The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, August 26, 1909, Image 4

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Red Cloud - Nebraska
Kntcrod In Mm roninUlro hi lied cloud. Ni'li ,
II" Soroilll I'llIK. MllltCt
c. 11. halt.
Till: ONLY 1)1 MiH'lt.VI H" r.MT.Il IN
w niisn:n corxn
Democratic and Peoples lmlr.iuitlciit
Party Ticket
Forjudge nf tlit supreme ('mill
Judge H. F Cfixiit. Judge .1. .1. Si i.i.i-
V N. .Illdgo .1. It I)i;.n
I'or Treasurer V. II. Cu
For Sliurlir U'.m Kiiiki'Aiiiick
Kor Clerk Geo. IIaiu.i.i.
For Siiiiorllitfiiclviil . . Mis I
For .Midge I W. FiiinN
l-'or County Commissioner 'Jud IKLi fit
Ii. I'IMlll I
(.'.in in tli.- inti'i'int'flintf dcp'iiimctit
itiiil w.i. .hI winced each successive , our
for fun v a r-i when -die Mas placed ill
lli) ! of principal, lit lied Oloinl
when- -.hi was (jit on charge of llu- ns
Hcnilily rmiin during a ior(ioii nf lliu
.Misi I lay lias had just the experience
I'l I wlil.'li a Ciiiitltv SiiiK'i'intfiiiluiiLHlitiiilil
have in order to know the nu Is eft lio
Helmuts of tlit" county. Ilcr work in
tho lied Clolld high school lias boon
highly praised hy the state Inspectors
titid liy utlicis competent to judge
Sim has been re elected for tho coming
f tfis's Days itiiilitlcultiiiis'ihi( experi
ence will appeal strongly to tli'j voters
1 1 o .x t November and each and everyone
is assured that no error in judgement
will ho made in easting u volo for her
for theollie-'of county superintendent.
ty and is tlioioly conversant vnUIi tin
many perplexing diltlotilHes niMny
ill the Judgo's olliee.
Webster county Is foittitinte ind . I
to he able to secure (he mmvIci s nf
such an elllelent iii'in.
:j iifju 3i ?. va vi bf
-i 1.M.W1 iiha iv.vl 4 ft t, it
uijna'jsm a u w fcVj
A fl'
conr;onrr.s t.
1 1 orb (r.i no editor of the lilooinliig
ton Advocate has been sued fnrSI'MKin.
Pay up I)i. t'rime and look pleasant.
Don't let it sour ymr disposition.
Tho primary election passed oil'
(pliotly thruoiit the county and whllo
there Iscoiisidoiahie grumbling about seems to us
that tills manner of voting is better
than tho old convention Idea in tills
respect at least, more voters purtioi
pate. At the piimary Just lield thvro
were l.'l.'ts votes cast.
The Democratic paity was assuicd
of a strong ticket llio candi
dates woro all exceptionally .strong.
Wo are well pleased with our stan
dard bearers this year and believe that
they will lend us on to victory next
Miss llnbel Day received the nomi
nation tor Count Hupciintcudcnl
from both the Democratic and Peoples
Independent pari if
.Mis Pity .ifiyrell and favorably known
all over the county having taught mhi
KVSHfully in 'the ruuvl school, and in
the graded schools of Itlmlen, ( owI.h.
I'.luo Hill mid Itod Cloud. Where
ever she hni taught she has nuidegood
and by sheer force of merit toons she
has never had a pull" of any kind
but has relied upon her own capabili.
ties and worth for advancement.
The olliee of County Superintendent
roqiiires some one with oxecut ive abili
ty. iMiss Day has proven that she pos
sesses this ability in a marked degree
ill her work at Cowles as principal for
two year- at Mine llil! when' she bo-
Air V. II. Cramer nominee for
County Treasurer eiiino to this county
from Cole county, III., in the year lS7il
at which lime ho took a homestead
lie proved up on tins homestead and
still own-it. lie ccrlainlv has lived
here long uioiigh to have aeipiired
the title of reiddent. Mr. Cramer has
been successful in tho management of
his affairs anil has added considerable
properly to bis valuable homestead
and has demonstrated his ability to
grapple with financial problems.
lie lias occupied minor positions of
public trust having been school direct
or for It years, census enumerator in
lhSO and as.sesMir for two years
While in those olllces he gave them
the same painstaking caie with which
lie conducted his own business and
showed himself an elllelent oilleer.
2Ir. Cramer lias an excellent clerical
education and is competent to proper
ly execute any olllcial duties icqtiirod
In the County Treasurer's olliee. Ilo
Is absolutely leliable. elllelent. and
wortny and should receive the hearty
elidoispuiPiit of the people.
Win. Kirkpatriok who Is .seeking
election In the olliee o county sherili'
lias been a democrat from his birth
and his policy has been in all his busi
ness transactions to treat all his fellow
men honestly and fairly.
Ills residence or '.'.' years In this part
of the country has gained hltu the
reputation of fair dealing and of beinir
a man of upright character and princi
Tills will appeal strongly to tho
voters this fall for they know that Mr.
Kirkpalrlck has a way of keeping his
word and of being a man in every rela
tion of life.
In order that full justice may undone,
it Is Imperative that the shot-ill' be a
man or unquestioned indegrlty and re
sponsibility and the Voters may bo us
surcd that they miij rely unqualified
ly upon Mr. Kirk patriek of Guide It ik,
2H An Improvement over in.itiv C n h : n-i
llfttf5ffSy 9VVL:m r n s-old by aotlns im . . '.. .
r&!JbtiZ,'&l?' satisfaction or money refunded. 1.' -...
vMfll ftinic'.lp.. I;.-cuc It rids the
' j". iiciiir.vj. OiTfiuuced to jve
.i-fc'Lc MtlCi:-.t. I.O.. CHJ.'.Af.n. ii. a
Folt sLK AT COOK'S iiKt.'O .L'OIIK.
