The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, January 15, 1909, Image 2

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II .
Women Think They
Doomed to Dnckache.
It Is not right for women to bo al
ways ailing with backacho, urinary
Ilia, headache and othor
K)'iiptonui of kidney
disease. Thoro Is a way
to end theso troubloa
quickly. Mrn. John II.
Wrght, COG Hast PI rat
St., Mitchell, S. D
says: "I BiifTored ten
years with kidney com
lilnlnt and a doctor told mo I would
never got more than tcmiiornry relief.
A dragging lnln and lamenesn In my
back almost disabled mo. Dizzy spells
canio and went and tlio kidney socro
tlons were Irregular. Bonn's Kidney
I'IIIh rid mo of theso trouhlefl and I
feel better than for years past."
Sold by all dealcra. COc a box. Fob-tcr-Mllburn
Co., DufTalo, N. Y.
Medical Practitioner Ranka High In
Scale of Humanity.
To know a medical practitioner Is
lo know ono who Ih superior lo the
average oducnted man. Pew profes
sion jtcrhnpn no other, develop bo
much of character. The occupation of
healing and the necessity of behold
lB men and women and children at
their worst, irritable, unreasoning, nnd
often oowantly, ban not, fortunately,
caused hlo own degeneration. IIIh ca
pacity for llioughtfulncss Is trained to
Itoonncea, his ucHbdinesfl, whoro thoro
la any, is shrcwdl hidden, and tbo
human Instinct fur enjoyment Is nono
tho lean In Win becauao of lila knowl
edge of lta reactions.
That tho doctor's expectation of Hfo
Is short Is tho natural result or bis
following a calling Hint makes unnat
ural demands. Only tho more fortu
nato specialists bavo tlmo that they
can call their own. Tho doctor's work
Is always exacting often discouraging,
mid Invariably draws without morcy
on his nervous energy. ninghamton
Girl's Head Encructed Feared Loss
of All Her Hair Baby Had Milk
Crust Missionary's Wife Made
Two Perfect Cureo by Cutlcura.
"For sovoral years my husband
was a missionary in tho Southwest
Evory ono in that high and dry at
mosphere hns moro or less troublo
with dandruff nnd my dnughtor's scalp
Locarno bo encrusted with it that I
"was alarmed for fear alio would loso
nil her balr. After trying" various rem
odlos, in desperation I bought n enko
of Cutlcura Soap and a box of Cutl
cura Ointment. They left tho scalp
beautifully clean and frco from
dandruff, nnd I am happy to say that
tho Cutlcura Rcmcdlon were a com
ploto success. I havo also used suc
cessfully tho Cutlcura Remedies for
co-called 'milk-crust on baby's head.
Cutlcura Is n blessing. Mrs. J. A.
Darling, S10 Fifth St., Carthage, Ohio,
Jan. 20, 1908."
I'otler Drug A Chcm. Corp., Solo Props., Boston,
Mr. Knagg llcforo you mot mo you
Bald you wouldn't nmrry tho best man
in tho world.
Mrs. Knagg And you aro tho only
ono who thinks that I broke my word.
His Pedigree.
Tbo calf, which Gideon King bad
taken tho summer resident to soc,
surveyed his owner nnd tho stranger
with a wary eye. "Kr what breed Is
your calf?" asked tho visitor.
Mr. King removed a wisp of straw
from his mouth and said:
"That critter's father gored a Justlco
o' tho peace, knocked a lightning-rod
agent end over end, and lifted a tramp
ovor a picket fenco; and au for his
mother, uho chased tho wholo Ran
bury brass band out o town last
Fourth o' July. If that ain't breed
enough to pay $G for, you can leavo
him be. I'm not pressing him on any
body." Youth's Companion.
Good Health from Right Food.
"It's not a now food to mo," ro
marked a Vn. nan, la speaking of
"About twelve Mentha ago my wlfo
va3 in very bad boalUt, could not keep
anything on kor stomach, Tho Doctor
recommended utile half wator but It
was not sufllcloutly nourishing.
