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State U.-w-1 Society
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Cenimencement todses ? CSass5
Coiiinu-ncoinontoxt'iclM's in our city
sire alwnys tho ouiiUt of nttnu'tioii at
this time of the year. This year moio
tliiin lwuul interest lias been tiuinifosU
(! in the proKram'owlnjj to ihe fact j
that former students were to again ,
appear Wforo tho niulioiice lit place ol
nn imported lectme.
Tho cNoreiscs began with tho IS.ieca
laurnte address hunday cveningat the
M. V,. eiunvli delivered by l'ev. M. T.
The speaker chose for his text "Keep
thyself 1'iue."
This was a mastetly addtessaiul was
delivered in Mr. Stlfller's happy nuin-
Tlie audienee room was filled to its
full eapaeityyet not one showed any
signsof ie-itlessnessor fatigue thru out
the entire dlseoui-e. The speaker's
principal theme was that greatness
was to bo sought for but wo oouM not
all be gi oat. we could all do better
however, thun that. It is possible for
us ah to bo good and that is better
than gieatnos-s.
On Wednesday night the graduat
ing chiis pu".eutcd the play dramati.
od horn from Onl(la".s noyal ' Under
Two Flag-."
Kvery member of the class did except
ionally well in tills play and tho act
ing wms strong in nil its pHits.
The presentation showed bonis of
drill and preparation and the cls of
'0'.) coveted themselves with gloiy Miner greatly pleased the
audience with her porfectly natuial
manner of espiession and her winsome
niauner. The play was ioal to her and
she handled her part like an o.por
ience 1 notress.
To Hev. C're.ssmaii belongs no little
credit for his painstaking training.
Wo might have selected n diiVoront
drum i for a public school to play but
their acting was nil any one could
ask for.
Tho special features of the evening
were the piano solos by Gertrude
Blnckledgo nud Marie lturke, the vocal
solo by Grctn Turnure and the duet
by Mrs. Albright nncl Edna Holmes.
Commencement night proper found
the oporn liouso agnlu crowded to its
full capacity.
Tho class, dressed In their caps and
gowns, marohod upon tho stage promp
ly at 8:lr and u llttlo tlmo wus given
the audience to feast their eyes upon
the graduates who wore about to stop
upon the threshhold of life's active
In the hit tod notion it was explained
that the Alumni took charge of tho
ex-ercises of tho evoulng in response
to popular demand. We were much
pleased to see tho old timeis again be
fore a Wed Cloud audience and hope
that this will boa regular feature of
our commencements.
Miss Bornico Totter began tho pro
gram with a piano solo which was
much appreciated by all music lovois
present. Miss Uernice has been pur
suing a musical course in Chicago and
showed by her playing that she had
well improved the time spent during
the past year.
Tho Invocation was then ottered by
Rev. Crcssinan who is always the right
Juan in tho right place.
Tho next wns a solo by Mrs. Beatrix
Florence entitled "Nymphs and Fauns
.... Uemberg." She has often charmed
the people of this city with her sing
ing but she did exceptionally well hist
night. Her voice appenrs more mature
and full than it did tho last tlmo she
snug hero.
Fred Mnuror was then called upon
for a History of the Rod Cloud School.
We believe that every ono will bo in
terested In this history by Mr. Mauror
,in d honoo give his address in full
Nebraska for n numbor of years on
joyed the reputation of having alowor
per cent of illlteiacy among hor citi.
ens thun auyothorstntoln tho Union.
ThlH canto about because her pioneer
sottlers understood tho valuo of and
the necessity for ediicntlon and oducn
ttonnl institutions. Wc Hud that ttie
early settlers of lied Cloud weio uo
Itiggatils in this matter of education.
As early as the spring of HTJ we llnd
a school being taught heie'by Miss
rannie Harbor, now Mrs. Fannie Mo
dulo, we discover ninny unique and
intoiesting eireunistntues oluslciiiig
about this, (ho first term of school
which was taught in Webster count.i.
The school was taught during the
months of .luue, July and August and
Miss Barber, the pietty school ma'am
iceoivod for hor services tho magna
nimous sum of Sl.l per month out of
which slio boanlod hoi self, lived in
high style at tho Ked Cloud stockade
and accumulated a nice sum of money
during tho thiee months term. The
money which dofiayod the expense of
this term of school was laisod by sub
scription as no tax for school purposes
had yet been leied in Webster county.
