The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, May 13, 1909, Image 8

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Potter Block
Red Cloud,
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Two weeks ago when we started our Public Sale, it was our intention to reduce this slock to a certain amount and then
sell the balance to a certain Party Owing to the bad weather, we have had the past two weeks. We did not succeed
in reducing it enough. So we have decided to continue this Public Clearing Sale for two weeks more, or if this party
should decide to buy the stock before then. This sale will then close.
In the meantime we are going to continue the extraordinary Bargain selling on all the goods in this store.
In addition to the many Bargains quoted on our other bflls we arc going to make still further Price induce
ments on some lines of goods in this stock so as to make them go out quick. Tomorrow morning, Thursday
May 13th. we commence this Two Week's Continuance Sale. It will pay you to take advantage of these Bar
gains as they will go out with a rush. In the past week's selling we have accumulated a good many icmnarits
and short lengths in nearly all the different lines These Remnants and short lengths we are now going to place
special on sale at extraordinary Bargain Prices. All the Wool dress Remnants and short lengths placed on
sale at exactly half Prices. All the remnants and short length of Wash dress Fabrics on sale at exactly half price.
Remnants and short lengths Ginghams, Calicoes, Outings, rianndcttcs, Muslins, Table Linens, Shirtings.&c. At' nearly half nJuhr nricJ
Remnants and short lengths, Embroideries and Laces at half Price. All the New White and Colored Waists on Sale at special Bargain Prices' aSc 6Sc'
7Sc. oSc. and up. The greatest Bargain values in the New Black and Colored Panama and Voile skirts ever shown any where at $ 08 ind up ' All the
balance of our stock of Ladies' spring suits on sale at nearly half price regardless of cost, as they must all be sold now.
Kin-s' Thread at ac. per spool. Coats' Thread 4c per spool, Kloster silk thread 4c. per spool, Pear! Burtons c per dozen
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J t. ! r-s'
Mmmmirr ,
a ptj'r-y- -''" --w-..
.-. .'V.
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Sold onlv in
Moisture "Proof
National -Bi
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flm'WlBl VlWw 12 9 G
fliKwiSt. FPJ' STMK'tttWSSlXV Vi
---- -j -i STEWtCWKi-SCTLTm. 1F
.scuit - Goodrn ess
- - - -f -i'9iicjp u .'r- n b''
What makes them the best soda crackers ever baked?
. What makes them the only choice of millions?
What makes them famous as the National Biscuit?
.Si; III L - IrOOfl TB fiSR I
A 1M -' Ji IUTMM'J'a "H. U3k..' UiJiJ B
4 tot !
This Space Is Paid for by Uic W-C.T. U.
Mncu no legalized toinptatioii to
iliJHlt liniioria bovorajro would uxKt
ii niii- city, but ior tho co-opoiiitlon of
Unity fret-liolduis, u liuvo taken tho
niUivuf iimny iui-,ons nnd (vo to
tin- ptinllo thu-,0 imiiii's lound on tho
oUyclei-U's n-coid us Imvnifr hw,ft.d
the petitions of our kiIoou keepeis for
license to take money -for that whieh
i -j not bread and which vitislleth not."
loinpeninuo people who wish to la
ojiil to (hoi,. pri,K.ipl,.s ujh kllovv
liettei o wlioni tg Kiv0 their patron
"e U thought wo wored.)inrtheso
signers u kindness to ask them to
icir n.inies oil" thu petition but Unci
liey could not do so without applica
tion to tho council It is ihniJiilt to
undo a u roiif? act. C. T. U. Coin
tnittee. Petition of V. Upright
upright w huts la aniunc
Jus. Uurdeu
W. G. Ilnmlltoii
J. V. Moianvillo
H. C Erret
.Tno. H Stnnsei'
O. II. Hollister
Henry Cook
Ciiarles Steffen
i:. Kobbius
C. 1). Robinbou
Geo. V. ilutehison
.1. S. EmiKh
A. Fountain
J. W. Kinsel
ruuies MetJiiiro
.1. IJ. Carr
Petition of Doylo & Itushee
V. IJoliiiKraiu
T. Harwood
J. M. Chilian
John 1'olnicky
J. O. Butler
Kobt. Damercll
A. A. Keukel
V II. Tuber
II W. Gullifoid
Frank Petur-on
A. P.. Myers
. E. Uargiuau
A.N. Eddy
hyl ester Day
J. X. Havel
James Hut don
Frank Peterson
lames .MoCuiio
A. Fountain
h uy
Jno U. ytanser
.1. P. Moianvillo
C. I) Uobln-jon
HjIH. Damercll
II. Btirmau
lioniy Cook
G. H. Hollister
A. It. .Myers
I'M Kobbius
A. A. Itonkcl
J W. Khisel
.7. S. Emigh
A. V. IIoltiiKrain
W. II. Tuber
.I.X. Haol
T. CJ. Harwood
A. N. Eddy
II. C. Enet
J. U. Curr
Geo. V. Hiiteliison
.1. M. ChatHii
.1. V.. Moianville
V. t!. Hamilton
Charles SteiVeus
J. O. IJutler
ilolin l'olnlokv
VVu would like to prove to evoiysuf
Terer of Kidney discuses that Filicides
will hi-liiR prompt relief, ltaekaehe
ilieiimiitihin, liinibuKO, fatlRiio and lm
pure blood are inertly Hymptoms of
Kidney disoiders. Tho 81 siz con
talus 52'J tlmos iih much as the 50c size
SSokl by Henry Cook.
, u y",". .xP,L't ,0 't th original Car
bolizcd Witoli Hazel Salve, you must
bo Hiiro it is DcWltt'sCarbonlcdWlteh
Hazel Salve. It is good for cuts, burns
aP. br,'isesi '! la espoclally ijood for
piles. Refuse substitutes. Sold by
all druggists.
