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The Chief
E. B. DeWOLF, Publisher
General, Political, Religious, 8portlng,
Foreign and Other Evento Re
corded Here and There.
It was tinnouncoil nt Hot Springs
that Chairman Hitchcock of the re
publican national committee will bo
postmaster general In the Tnft cabi
net. Treasurer Sheldon's report bIiowb
that funds of flvo or six millions, such
as were- used In rccont campaigns,
aro proved to have been wasteful If
not a source of corruption.
Only two parties, the republican and
tho democratic, will participate In tho
next primary election In Iown, In Juno,
1910 i
William Hnyward of Nebraska City,
secretary or tho nntlonal republican
oommlttoc, attended tho banquot
given Chairman Frank Hitchcock in
Warning notos continue to como
from Hot Springs that Presidentelect
Taft will not stand for shufrilng, ovn
nlon and porfunctory performance on
tariff revision.
Indications are that Governor Shel
don will not fill several vacant offlclal
positions, but will leavo them for Ills
President Van Cloac of tho Nation
al Association of Manufacturers In a
formal Btatomcnt charges that tho
tariff hearings aro lit chargo of stand
patters and that the committee Is
necking evidence of this kind.
Public Printer Lcoch resigned nml
President Roosevelt appointed Sninuol
D. Donnelly of Brooklyn.
Judgo Tnft nttended rollglous ser
vices on Thanksgiving day.
Andrew Carnoglo writes a letter giv
ing his roaBons for not appearing be
fore tho ways and means commlttoo
Investigating tho tariff.
Chairman layno In .his answer to
President Van Cleavo's stricture of
tho tariff committees motbods says
tho bill reported will bo Jpdged by tho
peoplo on Its merits and not on what
advance critics think It may contain.
Japan and to United StntOB havo
agreed to preserve status quo In tho
Pacific and open door for tho Chinese
A $20,000,000 Inmbor deal 1b In pro
cess of formation, by which tho white
plno Interests will bo consolidated.
Mrs. Eleanor Cowpor, n Now York
actress, took nor llfo by Bonding a
bullot through her heart.
Diplomatic rolatlons between Tur
key and Austria aro strained over tho
Balkan situation.
Soreno Payno calls down J. W. Van
Clcavo for his refusal to testify bo
foro ways and means committee
Ohio will soon elect a United StatcB
senntor. Chas. P. Taft, n brother ol
tho president, Is a candidate.
Conditions In Hnltl have about re
sumed their normal status.
John Gardnor Coolldgo, the Amor
lean minister to Nicaragua, tondorcd
Lis resignation. It Is roported that
Mr. Coolldgo took this step becauso
of disapproval of his government In
meddling with tho Internal affairs of
Nicaragua. j
Eastern Iowa, Bouthorn Illinois and
southwestern Missouri were visited by
destructive storms.
Tho South Dakota, land dopnrtmout
completed a deal by which all tho
remaining capital building landB east
of tho Missouri havo been disposed oft
Thoy comprise 4,846 acres in tho
counties of Faulk, Hyde and Pottor,
and will net tho fund about $30,000.
Governor Cummins of Iown was1
clocted United Statos senator by tho
legislature, to succeed W. 11. Allison
for hlB unoxplred term.
Sovernl now enses of foot and
mouth dlsonso were discovered
nmong cattlo In Pennsylvania.
State nnd fedornl authorities aro mak
ing BtrencouB efforts to prevent tho
spread of tho epidemic.
Sixteen persons were killed and
twenty-threo Injured by a tornado In
Speaker Cannon In a formul state
ment says tho noxt congress will re
vise tho tariff In accordanco with In
structions from tho people. Tho
speaker Bays ho will bo olected by tho
republicans of tho next congess.
Over 9,000,000 bnlos of cotton woro
produced according to tho Depart
ment of Agriculture, In 1908.
Tho Becrotary of ngrlculturo has is
oued a quarantine against tho entire
state of Michigan for tho foot and
mouth dlsfiaso.
Mrs. Barbara Bllllk, mothor of Her
man 131111k, condemned to hang Do
, comber 11, at Chicago, rocolvcd a
letter from him bidding her farowoll.
President Roosevelt made tho prin
cipal nddross at tho laying of tho cor
norstono of tho now colored Young
Men's Christian association building
1 In Washington.
Louis Winner, In a flat car, won
tho grand prize automobiio race over
tho course at Savannah, Go.
