The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, August 12, 1909, Image 4

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15he CHIEF
.Rotl Cloud - - Nobrnska.
Knieri) In Hi'1 rcuK'IVe "t'liwl rlnml.Nab..
d ei urn! i'ii Mnitcr
r i. it a hi:
Till: ONLY lM-M(H'.Tlr 1'At'Mt IN C OtWIY
Political Advertising
The eoluiiniHof the Cm? i hip "r'
for legitimate advertbemeitl of "H
l.imK CaiiflHlHk. ri'riinlUMof party, nrJ ivMoMtu to lb1"
culumni. Price of aiiiioiineenu lit fo.W.
Vim NllKKIH'.
I hereby announce myself n cnndl
(Into for Uio iinmliititiun of Nherlir or
Webster county subject to Ibo will of
the Doitfooint and People Independent
elector at Ibc Primary election Ati.
1 7th., 1000, utiil nmt respoetfully
Milleltyornpi'ort. K 's
We ar Authorized to auouticts 1hat
Win. KlrkpatrlCk will be a candidate
r..r LUh nominee of Hhcrlff by th
Peinocmt and Peoples Independent
ln riles at Pilmary election Aujr'ist
17th WOK
Vo lmvo bcLMi Authorized to an
noiiiieo.the Ciuulltliicylor W. H Cramer,
fur tbt olllco of County Treimurer,
hiibjcct to Uio will of tin- Democrat
mid Peoples Independent parties at
the primary election August 17 tb. 11)011.
We have been Authorized to An
iiouilee tbo t'undldiicy of H. V. Koontz
for tbu olllco of County TioiiMirr,
subject to Hie will or Republican
voters expressed at tbo primary
election Aulst 17th. 1!0!.
1 will be aTandldate for Treasurer
(d Webster County Ncbtnskii, subject
to the will or the Kepubliean Electors
ut tbo Primary oleetlon 'August l"th
liio'.l. lluspectfully. .1. P. (Iim.mi:.s.
POU TltHAUKi:il.
We are authorized to announce the
name or Or. It. !'. Haines as a candi
date Tor tbe nomination for Hie olllco
of Treasurer ofjWebster County, sub
ject to tbe will of the Kepubliean
electors at th primary tleetion to bo
held August 17, l'.Hif).
We bae been Autlior'u.eil to an
nounce tho iiiimo of O. A. Arnold, of
llluo 11111,01' noiniiiiilloii of County
Treasurer, subject to tbo will of the
Democrat; and Peoples Independent
voters at the Primary election August
17th, UKW. -.
1 hereby aiiiiounce uiysolf asaeandi
date for ro-election as county clerk, m
tho republicau.tleUet, i-ubject to tho
decision of.tho voters at the primary
election to'be held August 17th. IDO'.i.
K. W. Hoss.
1 will bo u 3 Candidate for County
.Indue of Wobsterj County, subject to
tbo will of the Republican Klectors at
the Primary election August iTtli.
11)01). Respectfully, (i. W. lie msii.i..
for cor.NTY .-i:pi:rintknm)i:nt.
We are Authorized toaniioiiueo that
Miss Mable Day will be a ('aiulidalo
for the olllce of Coiiutj Miperintend
ent, subject to the will of tho Homo
erat and People i Independent parlies
at the Primary election AuifiiHt lTtb.
;..."".....liilwWHM II '
Mi8s Mai el ,jt vflinilibitc for the
uoiulliatloii of Ctouly Mi(.i!ntendt)iit
is wutl qimtifb ."Hi I ,v t .N'lerlei ee
anil"' '" tl !' i ni'ortmu otllee.
Ma , -;uy trninln?, tx-
pet 'i You will make
no , fin. ' i. i it
yoc Ms
A ." the
Cat 'i , ' I vi -
asj . i i .,,
'Tn . . :.,,
8el i i,i l
ei i . f iif.
fai .'1 ,!
