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Good Qualities That Go Far Toward Malting the Most
Profitable Mlllt Producer Importance ol"
Shape. By J. Grant Morse.
I think tlint l hi- niiiiiHKoiM of tin- r
Now ork plate fair nr "up iijju'ni"
ti rntlicr hard iiiopuhltlun If they ulali'
to give nreinlutiiH to the best fciude
xjws. Iii the llrst place. If i tiltv- for
entering In thin elmm inu not of the
strictest kind the lneiuluius aie very
upt to go to pine bred cattle mas
querading as grades, writes .I. Giant
Monui In lliunl New Yorker. It In n
gieat deal easier to thou a pure-hied
ns n grade than it Is to show a grade
as n puio-bred, and if there Is any
thing in breeding the grades would
stand n poor chance by the t-ide of
puro-hredu especially titled by a pro
fessional showman. At llrnt one
would say that it will bo vei easy
to pick out the best cows by simply
milking them and weighing und test
lug tho milk, but in my opinion this
would not bo a fair way at all, for the
best dairy cows aio of a eiv bich
nervous temperament and for this ,
Prize Winner for
reason the best cow In tho lot might
make tho poorest showing under such
conditions as sho would meet w Ith on
tho stato fair grounds. A few years
ago I sold a leglBteied Jersey cow to
11 mcicant In a neighboring village,
under those conditions: I delivered
tho cow and told hia man how to
feed Iier and at the end of a week
I was to como back and either take
the row away or get my pay for her.
ns the buyer should decide ns to lier
vnlue. Well, at tho end of tho week
I went back and tho man paid mo for
tho cow. But after ho paid mo for
her ho tokl me that If I had como
back In tho middle of the week he
should have told mo to take the cow
away. The first day sho gave n gootl
flow of rich mlllt, but tho next sin.'
began to go off, both in quantity and
quality, and sho gave only a very
small moss of very poor milk. Then
sho began to got back to a normal
i-ondltlon, so that by tho end of the
week sho had won her way back into
tho good graces of tho family. So
Skctcli Showing Arrangement
Thut W1U Prevent Animal
from EiiUnir too Rapidly.
Sumo horses have a habit of eating
thoir feed too fast If It Is placed
loosely in a box. This can bo easily
Tomedled by making a self-feedor on
tho feed box, says Popular Mechanics.
The accompanying sketch shows how
Feed Box for Fast Ea,tlng Hor6e.
a feeder can bo mado similar to a
poultry feed hopper. Tho box can be
mode of one-inch hoardB lnrgo enough
to hold ouo feed. Tho horse can get
tho grain only In small quantities, so
ho cannot eat moro rapidly than ho
should. Tho bottom must bo made
with enough slant to Insure all of tho
feed coming out in tho trough,
Feed Grown On tho Furm Prop
erly Prepared und Fed Makeo
the Mont Profit to tho
It takes lovo for tho business, In
dustry and skill to grow beef cattlo
prolltnbly. Ab tho Drovors' Journal
says, tho feed grown on tho farm prop
urly prepared and fed makes tho best
prntlt in beef growing. Cattlo must
not bu forced by ovei feeding of grain
at tho commencement of tlio fattening
process. Corn and oats, ground to
gothor with bran and lluseed meal
mnko nil excellent grain ration for
oattlo at tho beginning of tho feeding
pioccES. After cattlo aro woll started
more corn can be fed, as corn Is tho
Mm tee that this cow would huu
made a ery poor showing In a pub
lic mill: test.
I think that the only piactical wu
in Judge Jhu.e cows Is by looking at
tlam and the man who docs the Judg
ing sdiould be one of wide expcilence
v. Itli dulrj cattle, lie should not only
nnili r.Miitxl cows as mllkein, but ho
nimbi to bo acipialntcd with the dlf
feient kinds of puiebieds fioni wlibh
th y ate giaded.
These cows hhould be Judged bj a
si ore of points, but not the seoie caid
of any one bleed Iir Instance, iln
.Jersey scoie card calla for a cow with
"dished face, wide between tho eyes
and narrow between the horns," whilo
these chniacterlstlcs are lacking In
some other breeds The shape of a
cow's head doesn't base anything to
do with her milking capacity in some
people'!) opinion, but l think that the
head Is tho most characteristic part
"Best Dairy Cow."
by which we may determine the pos
session of the high nervous tempera
ment necessary In the best daily cow
If I were going out after good dairy
cows I should have In mind one with
a long, deep bturel with well-sprung
ribs. The shouldcri, would lie thin,
but she would be deep and wide
through the chest. Her hips should
bo long and very wide, but her thighs
should be thin und dovold of much
flesh. She should have a good, shape
ly neck and a nice, intelligent bend,
devoid of much tlesh. If sho were
frcbh I should expect a good, big ud
der with largo teats placed far apait,
and her milk veins should be large
and clastic and bhould extend well
up toward her fi out legs and termi
nate In huge "milk wells." With this
conformation I should want to find
tho cow with a bright, healthy-looking
eye and a general alert appearance,
then if hor coat looked thrifty and her
skin had u soft, nice feeling, I should
think I bad found a good "milking
machine," In excellent working ordei
principal grain depended upon to lln
I.di cattlo for market.