Tho forlioth anniversary of tho Ne
braska Jodgo No. 1, Knights of Pythlai
was eelobrated In Omaha with a largo
attondnnco of prominent members of
tho ordor from all over tho country.
Prlnco Tang Shno Yl and retinue
arrived nt San Franslsco. Ho will
remain until March.
Admlrnl Sporry has written nn or
der thnt tho men of tho battleship
ilcct bo not allowed to land at Manila
on account of cholera. '
First Lieutenant JamcB S. Konncdy,
medical reserve corps, hns been do
tallod as a member of tho army re
tiring bonrd at Omaha, vlco Captain
James W. VanduHcn, medical corps
Prosecutor Hency of San Franslsco
is regarded as out of danger.
Payment of $150,000 to Itosohud
Sioux Indinns has commenced.
Chief Wllkio of tho secret sorvlco
renounced that a now counterfeit $5
certificate (Indian head) linn been de
tected In circulation, having first
mndo its appearance in Providenco,
n. i.
Tho popular voto for president in
Indiana was: Taft, 349,993; Bryan,
338,262; Chafln, 19.04G; Watson, 1,384;
Dobs, 12,470; Broslon, G13; Hlsgcn,
Former Senator MaHdorson Is re
covering and hopes soon to bo ublo to
present the ense involving Irrigation
contract to tho Interior department.
Tho houso commltteo has asked An
drew Cnrnoglo to testify about con
ditions In iron and steel trado and
needed changes In tho tariff.
Cattlo breedors of tho slate of Ponn
sylvanla and Now York will not bo
permitted to exhibit any cattlo at tho
International Stock show, to bo held
in Chicago, owing to the violent pro
valonco of tho foot and mouth dlscano
In theHo states. This decision was
reached at a mooting held nt tho
Whlto house.
Atlornoy General Bonnparto peti
tioned tho United States supremo
court for a writ granting the roview
of tho Standard Oil case involving tho
Lnndls fine.
Another sweeping decision benr
lug on the registration of labels, haB
been rendered by tho clmmlssioner of
patents, In which ho holds that tho
protection of tho law will not bo given
to any manufacturer who includes in
IiIb trademnrk tho arms of the United
Stntes or those of tho various ntatea
or cities of tho country.
Senntor Brown has been assigned
tho desk of Senntor Long on tho re
publican Bido, one of tho most do
Blrablo locutions on tho Hour of tho
upper branch of congress. It Is
learned that Senator Brown hns some
dobut about Senator Long's return
to congress, nnd looking over tho list
fined on Lon's sent.
II. W. Borger, ono of tho cbomlsts
of tho Agricultural department, will
leavo Washington enrly this weok
for Omaha to take charge of the de
natured alchol plant which Is now be
ing installed In tho building to bo
used for tho com exposition. Mh.
Bergor will rellovo Dr. H. E. Sawyer,
who Is now In Omaha superintending
tho Installation of tho still, nnd will
remain In Omaha during the corn ex
position and havo chargo of tho gov'
ernraciit'tf exhibit of its mlnuturo still.
Tho nrrcst of Madamo Stelnhcll In
Paris in connection with charges
growing out of tho death of her hus
band caused a sensation. It is al
leged that the crlmo was political and
that men high In nubile life aro in
volved. Itussinn TerrorlbtH aro alleged to
have mndo a plo to kill the dowager
empress of Russia.
A British pasrenger steumr burned
during n storm while leaving the port
of Vnletta, Malta, nnd more than 109
persons woro diowncd.
President Castro of Venezuela sailed
for Boidcaux, where ho will undergo
a surgical operation.
Manila is making extensive prepara
tions to entertain tho men of tho At
lantic Hoot.
Speaking In tho houso of lords, Flold
Marshal Lord Roborts expressed the
conviction that tho lack of a military
force Bufllclent to ninko hopeless tho
nttompt of tin Invasion would, In all
probability, bo tho cause of the- loss
of Great Britain's sunrcmncy nt sen.
Lord Roborts in a sensational
speech in tho Houso of Lords said
that thero is imminent dnngor of In
vasion of Grcnt Britain by Germany
nnd urged that tho army bo Increased
to 1,000,000 men.
A dispatch from Vienna says thnt
a band of Servians, whilo crossing the
Bosnian frontier near Sovornlk, was
repulsed by Austrian troops. Tho
Servians lost soventeon mon killed,
and tho AtiRtrlans threo killed.
