The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, June 17, 1909, Image 1

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Stain Historical Srehtj
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This bank is controlled by local capital,
and its Board of Directors is composed en
tirely of substantial citizens of this com
munity. Interest paid on time deposits.
Webster County Bank,
CAPITAL $25,000
B. F. Mizer, President,
B. F. Mizer, C. J. Pope, Wm. M. Crabill, Wm. H. Thomas,
S. R. Florance.
&ft& iYATii.AV&'
Are durable,
mechanically correct.
Red Cloud, - - Nebraska.
WSjw TOECTjeygwiiBM
Base Ba II
Red Cloud vs Seward
Thursday,. Friday and Saturday
Jkme 17, 18 and 19th.
Seward is one of the f acstest
Teams in Nebr.
Game Called at 3:30 Sharp.
A K'io'1 loul is b(,1,,K 1"'10nt prudent
to piove tlio correct noss of tlio thooiy
tlint Unitetl States Soimtors otiRlit to
1)0 elected by tho direct vote of tlio
New Kcslaurant.
I Imvo oponed a new rohtaurnnt and
lunuli room in tho old Nation ollice.
llvorytliiiur new, neatund clean. Meals
at all Horns. Wo are here to pleabo.
C.'ill on us -VW111 Llndloy.
,1 I)AH.
Morton L. IHH, of Lebanon, I ml.,
says: "My wife had Inflammatory
Hhouinatlbin in every museloand joint;
her sutt'orhii,' wastcrribloandhor.body
and faco were swollen almost beyond
rccoRuitloir.had bcenlnbedfor bix weelcs
and had olght physicians, but received
no benefit until she trlodiDr. Detchon's
Relief tor lUieumutlsm. It gave her
immediate relief and she was able to
, walk about In three cjajra. I a,m sure It
gated, Hr." ifrt,iJ1,'
urf?Si-Y""f rv f t-wrx'ir .,1
'' js&J2 a
N. .
S. R. Florance, Cashier
attractive and
Notice to Parents.
Parents desiring ftee high Behool
tuition for their children for the com
intf school year should apply at oneo
for hlanUs. Ajiplieat ion for free hifjli
school tuition must ho made on or be
fore June llth.
Applications for transfer to neaier
school must be made on or boforo tlio
date of tho school nicotine;, Juno 38,
15)051. Niim.iu Vi:st Castkii.
County Supcrlntoiiilent
Plneules new Kidney remody ato
for all diseases of the kidneys and
bladder They net promptly in all
eases of lamo back, rheumatic pains,
inllammatlou of tho bladder, urinary
disorders and weak kidneys. Sold by
Honrv Cook.
Farm Loans
There are reasons why I should make
you a farm loan. I know that I have
tho best rate, torms and option on the
market. I cxatnlno tho laud myself
at no expense to you. I understand
and can correct any error iiuyT) title.
Money w ready the vry day that title-
gooT-JH. BMMjr.-tflea ploidV
4 wm. r ev
." Vi "
NcnMi.ipur Hint (ilus Hit: Ktws i-iffj-lwo
. .A -J- .
Ttie above cut represents one of tho
M. W. A. tonts in Colorado where
that order has established a sanitar
ium. This fraternal order has been far
sighted enough to realize that it is
much better to save a lifo than It is to
pay a death benefit and as tho great
majority of benefits paid are from the
results of consumption tlio order has
provided a way of escape for its mem
bers atllicteil with the groat white
Tho order numbers over one million
members and a few years ago the head
otllccrs asked for a voluntary sub
scription of ten cents per membor for
the purpose of establishing a rosort in
Colorado whero the Modern Woodmon
of America could receive- tho best
medical and scientific treatment.
Tho lesult was all that could bo
asked lor. Nearly every member has
paid his ton cents por year gladly and
one of tho best equipped sauitoriums
has been installed out in the health
giving air of Colorado.
The ground, buildings and all need
ful equipment have been paid for and
not one dollar stands againstthc order
in the way of debt.
Members of tho order are here
treated free of charge. Many a man
who has gone thoie in the incipient
Stnc,o of the di ended diseasn has been
icturned to his homo well and strong.
Tho older has not only saved the
paying of a deatli benefit but it has
lestored to the lamily a husband, a
father or a brother who is once' 'again
permitted to be a mnmborof tho family
household. Society r also a gainer be
cause instead of havinga family thrust
upon it for siippoit tho bread earuor
returns and not only cares for tho
family but also adds his milo to the
sum total of industi v and help in tlio
maiutaiico of society in general,
The Modern Woodmen of Amorlea
has taken an advanced step along fra
ternal lines. This move is fraternal,
charitable and business eombinod and
is ilostinod to place the M. W. A. in a
solid substantial place among the fra
toruitoF of tho world,
It Is not enough that a fraternity
should look aftor Its sick members and
to bury Its dead and in a mcasuro take
the plaoo of tho ono that has gone, but
it (should strive to add to the lenirth of
.usefulness 'pf all its members. This
,tuoM. w. A.,Vvp;oinB'Bltbo results
! -! - . .,
n mumrm amv . " wHnwrjBBVBar ' t
1 JaMaSfe SSBSfel J Zion
Mr.;vw'v snswoww
Weeks L:iic!i V-nr Vtr 0i: Hollar.
ficont order is marvelous in the ex
treme. While only about thirty years
old it has passed all tho older orders of
its kind and Is now the largest frater
nal insurance order in tlio world.
