The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, May 13, 1909, Image 6

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The Chief
C. B. HALE, Publisher
Doings of the Busy World Which May
Bt Read In a Few Moments Na
tional and World-Wide Events
of Importance.
During tho month of April fifty-fivo
now cases of bubonic plaguo wero
reported at Guayqull.
I'rlnco Ferdinand of Bulgaria, has
responded cordially to tho follcltatlona
of President Taft.
Tho situation at Suadln, where a
number of Armenians linvo boon
massacred, has boon rcllovod.
Ah a result of tho prohibition of
tho Importation of opium Into Amor
lea, "tho opium farmer," a Macao,
China, firm, ban failed. Tho govern
ment has seized tho factory and will
conduct the monopoly Itsolf.
King Edward, who 1b at present In
Paris, Incognito, eluded tho report
ers and attended a mimic hall per
formance. Tho "turns" woro of tho
usual Parisian variety.
Tho Ormondo two-ycnr-old plato of
200 sovereigns, dlstnnco four fur
longB,was won nt Chester, Egnlnnd,
by Plpu of Port. II. P. Whitney's
Oversight wns second.
C'lprlano Castro, tho deposed presi
dent of Venezuela, went to Sanlando,
Spain, whero bo will moot his wife,
who Is returning from tho West In
dies. Tho situation nt Saudla and Dour
tyul ngnln Is critical. Troublo is brew
ing, and further anti-Christian out
breaks aro feared. FIvo hundred Turk
ish troops havo boon dispatched to
thoso two points.
Tho Neuo Gesselcs elmftlchc Corres
pondenz, which haB oxcollont ofllclal
sources of Informnllon, announces
that Chancclor von Buelow Intends to
resign beforo tho Whltsuntldo recoss,
unless tho flnnnclnl reform plans of
tho government nro adopted.
A dispatch from Stuttgart says
County Zeppelin will undertake to
eomo from Frlodrlchshafon to Ber
lin In lils new airship.
Princess Hobort do Broglio, who was
a .Miss Estello Aloxandcr of San Frnn
cIbco, was granted n dlvorco from her
husband on tho ground of desertion.
She was given nlso tho custody of her
child nnd alimony of $00 a month.
A proclamation granting a constitu
tion to Persia has been signed and
Issued by tho shah. Tho document
announces that constitutional rcglmo
alono is enpablo of bringing about tho
tho restoration of order nud promoting
the welfare of tno people
Mr. J. T. Magoon, dnughtor of tho
lato Oencrnl Torrcnco of Chicago, wbh
mnrrled to W. O. Blnklston In St.
Andrew's church, Kensington.
A finely wrought sword, with a hilt
of solid gold, alleged to havo boon
brought to this country as a gift for
President Taft, was ono of sovoral
hundred oriental art objects solzed
at Now York by apodal treasury
President Taft sent to tho sennte
tho nomination of United States Dis
trict Judgo William M. Lannlg of
Trenton, N. J to bo United States
circuit Judge for tho third Judicial
circuit, vlco Georgo M. Dallas, of
Philadelphia, retired.
Tho Missouri senato committeo on
prlvnto corporations reported adverse
ly tho houso bill which would pro-
molt foreign corporations from hold
ing stock in domostic concerns. The
action 1b taken to mean tho doath of
the measure.
Sporadic outbreaks of vlolenco
marked tho progress of tho Brooklyn
bakers strike. An attack on n Har
lem bakery was participated In by
women, four of whom woro arrested
and later discharged with a warn
ing. Tho lower branch of tho Missouri
legislature passed a bill prohibiting
treating In saloons or othor palces
where Intoxicating liquors aro sold.
Tho penalty for doing so Is a tlno from
$5 to 25.
Tho battleship Idaho passed In tho
m-iawaro uroanwator from Kuantan
ambo, Cuba.
Hammond LaMont, tho editor of the
Nation, died nt Itoosovelt hospital.
New York.
Two firemen woro probably fatally
Injured, and a loss of $500,000 caused
by a firo which dostroyed two build
Inga of tho Wohrlo Stovo company nt
Newark, O.
Frank Gotch, defeated Fred Bcoll In
straight falls in n wrestling match at
A tornado struck Kentucky town, Tex.