Tho republican national committee
mado public tho list or contributors
to tho fund of tho campaign.
Spenkor Cannon In a Btatemont
mado In Chicago says ho Is in favor of
prompt rovlsion of tho tariff In accord
ance with promises In tho repub
llcnn platform,
Tho Nobraska Bar association will
probably recommend ten names to
tho governor from which to select live
supremo judges.
Alfred II. Curtis, former bnnk presi
dent, had a long conference with Pro
motor Morso through bars of tho
Tombs In Now York.
Governor Folk has doclded thnt the
republican elector was chosen in the
Sixteenth Missouri district which was
claimed by tho democratic candidate,
O. It. Dickenson, nssistant superin
tendent of transportation of western
lines of tho Burlington has been pro
moted and goes to Chlcuso
Religious, 8oclal, Agricultural, Polit
ical and Other Matters Given
Due Consideration.
Albion Is soon to havo Its third bank.
Corn around Dickens Is turning out
much hotter than expected.
"Undo Jako" Wolfo of Lincoln,
well known throughout tho state, is
said to bo 'dangerously ill at his
Tho First National bank of Grand
Island 1b to bo re-organlzcd, becoming
a much larger Institution than hereto
fore. At tho Casbers' public sale in Gngo
county four head of horses sold for.
$760, an average of ovor $191 per head,
while six cows sold for from $35 to
$45 each.
William MaBon, the 11-year-old son
of Mr. and Mrs. George Mason, llvlns
west of Tccumsoh, was kicked In tho
head by a horso and terribly Injured.
Ills skull was crushed.
Sheriff Ehlers has offered a roward
of $200 for tho apprehension of David
Horner, who broke jail at Osceola. Tho
shorlff and his deputies aro on tho go
most of the tlmo to catch the fellow.
William Essor and John dunmoht
killed a large gray wolf at tho edgo
of Nebraska City. This Is tho first
that has been seen around thero for
somo time. It wob as largo as a
Newfoundland dog.
Salem Lutheran church at Fremont
Is to havo a now ptpo organ In tho
near future. It will bo a handsomo
Instrument that will cost $1,050 at tho
factory at Burlington, la. It will have
CG2 speaking pipes and nino stops.
Qeorgo C. Boyer, who killed Her
man Porloy near Bayard last August
by striking lilm over tho head with a
tamplug bnr, was sentenced by Judgo
H. M. Grimes' to tho ponituntlary for
threo years. A motion for a now
trial was donlcd.
William Melnsuor, aged 20, was
scalded by boiling beet julco at the
sugar factory In Grand Island. Ho
was employed nt tho carbonatlon
tanks, ono of which boiled ovor, throw
ing the fluid about his bauds and
limbs. Recovery, howovcr, Is expected.
A flro in tho hay meadow's on tho
Manvlllo farm, threo miles cast of
Fremon", destroyed nine stacks of hay
belonging to Egberg & Thornbald.
Tho flames aro thought to havo orig
inated from tho embers of a flro that
had been burning on tho roadway.
Saloma Stevens, tho 11-year old
daughter of R. Stevonn of Boatrlco,
received n serlouB wound in tho foot
by tho accidental discharge of a 22
calibor rifle In the handB of her broth
er. Tho boy "didn't tknow It was
loaded," and twice lovolcd tho rlflo nt
his slstor and pulled the trigger beforo
It was discharged.
Considerable excitement reigned at
Wood River over tho burning of i
barn. Contents nnd building wero de
stroyed and tho flro is bellovcd to havo
been of Incendiary origin. Tho owner
and tho renter had, on tho day pre
vious hud a quarrel. Dogs wero put
on tho scent about the building nnd led,
to a place whero n man had cnterod
a buggy, In the roadways and then
como through a wheat flold. So far
thoro havo been no arrests.
This Is the law on tho longth of
lcglslatlvo sessions: "Each session,
except special sessions, shall not bo
less than sixty days. After tho ex
piration of forty days of tho session
no bills or joint resolutions of tho
naturo of bills shall bo Introduced,
unless the governor shall by special
message call tho attention of tho
legislature to tho necosslty of passing
a law on tho subject mnttcr embraced
in tho mossago, nnd tho Introduction of
bills shall bo restricted thoroto."
