The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, July 08, 1909, Image 7

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"A Detective, In Point of Fnct," Said He. J
j ifwM H gBCi V M
"Mail" Dan Maltlaml, on reaching Ills
Now York haehelor club, mot an attrac
tive young woman at tho loor. Janitor
Oilnuan assured lilm no ono had boon
within that day. Dan discovered a wom
an h muter prints in uust on tun iohk,
nlnm; with a letter from IiIh attorney.
Maltlaml dined with llanuonnaii. his nt-
Maltlaml dined with 1
torney. Dim cot out
jet his family Jewels,
rn tho count rv seat.
for ureenucltls, to
Is. During hln want
ho met the young
woman In gray, wiinm ho had' seen leav
ing his bachelors' club. Ib-r anlo had
broken down. Me Hy a ruse she.
"lost" him. Maltlaml. on reaching homo,
BiirprlFed lady In gray, cracking tin- safe
containing his gems. She, apparently,
took him for a well-known rrook, Daniel
Anlsly. Half-hypnotized, Maltlaml opened
his safe, took therefrom the Jewels, anil
Kave them to her, llrst forming a part
nership In crime. Tho real Dan Anlsty.
sought by police of tho world, appeared
on tho samo mission. Mnltlaml overcame
lilm. Ho met tho girl outside tho house
and they sped on to New York In her au
to lie had the Jewels and she promised
to meet lilm that day. Maltlaml received
a "Mr. Kuallh," Introducing himself ns a
detective. To shield the girl In Bray,
Maltlaml, about to show lilm the Jew
els, supposedly lost, was felled hy a blow
from "Snalth's" cano. The latter proved
to bo Anlsty himself anil he secured the
coins. Anlstv, who was Maltland's dou
ble, masqueraded as tho latter. The
criminal kept Maltland's engagement with
tho Kirl In gray.
CHAPTER VII. Continued.
It was very plain to n deductive
rensoner from tho girl's nttltndo to
ward him that sho had fallen Into ro
tations of uncommon friendliness with
this Maltlaml, young as Anlsty be
lloved their acquaintance to ho. Thero
had plainly hoen a flirtation where
in, lay tho explanation of Maltland's
lOrbenranco; ho had hoen fascinated
hy tho woman, had not hesitated to
tnko Anlsty's name (oven as Anlsty
was then taking, his) in order to pro
long their Intimacy.
So much tho hottor. Turn ahout
was still fair play. Maltland had sown
ni Anlsty; tho real Anlsty would reap
tho hnrvost. Pretty women Interested
him deeply, though ho saw Httlo enough
of them, partly through motives of
prudence, pnrtly because of a refine
ment of tasto; women of tho class of
this conquost-by-proxy wero out of
reach of tho onemy of society. Thnt
is, undor ordinary circumstances. This
one, on tho contrary, was not; what
ovor sho was or had been, howovor
successful a crackswoman sho might
bo, her cultivation and breeding woro
as apparent as her beauty; and quite
ns attractive.
A criminal Is necessarily first a gam
bler, a votary of Chatico; and tho
blind goddess had always been very
kind to Mr. Anlsty. Ho felt that hero
ignln sho was favoring him. Maltland
be had eliminated from this girl's life;
Maltland had failed to keep his en
gagement, and so would never ngaln
be called upon' to play tho part of
ourglar with her Intorest for Incentive
and guerdon. Anlsty hlmsolf noultl
:nko up whero Maltland had loft off.
Eoslly enough. Tho difficulties wero
insignificant; ho had only to ploy up
;o Maltland's stnndard for a whllo, to
io Mnltland with nil that gontlomnn's
ulvnntngos, educational and soclnl,
luou gradually drop back to his owuj
s a&rz c i
jl,uujlj uufj.fa rsuwjz
ROBBS - MinmLt. CO.
level and be himself. Dan Anl-'y,
"Handsome Dan," the professional, Un
fit mate for the girl.
What was she saying?
"Hut youhave lunched already!"
with an appealing pout.
"Indeed, no!" ho protested, earnest
ly. "I was early conceive my eager
ness! and by ill chance a friend of
mine Insisted upon lunching with me.
I had only a cup of coffee and a roll."
He motioned to tho waiter, calling
him "Wallet!" rather than "flarcon!"
Intuitively undci standing that Malt
land would never have aired his
French In n public place, and that
ho could not afford the least slip be
fore n woman as keen as this.
