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The Chiefl
C. B. HALE, Publisher
Information Gathered From All Quar
ters of the Civilized World and
Prepared for the Perusal
,, of the Busy Man.
Hon. John S. Hall, former tronsurcr
in tho Quebec: cabinet, died.
J. W. Brooke, n Hrltlsh explorer, was
hilled by natives In I.ololand, China.
Slight earthquake shockB were felt
nt Kvoru, eighty-live miles southeast
of Lisbon, Portugal.
Admiral Perez, chief of the Chilean
naval station, was entcrtnlncd at din
ner by Hear Admiral V. T. Swln
burno, cnmmandlug the American Pa
clllc squndron.
Tho distress in Anatolia bocnuso of
the failure of the crops has reached
an ncuto phase In the districts of Erz
croum, Yogad and .Mardln. Hundreds
of persons ure starving.
London Is to have n national theater
ns a memorial to Shakespeare.
Earth shocks are still continuing at
Messina nt the rate of ten an hour.
King Manuel, of Spain, has been
warned that a plot (o dethrone him
was in course of preparation. Extra
guards aro on duty around tho royal
The new Franco-American treaty
has been signed In Paris by Ambassa
dor Whlto for the United States and
Foreign Minister Plnchon for France.
This treaty 1b substantially Identical
with tho ono negotiated in 1892.
An earth shock lasting twelve sec
onds was felt at Tencrlffo, Canary
Islands, Wednesday. No damago was
All but two candidates for tho speak
ership in Iowa have withdrawn.
Tho worst storm in tho history of
Crow's Nest, on tho Cnnadlan Pacific,
Is raging.
Tho Iowa legislature will bo asked
to pass a law absolutely prohibiting
frnternltics in every, high school of tho
Enrly M. McCourtnoy," twenty-two
yenrs old, St. Loula representative of
Harding, Whiting & Co., of New York,
committed suicide.
Another suit has been entered
against "Count" Hntton, tho private
banker known in England and tho
United States ns "Chorlo tho Palmist."
Mtb. Josephino Amore, who has been
on trial nt Newark, N. J for several
days on n charge of having murdered
Michael Mnrtellancn on August 5 last,
wns acquitted.
Tho death occurred in San Francisco
or Itov. Dr. William S. Anient, a prom
Incnt missionary of tho American
board of commissioners for foreign
missions stationed at Peking, China.
Objection to tho reinstatement In
the military academy of William G.
Hosoll. Jr., and Harry Weaver, the two
West Point first dnss men, who were
dismissed by order of the president
last August, waB made by Senator
Whllo the government wns eliciting
ovidenco in Its investigation of tho
packing industry befoio tho federal
grand Jury at Chicago secret service
men swooped down upon and routed
n horde of private detectivos who had
been loitering in tho lobbies.
Tho Jury in tho enso of the Itov.
Clyde Gow nt Mexico, Mo., returned n
verdict of guilty in which Gow is found
guilty of manslaughter in the Becond
degreo nnd sentenced to four ye-irs'
imprisonment. Ho was indicted Joint
ly with Dr. W. A. Hemphill for the
death of Miss Elizabeth GlcaHon, a
Lincoln county school teacher. The
prisoner, ns witness, donied that ho
um uvor mm any relations with Miss
Glonson that wore not proper.
Tho emperor of Korea accompanied
by Marquis Ito, of Japan, is making
a tour of tho cmplro, it being Ids pur-poso-
to Investigate conditions.
Ambassador Gilrcom nnd the mom
bors of tho Amcrlcnn relief committee
t Homo have chartored a Lloyj
steamship and aro now fitting It out
to go to iho relief of the enrthquake
nifferorB. When It is ready ten thou,
sand persons can bo takon care of in
Ion days and in addition food supplies
will bo taken ashoro to seventy thou
sand people.
W. M. Cavanaush, of Llttlo Hock,
Ark., has been chosen to succeed him
Helf as president, secretary nnd
treasurer of tho Amorican Southern
association of baseball clubs.
A fourteen-story building nt Gales
burg. Illinois, was destroyed by lira,
cntnlllng n loss of ?7G,000.
Executors of tho Into John V. Far
well filed an Inventory of tho estate,
which Bhows $8,000,000 worth of per
sonal property.