Orvlllo Harrington, arrested In York'
at tho request of Chicago ofllcers for a
atntutory crime commlttod in Chicago,
was released after a hubens corpus
proceeding In tho county court. Ho
was Immediately ro-arrcsted for be
ing a fugitive from Justlco nnd hud
his hearing In tho county court. Ho
gavo bond In tho sum of $C0O pend
ing tho arrival or tho Chicago offi
cers to substantiate the charges
against him and was released from
Tho Merrick County Corn show hold
in Contrnl City was n most successful
affair, both from tho standpoint of at
tendance and tho quantity nnd quality
of tho exhibits. Tho exhibits wore
displayed In tho academy of music,
while ftio speaking nnd other exercises
woro held In tho opora houso. Tho
prize list was well cempoted for,
there being entries for about ovory
Itom on tho list, and In tho corn do
paitmcnt tho competition was very
spirited. The prlzo winners will bo In
Omaha at tho National Corn Show.
Tho requisition Issued by tho gover
nor of Wyoming for tho return of Sid
Scott from Lincoln to Glllotto, Wyo
was honored. Scott is charged with
criminal intimacy with Ills stop
daughtor. His wife made tho chargo
against him two years ago but did not
InBtituto proceedings till Scott loft
tholr homo near Bollo Fourcho and
camo to Lincoln.
Prof. R. E. Hyatt, former suporln
tondont of Bchools nt Elk Crook, dlod
In Auburn, Now York, of tuberculosis.
Tbloves and homo broakcrs hnvo
boon very active In Grand Island of
Items of Greater or Lesser Impor.
tance Over the State.
Both aro Disgusted.
Ropubllcans nnd democrats allko
cannot help being disgusted with the
lying their hidebound party organs
havo dono during tho past campaign.
A papor whoso proprietor either holds
a fodcral job or Is looking for ono,
cannot bo deponded upon to toll tho
unbiased truth about politics and
oven Sometimes about other things.
Why should your roport about dally
affairs bo colored to suit tho selfish
Interests or desires or tho man who
happens to havo IiIb money invested n
nowspaper machlnory? You havo a
right to havo pure news as well as
puro food, And nlso, why not puro
advertising? Tho paper goes Into tho
homo and Is rc3d by your children.
You are trying to kcop their minds
clean and would ralso a row if you
found an immoral or Impuro book in
tho houso. Why not gunrd What thoy
read In dally papers as carefully?
Tho Lincoln State Journal columns aro
tho best ovldenco of Its cleanness. A
wholo lot of advertising Is found In
other dallies thnt In kept out of tho
Lincoln Journal. When you take tho
Journal you pay only for your own
paper as It has no deadbcats; no bad
bills. Everybody pays in advance and
ovory paper is Btopped when the tlmo
Is out. It's a co oporatlvo plan, every
Item of wasto being eliminated and
you get tho benefit. Lincoln 1b your
capital and Tho Journal your papor.
"Nebraska Notes
Ponoa citizens pulled off a wolf hunt
an Thanksgiving day.
Rov. Mr. Guernsey pastor of tho
Baptist church at Wymoro, has ten
dered his resignation, to tako effect
Decomber 1.
Gcorgo W. Hawke, one of tho oldest
and best known residents of Nobraska
City, died last week. Ho was born
near Malvern, Carroll county, Ohio.
Thoro will bo a meeting of tho Com
morclnl'cluli In Hastings to consider a
proposition for tho establishment of n
Catholic girls' academy In that city.
Within a fow days all trains be
twoon North Platte and Sldnoy will
bo dispatched by telephone. This will
be tho first attempt of tho kind on the
Union Pacific.
Tho Merrick County Corn Show,
held In Central City, was a most suc
cessful affair, both from tho stand
point of attondnnco nnd tho quantity
and quality of tho exhibits.
Evory member of tho Custer County
bar, regardless of party, is petitioning
Governor Sheldon to appoint J. R.
Dean of Broken Bow to one of tho
vacancies on tho supremo bench.
"Near Cushlng, Howard county, Wil
liam Johnson was riding a wild horse,
which was Buddonly scared, throwing
Mr. Johnson, who In falling fractured
his skull In such a manner that he
died soon after.
Tho government, suys a Valentine
dispatch, Is paying tho Rosebud
Indians $150,000. Tho payment began
some tlmo Friday and will continue
until about tho 25th. Each Indian re
ceives $29.75 this time.
While burning rubbish, Miss Sophie
Muellch, a well known young woman
of Schuyler, had her dress catch flro.
