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Toril Wilfred Vincent ami Anlilliultl
Terliuno arc Introilm-etl at Hip oprnliiK f
t lie story, In KiikIuihI, tlio hitter n-Iutliur
tlio tule. Tim pair on nn outliu; mlna
their train nml Reeking lecreatlnn meet
"tlio Honorable AkiiIIiii Wycklioff." Her
hand In mtieli FuiiKlit ufter. Iiccuiihi? of
her wealth. On vlHltliit; the Wjekhoff
rustle they nro Introduced to two other
Klrls, both known as Asntha Wyekhon.
CHAPTER II. Continued.
Tho meal was well cooUetl and licntt
tlfully Bcrvcd, ami by the time tlio
salad course arrived Vincent and I had
lost much of our constraint, and Belf
consciousness and were talking and
laughing with tho best of them. Tho
lovlty and freedom from the conven
tionalities usually observed at a din
ner party, In which those girls in
dulged, was a bit shocking to me, al
though it did not Eccm to disconcert
Vincent In tho least.
After dinner our adventure de
veloped its most astonishing feature.
At tho close of the meal the ladles
arose, and wo were Invited to remain
and smoke somo exceptionally fine
cigars, but before bIic left tho room
the secretary camo over to us and In a
low tone told 11s that, when wo had
finished our smoke, Mrs. Armistead de
sired that we should join her in tho
library to discuss business. She tho
secretary would come for us, as wo
would not know the way.
Wo were amazed. Business? What
business could wo possibly have with
Mrs. Armistead? However, wo told
tho secretary that wo would bo happy
to join her mistress in the library In
about 20 minutes, although, as I said,
wo hadn't tho wildest Idea what wo
could possibly have to discuss with
When tlio sectctary withdrew Vin
cent burst Into a Hood of excited con
jecture. "Aro wo in a girls' boarding
school, or a lunatic asylum, or what?"
ho demanded. "I don't know what to
make of it If it's un asylum then I'm
distinctly for lunatics! They're the
most attractlvo lot I've ever seen, but
It they're all sisters why didn't Papa
and Mamma Wycklioff find different
names for 'em? Six Agathas, nnd all
'tho honorable' at that! it's absurd!
13ut It doesn't seem to bother them;
they call each other 'Ag,' nnd 'Aggie,
and 'Agatha' just ns if it wero Hose,
or Gwen, or Maud! What do you sup
pose it all means? My bend's in a
"My dear fellow," I said, "I have a
presentiment that wo shall find out
what it all means when wo join Mrs.
ArmlBtead In tho library." And wo
did. As I have said, my intuitions sel
dom fail me.
The library was a llttlo room at
somo distance from tho dining hall. It
was beautifully furnished, liko the rest
of tho house, nnd a big fireplace took
up ono side of tho room. Beforo it
was a massive armchair, worn and
old, as if the barons of Wycklioff for
ages back had sat in it. On the largo
table wero some legal-looking papers,
nnd as wo entered Mrs. Armistead
nroso and placed her hand upon them.
The secretary closed tho door and took
up her position beside her mistress,
while wo stood beforo them, ill nt
caso and expecting wo know not what.
"Gentlemen," began Mrs. Armistead
. with great gravliy, "I am right, am I
not, In presuming that you aro candi
dates for tho hand of the Honorable
Agatha Wyckhoff ?"
Yes, that's juBt what she said: "Can
didates for the hand of tho Honorable
Agatha Wyckhoff." It took my breath
away, nnd beforo I had tlmo to speak
. and set her right I heard Vlncont calm
ly assuring her that wo wero candi
dates! As ho had thus rashly com
mitted himself I couldn't go back on
him, so I let him mako all the other
answers that wero necessary.