President Hoosovolt has nppllo.i to
Iho Uolgian govetnmout for a hunt
ing permit in Belgian territory in
versity president in America in point
of service, was eighty years old Wed
nesday. Forty-Avo prisoners in tho Oklaho
ma City Jail tunneled their wuy to
freedom ono night this week, but
when thty got outsldo nil but throe
of them returned. They declared they
preforrcd prison to freedom In zero
weather. ,
A tornado at Mlncoln, Texas, laid
b.aro a section of the country Ave
miles long and seriously injured u
number of persons.
Tho general nEBcmbly of Ohio has
been called to meet in special session
by Governor Harris.
Another nttempt is being made to
frco Harry K. Thaw from tho Mattea
wan asylum by u writ of habeas corpus.
Tho trial of tho famous nlghtrlder
cases at Union City, Tcnn., Is drawing
to a closo nnd will soon be in the
hands of tho Jury.
Tho religious nots between Mohnm
mednns nnd Hindus lu Calcutta have
taken a moro serious turn and re
quired tho nctlvo Intervention of Brit
ish troops, who Arcd upon tho Hindu
A report has coino from Messina
that typhoid fever had broken out
there. It Is realized that unless
proper Banltnry precautions are taken
at onco tho dlseaso may spread far
outsldo tho ruined districts.
John A. Bunnell has been elected
president of tho Chicago board of
Tho largo warehouso of Codvlllo &.
Co., grocers at Brandon, Man., was
gutted by Are, with a loss of $100,000.
OfAclal roports havo boon received
nt Amoy, China, of a revolutionary
outbreak In Manchuria, near Mukden.
Judge Landls lias informed tho dis
trict attorney that ho would not hear
tho second trial of tho famous Stan
dard Oil cases, but would transfor
them to some other Judge.
E. E. StubblcAeld, county treasurer
of Montgomery county, Kansas, Ib
said to bo short $4,025 In his accounts.
Ho offerB to mako up tho shortago
pending a further examination of his
A bill has been reported from tho
comtnittco on military affairs provid
ing for tho rolnstatment In West Point
mllltnry ncademy of tho Btudcnts dis
missed last August for hazing.
Tho Arst of tho olllcial Whlto House
recoptlons of tho season wns given In
honor of tho diplomatic corp3.
With a view of ascertaining how tho
$222,000,000 appropriated annually for
tho exneusos of the noatal Borvlcn Ib
expended, tho house commltteo on
postouico expenditures has started Its
Negotiations havo just been conclud
ed botween tho governments of the
United States, Columbia nnd Panama,
whoroby all matters In controversy be
tween them aro settled.
Tho special committee consldorlnc
tho reference to congress nnd tho Bee-
ret scrvlco in tho president's nnnual
nicssngo will report to tho houso this
weok. It is said there will bo much
debato on tho report.
Tho United States government has
won Its caso in defense of tho con
stitutionality of forest reserves, when
Judgo Lewis, of Donver, handed down
n decision in favor of tho complnlnnnt
in tho caso of United States against
Fred Light ot nl. The case involved
tho right of tho department of for
estry to charge grazing fees nnd waB
regarded as of utmost importance in
tho west.
It cost tho government $15,000 in
tho employment of detectives to in
vestigato tho Brownsvlllo affair.
Plans havo been outlined by tho
I'avy bureau of construction for a
sroat battleship of 25,000 tons, de
signed to carry eight 1 1-Inch guns.
The stnto department viewB with
satisfaction tho nnnolntmnnt hv tim
Chinese government ot Liang Tun
Yon, the customs tnoti, an minister of
lorelgn nfTnirs. l Jang Is said to bo a
r,eml-progrosslvo statesmnn and his
ucsignntion as head of tho foreign of
11 co, will, it Is hoped, prove helpful in
staying any marked tendoncy to re
actionary practices in tho futuro pol
icy of tho Chinese administration of
The official call for a national tariff
convention to bo held In Indianapolis,
Ind., on February 10, 17, and 18, has
been sent out.
Half tho business portion ot tho
tfiwn of Kensington, Kansas, waB de
stroyed by u Aro that started in tho
Palaco hotel. Loss $50,000.
