The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, June 24, 1909, Image 4

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    15he CHIEF
Red Cloud - - Nebraska.
Entered In Hie I'oilolTire M Ited Olnml.Ncti .
a Second CIhm Matter
0. 11. HALE
Oily Officers.
TrcnMiriT ...
Cniii-clliiii-n, M Hivi'l
C'ulltirlliiK'ii 2ml vviiril
I'.lirtih-llulit A wall r I'mn
Mimlml. ilii
MnrMinl, ultflit
subscribe for llu1 l'l
('. II. I'otti r
. (i. ('. I Ml
I.O llnllrr
llllV (Milium
Ml I f'ltlol tlltT
,J. A MeUlliiir
.(.II. Illlllc.t
,ii. . ltlltlllM
.. .K. M.
John ICIiim-I
Political Advertising
'II . (''llllltls of till) Cltll I llll' "''H
lor li'Kitim ito iidwitlseuu Ills nl" all
I. Can li'liili-. ny u db-ssn: pill t
nlllliatioti, .hi wclcotin- t) Use these
Column- 11 iff of iitllioiltl.'ctlli'tlttriOO.
i , , , ,,,,1! an ip ii a-aaM4
von suvauiv.
I hereby nnnuiiinv mvsolf a eandi
(lute for Ilii- nomination of Slu-rllf of
Webster comity subject to the will or
the Democrat ami Peoples independent
electors at tin1 Prliniiiy election Aug.
17th., Wo!), ami most respectfully
solicit your support. V. W Col't.i n
Foil SHI.IUl''l'
Wo ure Authoilcd to auouuee that
Win. Kills patrick will be a candidate
for tho noinineu of Sheriff by the
Democrat mill Peoples Independent
parties at Primary election August
17th I'.iOK.
o litivo been Aullioiiod to an
nounce tho Candidacy or V. II. Cramer,
for tlio ollieo of County Treasurer,
mibjoet to the will nf the Democrat
anil Peoples lmlepi mlent parties at
the primary election August 17th. IH'iSl
We ate. pleased to loarn that our
efforts it) regard to establishing a rest
room in this city have met with ap
proval by a( least a few of the farmers
adjacent to lied Cloud. Wo print in
Mil-. isMie the views of n well known
dinner in regard to this question and
doubtless many other fanners will
take the Mime sensible position. The
room so generously provided by Tur
iiuro llros.. is a long step in the. right
diicctlou but the city nee l a room for
evening use alter the stores have
closed. A room where the young men
can spend llielr time in reading II' they
so desire. Wo should wake up to the
sltiiat ion mid ii'miiiki the responsibility
which certainly is ours
This city needs a park. Already the
land, which could have Leon putclmv
oil a few years ago at o nominal Mini.
is so high iti value that it is out of tile
pn-st ioti now to inquire and i'eps
should bo taken Ht oUoa lo buy n site
MiMablc for pm k purpose 'I ho Chan
tumpm Is now almost mi u-stirod at
trurtiou for nil time t i come HUd an
uiiittloi iitm should be built for the
purp'jse. This should go ill the park
where it would be access ihlu for all
hinds uf big days. We piopno that a
stock company bo formed for Iho pur
pose of obtaining a pari: and an audi
torium. A few ye its ui'iii .f delay and ii
site liii a paiK will lie lievoud ur
ineiiiis. Now is the time to lie.
every day In the weelt. And not only
develop you spiritually, butphsicilly,
and mentally. Who could estimate
the good that might have been done
had Ited Cloud had a Y. M. ('. A and
our present ball team gone out as the
lied Cloud Y. M. C A. team. This
would have Insured them proper bond
quartets, and if one was to loolt only
at the business, and advertising side
of the question, would it not have
given our city mini of an up-to-date,
metropolitan preslage.'
Yours Very Truly.
Dr. E.A. Thomas.
Corresp Sec.