Thr Baptist church and school houso
wore dostroyed and other proporty
damaged. No casualties havo boon re
ported. In a quarrel over a dog Alfred P.
JohnBon wa8 killed by Honry Price at
Venice, 111.
The Tuscarawas rlvor claim four
victims Sunday afternoon. Two others,
almost dead from exhaustion, wcro
rescued ns they wero Mnklng for tho
third time. Six men, comprising a
ploaauro pnrty, which set out In a mo
tor boat for a trip on tho river, by
sonio accident capsized tho boat and
the four victims went down.
Count Johann Holnrlch von Borns
torff, the German nmbassador, re
ceived u cordial wclcomo by tho Gorman-Americans
of Milwaukee upon his
A default Judgment In tho sum of
$650,000 was entered against tho Har
ney Pcaw Tin Mining company In
favor of tho Fnrmors' Loan nnd Trust
Tho battleship Mississippi arrived
nt Now Orleans.
A reduction of C cents a barrel was
announced by tho Standard Oil com
pany In tho prlco of nil grades of
crudu oil, except Ilagland, which Is
Tho Carncglo hero fund commission
at Its regular quarterly meeting mado
awards to twenty-throe porsonB for
dcods of heroism considered slnco
tho Inst mooting. Tho awards consist
of slxtcon bronzo nnd 'seven Bllvor
medals, $14,000 in cash and nnnultlos
amounting to $125 n month. No
awards to western pooplo woro mado.
Tho second annual stato couforenco
of associated charities and corrections
began nt Shawneo. Okla.
Tho annual celebration of foundor's
day, in honor of Androw Carnoglo,
wan brilliantly observed nt Carnoglo
Tho nnnual spring golf tournament
of tho Country club of Atlantic Cltj
Tho members of tho marlno cookB
and stewards' union havo votod almost
unanimously In favor of cnlllng a
strike against tho boats belonging to
tho Lako Carriers' association.
Catherine T. Dodgo, widow of Capt
Charles Dodge, U. S. A., has been do
dared sane by tho probato court, her
estate amounting to $20,000, bos been
restored to her care and her guardian
linn been discharged. For two yeara
sho was regarded ns an lnsano person.
Tho Wyoming state ptiro food com
mission has endorsed tho recent gov
ernment ruling relating to artificially
ngod or whitened Hour, and dealers
will be given until September to dls
poso of their stocks. Nearly all tho
Hour sold In thb stato Is Imported.
San Antonio's annual spring carni
val, In eolebrntlon of tho heroic do
fnnso of tho Alamo, opened with a
mngnlllcont floral pageant.
Tho auto races scheduled for Mont
gomery, Ala., havo boon postponed for
a week on account of raluy wcathor.
John Woolford, a chauffour. em
ployed by tho son of President Mc
Crctt of the Pennsylvania railroad,
was sentenced to thirty days In Jail
for violating tho speed laws.
Sixteen persons wcro Injured, ono
perhaps fatally. In 11 tornado which
destroyed n largo part of tho town of
Contrahoma, Okla.
As a result of an oxploslon In tho
film room of (ho Crosccnt niclcodcon
nt Pcorln, 111., resulting In plunging
tho cntlro front of tho theater Into
flames, William P. Robinson, city edi
tor of tho Peoria Star, and manager
of tho playhouse, Is dead.
Aldred Itustem Bye, formerly at
tached to tho Turkish embnny at
Washington, has been appointed coun
cillor of thnt embassy.
Flvo thousand dollars wero sent by
tho Red CrosB socloty to Amorlcan
Ambassador Lelshman at Constanti
nople to bo used by him at hta dis
cretion for tho rellof of tho sufferers
In Turkey.
Representative Campbell of Kansas,
who has Just returned from n trip
to tho Istlimus of Panama, called on
Prosldent Taft and told him ho be
lieved ships will bo passing through
tho canal In five yoars.
