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I St
Alabama a Dry 8tato.
For the first time since Alabama
became a stnto, or, In fact, slnco Do
Soto net hl foot upon Its noil, tho
legal nalc of liquor Ib not a part of
Its oconomy. Historic places wlieri
tueii nt national nolo have gathered
for conturlfiH are closed, and smooth
counters, worn by tho sliding of mil
llonn of glnssos, look out In gaunt
emptiness or apologetically offer a
HOft drink. The Montgomery liquor
men will lot tlio law.
ClnuH Hprccklna loft $GO,000.000 to
his widow and ttirco chlldron.
Beautiful Mesolna.
"Messina was a beautiful city of
over 100,000 peoplo," says Constantino
Scarpollluo of Lincoln, an Italian
who wns reared at Palermo, n city
some hundrod mlieH from there on tho
iBland of Sicily. "I havo been thoro
many tlmca on business trips and was
impreaaed with its beauty and sta
bility. Hccntisu of tho datigor from
fire following earthquake ahocka lta
buildings were constructed of brick
hii.1 uionc, only tho window casings
being of wood. It was considered to
be fireproof and it is hard to under
stand why so many peoplo pprlnhod
from tho llamea.
"Its limits covered land which was
on tho level of tho sea and thoro wero
no hills to flco to oven If the doomed
peoplo wore able to rush to high
ground. As u matter of fact they
woro caught in a trap without warn
lag and drowned.
"Tho wholn island has been shnkon
by earthquakes a number of times and
tho Inhabitants havo always been fear
ful of visitations of this monster.
Tho BummerH arc cool and thoro Is
over a soa breeze. In many pluccs a
crop of vogclablos can be grown
ovory mouth. Kxporta of oranges,
lemons, olives and dates aro mado
oror tho civilized world and thoro is
, fluo market for the surplus fruits.
An immenso quantity of vegetables
are also sent to othor European coun
tries. A man can make a good living
for bin family on an aero of ground
and many do. Its climnto brings
thousands of people from many of tho
countries of tho globo every year."
, Tho population of Sicily 1b over 3,
000,000 nnd 1b about the alzo of cloven
ordinary counties. It Is thcreforo
domtoly populated from an American
point of view, Somo travoler has
Bald that fruit Is so abundant that
It grows everywhere nnj a man who
1ocb not want to work much may cop
a meal by tho roadaldo.
Winter Meetings of State Agricultural
' Sovontcon different societies to hold
annual meetings at the university
farm nnd agricultural school, January
118-23, 1900. With tho now stock nnd
Kraln Judging pavilion, tho woman's
building and tho now veterinary build
ling, the state farm is better able to
luccommndnto tho pooplo who attond
thtrao meetings than over before.
ITwonty-llvu hundrod fnrmora nnd
'ntock growers uro expected to attond.
Prominent men from othor states will
,tako part on tho programs. Tho oven
tag sessions are exceptionally strong.
You cannot afford to miss theso moot
ing. Not to Summon the President.
Senator Ilnle, nctlng chairman of
tho commlttco on appropriations,
-which lias In chargo the investigation
of tho methods of tho secret aorvico.
Bald that there was no intention of
summoning President Hoosovolt bo
foro tho commlttco after his retlro
tnont on Uio fourth of March, as was
intimated In some published reports.
"Here, ma!" requestod tho boy,
hurrying In from school beforo tlmo,
"hang my Jacket up behind tho stove."
"Is it wot?" 'No, but teacher sont
mo homo to toll you to warm my
jacket for mo."
Olios Pcckem has a bad caao of
matrimonial dyspepsia. Miles How's
thnt? Giles HIh wife doean't agroa
with him.
Bellman: "Absent minded, Is she?"
"I should nay bo. She's tho kind, of
woman who would go to a brldgo party
without hor rings."
Turkish provorb: Tho devil tempts
all other men, but Idle men tempt
the dovll.
Lincoln Directory
Grain, Provisions, Stocks, Cotton
(lain Olllce, 304-309 Pruternlty uldif.