The torm of school was taught in a
sod dug-out located in the bank slight
ly south oast of the losidcnco now oc
cupied by Wadu Koont Thcio weio
no windows or door except in the oast
end of (ho building, thoio was a dirt
floor, which was kept sptinkled with
water (luting the hot summer das, by
tho sixteen year old sclmol ma'am, to
lowoi tho temporal uio and settle the
dust, and tliu desks, i father wo
should say benches occupied by the
pupils weio made from Cottonwood
Thus in this humble edifice sur
rounded by all tho hardships anddifll
citlties incident to frontier life was
begun the school woik. which lias
gtadually grown and expanded until
todax. wo find our present splendid
suhool system. Lot us pause a mom
ent nud wonder what the oppressed
and down trodden school iiumin of to
day, drawing her S 10 or S.'O per month
would think were she suddenly placed
in u position similar to that occupied
bvMiss Hatberln 1871. We hoard u
wot Id of complaint about tho bndly
lighted and unsanitary condition of
our High school iu the Dainorell build
ing during the year 10()7 let us wonder
how they they would have relished
the idea of attending school in the
building over which Miss Barber pre
sided iu 1871, lighted and vontllatcd
only from the eastern! of the structure.
During tho summer of 1871 n more pre
tentious sod school house was erected
nonr the present tesidence of Henry
Diodrich mid iu this building school
wns taught for sevornl tonus. The
llrst oflicial lecord wo find of u school
meeting in Rod Hond Sliool District
was liel April Oth. 1871, tho following
is the record of the meeting.
Tho Annual meeting of School Dis
tiict No. '. County of Webster and
State of Nebraska was hold at the
school hoife in said district on Mon
day the (hit. day of April 1871 at 7
o'clock I. M. Modulator iu tho chair.
Meeting called to order. David LuU
was elected Moderator for the ensuing
throe years. On motion it wns voted
that u school bo taught iu this district
nine months during tho coming year,
it summer torm commencing the :trd
day of May 1871, a fall torm commenc
ing tho S.'Jrd day or August 1871, and
a winter torm commencing the 15th
day of December 1871, On motion it
was ordored that tho amount of tax
levied on tho taxable property of the
owners for scnool purposes for the on
suing your bo ns follows, for building
fund 0 mills on the Dollar, for pny of
teachers wages 2 mills on tho Dollar,
for incldentnl 2 mills ou tho Dollar.
Tho following miscellaneous business
was transacted. On'motion it wns de
cide to plnco the boll on tho top of
the school house. On motion it wns
decldcdtliat if it became nocessnry on
account of tho inorensc of the number
of pupils thosohool board may divide
the sohool nnd employ nn assistant
teaohcr. On motion it wiw. voted to
purchnse twelve cords of.wood for the
use of tho school house, the wood to
bo dollvered by tho first day of Juno
1871. On motion it was decided that
tho uoara nave two rows of troos
planted on the border of the school
liouso block, tho trees to bo ton foot
apart lit tho row and tho tows ten feet
apart. On motion it Wus decidod to
-irftz-. "r' ,
A Nensii;ijrr That Ghcs llic News 5:lfty
red cw)Ui), 2nbi:aska.
have the ard iu (tout of the school
house graded up so as to cause tho
water to inn ftom the house. On
motion the mooting adjourned.- I. W.
l'ulloys, Director.
As early as iS7ii we llnd some of the
members of the school district inter
esting themselves iu musical mutters
enough so that a special meeting of
the voters of the -ehool district was
called mi the petition of live oteis of
the district October IlOlh. 187"i for the
purpose of determining whether or
not the district should nut chase it inslitunent The icsiilt of
this meeting was diseoiitaglng to the
music loveis of the district as tho
voteis piesent at the special meeting
decidod by a majoiity of II against
purchasing a musical instrument.
Wo find among the eaily teachers
who took part In moulding the destines
of the lfcd Cloud schools. John II. Wil
cox, concerning whom it is said that
some of the scholais always had to
slop at his house on their way to
school to toitse hiiuout of his morn
lug slumbers. Prof. Tullexs, Prof.