For roughage nothing excels nllalfn,
and Rome feeders believe that alfalla
alone will fatten cattle as fast iif
corn and timothy hay Clover It adinir
able for roughage. Cattlo should hi
marketed when they aro in prlmo con
dltlon and not finished for show ani
mals. Kxtreino ilnlsh is expensive
and often reduces the profits of feed
lug operations and should not he at
tempted in commercial fattening for
tho geneial market.
That Recommendation Iti Mude to
Improve tho Fond in tho SMo
Mix Them with Corn.
For tlio purposo of getting more
protein food in tho silo with corn,
Hoard's Daiiymnn recommends grow
ing cow pcnB in tho corn, and snys tho
Whlppoorwlll peas nro considered
nbout tho best to plant with the corn.
It Is not as leafy ns boiuo of tho other
varieties, but on account of its climb
lug habit, clings to tho corn better
than tho others nnd makes It ensy for
tho corn binder to renp tho crop.
Some plant nbout one gallon of corn
and two gallons of peas per acre, or
sow tho peas nfter tho corn Ib about
six inches high; while othorB in plant
lug corn, drop a grnln of corn every
12 to M Inches and two or three peas
every olght to ten Inches. Silage
mndo from cow peas and corn mixed
together Is better thnr from cow peas
alone. Another system of gutting
moro protein into tho Blluge is to grow
tho cow pens and corn separately and
mix them us they ate being put Into
tho silo.
It is not always wise to feed tho
same amount or grnln to both horses
in ono tcniu. One may need moio
than the other to keep it Jn good
henlth nud woiklnp condition,
It may bo stated as general rule
that when a sheep gets sick nnd you
don't know how to doctor It, It Is n
good plan to nllow naturo to tuko its
courio. Proper care, light feeding and
protection against exposure will worJj
Paul on
Christian Love
Sunday School Ltimn for Auguit 2P,190.f)
Spsclallv .VtRrjad or 71,11 prtper
l.KSSON Ti:T-l (."or 13 I 13 Mmh
(IV f I M S TCVr -'Ami now nnioVth
f (lit tl liupi'. loi tlirsr tint,. I'Ut 111'
Krrntiat of tliu lnu-"- 1 l'o I.M.?
TI.Mi: Til.- I'lrM I'.pimlc to the for
Intliluni vii 1 Itteu fuun Kphisiu In
tin- xprliiK or A t) t7.
Suggestion and Practical Thought.
1 I .me Coirpletes All Virtue, and
Make. Perfect All the (loud Things of
Mfo.VB. I It. First. Kloiiuence, unln
hplred by real love, not seeking tho
highest good of the hearer, Is but
"sounding brnss, or a tinkling cym
bal;" mere noise without harmony,
without meaning, without the soul of
music. This Is true even if we had
the gift of tong"us bestowed by the
Holy Spirit at Pentecost.
Second. Knowledge Is poweiless to
build up character and the Christian
life, unless it is guided and filled with
Third Faith. 2 "And though I
have all faith, so that I could remme
mountains." as promised In Matt
17:20; 21:21. the mightiest und most
enduring faith. One iiay hae the
most strenuous fultli in the facts and
doctrines of Christianity, without tlio
faith that moes and touches the
heart, fnith that knows but doea not
obey. "And have not chailty." He
does not asset t that one can have
these things without love, but says If
ho could: "I am nothing" A moral
cipher, without nny moral worth or
signlficence; weighed In the balance
and to 11 ml wanting.
Fourth. Almsgiving. ".. "And
though I bestow all my goods to feed
the poor." As the Pharisees gavo
alms and Ananias sold his property
from unwoithy motives, without love;
whilo Barnabas and ninny nthors sold
theirs fiom love, and Jesus bade the
rich young man do the same, us an
expression of lovo and faith.