"Lay a clean cloth and bring tho
bill of fare,'" he demanded, tempering
hi.u lordly instincts and adding the
"please" that men of Maltland's stamp
ute to inferiors.
"A friend!" tardily echoed tho girl
when tho servant was gone.
He laughed lightly, determined to
bo frank. "A detective, in point of
fact," said he. And he enjoyed hor
prlse. "You have many such?"
"For convenience ono tries to have
ono In each city."
"And this'.'"
"Oh, I have lilm fixed, all right. He
cenlldcd to me till the latest develop
meats and olllcial Intentions with re
gard to tho Maltlaml arrest."
Her eyes danced. "Toll me!" she
demanded, Imperious; the emphasis of
intimacy irresistiblo as she bent for
ward, forearms on the cloth, slim
white hands clasped with tense im
patience, eyes seeking his.
"Why ... of course Maltland
"Fact. Scared the butjer Into tin
gagging him; then, In a lit of pardon
nble rage, knocked that fool down and
dashed out of tho window presum
ably In pursuit of us. Up to a lato
hour he hadn't returned, and police
opinion Is divided as to whether Malt
land nrrested Anlsty, and Anlsty got
nway, or vice versa."
"Excellent!" She clnsped her hands
noiselessly, n gay little gesture.
"So, whatever the outcome, ono thing
Is certain: Hlggins will presently be
seeking another berth."
Sho lifted her brows prettily. "Hlg
gins?" with the rising inflection.
"Tho butler. Didn't you hear?"
Eyes wondering, sho moved her bend
slowly from sldo to side. "Hear what?"
"I fancied that you had waited a
moment on tho vernnda," ho finessed.
"Oh, I was qulto too frightened."
Ho look this for a comploto denial.
Hctter and better! Ho hnd actually
feared sho hod eavesdropped, ltow
ovor warrontably; nnd Maltland's
authoritative way with tho servants
had been too convincingly; natural to
liavo deceived u woman of hor keon
Thero followed a lull wlrllo Anlsty
was ordering tho luncheon; something
elaborately aii'l wltli success,
himself humorously: "Hnng
the expense!
which fart tin
Mntilaiid jm s." Of
weight In his pocket
was nssaraneo.
Maltland Vnlsty's thoughts
I verged off upon an Interesting tan
gent. What was Maltland s motive In
1 tu ranging this meeting? It was self
j evident that the twain were of one
, world the girl and the man of fash
i tt. Hut, whatever her light of her
itage, sho had renounced It, deelasslng
h-Mself by yielding to thievish In
stincts, voluntarily plating herself on
tie level of Anlsly. Where she must
remain, for over.
Tl'eu- was comfort In tlntt rellectlon.
He pliuced up to find her eyes bent In
gravity upon him. She. too, It ap
peared had liillcn a prey to reverie,
t'pon what subject? All absorbing
one, doubtless, since It held her ab
stracted despite her companion's di
rt el. unequivocally admiring siare.
The odd light was dickering again In
the cracksman's glace. She was then
more beautiful than aught that ever
he had dreamed of. Such hair as was
In rs. woven seemingly of dull Homes,
lambt nt. witching! And eyes heoutl
fql always, but never more so than at moment, when HUed with sweetly
p nslve contemplation. . . . Was
she reviewing the last l!l hours, dream
ing of what bad passed between bel
aud that silly fool, Maltland? If only
.!ilsi eoitld surmise what they had
said to each oilier, how long they hod
la i'n acquainted; if only she would
give him a bint, a leading word!
If he lotild have read her mind, have
seen behind the 111 m of thought that
cliiiided hor eyes, one fears Mr. Anlsty
might have lost appetite for an excel
I nt luncheon.
I'or she was studying his hands, her
n.rmoiy harking bock to the moment
whin she had stood beside the wife.
In Idlng the bull's-eye.
In the blackness of that hour a disk
o' light shone out luridly against the
tipesiry of memory. Within Its radius
appeared two hands, long, supple,
strong, immaculately white, graceful
ami dexterous, as delicate of contour
as a woman's, yet lacking nothing of
masculine vigor and modeling; hands
that wavered against the blackness,
fumbling with the shining nickeled
disk of a combination lock. . . .
The Impression had been and re
mained one extraordinarily vivid.
Could her eyes have deceived hor so?