This has been accomplished by its
oxcluslvoness on tho one hand and Its
untiring persistency on the other
hand. Emerson has said something to
the effect that if a man could make a
better post, build a better house or
make a better mouse trap than his
neighbor the world would make a
beaten track to his door oven tho he
lived in the woods. Hut the M. W A.
realized that while they had as good a
proposition to ofi'or tho prudent man
as any, it would take a great deal of
work to give the world in formation
regarding what good was to be had
ami henco tho continued activity in
getting new members.
The history of many inventions
prove-, the wisdom of the polity of tlio
M. W. A. Many an invention bene
fleial to mankind lias, entered oblivion
immediately after the patent was
secured simply because the inventor
did not know the how and why of dis
posing of his wares The modern
method Is to advertise and tondveitiso
judicially and intelligently. Ilonco
the growth of this great order.
Not only the largest in tho world
but it enjoys tho largest membership
in Nobraska having about io,(V(i in
this state al'iiie.
Nor is its advance reccedlng on tho
contraiy the gieatest gain in member
ship in its history was made In April
ol this year when II. GOO woio added
to tho roll.
Tin- order in this city was organized
on April 'J!)th. 18511, and the following
olllcers weie in the chair. W. A. North
cott, Head Consul; C. W. lluwes, Head
Clerk and the following woro tho
local olllcers; D. ,1. Myers V. C ; I G.
Makes, W. A.; V. A. Shoiuood, U.
I'. V. Taylor, ( lerk; (J. II. Whitson,
Escort; V. W. Hlchardson, Watch; (1.
W. Hutchison, Hentry; ti. II. Mclveoby
local Phybician; ,1. h. Miller, II. C.
Scott and A. (). Horg, Managorx
The Camp hero has had its porlods
of adraiicouiout and depression but on
the whole has made a steady growth
from tho time of its organization. It
pow numbers 170 members.
Tho present efficient olllcers of tho
lodgo are: Venerable Consul, B W.
Ross; Adviser, Kd. Hanson; Cleric, B.
II. Newhouso; Hunker, L. II. Fo'rt;
Escort; U.V'BtattrrM."Watbhik!. B'
iC0AttufV8ltrNtt&. VM'rattrChW
.S-.'aLJrSJH'h'r. I I'll iil"iH i" f Wf llilili i twBSHI
.ritf8Af' WUSBWIW!"I",." ,-fl2Tiu5BMWBKfi?V mi
it. is)().i.
Albright Bros.
JFurniture, Carpets Sewing Ma
chines Lace Curtains Pianos,
Organs Pictures and Sheet Music.
JWe are always thankful for any share of
your patronage and good will. ::::::
Licensed Embalrners and Undertakers.
and a-display of illustrations of mechanical de ,
vices requisite in the art of fine lace making.
F This sale offers an exceptional opportunity for l
economy purchases of durable fine laces of ex '
quisite beauty. It will prove very interesting even
to those. not intending to purchase. .F-Zion"
Laces, manufactured in the most modern lace
factory in the world, are the best of their kind
made the best wash laces ever placed be
fore the American women and sold without a
customs duty of 606 added to the cost, as are all
imported laces. 1F All machines of Zion Lace
Industries are and have been operating 18 hours
daily, except Sunday, for over a year, with the
product of each machine sold ahead several
weeks. New machines are continually being
installed. Women wanting laces for present
or future use will experience a marked saving
by 'visiting our lace counters.
The Miner Bros. Co. (Inc)
General Merchants
H. A. LETSON, Mgr,
Forester, It IS liunchoy; Managers, J.
W. Klnsel, IM Hanson. .1! ()'. Caldwell.
It is the duty of every man' to pro
vide for his own household and ho
should protect his family against tlio
possibility of his boing incapacitated
from woik or his death. The Modern
Woodman of America offers special
iuducouionts in tho way of protection.
Tho inairnltudo of Its present work is
scarcely within tho comprehension of
mini. It Is ono of tho most solid and
substantial beneficial orders In oxist-
This Is tho history of tho Woodman
goat and in order that you may know
how became Into our camp wo give
thaifoilowirig truthful story from The
Fredericksburg News ' ' ' j t
The sua was rising; oa:tf'sUrn
f VAI AAa,As'Va'Vv
clipping, and scalloping the webs of lace.
clilV, with oyos reilectfng blight tho
coming light, there stood a goat, a
common mountain lithe, well
formed, with bushy beard and crump
led hornsj and slnewey limbs, that
mocked thq distance down from rook
to rook, from olilf to shadowy vale,
the waters' depth, the mountain lion's
snarl, or e'eu the deeper gtowl of grlV
zly boar, tho hunter's hound, tho utter
most that man or nature brought, to
vox his life. This mom ho stood, upon
tho outer vcrgo of that wild ollft, and
gazed with steady eye adown to where,
for three days past, had been a hunter's
camp. His practiced eye took note of
men, a full half score, of tonts and
covered waitlMbut what concerned
htot'most, bl'qogfcJAjscoMj'arid'mbre of
all ye'irVs, 'f tern'mastlff 'tftfong ttrter-
rfcteKnnetrr PajrPbari!)"
iVf if rtrvWWi!
1 M3.s--r. K AftlK,