The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, September 25, 1908, Image 7

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Copyright, 1907, by A. C. SlcClurs Co.
SYNOPSIS. Wilfred Vincent una Archibald
Tcrlnine nro Introilticccl m the opening of
the story, In KtiKlnml, tho latter relatliiK
the tnle. Thu jmlr on an outing inlsx
their train and seeking recreation meet
"tho Honorable AKsitlia WyckhofT."
whoso hand Is much sniiRht nftnr. he
rauso of her wealth. Five other Afiatlm
Wyrkhoffs aro Introduced. The deceased
Htepfather, in an eccentric moment, made
liln will o that the real AKatlin, heiress
to his fortune and the castle at Wye,
England, mlslit wed her nfllnlty. Thus
Mrs. Armlstead, chaperon, was In duty
bound to keep the real Aetna's identity
unknown. An attempt by Terhune to
Kntlicr a clew from the chaperon fnlls.
Tcrluino finds old books containing pic
ture of n former HarnncRs WyckhofT,
which Is exactly llko Agatha Sixth, whom
ho Is courtlnn. ARatha Fifth confesses her
love for Vincent and also that she Is tho
real heiress. Ho spurns her proposal.
Many clews to Identity of tho real
Agatha provo fruitless. Agatha Fifth
later confessea she Is not thu heiress,
More apparently unfnlling clews material
ize. Vincent confesses love for Mrs.
Armlstead's secretary, Miss Marsh, who
told Terliutio slio Is married.
CHAPTER V. Continued.
. The Inevitable happened, for Vin
cent, with a hnlf-rtrtlculnto cry like
n wild nnlinal, raised his clenched fist
rind struck at me. Fortunately for us
both, he struck wildly In his anger and
I caught tho "blow on my arm.
"You liar!" he shouted, "oh, you
liar!" and In a rago that shook hlni
from head to foot ho rushed from tho
room and slammed tho door.
I was sick at heart as I stood staring
after him to think that matters had
como to such a pass between Vincent
and myself. Although no man 'can
hear himself called a liar, even by
his best friend, without resenting It,
still, when tho first flash of my wrath
had passed, I forgave him for It, for I
knew that the heat of his passion
would permit no satisfaction but vio
lence, and, of course, If ho really cared
for tho woman, tho words I had used
were about tho mpst Insulting possible.
However, I had done what seemed to
bo my duty, and I only reproached my
self bitterly for not having told him
of the secretary's marrlago beforo his
unhappy Infatuation had gained such
headway. But ho had disarmed my
first suspicions nnd I had nover
dreamed that anything so serious was
on foot. That was a restless night for
me and It was dawn before I fell Into
a light sleep.
When wo mot at breakfast the noxt
morning thoro were no signs of the
breach between Vincent and myself
except his unusual pallor, which sug
gested to mo that he, too, had spent a
sleepless night.
The girls wore Inclined to joke our
solemn faces, but so long as tho meal
passed off without disclosing that
something was amiss between us I did
not care. All day wo saw nothing of
each other, but this was not unusual,
aB wo always pursued different
courses. I spent most of my tlmo
with Agatha Fourth, the only honor
able, whom I found to be a really de
lightful girl and certainly tho posses
sor of remarkablo musical talent.
In the evening tho others went out
to row on tho lake and left Agatha
Fourth alono with me. Sho sat nt tho
piano and played everything sho
could think of, whllo I lay on a broad
divan whero I could watch, her and
listen to tho soft music.