She nodded alertly, Instantaneously
mistress of self; and let her gaze,
serious yet half smiling, linger upon
his the exact fractional shade of an In
stant longer than had been, perhaps,
discreet. Then lashes drooped long
upon her cheeks, and her color deep
ened all but imperceptibly.
Tho man's breath halted, then came
a trace more rapidly than before. He
bent forward Impulsively. . . . The
girl sighed, ever so gently.
"I wns thoughtful. . . . it's all
so strange, you know."
Ills attitude war. an eager question.
"I mean our meeting Unit way, last
I night." She held his gnzo again, mo
t mnitiirlly, anil
"Damn the waiter!" quoth savagely
Mr. Anlsty to his Inner man, sitting
back to facilitate the service of their
The girl placated him with an Insig
nificant remark which led both Into a
maze of meaningless but Infinitely ill-v-'itlng
Inconsequences; inverting, at
least, to Anlsty, who held up his head,
giving her back look for look. Jest for
Jept. platitude for platitude (when the
waiter was within hearing distance);
! altogether, he fill, acquitting himself
very creditably.
As for the girl, in tho course of the
next half or three-quarters of an hour
sho ilemoiijtr.ited herself conclusively
a person of amazing resource, de
veloping wttii admirable ingenuity a
campaign planned on the spur of a
chance observation. The gentle man
ncreii and seii-sulllclent crook was
taken captive before ho realized It,
however willing he may have been.
Knmcshcd in a hundred iincompre
bended subtleties, he basked, purring,
the whllo she insinuated herself be
neath his guard and stripped him of
his entire armament of cunning, vigi
lance, Invention, suspicion, und dis
trust. Ho relinquished them without a
sigh, barely conscious of tho spolia
tion. Aftor all, she wns of his trade,
herself mired with guilt; sho would
never dare betray him, tho conse
quences to herself would be so dire.
Hesldos, patently nlmost too much
so she admired lilm. Ho wns her
hero. Had she not moro than hinted
that such was tho case, that his ox
ample, his exploits, hod fired her to
eniulntlon howover weakly feminine?
. . . Ho saw her before lilm, dainty,
alluring, yielding, yet leading lilm on
altogether desirable. And so long had
he, Anlsty, starved for affection!
"I nm sure you must bo dying for n
"Hog pardon!" Ho nvvoko abruptly,
to find himself twirling tho sharp
r'hbod stem of his empty glass. All
s' ractedly ho stared Into this, ns
though seeking thero a duo to what
they had been talking about. Hazily
he understood thnt they had been
drifting close upon tho perilous shoals
of intlmato personalities. What had
ho told her? What had ho not?
No matter. It was clearly to ho seen
thet her regnrd for him had waxed
ruber than wnned ns a result of their
conversation. Ono had hut to look
Into her eyes to bo reassured as to
that. One did look, breathing heavily.
. , . What on Ingonuous child It
was, to show lilm hor heart so freely!
He wondered that this should bo so,
fooling It none tho less a just and
gincoful tribute to his fasclmitlous..
She repeated her arch query. Sho
wns sure he wanted to smoke.
Indeed ho did If sho would noruilt?
he did
And forthwith Mankind's clgarefto
case was produced, with a lloutish.
"What a beautiful case!"
In an Instant It was In her hands.
' Heautlful!" she It. rated. Inspecting
the delicate tracery or the monogram
engraver's art- head bended forward,
face shaded by the broad brimmed hat.
"You like It? You would care to
own It?" Anlsty deiuanded, unsteadily.
"I?" The Inllectlon of doubtful sur
pi'se was a delight to the ear. "Oh!
. . . I couldn't think of accepting.
. . . Hesldos, 1 have no use for It."
"Of course you ain't ate not that
sort." An hour back he could have
kicked himself for tho grammatical
b'ttnder; now he was wholly llludcd;
besides, she didn't seem to notice.
"Hut as it little token -between us "
She drew hack, pushing the case
across the cloth: "I couldn't dream "
"Hut If 1 Insist ?"
"If you Insist? . . . Why. I sup
pose . . . It's awfully good of
you." She Hashed him a maddening
"You do me pro honor," he amend
ed, hastily. Then, daringly: "I don't
ask much In exchange, only"
"A cigarette?" she suggested,
He laughed, pleased and diverted.
"That'll be enoimh now If you'll light
it for inc."