Fifth. Martyrdom. "And though 1
givo my body to he burned.'" From
unwoithy motives, from pride, for 11
desire for honor or glory. There are
peisecutcd upon whom Jesus pro
nounces Ills highest blessing (Matt.
5:10-12), but thoy aro persecuted "for
righteousness' sake." Yet even of
these thlnt'H, when done without love,
It must bo snld, "it proflteth me noth
ing" There Is no virtue in it to be
rewarded. It does not Improve the
character nor aid the cause.
II. Tho Spectrum of Love. The
Qunllties Which Are Combined In Per
fect I.ove. Vs. 4-7. The nbsolutc im
portance of love, aB nn essential part
of nil viitues and actions, has been
shown in tho first threo verses.
Our next duty Is to learn what lovo
Is. LIko life, lovo cannot be defined,
but It enn bo described and recognized
by what it docs, by Its fruits, by tlio
expression of its qualities. It Is like
life. Tho greatest scientists cannot
tell what It Is In ItR essence, but only
describe it by qualities and results.
First Ingredient. Patience. 4. "Char
ity (love) suffereth long." Is pntlent
with the faults and provocations of
others, never weary of "well doing."
Second Ingredient Kindness. "And
Is kind." Kindness Is lovo working,
lovo In nctlon, doing "ns many kind
things" to ns ninny people ns possible.
Third Ingredient. Ooneioslty.
"Clunity envioth not." Selfishness,
the opposite of love, Is the soil in
which envy grows.
Fourth Ingredient. Humility. "Clinr
lty vauntoth not itself," does not
sound tho praises of Its own deeds,
nor proclaim Its virtues with a
trumpet. "Is not puffed up." With
self-conceit, as a soap bubble, large in
size, but mostly wind.
Fifth Ingredient. Courtesy. 5
"Doth not behavo Itself unseemly."
Almost all unseemly conduct flowE
from Jirldo nnd selfishness.
Sixth Ingredient Unselfishness
"Seeketh not her own." Is not look
ing out for self first of all. It seeks
to give moro than to receive.
Seventh Ingredient Good Temper
"Ib not easily provoked." It does not
lose Its temper. Tho peculiarity of ill
temper Ib that It Is tho vlco of tho
virtuous. It Is often tho one blot on
nn othcrwlso noblo clinrncter. No
form of vlco is moro bnso; not world
llness. not greed of gold, not drunken
ness Itself, does moro to un-Chrlstlan
Izo society than evil temper.
Eighth Ingredient. OuIIelcssncsb.
"Thlnketh no evil." Lovo puts the
best construction upon tho nets of
others, Instead of tho worst, as
many do.
Ninth Ingredient. fiincerity. 0.
"Kejoicoth not In Iniquity." is not
glnd whon othors sin, hates to report
tho weaknesses and fnults of othors,
refuses to ccem good by depreciating
others. "Rojoicoth In tho truth." Hot
ter ns R. V "rojoicoth with tho truth,"
Is In sympathy with all that Is true,
rojoicoth whenever It can find a vir
tue or good deed In others, Joys in tho
triumph of virtue.
It "benreth nil things." Tho Greek
meaua to protect, ns a shield protects
a soldier.
Or tho sides of a ship protect It
ngainst tho InruBh of tho "multitudin
ous sens," or wnll and battlements
bear nil attacks of nn Invading army.
It "bellovoth all things;" haB perfect
conlldonco in God as tho God of love.
Its very naturo Is to hope. "Kn
rudroth nil things." Goes on bear
ing, believing, nnd hoping to tho end
Tho Immortal Three. V. 13. "And
now," Jn conclusion, "ahldoth faith,
hopo, charity." Thcso threo grac s,
faith, hope, love remain Import di
able nnd immortal. "Hut tho greatest
of theso Ib charity." Lovo. 1. It l
jrooUt in Its nnturo.
$&& Mite. J
b iwtLiu can 1
IttnfVIMM, I
To bo known n
To be Awarded t the NATIONAL CORN
ii. ,:,'v
Wo olTorn $1(100 00 1m Dutiful wild KoMnml silver trophy for tlin tiorann KttmliiK tlio Imitriiruf corn In twoilllTcmit
nramitii. tlio first aranon'fl icclmeu to bo himiI to tlio Nntlonnl Corn llxipimltlon (Imnlm. Ni-li., 1m fnro Nov. 27tli 1WW.
This oiTeriRopin to wiry man, womntmr child in tlioUnitcilijIatm. it Mill bo by tlio Iciullnif corn uuthoilty
of tho world, l'rof. 1'. (J. lloMon. Wutch thin paper for further luirlieuUira,
He Was Well Equipped.