Springe! until in lS?.i wo liud James
(ilham in ch.tige of the schools. This
was the (list year that two teachers
wete regulaily employed and tho
school divided into twoseporatebuil'l-
lugs Tho pi luiary school was taught
iu a stono structure ultorwurds known
us the Hooker property nnd the build
ing over which Pi of. Gilhutn picsidod
was a framo structure situated on tho
south sitlo of thopiesout school liouso
grounds. I his building was used as a
school hoir-o, chinch, com I house
opotu house nnd all other public gath
erings. Whenever eouit convened
"ehool had to bo dismissed until court
was adjourned. During the yeaiH
which followed two other frame build
ings were eiectod and used for school
purposes, all located in u row along
tho south side of the present high
school grounds, until at last tho pros-
out high school building was erected
and tho old frame buildings weie ro
moved from tho school grounds and no
longer used for school purposes.
We find in 1888 tho llrst oHlciul re
cord of n graduating class, iu this year
thoro woro four graduates, Estolln
Dttcker, Kate Spanoglo, Will Dttcker
and Randolph MoNitt
Au investigntion outside tho records
brings to light the fact that nt the
close of the school year of 188(1 Kiln
Ronisbtirg nnd Bell Spanoglo com
pleted tho school course and weiu en
titled to diplomas nnd credit rating at
the State University. At this time the
course of study taught at the High
Sohool ended with tho branches neces
sary for obtaining a first guide teach
ers certificate
It might bo intei esting at this juno
tuto to toad a list of tho giaduates of
the Bod Cloud High School us shown
by the Alumni recoid book, the fol
lowing is tin list and tho year in
which each class graduated. As befoi o
stated in the year W8 there woro
lour graduates Estolln Backer, ICute
Spanoglo, Will Ducker and Randolph
In 188tf Will hetsou was tho only
member iu the graduating class.
In I8!)fi there wot o three graduates
Alex Bontloy, John Tuileys and Willii
In 1801 there wns no graduating
class bntMury Miner and Goorgo Mor-
hurt completed the course and were
entitled to diplomas, which woroglvon
them by order of tho school board the
year 1003.
In 1802 there weie throe graduates
Harry Holcnbeck, Donald Pope and
Nellie West.
In 1803 thoro were ton graduates,
Mabel Day, Mutido Groonloo, Dorn
Henderson, Nollte ICnloy, Ilnchnel Lot
son, Trix Mizor, Lulu Potter, Daniel
Gnrbor, Bruce Payne nnd Fred Mnuror.
In 1801 there woro nlno graduates,
Rotta Ablo, Bortha Brown, Edgar Cot
ting, Corn Harbor, Caroline Johnson,
Susio Konndy, Edwin Overing, Ralph
Popo and Alice Reinsburg,
In 189." theie woro II graduates,
Roscoo Cuther, Emma Cook, Graco
Gurber, Will Hotfolbowor, Margaret
Miner. Iloniy Nowhouse, Ooorgo Over
ing, Daisy Plumb, Mayo Popo, Lois
Pope nnd John Potter.
uVviiffifiPvfii'' IT "J-
- -- - "' . - "
- two ttr.c.Kt. lrur Tor Onn Dollar.
. in l'Mi there weie 7 graduates, Jen-'
ni.. n. ,n i.. .,..,, 1 1.. mil.... i t I
...v mi uiivnr imr(. i.ui' i.uilll'-,
Mnt I '.ames, Pearl Ludlow. Helen1
Uoby and Mamie Wideiinan.
lu 1S1I7 thcio were 1 graduates, Vnt-J
tie Able. I.uey Oat her, Mabel Howard.
.los'ie Kellogg, ssi,. I i r l . Lillian
Smith. da Skjelver, May Sanborn,'
Htksie Carpenter, Dennis SchnlfuU,
Jatnes Yelser and Itobei t Mitchell J
In l'.is theie were 1. 1 graduates,
Dais.x l'risby, Jessie I inciter, Vance
Foe, Dora Oioat, Maude Miller, liene
Minei. Hadie Ovet lug. May Trunkev.
