The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, September 02, 1909, Image 3

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This lOOO Guip
Sovernment's Financial Situation
Interests Washington Experts.
lor slyi ear
of Corn
foo Quick Return to Prosperity Re-
fjarded as Adverse Factor to
Financiers Over $80,000,000
Gold Exported Since Jan. 1.
WnshltiRton. In analyzing, tho fitinn
clnl situation of iho jiovornnipnt,
which involves the question of
whether or not un Issue of three per
cent, one-year cortlllcntoa shall ho
used to replenish the working bal
nnce In the treasury, students of
finance In Washington regard a too
quick return of prosperity as an nU
verso fartor. The export of gold,
which shows no sign of diminution nt
the present time. Ih also being care
fully wntched with a view to ascertain
ing Its real meaning and probable of
fact on busluesB later.
Generally speaking, anything which
will servo to reduce greatly the work
Ing balance In the treasury from $.17.
000.000, Its present stage, would bc
viewed with conrcrn. It Is now un
derstood that the treasury department
Jinn high hopes that the increase In
custoniB duties, supplemented by a
demnnd among tho small merchants
for subsidiary silver coin will keep
this balance about where It now Is
during the summer.
Taking the gold reserve as an Indi
cation or tho trend of tlnanrlnl condi
tions, it Is not generally known that
over $SO,000.000 gold has been ex
ported from the United States since
Jnnuary 1 last. This outgo can bo
partially accounted for In that ap
proximately $30,000,000 went to South
America for colTce loans, while, with
in tho last two months, Japan has
bought more than $10,000,000 In gold
at San Francisco Instead of buying In
London, as formerly. Should Japanese
continue these purchases at the same
rate this- act would, of course, have a
slgnlflranqe apart from mero financial
The balnnco of tho exports, amount
ing to nearly $100,000,000. remains
unaccounted for and llnanclal students
here bellexe thnt it Indicates a re
dundant currency.
Acting on this belief they havo
reached the conclusion thnt if pros
perity, following the passage of the
tariff law. Rtarts too rapidly It may
be followed by n sharp reactionary
movement in the fall. A tendency to
speculation Is especially feared on the
theory that any undue frenzy of spec
ulation, with paper money so abun
dant, may create a disturbance which
would react on business.
Invited to Stay All Night.
The Hostess it's storming bo hard
that I guess you'd better stay all night.
Mr. Scoresby.
The Dinner (Juest I'm afraid I
would put you to too much trouble,
Mrs. Drown.
Tho Hostess Oh, not nt all! Let mo
6C0. I can Bleep on tho library lounge,
and Jane and Martha and Ella and
Aunt Mary can room together, and
there's a mattress we can bring down
from tho attic for Willie, nnil Mr.
Drown will do nicely with a blanket
on tho parlor rug. It's no trouble nt
nil, Mr. Scoresby.
Tho Guest You're very kind, but
I'm quite sure tho rain is stopping,
and I've an excellent umbrella. Just
as much obliged. Goodnight. Cleve
land Plain Dunler.
Michigan Farmer Secures Injunction
Restraining Teacher from
Talking to Son.
Detroit, Mich. Alleging thnt Lily
Uurden, a Flint Rock school teacher, is
eo persistent in her love-making and
has uuch influence over the mind of
his son that there Is gravo danger of
lilm becoming Insane, Ernest D.
Shove, a llrowntown farmer, was
gianted an Injunction by Judge Dono
van restraining tho young woman
from calling upon the younger Shove
from holding nny conversation with,
mid also from doing anything to gain
tho affections of tho young man.
Tho father alleges thnt his son, who
Is but 17 yearn old, has been back
ward In school. Using this as an ex
cuse, ho Bays, Miss Durden gave him
prlvato lessons. In this way, ho says,
tho woman gained such nn Influence
over the son that his mind was com
pletely under her control. He said she
so influenced the young man that he
hns becomo temporarily insane, and
wbb confined for Bovcral months in
KloifiO. Ho wns recently discharged
as cured, but no sooner wns he out
than tho tencher again took up with
tho youth, with tho result that he Is
again in her tolls, tho father asserts I
Tho father declares that the affair
between his son and tho teacher cre
ated such n scandal two years ago
that she was asked to resign her posi
Health Board of Delaware City De
clares That Educated Porkers
Are Plain "Hogs."
Wilmington, Del. Tho Wilmington
board of health gave n truo applica
tion to u well-known story that "pigs
la pigs."