Tho marriage of Miss Blanche Willis
Emory, daughter of Roar Admiral Wil
liam II. Emory, United Stntes navy,
retired, nnd Mrs. Emory, to Esmond
Ovoy, M. V. O., of Henley on Thames,
England, third secretary of tho British
embassy, took placo at noon Wednes
day. President Taft has aproved tho sen
tence of dismissal Imposed by court
martial In tho caso of Lioutenant
Thomas A. Jouob, coast artillery
corps, stationed nt Fort Baker, Cal.,
on conviction of chargos Involving
fraudulent conduct In hla oflldal ca
pacity. Lleutonunt Jonos Is from Ne
braska, and was promoted from tho
A statuo of Aloxandcr R. Shepherd,
second governor of tho territorial
government of tho District of Colum
bla, wnB unveiled Monday nfternoon
In front of tho district building.
Senator Brown Introduced a resolu
tion looking to atumni'iiilmniif t,
constitution to provldo that congress
may havo tho power to levy lncomo
and Inheritance taxes. It provides In
duo form for tho submission of the
matter to tho legislatures of tho
Alvin Keysor, professor of soils at
tho State University of Nebraska, has
roquosted Senator Brown to assist In
keeping potash senln nn n, r... .
! Tills salo is imperatively needed as
n-.iiiiwjr m sonio soils nnd a duty
would work a hardship on ninny No
braskana. Samuel T. Stevenson, convlctod of
embezzling funds of tho New Orleans
typographical union, was sentenced to
lour years In ho state penitentiary
Tho safe of the nanK or Luc,'
Okla., wns robbed and $1,000 In cur!
f?0 sSn",CS l Ul nmUnt ol
Position Second In Importance Only
to the Presidency Not Aware
of Boom That Friends
Have Launched.
Tho nomination of Thcodoro Roose
velt for mayor of Now York City Is
proposed by Gonoral Stewart L.
Woodford, tho diplomatist nnd for
mor minister to Spain, In n state
ment Issued In Now York Saturday.
It Is admitted that tho "boom thus
launched has neither tho knowledgo
or tho consent of Mr. Roosevelt," but
it Is declnrcd that "an Insistent nnd
nnr.r.lmous demand on tho part of tho
people or tho city would compel him
to accept. "
General Woodford's statement Is
in part, as follows:
"If I had tho power to nomlnato
nnd elect tho next mayor of Now
York City, I should without n mo
ment's hesitation havo Thcodoro
Roosevolttho mayor. In dignity and
Importance the olllce ranks next to
tho presidency. Tho problem in city
government Is tho greatest problem
In tho community, and I am inclined
to think that 11 great and good mayor
of Now York could do more good
to tho entire country today than oven
tho president can.
"Mr. Roosevelt was born hero and
knows tho city. By his peculiarly
direct and effective executive ability
ho scorns to bo the best man for
this groat civic trust and duty."
Patten Back at Chicago.
James A. Patten, tho central flguro
of tho recent wheat excitement, ar
rived In Chicago Sunday after taking
a short rest on n ranch near Trin
idad, Colo. Mr. Patten, who appeared
to bo in excellent condition, went
directly to his homo In- Evanston, a
suburb. Ho said ho had nothing of
Interest to add to whnt he had given
out In an Intervlow nt Kansas City
Saturday night. Mr. Patten ndtled
ho would bo at his desk Monday
morning ns usual.
Rbbl at New York Opposes Inter
. t marriage With Christians.
Dr. Leon Harrison of Temple Is
rael, St. LouIb, stoutly opposed the
Intermarriage of Jows and Christians
in n sermon Sunday at tho free
synagogue in Now York. Fusion, ho
said, would only result In confusion,
while lntormnrrlago would simply
mean, not that tho majority would
bo drawn to Israel, but that wo of
Israel would bo overwhelmingly
merged nnd lost In Christendom.
Failed at a Revolution.
Pnssengers on tho steamer Guade
loupe, who havo Just nrrlvcd at Bor
deaux from Venezuela, stato that
friends of Castro attempted to start
a revolution there, but met with fail
ure. Tho situation In Venezuela ap
peared to be satisfactory at tho tlmo
they left. Although In their opinion
tho army favorB Castro, tho re-election
of Gomez ns president appears
to bo certain.
Weston Reaches Topeka
After reaching tho western out
skirts of Topeka, Kans., and being
delayed by the sickness of ono of
tho men accompanying him, with
heavy roads threatening, Edward
Payson Weston, tho pedestrian, Sat
urday turned back and is now stay
ing nt a local hotel. He started
again Sunday night Just after raid
night on his westward Journey.
