The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, May 06, 1909, Image 1

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El 1
A Newspaper Tliat Gives The News Fifty-two Weeks Each Year Tor One Dollar.
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' 1 "J "f ' " -J-r
NVMnmi iu
J S53?iss2&s gsss&s&3s a
The Miner Bros, Co
. (Inc)
The New Coniici
H. A. Letson, Mtfr. .
Gencra-1 Merchants
We have' the Largest and Best Stock
pf New Merchandise shown in South
ern Nebraska. :::::::
Dry Coed
..Women's Suits
miMn iiwii iii
Our Special Sale of Women's
Hue Tailor Made Suits will Continue through next week in
which time we expect to have sold every suit.
y There are rare bargains in store for vou.
TflE JIIIiER BROS., GO. (I46.)
H. A. LETSON. Mfir.
f A Ntee New Stock
w.i , gwiMmi,rg wi
Of Groceries just received at the Home fc
(?) Grocery. We now have a complete iti
i$ line of fancy and staple groceries. : : jj
'.?? ikl
f) suome wa & s
(ov CjIAlso a lame assortment of choice ;
(0 queensware at the lowest prices possible. &
T. M
P. A. Wullbrandt I
Fulton Grocer Company.
I.vri MMIOItV HllKUMATIHM Cl'ltlll) IN
:i D.vvh.
Morton h Hill, of Lebanon, Intl.,
says: "My wife hnd i, Inflammatory
Ithouinatism in every muscle and joint;
- 4f r suffering whh terrible and herjbody
nuu lace were swollen almost uoyonu
recoKuition;had bcenlnbcdfor six weeks
and hud eight phy&ioiaus, but received
no benefit until she triodlDr.Detchou's
Relief for Ilhoumatism. It gave her
immediate relief and she was nblc to
walk iihoiit in three days. I am sure it
saved her life." Sold by Tho II. K.
(!rice Drug Co , Hod Cloud, Nebr.
Ttibler wells, wind mills, pipe fitting
and repairing. Call on T. CiinvAUi it,
Campbell, Nebr. Write or phone.
I for a wilhiy of $::, per month mull tlio
iif.Nt ri'iAilar tiioutiug of tho Coimeil
l li- idly eomii-ll mot Tmsday .niglit ; Veus ll.tjili-y Ntid U.ttmuu. Nnys Mo
ami cltiM-d tip i.hcir lnlnc-s for the ' Arl,,m,,f,
your slid Hdjuiriii-d slo.. die. M yojSppohiioil Col. 15. M. flurd
Tim ne w i-MiiioiV imnioliiifelv ,:.. i 'Hv Mufidmlllo surve with out any
vened mid W?d .T. A. MoArthur as
piviblunr or tlia 0 ull.
Tlio fuinhtfptf iiiut.uwi cnic nt
pointed for tliiyeur:
Slroels MBtl Ht !.?, i'lilmpher lat
ivunl, McAithurVnd ward '
Fhintnv, firfilhv. Oaf mail, VoXitliuY.
.Major Potior floHvcicd a InttdiiSMM
like luuugutnl nddrr-ss to tho eouuoil
-l f inif out lliu woilt before them for)
ovpeiiMUo the city. 'mf .MoArthur.
Iiiiiluy,uhtmau. Curried.
tn-tini'io.l orlliiii' fo soo
oiinfj turunl tho wutur north
Into (Vookfd Crook.
tllHl. U
of the
i Carload
fV'V V va'm AAm
Of Furniture!
ihisjear, ciiipliH'.iziiig tlie nec-slly
of ltmiifdialeiydit Miiiiiiiiigtlie lUiiiin
rial condilioii of 1 ho eity mid I he keep
tug of tho ivooids in n live .ondilion
at all timi'h. Mr. Potter lu'ipiltti'd
liimsolf I'ledll-ilily and promised tlio
It is KUiivf itn-ily dry.
Kvuryody is linllng corn. .