I. W. I-Msoii. candidate Tor re-election
to the ofiicQ of county judgo is too
widely and favorably known to ncod
any introduction to tho voters of Web
ster county from us.
Judge I'M son has proven his ability
to preside over the judicial matters of
this county and should be returned.
His wide experience in human af
fairs excellently Ills him in the dis
charge of his duties as probate judge.
Alucli of the woikof this onico requires
a thorn knowledge of the law and Mr.
I'Msou spent three years of bis life
while u young man in the study of
law in Illinois and later bus had much
opportunity to continue his law course
lie possesses no little business ahili-
I Mr. L. C. I'elsifr,.!' candidate for
Commissioner from the H-eond district
lias been u resident of this county
sinco IST.'J and is thnroly conversant
with needs and condition of Webster
lie is a successful business man and
owns 100 acres of land within a mile
of Clue Hill Mr. Pelbiger's exneri"
enco as a township clerk for six years
under the old organization and repre
sentative to tho state legislature in
l'.iOl well qualilies him to serve the
county as commissioner.
Ho is pledged to give tio county a
si rait forward businesslike administra
tion and will if elected give his care
ful attention to I lie ollleo.
Mr. IVisiger has an cxcopUonnHy
clem record and would make Us an
excellent oilleer Tlil is one of tho
most important olllces in the county
nad It is imperative that men of ability
be chosen to look tiftor county affair.
Mr. l'eisiger lias the required ability
and should be el.c'd by a large ma
.Someone to Blame.
Wo tell visitors to Smith C'otiterlliat
we have the most ojtnplete system of
water works of any town of like sie
in tho state. And it is true that the
people have spent, many thousand dol
lars in establishing the system. Atter
all it is hard to tell why it should ho
necessary to bo deprived of water tor
tho purpose of spi inkling the sheets
during a time like this when it moans
7."J(' hi .S." rvcfj
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ho mii.'li. jri-u Client of inonoy nil
spent in i'iuipilnir tin pumping stut-1
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Tlii'io is wuttT hi'VL'rul'fi-et hIjovp tlu '
loi'l of tin- tup of tli wmII of tlit i'5ty '
Wfll, litlt lint tlOWtftl ttutt'P 'l'll loi
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ii'ineni ot il'i v uti-r -npply is Inine
s im- '.' Iim i' Ii n niill ".' c 'it I the
niotii". -.. 1 cii ilinuiirli tn.u'..:i c mul
Im t.iIkOii i t'uiplo) im i'.i;,ii ' e: u wt-iir-"it
t!ic ii i' Ii ! ii' u.'iliinir 'in
linui-n-f lio l. ot w.ittith'i' wonlli'i'
no I'flus'jii fur Ii r. ii'.' t oflYr etiM's
Thi' prewont .i unti'ti mi fur .is Hi"
wutrr bupply id rein" met), is a 'inin
i r.i blv oulrue ami the city uiluiiii-t i a
lion i cliurjfi'd lv lf pi'il witli lt-,
lt)(f ri'tpnuhibl" for it. If tlit" pn-fiit
lauyor ti ml i-ily "uni-U i-aii ilo nolliiii '
lliov 'hotilil oiii'li anil L'Vt'ry one of
tlioni ivsiii anil L'ivL tho ponplo a
oliaiu-e to olout men in thoir piaoos
who would do M)iuuthii) that would
moan tho suouriuK f an adoquato
wator hiipply. Joiirmil. Smith (Valor.
W thoulit that wo woro tho only
pla 'u on tho amp that was alllictod
witli imiilooualu wator .sunnlv and a
city adininistiatioa. ihcor up broth
run of Smith Coator it will rain unuin
-i"' j -w. -tv i tu lii. J lifl j ; "J r . . . . - . - . . w W w v
u ip mm
i1s i'inffi!M'm1f
P. A. Wullhrandtp Pm
veryffiiisg .
.... a.
llio city fathers are makiiiL' a dam
across Crookeil Crook. This will un
dotibtodly iacrcusu tho How of wator
in the wells for that has boon tho re
sult whoaovor a dam was thrown
aorbss the crook. This should have
boon done a month ago. Wo regret
that t hoy havo not saved money by
making a permanent and respectable
dam in place of tho unsightly misfit
which tho lirst henry rain will wash
Now that the creek can bo turned ia
again in cuso of lire property owners
will feel reassured. The papers of thih
city are a unit la regard to tho water
question and they undoubtedly voice
the judgment of nine tenths of tho
pooplo. Why givo up methods known
to bo good'.' What this city wants ih
less tinkering and aioro business.
Those who havo kept in touch with
tho electric light plant havo seen the
necessity of installing another engine
for home time. That a Miiall ongino
to help carry the night load will be
conceded but wo can bee no necessity
for installing a 100 horso power
englno. That would bo larger than
needed for years to como to maintain
a day current and tho coal cost would
bo prnctlcallv doubled. Thoargiunont
that another ongino of l'K) horse powor
would lessen tho cost is absurd as anv
oao knows that it takes more coal for
two outlines than for one. Wo are of
tht opinion that a Tin horse power
ellhi'ie vi ulil bo Intuit I ulter If it
t.l...ti.iii..-..i r... . i
I mm, ci vjvi nni i u oi cotii per nay lor a
i iu norso pimci engine now mu ii will
It take for two engines w-th a capacity
of 'JjO power.'
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Red Cloud, - - Nebraska: