The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, June 10, 1909, Image 5

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i,?) sachet etc tttc
J 0. Caldwell Is in Denver this week
Dr. Mitchell Is home from Chicago.,
J. II. Halley wns in Trenton Tues
dny. '
Miss tflsle Cuthcr is homo from Lin
coln. liny l'ulmcr left Sunday for Akron,
Colo. . '
'Miss Tcnrl Hlncs is In Alma this
Clarence Stein was up from Superior
Miss IMna Williams went to 1'orn
I si.Il mover of McCool; was In town
this Week.
r.riiiu' your eggs and pet cash. .1. O.
Master Howard Simpson Is home
from Peru.
, Mrs. Christie l'atmoro went to Kear
ney Monday.
Charles Liruley was down from Ilia
don Sunday.
(5eo. Liudsey went to Denver Wednes
day evening.
Miss Iva Crablll went to Alma Sun
day evening.
Miss Ella Habb was down from Ina
valo Monday.
Mrs. T. C. Hacker is visiting lu Lin
coln this weak.
Dr. Heck was up from Superior tho
last of the wceic.
Miss Ruth Johnson went to Peru tho
first of the week.
Judge Duffy was up from Guide
Rock Wednesday.
Mrs. Nellie Caster went to Alma
Monday evening.
Frank l'hares returned to Superior
Saturday morning.
Miss Holla Taylor went to Lincoln
tho first of tho week.
Miss Jessie Kellogg left Tuc-d;iy for
her homo in Seattle.
Dr. Damerell returned the first of
tho week from Idaho.
John I'rod Peterson
Montana is in tho city.
Mrs. Nate Piatt and daughter went
up to Cowles Wednesday.
Soo Dr. Stockman for eye glasses
Satisfaction guaranteed.
Miss Anna Gilliam went to Alma
Monday to attend Normal.
Miss (ilndys Jones went to Alma
Saturday to visit relatives.
L. M. Crablll left Wednesday for
Denver and Cripple Creek.
Mrs. (!eo. Hutchison Is visiting rela
tives in Hastings this weok.
Tho W. C. T. L. will meet with Mr-.
.If II. Han-en next Wednesday after
noon at -:'.VK
Summer! ' iderwear
Ever stand in a draught and feol
the cool breee on your faco and
hands, and feel smothered all
ovor your body.'
If you hadon"IoroSknlt" under
wear instead i)t tightly knitted, air
proof underwear, you would feel
that samo tef resiling bivoe all
over tho body Hint tho uhcoverod
face catches.
"Poroskllll" is naturally a ol
underwear. It couldn't be other
wise. It's an open work knit. It's
light in weight, elastic enough to
mean comfort, and made of finest
coined yarn to glvo lastingnoss of
Fifty cents tho garment."
For Coughs Take This
Do you know a remedy for coughs and colds nearly seventy
years old? There is one Ayer's Cherry Pectoral. Once
in the family, it stays. It is not a doctor, does not take
the place of a doctor. It is a doctor's aid. Made for
the treatment-of all throat and lung troubles. Ask
your own doctor his opinion of it. Follow his advice.
No alcohol in this cough medicine. j.c.AyerCo.,LowcU,Mass.
YoSuwnuWptly if your bowels arc constipated. Aycr a Wis arc Ken tly da
atlvc; act directly on the liver. Sold for nearly sixty years. Ask your doctor all about them.
The lied ( loud ball team will go to
Norton tomorrow to play ball.
Mrs. Will McCartney returned from
Oxford Wednesday morning.
Mrs. Church Is visiting her sister,
Mrs. Ed. McAllister this week.
Mrs. Fred Hortfelt returned to her
home in Alma Friday evening,
I'. A. Wullbrandt went to Yuma,
Colo,. Tuesday evening on business.
Mrs. .las. Mct?ulre left the last of
the week to visit relatives in Kansas.
The Cnlldren's Day exercises of the
M. E. church will be held Sunday even
ing. Gasoline II cents per gallon at the
Hod Cloud lldw. .V Imp. Co.'s hardware
.Mis Chas. Stoll'on left for Alliance
this morning to visit her daughter,
Mrs. Shellack.
Mrs ICd. (lillaid and son. and Mi-s
Mildred Hay returned to Naponee
Saturday evening.
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas wore down
from Cowles Saturday visiting their
son, Dr. E. A. Thomas.
Miss Veva Atkinson of Blue Hill
was visiting at tho home of J. E. llut
ler tho tlrst of the week.
Ring's Littlo Llvor Pills regulate the
bowels and euro sick headache. Easy
to take Sold by Henry Cook.
The Chicago specialist will bo nt tho
Royal hotel in Red Cloud, Thursday,
Juno 10th. Consultation free.
E. E.Gecr and family of Superior
wore the guests of his brother, V. K.
Gecr and family over Sunday.
Miss Ruth Goth was visiting her
sister, Mrs. Ed. Amack at tho hospital
in Omaha the first of the week-.
Markoy McConkoy has bought n
farm south of Aballne, Kas., where
ho expects to move next spring.
Kov. J. M. Rates will hold the regu
lar services next Sunday at draco
church. All are cordially invited.
Tubler well-, wind mills, pipe tltting
and repairings. Call on T. Ciievami.i:,
Campbell, Nebr. Write or phono.
Lo-T a lace collar in tho vicinity of
Wolster stieot and the school house.
Finder pleaso leave it at this otllce.
Monday-, Wednesday-, Fridays and
Saturdays. Ico days for lied Cloud.
Watch for the Lindsoy Ico Wagon.
Pinesalve, carbolied, thoroughly
healing add cleansing, antiseptic,
soothes and stops pain. Sold by Henry
S. 1J. Kier returned Tuesday even
ing from Lincoln, where he has been
visiting his daughter, Mrs. Eillic Diok
orson. Mrs. Emory DeWolfeand sister Miss
Rates of Cowles were visiting their
grand parents, Mr. and Mrs Francis
tho llrst of the week.
The annual estimate of expenses
and report of ieenues received by the
city of Red ( loud will he found on tho
back page in this i-sue.
We have added a right
new Line of Groceries to
Our Women and Men
Furnishing goods. : : :
Trading Place
where you can get every
tiling lo eat and wear.
This week for Men we
are showing.
The Poras-knitt un
derwear in Balbriggans
Colors, eel.
Call in and see
Yours for
Square dealing
wrorirmtw uw u
Sub-ciibe for the Chief
Will sell or trade for stock one 10 li.
p Russel engine. nuo.'l'J-ftl Case seper
ator with Randolph blower, all in good
running shape. Enquire of F. M Bai
low an ii Sos.
Take your Lawn Mower to Wallin &
Hansen, and hnvo it sharpened on tho
best niachlno made. And it's n power
machine. Thoy will put it in good
condition. They know how.
Dr. Wlnterson physician and sur
geon. Olllco in front rooms ovor Dr .
Cook's drug store. Removed from Dr.
Ralno's otllce, Potter Rloek. Doth
phones Hell Red IS. Independ. lol.
While IKIng hisfonco Monday after
noon Win Wcesnor fell in Crooked
Creek and Would have dtownod if his
son John who was working near had
not come to his re-cue and pulled him
The following shipped slock Wednes
day (ins limits I curs of cattle to Kan--as
City, Ed. Scaton 1 ear of cattle to
St. Joe. Jim Doyle 1 car of cattle to St.
Joe, Win. Weesiier 1 car of hogs to Kan
sas City.
SPECIALTIES in Stock Foods such
as heaves reducer, distemper cure, gall
cure, conditioners, White liniment,
dips, lice killers, oils and greases, coal
oil and gases. A. C. ltradshaw the
Feed Store Man.