"Then you wish to hear tho will?"
continued Mrs. Armistead, and Vincent
"Read tho will," said Mrs. Armistead
to tho secretary, and tho young lady in
grny picked up one of tho legal-looking
"This la to certify," she began, and
read to tho finish, whllo I held my
breath, for, when I had heard tho
wholo of that extraordinary document,
I was filled with amazement and curi
osity, not unmixed with a certain ex
citement. In briof, tho provisions of
tills remarkablo will ran thus:
Fletcher Uoyd, Htopfathor of tho
Honorablo Agatha Wyckhoff, had loft
hor his ontlro fortuno of about ?20,000,
000, provided that sho obey tho condi
tions of his will. Should sho disregard
them tho wholo sum was to go to tho
endowment of a Presbyterian hos
pital at New llcdford, Mass., his nntlvo
The will then went on to sny that,
wishing to protect tho girl, who was not
yet 21 years of age, from fortuno-hun-tors,
her stepfuthcr desired her, at
the completion of her "education, to se
cure not less than three, nor more
thnn six, glrli front 18 to 2.1 years of
age, each bearing tlio immo of Agatha,
who would bo willing to live with tho
Honorable Agatha at her eastlo In
Shropshire near Wye, England, for
two yeais; In return for which they
wero each to recelvo a generous
monthly stipend, enjoy luxurious
lodgings and rich fare, and to llvo a
life of Idleness, with amplo entertain
ment. It was further directed that, beforo
the girls loft for England, some Eng
lish lndy of rank or position bo se
cured to dwell at Castle Wyckhoff in
the capacity of chaperon, in consider
ation of a handsome snlary, this lady
to be, preferably, Mrs. Armistead, sis
ter of tho real Honorable Agatha'B
mother. For the first year after Mr.
lloyd's death tho Honorablo Agatha
was to observe mourning by not go
ing to London festivities; but during
this time she wns to bo permitted to
nintiso herself and friends by enter
taining at the castle any young men
of whom the chaperon might approve.
.Mrs. Armlslead (should sho bo tho
chaperon secured) whb likewise
charged to keep tho eastlo supplied
with guest h, the best young men that
England could boast, an her largo ac
quaintance permitted her to do. Each
visitor In the rolo of suitor for the
hand of the Honorablo Agatha was
limited to six weeks' etay at the castle,
as Mr. Hoyd considered that length of
time Htilllclont for him to find out
whether he loved uny of tho Agathas
or not and the suitor was not to make
his declaration until the very last
day of the six weeks allotted him, and,
of course, was limited to one proposal.
In tlio event of any of the young men
proposing to any of tho Agathas who
was not the stepdaughter of Mr. Hoyd,
the will permitted her to marry him, if
I '..N ." -1
1 A' -
I kl"!3?.i
IS lfc ' fe'
sho desired, but with the distinct un
derstanding that sho was not tho Hon
orable Agatha Wyckhoff. Jn thnt case
Mrs. Armistead was to secure another
Agatha, and tho girl who desired to
marry was to .receive a dowry amount
ing to tho full sum of the moathly
stipends which she would havo re
ceived had she remained at tho eastlo
for tho cntlro twp years. Tho samo
provision for her companions was
mndo In tho event of the real Agatha's
marriage beforo the expiration of tho
time. If any young man proposed to
tho real Agatha, Ignorant of her
identity, and sho accepted him, sho
wns directed by tho will to produce
and wear upon the third finger of her
left hand the betrothal ring of her
mother's family, a gold ring set with
a big cross of emeralds, as proof of hor
Identity as tho real Agatha. Mrs.
Armistead and nil the girls wero to bo
bound by onth not to reveal tho Identi
ty of the real Agatha, and each of tho
latter was to bo likewise addressed as
tho "Honorablo Agatha Wyckhoff," by
suitors and servants, In order to pro
servo tho secret. This condition could
bo carried out without fear of recogni
tion by tho servants, as tho real
Agatha had not been In England slnco
her early childhood. Thus her identi
ty could ho enslly concealed, nnd, by
this means, if any proposal of mar
riage wero mado to her It would bo
from a man whoso motives wero not
mercenary, but purely thoso of nntural
affection, which wns tho stepfnther'8
object in making tho will.
Tho will closed with tho appoint
it cnt of executors and trustees and
tl en camo tho witnesses, tho date, and
tlio place of residence.
"Then wo can stay In thus bully old
placo for six weeks," said Vincent.
"Hooray!" He's such a kid!
The secretary smiled at his enthus
iasm, nnd Vincent must havo thought
hor smile vory attractive, because ho
drow nsldo nnd. began to tnlk to her
In low tones, whllo I discussed tho will
with Mrs. Armistead, who scorned per
fectly willing to Impart whatever in
formation wo desired. It was just like
Vincent to begin a flirtation with tho
sccrotary, Just ns if there wore not
six hnndsomo girls of his own station
In tho eastlo. nut anything fomlnlno
will do for him ns long as sho has a
swcot smllo or Boulful eyes, or somo
othor equally trivial attraction. Ho'd
K ..
flirt with Mrs. Armistead herself, Tin
sure, If thnt estimable dame, hoggin;
hor pardon, would givo him a chance!