For so"cral weeks John Andrews,
nn nln.l irainer, has been putting
two joung porkers through all kinds
of stunts, with a view to placing
them In vaudovlllo aB trained pigs or
selling them to some showman. The
IiJgs were gelling along famously
S ' ' ''.
I sSi: -. ' " IIP? Fxk
v W U I
m! ; JUL ia
1iU(iiMita rupjrlMht bj Cllnnllti.t Wihln.ttor I) t,
MaJ. William V. Judson is the engineer commissioner of the District of
Columbia, and is recognized as a leader In the engineering profession. He
Is devoting much of his time at present to a careful study of the subiect of tho
safety of public buildings.
Thousands Join in Protest
Stay Government's Hand.
Proposed Disposal of Bird Plumes
Seized by Customs Officials to the
Milliners Resented In Nearly
Every State.
New Yuri:. Shocked by the thought
of Uuole Sam selling the nuptial
plumes of many mother birds, butch
ered in the midst of their young,
which were left to starve, thousands
jf Americana have joined a movement
of protest ngainBt such a disposal of
the egrets sebed by the custom
house in this city, which the govern
ment has just ordered to bo sold hero.
Krom almost every state In tho
union scores of communications have
been received by the National Asso
ciation of Audubon Societies offering
support nnd urging action to prevent
tho nation from engaging In tliis busi
ness which the milliners are insist
ing upon. Dy its lax legislation and
law enforcement ngalnst the bird
butchers tho Empire stato is nlonc re
sponsible In this Instance for thus
making the got eminent tralllc in
these spoils, It is declared.
Whilo these costly heron plumes
are held hero ut the custom house to
be auctioned ofT, hundreds of wives
and mothers In this city and through
out the country are organizing a pro
test. Hacking the Audubon workers
In this movement tho National Ked
eiation of Women's Clubs nlready Is
arrayed, as well as many spoitsmen's
organizations and granges, whose
members want the birds to protect
when a neighbor, who was evidently
envious of the trainer's progress, noti
fied the health offlclalB thnt hogs were
being kept within the city limits, con
trary to law.
Health Officer Virion began an in
estlgntlon, nnd at the meeting of tho
board he made known tho facts. The
board decided that it could not dis
criminate between trained and un
trained porkers, and Issued an order
for Andiews to dispenso with them or
leave the pi utilises.
Distinction Given to New York Wom
an with One Family for Fifty
Seven Straight Years.
Now York. With a record of 57
consecutive years' service In one fnm
ily, Yetta Stelnbnrger Is considered
the model servant by the several gen
erations of tho Isaac Kurtz faintly,
who aro now celebrating tho anlver
sary Isaac Kurtz was walking through
Dnttery park 57 yearn ago when he
stopped to Inquire of n youug girl
why she wept. She told him that she
wns hungry and had no home, and
wns unable to obtain employment.
He took her to his own home, and
there she hAs remained ever since,
ministering faithfully to the succeed
ing generations of tho Kurtz ramlly.
Short Sentence for Burglar.
Cheyenne, Wyo. Snm Smith, facing
a score of burglnry charges, who was
shot twlco In u desperate attempt to
escape arrest, wnB sentenced to five
hours in the penitentiary and to pay
a lino of $300.
Smith hns passed tho last year in
hospital nnd jail, awaiting trial. His
sentence Is tho shortest over Imposed
In Wyoming.
Big Orange Crop,
Now Orleans. Louisiana will enter
luo keen competition ,-ltli Florida
and Unlllornla in tho ornnge business
this year Growers believe the crop
will como close to M'il0O9 hoses.
rii.fMirn-im r rwur ri-sxn
their crops rather than to become tho
wares of a few milliners.
From several friends nnd apprecln
tors of bird life money has been sent
to bo devoted to lighting tho milliners,
whose commercial backing has en
abled thorn, with n staff of Inwyers, to
urge I'nclo Snm to tralllc in these
scalps of mother birds.
Plans to prevent any further possl
hillty of the government profiting by
tho sale of theso egrets nlrendy are
being made in this city. Stato and
federal olllelals are to be warned of
the urgency or their duty in tills mat
tor, and every effort made by tho peo
ple In states whore laws arc lax on
this point to obtain legislation for
bidding the salo of egrets by govern
ment ofliclals.
In Now York state particularly the
ofliclals whoso attitude waB tho chief
cause given by tho government for re
versing its former decision to destroy
Iho cnutiabaml heron plumes, will bo
urged to take every possible action to
provont a repetition of whut Is called
the "nationnl disgiaco" through tho
Empire state.