Lincoln, Nrhruikn.
Uell Thnno M2 Auto Phone 20S0
I.uiKeHt Hoaso la Htnto
It you are boIdr to bay
n draft
send for our plotorlat
story of tlio borne free
If you mention tbU
WATSON, 1000m0S.a.UU.T
Lincoln, Nob.
Beatrice Creamery Company
Pays tbo blghout prlco for
fPicasc call on our Receiving Agent
Dayton Money weight Scales
TanifUHrd llont BIIcIuk Machine. Teronleton
ComimtlnKCbeOHO Cutter. MONEY WEinilT
CALli CO., 11 H.DaraUall, Mer.,H17 I' 0 trout,
lacoln, Kebi'iutUa.
i pn. mini i,u m T- r -
Mr Holoinon I'ralt ticKiiu comical nar
ration of Hlory, liitlutluclni; wi'll-to-ilo
Nntlinn Hi ihJiIit of IiIh town, and ICilwiml
Van Urinit iitul Miirtln lliirtli'V, two rich
New YorUi'ii fceklnK ri'itt. lii't'iiuna of
luttor palrV IiuIhIi uxjioinlltiiro of tnoiu'V.
1'ralt'n Ituru i'HhIciii wmh cntinroti'il
with ltltmtlrii. Tint anlval of Jiitnfi
Iloppi'r, Van llriint'H viilut, mivo I'nitt
tlio ilcHlrcil Information about (In- Nfv
YoiIomm. Tlicy wIhIkiI (o llv- uhat thi'V
tptiiii-it "Tin- Natural l.tff." Van Itrinit,
It wax Icariu'il, wns tlio miccft'Hftil Hiiltor
for tlio hand of Minn Akiioh I'uki', who
Kavn lliirlli'y up. "Tho llravenlli'H" hear
u loni; ntory of the ilmiii'Htlf woch of
Mr, lliuin.'ili Jano I'iiivIh, their cool( and
liwilil of all woik. Dei Mm to let Iht ko
anil onmiKi- Hoi. Pratt iim chef. TwIum
aurco to leave Nate KiMiilder'rt uliintn and
heKlu unimillliu; tu-nrili for another
domicile. Adventure at I'oitrlli of .Inly
celebration at ICaiilu It'll. Hartley re.Heueil
a boy, known iih "lteddy," fioin iinibT a
hort.e'H feet and tlio urchin proved to bn
DIKi of MImr I'iij.-'-'h ilmtKrii, whom Hhe
hiul taleu to the country for an outliiK.
Mlift I'auc and flaitloy went Hepaiated
during u llerco Ntorin, which followed tlio
picnic Out hmIIIiik later. Van llrimt,
Pratt nnd Hopper were wrecked in a
Hquall. J'rntt lauded K.ifcly uiul a Heairli
for tlio othor two ieealud an Inland upon
which they were found. Van llrunt rent
ed It from Kcuddcr and called It Ozone
Island. Tlmv llxeil on the Island and
Owner Kcuddcr brought ridiculous pieH
entH iih a token of Kiatltude. Inuocetitly,
Hartley and Hopper In Heareh for elatiiH
lobbed a prlvnto "ilubuiiKli."
CHAPTER VIII. Continued.
"Did you need tho extra bucket?" I
"Why, no, I bollovu not," says Hart
ley. "You sco I dug for ti whllo and
then I wont to look for bettor places,
and James did tho digging. Wo found
holes ouotrh, but they didn't seem to
be the rln'it kind. Wonnn, did you call
those things? Sea serpents, you
meant, 1 giioss. I uovor aaw such
ct ('attires. And thoro wuh one place
where thoro wero millions of holes,
but chnckful of crabs."
"Urn-bum," says 1. "Fiddlers. You
must have gone plumb up Into tho
march bank to run into them."
"They was 'orrid things," Hays Lord
.lames, rolling his eyes. "And they
'ad claws and swarmed over my feet.
I give you my word I was that "
"That'll do, .lames," says Hartley.