"A friend of nilno told mo ono day
to try Grapo-Nuta and cream. Tho re
sult was really marvelous. My wlfo
soon regained kor usual strongth and
to-day is as rosy and plump as when
a girl of slxtcca.
"Theso aro plain fncta and nothing
I could Bay in prnlso of Grapo-Nuts
would oxaggorato In tbo least tho
valuo of tltls groat food."
Namo glron by Postum Co., Dattlo
Crook, Mich. Read "Tho Road to NVolI
vlllo," In pkgs. "Tkoro's a Ronson."
Ever rend the nbovc letter! A new
one appenm from time to time, Tlier
re seBlae, true, and. full of humnn
latere t.
ffi - -v'n & ,.
Mayn't I
-- ' "
Ti IWvJgy
&z'i fVir irrnVi
Mr. Solomon Pratt begun comical nar
rutlon of Htory, Introducing well-to-do
Nathan Beudder of IiIh town, and Edward
Van Jirunt anil Martin Hartley, two rich
Now Yorkers seeklm; rest. ItecaiiHO of
latter pair's lavish exjiendlturo of money,
l'ratt'n Urt Impression was connected
with lunatics. The arrlvul of James
Hopper. Van Hrunt's valet, cavn Pratt
tho desired information about the Now
Yorkers. They wished to Hvu what they
termed "Tho Natural Life." Van Urunt.
It was learned, was tho succcsrtul suitor
for the hand of Miss Akups I'iirp, who
Kuvu Hartley up. "Thii Heavenlles" hear
u lontr Htory of tho domestic woes of
Mrs. Hannah Juno Purvis, their cook and
maid of all work. Decide to let her i;o
and crwwo Sol. Pratt as chef. Twins
iiKrou to leavo Nato Hcudder's abode aad
IickIii unavailing search for another
domicile. Adventure at Fourth of July
celebration at Eastwleh. Hartley rescued
a boy, known as "lteddy," from under a
horsu's feet and tho urchin proved to bo
one of Miss Pago's charges, whom sho
had taken to the country for nn outtnir.
Mlns I'u bo and Harlloy were separated
dtniiiK a llorco storm, which followed tho
picnic. Out sailing later, Van Urunt,
Pratt and Hopper wero wrecked in a
suall. l'ratt landed safely and a search
for tho other two revealed an Island upon
which thoy wore found. Van Urunt rent
ed It from Scudder and called It Ozone
Inland. They lived on the Island and
Owner Scudder brought ridiculous pres
ents as a token of gratitude. Innocently,
Hat (ley and Hopper In search for clams
robbed a private "uuubauKh." I.ate at
night their Island homo was disturbed bv
wild yells. Hopper was found In a fright
at what ho supposed was a ghost nnd ho
Immediately tendered his resignation. In
charge of a company of New York poor
children Miss Talford and Mls3 Pane vis
ited Ozono Inland.
CHAPTER IX. Continued.
"Naw," says Itcdny. "Not while I'm
down here. Miss Agony crlc3 over mo
nnd I'd rather bo licked any time than
Hartley rumpled tho youngster's
hair with his fingers.
"Sol," ho saj3, "there's good hero It
you can got at It. Too much good to
bo running to wasto. Ah, hum! Must
bo rather pleasant to havo ono or two
of your own; must make Hfo almost
worth living. That's where you and I
havo missed It."
"You'vo got plenty of tlmo yot," says
I. "Maybo you'll be down in theso dig
glngs nine or ten year from now with
a family of your own."
lie smiled, kind of sad and one
sided. Then ho got up and walked out
to tho piazza. Ucdnyhung around a
iipull, long enough to ask a couple mil
lion questions. Then ho wont Into tbo
parlor with tho ve&t of tho young In
juns. l'rotty soon I heard some ono speak.
I looked through the doorway and seo
tho Pago girl coming up tho porch
stops alone. Hartley stood up and
lifted his cap.