( 'Mr.pi in- iilek is mi fhoslok llsf.
i .loliljlttiiL'hiun has a nuw unto
niobilfv.', ' i
I MUsTuda N'oUoit Is working for
.Mis. ,Jvs. I'olu.cky. i
Misds May and .lullti .leliliok spout
flljusl received and our Little Store
crowded to its utmost. Price and quality
I the best we have ever been able to offer
l our customers. :::::::
eouiieil his aid at all times.
Saloon liuiMises wore grunted to Pol-
nieky A l-ongt!n Doylo & llusliuv. and ttto wookH ,, js inin.viug uleelv.
win uprigui
Sunday with Mm Minnlo Kollel.
Umul Poliiii-ky who got hurt about
Itriiigyour eggs and get cash.-. I. O.
Lvorybody is likely to have kidney
and bladder trouble. In fact nearly
everybody has some trouble of this
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gorous and possibly serious ailments.
Thoy lire perfectly harmless, and nro
not only antiseptic, but allay pain
quickly by thoir healing properties.
.Send your name to 10. C. UoWitt & Co.
Chicago, for a free trial box. They
n ro sold hero by all druggists
...... B
lWSTdxeOTWCX. RTXK4 v!lfc...t;.r,Bka "r-, II
i vi 'tw. ran i shi
r CSKWI tWZlsie3P5&tt CZW d'Si,njEHH:KA. ft
, ,ic,'iimBakifflg PewderJ
Made from cream of tartar derived
solely from grapes, the most deli
clous and healthful of all fruit acids.
Corn-go V: Uiugc-sof Alma was ap
pointed water mid light commissioner
at KK) pur month. Mr. lliirgess comes
highly lecommended and liiHqualitlcu
tions are of the liihiht kind. Ho has
been engaged in this business since lie
was u boy oi t:t and bus tho practical
ovporlenco'of ovoiy department The
oi'i;:ens of Jod Cloud liavo reason to
expect much of the nuw olllcer as ho
enjoys mi on viable reputation both for
ability and integrity. The fact that
he has made good at Alma ought to be
snlllcioiit gu iiantee that ho will do
tlio smile lor us.
The nuw council, i judged by their
first mooting, bcem to bo harmonious
and they showed a disposition to work
together for the best interests ot the
city. If thoy continue to hold the
high aim as disclosed by tlio first
meeting thru out tlio year they will
render much service to thu city." Wo
wore much pleased Willi the evident
desire upon ti.e part of all to give tho
city n straight forward business ad
ministration. City Clerk, O 0. Tool took to his
uowdutleh'iiko a (Inelt to wiiter and
ho will unquestionably be of consider
able assistance to the mayor and
council. His occupation qualifies him
exceptionally well for his now duties.
jvs in eieiu-ai aoiury no Del I or mater
ial can lie found in tho city than Mr.
Tool and his predecessor Mr. Fort.
While we have every conlidonce In Mr.
Tool we believe it is due tho retiring
clerk, Mr. Fort, to say that he lias
served the city faithfully andetllcient
ly and deserves the praise and approv
ntinn of all our citizens.
Tho Chief trusts that the new coun
cil will become derilect in no duty
and that they will give us the exact
condition of the eity within sixty
days. We hold ourselves in readiness
to uphold them in all things which
are for tho best interests of the city
but should they so far forgot themsel
ves as to drift into negligence or mis
management wo feel it itieumbont up
on us to give the full mid true facts
and infoi mation to our readers. Wu
much prefer to praisu but if wu must
condemn tlio fault will not lay with
us. I lie city demands as never before
an administration of the highest char
actor and we have confidence in the
now otlieers and believe that they will
render us otllcicnt ocouomio service.
Council adjourned to moot Wednes
day evening.
Kkd Cloud, Nun., May fl, '09.
Council met. Roll Call. Mayor
Pottor prostdlng. Present MoArthur,
Bailey and Oatmaii. Absent Pulsi
pher. Minutes of last meeting also those
of the hist mooting of tlio old council
were read and approved.
Mr. Butler on behalf of the Fire De
partment appearing before the council
fc.fflftfwl lll.l I. ...1 ....... .. 1.. fl..... . -..