Sunday night a two and a half inch
rain foil which will help the crops
wonderfully. Crooked Creek wns out
of It banks Monday and was the high
est in years, it just lacked two inches
of running into the power house
Excursion date June 1st, "Oil. Plenty
of rain in the Panhandle. Abundant
crop prospects in tho Panhnndle 2C0O
carloads of immigrant outfits went in
to the PanhamliQ last year. The place
to Invest your money is in tho Pan-handlo.-Sellars
& Holmes soils it.
Hear W. II. Rockorfoller, the best
Sunday School superintendent in Kan
sas, tells of "The Rule of Throe" in
Sunday school management, and Char
les Fordyce. Dean of Teacher's college,
State I'niversity, on "How to Manage
the Hoy" at tho State Sunday School
Convention, Kearney. Juno Kith.
A big men's parade at the State Min-
ilny school convention at Kearney on
Wednesday evening, June 10, at 7:1.",
led by the Kearnoy Military Rand.
Every mail in a bible class within .10
miles of Kearney -hould be in this
parade and stay and hear Rev. Wol
shiiner talk on "Men" and Dean For
dyce on "Roys" the banio evening.
Hummer coughs and colds are ob
stinate and difficult to cure. Tho
most prompt method is to take some
thing pleasant which will gently move
the bowels; n good laxative cough
-vrup. Decs Laxative Cough Syrup
will solely and promptly euro your
cold. Sold by Henry Cook.
Childieii's l)ayceivlses at Hie Con
gregational church next Sunday. Ser
mon in the morning, subject. The
Lesson from the Ro-e.v Special music
by the choir Program in tho even
ing by tho children. Rev. Cressman's
text tor his evening sermon will be
"Open Doors." An ofl'eilng for the!
Sunday school work will bo taken
The first application of Manan, tho
great Pilo remedy, will almost instant
ly give relief. Continued use of Man
.an for it fow days will effect a cure".
Tho tube in which it is put up has a
small nozzle attached so that there is
no inconvenience wliatovor. ManZan
is for the cure of any kind of Piles. It
is sold here by Henry Cook.
Why not have a business college in
Red Cloud SSO0O think of it! This is
what 50 students would leave in tho
town, limiting their expense tu Si per
week for 10 months. Wouldn't this
help? Every young man and woman
who would be interested in a business
college in Red Cloud please send your
name and address to llox 5 '.'8 Red
Cloud. Nebr.
On Juno Isth a mass mooting of
farmers will be hold at Hastings. Nob.
Tho purpose will bo to discuss tho
American Society of Kquity'a plan of
controlled mnrketiugof winter wheat
and tho establishment of eo-opoiutivo
packing plants as a means of controll
ing tho marketing of livo stock and
live stock pioducts. It is expected
that funnels from all parts of Nebras
ka and Kansas will bo presout. Hon.
C. O. Drayton" President of the Nation
al Union of the American Society of
i:iiity. Mr. Thos (i. Nelson. President
of tho National drain Growers' Asso
ciation and Mr. J. C. Davis, National
I.ecturei of the Society of Kqulty will
be presont and tako part lu tho pro
gram. It Is also likely that Governor
Shallenberger and Kx-Congrossnian
Pollard will ho present and deliver ad
dresses. On June 19th delegates representing
tho membership of tho Society who
havo already pledged tholr grain this
year will meet in oxecutivo session for
tho purpose of determining how, when,
whoro, for what price, otc, tho grain
in tho pool shall be sold, Only thoso
who havo pledged grain will havo a
voice lu or bo admitted to tills meet-
This Is one of a soriesof one hundred
mass meetings called under thoauspie
s of the American Society of Kqulty
lu tho agricultural states of the union
mi niw piuiiii iuijuai-, nun iii ii, . 1 . i f -. ,
doubt be of considerable importance I vltL tetott. ft
to tho farmers of Nebraska and Kan-l co jm,rai i8 the paper for you.
lor the samo purpose, and will no
Successor to Dr. .. S. I:IIQII
At the old stand over the
State Bank. Phone 131.
Co to tho Homo Grocery
fresh vegetables.
for your
Independent Telephone Mcctlnft.