"Wo a in In this fight ngalnst bird
butchery to stay," said William
Outchcr, president of the National As
sociation of Audubon Societies. "Al
though tho milliners may appear to
hao won a temporary victory In In
sisting thnt our government tralllc in
thoso trophies of tho whoicsalo butch
ery of mothers leaving their young to
starve, we believe tho country will bo
soon aroused to combat this disgrace
to the whole nation.
"Now that tho peoplo arc waking
up to tho economic importanco of bird
pioloction wo feel Biiro that we Bhall
soon rally to our support every truly
patriotic citizen of America."
Lakevlew, O., Installs a Corps of
White Wlnas to Whom Name
Applies Literally.
Hollofontalne, O. The white wings
of tho Town of Lakevlew, near here,
aro literally white wings now. They're
Decently the finances of the village
foil to puch n low ebb that It wns Im
possible to longor employ a Btreet
sweeper, so Ills services were dis
pensed with. Still there remained a
few dollars In tho treasury. One of
tho aldermen proposed that tho money
bo Invested In a flock of ducks which
would an ago In tho streets nnd eat
the tubbish.
Lean ducks woro brought nnd
turned loose in tho Btiects. They
started In to eat tho wasto from the
streets at one end of town early In
tho morning nnd eat to tho other
end, when tlioy are turned backward
or shifted to nnother street.
"Dead" Bride Tells of Angels.
Ues Moines, In. Mrs. Walley Ole
son, u young brldo of Marshalltown,
was pronounced dead by an attending
physician and tho family was standing
about her bed mourning when she sud
denly awnkened, the family Bays.
Throwing her arms about her hus
band sho exclaimed: "Oh, Walley,
I've como back to tell what I nw i
was dead and met by father and the
nngnls. It was so grand that I'vo
come back to take you with me."
With theso words sho sank back upon
her bed and nover breathed again.
Messenger Buttons Cello's Dress.
Washington. A now rolo for A. D.
T. boyB waB developed tho other night
when one of theso young Mercuries,
In the employ of n local company, wna
fiiimmoned to a fashionable apartment
house by n prominent society girl.
Tho girl, whoso mnld nnd desorted
her an hour or so before sho was due
at a dinner party, needed nn assistant
to button her dress up tho back.
Not being able to find anybody else,
alio (summoned a messenger, not ro
veallug tho naturo of tho sorvlco for
which sho Intended him.
lade by Tiffany. Ncarly3 ft. high in solid Ro!d and sil
:r. Actual contract price 1,000. To be awarded at the
National Corn Exposition, Omaha J'VSS
to the man, woman or child producing the best car of
corn grown this year in the United States.
Open to everybody belotu-mi: to the Association Nothing to luiy or sell.
Tho purpose of tho donor of thli trophy W. K. Kellojw-h to improve tho nudity
01 Mio millions of hu-shels of corn iibud in making Kehogg's Toasted Corn l'-akc3.
Many peoplo thtalt tho perfection of corn flavor has been reached In Toasted Corn
Toasted Corn 1 lakes-ia, try it. Then you'll sco how hard a tank wo aro nlvlnit
ourselves to irapiovo it, and tho only way wo can improve it Is by tho better,
merit ol the corn itself,
Profoiior HoHen, of tho Iowa Stato Colloac, tho greatest authority on corn In tho
wo Id will award llio yun at tho National Corn Uxpuuiion. to bo held at Omaha,
Neb., Dec. Oik to 18th, 1WW. Txvo simple rules will govern tho plan, and tl.X nrXl
hSn,y.w ?'UU'C,V of c.or.n l0 ,ho NaonnI Corn Uxposiiion, Onialu, Neb.,
before November 27, 10011, nnd that ymi aro a member of tho National Corn Asso
ciation full particulars regarding which can bo had by writing to National Corn
lixpoMiton. Omaha, Neb. Tio a tag securely to your specimen and word It. "1-or
the Kellogg 1 rophy Contest," and write your n.imo and plainly. H yours
is judged tho best, you w.ll get tho trophy for 11)10. If ou succeed rgain next yrar
or tho year following, tho trophy will become your property for all time. 1
Tho contest will bo open to every stato in tho Union. Profct.or Holdcn will judo
lllnrnril nnrtii-lllnrli. nn ll... I.i,l I I!... r. . . jiiuju
r; " 'u"'iiBui(uu!iiy. 1 no growing 01 uiorocoiii
per aero 19 000 object of tho award, but tho main purpose ot tliu
'07prof tho tronhv 'Is for Improving the quality of corn uicd in
tried this delicious cereal, lVin your education 111 "good tilings to
cat" today. Ail grocera have it. h
....,. ... v - -
Englishman Has Other Than Accepted
Version for Cornwnllls' Surren
der at Yorktown.