"Whoro's Van?" ho nsked.
"Ho's down on tho bench with Mar
garet. I canio back to look after tho
"Thuy'ro all right," says Martin.
"Playing games In tho front room."
Agnes stopped for a second in tho
doorway. "I don't Just understand,''
sho said, hesitating, "why you arohoro.
Is It true that your health Is bad?"
"No," bo said, with a llttlo laugh.
"I did fcol rather gono to seed before
I left town, but now I'm having, tho
tlmo of my life."
"Indeed?" says sho. "So far from
Wnll street? I'm surprised."
Ho didn't seem to answer least
ways I didn't hear him. .Noxt thing 1
know ho was standing on tho top stop,
"Please excuse mo," ho says, pretty
frosty. "I must speak to James,"
Ho wont off down tho stops and out
of sight. Sho stood and watched hi in
a mluuto, nnd I thought sho looked
puzzled nnd solemn. Thon fabo went
Into tho parlor,
" i i II " t
JosepK C. Lincoln
Aurncu of "Capn Cm "pARTNins of the Tide"
CoPYPicttr tool A&BARNC&cssCoHPtoir
f f t
Illustrations by T.D.Mixmu.
Wo had dinner out doors on the
piazza. Wlillo It was going on the
grown-ups didn't do much talking. It's
precious little fun trying to talk
against a typhoon and au earthquake
mixed, and that's what them Fresh
Air young ones turned that meal Into.
'Twas "Hurrah boys! Stand from un
der!" from tho beginning. When I
wa'n't filling up fish plates I was dodg
ing potato skins and similar bou
quets. They didn't fire 'em at me, you
understand, but It's nlwayB tho feller
that's looking on at tho row who gets
hit. Redny was cap'n of tho gun crew.
Ho could chuck a potato skin with his
left hand and eat with his right and
look pious and shocked all at tho samo
When tho Juniors was filled up and
It wa'n't no slouch of a Job to get 'em
filled thoy went off to start a riot
somewheres elso and tho Twins and
tho girls had a chance. Van got to
telling about Scuddcr's presents, and ho
was funny as usual. That Margaret Tal
ford would laugh until I had to Join In
Just out. of sympathy, even though I
was up to my eyes in soapsuds and
dishwnshlng. She was a Jolly girl,
that one; pretty and full of snap
and go.
Nothing would do but them "pres
ents" must go on exhibition. So Van
lugged 'em down from James' room
and lined 'em up on tho piazza for in
spection. He took a Btlck for a pointer
and gave a lecture about 'em, same
as If they was a panorama, pointing
out what ho called tho "fooling" and
"atmosphere" of tho sholl basket and
tho "perspective" of Mnrcellus In tho
crayon enlargement. Ho had a good
tlmo and so did everybody elso, espe
cially Miss Talford.
By and by Bhe clapped her hands.
"Oh!", Bays she, "I'vo got au Idea. Did
you Bay your nmn was going to leavo
you, Mr. Van Urunt?"
Vnn heaved a sigh. "Yes," ho Bays.
"I believe he Is. I fear that Jamos
hasn't tho artistic temperament. I con
fess I'm disappointed. Ho cortnlnly
looked as If he had It; ho was sad and
soulful and aiyl dyspoptlc. But no;
oven tho 'Mothorlcss Home' didn't ap
peal to him. He says ho's going to
night." "I wonder If he would como ovor to
tbo school?" says sho. "Wo need a
man there, don't wo, Agnes? To help
about tho placo and look out for tho
boys, and to well, to protect us."
"Lucky James!" says Van. "But why
James? Won't Martin hero do or
excuso my blushes myself?"
But tho Talford girl laughed and
said ho wouldn't do at all. Ho Incited
dlgulty, sho said, and didn't look tho
part. Sho asked Miss Pago If sho
really didn't think that James would
bo Just tho man for them, Agnes said
perhaps ho would. So tho four of 'em
went away for a walk on tho beach
and to talk It ovor.