"Well, I was successful nt lust, skip
per. Struck u placo where clams woro
actually In layers just under the sand.
Wo turned 'em over with the hoes llko
winking. I pointed 'em out and James
picked 'cm up. .lust look at thoso
buckets, will you?"
I looked ut 'em. Then- was threo
bucketa chock, frlmmlug full.
"(lend land of love!" auya I. "Them
ain't clams they're qua hangs."
"Thero'rn clams In Now York," ho
"Muyho so," says I. "We call 'em
quahaugs here. And there's no qua
haugs lu this part of the bay unless
they've beon bedded. Was thoro any
marks mound 'em?"
"There was a lot of sticks stuck up
around," ho says, "but we knocked
thoso out of the way."
"You did?" says I. "Did you leave
any of tho what you call clams?"
"You bet wo didn't," saya ho. "Wo
took tho last one. Hnd too much
trouble finding 'cm to leavo any."
"Humph!" says I. "That's nlco.
You've cleaned out somebody's prlvnto
quahaug bed. Them quuhaugs was all
brought ovor by somebody and planted
where you found 'em. The sticks was
to ninik tho placo."
"You don't mean it?" he says.
"Yes, I do," says 1. "I cal'lato we'll
bear from them qunhaugs aforo long."
And sure enough we did, but that
comes later.
On tho way up to'the house I turns
to his lordship, who was limping bare
foot over the bcachgrass stubbles, and
says I:
"Ain't clamming fun?" I says.
"My word!" says he, but ttexpiosstfd
his feelings nil right.
All the afternoon tho clam hunters
kept getting lamer nnd lamer and sorer
and sorer. Their suu-buiut legs nnd
arms was hurting 'cm scumlalous.
Hartley Hopped Into a piazza chair and
stayed there, and Lord James crept
around with his limbs spread out llko
windmill sails. And ovory tlmo ho'd
bump into a chair or anything you
could hear him whoop to glory.
Van Ihunt got homo about suppor
tlmo. Scuddor rowed him ovor. I had
tho quahaug chowder nmdo and ho ate
enough for all hands. Hnrtloy wab
feeling too used up to relish It much,
and his lordship didn't cat nothing. I
let htm off on tho dish washing and he
went off to tho tall end of tho voranda
and went to sleep In a chair.
Aftor suppor Van told about his trip
to Eastwich. Agnes and the Tnlford
girl was well, ho suld, and they and
their Frosh Air tribe was comlug to
the island next day for a picnic.
"By tho way, skipper," says Van;
"Scudder says ho brought somo pros
onts for us Inst night after wo went to
bed. Where are they?"
Thunderation! I'd forgot all about
them "presents." I'd folt llko an un
dertuker when 1 laid 'em away In thaCT toll you. '
drawor, anld now I felt llko a gravo
robber as I dug 'em up ngnlti. I spread
'cm out on tlio tnble, coffin plates in
tho middle and wreath on ono end nnd
"What la Home Without a Mother" on
You'd ought to havo heard them
Heavenlies laugh) Nate's prosonts
certainly mado a hit. Van ho Just
laid back and roared.
(Jocplx C. Lincoln
Auibcp of "Capn Cri "PARTNtns of the Tidc"
CoroiCHr tso? A& Bmncs tup CoxPtor
f t t
Illustrations tor T.D.Nclmll '-"3,&
"Oh, by Jove!" he saya, panting.
"Tills Is too good! This is lovely.
Shinies of Hnnuali Jano Purvis! Mar
tin, how the widow of the man that
didn't feel like beans would havo ap
preciated these, boy? This this
would have been her Idea of an art
"Pack 'em uway again, Sol," saya
Hartley. "Now that the relatives havo
had an opportunity to view tho ro
mains, the fiiumal may go on. limy
'em quick."
"Hury em?" aayB Vnn. "Not much.
They're too dreamily beautiful. Mar
tin, I'm surprised at you. Whnt Is
home without a family vault, any
way. And yet Hold on!" he says,
holding up his hand. "1 have an Idea.