I supposo that my bad night had
something to do with tho fact that
I was boor enough to fnll BBleop whllo
the beautiful Agatha Fourth wbb play
ing for me. Certainly I know that I
wbb guilty of that appalling rudonoss,
for I was suddonly brought to a state
of consciousness by tho sound of a
clock striking. I counted tho strokes
mechanically thoro were 12. I must
have slept for hours, and, suro enough,
the room was dark except for the fire
light, and my Blighted hostess wns
gono from tho piano stool. As I was
about to rlso I hoard voices, and, turn
ing, I saw on tho other sido of tho
piano a man nnd a girl. Tho man wns
Vincent, of courso, nnd I thought, as
I looked at him sitting full In the
bright firelight, that ho had never
looked so handsome. Ills evening dross
showed off hlB superb athletic form
to tho host advantage, and his face
was fresh nnd strong, with tho bronzo
of his tnn extending to tho roots of his
hair, which was cut close to conceal
n wave In tho gold of It. It occurred
to me at onco that his face had lost
much of Its boyishness nnd ho looked
overy Inch a man. Hut It took'mc
somo tlmo to realize that tho girl who
sat with him was nono other than the
At first I could not toll what It was
that had so changed her, whothor It
wns her shimmering white ovcnlng
in t I ff
Real Agatha
II Si If
Edilh l
Huntington ll
n '
gown, or tho gleaming bracelets, until
at last It came to me In a flash that It
was nothing moro nor less thnn the
glory of her hnlr that had wrought tho
transformation. I hnd never seea tho
socrotnry with her hair done any way
but plainly and unbecomingly, but
now It wns dressed as I knew It should
have been dressed long ago. Sho wore
It low on her long, slender neck, rolled
at tho sldeH nnd rippling loosely back
from her forehead, In shining waves
nnd little willful rings held In place
with big shell combs.
And when at last It dawned upon
mo that It wns renlly the secretory
who was Vincent's companion, so
breathless was I with amaze that at
first 1 hardly Realized that I could
hear perfectly what they were saying.
And when I did realize It, I wanted to
rlso nnd lot them know that I was
there, but on second thought I saw
that I must have been thcro for bo long
that they would never believe that I
had not heard the whole of their con
versation. Furthermore, It occurred
to mo that It might bo well If I Btnyed
to hear what Miss Marsh had to say
for herself.
"And so I calmly took tho dress nnd
put It on, Just to amuse myself," I
heard tho secretary saying, "and did
my hnlr tho way the others do theirs,
you know. And It was so late I thought
no one would llnd me here."
"And If 1 hadn't left my pipe on tho
table no one would hnvc found you,
and I think what I should hnve
missed!" Vincent's voice was elo
quent. 'Of course, it wns very vain of mo,
very vain," sho went on; "but you
know when n girl hns to earn her own
living sho gets a llttlo tired of all
work and no play, and sometimes tho
Impulse to pretend she's fortunate nnd
happy and and pretty" the secretary
Hushed under Vincent's gaze as sho
faltered tho last word, and hurried on
"and like the others Is so strong
that It tomptB her to deck herself out
In borrowed plumes and sit In an
empty drawing room at 12 o'clock at
night enjoying the Illusion for a brief
"No," said Vincent, softly, "I don't
think It was vain; I think It was the
most natural thing in tho world, nnd
and I'm glad you did It," ho ended,
rnthcr lamely.
Tho secretary laughed, and I won
dered whnt there was nbout tho sound
rr a FT !
"I'm Not Married," She Said, Simply.
that made Vincent rave over It. Then,
as his eyes wandered to her hair, ho
"Why slghest thou, oh, furnace?"
she smiled nt him.
"I was Just thinking about some
thing." "About what?"
"You don't want to hear?"
"Ah! Butldo!"
"All right, then." Ho turned on her
swiftly. "I was just looking," he said,
"at your hnlr. I'll bet tho angels have
halos llko thnt."
Tho secretnry blushed. "It's horrid
hair," sho said, giving It a vindictive
little pull that only brought It to a
more chnrmlng disarray. "I hate the
color of It. Why, when I wns a child
I never could bear to have the heroines
of tho fairy tales have a shining head
of golden hair, and I used to think
mine was gold, and one day when I
said so and was told, 'No, your hair Is
red, not gold,' I cried for days after
ward." "You poor little thing!" ho said, his
face as full of sympathy as if thoso
teara had just been shed. And for tho
life of her tho secretary couldn't help
her Up trembling, though sho know it
was absurd and was vory much
ashamed of hcrsolf. Vincent broko tho
alienee first. "Wo might do a llttlo
on the 'Dead Bnrons of Wyckhoff,"'
ho suggested. It was evident that our
nffnlr of last night was uppermost In
hU mind, for his nlr was very ab
stracted, "No, thank you, my lord. This Is
my evening off. I am no longer Miss
Marsh, tho secretary, but Miss Marsh,
tho lady of leisure."