8tewart Owned Little Property.
Tho will of Formor United States
Senator William M. Stewart of Ne
vada, who died recently, wns filed
for probato Thursday. It disclosed
the fact that ho owned no real estate
and his porsonnl proporty did not ox
cced $1,500 In value. This amount
Is devised to hla widow, Mrs. May
Agnes Stowart. Mr. Stewart's dobts
nro said to nggregato $25,000.
Nne Persons Drown In River at
Wllkesbarre, Pa.
Six men, a woman and two child
dren wero drowned Sunday afternoon
in tho Susquehanna river near Wllkes
barre, Pa., by tho carslzlng or a row
boat In which they had started for
an outing.
Death of Mrs. Augusta Evans.
Mrs, Augusta Evans, tho well
known southorn nuthoress, died early
Sunday morning from an attack of
heart failure.
Estab'lsh Chinese School at Chicago.
Wu Ting Fang, Chinese minister
plenipotentiary to tho United States,
has accepted tho presidency of tho
Chinese school of Chlcogo, according
to an announcement mado Sunday.
Tho school Is ono of a series started
under tho auspices of tho Imporlal
Chinese government. Courses In
Chinese literature, domestic scienco,
Chlnoso nnd International law and in
tho custom and hnblts of tho Chlnoso
In tholr own country will bo glvon.
There nro thirty-two students, rang
lng In age from six to thirty, already
What Is Going on Here and There
That it of Interest to the Read
ers Throughout Ne
braska. Home for W. C. T. U. Ladles.
Tho W. C. T. U. ladles of Palrbury
havo Just cloned a deal for tho pur
chase of a lot near tho square for
$1,800 upon watch thoy will erect a
building to cost $15,000 to bo usod
as headquarters. This building will
also bo Bhared by a Y. W. C. A. to
bo organized a llttlo later and rooms
will bo fitted up for boarders among
tho glrlB who havo como to Palrbury
to work or attend school and have
no relatives or friends with whom
to mako their homos. A largo' dining
room nnd kitchen will bo supplied on
tho first floor nnd in addition parlors
for tho meeting of tho W. C. T. U.
will bo on this floor. The building Is
to bo Btrlctly modern nnd will bo giv
en over exclusively to tho entertain
ment of tho femnlo sox.
Movement for Big Ditch.
Merrick county citizens aro agltat-
lng n ditch project which If carried out
will result in great benefit to that
section. Tho plan proposed It put In
to practice will result in the drain
ago of a territory thirty-six miles long
and seven miles wide, making nn ng
gregato of seventy miles of ditch. Tho
question will be submitted to a vote
ot tho pcoplo owning tho land sup
posed to bo benefited. Tho Commer
cial club Is pushing tho matter and
tho mombcrs believe there 1b reason
able hopo tor success. W. J. McEarth
on, supervising drainage engineer, has
been dotallcd to complete a survey
and nn actlvo campaign of education
will begin at once.
High School Spelling Contest.
Tho nnnuall spelling nnd reading
contest or Hitchcock county was hold
In Strntton. The contest consists ot
100 written words nnd reading. Threo
schools woro represented, each by five
spellers from tho high schools and
the eighth grndo nnd four readers tak
en from tho fifth, sixth, seventh and
eighth grades. Tho contest was for n
silver cup. Tho words wero furnished
by President A. O. Thomas of tho
Kcarnoy stato normal.
Mall Carrier Injured.
Aaron Hanson, n rural mall carrier
of Wahoo, was seriously Injured while
serving his routo. Mr. Hanson drives
his routo In an open cart and whllo
driving down a stoop hill tho horse
stumbled, pitching Mr. Hanson for
ward In such n manner that ho fell
beneath tho horse. As a result of
tho accident ho has a broken leg nnd
Is bruised badly, making It necessary
for him to lay off for a few months.
Newspaper Changes Hands.
The Brndshaw Republican, founded
In 189G by John B. Doy has been
sold to L. D. Bcltzor of Osceola, who
took editorial charge Saturday morn
ing. Mr. Beltzer will no doubt give
Bradshaw n first class newspaper. Tho
name ot tho paper will bo changed
to Monitor and will bo non-partisan In
politics. Colonel Dey will retire from
tho newspaper field and dovoto bis
attention to other pursuits.