I'll bet I called that valet anything
but a church member and a good fellor
a dozen times over whllo I was diving
Into them dishes, I washed and
washed till, seemed to mo, I was
soaked out fresh enough to bllo, llko
a pickled codfish. And when tho wash
ing was done there was tho wiping. I
laid out a halo or so of dish towels
and pitched In,
Pretty soon somebody says: "Mayn't
I help?"
I Bwung around and thoro was Ag
nes Pago. Nice to look at, sho was,
"Can't I holp you, please?" says she
picking up nf towel.
"Land Bakes, no!" says I. "You'll
spoil your fine clothes. Besides I'vo
got sort of used to It by this tlmo; my
arm goes round of ltneir, llko a pad
dlo wheel."
She laughed and grabbed a chowder
plate and commenced to wipe. She
done fairly well for anybody who
hadn't practiced much, but Bhe never
would liuvo won tho cup for speed.
Ono dish ovory five minutes Is all
right, maybe, If you're getting paid by
tho year, but However, I Judged her
ma kept hired help to homo. I won
dored what she'd dono with Hartley.
By and by sho says: "Mr. Pratt,
how long do you expect to stay here?"
"Here?" says I. "On Horscfoot on
Ozono Island? Land knows. Long's
the Heavenlles thnt Is, long's Mr.
Van Brunt and Mr. Hartley stay bore,
I guess. It's.a reptful place, ain't It?"
says I, reaching for the next stuck of
Sho smiled. "No doubt they find It
so," sho says. "How do you llko tho
Natural Life?"
"Who me? Oh, I cui'late I shall
llko it tiptop when I get a llttlo more
used to It that la, If I last. I was
oldost boy In a family of nine, und dnd
died young, so 1 was brought up Nutur
nl, as you might say. It's been sonic
time, though, since I had so many
hours of strnlght-along. pltch-ln-and-hustle
Naturalness In the day's run;
been getting artificial and lazy of late
years, I guess. But I'm tough, and I'll
bo all right and used to It pretty soon
getting lots of practice. By the
way," 1 says, "who was It that sent 'em
"Who?" says she, looking surprised.
"Sent? I don't understand."
"Was Mr. Van Brunt and his chum
sent here by the doctor, or who?"
"Why, I didn't know they wero Bent
at all. I think they came here of tholr
own accord."
"Humph!" says I, considering. "Was
any of their folks ever took this way?
Does It run In the families?"
That seemed to tickle her und I
guess sho understood what I meant.
But sho didn't answer the question;
went on dry-polishing tho plcklo dish.
Then sho says, kind of accidental on
"Is Mr. Hartley's health Improving?"
"Oh, yes!" says 1. "Ho's picking up
somo, 'specially In his appetite. He
ain't up to Van Brunt In that line yet,
though. Van cats for three; Hartley's
only up to tho oae-man-and-a-boy mark
so far. He'd do belter If he didn't have
them blue streaks of his. Seems to
have something on his mind."
"Perhaps he's troubled about leav
ing his business," she suggests, look
ing sideways at the plcklo dish.
"Guess not," says 1, looking side
ways at her. "I don't think I'vo heard
him mention business since ho's been
down. No, ,'taln't that, according to
my notion. Ho ain't In love, Is he?"
She looked at me then pretty hard;
but I was as wooden-faced as a cigar
"Dear me, no," she laughs, brisk. "I
guess not. What mado you think
"Oh, nothing," says I. "I ain't over
been took that way myself, but It
seemed to mo he had all tho symp
toms. Didn't know but he was fret
ting about somo young woman. Ho's
a fine chap, that young Hartley. It'll
bo a lucky girl that gots him."
Sho didn't Bay much more, but alio
looked at me every once in a whllo as
If she was wondering. I never lot on.
I was as Innocent and easy as tho cat
with the cream on its whiskers. I had
a sneaking hope that I might have
boosted Hartloy a llttlo mlto, and I
felt good down ono side. Then I
thought of Van, and I felt mean all
up tho other.