The stock holdeis of the Fanners
Independent Telephone company will
hold their annual meeting at the court
house, lied Cloud. Nebr.. at - o'clock
p. m Monday Juno 1 lilt.. luO'i
En. Ilw-nv J. S. Ri Kii i:.
. i-ielary. President.
lo Whom It Mny Concern.
In nidi i to correct the impression,
which -i'"in- to be prevelent, that I
was one of the signers of any petition
for saloon licen-e in this city 1 wish
to say emphatically that I was not. 1
do not sign -aloon petitions.
signed Pi:ti it L. II vsskn.
Intoxication Believed to be Responsible
for an Oklahoma Iraftcdy-
Hi no out. June .1th. Attornoy
H. R. Kin-el of Antlers was shot and
fatally wounded at that place this
aftornoou by Dr. II. C. Johnson. Two
shots wcic fired from the doctor's ro
volver, both taking effect in tho stom
ach, near tho heart. Doctor Johnson
had been Intoxicated for heveral days
and tho minister was trying to per
buadc him to quit drinking. Thoy
met in a stairway leading to tho doc
tor's olllce, tho minister coming down.
The men had boon good friends for
years. Johnson was placed in jail.
Homer IS. Kinsel was the son of John
Klnsel and wifo of this city. Ho spent
the greater part of his boyhood here
removing to Oklahoma City seveivl
years ago whore h built up a very
succes-ful law practice.
Tho news of the fatality was quite a
shock tohis paronts and sisters heio.
The deceased was :u years old at tho
time of his untimely denth and leaves
a wife, a son :'; years old and a baby
daughter. Tho Chief extends condu
lance in thoirsad hourof bereavement
Real Estate. Transfers.
Transfers reported by the, Port Ab
stract Co for the week ending Wed
nesday, June'.), lttO'.i.
William A. Iinhof to AnuaC. Im-
hof. part lots!!, I, Huberts add
to (Jiiide Hock, wd
H.ra SI. I.otner to Susan V
linker, lots I, "J, Dllc l' Hin
doo, wd
Angoline Hoffman to Henry L.
Uoyd, pt ne ne IS 1-1 1, wd ... .
L. if Rust to L. H. Tail, lots 0.
7, S, '.), Itlk :t. lied Cleud, wd
Vaughn S. Hall to Wheaton W.
llogate, lotW. !!lk. I, 1st add
to Hindoo, wd. ......
L H. Lult to L. II. Kust, lots 17.
18, Blk. li, lied Cloud, wd 1S00
Charles K. Hicks to Mrs. George
Verger etui, lots J, 12, Itlk. ii,
1st. add to Hidden, wd 50()
Luclan K. Warner to Leroy K.
Spenco etal, part no so 7-1 11,
Charles W. Kaloy to Isaac II.
Thomas, n1 mv 21-3-11, wd...
Charles W. Kaloy to Klias Lock
hart, s,'a nw2l-.'Ml, wd
V. SI. Risk to John It. Croior,
lots 11, 1!.', 1.1. 151k H, (Snide
Itoclc, wd
IJyron II. tSihnorc to A. T. Walk
or, n,'j sw n'j se 20-1-10, wd..
Slarjorlo Shepard etal, to J. SI.
and Deborah C. ltolnnd, lots I,
r, 0, Hlk I, Vance's add to
(iuldo Hock, wd 1700
Slortgages filed, iiriO."0.00.
.Mortgages released Si 1200.00
While The Stato Journal has been
one of tlio loading papers of the stato
for noarlv forty years, yet its most
rapid growtli lias been recently, dur
ing which time it has coinotobe recog
nized by many as Nebraska's greatot
papor, making most of thoso things
that interest Nebraskans most, in this
way creating a place for itsolf in the
daily life of thousands of Nebraska
homes. Tho country press gonerally
could be quoted as saying that the
editorial page of The Journal is except
ionally strong and fearlessly independ
ent. It is also unusually bright, Hixby
himself being a gem. No writer in
Nebraska over had tho warm admira
tion of so many people as Uixby. His
column in Tho Journal is alono worth
tho price of the paper. His wholo
somo philosophy will put sunshine
and cheer into the most chronic
grouch. Tho state university, tho
stato hotiso and all the othor public
institutions at Lincoln make The Jour
nal peculiarly a paper for state people.