She glanced dubiously round the now
nlmost deserted room; and a waiter
started forward ns if unlimited by a
siting. Anlsty motioned lilm Imperi
ously back. "Uo on," he coaxed; "no
one can see." And watched, mulcted,
the slim white fingers (hat extracted a
match from the stand and drew It
swiftly down the prepared surface of
the box, holding Hie nickeling llanie
to the end of a white tube whose tip
lay between lips curved, scarlet, and
"There!" A pale wraith of smoke
lloated away on the fancliiirneil air,
ami Anlsty was vaguely conscious of
receiving the glowing cigarette from
a hand whoso sheer perfection was but
enhanced by the ripe curves of a
rounded forearm. . . . He inhaled
deeply, with satisfaction.
Undetected by him, the girl swiftly
passed n furtive handkerchief across
her lips. When he looked again she
was smiling and the golden case had
She shook her head at him In mock
reproval. "Hold man!" sho called him;
but the crudity of it was lost upon him,
us she had believed it would be. The
moment had come for vigorous mens
ures, she felt, guile having paved the
"Why do you call me that?"
"To appear so openly running tho
gauntlet of the detectives."
"Eh?" startled.
"Of course yon saw," she Insisted.
"Saw? No. Saw what?"
"Why. . . . perhaps I am mis
taken, but I thought you knew and
t -listed to your likeness to Mr. Malt
land." Anlsty frowned, collecting himself,
bewildeied. "What ate you driving at,
anyhow?" he demanded, roughly.
"Didn't you see the detectives? I
should have thought your man would
have warned you. I noticed four lott
ing round the entrance, as I came In,
und feared "
"Why didn't you tell me, then?"
"I have Just told you the reason. I
supposed you were in your disguise."
"That's so." The alarmed expres
sion gradually faded, although he re
mained troubled. "I sine am Maltlaml
t'j tho life," be continued with satis
faction. "Even the head-waiter "
"And of course," she insinuated, doll
c itely, "you have disposed of tho
He shook his head gloomily. "No
time, as yet."
Her dismay was evident. "You don't
mean to say ?"
"In my pocket."
"Oh!" Sho glanced stealthily
n'oimd. "In your pocket!" she whis
pered. "And and If they stopped
jou "
"I am Maltland."
"Hut If they Insisted on searching
you. ... She was round-eyed with
"That's so!" Her porturbotlon was
Infectious. His jow dropped.
"They would find tho jewels known
to bo stolen "
"Hy Uod!" lie cried, Btivagely.
"I I beg your pardon. Hut . .
whnt nm I to do? You nro sure ?"
"MeClusky himself Is on tho nearest
"Phew!" ho whistled; nnd stared at
her, searchlngly, through a lengthen
lng pause.
"Dan . . ." said sho at length.
"There is n wny."
"Go on."
"Last night, Dan" sho raised her
glorious eyes to his "last night, I
. . . I trusted you."
His fnco hardened ever so slightly;
yet when ho took thought tho tense
lines about Ills eyes and mouth soft
ened. And sho drew a deop breath,
knowing that sho had all hut won.
"I trusted you," she continued soft
ly "Do you know what that means?
I trusted yon."
New Illuminating System.
A new system of Illumination Is of
fered by tho discovery of Prof, Hlau
of Oorinany, which Is a liquid ilium
hinting gas to ho delivered at tho
houses of custoniors at regular periods
In much tho samo manner as coal oil
and other commodities nro delivered nt
tho presont time. A 22-pound cylin
der of gas Is sulflclent to supply a
fJiR'undlo power light for four months
If used four hours u day. Tho means
of connection between tho burner and
tho resorvolr Is through a lino tubo
no thicker thou an electric light wiro
und Just as lloxtble.
j kn-iv "x m Mtmr j r wa
- arTpp JS
"What you Mlors got In Unit box""
"It's all right, olllcer. We're taUin'
home Mnuile Casey's hat wot -'ic woro
at de lawn party last night'" ,
Itched and Durncd Terribly Could
Not Move Thumbs Without Flcih '
Cracking Sleep Impossible.
Cutlcura Soon Cured His Eczema.