A Methodist bishop was letently a
guest at the home of a ft lend who had
two charming daughters One morn
ing the bishop, uccompauiud by tho
two oung ladles, went out In the hope
of catching some 1 1 out. An old llsher
man, out foi the same purpose wish
ing to appear Irlendly, called out
"Ketchln' mtin, paid''"
The bishop, Htialghtcntug himself
to his full height, tepllcd: Brother,
1 am a Usher of men."
"You've got the light kind o bait,
nil light," was the fisherman's ie
Joinder. Success .Magazine
Try the Laughter Cure.
If laughter is good lor the bodily
well being It Is equally good tor men
tal health. We aie beginning to real
ize this. Anxiety, fear, worry nro
deadly enemies to the mind. Fight
against them nnd against cciy In
lliionco that tendh toward mental do
predion as you would light against a
tcni tntlon to dishonesty
Don't dopo your-elf for wry little
pnin. It only luntH nur stniuni'h. Such
pain comefl usually fioni local iuflnni
mntlon. A little rubbing with Handing
Wizard Oil will btop it immediately.
Uownre of people who pat you on
tho back. They may be looking for tin
opportunity to kh k your feet from
under you.
Willi miiiio tmtrlixt incdli tni'itlurrlu-a, ramp, tlr.
I'lili-ry, when for "U mirx I'alnfcllli-r (1'urrjr luvu')
li.ib Lici'ii rUluvIUL inlllloiioliuM,ii.
A man seldom has us big a bank
balance ns he wants acquaintances to
believe be has.
Mr. Wlnrtfiw'n Koothlntr Syruti.
Forchlldrrn lectliliirf, tufti'im UidKunii.ruUuiet In
Diuiutiou,llyiyln,curcB wind colli). I&cubotUo.
Tho world sprinkled $1,000,000 worth
of pepper on Its food In 1908.
Smokers like Lewis' Single Binder cinr
for ita rich, mellow quality.
A man who is good only on the sur
face In no good
The Sunshine Ginger Wafer
These are called Yum Yums they are made at the
"Sunshine Bakeries" too with the other "Sunshines."
Baked in white tile top floor ovens amid pure air and
sunshine. They are the best ginger snaps you ever tasted.
Sunshine Yum Yums
"The gingery ginger snap"
Dainty wafers with just enough snaps until you taste the "Sun
spice to be appetizing. shine" kind.
We employ infinite skill and Sunshine Yum Yums aro
costly material to create them. packc(i in thrice 8caed cartons
You miss the best in ginger amply protected from dust
m iii'iii' x
!$1,000 Goldan2ilver Award
For the best Ear of Corn
tho W. K. Kellogg Nationnl Corn Trophy
EXPOSITION, OMAHA, Dec. 6 to 18,
Positively cured by
Uicse Little l'lllv. ,
Thoy nlun rollexo 11.
trcH-ifnim 1 mp-inIii, In-
illKrilloii iiml Too Hnirty
nulliiK. A iH-rftcl rim- i
rily (or DIzrlncHH, Nun
M'U, DrouhlnoMH, Hud '
TiiMtP In tin-Mouth, ('out-
ra Touirur, Pain In the
Hlilr, TOItl'II) UVHIC
They rt'tf ulato thu llowelH. Puiely Wfit'tuble.
Genuine Must Bear
Fac-Similc Signature
niWIWMi i i
If Hnps
Without Saying
lliat vun want it irooil roof nvor
!your lieail. WASIlINtJTON UMI)
' (JHDAU SIlIXtlLKS iiiahe the
J best loolliig" possible. 'I his is
tho leading bnmd.
i;aik ".'i
"'"'V I IVY
J ' " ii.- r .T-.., 1 ;
In (fnjitTiirl.'lr for Mlo nt tlm Inwi-nt iirlrrn by
m,iiTlltXM!HMUrrUlM(l.11W. ImiMI tilnn
and moisture.
They are at your grocer's in
Sc packages.
Try a package judge all
"Sunshines" by them.
This Trade-mark
Eliminates All
In (lie purchase of
ti.iint materials.
It is an absolute
nu irantcu of nur.
ity and quality.
Tor your own
protection, sec
tat it is on the side of
cory keg ol white lead
you buy.
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Eity draft. Jmoolb bait.
Hlilip "Ion trial.
mill WDhT l'Jtli HTUF.KT
.. ftr (oi.! fc io KAJJSAa CITY, MO,
W. N. U., LINCOLN, NO. 351909.
V T A .Hir.9
V9.K ti
flrfCJCslV " ''
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