"1 am delighted, Mr. Terhune," said
Mrs. Armistead, nfter wo had sentod
ourselves In the library, "that you and
Lord Wilfred havo decided to Btay
with tts, and 1 think It would bo well
to put off our other visitors who wero
to come to us for this six weeks. 1 do
not believe In having more than two
or three young men nt once. Tho tlmo
Is so very short."
"It would glvo us a better chance,"
I agreed, and she turned toward tho
secretary, who was evidently In the
"My dear," she said, "as theso get
tlemen ure going to remain with us for
six weeks, I think It would bo as well
If wo put off the Pcrclvalo brothers
till tho six weeks after that. Will you
wlro them this evening to that effect?"
"Certainly," replied Miss Marsh, "I
will uco to It Immediately. Mrs. Arm
At this a thought struct mo and I
turned to Vincent. "And you hnd bet
ter wlro tho good people nt Darner's
farm," I said, "to inform them of our
change of plan."
"Indeed you must," said Mrs. Arm
istead, "and, by the wny, Mr. Terhune,
If you and Lord Vincent wish, I can
provide you with n copy of tho will
It Is difficult, I think, to romembor all
Its conditions."
"Perhaps that's a ood Idea," 1 an
swciod. "It Is certainly an extraordi
nary document; and what nn extraor
dinary man this Fletcher Hoyd must
have been, Mrs. Armistead, to conceive
such n plan as that.'"
Mrs. Armistead laughed. "I think
ho wns," she said. "I saw my brother-in-law
only once in my life, but that
was enough to Impress mo with tho
strength of tho man's character nnd
his eccentricity. Ho wns Intensely
American what they call a 'self-made
innu' over there, I Imagine and It
was his detoi initiation that his step
daughter, the Honorablo Agatha, in
splto of her English birth, should bo
educated In America. To this her
mother ngreed, on condition that sho
(should be allowed to bring her daugh
ter out In England and that she should
make that country her home when her
schooling had been completed. Ac
cordingly, when Lady Wycklioff dlod,
the child being about It years old,
Fletcher Hoyd promised his wlfo to
carry out her wIbIich in that respect.
A few years later ho began tho work
of building up this did castle of Wyck
hoff und putting In every modorn con
venience, ns you see, so that It Bhould
bo ready for his daughter to llvo In
temporarily, before hu established her
In London with some good lady to
oversee her presentation Into socloty,
according to her mother's Ideas."
This was n long speech for tho
good Mrs. Ai mislead, and sho paused
for breath.
"I sco," I commented. "Ho made a
very excellent Job of it. Then, ns I
understand It, his daughter has nuvcr
been in England slnco her early child
hood?" "Xo," said Mrs. Armistead. "Poor
child, it's practically all new to her.
Hut I mustn't pity her! Tho way sho
and thoso friends of hers tnko hold
of things passes my understanding."
"And where did sho find so many at
tractlvo girls, each bearing tho Chris
tian name or Agatha?" I inquired. "It
Is an unusual name, nnd I should hnvo
thought that part of tho will difficult to
Anlmala and Reptiles Alike Invade
Rett and Comfort There.
Tho perils of dally life in tho trop
les nro almost inconceivable to dwell
ers In other climes. In a Horneo vil
lage, a man nnd his ten-year-old son
wero sleeping In their house inside a
mosquito netting. They wore on tho
floor near tho wall. In the mlddlo of
tho night tho father was awakened by
his son calling out. It was totally
dark and tho father passed his hand
over his Bon, but found nothing amiss,
so ho turned over nnd went to sleep
again, thinking tho boy was dream
ing. Shortly afterward tho child again
called out, saying that a crocodile
was taking him. This tlmo tho fa
ther, thoroughly aroused, lighted a
lamp, and found that a snako had
closed Its jaws on tho boy'B head. Ho
shouted, and tho snake, releasing its
hold, drow tho wholo of Its body Into
tho house and encircled tho body of
tho father. Ho was rescued by tho
neighbors, who wero attracted by tho
crloa for help of tho terrliled couple.