"I didn't think of it ns work, and I
thought perhaps you didn't, either,
when wo did It together."
"Llttlo boys shouldn't think; It's a
bad habit," alio said, severely; "be
sides, you talk llko T In tho 'Dolly Dia
logues,' "
At this Vincent's face grow dospor
ato, and I saw that sho had goaded
him Into asking nor tho question that
had been on his mind nil day, nnd I
nearly fell off tho sofa In my efforts
to hear without being seen.
"Do 1?" ho said. "Well, that's bo
cause I'vo something I'vo beon want
Ing to nsk you all tiny long. It's some
thing very personal, and, of courso,
I've no right thnt Is, you won't think
so," tho boy wns stumbling pitifully,
"but I'vo got to know; It's so hard to
bollovo iat you would do It dellbor1,
atoly. Is It true?"
"Lord Wilfred," said tho BlrlJ
straightening up, "you must spenlJ
more clenrly If you wnnt mo to under-
stand whnt you have been saying." i
"It's this," said Lord Wilfred, facing!
her nbrupty nnd terribly in earnest
"Someono told mo last night that yotr,
wero a mnrrlcd woman. Is It trtto?"
I could not see tho fuco of the scc-i
retnry, but I could not help percolvlnH
tho ring of truth In her voice. '
"I'm not married," she said, Blmply
"I told Mr. Terhuno so becnuso I
wanted to disabuse htm of n fnlsc Inh
prcsslon ha wns laboring under. Hut)
whnt Is It to you?"
"This," said Wilfred, nnd ho lenned
toward her suddenly nnd grasped hen
hands nnd put his fnco within nn Inch,
of hor I could sco by tho firelight Kb
look of determination nnd Incffnblo ret
lief. The secretnry gnvo a llttlo cry
and drew back. I conjectured thnt
Wilfred was on tho point of making,
an irretrievable ass of himself, so I,
Interrupted proceedings by knocking
n book off tho sofa and rising to myj
feet. At the first sound of tho book
falling the two hnd Jumped to their,
feet and stood, the girl shrinking closo
to Wilfred nnd Wilfred with his arm
thrown nround her.
"Who goes there?" ho snld, sternly,
ns he discovered my figure In the
gloom, and "Ah! It's you, Terhune,"
as I enme Into the circle of light, In n
tone I hope I mny nover hear from him
Ab tho secretary naw who It was sho
sprang away and was gono from tun
room In a second. !
"Well," ho snld, with a sneer, ns tho
curtnlnB closed behind her, "caves
dropper, meddling nB usual. Whnt
can I do for you?"
I sat down on tho stool. "Sit down,"
I said, with quiet authority, "and wo'll
tnlk It over." Ho snt down. In mo
ments like this he forgets his inde
pendence and remembers that nt ono
time ho used to obey mo hnbltunlly.
I wanted to comfort him, but I know
my duty bettor. "Vincent," I said, np
pcnllngly, "don't you see It won't do?(
She's no match for you a girl with mi
family and no money, nnd of her sta:
tlon In life. Give It up, I Implore
you. Think of your father. Thera
has never been n mesnlllanco in the
family; It would break his heart."
Vincent raised his head. "Mrs.
Armlstead aayB her family Is perfectly
respectable," he said. "I asked her."
"Perfectly respectable!" I repeated,
contemptuously. "Think of n Vincent
mnrrylng a girl who has nothing In her
favor but tho fact that hor family was
'perfectly respectable!'" '
Vincent sighed pathetically and 1
delivered one moro blow. "Think," 1
said; "your brother Edmund Is over
40, unmarried, nnd a sufforcr from
rheumatism of the heart, as you know.
Supposo ho should die wouldn't you
make n moro creditable heir to the
tltlo If you hadn't tied yourself up to
a wife of obscure origin a penniless
Amerlcnn girl? And If you don't como
Into tho tltlo you're only a younger
son, nnd you know yourself your pro
pensity for getting Into debt, nnd tho
foreign olflce for a boy of your ago
Is not a paying business. No, Vincent,
you'ro not cut out for mnklng money,
nnd It's cortnln you can't depend on
your father forever. Can't you see
how rash and foolish you aro to con
sider such a thing?"
