The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, October 30, 1908, Image 5

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ttrMI - frl YlJrYl Jw,,?lWJ' "(i?5l
Do You Want A Diamond?
If you do why not buy it before
they go up in price?
Wc are ready to show you a fine
selection of stones, direct from the
cutters and at prices that will
interest you
Remember our prices arc right.
Low prions our loader
Mitchell Jewelry
Ynp'o went, to Butler Mo.
wont to III u Hill
Is In
A.T. Walker Is In Wra.v,.7o1. this week
on business.
M reliving W'ulUer was down fiom
Inuviilo ThuiMhiy.
Tor high grade '"' sloiittonttlliooini
cort Suturdny night.
Mr. Loo Davis will render also uvory
bouttfiil violin solo.
Sou Dr. Stockman for oyo glosse?.
Satisfaction gunratitoed
Dr. ami Mrs It Mitchell ontertalnoil
tlio bachelor boys Sunday ntiiinncr.
SHmncr-DnvlsiCoiiccitCo. will bo at
theopoia hoic Satuulity, October 111.
It. I). Mot it, will move tbls week
Into tlielr new rosldoiioj In tho IMatt
M rZ KinfcAflTster lTjoylug u visit
from lior inotber, Mrs. Sanson, of
Mrs Jones returned to libido U'JcU
Turdiy' .iftv vh tin? her m )t!ur
Mrs. Jobn McCune.
Ills Points and wife of lnavalo spent
I n m.i.iii in tlwi nltv vUtttmr Mrs. Points'
otbor, Mrs. Aincoii.
Tbe mandolin solo "Neaior My Clod
to Tboe", by I eo Davis of tbo Sumiioi
D.ivls Co. cannot bo o.VOflled.
For Sale A block of general mor
cbancllso two stoio buildings and u
residence properly. Write or call on
IS 15. Null, Womer, Kans.
I Hands cracked and bruised from
, husking, skin diseases, tan freckles,
ftnii. f.iiiiii'iin m. fiii!fi Willi i mi'iiiYu
r.ii-linH7i'il facts liken ttoulticc). Uraws
out lutlaminatlon.
Henry Cook. Dyer of Denver is in Bed Cloud j
Wanted A few loads of cobs on sub
hcriptlon at tbls olllce"
Tlio Hryan banner svas raised Wed
nesday and It is sure a beauty
Ton S.M.u Six room House, . lots.
Inquire at Newbouse's store. tf
Horn To Mr. and Mrs. A. Wagner
Friday, October 23, IOCS, a boy.
Call and see tbo now lino of Picture
Frames nt Argubright's Studios.
What ii joy It Is to have tbo electric
lights go'otitou Saturday evening just
when thev nrelnecdul the most.
Wo liavo lately Installed n folding
machine In our olllce which will enable
us to give our readers better service.
Hon Matt Miller spoko on tbo issues
of tlio campaign from n democratic
"tandpolut to u largo tuullencj at the
opera house Saturday afternoon'
With every paid In advance subscrip
tion we arc giving a pair of shears that
cannot bo purchased at any store for
less than 7nc. Call anu see mom.
J. K- Anltz and wife and D. U. Whit
. .aker. departed on Tuesday evening for
California. Mr and Mrs. Aultz will
. locate there if they like tbo country
11. O. Slater, democratic and people
independent candidate for float repre
sent itive for Webster and Adams coun
ty, spent a couple of days in the city
this week.
Special services at tlio Congregation
al church next Sunday tbo
interest of aged andthe'-Shutinoncs. i
No efforts will bo spnro.i uy mo pas- H Ued cloi.
tor and peoplo to nnKo inis service
holpful and Interesting to au
ial welcome awaits you.
Pinctilcsfor the Kidneys, 30 days'
trial S1.00. Hundreds of peoplo testify
to tbe merit of this preparation In the
. relief of kidney troudle, rlieumausm,
lumbago, backache. Pineulcs act dl-
rcctly on the kidneys, purify the
blood and make you feel like a new
porson. They tone the system Sold
by Henry Cook.