U , , i
. r I
lib 'i .;
no . . .
qil ''i .
till ' . , K tti iui . . .
of I ...',
uequaiuw '
-my man In i.. .
can b ui'fc'ed ugJti.i
lie lias beJd tho oilico for a .v..
in the older states this U retrardeu -
a shllsfactbry reason for eontinuliif; u
man n ho has been found .apable ni'd
olll-ii "t ill !'!'' mi t'i" ! .if !
peo . eli loiih' v I iv. t
mill ' in 1 i h , -. n n ,
rcgai u.'.'J'i1 LI m
'" urauunMwiunotaxaaa
(now Ilinlfll the ('audi bite mi the
PemoeinMc mid People Independent
pi'liiniiy ticket, for County Clerk K a
(inn imiii tlitil Is iiiite Midi knotvn
throughout the county, h he cntno to
tb'-. rutin ty 8.1 year ago, And bai
Ik en ui'Iladclls mid Co'., store a
good pat t of thai 'time. Wo heartily
riiduiM! him an a candidate, for this
otllre. and full mire tbat Ii will
cure the full vote of the two par
ties whleb he ban always ardently
support prt.
Voter, of the Democratic and Peoples
Independent ticket aliutild not over
look Mr. JV B, Cramer candidate for
ouitty .TreaMirer. vrhcn.thoy outer
the votitiK places on flic llb. It bas
been reported tbat Mr. Clamor dnon
iioUUMiit the oftbsu of comity treasurer
but tld.s W a mlstuhe. Head the tin
iioiinccIiientH. Mr Cramer ban for
years been identllled with tbe Inter
ests of Webster county nml U a man
of Mhlliitf Integrity, abwriutily hoiieat,
and reliable.
I ilesite to itiiimiMiea to the voteitt of
the Pemoerntle and People ludepend
cut pnrtles that I will appreciate their
mpport nt tbo romiiiK primary tlet
Ion. I have resided in this county for
fifteen yearn and hove had dealing in
a InuJiieNi way w Itb a nn at luimbet of
person and 1 believe tbat they will all
testify that I have always been Mpiare
and honest in my dcHlhijiw with thein.j
If nominated,!!))!! olee.led it will be
my aim to servo tile eorfnty Mir tbo
capacity of sbeilll' to tbo very brst of
my powers and ability.
Wo have a suggestion to oll'er tho
ba'-e ball association, lji as iniieh us
our popular pitcher. .Jack .Musters has
been quite sick with typhoid fever why
not k'ivo him a benefit xanie?
Tbo association nonh ulOso a day
when tho team is liumo and no uame
arranged for. let pittihers Clojjj; anil
Puyati! choio up sides from our own
pl.iyers and 1111 in with players of
former days. This would insuio a
Kood ,'ame and a big altondauco and
tbo association would suffer no Ilium
t'ial loss. I'.y all melius let Us have a
benellt triunt' for dear old .lack-.
To my Democratic and Populist
friends on account of urgent work on
the farm it is impossible for mo to see
you nil, so ask you through tho Chief
for your a'.sistunee in my tight for
the nomination for Sherill'. I have
been a resident of the county for the
past 20 years have spent my entire liTo
on the farm. I have never asked for
an olllce before, urgo your neighbors
itild friends to attend the piimary as
that is the only place you have any
choice.'. So get out and do what you
can to nominate a good ticket, then
elect it in November. I shall bo very
thankful for any assistance you can
give me. 10. W. Coi'i.KN.
The Chautauqua is now on in full
blast and has caused us to '"look up'
tho origin of the idea.
In 1S7U John II. Vincent conceived
the idea of holding a meeting for Sun
day school workers and giving them a
witter knowledge of the Ribloaud the
principles which they were teaching
and consequently secured the grounds
on the shores of I.uko Chautauqua in
western New York. Iloro he con
ducted a kind of .-chool and the idea
took at once. People seemed to bo
hungry for information. A little later
he included Creek and Roman history
and I he people wero rhaimcd. Prom
that it w!is but iv step to organized
classes, .studying thruout the year.