Viola Ward, IMwaid Cook, Hurbeil
Cook. Paul Dickson and Paul Pony.
lu IH'Hi thcio weie 1', giaduates,
Clara Abel, .losslo Cut her, Ella Cook,
OcrtiudoCiion, Ij'lorenee Cutting, Jen
nie KmKee, Sopha Latham, (Sraoo Me
Clollan. Ducile.McCoid.Ciilielmu Heed,
stnoe.s Morhtiitnnd Paul Pope.
In 1 .100 Iheio weie HI giaduates,
Sherwood Albright. Boy Phelps, Luw
lonce Pieieo, Ed Piatt, Agnes Brown,
Nollie, Fott, Jessio llendoisoii. Mia
Gillllth, Ida Kinsol. ('moo Skjohei,
Ethel llosuier, Loromt Nii-lein ami
Mabel Wells.
Iu HUM thine weie in graduate-.
Mabel Beck with. Sus'in Bugles, Anna
Halloik. Alice Popo. Winnie Sherni.iu,
Samuel Foster, Joseph Cnibei, Hugh
Hood, Cluit'iice (iross and Leigh Pope.
In rJn'.' there wete'i giaduato. Aneil
Crubill, Geo. HefVelbowor, Parley
Plumb, Dean Smith, Bonulo Emicli,
(trace Kellogg. Clara Martindale.Maiy
Petoison, Boithn Potter.
In IDii'l thcio weio 10 graduates,
Omii" Butler, Earl Crubill, WillEd-on,
Will Overman, Nettie Fort, Vina
Hutchinson, Blanch MiCuitney, Peail
Pope, Mary Sheldon and Nellie War
ren. In 11101 theie weio Hi graduates,
Brunt Bailev, Will Hiiiley, Lucius
Prlshlc. Adttir Culushu, Bolton Lot
son, Chus. Pharos, Dwight Wilson,
Mini Cook, Jennie Cutting, Margaret
Evans, Blanch Foster, llolen Ovormnn
nnd Mary Templo.
Iu HK).r there wore 1 (graduates, Will
Brooks, Lloyd Brudbrook, Harry
Cratnor, Eric Potorson, Vera Crubill,
Mnry Damorell, Hazel Llppencott,
Blanche Popo, Etta Uoihnr and Edna
In HUM there were HI graduates,
James Cuther, Sherldnn Pharos, Edna
Austin, Cora Chutson, Ethel Garber,
Annie Gilliam, Carrie Roble, Ethel
IConudy, Josophino Mior, Frances
Nesbct, Frances Ward, Corn Wcesner,
Lorn Wcesner.
Iu HK)7 thoio were II graduates
breaking nil former iccords, Sticknoy
Coombs, Frank Dickerson, James Fer
guson, Lloyd Hall, Paul Johnson,
Julia Bugles, Orace Fiisble, Corn Lock
liait. Edith Mohler. Mabel Pope,
Florence Potior, Zellu Taylor, Grace
Shiite nnd Muey Spiacher.
In 1003 thoro were lL graduates,
Minor Shoiwuod, Hitico Hoblnsou,
Bruce Boekwlth, Esty Smclser, J. II.
Kcllogg.Chas. Kellogg, Ruth Johnston,
Delia Lambrecht, Elsie Cathor, Mar
gurito Richardson, Mario Shuto and
Desslo Taylor.
Thoro are II iu the graduating class
this evening making a total of 205
students who have finished our High
School course, of this number not in
cluding this years class thoro have
beon 00 boys and 12." girls. Up until
tho year 1811,1 there had been 14 grad
uates, 0 boys and 5 girls but in the
year'rf which hnvo followed tho per
centage of girls has incroascd until
now tho girls outnumber tllo boys
nearly two to one. In 1800 thcro woro
7 graduates all of whom were girls.
Thoro have been 10 Popes who have
graduated, out of tills numbor 7 have
been of tho family of Goorgo Popo,
certainly a record of which any family
might well bo proud. There hnvo
been two colored graduates, Sam and
Blanch Foster
We take particular plcasuro lu call
ing attention to those Alumni who
have gone out into tho world and on
their inorlt won for themselves nation
al icputat Ions, Mrs. Boatilx Florence
nud Miss Helen Ovetniuu iu the music
al world, Miss Wllla Cuther in tho
literary world and Ralph Popo in tho
military world, It Is also u source of
(Continued on fourth page)
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