National bank examiners will bo ptr
upon a salary or per diem nnd s
peuscs basis, and the present feo sys
tem will be abolished, if rccommonda
tioiiB mado by Secretary Cortolyou
Comptroller Murray and Deputy Comn'
troller Kane, of the treasury depait
ment, aro carried out.
In tho recommendation mado by tho
Joint commltteo on tho buslnoss moth,
ods of tho postal sorvico fourth class
postmasters aro recommendod to bo
placod on n salary basis and postal
notes or inonoy orders without ad
vices aro suggested for sums not ex
ceeding $5.00.
S. B. SIgnor, of Oakland, Calif., hna
been arrested, charged with forgeries
aggregating ovor n million dollars.
Tho Aro department of Chicago ans
wered nlnoty-two Are nlnrms last Wed
nesday night.
Miss Nellie O'Donncll, n bookkeep
er of KaiiBus City, has been arrested
charged with embezzling $4,000.
A Btato prohibition bill has been in
troduced into tho legislature of Ton
nessco. Tho Athletic club of Reno, Nov., lins
offered n purse of $100,000 for a Aght
botween Jcfferles nnd Johnson.
President JatncB B. Angcll, of the
UnlverBlty of Michigan, tho oldest uni
Legislative Facts and Gosslp-MMewa
of the State Capital.
The thlrty-ArBt session of tho Ne
braska leglBlnturo wns called to or
der nt noon Tuesday, Jnnunry 5th.
CnucusoB had boon held tho night bo
foro and n complcto roster of officers
ngrecd upon nnd when tho two branch
es of tho legislature mot there wns
nothing left for them to do in tho way
of organization but to ratify tho action
of tho caucus. This was done nnd the
.following aro tho oAlcerB for tho com
ing session:
Editor Tecumseh Tribunal Speaker
House of Representatives.
In the House.
Speaker, C. W. Pool, of Tecumseh.
Chief clerk, Trenmorc Cone, of Wn
hoo. First assistant clerk, D. C. Laird.
Second naBlstant cleric, Geo. Gil
christ, ot Hall.
Third assistant cleric, W. L. Leon
ard, of Furnas.
Enrolling and engrossing chief clerk,
Henry C. Richmond, of Omaha.
Book-keeper and time-keeper, John
Zellars, of Butler.
Sargeant-at-arms, Amos E. Evans, ol
Assistant scrgeant-at-arms, John
Dunklo, ot Hall.
Postmaster, William Peebles, of
Assistant postmaster, Richard Samp
son, of Soward.
Chaplain, Rev. J. W. WnrAeld, of
University Place.
Door-keeper, Alf. Canlleld, of Te
cumseh. Nlghtwatch, Joo Burr, of Otoe.
In the Senate.
Secretnry, W. II. Smith, Seward.
First assistant secretary, II. W. Da
vis, of Orrt.
Socond nssistant secretary, E. A.
Walrath, of Osceola.
Socrotary commltteo of tho whole, J.
G. P. Hllelobrand, of Lincoln.
Sergcant-at-arms, J. A. Welton, of
Assistant Bcrgonnt-at-arms, W. II.
Cash, of Kearney.
Chnplaln, Kev. H. II. Harmon, ot
Postmaster, Wm. Nolin, of Barnes
ton. Mall carrier, L. A. GriAln.
Chief enrolling nnd engrossing clerk,
Henry Ryan, of South Omaha.
Tho oath of ofllco was administered
to both brnneheB by Chief Justice
AbMo from the organization nnd
selection of employes and tho Inaug
ural ceremonies of tho Btato onicors
nothing elso was accomplished nnd
both houses ndjourned Thursday nftcr.
noon until tho noxt Monday, when the
real work of the scsbIou will begin.
Governor Appoints Two.
Governor Sheldon Monday appoint
ed N. P. McDonald, an attorney of
Kearney, to succeed J. E. Dolzell of
Loxlngotn, mombor of tho state board
of education, a board that has control
of tho two stnto normal schools. Mr.
Delzoll'B term expired Inst sunimor
but no appointment waB mado till yos
terdny. The term of Mr. McDonald
will end 1913. Charles Gregg's resig
nation, which is said to havo been In
tho hnndB of tho governor for somo
tlmo, was accopted and D. W. Hayes,
superintendent of tho public- bcIiooIb
nt Alliance, was appointed In his place.