Thoy woro comiuomorntiiif; tho mir
rondor of Cornwallia nt Yorktown with
tho usual llory upoochcfl. At tho cloao
of tho regular program tho chairman
nnnounccd with a wir"; to Uioho near
"Wo uro happy to havo with oh on
this auspIcioiiH orcnfllon a rcpro
sciiUitivo of King Kdward, If not or
King (Jcoige. Ladlen and gentlemen, I
beg to present to you MaJ. Arthur Kor-
roster of tho Kirst Uoynl Dragoons,
who will now say 11 fow words."
Tho mnjor looked n llttlo surprised
as ho strolled to tho front of tho plat
form, polished his eyeglass, and begun
with a drawl:
"It has long been 11 wonder to mo
how Cornwnllls, with tho pick or tho
Hrltlsh urniy, held Yorktown against a
miserable force of militia for only u
few weeks. But, ladles nnd gentle
men, I've seen your town to-day, and
my wonder Is now that ho cared to
hold such a forlorn-looking spot for
oven one dny."
"Shake!" broke in the nlmlrman,
"tho drinks aro on mo."
Important to Mothors.
Examine carefully every bottlo of
CA3T0HI A a infe and sure remedy for
Infanti and children, and seo that It
Hcar Iho -j -xg. n
Signature of - VJbMlrf-frtfr-.
In Use For Over :iO Years.
Tho Kind You Havo Always TIouchL
The Air.
He So you think man led life
ought to bo one grand, sweet song?
She Yes.
He What air would you prefer for
this matrimonial song?
Sho I think a mllllonnlie.
Working the Brain.
Church They say fish Is a great
btlmtilnnt for tho brain.
(iothani Well, I know Just catching
them makes tho Imagination moro nc
8hako Into Your 8l-oe
Allen's Foot-IOnse, a powder for your feet.
It cures painful, snolleu, ninnrtlni,', niveat
Ing feet. Makes now fthooa easy, Sold by
all Druggists and Shoo Stores. 25c. Don't
accept nny substitute Saniplo VUKK. Ad
dress Allen 8. Olmsted, LcRoy, N. Y.
Perhaps tho reason tho Goddess of
I-'amo Is llcklo Is simply because sho
Ib a goddess, and thercforo neces
snrlly feminine.
Tho mnn who Is looking for
troublo meets with fowor obstneles
than tho man who is seeking hnppl
Iirne back nnd Lumbago make n young
man feci old. Hamlina Wlrnnl Oil inahcn
tin old man feel younn. Aboluteiy iioth
ing like it for the relief of all pain.
When you hear one man trying to
bellttlo another, It's safe to bet that
tho other Is his superior.
Undertakers also como under tho
head of scientific boxers.
. , PKItltV DAVIfi' IMlNK1I.s-.KH
Afi-clliiKutM'OiirllT r.nufBliT IiuvIhk lliln ruraoDH
remcilr dm luirul. It In u Uiix'iid UHr f.fvminj
ai'ulust cuUc, dlitrrbta, cmiupa. aio, iio &Uki iMjlllck.
Many a mnn makes his mark In tho
world with a whitewash brush.
Tvoivia Single Hinder Ktraight So cigar iu
nude to nalisfy the smoker.
And occasionally a mnn throwu off
troublo by puttlug on a bold front.
11 .
FLAKE CO., Battle CreeK, Mich.
1 '0.eD"A"?,c.n.,.0.rn.-"i "bl.I!!2L! !" ' "Li l"Jell5f U .n, oth, , d,,. You en dr
- .w. .... ..., ..ww,.!,,, lma vuiuim murtlXUC.
Percy Aw, uro you Interested In tho
"Coming Young Alan?"
Kitty (with u yawn) No; Iummoro
Interested In tho going young man.
Graves of the Wicked.
Whcio Is tho man who has not
wandered now and then through tho
graveynrdb or tho world and wondered
where tho wicked folks aio buried'.'
f one believes all the tombstones Bay
0110 Inevitably inclines to think thero
nover were inuiiy, If any, very, very
wicked folks on earth.
Hardly Flattered Himself.
Family lawyer (to young heir)
Now, remember, my boy, that a fool
and his money nro soon parted.
Young Heir (Impressively) I In
tend, sir, to be tho exception that
proves tho rulo.
Lcw.k' Single Hinder cifMr. Original in Tin
I'oil Smoker Package. Take no eubitutc.
Our Idea of a wise man Is ono who
never argues with a woman.