"" -" jimiiii.s in riaiis ;kiiii-
tion neoded fixing before l'lro Depart
ment could turn on water in easo of
fire. Moved by Bailey second by Oat
man that Mr. Butler get hydrants ro
pilred mid present bill to council.
Mossrs. Xcwhouso and BeekwiHi in
behalf of School Hist. asking council
to grant permission to tap main for
now school hoimo with a light weight
pipe. Moved by McArtiiuruud second
by Oalman that School Uist. 2 bo al
lowod to place temporary pipe and at
tach meter and remove same and re
place with permanent pipe according
to ordinance when tho required mater
ial arrives. Carried.
Bond of J. O. Butler, eity treasurer,
read and on motion same was appiov
C. II. Potter appointed J. W. Kiuscl
night watch temporarily. Moved by
Outmaii second by Bailey that J. W.
.Kinsol act as night watch temporarily
Thu big wind last Sunday blowed
Ivobert. IlurilV wind mill down. ,
Miss IJtta ltthrer has completed a
suceussful term of school In Dist. 'Jit.
Seeing is Believing
: Brothers.
visited Iter son, II.
Mrs Joe Taylo
Taylor Monday.
Hli l-'owlor is tterois the liver this
week hanging paper
Mr and Mrs Albert Kindscher visited
relatives In the country Sunday.
The graduating exorcises hero occur
May tilth. I lit ro are live in tlio class.
Mis, Charley Wehrloy formerly Miss
Mabel Kyker is very ill witli rlioinna-
t Mil.
You now get your meat out in (lie
I st root as the moat markttt was pulled
out Monday to make room for the now
Miss Muli-su I.umbcrl has again
boon elected primary toucher of the
Dillor schools. She has bueu very
Friends hero have received word
that Jlrs.ul.H. Largout has been veiy
ill at her home near Canadian,' Texas.
Sho is reported better.
Merrlmiiu & Spiies have sold their
stock of goods which they recently
placed in tho Hayes' building. The
now owner takes ihimm-hs'iou next week.
Mis. N. M. Doudiia and Mrs. I). K.
Burr wont to Lincoln Monday to at
tend tlie Lodge of l'JasternStar
They intend returning Friday.
Miss Mary Class visited her brother
and family near North Branch and
then spout a few day with friends in
town. Sho returned to her home in
Beatiicc Saturday.
Xow olllcers of the M. II. Aid society
me: Mrs. G. M. Allan, president;
Mrs. C. T. lily, vice president; Ms.W.
M. Minor, secretary; Mrs. Clarence
Guy, treasurer.
Licensed Embalmors and Undertakers. 5
Ncbraskans Will Sec Exhibit.
Whether Nobraskans go to Seattle
or not to attend tho Alaska-Yukon ex
position, they willhavuauopportunlty
to see tho government exhibits from
the Department of Agriculture at
This exhibit is larger in itself than
those at any previous exposition except
tlio Louisluna purchase exposition at
St. Louis. Eight cars will be required
to tuko tlie exhibit to Scattla
It Is on the return trip that this
great dislay will stop in Nebraska for
two weeks and will compriso n part of
tlio government oxhibit ut tlie Nation
al Corn Exposition to be held in
Tho exhibit will be made in sections
by six different bureaus including
thoHi of animal Industry; forest ser
vice; plant industry; horticultural de
partment; liber investigation mid corn
investigation bureaus.
Nebraska raises cattle, hogs, sheep
and the bureau of animal Industry will
have an exhibit of unusual interest,
showing all practical ways of handling
stock, eradicating disease, sanitary
handling of dairy cows; tho method of
nicatinpcction which is used by the
liemp has been shown to bo a Crop
which will make profits for growils In
Nebraska. The govonuiient has boon
working with the Ubro. Tho process
of nianul'acturo will bo soon In the ex
hibit at Om ilm and Nebraska hemp
will bo used.
Tlie forestry but can shows the adapt
ability of dlll'orent timber, the presor
vation of construction timbors as well
us hundreds of pictures of forests in
the northwest. It Is an attractive ex
hibit even in a state where lumbering
is unknown
Five cases of charts and models
from the bureau which has to do with
frlltl tffAivlni. tvtll rvlt'rf vlltt nlu nl rttl.