Sho was badly burned on her arms
and body. He- dress was almost com
pletely burned off her back.
Horman F. Llmback, who commlttod
suicide In tho Commercial hotel at
Wathcna, Kan., was a former rcsldont
of Beatrice, having been engaged In
tho mercantile business In that city in
1885 before removing to Lincoln.
The preliminary hearing in the mur
der enso of tho Stato of Nebraska vs.
Emery Matthews, charged with killing
David Fisher on tho night of Novem
ber 7, was hold at tho court house in
Lexington, and tho defendant was hold
to tho district court In a bond of
Charles Grote, a woll-known farmer
living twelvo miles northeast of Hunt
ley, was killed by a vicious bull. Ho
loaves a wlfo and nino children. A
despornto light had evidently ensued,
ns Mr. Groto had carried a wagon rod
with him, and It was near him when
ho was found dead. It was badly bent.
This Is tho second accldont of this
kind in the county in tho laBt six
Whilo tho Burlington train was
standing nt tho station of Milford at
noon, nnd whilo tho station agont was
on tho depot platform, somoono broke
in tho door of t .i station ofllco nnd
took $80 in mnoy. Arter tho train had
gono tho loss was discovered and tho
train wa3 mot at Soward by tho sheriff,
who searched tno passengers, but nono
was found with tho money In his pos
session. A man was found dead In the undor
growth along the north chnnnol of the
Platto river, about n quarter of a mllo
northeast of whoro tho main bridge
crosses tho main river at Gothenburg.
Tho body was that of a Japanese
laborer, who must havo been mur
dorcd and hauled to the spot and
thrown Into tho undergrowth, whero
fow peoplo over go, unless for wild
grapes or plums.
In tho case of tho State against
Rngan, charged with assaulting Ror,
Frank Miller of Lincoln on tho stroots
of Utlca Inst March tho jury at Sew
ard returned a verdict of guilty and
Judgo Good will sontonco Rngan at
tho noxt session of tho court, Decem
ber 3?
The Nance county farmers Instituto
will conveno In Fullerton December 3
and 4. To promoto intorcst In tho
ovont tho merchants of tho city, undor
tho nusplces of the Commercial club,
aro offering prizes for various corn jx
hlblts, Tho Instructors of tho instituto
w'll act as judges.
Postmaster General Makes His An
nual Report, Telling of Improve,
ments In 'Department Dur
ing Year.
In his nnnunl roport for tho fiscal
year ended June 30, 1908, Postmastor
General Meyer gives tho total receipts
for tho year us $191,478,063, and ex
penditures $208,351,886, thereby allow
ing a doflclt of $16,873,222, the largest
in tho history of tho department, with
nn additional losn from fire, burglnry,
etc, of $37,056. Tho deficit of 1909 it
la estimated again will exceed $16,
000,000. Attcntlo'n is particularly called to a
number of Improvements In business
methods or tho department ns tending
to its advantage nnd tho Having of
considerable amounts. Recommenda
tion is ngain mado for tho creating or
tho position or director or posts, nt a
high salary, and who shall hold office
during good behavior, tho object be
ing to havo a continuity or policies
for tho boncflt of tho postal sorvlco
and tho peoplo of the United fctutes.
Tho necessity for good roadB Is
pointed out In connection with tho
development of tho rural free delivery
service. It is suggested that should
congress grant tho department author
ity to ullllzo rural routes still further
by the establishment or limited par
cels post confined entirely to rurnl de
livery routes, It would then be pos
Blblo to earn additional rovenuo
amounting to millions or dollars at the
same tlmo benefitting tho farmer by
enabling him to havo merchandise de
livered when ordered by telephono or
postal card, which otherwiso would not
be purchased. "Tho special parcel
post," Bays tho postmaster general,
"will cnablo tho farmers to havo small
parcels delivered at their gates, to
Hvo better, and to obtain easily tho
necessaries or life." Permission Is re
quested to establish experimentally a
limited parcel post In not to exceed
four counties in ordor to domonstrnto
tho practicability of the plan.
Chinese Commissioner Welcomed.
Bringing tho thanks or n grateful
peoplo ror tho remittance by the Amor
lean government or n lnrgo part or tho
Boxer Indemnity, Tang Shao YI, presi
dent or tho Chincso board, and created
a special ambassador ror this occa
sion, arrived In Washington Monday.