Outlines of which were furnished by
Mr. Vincent. This win a success from
the start ami all over the 1'nlttd
States circles woio foiinrd and people
of all clatkcx graduated from ttdtege
at homo and n reived diplomas Mgucd
b tho oi i.tiimlor of tbe lib a. I.iitt-r
Rev Vine. ht lee, me Dr. Vincent h.v
ing received hi-nitry dpgree ronfetred
I'p.inbimby Vale and II.mivmi! and
other rimer itiis ninl lite) be was
made a Mlnv of the Methodist
i-buuh. ThU seems to lur. e ceupietl
most of ids time imd tJio Cbontauqiui
i 11 w i'Ii flit a l.e.i.i
. i ner t !i tut:iiiipi.i dil . i int
i ' ly tom ili. oiihn.l mie
' ) J yt'.all m:tU lvti,iy I'iKle
i i i !'t !tci Malt ,Hb.)iit 'a) ot
' I .'U'al'.ipLt is UI 0 to stttV liUd
. i ' ' t i nr i'i I I
i i
8aw Joues ciut-m,.v... t liiuu-
tllllipi l us a en. b-tueeu a tv Hip
i . ( n nid ' i . I i i ,i.
' I i ' . I ,.
I 'I ' f ' ' !' ' ,l' I
in all ulidei takings anil It is mir
means of jfrowtli. Peopb williul.t
cast asldu Hie daily 1iitles to n it. foi
a eimn othpr IninN, or to think .itlo-i
thonirbts and return home niie!ieii
and better rotilctifed withtlu-'ridiosi n
Th third atiual t hsittaitqua opt tied
berc last Saturday with a prelude b
Kureltn r.lee C'ltib and a iVturp l.y
Cd. O. A. tloarhart, The attendnf
lioth afternoon and evening wai vei
Ifood for the opening day.
Cof. (leaihnrl wa af bis best and
delighted the audience with his easy
manner of delivery and hl choice of
diction. He nlwpys takes high theme
and raises tho Manflnrd of, Uvln
where ever he tfoim. .fine cannot Hv
ten to his elevating tbotiifhts without
becoming' better and ho does liolmako
it tfoody-Koudy inllt either. Tho pen
pic of Roil Cloud and surrounding
country wlil always welcome, Col.
The F.ureka Oltio Club f nrnlsbed the
music lovern n splendid recital and
showed I brniselves past master In tbe
art of cut ci tabling.
On Stimlay afternoon, platf m
manager (ilenu Frank, deliver' ' a
very masterly discourse Tho ,ng
in years he i gifted with free and
logic and bis lecture or sermon is very
favorablo coinmonled upon. He bus
tho ability to hold I ho attention aud
gives plenty of material for thought.
A large nudienco greeted Mr. Soars
In the ovoniiip vjhti spoko on more
taffy nndlesH opltaidiy. This gentle
man Is n polished man of tho world
and was at perfect ease on the pint
form. Much of what be said wim
good but we regret tbat ho did not de
velop a deeper line of thought. How
ever ho was llstuned to with marked
attention ami peoplo gouerally wore
well pleased with his efforts.
Thatchers Royal Hungarian or
chestra proved to be Heritable music
al feast and the people who know
what good music is wore loud in their
praise of this organization
Despite the fact that Campbell IJro-.
circus were giving a performance in
tbo city upwards of looo people gath
ered at the Chautauqua tent to hear
the famous weather prophet Irl Hicks
or St. Louis Tins was plainly a great
disappointment. Mr. Ili-lis could
have told the atidienco some of the
means by which Io bases his predict
ions and they would have listened
eagerly for a little Information in re
gard to the went her. But unfortunate
ly he neglected his opportunity and
gave only u simple outline of the s-ilar
system, srch as can be found in the
common school geography.
In thccvGiiiug tbo Moi'phet-. mysti
lleil the people with their slight of
hand and their happy manner of mak
ing oueforgetoue'sself. The children
especially wero charmed with this
Tuesday at ternoon Denton C. Crow I
reproduced ono of Sam .lonos' lectures
entitled "Oct there ami stay there."
We doubt If Mr. Jones himself were
ever accorded a better attention. Mr.
Crowd has a marvelous voice and u
pleasing personality. The lecture was
greatly enjoyed especially by the
people who confessed to have read tho
book He.ikiah.