Wu'll give them to Jamea."
"To James?" says me and Martin
"Of course, to James. James Is fu
nereal and solemn and dlgniilcd. They
ought to nppeal to his taste. They're
light In 1i!h line. We will decorate
James room with 'em. What Is it
they were warranted to do, skipper,
when 'strung up around?' Oh, yes!
to bo sine. 'Take away the bare look.'
James' room 1b baie, now that 1 think
of It. Come and join the Memorial
Day paiade, Martin."
He was out lu the kitchen getting
the hammer and nails and string. Go
ing to decorate the valet's bedroom
right off. Hartley laughed and ald:
"Oh, let the poor devil ulone, Van.
I Give You Warning
He's liud troubles enough for one day."
But you couldn't stop that Van Brunt
critter when hu got staited.
Ho mnkes mo load the presents in
my arms and takes the lamp nnd leads
tho way upstairs. And then ho beta to
work and hangs them presents round
Lord James' room. He put the cotlln
plates over the wushstand at tho foot
of the bed, and tho wreath over the
head, ami hung tho picture of Marcel
Ins over tho looking-glass and tho
shell work by tho closet door.
"Now," says ho, "for tho motto tho
crowning touch. Where? Where?"
Finally ho hung It on top of tho
"Perhaps," says ho, "Its inlluenco
may make James more motherly; who
Then we went downstnlrB and ho
mndo mo promise to say nothing.
Then ho was for waking IiIb lordship
up nnd ordering him to bed right
then, but his chum wouldn't hear of it.
Martin said lot tho poor fellow hnvo his
hnp out. Ho knew how he felt. So
Van glvo In after nwhilo.
Pretty soon Hartley got tired of
waiting and said he wns going to turn
in; ho was played out, he said. Van
wnnted to wait longer, but he didn't.
Ho went to bed, too. At half-past ten
or so my round of chores was done
nnd I sung out to Lord James to wako
up and conio In becnuso I wantod to
lock up. But ho wouldn't.
"Lot mo alone," ho says, pleading.
"I'm 'nppy for the first time In 'ours.
I'll lock up, myseir, by nnd by," ho
saya. So 1 loft him out on tho piazza
nnd went aloft and turned It. And it
didn't tnkn mm Inni: to cot tn sleet). I
What woko me up was a howl llko
an engyno tooting. I bounced out of
bed llko I had springs under mi, In
stead of corncobs and ropes.
Thon comos another screech. Then
a Bmashlly bang smash! Then moro
yells, and feet going down tho hall and
falling downstairs. Thon a door bang
ing and sounds llko all tho furnlturo
ou tho island was being upset.
h" - iVkV rv a If -i
A cTyK -c- A m Ml
0 V V 4
1 111 a lamp and got out Into the ball.
,'lierp I mot the Heavenly Twina just
timing from their room. They was
licsscd light and gauzy, same an me,
nit Van had a revolver In his hand
tnd Hartley was swinging a chair by
ho back.
"What on eaith?" says Van.
"It's in the dining loom, whatever It
Is," saya I.
I grabbed up something to use for a
club It turned out Inter to be the lit
tlest Joint of Hartley's ilsh pole and
tip-toed downstairs to the dining room
door. And that door was locked fast.
The "Freoh-AIrers."
First I tried that door, then Hurtley
tried It, and then Van; eacli of us Just
as soft and quiet us possible. Then
wo listened. Not n sound.
Then Vnn catches mo by the arm
and begins to pull me nnd Martin back
along the hall. When wo got to tho
end, by the parlor door, he whispers,
low and cautious:
"Wo must break the door down. It's
locked on tho inside. Better turn tho
lamp down, too. A light gives tho othor
man nil the advantage If it comes to
shooting. Now ready, when I nay tho
word. All rush together. One two"
"Walt a minute," whispers Hartley
he was always cool-headed. "Whero'a
"James?" repeats Vnn. "What?
"James?" says I. And then I begun
to get my senses back. Wake n feller
up out of u sound sleep tho way we
was nnd it takes a fow minutes for him
to get on earth again.