Accompanied by Prlnco Tsnl Fu, a
member or tho Chincso royal family,
and a distinguished group of attaches,
the party was accorded tho high honor
of being met by Huntington Wilson,
third assistant secretary of state, num
erous other officials of tho stato de
partment nnd soveral aides or Presi
dent Roosevelt. There wero no formal
HIcb at tho station other than tho ox
chango of greetings. Arter that the
party was escorted to two residences
in an excellent section or tho city
where tho visitors will bo domiciled
during their atay or three or four
Railroads to be Paid Monthly.
A rilling of vnst imporlnnco to the
railroads carrying United Staten
mtillB has boon made by tho second
nssistant postmastor general. Here
tofore It has been tho prnctlco or the
postomco department to make quar
terly paymonts for such service, but
tho railroads contend thnt as a mat
ter of right and justice, settlement
should bo mndo monthly. For somo
time past tho Rock Island system haB
negotiated with tho department to
this end with the result that notifica
tion waB received Saturday that be
ginning Jnnunry 1 next, monthly pay
monts would bo mndo. Tho aggrogato
amount Involved each year Is moro
than $48,000,000 and tho now ruling
will havo tho effect of putting In circu
lation n considerable sum each month
Reforms In Interest of Farmers.
Bettor roads, n hotter systom of edu
cation in rural schools, a postal sav
ing bank, a limited pnrcclB post. Those
are tho most important recommenda
tions, according to Mr. Wnllaco of tho
commission tuat will bo mado to Pres
ident Roosevelt, by his commission on
country Hie, which Is now In San Fran
cisco. The commissioners will go to No
vuda nnd from thoro to Orogon and
Washington and return to Washing
ton, D. C, by Decomber 19 to mnko
its roport.
"President Roosovolt," said Mr.
Wallace "will send a special message
to Congress;- urging the legislation
along the lines demanded by tho farm
ers. Fatal Wreck of Freight Train.
Ono man was killed, flvo others
were seriously Injured and many
pnssengors Bhakon up when train No.
C, known ns tho Chicago Limited, on
tho IJlttsburg & Western branch of
tho Baltlmoro & Ohio railroad crnho.l
into u "buckled" freight train near
Valencia, Pn., about 20 miles north of
Pittsburg, Pa., enrly Monday. Tho
wreck was duo to tho breaking or n
long freight train on tho grado near
tho sceno of tho accident. Ono of tho
cars on tho end or tho rear port of
the disconnected freight lurched out
ovor tho north bound track
BBBHH)bV fttov '' V ' 'sB
rHKiBBSteL'VV - ? $wS
.? BBBHP ' 'S'llte
'ssftLsBBBn ''''' ''vaBBnl' tf?J
-- SWw. oP sSH
Catarrh Twenty-five Years
Had a Bad Cough
Miss Sophia Kittlcscn, Evanston, 11L,
"I havo been troubled with catarrh
for nearly twenty-live years and lmvo
tried many curcjt for it, bub obtained
vory Httlo help.
"Then my brother advised mo to try
Perunn, and I did.
"My hosilth was very poor at tho tlmo
I began taking Peruna. My throat was
very soro and I had a bad cough.
"Peruna hns cured me. The chronic
catarrh Is gone and my health Is very
much improved.
"I recommend Peruna to all my
friends who aro troubled ns 1 was."
PERUNA TABLETS : Somo people pre
fer tablets, rather than medicino in a
fluid form. Such people can obtain Pern
xia tablets, which represent tho medici
nal ingredients of Peruna, Each tablet
equals ono average- dose of Peruna.
Man-a-lin the Ideal Laxative.
Ask your Druggist for a Frco Peruna
Almanac for 1909.
If You WorK
Any cold you contract should
be cured without delay, and
driven entirely out of the sys
temunless you wish to in
vite an attack of Pleurisy or
Dr. D. Jayne's
is known ai the most success
ful preparation ever discovered
for Colds, Coughs, Bronchitis,
Inflammation of the Lungs or
Chest, Pleurisy, Asthma and
diseases of similar nature.
This famous remedy has been
dispensed for over 78 years,
and is sold by all druggists, in
three size bottles, $1.00, 50o
and 25c.
Dr. D. Jayae's Tonic VermU
tut la a splendid bulldlng-up
tonle for systems weakened by
Cough or Colds.
Positively cured by
thcao Llttlo Pills.
pMpj i wt.urj nisu relieve AJia-
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