I am now located In the Winfrey
breeding barn in Red Cloim and have
two Hue Mlssouil, and ono Hue E.xcol
lent Kentucky Jacks, and one fine Per-chcrou-Normau
Stallion for service
for the season of 1009. Call and sec
them. H. A Johnson, proprietor.
MnnZau Pilo Remedy is put up In a
tube with attached convenient
for use. May be applied directly to
thoalfected parts reducing and reliev-ing-thc
pain and Inllauimatiou. For
all kinds of Piles. Guaranteed. Pricu
50c. Sold by llonry Cook.
rims. II. Kaley
(ieo. C'lausan
D. Suliiiuu
V H Miuulcrilllc
W h Koon
V. U. Saunders
T. J. Ward f
Jake Sal.mau
Mrs. E. A. Oatman
Frank Clauson
W. K. Gecr
L. R. Clapp
P. A, Hansen
. V. Fcnttcss
U. U. llessc
D. E. Sauudeis
W. F. Foster
Joo l'oglo
W. Huhrcr
Abel Jerubcrir
J. P. Hansen
Jacob Jensen
It. Ii, Kumuicr
t. S. Crabill
Tommy Ryan
A. Cook
. C. Stevens
It. U. M.ooie
J. J (a rk ley
Herbert Xeuciberg
W. A. Sherwood
1). Ij. Oroat
11. W. K'oont.
W, S. Ilenso
Miles Doylo
(. R. Uoycu
Melvin McCord
J. K. Wall
E. Wclsch
John Koenlg
do lives after
The evil that men
"Tho good is oft Interred with thoir
bones." Shakespeare.
Signed. W. C. T. l.
Bright bay Shire stallion, 0 yeais
old, 1 ii hands high, weight 100(1, well
built, splendid action, and a good foul
getter. Tkiims: $8. This hoisc will
stand for the season of HlOJi nt Ashor's
barn, Red Cloud. He is in first clas
condition. Disposing of mares or ic
moving without permission forfeits in
surance nionay and same boeomos due
at once, due taken to provent ac
cidents but will not be responsible
'should any occur. W. S. Pajikkh.
Nttlcc (o Crcdltrs.
Mntcof Nelinihka l inii1Bi.1.,
WulMtcrCiiimty f " ll,el oul,,J ' "urt
Ixtlio niiiltcr of tho istate of Amies I:.
M Call, Dcccastil.
.Notice tHlieraby kImmi to all persons lm.
Iiicl'IiiIiiim ami ik'iiiaiiilsiiKiilnst Amies liJlc.
Call, Into of Wolwtor county, ilcceahtd, tlial
tliutlmalUeil fur illliiu cIiiIuih nijaliiht sahl
cstat Is hl inoiiihs fi(,in tho iluth lnv nl
Mil) UK Hi.
All mu h pii miis nie reipilreil to priiun
their ilalms. win, the Noudurh, to thu
Count) .JiiiIkv of h.ita county, at Ills olllco
tin rein. m or lieforu thesoth ilny of No uiutic r
lilDI; unit nil elnlmsholllcil will bohennl In
foio UiOHiilitJiiilKa on tha 'JJnit ihi) of Noeiu
herlTOi, at ono o'clock p. m.; nml that the
adiulnlstialor Is allow uloiiu jtar fiuiu the
'Jilthilaj of Apill IWll.Jn wldih to pay the
debts allow el against hiild c-.t.Us and s. ttlo
the sains.
W' " 1 1. W. Kiwo.x
I'oiuity Judge.
The Standard Bred Trolling
Oscar Wagner, No. 30507
wlllnuiLi. the, wason of mot), , 1)r AMier'K
bain, Hid Cloud. 'IIiho of his Kt ilVl.
Miow-n ability t K a aoaiuiouetould lml
-M hut ) tin and i iratythtw cmii go In -.Mu
orln-ttir. MUhrtixliimUHtioagin trottlni:
I in from weak spots on Uu.
Kbits to mil) nut nl. ho has ninio .lrB0 Cl)lu
than any other Ironing hoisu that eer stood
In the county. Ohenr Wacner, 1WM7 was
Hlud b .Noral ( hlef No. tblW.record' l.:
he by an iy KUetloncor i by
llan.bloionlan 10. ..sear WaKner 1st. dam by
Madrid ins. Bud .Mm bj onwaid Mil, 3d dm..
M-otts TJionuu l)iu. tth dam by Planet. Oscar
Wanner .'50.7)7 man stpaitriml aniestors aio
tu follows: Noral Chit f record -J lu i.. h,,.
of sK from 2:11 to2JW. Nonnl rteor.l 2:11 .
Mteof luif, froni'.MM.l-t to 2.SU; ouwanl mi'
IUI. Houi2.07y. t3H0, Otorgo llkis .No.Clll
sire of wiro.n 2.11 1-2 to a, llamblutonian
10, wire of 10 from 2.171-1 to 2.W. Oscar WaB.
ner'H paternal anctston, havoMrtd, w.i.sslrcd
and diiUKhtersproduiid marly ono-thlrd of
iilllhu'.'dOiiirforiutrs to date. Oscar Wair
ntr is a scat brown, i& po ,,,, , , , iclEh.
nlwut II.VJ In full iicsh. fall nt barn nnd o
John Gilbert.
IBMitiaMK''JW'irjMsOTw- '.iMKwarmj.K'nY ivri.v-;TWt'rtiirjM-vJ'Ki-i' wnifc-TTyaT ra -stmwrr.e wimii'j mrrl
VWW 4 JVjll4tg!?tlll'.'wWWi'aMXff y'lOT"nn,rvi7gl.TVy --. J -'fniK'lxnmrnvvtsMfMtatM
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