After a spell, tho Twins nnd Miss
Talford happened along, and what a
time Van Brunt mado when he seo his
girl helping me wlpo dishes.
"Well, well!" he says. "Is this tho
way you hurry back to 'seo what tho
dear children are doing?' Sol, you old
fascinator, how do you do it? Martin
and I fell in love with him at first
sight, Miss Talford; and now look at
"Hold on there," says I. "Don't
sprend It too thick. I ain't got but ono
hat that'll do for Sunday, and I want
that to fit mo. I wus giving Miss Page
a few lessons in housekeeping, nnd
you'd ought to thank mo for thut, Mr.
Van Brunt."
it seems tho Talford girl had seen
James and he had agreed to go to
Eastwlch with 'em. 'Twas a good
chance for him, a soft Job and all that.
Truth to tell, I guess ho was kind of
sorry nbout parting from Van alto
gether, the gleaning might not bo so
good In his noxt boss' borry pasture.
So about six o'clock Scuddor como
with his dory and tho picnic broko up.
Tho Fresh Alrcrs were pretty nigh
played out by this tlmo. Tho smaller
children was nodding with tholr bonds
on tho shoulders of tho bigger ones,
and I even had to tote two of tho lit
tlost In my arms down to tho beach.
But thoy was all full fed and sun
burned and dirty and happy, and
they'd bad tho bulllest tlmo in their
poor, plnched-up llttlo lives.
"Well, good-by, Andrew Jackson,"
says I to Itcdny. "Had good tlmo
enough to want to como again, havo
"Sure thing," says ho.
"Llko It as well horo as you do over
at tho school?"
"Yup," ho says. "Ain't nobody to
plug potato skins at ovor thoro."
Ho was a smart llttlo coot. Hnd tho
makings of a man In him if you dug
down far enough to got at It.
Lord James comes down to tho
shore tugging bis trunk behind him.
"So long, Hopper," snys I. "Shall I
glvo your lovo to Marcollus'. spook II
it comes gliding again?"
He looked at mo very solemn. "You'd
better come too," bo says. "You tako
my advice and leave this blooming
Island now w'lle you 'ave tho chance.
There'll come a time," sajs he, "when
you won't 'ave It."
Ho climbed Into tho dory nnd set
down all huddled up In the stern with
his trunk between bis knees. Scudder
begins rowing and they moved off.
"There," says Van, referring to IiIb
lordship, "goes the final tie that binds
us to u sordid past. Shall wo sing
'The Last Link Is Broken,' Martin?
Or have you something moro appro
priate to suggest, Bklpper?"
"I havo for mysolf," says I. "It's
'Work, Tor tho Night Is Coming.' "
And I hurried up to the house to get
The Voyage of the Ark.
The Heavenlles was lato down to
breakfast next morning, owing, I
cal'late, to the loss of Lord James. I
could hear 'em hnlllng each othor,
asking: "What's become of my golf
stocking?" and the like of that.
Trouble seemed to bo that they hnd
too many clothes. If they'd been lim
ited to ono suit for Sunday and a pair
of overalls to cover up the rulnu the
rest of the week, llko I was, they'd
havo got along better.
But they was rigged at last and at
breakfast was chipper as a pair of
mackerel gulls. They commenced to
talk garden. Consarn 'em, I hoped
they'd forgot that.
"The loam business 13 all right, Sol,"
Bays Vim. "Scudder will bring us loam
ut tin 00 dollars a boat load. Ho uaya
It'll take about U, bout loads."
"He does, bey?" says I. "At three
dollars per? That's generous of him.
Anything else?"
"Yes. He Is to continue to bring us
milk. We havo decided that perhaps
for the present we hnd better not keep
a cow."
Small favors thankfully received. I
was glad that milking wa'n't going to
be added to tho general Joyfulness.