Farmer Bitten By Mad Dog.
James White, a farmer residing
north of Palmyra, was bitten by a
dog which acted strangely. He cap
tured tho dog, and taking Its head ho
went to Chicago, where It was decided
that he was Infected with tho rabies
and would have to remain in a Pas
teur institute for treatment. The dog
bit a number of animals and it has
caused considerable uncaslnosB in
that part of tho county.
Italian Hetd Without Ball.
The preliminary hearing of Florlno
Bortuca, charged with tho murder of
John Price, the 11-year-old stepson of
Prank WIsnor of Wymoro, was held
in county court Saturday at tho con
clusion of which the dofendant was
bound over to tho prcsont term ot
tho district court without ball. Tho
wltnessos wcro subpoenaed, but only
four wero called to testify.
Mills at Reynolds Burned,
Tho Reynolds flouring mills at Rey
nolds, owned by Jacob Mackcy, woro
totally dostroyed by Are Friday night,
together with one thousand bushels of
wheat, two hundred bushols of corn
and a ton ot flour. Tho fire was dis
covered nbout 10 o'clock, when flames
wero Issuing from the second story.
It Ib thought the firo started from a
dcfectlvo lluo.
Merrick County Not Dry.
Merrick county Is now without a
slngla saloon, tho last ono in tho
county, that at Sliver Creok, bnving
closed Saturday. It Is extremely doubt
ful if any llceuses will bo issued for
tno present municipal year; tho only
licenses being Issued being at Chap
man and Silver Creek. At Chapman
thero aro two fully organized town
boards at present, and when tho courts
havo settled the questions growing out
of-tho rocont town olectlon there, thon
it will bo known whether an applica
tion for a llconso will bo made or
mtme -
State News and Nates In Condensed
Tho two dally papers of Nebraska
City aro preparing to issuo a now
city directory of tho town.
A Bllvor medal contest was hold at
Dorchester Friday night at tho M. E.
church under tho auspices of the W.
C. T. U.
Tho Marsh farm of 1C0 acres, five
miles northeast of Clay Center, was
sold for $9,600. A Mr. Urbauer was
tho purchaser.
At a recent meeting of tho commit
too on accredited schools Trenton was
placed on tho accredited list as a
threo year high school.
The twenty-flrst annual convention
of the Soward County Sunday School
association convened In Soward Fri
day for a two days session.
Charles E. Evans, a former residont
of the Adams vicinity, waB killed
Thursday of last week by tho caving
in of a Elnc mlno nt Ducnwcg, Mo.
Parties at Auburn havo filed remon
strances against tho granting of saloon
llconso at Johnson. They have also
hired an attorney nnd a fight will bo
W. E. Lahman, a farmer residing
south of Nebraska City, got his left
hand in a corn shcllor and will lose
at least two fingers lr not tho entlro
II. P. Rathe has purchased tho P.
L. Bartllng farm of 320 acres north
cast of Adams, paying $125 per acre
or $40,000 for tho place. The farm is
well Improved.
Bert Smith, who has been cashier
or the Bank or Paul, slnco Its orga
nization, has resigned, nnd will study
niodlclne. John Oolko has been eloot
ed to take his placo.
A tornado1 Btruck Brule at 5 p. m.
Friday, completely destroying threo
new buildings under construction, un
rooted bams and did general havoc,
but no one was hurt.
The largo two-story houso belonging
to Charles Jordon ot Valentino burned
to tho ground Saturday morning about
10 o'colck. All tho contents wero
saved nnd the houso was Insured.
Fire resulting from tho explosion
of a gasoline stovo completely de
stroyed the residenco of Frank Whit
ney at the edge of East Ashland. Tho
loss amounts to about $1,000 with In
surance ot $G00.
Mrs. Mnmlo MncAvoy or Omaha
rollowed her 10-ycar-old son to Fre
mont and round him nt the Fremont
police station. The boy had been ar
rested by tho Fremont police. Ho left
homo Saturday.