"An Itching humor covered both my
linnds and got up ovor my wrists nnd
oven up to tho elbows. Tho itching
nnd burning wero terrible. My hands
got all scaly and when 1 scratched, tho
surface would he covered with blis
ters nnd then get raw. Tho eczema
got so bad that I could not move my
thumbs without deep cracks appearing;
I went to my doctor, but his medicine
could only stop tho Itching. At night
I Buffered so fearfully that I could not
sleep. I could not bear to touch my
haudn with vvnter. This went on for
throo months and I was fairly worn
out. At last I got the Cutlcurti lteine
dies nnd In a month I was cured. Wal
ter II. Cox, 10 Somerset St., Hoston,
Mans., Sept. 25, 1908."
Totter DruK .V C'licui. Corp., Holo l'rcps., hofton.
Mule's Lack of Consideration Respon
sible for Ike's Being Lntc
at His Duty.
An Atlantu merchant has frequent
occasion to rebuke Ike, his darky por
ter, for his tardiness in reporting for
duty in tho morning. Ike Is always
ready with u more or less Ingenious
"You're two hoursilnto, ike!" ex
claimed the employer one inoriiltiK.
"This sort of thing must stop! Other
wise, I'm going to lire you; under
stand." " 'Deed, Mlstoh Edward," replied Ike,
"It wn'n't mail fault, ills time! Hon
est! I was kicked by u mule!"
"Kicked by a mule? Well, even If
that were so, It wouldn't delay you for
moro thnn an hour. You'll have to
think of a better excuse than that."
Iko looked aggrieved. "Mlstah Ed
ward," he continued solemnly, "It
might have been all tight ef dot mule
kicked me In ills direction; but he
didn't ho kicked mo do odder wny!"
Cheering Him Up.
"Hill," said tho Invalid's friend. "I've
come to cheer you up n bit like. I've
brought ycr u few llnhrs, Hill. I
fought If I wns too Into they'd como in
'antly for a wrenf, yer know. Don't
get down-'earted, Hill. Lummy, don't
you look gashly! Hut there, keep up
yer spirts, olo sport; 1'vo como to
see yer an' cheer yer up n hit. Nice
Httlo room you.'avo 'ere, but as I sez
to nioself when I was a-comln' up:
'Wot orkard staircase to get a coiilii
dalin!' " London CHubo.
Should Take His Medicine.
"A feller shouldn't stand In the mid
dle of the street to talk pessimism,"
declared the Plunkvillo philosopher.
"Why not?"
"Fust ho says life ain't worth living,
nnd then Jumps when he hears an au
tomobile honk."
Less Precarious Also.
Scott So Itawson has become a
preacher. Last time I saw him he was
in doubt whether to bo that or a law
yer. 1 wonder what decided lilm.
Mott Ho probably recalled the say
ing that It is easier to preach than
to practice. Hoston Transcript.
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Delights Old Folks
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Lewis' Sinplo Hinder xti-night 0c cigar is
made to valinfy (he smoker.
In the matters of conscience, first
thoughts are best; in matters of pru
dence last thoughts nro best. Versole.
Painful Insomnia.
"What sort of u hat Is a wide
awake?" "Why, n hat without a imp, of
A Simple Problem.
Teacher Don't know the sixth com
mandment? Now listen: If a man
came up to me with a revolver nnd
shot nnd killed me, what would it bo?
Johnnie (bright) A holiday,
Why Actors Wear Long Hair.
Why do actors so often wear long
hair? Perhaps this is the reason:
Thero once was a statute In England
tinder which nctors found wandering
were liable to be branded through tho
right ear. Tho long hair conceuled
the decoration und thus tho custom
was started.
Objection to Women Golfers.
"Farmers don't mind renting their
Holds to golfers, but they nro strongly
opposed to women."
"Hecauso woman golfers nro always
losing hairpins und hatpins nnd stick
pins in tho grass. Follow the trail of
a woman's foursome- with a pincushion
and I'll guarantee you a cushlonful of
pins nt the end of tho ninth hole."
"Hut why does the farmer mind
"Hecauso afterward when ills snoop
nnd cattle graze In those Holds they
swallow pins. Pins, I needn't tell you,
nro Injurious to tho health."
The crisp delicious,
poltlon-brovvn food,
made of Indian Corn.
A tempting-, teasing"
tasto distinctly differ
ent all its own.
"The Taste Lingers"
Sold by Grocers.
Popular pkjj., ioc.
Largo Family size 15c.
Postum Cereal Co., Ltd.
Ilaitln Creek, Midi.