Tho term will oxplro noxt year. He
contly P. was reported that Mr. Gregg
desired to resign nnd nccopt a longer
appointment in plnco of Delzoll. By
virtue of their oAIcob the stato trens
urei and tho Btato superintendent or
public instruction aro inemborH of tho
statd bonrd of education. Tho govor
nor appoints tho other members.
Football Deadlock Ended.
Oron A. Bellzor of Arapalioo, Nob,
was elected captain of tho 1000 No
brnskn football cloven Tuesday after
noon over his only opponent, LouIh
Harte, nn Omaha boy. Only ono bal
lot wub taken, tho voto standing eight
for Boltzor and six for Harto.
Beltzer has been on tho Cornhusker
ball team for two yoars. Ho also Is
cnptaln of tho basoball nlno for thlB
BPiing. In the fall of 100 ho won Ills
gr dlron "N" by playing )n tho Mlnne
sola gamo at loft ond. Last fall ho was
left ha tback on tho cloven and was
n brl llaut Btnr in punting nnd In
throwing tho ball on tho forward pass.
The Inaugural and Reception.
By 1 o'clock Thursday vIsltorB be
gan to throng tho gallery and lobby
of the houso chamber to witness the
Inauguration of Governor Shallenber
ger and to listen to tho messages of
both tho incoming and tho outgoing
governors, 'i no favored ones who had
friends on tho Aoor secured Beats
around tho edges of tho house cham
ber. All extra Bpaccs wero Ailed with
chairs, nnd soon occupied. When tho
houso was rapped to order and the
roll called nt 2 o'clock it seemed as
If there would be no placos for tho
senate. W. J. Bryan came In and Bat
with tho Lancaster delegation. Mayor.
Dahlmnn of Omaha located Just back
of the Omaha senators.
Tho sennto waB slow In urrlving nnd
n committee was sent to hurry thorn
up. They camo nnd scattered among
tho Iioubo memberB, securing Beats
whore they could. Tho Bcnnto roll
found all presont. Senators Tibbetts,
Wlltse and Representative Syndcr
wero appointed to notify tho governors
nnd partloB to appear. Senator Buck
and Ropresentntlvo Humphreys and
Nottleton wtfnt nftcr Chief JuBtlce
Roese. Tho governors nnd stnto of
ficers urrived during u salute from tho
guns on the campuB. Governor Shel
don wns seated on tho left of Lieu
tenant Governor Hopewell and Speak
er Pool. Governor-elect Shallenberger
and Mrs. Shallenberger sat on the
right. Chief Justice Reese occupied tho
clork's chair. The stato olllccrs-elect
found scats In front of the rostrum of
tho house.
After theso arrangements had been
completed, and Governor Sholdon had
been introduced tho gates were thrown
open and .tho aisles and rear of the
room wero soon crowded with stand
ing visitors.
When Governor Sheldon began
speaking n snluto of seventeen guns
waB Ared by a detail of tho Lincoln
hospital corps of tho Nebraska na'
tlonal guard, under command of Col.
J. M. Blrkncr. A similar salute was
Ared when Governor Shallenberger
began his Inaugural address.
Two Rodman guns stationed near
tho stnto house wero used by tho
guardsmen. Tho booming of tho can
non waB of Bufllclent forro to rnttlo
windows In houses Blluatcd near tho
state houso grounds.
For an hour or more Thursday night
tho crowd of cheerful citizens of tho
Btato thronged through tho scnato
chamber congratulating tho new gover
nor and wishing him tho best of suc
cess. Not only did tho governor como
In for good wIsIicb but tho nowly
Bwom In state officials other than tho
executive wore tho recipients of hun
dreds of friendly handshakes.
Headed by Governor Sheldon and
his wife tho receiving lino marched
Into representative hall and formed a
half circle around tho largo chamber.
Back of them, resplendent In gold laco
and epaulets, stood tho combined
stuffs of tho two governors. In this
line, In order from tho head were the
following stato dignitaries nnd their
ladies: Governor G. L. Sheldon, Gov
ernor A. C. Shallenberger. Lieutenant
Governor M. It. Hopewell, Judgo M.
B. Reese, Judgo J. B. Barnes, Judge C.
B. Lotion, Judge Jesse L. Root, Judgo
Jacob Fawcott. Judgo J. R. Deun,
Judgo W. B. Reese, Attorney Generul
W. T. Thompson, Chancellor Samuel
Avery, State Superintendent J. L. Mc
Brlen, Stato Superintendent E. C.