"James!" says I. "I'll be"
"Idiot!" says Van, speaking about
himself, I judge. Then ho walks down
the hall and gives thnt door a kick.
"Jnmes," he sings out. "Is that you?
Open this door."
For n second or two there wa'n't a
sound. Then n volco says, weak and
chattery: "O-o-h, my soul!"
"What's tho matter with him?" says
Van. "Is he hurt? Whore's tho key,
Now, I'm Going 'Ome."
Bklppor? inside, of course.
whore's the keyhole?"
Then 1 romembered. "There ain't
uny keyhole." I says. "Thoro's no
lock on tho door."
"Thon what? Como ou, Martin."
He set his shoulder to the door and
commenced to shove. Me and Hart
ley helped, and the door begun to
open. It opened slow, becnuso tho din
ing table and two or threo chairs and
the chest of drawers was braced
against It. We got In finally.
"Bring tho lamp," says Hartley. I
dono it. The room was empty.
"James!" hollers Van. "JameB!"
The closet door opens Just a crack.
Then it swung wldo and his lordship,
half dressed nnd whlto as an old clam
shell, staggers Into tho room.
"Oil!" says ho. "Oh. Mr. Van
Brunt, sir!"
Ho was shaking like n palsy.
"What alls you, man?" says Hartley.
"Speak up."
The valet rollB his eyes around to
"I seen It," he suyB. "I seen It plain.
If- 'ini!"
"Him? Who?" says I.
"Tho ghost. Tho old covo as ownod
thiB 'ouse. 'K wnB up in my room
n-waltlng Tor me."
"What aro you talking about?" asks
Van, Impatient. 1 begun to see light,
but tho Heavenlies didn't not yet.
'"IS was up in my room, air," said
Lord James, wild llko. "I 'ad mo coat
ami waistcoat off, sir, and then I goes
ovor to tho mirror intending to seo
it me face looked as 'ot as it folt. And
I lights my lamp and there 'o was a
glaring nt me. 'B 'ad Mb 'end through
tho mirror, sir. And thoro was cofllns
around, nnd wreaths. It's a warning
to me, sir. I'm n dend man."
And then wo began to laugh,
"Tho presents!" saya Van, between
roarB. "Scuddor's heirlooms. Ho! ho!"
Ills lordship stared at us llko ho
thought wo wub crazy. I moro than
half pitied him, Martin did too, I
guesB, tor ho says;
nut but
"it's all right, James. Just oim of
Mr. Vnn Brunt's Jokes. You see "
"But 1 saw 'lm, sir. 'K was thore,
nnd tbcro was wreaths and cofllns
'ung about, and "
"It's nil right," says I. "Here! come
along and I'll show you."
But not tint! step would he stir. A
derrick wouldn't have lifted him up
them stairs. So I quit trying and went
uloft and fetched down tho crayon
enlargement nnd the wreath. Then I
set out to explain.
"Why, you Imbecile!" says Van.
"Whero's your taste for art? Wo
wero beautifying your room. Taking
off the bate look, as per Scudder."
James' color begun to como back.
And when It como it come thick. Ho
reddened up so you could sec It even
through thoBun-burn.
"Mr. Van' Brunt," he says, getting
madder every minute, "I glvo you no
tice. I leave to-morrow morning."
"Don't be an idiot" bcglne Van,
but his lordship cut him short.
"I lenvu to-morrow morning," ho
shouts. "Ain't it enough to bring mo
to tills Gawd-forsaken 'olo and work
me 'ulf to death nnd blister mo from
'end to foot, without this? I glvo you
warning now. I'm going 'omo. And
you be glad I ain't 'aving the law on
you for this outrage. Ha poor servants
'ns rights, and "
There was more, plenty more. Wo
couldn't shut him up. And tho Heav
enlies' explanations didn't count either.
He wns dead aet on leaving in tho
Flnnlly, we glvo it up and went
back to bed. Lord Jamea said ho was
going to stay in tho kitchen all night.