I leaned over and put my hnnd on
Vincent's shoulder. Ho turned his
head, and when I felt his smooth
cheek ngalnst my hand I knew thnt
tho battle wns won.
Masculine Observer Concedes Their
Superiority In One Respect.
"Tho time I most admire a woman,"
said the gray-headed man, "Is when
sho tries to get n bill changed. I ad
mire her then for her splendid cour
nge. Give a woman a ten-dollar bill
that sho wants changed and she will
walk unconcernedly Into any shop In
town nnd request tho proprietor to
give her two fives or ten ones or what
ever denomination she happens to
need. She nover offers to buy any
thing to compensate him for his
trouble. I have known my wife to got
chango from a grocer, a butcher, a
druggist, a stationer, a cigar dealer
and a florist without spending ono
cent in their stores. And all those
tradesmen were perfect strangers.
Sho simply wanted chango and walked
In and asked for it.
"Contrnst her calm serenity with tho
dlshrag will of tho avcrago man In
need of change. Ho would rathor bo
shot than Just ask for It Ho will buy
something ns an excuse for tho trans
action, even If it Is something that ho
couldn't mako uso of this Bide of
doomsday and that ho has to throw
away tho minute ho turns tho corner.
In tho matter of economy alono It is
a pity ho can't bo as bravo as a
Water as a Headache Cure.
"Tho best euro I know of for a head
ucho Is to wash your face," said a
bright looking man. "Yes, I bellovo
suddenly to cleanse your faco with
cold water will open up tho pores and
probably start tho blood In circula
tion, nnd I know It will rollovo you
of a headacho In a jiffy. I havo tried
it myself a great many times nnd havo
always been successful. There Is
something In tho nature of a stimulant
In tho cold water treatment that,
braces me right up. My head when It
aches gets hot and throbs, and tho
water makes It coql and fresh. I have
a theory, too, that peoplo don't wash
their faces nearly enough, anyhow, In
theso days of dusty asphalt atreots
and soft coal smokes. Peoplo will bo
much bettor off with their pores kept
opon and clear of nil dust and dirt,
nnd thero is nothing so good for the
skin as soap and water."
You tnko n good deal of risk 1( you
buy white lead without having nbso
Into ns8urnuco as to Its purity and
quality. You know white lead In often
nduttcrnted, often misrepresented.
Hut thero'B no need nt all to tnko
any chnnccs. Tho "Dutch Hoy Paint
or" trndo mnrk of tho National Lead
Company, tho largest makers of gen
uine white lend, on a pnekngo of
Whtto Lead, Is a positive gunrantco
of purity nnd quality. It's us depend
able ns tho Dollar Sign. If you'll
wrlto tho NntlonnI Lead Company,
Woodbrldgo Hldg., New York City,
they will send you n Hlmplo and cer
tain outfit for testing white lead, and
n vnlunblo book on paint, free.
No Roseate Postcard Without Its
Thorn of Suggestion.
Harold's mother we'll call him liar
old went abroad a month ago, leav
ing Harold under tho somewhat un
substantial control of his elder slHters.
In spite of tho Itemized directions
with which even unto tho moment of
final leave-tnlclng sho had not censed
to bombard him, Harold's mother was
fnr from sure that her efforts would
havo any lasting effect.
Her voyage was more or Icsh dis
turbed by theso doubts, but beforo
sho Inndcd on the other side sho hnd
determined on a course of action. Llko
nil small boys, Harold Is most cov
etous of picture postcards and hnd
looked forward to a harvest from hlB
mother's trip. Ho got It.
Every day sho sent at least ono
card. And whatever else It boro In tho
v:ny of Inscription, thero wns not ono
which failed of this Introduction:
"Just us soon ns you get this go nnd
brush your teeth."
Could Lay Slatc-Pencll In One Hando
In Dreadful State Permanent
Cure In Cutlcura.