Glon or Aurora won tho wrestling
match over Chlngoway of Walthlll,
getting threo straight falls, tho first la
four minutes, tho second In ten min
utes and tho third In seven minutes.
Thero was a purse of $100.
Rev. Carl Predoehl, a German
Lutheran minister who was born and
brought up near West Point, has left,
his chargo at Hampton, nnd has ac
cepted a call from tho church at
Landostrew, Saskatchewan, Canada.
Over ono hundred and twenty homos
in Fullerton havo been decorated by
tho marshal with largo measles cards.
Every care is being taken to prevent
tho further spread ot this contagious
Mrs. I. B. Brldcnthnl has pur
chased tho Robert Fenton farm con
sisting of 640 acres, west of Bluo
Springs. Tho consideration was $75
per acre, or $48,000. Mr. Ponton has
resided on ,thls farm for the past 30
Conrad Schneider, tho mayor of
Snyder for twenty years, is going to
celcbrato tho anniversary by a trip
to his old homo in Germany. Whllo
in Germany it is said Mr. Schneider
will devote most of his time to a study
of town affairs.
Advices rrom Elmcreok Btato that
some unknown party entered the de
partment store of Chris Madsen and
stole a quantity of men's clothing.
The cash register waB demolished and
the thleycs wero rewarded only with
a few pennies.
Alice Miller, a pretty Fremont girl,
want all tho way to Pocatollo, Idaho,
to wed Arthur McDonald, a formor
Fremont boy. Tho young miss mado
tho long trip alone. Sho arrived in
Pocatello Saturday and the marriage
was to tako placo Saturday evening at
8 o'clock.
After lying dormant since January
1, at which timo tho plant wont into
tho hands of a receiver, tho Fair
bury Iron Works and Windmill com
pany resumes operation this meek.
A distinct enrthquako shock was felt
in various partB of Brown county bo
twoen 4 nnd 5 o'clock Sunday after
noon. Tho First Baptist church of Hast
ings bold its thlrty-Blxth anniversary
Friday night. The weather kept many
away, but nevertheless a good slzod
company was present. Romlnlscont
nddresses woro mado by H. II. Starr
and Jacob Woostor. Tho pastor, Rev.
W. J. Coulston spoke of tho early
members of tho church. Tho principal
addross was made by Rov. P. H. Mc
Dowell, ot Emanuel Baptist church,
John W. Sperry, ot Wcoplng Wa
tor, Is now at homo attor a, long torm
ot service In tho United States army.
In Juno, 1898, ho enlisted In company
L, Third Nozraska Volunteers, and
later ho Joined tho Eighteenth U. S.
Infantry and saw servlco In the Philip
pines. After his discharge ho en
listed In the Twenty-first U. S. Infan
try. At tho Mondny night meeting ot tho
board ot education It was brought out
that there will be six vaoandes in tho
Fremont teaching forco for next
The board granted a ralso in tvh
ers' salary a tow months ago.
Doings of the State Officials and
Other Happenings That Are
of State-Wide fmt
Governor Names Delegates.
Governor Shallcnborgor has ap
pointed Dr. Roscoo Pound of Chicago
and Dr. Samuel Avery, chancellor of
tho stato university, delogates to tho
second national poaco congress which
will bo held in Chicago, Monday, May
8 to 5.
Tho governor has appointed dele
gates to represent Nebraska nt tho
third international conforenco on Btato
and local taxation to bo hold In
Louisville, Ky., September 21 to 24;
the eoventh national arrigatlon con
gress to bo held at Spokane, Wash..
August 9 to 14, and tho national con-
forenco of charities nnd correction
which will convene in Buffalo, Juno
9 to 16.
The delegates aro as follows: Tax
ation conference, C. C. Carrlg or
Kearney, W. S. Schrlvor of Omaha,
II. A. Edwards of Grand Islasd; alter
nates, Shell Clack or Columbus, E. O.
Bornoecker or Soward, W. O. Downing
or York.
National irrigation congress, W. S.
Morcland or McCook, Grant L. Shum
way of Scott Bluffs, A. M. Morrlssey
or Valentine, Chnrlcs Coffco or Chnd
ron, D. Clem Denver or Omaha, Jnraes
B. McDonald or North Platte, Adna
Dobson or Llnocln, Henry T. Clarke
or Omaha, C. A. Edwards or Kear
ney, E. A. Cudahy or Omaha, H. O.