Nothing would hlro him to sleep In
Marcellus' receiving tomb again.
"Humph!" says Hartley, as tho
Twins went upstairs, "it looks to me
as it your Joke had lost us tho best
valet you ever had, Vnn."
Van cussed under his brenth. "Ho
shan't leave," he said. "I must keep
him somehow. He's invaluable In tho
city, and we may go back thero some
time. Not for months, though, of
course," he adds.
But In tho morning James was
worse set than over. He wouldn't help
with breakfast nor nothing; went aloft
at daylight and begun to pack his
trunk. He wub going to leave, that's
all there was about it.
The Twins was pretty blue during
breakfast. Van about losing his lord
ship nnd Hnrtloy on account of sun
burn, I cal'Iate. 'Twas another ele
gant day nnd there waa wind enough
to keep the flics nnd mosquitoes uway
from the house. If you got in the lee
anywheres, though, they was laying for
you In droves. They didn't bother me
much, 'count of my hido being tough
and leathery and my flavor too salt
maybe; but they was fattonlng up fast
on the Heavenlies and James.
About ten o'clock Scudder shows up
with tho first dory load of Fresh Air
era from the Eastwich placo. Miss
Agnes come along with 'cm. Then the
second load come, eap'ned by tho Tal
ford girl. And then thero was doings.
Them Fresh Air young onea wa'n't
all of n pleco with Ucdny, which was a
mercy. Ho was a handful in himself,
that little sorrel-top was but there
was enough like him to keep things
stirred up. Marcellus' old shingled
prison had to take It thnt day. Thore
must have been some stewing in Heav
en if old Lady Berry could look down
and see them youngsters whooping
nnd carrying-on in tho front parlor. In
Mrs. B.'s day that parlor was a kind
of paint's iest, as you might say, and
tho only time anybody opened its door
was when she sailed in with tho broom
and feothor duster. And then she
must havo hnd to navigate by com
puss, becnuso the blinds wns always
shut tight and the curtains drawn and
'twas too dark to see anything.
Hnrtloy looked out for tho chlldron
and Van Brunt piloted tho two girls
over the place, pointing out where tho
garden waa going to be somo day, and
wliero tho hens was likely to roost nnd
the pig to board. They seemed to be
as pleased and tickled hb ho was, and
thought everything was "lovely" and
"Just too quaint and dear." I was
busy cooking nnd Lord James sulked
out In tho barn. Ho couldn't get away
until late afternoon on account of the
Itedny stuck to Hartley llko a mud
turtle to a big toe. He was right at
his heels all tho time. By and by tho
pair of 'cm como nut in tho kitchen to
sco me.
"Heilo, Andiow Jackson," says I to
tho boy. "How do you llko this part of
the country?"
"Great!" says he, his eyes snapping.
"Geo, nln't we having the peach ot a
"Must feed you woll ovor thoro," I
Bays. "Seems to me you're getting fat
already. Board's up to tho mark of
tho Newsboys' home, ain't it?"
"You bet!" saya he. "Chicken, and
pie, and nil tho milk you wnnt. And
cream aw, Bay!" and he smacked his
"How'd you llko to live here all the
Ho shook his head. "Naw," ho sayB.
J'Too still. Somotlmes I can't sleep
"good 'causo It's so still. ( No El, nor
whiBtles nor lights nor nothing. And
no Chinks to chuck rocks at. Mlsa
Agony won't let yju chuck rocks at
folks anyhow."
"Don't you wish you was back In
New York with your dad?" I says.
"Not much," ho Bays. "Tho old man
used to club me too good. When ho
was full I'd get a belting most ovory
I looked nt Hartley and ho at me.
Poor llttlo shaver! It's when I see how
bomo folks treat children that I got to
thinking I could mako a hotter world
than this is.
"Going to run nwuy ugaln?" I asks,
after u minute.