Wanted Success iMagazlue requires
the services of a man in Red Cloud, to
look after expiring; subscriptions and to
secure new business by means of spec
ial methods unusually effective; poslton
permanent; prefer one with cxpcriene"
Ooir B ii-roiulH was in town Tuos
li y.
lieu y
S I day
M s Dr. No'son hut boon quite sick
t'iU week.
M.s. Will. Tabor
Mis L. M Viiiico of Hastings
Bed Cloud.
Cora Lockbnrt was down from
den Saturday.
Mrs John McCuno icturnod
Uiildo Book Mouday.
Wi-si iiiiUv Duval was down
Cathertoit Saturday
John Yanle returned Saturday from
a buisiiiss trip in Missouri.
Mrs. Thomas of Cobles has boon visi
ting lior son Dr. E. A Thomas.
, Mrs' Oatmaii came in from Cab, Sun
day to llvo with her son at the Boyal
Mis' Wllber Hamilton and chlldion
came home from Guide Bock Monday
, . i i
M.s. Mike Fliiucli ..rnier nas - M(.s AnoI1
vialtlng her ...other at Law.ence, Nob.
Mis-. Helen Overman loaves mini
for Lliifoln to resume her study In
Mrs Booiio Saunders and a liavllng
man from (Jruliam, Mo. diow dishes at
1 epeo
FmiilOHInes has began digging tha
sollor for his now residence in tbo
Piatt edition.
Mr and Mrs Boy Oatnmn returned
ii... lnt. nt flio week from the liorlhen
biiv " .w
part of tbo state.
.Mrs. Biebards returned to Hlgar
Thursday after visiting her daughter,
Mrs. R. D. Morlt..
Tim Junior whist club met at Miss
Hdltli MeKeighan's Monday to ie-or
ganl.o for the coming winter
Pationlo home industry. Special
prices on H to 5 hundred pound lots of
ni.i wli..nt Hour at lieu uioiui ..m.
Do not fall to read the editorial
pigo of this issue as it contains facts
which you should know at this time.
w .1 It. Hood returned Thursday
to her' home In Denver, after visiting
her luotber-lu-law Mrs. Low Clapp
Mrs.T.A.Jones returned tbo first of
tbo week from McCook whore she
visited her daughter Mrs Fred Bort
felt Bring your Pictures in at Arga
brighfs Studios and select a framoout
of our now lino of mournings now on
w rnn want a fountain pen that will
nt i..nir in nnv nosltion buy one of
Cottlng the druggslt, gurantecd satis
The Sumner-Davis Co. arc four solo
artists as well as quartette, duet and
trio musicians The violin and harp
solos 'are especially flue.
Rev. J. M. Bates returned Tuesday
from St. Paul and will hold the usual
:..,.a i,.. iii-xt two -undiiVH. Next
aoivii.i'i .. ..-- ..--
Sunday falling on Saint's Day, tbo
,' morning sermon and service will em
, pbasize that subject.
A meeting of tbo Mlulstoral Union,
will bo! in me
. T rooms of Rev. Mr. Bates on Monday
A COnl- . ., . ,. I,..., rinssam.
at . p in. ' i"n,v;' "j -"'
A full attendance Is solicited.
Uy order of the President.
h I'm : U S-i .
t-'al X" " c
Price asc. Sold by
Dr.Detehoim Itcllcf forUhciiinUnw riuI Neural
Kin. radically crR In 1 to3(lan. ! action upon
tlio yicm In remarkable and mysterious. It
removes nt nnco the causo and tliuilUcaso Im
mediately dUappcars. Tlio first doso Rrcatly
bent-Ills. 75 rt'iits and II. Sold by 11. It. Onios.
druggist, Itcd Cloud.
Pinesalvo earbolla-d acts like a poul
tice. Quick relief for bites and sting
of insects, chapped skin, outs, burns
and sores, tan and sunburn. Sold by
Henry Cook.
Fou Iti.M -For l'.lO'.i one of tbo best
stock fauns In Webster county, con
sist linr of Il'JO acres. For Information
ttiniitro nt this olllce or iiddress Box
'17, B. P. D. No 'J, Inavale, Nebraska.
Jlees Laxative Cough Syrup always
brings quick relief to coughs, colds,
hoarsness, whooping cough and all
bronchial and throat trouble. Mothors
cspcelallf recommend It for children,
as It Is pleasant to take. It Is gently
laxative. Should be In every Home.