Tho snako when killed was found tp
bo 16 feot long, nnd tho head and fore
head of tho boy was surrounded with
a clrclo of punctured wounds produced
by tho python's teeth.
Useful Medicine Bottle.
In Europe, there Is in common ubo
a medicine bottlo with n glass stopper,
which Iibb n tiny groove running down
ono sldo of It, which corresponds to a
tiny groovo In the neck of tho bottlo.
These nro used for medicines that
must bo droppod, such as mix vomica
and strychnlno, and, when tho stopper
Is turned with tho groovo toward that
In tho bottlo, tho medicine drops out
cnully and not too rapidly, but, when
finished, tho stopper need only bo
turned back bo that tho two grooves
do not colucldo, and tho medicine Is
protected from tho air.
Thus It is not necessary to romovo
tho stopper fro'.n tho bottlo from tho
tlmo It Is tilled until tho mcdlcino has
all been used.
Comfort for Workers.
Tho Anglo-Saxon races havo dis
covered that comfort, a high salary
and limited hours of work, mako a
moro powerful Instrument of tho
Sunday School Ltuon for Ani. 16, 190S
Specially Arranged for Tlili Paper
SCIUPTUIM-; TK.Vt'-l Hiiniuel I8:MC
Memory veiaoH, U-It.
UOI.DI'.N TKXV. -"Tho Lord Hod Is u
tun and nlile!il," PfuIiiih 84 -1 1.
TLMi:.-H. U. 1W2 (t'ashor), hoou after
tlio letory over Oollittli,
PLAt'i:. Tlio capital, probably nt al
lien h, llvo or nix miles north of Jcrumt
lem. Comment ind Suggestive Thought.
David's victory over Goliath had sev
eral Issues which affected his wholo
1. It led to tho blessed friendship
which bound together tho hearts ol
David and Jonathan "as with hooks of
steel" (vs. 1-1).
2. It led to David's advancement to
tho hend of the army, and his training
In the arts of war, for tho defense oi
his country (v. C).
.1. It led to his long und difllcult
training In dealing with men of all
kinds, to self-control and wisdom. This
Is put last In the story, becauso of Its
connection with Saul, which requires
considerable detail (vs. t!-'J).
V. 9. "And Saul eyed David," "kept
his eye on David ... In suspicion
nnd dislike." Int. Crlt. Com. Wo oHcn
speak of Jealousy as "tho green-eyed
monster," nnd no emotions show them
selves moro unmistakably In the eye.
Envy and .Jealousy. 1. They nre
most unhappy vices. Of nil tho pas
sions Jealousy Is that which exacts the
hardest service nnd pays tho bitterest
wages. Colton, In Lacon.
2. They nro tho fruit of selfishness,
of making self one's god, one's su
preme object of love.
3. Tho euro of Jealousy 1b to seek
first tho kingdom of God, nnd test
cvrythlng, not by Its effect on our
selves, but by Its power to nld or to
hinder God's kingdom. He that does
this will rejoice In its coming, even
though it bo through others. So John
said of Jesus, "Ho must Increase, but
I must decrease."
4. Therefore overcome evil with
good: overcome it in its very begin
nings, for there Is nothing which
grows so rapidly.
V. 10. "Tho evil spirit from Gotl
camo upon Saul," made uso of this
malady which opens wide tho door foi
such Influences, nnd all evil passion
of tho king find easy expression. "And
ho prophesied," that Is ho went
thiough tho frenzies und terrible strug
gles nnd convulsions which charac
terized a certain form of prophesying
among tho heathen (very different
from anything done by the Biblical
An eyo-wltness, In describing tho
Egyptinn dervishes, sayB of tho devo
tees that "somo writhe In ngony, somo
swoon, somo nro In fits, whllo still
with foaming lips they strlvo to mur
mur the pralso of Allah." Gordon
It survives nmong the fakirs of In
dia and sheiks, or dervishes, of Mo
hammedanism. They "ravo" (margin
of r. v.), they foam, and throw them
selves Into many nn unnatural posture.
They beconio dangerous, not only to
others, but also to themselves when
so frenzied: still, lookers-on regard
them as performing religious exorclsos
or prophesying. Shwelr, Mount Lob
anon, Syrln.
First Attempt to Murder David, v.