Wo have been Authorized to An
iiuunco Ilii' Cmnlldney of It. W. Knout'
for tlio ollieo of County Tioiisiiror.
subject to the will of Hepiiblicnn
voters to be expressed at the primary
election AugiBt 17th. HM.
Knit THE sr unit.
I will be a Candidate for Treasurer
id Webster County Nebraska, subject
to the will of the llepiiblleuil Electors
:il the Primary elect ion August I'th
llio'.i. Hespeotfully. J. TMliitMi s.
Wo arc authorized to aliUuUtU'e the
name uf Dr. 11. P. Haines as a candi
date for the nomination for the ollieo
of Treasurer of Webster County, sub
ject to the will of the Republican
olcctor.s at the tuimary election to bo
held Angus! 17. lilu'.i.
Hint Ucaillnft liooni.
1 see the run r has not give up the
lloa ing Koom idea, as the newspaper
is the popular educator it is a good
medium for a question.
Thai lied t loud needs u rest room
and l.ibruiy is evident when you loolt
around at the people on the street.
Some who sit about on tho benches
now would enjoy a room and good read
ing if it was m.ide possible be I hey
old or young. The l.ady customers
Irmii tho country "and they spend the
most" would appieciute s'une such a
pl'ice to iirriuige tlielr tdlet and rest
roml or islt after their purchase.
There is also a groal many men em
ployed by the day or week, who have
tm permanent home but board some
where who do not cure to frequent tho
saloon or pool hull but wonid'like
some place to meet Hnd pass away a
social hour.
Til" saloons will soon closo at eight
o'clock, then the pool halls will bo
ct-owib'd more than usual.
The question now Is shall we provide
a place for our girlH and bujs, give
them the opportunity or not.
The people tributary to Hod Cloud
will help provldo or support a read big
room and rest room that their sons
mid daughters may have a place be
sides the open street its temptations
mid other tendencies. ()no to help
lilt, jip is a Fanner.
Calamity howlers aie now predict
ing to much lain. Yesterday it was to
dry. No one knows what will be the
matter tomoirow. In tlio meantime
we are eel tain to produce the tegular
bumper crop of every thing from
onions to cattle.
The people id Alma, according to
the Uceoid, ate contemplating build
ing a jail for the housing of their law
hrukers. It must lie of considerable
expense to Iho people of llarlmi comity
to carry their prisoners bnek mid forth
to other i Mint Us In order to tlud jail
room. Then there is milage bath ways
besides feoB for the sheriff and other
espouses. Surily Harlan county is
pursueing a poor business policy. We
might help Ihcin out by doubling our
jail fees hero. The moie they pay the
quicker they will have a jail ot their
Whilo other towns around in. me
making elaborate pivpemllons for cele
brating the 1th. of July we believe
that the pioplo of lied Cloud, me con
tent to contine their ticliretic to
wards mukiug tho Chaiitnuqua an un
qualified success tills year, bet us
dividc our celebration crowd between
llluo Hill, Alma Campbell, l-Ytinhlln
mid Hlooiiiington and ask those cities
to emtio and enjoy our ehautnuqun.
In till - way wo can nil have all hinds
of pleasure and enjoyment. Wo offer
to tliObe places our hem ty good will
and wish tliein unbounded success on
Independence day.
There are but few country editors
who have not made a vjgotous and
continuous light against tho city mail
order house. This lias boon dono in
tho interest of the home merchant,
and without money and without price.
If tho editors of tho laud had received
regular advertising rates for all they
have said against these enemies of the
country iiieiehnut tliey could now bo
wearing diamonds. Now the depart
inont store man appreciates advertis
ing space and is willing to take tho
average country editor has for sale,
and at a good pi Ice What other class
of business or men would
rofuse business to help their friends,
especially as many of said friends never
seoiu in tho least disposed to it turn
tho compliment or oven appiccluio It.
Denver City, Times Tribune.