Tho evening entertainment wasgiven
over to J. Lorenzo Zwlekey, tho fam
ous Swiss Canadian artist. His draw
ings were suborb and the lecture
which went with it wa no less beau
tiful, lie not only pleased the eye
but ho gave real thoughts of value
Mr. Zwickey seems to know that peo
ple think and he is not satisfied with
an easy cod.
Mrs. Pliu-i-uiv Rkdiaiiis gave nn ex
cellent temperance yesterday
afternoon. h. is u Inly who has
triiveltd extensively and has used her
eyes at till times The large mi Hence
give In r markid attention au hj
their continual itpplausv demoi,-' rated
Hint tins veie w IHi ln-i on lli- teni
pcrill i qui sio. Sbo -tl'iM in fht
hecltll lli tlu.l lh t.) . .die! l-:i...f
aiitv vue which was sweiping- oer
tb lap 1 was not a spustnidlr effort
tint u, the n ult of li Her 1..
Idi'liiM" idea-, of tlie people.
In t1 t vmlog Mr. T. E. . .
Iilsa'-dieiieexpidloouud as lie
I h f. !. and i f'li.litii n hi ',
tlieui hi .l.q mi He lot v 1 ,. n .
c 'lint i ! u f , ili t ; . - ii
V but !n'h'id t' iy U ,i r.t i
ground ''.ior. Mi liieeii w(-,
the liert ii etim t tli:.t has ;q ;.i
ir iti.
. be! I
i Hu
ll an I i
y f.i
led (ill
I ie
the j, ilfwtm 11.
pi. i'i J t'l.ii ,;li'
llild fll
li v
" ' d !'',
i ' ..mi j.i'nt;
" ." ..ntatul her body
..a. i were swollen ulmost beyond
ri'biKukU)ii;had beeuinbedforsix v eeUs
and haw jijfht pliysiclaus, but reeeiyed
no ben. fit until hhe tried Pr. Detehoii's
II 1 i I lur Itbi-lMii.'t j-iii It ; ive In I'
I i il'Ilte I i ' . I )i iie ' I - l ',
' .1' ' 1 Hi i l lV 1 III i it
' i J e M ' 1, ilo '! I,
Urlee Ibitj,' ,o , Jt hI Cloud. Nebr.
iniimii ii .i.iiimhihhi
J An Improvement over many Ctr i uinf n-v'
J ysleri of a cold by ectlnj b- a i .. - t .
satlsfnction or money r.funikd i-v .:-r' .. l .,
i'llt rtI.E T CH'iivX idil J .sJl'OlVW.
n i ii ii in i ii iii rTir i i rtin TrirfTust n mmnu rmamivrt nrraiir it -irrnn urn mwnn im m tun nmn i -triMri-M m Uirrn am u iimrmm wmi ,r ninswr i
Where to go. and Where to Btty
your White goods, Laces, Embroidery, Muslin, Underwear,
al the right prices is at F. NEWHOUSE'S.
flJFor this sale only will sell Suesine Silk at 42c a yd., all
shades. '
Sale ef Embreldertes
CEvcry woman should buy Iter Laces and
Embroideries at litis sale to meet her needs
for monlhs to conv CjThis sale lasts for "
2 weeks only commencing Saturday, July
31lh. QJNcvcr before have you been
offered such bargains as these
Embroidery for Corset Covers, elegant
patterns finely embroidered goods, 30c
values at 22c.
Embroidery for Corset Covers, cross
bar, finely embroidered. 55c value 30c.
Flouncings 18 inch wide, beautiful em
broidered patterns, 50c value at 25c.
Flouncings 27 inches wide, beautiful
embroidered patterns, 75c values al 50c.
36 inch Embroidery, deep work, beau
tiful embroidered patterns, $ 1 .50 at $ 1 .00.
All the rest of our Embroideries are
marked away down.