"I think that's a nice, far-sighted de
cision," says I. "Unless you could
learn your cow to eat seaweed, I don't
"Oh, Scudder could bring us hay."
says Van. "And wo could give tho
animal the spare vegetables from tbo
" 'Twould be a long tlmo between
meals for tho poor critter, I'm afraid,"
says I. "How .much is Nate charging
for tho milk?"
"Nine centB a quart. That's only
one cent more than you bavo to pay
in New York, and, when you consider
how far he has to bring it, I call it
dirt cheap."
Well, 'twas about as cheap ns tho
garden dirt, but I didn't say nothing.
"We're going to raise chickens, too,"
says Hartley. "Scudder, so Van says,
will sell us live Plymouth Rocks at 30
cents a pound. Skipper, you might fix
up the poultry yard in your spare
In my "spuro" time. There was a Joko
in that, but It wa'n't so Intended.
Then Van Brunt began to preach
"pig." Seems Nato had told him that
tho ono thing needful to turn Ozono
Island Into u genuine Natural Life was
a pig, and of course he, Nate, had tho
only )lg in creation that was worth
"Ho showed It to mo the other morn
ing," says Van. "Tho prettiest llttlo
black and white fellow you ovor saw,
Martin. Miss Talford saw him yes
terday before ,sho enmo over, and
sho said ho was a dear. You might bo
repulrlng a sty for him In your odd
moments, Sol."
My odd moments, and my oven
ones, too, was pretty well filled up for
tho next few duys. Tho Heavenlles
loafed and superintended and smoked
and fished nnd ate. All I had to do
was to turn out with tho gulls, and
cook breakfast, and clear away, and
wash dishes, and build hen yards, and
fix up a leaky pig pen, nnd get ready
them blessed gardens, and sweep and
dust, and dig clams, and mnko beds,
and get dinner, and sail a boat, and
chop wood, nnd bundlo up washing for
Nato to take to Huldy Ann, and scour
knives, and and well, there was
plenty more. Soven or eight hundred
odd jobs have slipped my memory.
The gardens was ready for planting
on a Wednesday. Nato fetched over
the last dory load of lonm tho night
aforo and I sprend It aforo I got sup
per. Tho chickens nnd tho hog was to
como on Thursday. I was to tako tho
skiff nnd go nfter 'em, Nato being en
gaged to cart a carry-all load of board
ers to Ostable. Huldy Ann was to
havo the live Btock at tho shoro ready
for me.
"How's the monagerlo coming,
Nato?" I asked. "In cages or on tho
. "Oh, I'll box 'em for you, Sol," ho
says.' "Tho hens in one box nnd the
pig In another. Tho pig's protty thin
I menu young, so he won't bo no heft
to you."
Wednesday morning the Heavenly
gardening begun. Ono patch for Van
Brunt and tho other for Hartley. They
had seeds by the peck, moro or Iosb,
brought over by Scudder's express and
charged for at undertaker's prices.
Tho Twins started In with a ven
geance. I Bhowed 'om how. For onco
I waB superintendent and tho Job
suited mo lino nothing would havo
tickled mo more, unless 'twnB to turn
In and tako a nap.
Van takes ono hoe nnd Hartley tho
othor. Kach of 'em was actually
round-shouldered from tho weight of
tho seeds in their pockets. They had
cucumber seeds, und melon seeds, and
land knows what. Wondor to me wns
they didn't try oranges and pineapples.
And In tho middle of July!
"Now, Martin," says Van. "Horo
goes! Bet you fifty I get the flrBt
"Deep down in tho nature of ovory
properly constituted man la tho desire
to own somo land." A writer in the
Iowa Stato Register thus tersely ex
presses a well-known truth. Tho ques
tion Is where is tho bost land to bo
had at tho lowest prices, and this tho
same writer points out In tho same ar
ticle. Tho fact Is not disguised that
tho writer has a. personal interest in
tho statement of his caso, and thoro Is
no hidden meaning when ho refers to
Western Canada as presenting great
er possibilities than nny other part of
the American Continent, to tho man
who is inclined to till tho soil for a
livelihood and posslblo competence.