Guaranteed. Sold by Henry Cook.
Mother Gray, a nurso In Now York, discovered
an aromatic, pleasant herb cure for women s
Ills, called AUsTKAUANLEAF. It Is tbe only
certain rcKtUator. Cures female weaknesses
and backache, kidney, bladder and urinary
troubles. At all druggist or by mnll M cents.
Sample KIIKE. Address. Tho Mother Gray Co.,
lo iioy, 14. 1
i r mrnnc riw u v m
1 UlUlllUD Ul 1Mb 1UUU
1 w A, )v
$ R. ; rijr 2 ' ; Jr$M
K? :'
Tt Swfl i.Vi- v ' , - ,
? Mir i i 'S$ ' - y ' !
m J???; h r i mil - - ;
. L WfefSi ff KJf
p mwm & i , im&sisxm3kW8&&. &
1 K iiKx w i
s w I
b fl
C 1
U Mail
. ' .
Wc have long panl Suits
for Young Men 'of the Hour.
The making of Clothes foe
these' Smart Young Dressets
has become an art,
Wc know exactly what
these Youna Fellows dqsirje
and require in a Suit and wc
see that they get it when they
come here.
The Fall Models have
every new dash of style work
ed into the cut and tailoring.
The fS '; v- i..v color
ings of Browns, Olives, Grays
and many choice and fancy
mixtures in T weeds and
... .. .
r !" .
wjr;j,tN "
. wOP&e
t tnMV&fi ,
Ederhcimcr, Svein & Co.
M t I " '
$10, $15, $29
to $25.
"Just the thins" is what many a YonnS Fellow
says when lowing at our Suits.
, mi
Always ".' First Uoor. North ol 1'ostollicc
theap Land. . h.-.
Parties wanting land that two crops
will pay for the land should write
Uenkleinan, Nobr.
lied Cloud is fortunate in securing
f.-n llrst class musical entertainments,
ctuNkv nioht. October 31. Tho
U1113 kJfV....J "'O .
Sumncr-Davls Co and tuo otner mo
night of elcotlon, November -3, tho
Vassar Girls. These entertainments
will kelp some to keep down tho sus
Wantmi At once, M or 30 yountf
men und women to take a course In
Multigraphlng. Course can be com
pleted in from one month to hlx weeks.
Wo have a position waning ior you us
imt would consider
with good nnturnl per day, wltl
A.iiimsq. with refer
Room l02,Succoss Mrtgn.lno Hldg., New-York.
StcTn! n w'yu nre rendy' Slllarys run
apputant . . beginners.
Hear a good coucert Saturday night
The Sumuor-Davis Co
This company has played at such
places lib Palls City, Wyniore, Benson,
Wilbur end Pawneo City. At every
placo tho peoplo were delighted with
tho music. ,
Letter List.
List of letters remaining uncalled
for at postolilco at Red Cloud, Nob.,
for tho week ending Oct. 22, 1008:
Annie Abloud,
Mrs. C A. Brown,
Ralph Bcland,
Frank Corteso,
Harold Cooke,
Bonnlo Duvall, . -
Leta Gleasou,
J. W. Hatfield,
dmTwWffMK' I MIeW
mFw. VvKviti H - '
yr5Sif Sari .
I "If i i jrrf
Edison Standard Outfit No. 2
Includes genuine idlson Standard Phonograph Combination type, nM i neat black bom
30. and 1 doi. ienulne Edison sold-moilded Records 4.20.
ldcr any applicant , - wcc for b lnners.. Ml, McanU
quallfleat Iqns; salary mmW TuH,on Ms 0wen
.1, coinmlsslon option pjr ,,., Sentti
CrOUCeS, R.C.l'OUeOck, ..,....'....,,. 41ll rl,roil lllisl- A-t V..rml11ln...
particulars address tho Hebron llusl-
ncss College, Helromeii.
To fill your wants in what ever you may want m
the grocery line..
Weare getting a nice New line of Evaporated
Fruits, this years crop. They are fine, the flavor
rich, just opened a keg of Heinz Celebrated sweet .
pickles, "Ask to try emM We are also head quarters
for Snyders Pork and Beans. Snyders catsup ect.