Smith of Lexington, P. T. Francis of
Crawford, M. B. Smith or Brldgoport,
W. A. Sharpnack of Alma, J. C. Boe
ler or North Platte.
Charities and correction, Miss
Grace Abbott or Grand Island, Miss
Lena Ward of Mllford, A. W. Clark.
Mrs. W. R. Adams or Omaha, Mrs.
Harriet Heller or Omaha, Miss Idn
V. Jonts ot Omaha, Mogy Bernstein
or Omaha, Dr. C. E. Provoy or Lin
coln, Mrs. A. J. Hornberger or Lin
coln, John Davis or Lincoln, B. D.
Hayward or Lincoln, L. Eavcr or Lin
coln. GCOrCO E. Howard nf T.lnnnln
Mrs. Anna Dovlo nf T.lnnnln Jnnl a'
Piper or Lincoln. Mrs. Mnrv Tl. Mftrl
gan or Alma, C. B. Manuel or Kcar-v'
noy, .miss L,yua McMahon or Geneva,
Miss Lucllc Evans or Lincoln, P. H,
Matters ot Omaha, Arthur D. Brandies
or Omaha.
Judge Dean Wins Court Decision.
Tho supremo court Friday after-
noon handed down an opinion uphold- l
lng tho valadity ot tho appointment J
or Judgo Doan to tho supremo bench I
by ox-Governor Sheldon nnd, by 1
analogy, tho appointment ot Judges '
i-awceu, uoeo and Root. Tho do- jr
clslon was handed down In tho case
of Sheldon ncalnst Dnnn. Tiwi om.
ham of Kearney was appointed by
Governor Shallcnborgor to tho su
prerao bench on tho assumption that
only tho legislature had tho right to
canvass the returns on constitutional
amendments and that tho Sheldon
appointments, made on tho returns of
tho stato canvasslnu board, worn nt
legal. In order to provldo a court of
unquestioned standing of sufficient
size to work Governor Shnllonborger
duplicated two of tho Sheldon nn.
polntments, Judgo Root and Pawcetl
juage j. j. Hulllvan ot Omaha wns
the other democratic appolnteo.
It Is presumed that Judgo SulllTan
nnd Judge Oldham will bo candidates
for eloctlon this fall. It is certain
that JudgeB Fawcett and Doan, the
latter a democrat, will run for re
election. After tho power was taken from tho
legislature it ran, by assumption to
tho canvassing board. This was the
contested point Tho democrats ac
ceded at last to admission that the
Sholdon appointments woro valid from
Novomber to January, treating this
period as a vncancy. fW"
Judges Root and Ross wero ap
pointed for tho long torm, theur
terms expiring in 1811.
Forest Reserve Fund.
Stato Superintendent Bishop has
apportioned tho forest roeorvo fund
that was In tho stato treasury May 1
to tho counties of Nobraska that are
entitled to tho money. The fund
amounted to $2,349.77. It Is dorived
from funds sot aside by tho govern
ment for counties In which national
rorest reserves aro situated. Tho to
tal number or acres sharing In the
apportionment Is 689,003.93, and the
rato per acre Is a Traction less than
4 mills. Tho counties sharing, to
gether with tho numbor or acres In
oach and tho amount duo tho county,
?ooa8 '0,IoW8: Hlnlno. 6,273.10,
2R03: Cherry, 123,297.10 acres
IqK' .rnnt' 149-608-8B ncrer.,
28.76; Thomas, 77,021.09 acres
Fees of Corporations.
Bocrotary or Stato Junkln has re
turned a $50 reo tendered by tho Me
Kean Motor Car oempany of Now
Jersey which recently fllod nrtlclca of
Incorporation In this state nnd paid
a filing rco on n capital stock ot 51,.
000,000. Tho $50 reo was paid under
tho terms or S. F. 321, by Tlbbotts or
Adams, which applies only to foreign
corporations. This bill amends the
law requiring foreign corporations tn
appoint an ngent In this 'stato upon
whom service can bo had in legal
sssjvur yimirygBgWM Hwvrr'l