Kidneys Badly Injured and Health 8o
rlouBly Impaired.-
William White, It. 1L man, 201 Con
stantino Street, Threo IUtoj-b, Mich.,
saya: "In a ratiroau
collision my kidneys
must havo been hurt,
as I passed bloody
urlno with pain for a
long tlmo aftor, waa
weak and thin and
so I could not work.
Two years after I
went to tho hos
pital and remained al
most six months, but my enso scorned
hopeless. Tho urlno pasaed Involun
tarily. Two months ago I began tak
ing Doan's Kidney Pills and the lm
provement has boon wondorful. Four
boxes have dono mo moro good than
all the doctoring of soven years. I
gained bo much that my friends won
dor at It."
Sold by all dealers. C0c a box. Fos-ter-Mllburn
Co., Buffalo, N. Y.
Cut Off In HIb Prim.
That tho negro residing In tho north
has tho fondness for euphonious words
regardless ot their moaning that
characterizes hlB brother In tho aouth
waa illustrated by a remark overboard
a fow days ago.
Two colored women Btood chatting
at tho corner of Eighth avenuo and
Ono Hundred and Twcnty-ilfth street.
Ono of them, ostentatiously clad in
mourning, Bald with a doleful shako
of tho head in reply to a query from
the other:
"Yns, he died In do height of his
Ben-ith." Washington Star.
How's This?
We offer One Hundred Dollars Reward tor anr
en ot Catarrh that cannot be cured by Ilatll
Catarrh cure.
We. the undemlKned. havo known K. J. Cheney
tor the hut 13 years, and believe him perfectly lion
orabln In all buelneM traaiaclloni and financially
able to carry oat any obligations mado by hU firm., KINNAN & UAHVIN.
Wholesale Dnuarhts. Toledo, O.
Hull's Catarrh Cure Li taken tnUrnaUy. acting
directly upon the blood and raucous surficee ot the
trttera. Testimonials sent free. Price 75 conta per
bottle. Sold by all Dnieclsts.
TaYe Hall's I'amUy l'llls tor cc"sttxaoo.
Tho Ruling Passion.
The Lato Comer (anxiously) How
far have they got with tho program?
Maj. Styme (an ardent golfer) Sov
en up and two to play. Harper's
Long beforo a woman acquire any
Jewels sho likes to worry for fear thoy
may be stolon.
Lewis' Single Binder costs more than
other 5c cigar. Smnki-rs know why.
Your dealer or LcwU' Factory, Peoria, 11L
Many a man with wheols thinks he
Is tho whole political machine.
I Took Pe-ru-na.
?1lW..T05,EPH 1
Pcrnnu Drug Co., Columbns, Ohio.
Gentlemen: I can cheerfully recom
mend Pcruna as an effective euro for
coughs and colds.
You aro authorized to tiso my photo
with testimonial in any publication.
Mrs. Joseph Hall Chcse,
804 Tenth St., Washington, D. C.
Could Not Smell Nor Hear.
Mrs. A. L. Wetzel, 1033 Ohio 8t , Term
Haute, Ind., writes:
"When I began to takoyourmodlclno
I could not Bincll, nor hear a church
bell ring. Now I can both amcll anil
"When I began your treatment my
head was terrible. I hod boning and
chirping noises in my head.
"I followed your advice faithfully and
took Porunu aa you told rae. Now I
might say I am well.
"I want to go and visit my mother
and bco tho doctor who said J was not
longforthis world. I will toll hhnlt was
Peruna that cured me."
Peruna is manufactured by Tho
Pcruna Drug Mfg. Co., Columbns, Ohio.
Ask your Druggist tor a Free Peruna
Almanac for 1909.
Kemp's Balsam
Will stop any conjjb that
can be stopped by any
medicine and cure coufjks
that connot be cared by any
other medicine.
It Is always the best
counh cure. You cannot
aflord to take chances on
any other kind.
counhs, colds, bronchitis,
flrlp, asthma and consump
tion In llrst stages;
It does not contain alco
hol, opium, morphine, or
any other narcotic, poison
ous or narnuui twin.
A - r
"- """iii-;vii hi in miiMmnn -rt.
J 'V