.. ...v t,.. ...... h, ..... H.. ..,...,..,.... .j.- ,
U, V. R58ZER, Pecs. S. K. F10&ARCE, Gnslllcr.
CAPITAL $25,000
1 his bank offers Lo depositors the most liberal
terms consistent with the conservative manage
ment or a sound financial institution.
Interest paid ort time deposits
5ttj -"
lit- ' -viaBBIH
J l-i
When You go for an Outing
Away from Mental and Physical Cares
Your Eves Work On
Tlio New Henlth-Hny ntnttci ora especially recommended for
outdoor tport and recreation.
No trjIiiR Unlit nunoymicc for tlie wearers or ttic Hkai.tii.
Kav, bccnuie tlicy ghc the eye Quality .fgfit tight la right pro
portions ns Nature Intended.
I)ut ten per cent, of nntiirnl health lljiht reaches the eye
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All tlie liciillli-KlvliiK part Is ntisorhid by the ul" d few of
tiny but the heat rays reach the delicate rethui of tlie cj c.
Hi:Ai.TU-ItAY I.i.ksi.i rest and protect, give health nnd vigor,
transmit the health rajs, nnd through this avcuue create
rich i cd blood for the entire s stem.
Health-Rays Give Easy, Comfortable Vioion
No strninliiB or striving to sec as others bee-no dread of tlie bright
Min noc(. "break downs".
If you want tho genuine, look for
the nlinvn trade mark on each Lent.
Jewelers and Optometrists.
portunity to sou tlio most improved
inotliodH of tfrowiiiKi lmrvostiiiK, Krudf
iiiK, hriisliiiif,'. wushiiiK, lutudliii,
truuspoi-tliiK and srot-iiiK fruits. Wtix
modolK of fruits liy tlio liuudi-ud will
1)0 hllOWII.
Tin? tfowrniiiutit oxlilhit of gralnr.
will limlio a ani'.il Miow Uy tliomsolvoK,
Tliousaiids of Kiimplui aro inoliidod,
amoii wliioli aro thoso coreals lin
porto . liy the ovornmutit. Tho origin
of oach varioty ih noted and all aro
plainly labeled. Tlio orifjin of oiicli
varioty ih uotod and all aro plainly
liibblod. Tlio dopiirtniHiit roroah in
iti) oxhibit tlio iiiolhodM of suod testing
usod in onforointf tlio piu-o sued lawn.
Tlio sti(,'ar lioot industry oomos in
for Its hliaro of attention ovorytliin
ciniiuutoit wllli tho industry hoiiij,'
hliown from tho host varlotios'ofheofH
to frult9 and jann pretirvod in the
hugur; from confootlonery mado from
Bp'clul process htijiars to fertillzerH
mado from the pulp. s
Rcallziiiff that it.wlll requli-o homo
timo to eKtabllhh conlldoiieo in tho
mindH of tho pooplo of Ued Cloud and
vicinity as to my ability to do first
el.tss, donlisti-y. I will, for
tho inontlis (f April and May make an
exceptional effort to ploafc. Consul
tation and oxanil nation free. All woik
satisfactory. S. J.Cunmmoiiam,
Sueeessor lo ,T, S J2ini,'h.
aurncy SmIiih Top Market.
Tlio top price paid for liojs on tho
.Soutli St JoHupli on Monday
of last woek, April yo, was 7.Jo per
ovvt., which (Ijfiiro was secured by Gluts,
aurrioy of Ited Cloud for a consifrn
tnontof 17 head, averajring 31t lbs.
sold for hi u by Clay, It ibjiibon & Co.
This was fie per owt., hlher than any
other !ik made on tlmt market that
For Headache. Biliousness
M - OoWIUV Little
i fit
J. i
Tjjj mmtM&mmimvtmviir.mxb&fl &iitoMiifi?Z?2r"r
" ot-MiB -
v 4 itm:
i4 HMrV--)M(lIUtMW1l4y