BJshop, Secretnry of State George C.
.Tunkln, Commissioner II. M. Eaton,
Commissioner E. B. Cowles, Represen
tative W. F. Stoecker. Senator J. M.
Tanner. Auditor E. M. Senrles, Auditor
S. R. Barton, Treasurer L. G. Brian,
Speaker C. W. Pool, Railway Commis
sioner J. A. Williams. Hallway Com
missioner W. II. Cowgill. President ot
Senate pro torn G. W. Tibbetts, Rail
way Commissioner II. J. WInnett. Each
of theso officials, incoming and out
going, was accompanied by his wifo
except Judge ltecso, who was accom
panied by his daughter, Mrs. Sanborn.
Mr. Cowics. M. Pool, Mr. WInnett,
and Judgo Dean wore unaccompanied.
In closo ranks behind tho stnto of
Aclals were almost all tho staffs of tho
two governors accompanied fcr tho
most part by their ladies.
When the reception was over tho re
ceiving lino hended now by Governor
Shallenberger inarched to the ball
room. Nono woro admitted boyond tho
railing until nftcr tho grand inarch.
When tho dancing bognn, in which
both govornors participated, General
Hartlgan told the gato keeper to ad
mit a reasonablo number of tho guests
ot tho evening, tho visitors. This was
done, nud within n fow minutes on
order fronf tho Bamo official, tho gatos
woro opened to nil who wished to como
Inside, lie had previously declared ho
would mako tho ball n democratic
event. This proved to bo tho caso.
puu 'jooij otn onto po3jns.pMO.iD oijx
banked mnny dcop around tho room
watching tho dnncors In good-nnturod
Interest. Many of tho legislators who
had not trod n moasuro In many years
loosened up their Joints and Joined
tho merry-makers. About a hundred
univorBlty studontB, ovor ready for n
dance, camo dressed for the most for
mnl function nnd helped ewell the
throng. W. J. Bryan nnd daughter,
Mrs. Ruth Leavltt, looked on for n
fow minutes at tho beginning of tho
A New Commission.
Govornor Sholdon Tuesday Issued a
proclamation creating a conservation
commission In and for Nebraska. Tho
following are tho members, nnd thoy
will sorvo without pay: E. B. Condra,
O. E. Bessey. E. H. Barbour nnd E. A.
Burnett, of tho stato unlvorsltyj P. II.
Marlay, of Mason City, and Adna Dob.
son. state engineer.
Insurance Company Quits.
Tho Nobrnska Insurnnco department
received word from Secretnry O. P.
Conaway of tho Walla Walla Flro :n
surnnco company of Walla Wa!a,
Wash., had beon forced Into tho hnndB
of a rccelvor, Docembor 30, nnd all
agentH In Nebraska had boon notlAcd
to coaso business from that date.
First Treasurer to Settle.
County Treasurer R. R. Copaoy of
York county Ib tho last on tho roll cnll
ot counties, but ho la tho Arst this
f counties but ho la tho Arst this
ear to mako annual settlement with
tho state auditor,
Men Mentioned in White House Com
munications Take Turn in
rating Executive, But Careful
In Speech.
After having mado him the target
nil day for criticism, with hero nnd
there words of commendation, tho
houso of representatives Friday, by u,
voto of 212 to 35, rebuked tho presi
dent by tabling so much of his meB
Bngo as roAected on members of con
gress In connection with his recom
mendations regarding the secret serv
ice detectives, nnd also declaring it
to be the sense of the house that thoy
shall dccllno to consider any communi
cations from any source which is not
in its own Judgment respectful.
With feeling of outraged dignity nnd
pride on tho part of tho many of Its
members, tho houso Friday gnvo ItBolf
up entirely to a discussion of ono of
tho most momentous questions that
over camo before It Ub functions ns
a legislative body in contradistinc
tion to those of the executive branch
of tho government.
As has beon forecasted, tho report
of the special committee appointed to
deal with tho language in the presi
dent's annual messago and his Bpecinl
mcBsngo of Inst Monday bearing on the
secret scrvlco affecting members of
congress waB submitted nnd is used
ns tho basis for omo of tho most
earnest nnd vigorous speeches ever
henrd In tho historic chamber. Tho
houso wnn In no mood to treat the
subject otherwise than seriously, al
though In tho romnrks which were
mado the references to the president
almost Invurlably were couched in par.