What Interests ono aro tho arguments
advanced by this writer, and when
fairly analyzed tho conclusion is
reached that no matter what personal
Interest tho writer may havo had, his
reasons appear to havo tho quality of
great soundness. Tho climatic condi
tions of Western Canada aro fully as
good as tlioso of Minnesota, tho Dnko-
laa or Iowa, tho productlvoncsii of thejr'
ioll Is as great, tho nodal conditions
aro on a parity, the laws are as well
established and as carefully observed.
In addition to theeo tho prlco of land
Is much less, easier to secure. So, with
theso advantages, why ahouldn't this
the offer of Western Canada bo
embraced. The hundreds of thousands
of settlers now thoro, whoso homes
were originally In tho United States,
appear to bi aro satlsfloU. Onco In
nwhllo complaints are heard, but the
Canadians have never spoken of the
country as nn Eldorado no matter
what they may havo thought. The
writer happened to have at hand a few
letters, written by fonnor residents of
tho United States, from which ono or
two extracts aro submitted. Theso go
to prove that tho writer In tho Regis
tcr has a good basis of foot in support
of his statements regarding tho excel
lency of the grain growing area of
Manitoba, Saskatchewan nnd Alberta.
On tho 29th of April of this year W.
R. Conley, of lxnigheed, Alborta, wrote
a friend in Detroit. Ho says: "Tho
weather has been just flo ever since
I came hero in March, and I bollevu
one could find if ho wnntcd to some
omall bunches of snow around tho
edgo of the lake. Thoro Is a frost near
ly every morning: at sunrlso It begins
to fado away, then thoso bluo flow
try V
rn: v
ers open and look as fresh as if the
had been no frost for a week,
There Is no reason why this country
should not become a garden of EdeDJ
Mm wrnlM fa tn !, cvmiin.l nml ti!tt
needs a little encouragement from tho
government to lnduco capital In here.
There is everything here to build
with: good clay for brick; coal under
neath, plenty of water In tho spring
lakes, and good springs coming out of
tho banks."
His Idea.
Mrs. Crlmsonbcak I seo for use
on rural delivery routes a letter box
has an electric attachment whlchj
gives the alarm in the houso some did
tanco away when mall matter has
been deposited within by tho carrier.
Mr. Crlmsonbonk Seems to mo It
would be more valuable If it only g.vo
an alarm when a bill was deposited in
tho box.
ITon. Emil Kiang, Vicnnn, Aus., one of
tho world's Rreatcst horsemen , has written
to the manufacturers: "SPOHN'S DIS
TEMPER COMPOUND has become the
Ftnndard remedy for distempers nud throat in the best stables of Europe.
This medicine relieves Horca of great suf
fcrinjr anil wives much money for the own
er." flOc and $1 a bottle. All druKpsts.
Tho Idealist.
Tho Bride I want a piece of moat
without any bono, fat or gristle.
Tho Butcher Madam, I think you'd
better havo an egg. Harpor'a Weekly.
tlio Munaturo nf K. W. (illOVli. Uw-d tUu World
over to Curo 11 Cold In Ono l)aj, Sc.
I long to hand a full cup of happi
ness to every human being. Dr. Pay-
' . ... . ,. sH
cwis omgie jimuor siroigut oc cigar.
Made of extra quality tobacco. Your
dealer or Lewis' Factory, Peoria, 111.
Tho secret of success Is a aecret
women novor tell.
ft K!!
5S5 MGuara
Puo'i One if n onfuicuted re
mrdy (01 cough, cokli, brocclua'.
viuna. noartcnea ana 11 sti ana
lung uftctiom. Il noes direct lo
llie test of lha trouUo and tienmEy
tatnttlmliliy conditiost. Molheri
on eir thor chiUitnari VAire
with puf ft confidence in iucunltte
Pjwcrt end freedom from cpuUO.
unotu for half a century.
At oil clrucsUtt', 25 cU.
' . 1
-" -.. : " 1