"I had eczema on my hands for
nbout seven years nnd during that
tlmo I had used several so-called rem
edies, together with physlclaiiB' and
drugglstB' prescriptions. Thu dlscaso
was so bad on my hnndB that 1 could
lay a slnte-pencll In ono of tho cracks
and a rule placed acrosB tho hand
would not touch the pencil. I kept
using remedy nfter remedy, nnd whllo
somo gave partial relief, nono rollovcd
aB much ns did the first box of Cutl
cura Ointment I mndo a purchaso of
Cutlcura Soap and Ointment nnd my
hands were perfectly cured nfter two
boxes of Cutlcura Ointment nnd ono
cako of Cutlcura Soap wero used. W.
II. Dean, Newark, Del., Mar. 28, 1007."
Microscopic Writing.
A remarkablo machino mndo by a
lately deceased member of tho Royal
Microscopical society for writing with
a diamond seems to have been broken
up by Its Inventor. A spcdlmon of Its
works Is tho Lord's prayer of 227 let
ters, written In tho 1,237,000 of a
square inch, which Is at tho rate of
53.8S0.000 letters or IS completo
niblcs, to a slnglo squaro Inch. To
decipher tho writing It Is nccossnry to
uso a 1-12-Inch objective, which la tho
high power lens physicians employ for
studying tho most mlnuto buctcrla.
$100 Reward. $100.
The readers of tills paper "HI be pirated to Irani
that tliere Li at least one dreaded disease that srirnco
baa been able to euro In all Its sUikcs. and Hint U
Catarrh. Hall's Catarrh Cure la the only positive
euro now known to the medical fraternity. Catarrh
bcInK a constitutional dlsrcuc, require a coiistltu
tkmal treatment, Hall's Catarrh Cure la taken In
tcrnallr. act Inn directly upon the blood and mucous
surfaces of the system, thereby destroying tho
foundation of the disease, and Hiving the patient
strength by building up tho constitution and assist
ing nature In doing Its work. The proprietors have
bo much faith In Ita ruratlvo powers that they orTrr
One Hundred Dollars for any casa that It falls to
cure. Send for list ot testimonials
Address P. J. Clir.N EY A CO.. Toledo, O.
Hold by all Druggists. 75c.
Take Hairs Family mi for constipation.
"Soo here, I'm tired of complaining
about thoso noises. Shall I appeal to
tho pollco or leave it to Heaven?"
"Don't say anything to tho pollco,"
replied tho janitor, soothingly. "Leave
It to me."
cure any possible cnuc of DISTEMPER,
PINK LYE, and the like among hones
of all ages, nnd prevents all others in the
same stable from having the disease. Also
cures chicken cholera, nnd dog distemper.
Any good druggist can supply you, or neiul
to manufacturers. 50 cents and $1.00 a tat
tle. Agents wanted. Free book. Spolin
Medical Co., Spec. Contagious Diseases,
Gofclici), Ind.
Only Colony of Kind.
Tho colony of Darbary npes on the
Rock of Gibraltar is tho only ono of
its kind In existence, and is being pro
tected by tho British government.
Lewis' Single Hinder the famous
straight fie cigar, always best quality.
Your dealer or Lewis' Factory, Peoria, 111.
Also Big-Headed.
You can't nlways tell by appear
ances. Many a narrow-minded man is
qulto chesty.
Mrs. Wlnslow'e Boothlnr fljrrap.
For children teething, softens the Runs, reduces to
flaminatloa, allajrs pain, cure wtndoollu. JttcauotUe.
Thoro Is nothing llttlo to tho renlly
great In eplrlt.DlckenB.
aii t. t Curns Whllo Yon Wnllc
Allen sFoot.KaMi furnirnsund bunions, hot, sweaty
tallous Benin fett, !4o all DruntUts.
He hns no forco with men who has
no faith In them.
FARMS FOR RENT or sale on crop pay
nicntP. J. MULHALL, Sioux City, la.
Lovo docs not stop at tho boundaries
of liking.
Alr IWAk MAArll flThl0 Ktt(4 fa! aaUm iLaa aasaai
MMi' n ii ii U! . a i i ,i i'sslk.
AYcficfablc Preparation for As
tho Stomachs and Bowls or
Promotes Digcstion.Chccrful
ncss and Hcst.Conlains neither
Opium.Morpliinc nor Mineral
Not "Nakc otic
Rnipt trotH DrSAMVemitMER
Iimfk!i Sun
liprrmM -
Hirm Suit
Wmkrfti fttr
Apcrfccll.cmeily forConslipn
lion , Sour Stomach.Dinrrhocn,
Worms .Convulsions .Fever i sh
ncss and LOSS OF SLEEP
Facsimile Signature of
The Ckntauk Company.