Hamontnry lnngunge. Nor was the
president without his supporters.
In anticipation of tho report, the
effect of which wub to administer n
rebuke to the president, there was one
of tho largest attendances or members
of this session, whllo the galleries at
nil times were Ailed to their capacity
To accommodate the crowd tho doors
opening Into tho corridors were
thrown open nnd theso wero choked
with persons, while 'standing In lino
behind them wero hundreds of others.
Thero wns not a moment during
the day thnt the gallery was not fully
occupied, many of the focelgn repre
sentatives being compelled to sit on
tho steps of tho aisles. This was also
truo of the president's gallery, al
though no members or his immediate
family were present. Neither was his
son-in-law, Representative Longworth
of Ohio, in his seat during any part
of tho day. So great was tho Interest
in mo proceedings thnt mnny senators
came ovor to tho house and sat for
several Rours.
Toward tho close of tho debate. Mr.
Gardner (MnsB.) endeavored to secure
the adoption of a substitute for tho
resolution In tho shape of an amend
ment expressing conAdenco In tho
commltteo on npproprlations nnd then
tho postponement of tho wholo mattor
tin .Mommy, but he was overwhelming
ly outvoted.
Mr. Bennett of Now York opposed
tho adoption or the Perkins resolution
nnd declared that ir tho house should
accept It Its action would havo no
moro Influence on the character which
history would give to President Rooso
velt thnn had the action of the senate
on President Tyler's record in con
nection with hia attitudo toward An
drew Jnckson.
Preeldentlal Nominations.
The president Fridny sent to tho
sennto tho following nominations:
Consul general, William II. Robert
son, Vlrginln, at Tangier, Morocco.
Socrotary of legation. Fred Morris
Denrlng. Missouri, at Havann, Cuba.
Third secretary of embassy. William
E. Wallace Colorado, at Tokio, Japan.
Second secretary of legation. Leland
Harrison, Illinois, at Peking, China.
Appralsor of merchandise in tho dis
trict of Pittsburg. Pn., John D. Pringle,
Pennsylvania .
Director ot public monoys nt Las
Crusces, Mex., Robert II. Sims, Now
Receiver or public moneys at Bill
ings, Mont., William M. Enright, or
Billings-, Mont.
Flip Coin to Break Deadlock.
To break tho deadlock in tho speak
ership contest ror the Iown houso or
representatives it Ib proposed to Alp
a coin. Feoly or Black Hawk and
White or Story county, who controlB
sixteen and Afteen votes respectively,
havo about agreed to this. Tho winner
would thus got thirty-ono votes and
while forty aro nocessnry either would
likely got nine voteB from tho Held.
Admits Rifling Letters.
Harold Snowden. chief clerk of tho
special delivery department of tho
Denver postoAlcc, Friday' confessod to
Chlcr Postofflco Inspector Chrlfitlnn
Unit ho had rlAed scores of letters In
tho pnst year und obtained hundreds
of dollars from them. Ho is In Jail.
Complaints from all sections of tho
country of undelivered letters caused
an InveBtlgatlon.
Pastor Dies In Hoorhouse.
Rev. Reuben Powell, seventy-eight
years of age, for forty years nilnlstor
In tho United Brpthren church In var
ious cities of Wisconsin, Illinois and
Iowa, died nt tho poorhouso at Chippe
wa Falls, Wis. Ho loft tho ministry
soveral years ngo on account of his
ago. Thero was no need of his bccom
ing n paupor bocausa ho had property
and relatives who wero anxious to tnko
euro of him.
Tho Kansas nnnWnntinn- a i,nin..
investigated by u commltteo appoli t'
oil by Governor Hoch " 'U'l'omi
tnrch, llko everything elso, is be
Ing conutnntly improved, tho patent
starches put on tho market 20 yearn
ago nro very different nnd Inferior to
thoso of tho present day. In tho lat
est discovery DcAnnco Starchnil In
JurioiiB chemicals aro omlttod, white
tho nddltlon of another ingredient, In
vented by uo, gives to tho Stnrch a
strength nnd smoothnoBB nover ap.
pronched by other brands.