Mm. TV'natnwVi Footlilnir Hyrtip,
for hlldrrn trttttiltiK. iiof ti no tlin Kiiroi, reilurra In
tUuiumtlou. alia umIu, curvi wind collu. 21c u IkiILo.
It Is the after effect of experience
that counts
I'osKI vcly cured by
those Llttlo i'llls.
aasM They aIbo rellcre Dlu-
H ITTLE ir'Hfroiu I)yHrpHla,In.
J CVW 'IlKiMtlonanclToolIfarly
H IVLK liitlnjf A perfrct rers
H nil i e e,,y fl,r '""I'x-'OH, Nan.
m srlLL. Ma, DronHliifHH, Dim
MJIB TriHte In tlit-Jtnulli, Ckiat.
IBrH 'J'uiiriio, I'n I n In tlie
1 1 IHIde, TUIU'Hi I.IVKIfc
They rrKuliUu tlio JIowcIh. Purely Vt'iMublo
Gcnuino Must Bear
Fac-Similo Signature
CImdiu aud Utuiljir tho hlr,
rnunottr a luiun.nt gruwth.
Nnvor fallu to Jtontore any
11.1 ,f ,.u '',,,. a..u
Cum itp iHinttt i iiifr UlUu,."
s- l
JSraJrai ,m
wnni k
n aT.VT JT JMBl, ITAfti tMmnmr'A f fl fc-'-t ir-i72K 1
wszmwwMmmKzmAA'A xwvt'sr i
TUlyt'.l. Ti7
til 11 tei iSfi
Tt 1 0 ' ft II
M s
i A U I Kl
ififil ' v ft 'IK I
-MTOi flivjr
v, .,.;,Mff.
UliUU lilt ,
Qulncy, Illinois.
W. N. U., LINCOLN, NO. 33--1909.
THF TPFTBJ PBX,'no exce' auy Jfntifrictf
" U"tIlTl in clcaniing, wlulciiing and
removing tartar Iron the tcetli, betides dcitroying
II serma ol decay and d-ieate whidi ordiory
tooth pirpjratuxii cannot do.
TUF BUI ft I ITU Po'inn med as a moulli
I nib nlUU I II ai dunlccls the mouth
and throat, purifies tho hrealh, and kills the nerme
which collect in the mouth, causing tore llitost,
bad teeth, bad breath, grippe, and much lickneis,
TUP ITYPQ when inflamed, tired, acho
I nt b I EiO and burn, may be instantly
leheved end strengthened by Paxtine.
fATADDU Paxtine will destroy the germi
UA I Arinri that cause catarrh, leal the in
flammation and atop the discharge. It is a sum
remedy for uterino catarrh.
Paxtine is a harmless yet powerful
cermicide.diimlcclant and deodorizer.
Used in bathing it dcitro)s odors and '
leave me body stntueptically clean.
taking liquid physic or big or little
pills, that which makes von worso
instead of curing. Cathartics don't
cure they irritate and weaken tho
bowels. CASCARETS make the
bowels strong, tone the muscles so
they crawl and work when they
do this they arc healthy, producing
right results. 7
CASCAKRTS ioc n Jox for n week's
trealimiil AllilniKKiaU. lllRgenl heller
111 the world. Million twxci it mouth.
This Trade-mark 2
Lliminalcs All
aiut materials.
1 is an .ib'oltilo
ru imnteo of pur
ity and rjuaiity.
For your own
Dnitection. nn
that it is on the tide of
every lc jr ot white lead
you buy.
1902 Trinity Culldlug, Hii Tork
Nothing to Lcam, Simply Shave
known Tin:
'J'lilHlioaiitlfiil viit'htiiiil(illirr
IIiik praiilmiiH fii'ntoboyH uiul
uirlH fur hfllinir U plrctu of
Ji'wrlry nt 10 iM-nlH eai'li. No
iiiiiiic, Jiiht H.'iid your miniu
ami e lll nmli tlin Jewelry,
tui n..hi.UM i.fc, a,vi.i tu.
All Hti'elimd Iron.
'1'moMcih'jii run It.
'I'hrn, tun.lli .inn hAtlp.
; drill, tmcetn bills.
iTKFiTT ru ntiiDiirrrcrT
Ifllfl WHST Xlli KTItHKT
lif.4 M huk o. iu KASHAS CITY, MO,
"iKWiSj Thompson's yo Water
tjykyrtsl;r 'I
.wl.aglgj'y. is, jsvu.
.! ?4vk.dL
brjK. J!iW. tM,
x uuMi&k&tiimii&r- sr