvtlon which was
held amomlod the slate constitution pefiniltiiia the Mute troiiKiirer to make
investments of school moneys in distrirt bonds.
The injuuetioti suit was disminowl upou iho agreement of Uie board fo Mib
ralt tiie riitttsiioi! of loii'itKni" fo the ote!.. The lt oprm(vhleh UiK building
t't-sts.wiis ehosen t.ud the bonds sold to the tale.
The for construe' ing the building wn awnnied bobrer iJr.W. of I
Falls (,'it.v, N'ebr.. and tho plumbing Mini hcutiug to Frank Pet ci son of this j
city. Considerable delay was xpi-riem ed in the Kfring n aei'niinl of tho e.- i
trauie rainy weather.
Iliiwever nftMt many ststhnels tho butlding was vomiieted an 1 i-tv credit t ;
the coil raptor Ihc district ai.J the city
The olai. rooms arc nil larj.e and roomy and are llui-iod in oni with maple ;
Wc ha vs reason to be proud of tills magnificent structure und th-fe is no,
reiison why it should not stand for1 a hundred yvMr or more, t
As Mm time untwi near for the b!-1 which, will add much to
glutting of another school year the oonifoitts and safety thc hne not lost
time it opportune for n few word relit fclght Of the iiimi important piobleui
five t our schools. imiuelr. "the ft.uisc of study.'
Xcvi v tiefore in tho history of- ouj- For more than a ipiarter e. niuiy
city ha- tliere h'en ku much time. Ited ('ioud puisned an ciiucitioiinl
energy ami mouoy spent to promote policy uot her own but. prescribe! i.
the edueatlonul Interests of thin com- a cotofie of cultured gcntlenicii whieM
muiilty us there has been during the mental horizon wan bounded by uui
past summer. Th vear liHH is epoek vcrsitr walls. For more thin a Uir
n.iiUlng for the lied (loud schools. It r of u, century, wo as well as every
After many years of limited und in- other city, town und hamlet in tliia
MUfbcit nt hi liool faclliiii'S uml the list state have saerltie-d tho i.eods of the
two yeui'itof viinus vvhluh will always many, to promote tin interests of tho
he iv.nombcrod by those elosoly as- few, tho very fuw. Tis true we have
soiiatcd with oni'Kohools as thu 'dark dono thl not without heating an tic
age.'- will rejoice b.yot.d expression cussionnl protest or a muimur of dls
wilh th ailvout of a now year, when .soul, lint, It hits devolved upon tho
conditions nro not only better hut tho 'presont Hoard of Mdueatlon to break
host wo hive ever oxporlHticed and itK.awiiy from these inconsistences and
good as the statu of Nebraska uiford-. past errors and inauiiurato an educ.i-
Tim Lincoln school rcpniHtnts more tional ystcin which has for it- cirri
than a merit koliool house such as you jiulum. a course of study based on coin- '
lliul in nine tetithh of our (owns but it tnoti aetisc tnul omnium ueedv H is
represents tlu most modern type in not our Intention to minitul.o the
school Htehitci'tnre.i.c., in style, pluuM, , value of clnsH)cil iraji.iug bat for the
flu U h ami i piippinect A few years majority of stident - wjiomj wdiieutlon- ,
ago little atteniiou wait given tou.'chb, al opportunities Hie limited t.. Mich us j style and none wbateser to our high -chooN otrer it iiei'berl
ventilation, light, heat and getiertl j (iraotical nor adt lvalue,
sanitary comlition of which the old' InduMrial training, tratle traiiiug, :
Houtli ami an Hi .'ats btillilings
r. prt-eiitatiie i pos,
'J'lic old north ward, roi'hrlstentd
the Va-liiigtoii school bis Mudoigone
such trai.sforiiinilou u. to place it
heroafter in tha list a niottcrti vchool
building (old craeked walls excepted)
The widening of the halls, stair way,
the installation of a stmm heating
plant-, mi assembly mum of double Its
former capacity, 'l Wl-'H Hglitwl lubara
tory eipiipped with wntr and veuti
Intloii shaft, a winiUiry fountain, a now
otlii-o and book room, a double coat of
paint nud varnish tlitisu and other
changes too uiiinerous to mention have
metamorphosed u durlc, glooiuj', ill ar
ranged school house. Into a compara
tively modern struoture
While tho Hoard of Kduuution has
givon much attention to provide our
boys and girls with sohool facility
W'v hi- tin d oil. ki-it.' ttiluT, -iir stock of
rifss, I , Hh,h-. mtl l;arm Machiticry s
Cot?i)l-t'! .it all titm-s. :::::' : : : : :
Wl- pll S" ( 1 VI itten' i.i i
litmc t Prices. U:sioi
vm'i U. -ill I nil Kinds of li
i ivlyiug Hitllder's iliird vare at the
W- am also In position to do ltumldng
(hitli .g a id lr,ttiii. ::-.::;
f i. f x
f Wc will Imiv in n Line l AUTOUOML f.S .Soon.
d'B '
,; Red Gioud Harden & Implement: Go. I
A . - s
' 4J
, v,. v, . .A-, ..A.-,v. -
M i I ;' Sir li; I ' m W
Coi'llis til '. I C. I'.. Z.i, n.f rmau C-
were, vocational traiiilig h tho slogan of
. school revi.Moiii U mei lu accord wlih
A, i .... . t jk .. i .
UHS sent llll'-in our unnniui iaoie,iiioii
lias taken (in initial -tep in the tight
direction. The new course of tud
bi cornea only partially operative this
year, grade 9 may schct mecliauicai
drawing and manual training, grade
10 may select ooiomercjal arithiuetlc,
buslnesM ebrrcspoudtmce aril spoiling
in place of latin the co'itinuation of
this course K-ads to book keeping and
stenography In the 11th yeanind type
writing and t'liintneecial law in Ihe
ltHh year.
Tho Commercial subjects in grade 11
do not go lutoeiVoot fill lUlOtind grade
1", in lOll! For the pre.ient grades 11
and III ale privileged to select subjects
as herotoforo In Normal Training
I.atln or (Junnan courses, Uolow we
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an iDAi. mm
Is not only possible in every home, but il is possible
to have every room idea!. This May be effected by
proper furniture and arrangement. Most al! stuffed
rooms are Staffed from the fact thai the furniture
does not harmonize. Haven't you been in a house
that has an atmosphere of Comfort and pleasantness
and harmony which made you fee! very different?
There is nothing So important in fitting up a homo
as discrimination in Selection Your Furniture. Come
in and let ifs prove this to you. You can readily see
for your Jelf, how if some of our nice furniture or
rugs were installed in your house they would Complete
your assortment and transform the apperance of
your home.
W0 Hang your th.ide, lay your carpata & maho picture frames.
f.----. nwr-4M Wn" wm ini i 1 1
uneral Director andiEmbalmer.
". ".fr'.'tflMfrwyttWftpJiC'iifr ' f." o-' T-ifriy wry