AndFalger's Golden gate Coffee, 'Teas and
Extracts ect.
Our nest Brand of Caned eoods. Call for ThoWhlto
Hotiso Brand.
Art Vermillion,
John Wlttwor,
Efllle Wilhon,
R. A Whltlmin.
gjThoso will be bont to tho dead lottor
oillco Nov. 0, 190S, if uncalled for
before. When calling for above ploaso
say "advortised."
T. O. Hacker, Postmaster.
Bell Phone 4
Rural Phone 63
Real Estate TraMfers.
Transfers renortcd by tha Fort Ab
stract Co. for tho week ending Wed
nesday, Oct. 29, 1005.
John V Farvr ell Jr to Leonard
Wilmot, sw 17, 1, 11, wd,... tOoO
Andrew J Hayer to P M Phil- .
ipps.ct al ,lt lUtpt It 12, bile ,
1 Vanro's add to Guldo Rock 2(
John S Klndbhcr to Thoodoro
Fredrick Watt, it C, blk 8,
Vance's add Guldo Hook, &
Its 3, 5. 10 iv pt 0, in .),l,D,wrt 'J830
AnniviWarnor to LotUo Dovle,
n2 Us 'J, 3, 1, blk 0, 1st add
Bladen, wd
W O Frahiu, Irus. o A. Ko
posch, 1-11 pt Us 2,3, , r, 0,
- -i ,
-ttjttq qptr VTr.RARLE OUTFIT is exactly the same as..
the one known for years as Outfit No 2, except that instead of being
Cta ,:4-u o coll Kmcc h(A lmm. it is now eaui oped with a horn
ULLCd Willi c ouium -" - - -- ---, -- Ai ,,
of the style illustrated above. This No. 2 is a good, handsome, re-
1 i 1 i i .., irnniYh t in wnnn if i 1 i-.rf.iiia' iiKLWKttn
liaoie norn anu tciuiiiiiyuujjm -"- .- - . ,
.1 -1.1 " A. L ,, naur iM-tfi a V . Y fill V1 1 I 11 L LIlLllffiO'.UI.!
me oiu price ti" Ll'- 1"-V !-""-- " . ---- i 1
u... liH-lo , ! Cnr cnrli ;i lincr of entertainerb. A orift for allr
the family. The rnusical results of Outfit No 2 are good and weij
offer to prove it by an absolutely tree mai.
f,MM Ma. 5 sold on free trial. Price S34.2Q
Terms. S8.05 Down after from trial then $3.75 m Month
for only amvmn months, and no Intoroaton paymmnts.
Think of it!. Such a good outfit for only $34.20! Just compare this genuine Edfsorr machinef
..v .1. ...:.... om n .; li mnnv nntl vou will ouicklvbe convinced that an Edisnnl'f.1
machine is absolutely unsurpassable. The neat black horn has excellent acoustic propertied
and every part of the phonograph .has been thorougniy testea Derore snipmenc. ve reaiueb
.1 .t -ii.j i,:n .MfRfc nnt- mtp in xp. F!d!son factorv are sold at about theimri!
tnat otner iuikihk iiwwih.luuiW ..- -.- --- - - - .....
i r:,it n,.,r, Tn r, lint-t-Vinv dn not coniDare in anv wav with the cenuinrlj
price as iiii&.iiuiauu uuim. w,, -., -.-.--- .-,---- - -- t
Edison. We prove our confidence in our goods by letting you have your choice of anjj.
Edison outfit on absolutely free trial. ;
287 r.o
Mortgages filed, $8550
Mortgagc& released $10030
(C039 CQ
'n -I.:,.., :.- n,,;nn-l tn nlnv the new Ed'sii it-minute records.
1 JUS lllcll-lHUU ia ivjui. w ,-.-- -, - ---...-.
i... ..fsc CM.flfl. 9.89. 427. 44.20 43.&. c-cfl
i ... A f.... nl.v. (. .1
Call and hear tin1' nulv..lui ciuoriumer r buuu jui uuaiuKiu:. u.vcry luisii recor j
made always in stock. . M
i jc
'i .' ii.