Y. M. C A.
To i in: Editor oi'tiii. Cuii.u
Dear Sir: As per your request for
in V opinion as to tho Y. M. C. A., its
good and our need of one here. Will
say I have been closely associated
with Its work thru the state lor ten
jcnis. mid local corresponding mem
ber for tho past four years Willie it,
like the churches, has lis faults, yd
the good is so great that its faults arc
iusignilicaut. Looking over the
church rolls we tiud tiie names of but
tow of our poling men, and the per
cent of active workers among I hem
are still less.
The question is asked, why is this'.'
There has never been ii great reforma
tion accomplished in it da v. It has al
ways come about slowly, and we call
not expect oiiug men to beeomoea ril
es! progtvsNlve church workers at
once. The space from the life the
average , cuing man is living to the
ideal that he believes tlio church ro
qulros is too great, so lliero must be
uti organization, if we snvo tlio young
man from the pit fulls uf life, to llll in
this gap mid no duuomluiitionnl young
peoples organization will so nicely and
clllclentlv llll in this gup as tho Y. -M.
C. A. It nets at tho heart of the nuiitr
man. It is his nature to want iiuiu&o
iiioitt. and what kind of amusement
do wo have for thcin bore'.' None, but
thoe that Invite niennness, and mean
lioss is a false giowth. We are the
heritage of ycats of progress, ami owe
much, tor we nre enriched by the
coons ui oiuers. ino greatest pur
pose of life is to dovelopchuraetor. not
to acquire wealth. The most power
lid living thing on earth is a young
man. ami tho most important part of
tlio Y. M. C. A., is to make men alive
to ilosus t hrlst. The Y. M. C. A., fur
nishes a lontlng place for young men
while in tho city, where they nre under
christian inllueiice. How forcibly is
this brot to notice whilo wo have our
athletic sports ami games. Numbers
of young men mo in the city with no
place to congregate but street corners,
saloons, and pool halls, all of these
have open doors mid Invite them in.
What church bus a place for them to
sit down to rest, or to wash, or bathe,
or rcfiosh themselves, or to have u
iiaiiiiiess game 10 pass tin- time away.
The iinliudiinl business rest ruouisare
couimetiilablo but thoy Uo nut l each I
far enough The churclus mi when '
Sinn. In si'i Tl,,. l r A ... u I
................ . .... ,, ... v ... miii i
I will coino to you young man" when'.' '
A Letter from H. .1 Maurcr.
MiHinwAM. Isnivsv. .June is. 'Oil.
Hello lied Cloud Chief. I told .oti
1 wo..l I vrite but have been on tbe go
all most constantly. Pid not got the
lime before got through In Kansas lily
afe. took 111 the city ." days and then
look a run south '.'nO miles. They
have a line country down here, It
his been to cold mid wot for com.
The bottom lands are all under water.
No crops for iIipui tjiissutniiier. lleon
llshiiig several times. I never sav so
many w IM flowers growing every
wheie, I fell like gathering an urtnful
of them and send them back to you.
Took in nil there was to bo soon here.
I took the train for Chicagoand found
that a llotlis'iiug little city. lYotu
theie I e.inio ilowu to my old home
.South llend. I was completely lost
having not seen the city for over forty
years it made some ditVerence I meet a
good many of tlio old boys but most
of tlu in ate dead or have moved a way
toother parts. I am going over to
the lakes for a week, the boys tell me
llshing is good. 1 have had a chance
several times to pick wild strawberries
mnt they are much sweeter than tlio
tamo ones. I he crops are looking
good ttvery where I have been but
they are late. After I come back lioin
the lukis I intend to run up to EIU
hait. Indiana, "to see .Jake Miller' one
of Wed Coml's early settlers.
Mr. ited Cloud Chief us I left 1 pin
mined I would write you. 1 havo seen
so much 1 hardly know what would
interest you most. I thovo up tho M.