? Guaranteed under tho Poodnn
Exact Copy of Wrapper.
No More Constipation
ET sHssssssssssssaBiBaHH
Undo Snm Breakfast Food nnd keep your bowels open. Constipation is tho cause
of nine-tcuthsof our troubles. Our leading doctors nru using this fixxl and recommending
it to their patients. Wo guarantee this to do ns represented or your money back. It is
matlcf from whole wheat, extract of celery and flax seed, nnd guaranteed under the pure
food and drug net Recommended aud sold by nil grocer jobbers in Nebraska.
"Whnfs tho ninttor over thoro?"
"Tho Bword swullower 1b boing
choked by n llshbono."
Laundry work nt homo would be
much moro sntlsfnctory If tho right
Stnrch wero used. In ordor to get tho
desired stiffness, It Is usually ncces
sary to uso bo much starch that tho
beauty and fineness of tho fabric Is
hidden behind a pasto of varying
thickness, which not only destroys the
nppcaranco, but nlso affects tho wear
mg quality of tho goods. This trou
ble can be ontlroly overcomo by using
Deflanco Starch, as It can bo applied
much moro thinly because of its great
er strength than othor makes.
To Discover Fish Shoal.
Experiments nro being mndo In Europe-
with u microphone for tho discov
ery of tho presenco of Bhonls of fish.
The Instrument Is sunk Into tho wntcr
nnd tho constant tapping of tho fish
against it uu they puss warns tho fish
ermen. Tho extraordinary popularity of fine
whito goods this summer makes tho
cholco of Stnrch a matter of great Im
portance. Deflanco Starch, being freo
from all Injurious chemicals, Is tho
only ono which Is safe to uso on fine
fabrics. Its great strength ns a stiffen
er makes half tho usual quantity ot
Starch necessary, with tho result of
porfect finish, equal to that when tho
goods wero new.
Had Something Coming.
"That's tho parson that marrlod
mo." "Shall I soak him ono for you?",,
.flSBBlK. f PAINT QUALITY jggll 1
X. THE m f
I In great rarlety for calo at thn tnwoit prices by I
i. N.II.MK.Ull;MSrl-ltU(tl.,lSH,AiU.Sl.,CblcM I
li'wiii nrnunia ! iwmn isj
Alt,a J ...I .
For Infants and Children,
The Kind You Havo
Always Bought
Bears the
For Over
Thirty Years
fU 4ft
or Stomach Trouble If You Eat Uncle
Sum Autl-Dyspcptlc Breakfast Food.
Tho lirentcst discovery of tho njin for overcoming
constipation nnd stomach troubles. It i more nourishing
thnn any other known food, building up thu ttystem.
Thoro is more blood-nuking property in thuuu cereals
than any other known food.
Keep your stoinnch nnd bowels rht nntl
naturo will do thu rest. It is pleasant to cat nnd very
nutritious, overcoming nervousness nnd general debility.
A small quantity is sufficient. A (tor eating this n few
days every ono says that they feel stronger havo moro
life and vigor overcoming that languid feeling that ono
has when their stomach is out of order nnd thu bowels
nro constipated. No morn uppcndlcltlM If you cut
I'oNltlviily curt-tl by
these Little Tills.
lasjsHs; I Mney nmo rcucvo ijib-
l"H ITTLE I trCHH f rum DyH:psU, In-
g lfpU lillKPstlonamlTuoIk-iirty
113 I VtK iKatlnff. A perfect rt'in-
Wt DIIIC Icily fur DIzilncKH, Nau-
mm "I Llav Inc., DruwxtiieHN, Unit
BJ iTttHtclnthoMoiith.Coiit-
"I led Toiikug, Piilu In tlio
They regulate tlio UoweU. Purely Vegetable
Genuine Must Bear
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turne and price Is lumped on bottom. Sold
CTerywIifre. Bho muled from UttonrtO anr
psit ot I ha world. Ctlalovne fit.
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W. N. U., LINCOLN, NO. 39, 1908.
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