Agerl for Joxitterick
to go without ins ranee. The risk
assumed is toi K'o.t for Ilia Miiull
premium you keep in your poeket
Figuro out how iiiiiny jeur- oti
would have to be free from tiny tiro
in ordur to s-uve the value of your
house and eonteuts. Then consider
that you may liavt a fiio this very
niht. Thuoot n! v.u l little
blaze will be nioro than th pre
in i n m of
Uottor have tne Issue joti -i pulley
to-day. H'tja wli'l lot better to
be sure than sorry, a many an un
innnred uuin bus been.
mom rm gn-
ra k . ) -j mmm
Red Clcud, Nebr.
Qwlfl's Prortilutri
Ham or
, (s !-:c"
.O'U '. i f rr- .'
' ri 2 :.U iiit i.t,aU u . -U ivlijvl.
Wm. BGn
fieri Cloud, jhlator.
io'Viii'si '; w.-.
: t,
for nAi:,;i
S .VHiri'l M X
cc'ivo,v:s to f: . outst. runs pood and rjucs law.
Dress Skirts
SJHavc added to our slock Ladies Ready
Made Dress Skirls and in selecting sizes
J have thought of
tnc smau ones.
like to have you
are always glad
your chance to gel a White Dress cheap.
All long wristcd Gloves nt 1-4 per cent
JJ v
-1 -fc T n . - -- CJ - -m -V mK rt " - -t ? -,
.''''-"' " - if --. it' ,' -'SJ.
ff.r v
' A 1&. T Q Tow t 4 j a w
ft nlbG ilGW cHWblfc &
?- ... ty
5S Of Groceries just received at the Home i
(0 Grocery. We now have a complete iti
ii) line of fancy and staple groceries. : : (j
i Gome and See (i
W flAlso a large assortment of choice $
i queensware at the lowest prices possible. $
P. A. Wullhrandt
Fulton Grocer Company.
fJtp&S-.C?--r-' -
That Lame
Kidney Disease
And to Relieve the Lame and Aching Back,
You Must First Remove the K I ' i -
There l.i i o reostlon fibout tbn'
Bt iu:-f'.- il 1 iruo a rd hchhu;
tir. It Ii ta"i-d l.y n dlO'i'd con
di:lvn of tie M.lrej- and bladder.
It i'5 o::!y i-oi'iii'on .
tl rt y u li II: t i
by let i.i. !t' t1if t '
(' .. . ! 1
. any way
.10 re.'-
thj ordr
:t of lli
kblr evj i
n:i 1. 1 -i'j'
Joe j tl:"'q;.
the "!
U k
3 mi;'
, f r I-
'iV t
,-! O'
r.Ui i . u . i '
nc - '.-.i ' '
rc!;ui.u..j', ' -Jce'.K3
rird liability
rest, ecabMiijc f;."-it..
je.ciit in ilio t-i'"-. '.- '
the b!:iddcr rnd ii. - .
DtY.'itfs :""
i r- t ccdi
:'.'" i .oa of
j, tlu.
1 T'-'Mev
Piua are an cxiv; ::.udy i.u.ilioil
oua remedy for cny and all affte.
tlon cr dJsoft.-ea conditions ct
these organs. These Tills operate
directly nnd promptly and thoir
beneficial results are at onco felt,
They regulate, purify, and effec
tually heal mil restoio the Md
neys, bPiibb r ri.d lirr, to perfc '
and 1 1. dil j c "' ti i n n i
E" ' '" i 1 nt' I ra ,-
.ch'.il P.err.siilci, because it rlu9 the
,-els. No routes. Gusrpntccd to iflve
ioa w
the large folks as well as
Ujjdeiorc buying would
look our line over as we
to show goods.
Children's Ready
tale Presses
fJHave a few odd sizes
left in Children's white
ready made Dresses
which we will close
out at cost. This is
S.feGt - - 5 - s: -
M -I , ''.
Back Mean
C Kd,
v. V. UeWitt L Co., Cblcafr , l l
wunt every man and woman . !io
liovo the loast cupplclon that t'v v
nro affllft'-d wlln Kldn-y nnd bhul
i'i r i' . s to ( t i vrt'o tln' l,
' ItuiLliiM, -l.Ms will bo
' t ft e I v i . M riffpaid.