.Joseph liver to see oue of thuv large
eonciete dutus It wits a sight to hoc.
it was built ot cement mid they fur
llish power for the cities for 'M miles
on cither side oil them The iliiiu is '.'
feet in height und bucks the wuler for
12 miles ut the livor sj toil cm
etnagltie how large It is. It foiuis i,
hue lake for boat riding. The stste
has planted all kinds of tish in tin-
lake. From there 1 took tho ti aiu an J
run '.q into Misliing to a laigc lake
cull. 1 1 distal lake. Say Mr. Chid
there I hud some Hue sport, t'ouud
all kinds of lake llsh. too' ayiitch and
rode nut u mile to try my luck. I
caught u hue string of perch ami black
bus, thought of Charley Uobinson
whilo llshing. Charley would call that
nhit. You Und all of the coiiveinccs
at the lake that you Unit in I he city.
Tho rich people go up to Hie lake once
or twice during Hie summer to havo
an outing mid nio.-t of them own their
own cottages. From there 1 drove
over to Notre Dauicuud also St. Mary's
academy. Students come lieie l'lotn
all over the United Mates. It is con
sidered one ol the best universities ot
its kind in Indiana. I also went tin u
Studebakur's large factory anil was h.-
tercsteil most to see tlicm lit work on
the auto. Worn there I wont over to
the river to take a look tit a large rub
ber plant that was most interesting.
Thoy make everything here that can
bo matte of rubber. I intend going
through nil of the different plants be
fore leaviug. My old home South
Ileiitl has grown so I did uot recognize
any of tho oht land muilf. Km ty
,ear is a long time you know to by a
way from homo. The weather still
stajs cold but for nil of that the ciops
of all kinds are looking well. Miy Mr.
Chief n word on the sido with you the
ladies of Ked Cloud mid country aro
fully as handsome us thoy aro up thl
way so I would advise till of those fel
lows back there to patronUe homo
Ited Cloud and Webstet county Is good
enough tor me. Now Mr. C hief bo
sure and burn this lettor.
11. .1. M.U'uin.
An Improvement over mnnv Cotmh. Lung .vv' P.ronchinl Remedies, because It rids the
system of n cold by acting ns a cathartic on the bowels. No opiates. Guaranteed to tflvt
satisfaction or money refunded. PrcDnr"C v HNEUI.E MEDICINE CO.. CHICAGO. U.S. A-
f 1
Ts"J J1'-".-'':
Unless you have seen the
r i
composition, you
can nave no
nenness an
ea o
d beauty
f the
lysine Siik 45c yd
JWhen made into
ding gown, dance
party frock.
tjjAlwnys wilh the name SUES1NE SILK
marked plainly on the edge of every yard
of the genuine.
;.yjvrrwr; aBSMBesresrczsss&SE
1 ;
J Mill I V I
w. .'
'l i t .!.
iTrr i"'l
t. .'
Letter List.
List of loltera reinainliiK uncalled
lor at postolllcoat Hod Cloud, Nob.
for tho week eliding dune. 'Jll: llKXl
August. Martin. Win. (). Connor..
March (). Urymil. .J.M.Stokes. C. R
Saunders, Clayton Smith. (J) Mr. and
Mrs. Phil Shore. .J. S. Warren.
Those will bo sent to tho tload letter
ollieo .July 1st, WOn, If uncalled for
before. Whon calliiiK for abovo please
say "advertised."
T. C. H.vcKi:n, Postinastor
;t l).vn.
Morton L. Hill, of Lebanon. Intl.,
says: "My wife hud Inllaniinatory
Ithtuinatlsin in every muscle mid Joint;
her sulVtriiiK was terrible and lier.body
anil face were swollen almost beyond
recof?uitlon;liad boeninbeilfofbix wooUb
and had eiflit physicians, but received
no bcnvtlt until she trlodJDr. IX'tehon'fi
Helicf for llheuumtiain. It o;iivo her
iiuniedliile relief and she wius able to
walk alio it 'n three thiys. 1 tun sure It
saved her life.' Kohl by Tho II K.
(Irlco Dnie; Co , Ited Cloud, Nobr.