11. "Saul cast tho Javelin," or short
spear. Twice did David escape by his
Second Attempt to Kill David, v. 13.
Saul sent David away and mado him a
colonel of a regiment:
Ostensibly, to promoto David, and
goftquer tho king's enemies.
Really that David might bo slain by
the Philistines.
Tho result was to bring out David's
virtues moro conspicuously.
After this 8nul tried to moke Dnvld
disaffected, by refusing to keep his
promlso to mako him his son-in-law;
and ngaln through tho love of his
daughter for David.
A Hero In Trial. Vs. 14-1G.
(1.) V. 14. "David behaved himself
wisely," prudently, skillfully, with all
tho wisdom of goodness nnd love.
There was no treachery In him. Ho
learned solf-control and grew in wis
dom nnd knowledge and grnco.
(2.) Ono of tho Bources of this wis
dom wob in his singleness of heart,
his devotion to right nnd duty nt any
cost, nbBoluto unselfishness.
"Tho wisest courso Ih tlmo of danger
Is to do faithfully our dally duty, nnd
lcavo our caso with God."
(3.) "And tho Lord was with him."
Tho Lord Is with everyone as fnr au ho
is willing to receive him, and yields
to his guidance. All past oxperlcnco
In serving and loving God, every uct of
faithfulness nnd love, every good habit
formed, every victory over selfishness,
every sincere prayer, ovory act of con
secration to God, in all tho pnBt life,
Is a preparation for receiving nnd
using tho presence of God. Tho better
Instruments wo become, the moro per
fectly can wo and will wo bo guided
by our Heavenly Father, into ull truth,
Into tho wisest actions, Into tho fullest
(4.) When we aro wise nnd faith
ful and tho Lord Is with us, then all
things, nil trials, all difficulties, ull
sorrows, all opportunities, nil Influ
ences, good or bad, nro compelled to
work together for good.
(5.) V. 1C. "All Israol nnd Jtiduh
loved David." And this was propnrlng
tho way for n successful rolgn when
tho tlmo camo. David waB social, not
conceited, wont among tho peoplo as
ono of them. Tho power to win lovo
is ono of God's greatest gifts, Hut only
tho loving, tho unselfish, tho puro In
heart nnd purpose, can wield It in the
fullness of its glory and power.
Laundry work nt homo would bo
much moro satisfactory It tho right
Starch wero used. In order to got tlio
idoslrcd HtlffuoBS, It Is usually neces
sary to uso so much starch that tho
beauty nnd of the fabric In
Ihldden behind a piiRto of varying
thickness, which not only destroys tho
Inppenrnnee, but nlso affects tho wear
Jug quality of tho goods. This Iron
bio can bo entirely ovorcomo by using
'Dcftaiico ns It can bo nppliod
much moro thinly becnuso of Its grent
'ir strength thnu other makes.
He'd Pull Hard.
"Senator Folker, who Journeyed to
Albany nt tho risk of his llfo to oast
Iho volo that doomed racing la Now
York, hnd collected n number of In
Btances of raco-tmck tilckery," said
nn Albany legislator.
"Discussing, ono day, tho way Jock
eys so often sold races, ho said that
thero was a Gloucester Jockey onco,
tho rider of n fnvotite, who was over-
Iieard to bay In a Baloon, tho night
leforo tho fnvorlto ran:
"'I shan't win unless tho rolns
bronk.' "
Wisdom from a Babe.
"What would you do, my boy," asked
a professional vocalist proudly, "If
you could sing like mo?"
"Havo somo singing lessons!' re
plied tlio lud.
Your Druggist Will Tell You
.That Murine Eye lleiurdy Cutcn Eyes,
Mtil.-ci Weill; Ejes Stioua. IfcieMi't Smalt.
Hoot lies E)c P.iin ami Sclli for 00c.
About nil you havo to do to mnko
a boy hato any particular kind of food
Is to tell him thnt It Is healthful.
Lewis' Finale Hinder Mnu'slit fie. Many
Miiokerfi prefer tliein to 10e riKnig. Your
denier or Icvii', Factory, Peoiia, 111.
Each man hns his special duty to
I crform, his special work to do.
KITS. St. Vitus' ln-f. and Nir7nn JlNi-nvi icr
innnrnlljri'iinMl tir llr.Kllnn'iitlrpat Nirve lli-kturrr.