Every missionary society with over
$10,000 income per year will bo asked
to Bend dologateB to tho world confer
ence at Edinburgh two years hence.
Ceaiscs e System
, EgecluaXVy;
Dispels cods awdt Headaahcs
&wjo CospoXow;
Aes xvawvo, acsr)y as
Bcs Jov McwVowvexv cttd.Clto&
Vfiw-Jfouxx atva OU.
To gel W's beweSxcxoA e$$ccs.
oAways iy e Qcxuxve,
mariufeelured by the
Fig Syrup Co.
one size only, refcuter price 50 per bottle.
320 Acres "fiSS0"
Fifty bushels per
acre have been
grown. General
in any other part of
the continent. Under
nmu rmitnlfnnn I. In
possible to secure a homestead of ICO acres
free, and additional 160 acres at $3 per acre.
"The development oftlie country has ninile
marvelous strides. It is n revelation, n rec
ord oTconqiiest by settlement thnt Is remark
nble. hilrjct from correspondence of t National
tditor, -who "visited drnda in August Ust.
The grain crop of 1908 will net many
farmers $20.00 to $25.00 per acre. Gmln
mlsinii, mixed farming und dairying are
the principal Industries. Climate is excel
lent; social conditions the best; railway ad
vantages unequalledjschools, churches nnd
markets close at hand. Land may ulso be,
purchased from railway nnd land companies.
For "Lnst Dest West" pamphlets, mnps ond
Information ns to how to secure lowest rail
way rates, apply to Superintendent ol Immi
gration, Ottawa, Canada, or the authorised
Canadian Government Acent:
101 New lork life Bulldinf. Oraohi, KcnrarU,
Bad Taste in
the MouOi,
Appetite Bad,
Head Heavy,
A general feeling of bolng tired nnd
worn out unfit for business or tho
dutios or pleasures of life.
Is that the Way You Feet t
It it is, you should know Uiat tho
famous tonia laxativo,
Lane's Family
(called also Lane's Tea)
will glvo that porfoet Internal clean
liness nnd wholcsoincnoss which pro
duces health nud tho feeling of com.
fort thnt makes lifo cnjoyablo.
All druggists sell it in 25c. and
COo. packages.
The- Ecagon I Make and Bell Moro Men's $3.00
& $3.60 Shoos Toon Any Othor Manufacturer
14 btcuM I Klre th vrurtr tbt Imiellt of th newt
caispliu org inluUoa of tralstd expuU sua timid
hocmiktn In th country.
fnl7HU1.l.0f..Uw ""Una In yry 0p4rtmrat.t
iW "tl fc "" bMt aoeBer In Ui norinliBtnT
If I could show you how crt fully W. L. DouiUi iboci
(n mzAj, you would thin CBdtnUnd why thty bold thlv
sJupo, nt UtUr, ul wear lonjer thin any other tnnk.
My Method vf Tanning the Soles makes them Mora
Flexlblaand Longer Wearing than aiig others,
Rhnca for Every Member of tho Fnmlty.
Mcu,Iloyn,Wuuin,M Uei'o and fhllilrcn.
. ..?? VS ,,r ,h08 rirale errrywhore.
POUT flM I ""' Knuln without W, I. Drnigliui
UHUIIUI1 I iiamo nnrt jirlce stumped on bottom.
I rut Color EytUti Vied Exclusively. CiUloj nulled fro.
W. L. DOUQUS, 167 Spark St, UrocUoj, Mass.
Cabbage Seed
60 cts.
HH Per Salzrr'a cntnlor paco 120. 1
1 lis disced money making crop in vegetables
is cabbage, men comes onloni, rauUIicB,
poas. cucumbers. Die catalog free i or. send
lOo In stamps and recclvo catalec and 1000
kernels ojcm or onions, carrots, eclerv. rad
ishes, 1500 each ktluce, rutulinsai, turnips,
loo parsley, loi tomatoes, too melons, uoo
ciinrmlni! llowur seeds, In all 10.000 Kernels, j
easily worth SI. OO of any man's money, (n
send 20o and uo add ono lAc of Uarlicstl
I'oep u'liuy bwcot Corn
SALZERSEEDCO.. DaxVV, Lit Crosse. Ms.
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