Harlliuljlc Willi!..
on Wednesday at 1 i clock p.m. at
the resideucrt of lieu. Murtilidnlo on
Lo-tiHt Street occitred the in ii" i U-'o of
Miss Clara A Mirtimlale to Mr. Ira
Willis of t'oloiudo Spiiims. Colo.
Tlie ecit inoiiy vvio. by .Jiitlo Ktlson
aid was veiy l)i-i"f, but specially im
piO'sive nliil upproniiato
A diiinly limeheoii was served to
those in attedauee by Mi's. Mnrtludulo
and si mo beautiful presenls wort) ic
celved by the bride.
Miss Martiiubile will lone; lie rc
iiteuibered as a very successful Teacher
in lied noiul. Mr. Willis has the up
pcarance of u iiiaii of alf airs and scnis
to Ik- worthy of the oullhnred lady
lie has chosen, which is nil it, is iieces
sary to say in Ids favor. I hey de
parted on No. i:. for their now home.
Cast: Ball
lluse liull funs thoroly tho
three sanies of base bull played lieie
last week botvvoon the homo toani ami
Seward, Tho two teams- ure very
evenly matched Seward belttc tho best
viHititiK team to play on this diamond
tliU i..iih,iii On Thursday the tii'st
yume of the fleries the lied Cloud cap
tured tho name to the tune ol I to 1.
Piltfiito lossetl the ball for tho hoine
tenui antl Stewart for the visitors.
Friday's jramo was u pitcher's battle
and resulted in a victory for Seward.
Score 1 to 0. This was an intcretinK
game till the way thru, llotlt pitchers
pulliiiK out of tight places repeatedly.
C'lcKtr pitched iiiiiwnillciont ball and
Foid pitched for the visitors.
On Saturday interest in the lesult
was Intense. This pimo proved to be
u sluKKlnjr match. I'.otli pitchers were
lilt freely but received brilliant sup
port, .lack Masters covered himself
with tflory by tho manner In which ho
used his head thru out the pime. At
tin end of tlio tlth inninir tlio score
stootl '.' to -. Seward went to but in
the tenth but failed to score, lied
I Cloud determined to win the victory.
One iiiaii out and two men on bases
when Sovvard chunked pltchors Hut
It was no use. Masters won his own
game by a safe lilt to right Held bring
ing in tlio long looked for run.
Musters pitched for tho homo team
mid Trimble for the visitors.
There Is no question but that wo
have one of tlio best semi-professional
teams in the state this year. They all
seoni to know what tho sticks arc rot
und seem to experioiico nodllllculty in
gottlng lu contact with tho llttlo white
I'ineules new Kidney remedy-uro
for all diseases of the kidneys and
bladder They net promptly in all
cases of lame back, iheumiitlc pains,
liillaiuiniitlou of tlio bladder, urinary
disorders and weak kidneys. Sold by
llourv Cook.
S&f&8 siJaHSS&lSSK
kOME years ago a famous
specialist and expert in nervous
lseases made some experiments
what effect
clothes had
e mincis
to see
of his
Fie found that badly fitting or shabby clothes
were more or less depressing; that if he put a
man into good clothes, well-fitting, good style,
of good quality, the whole man was "toned up;"
felt better, worth more lo himself, to his work,
to ihe community. It was clearly proved that
clothes are an intellectual and moral force.
In that case, just think how much the general
level of any community is affected and improv
ed by such clothes as these Hart Schaffner &
Marx suits we're selling. You may not have
realized it before, but this store is doing this
town a lot of good by bringing such clothes here.
Suits $ 1 8 to $40
vfcvviiviVtAvtviti(Uiia(aikaiTiiiraitivivvu,utiviifcviii(i'ii(viU(vivi(tiif ee-tioiiVtiC-
Do you know that it will pay YOU, as
well as US, to buy your Uuilding Mil
torial and Coal at our yards? Not only
that our prices aveiucib lower, or at
least as low, as thoso of our competit
ors, but nuoACSE wo tnke especial cure
of mid protect all can bo classed as
Coal. Lumber.