It Is olean, excluding all liquor and
impure medical advertising. Its sport
ing department is clover and there
with tho goods. Sloro money is spent
for stato telegraphic news than by
other state dallies. If you want to
Why not glvo it this trial subscription'.'
H'RH showing some new
Spring Trousers in very
choice variety.
The cut is perfect
the Tailoring excellent and
the Trouserings are new.
Take it all in all, they are
in every way, the properest
Trousers that can he found.
$3,00, 3.50, 4.00
MO to $4.50 or $6.00
Nothing startling about our
prices they sound like the
Trouser prices of other stores
but just call and see how
very different the Trousers
That's what counts!
Cowden-Kaley Clothing Co
Always Reliable
AniacK 8 Chancy
Leaders in Furniture and Undertaking
CJYou will' find us in the BIG room
Moon Block
Furniture, Carpets and Under
taking of the duality kind
And Our Prices Speak for Themselves. We extend a
Cordial Invitation to all to visit our store. : : : : :
Swift's Premium
Ham or
Fresh' and Salt Meats of All Kinds. '
Red Cloud,
Taxis Granlnc
an ideal hair tonic Taxis Sapogon, a
perfect shampoo and Taxis Hay Hum
a combination, which if faithfully
used, will produce a clean, healthy
condition of the hair and scalp.
Thin, dry, brittle or falling hair
melius there is somo causo for sich an
unhealthy condition and that it should
ho attonded to at once. Tho reason
for scanty hair is becauso all tho root
shaft are not doing their duty and the
reason for falling hair is becauso the
scalp Is in an unhealthy condition
To correct those ovlls is a very sim
plo matter. To niako all tho root
shafts do their duty uso Cranlne. To
got tho scalp in a healthy condition,
shampoo tho head with .Sapogen, a per
fiiinod green oil soap. Hay Kuin Is an
Ideal hair diessing after the shampoo.
For further particulars, call or
phono Mrs. Nancy A. Halo
First Door Norlh of Postofficc
Opened ufi Again.
The Hon Ton resturant has under Its
now management again opened up for
meals. Commencing Saturday, May
'.'2nd. I will servo llrst class meals at
'JO cents. Huhert Xeuerburg, Prop.
Wo do not know of any other pill
that Is as good as DeWItfs Uttl0
Harly Klscr.s, the famous littlo liver
pills -small, gentle, pleasant and sure
Dills with a rcnutation. Sold liv nil
I If lids Is revision downward, what
. iiii Id revision upward he'.1
'1 lu re aie inanv imitations of I)e
i u ntv cn,.i,nii,i u'ii,.i, ii, ,,.,1 e:, 1....
1 . M Hi t wiv,. II lull Illlf.VJl .Jtlll U"
rf ' Di Wilts is the original. He suro ou
!. H.W'ittsi arholied Witch Hazel
VU ' sul v. when you ask for it. It is good
y t-if cuts, burns and bruises, and is os-
iH'c.aiiy gomi lol piles oll Oy all
Ely's CfeEAM Balm
Suro to Clvo Satisfaction.
It clonuses, soothes, hwdn and protects tlio
dNeast'd Jaeiiibiiino usultln ; from Catarrh
and driven away a Cold hi the Head miieklv.
Jtewtores tho Konos of Tusto and Kincll.
Iiisy to use. Contains no injurious drugs
Applied into tlio nohtrils and absorbed.
Largo Kfeo, fiO cental at Druggists or by
mail. Liquid Cream Halm for uso In
utoinizors, 75 cents.
ELY BROTHERS. CG Warren St.. New York.'