Hcmt KIIKH Irlnl hultlu nml In-ntl-. Dr.
It. II. Kline, Ixl Ul Arch Hlit. l'lillml.'lpl.ln P.i.
Tho most Important of all Is tho
education of tho will. F. W. Furrar.
Mr. VNiirinw'H Sootlilnc Nyrnn.
Tor chtlJrf n tr rtlilnir, Niftcm tho uiinu, rmluf e In
flmnmttlon, llaj itn,curo wlmt col'u. Sic bottlo.
How wo enjoy meeting a man who
Iiob no talo of woo to tell!
It Ctirm While You Walk
Ulen hlMMit-Kaw fcrrnrnunl ImimIiimh, hot, wroaty
crtllousui'lillitf Irct. ISonll llruvKUtk.
Hack pny Is usually slow about com
ing to tho front.
Positively cured by
these Llttlo Pills.
They alao reUore Dis
tress from DyAncpaln, In
llrestloumiilToolIearty UnlliiK. A perfect rem
edy for Dizziness, Nau
sea, Drowsiness, Una
Taste I n tho Mouth, Coat
ed Tongue, Pnln In the
tier regulate the Dowels. Purely Vegetable.
Genuine Must Bear
Fac-Simile Signature
H -U
W. -e. .' lijr V h II
W 7fl 1 1 rim
flij v VWW
I HA t : 1 iMs m
jT M I f SbbbHbGbbbTJ
-: ' ; flM
' ' '' V)
Iho same prico per package, but thoy contain only 12 ounces of 6tarch.
Consult your own interests. Ask for DEFIANCE STARCH, get it, and wo
know yon will never uso any other,
Defiance Starch Company, Omaha, Neb.
General Demand
of the Well-Informed of tho Wotltl ha
always been for a fciniple, pleasant and
efficient liquid laxative remedy of known
value; a laxative which phyniclnnt could
sanction for family u.w becauto its com
ponent parts urn known to tlicni to ba
wliolcsoino and truly luncficinl in effect,
acceptable to the system nnd gentle, yet
prompt, in action. i
In supplying that demand witli its ex
cellent combination of Syrup of Figs nnd
Elixir of Senna, the California Fig Syrup
Co. proceeds along ethical lines and relies
on tho merits of the laxative for its remark
able success.
That Is ono of mnhy reason vtlj
Syrup of Figs and Elixir of Senna ij given
tho preference by the Well-Informed.
To get Its beneficial effecta always buy
tho genuine manufactured by tho Cali
fornia Fig Syrup Co., only, and for salo
by all leading druggists. Prico fifty cents
per bottle.
Keeps the breath, teeth, mouth and body
nntiscpticalty clean and frco from un
healthy (term-life and dlsuftrccnblo odors,
which water, soap and tooth preparations
alone cannot do. A
germicidal, disin
fecting and dcodor
izintf toilet rcquitiitc
of exceptional ex
cellence and econ
omy. Invaluable
for inflamed eyes,
throat and nasal and
uterine catarrh. At
drug nnd toilet
stores, 50 cents, or
by mail postpaid.
Largo Trial Sample
T 1 olihupApcrde.
" -tvw - anyllung adver-
ol Ihii paper de
tised in iti columns ilinuld iniift upon
having what Uiey ak lor, relming fit
uibililutci or imitMioni.
nrriAMPr CTARPII eillto work with and
TIRESEA80H It leads ery-
thing fornctroj.
I ii It (Hi. I Drat,
elaan and arniu
mental. Hold bran
dwHtrsor nl hy
man iKMipain lor
10 con in. llaroU
H-arn, 1 4 K.K.Ik
In., BrVljs,.T
IUPMlKIl wntih. simim. Ukl
fori). '-ilnxtn KcrioTt'iioHhlf'Un
JUUKUUUB1 nn tho Wstuuh-and f.lhnr denL.
songs. GOebooMforll. io.h. tYn,r.t.,o-.m,s,D.
Cotner University
l.llH!ralArtn.Mi-lclnp. H( iliniijt: llltilr, Music. K-prFfvslnn.Iluftlm-u,
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W. N. U., LINCOLN, NO. 33, f908.
Nothing pleases the eye so much
as a well made, dainty
if properly laundered.
To get the best results'
It is necessary to uso
the best laundry
gives that fluUh to tho
clothes that nil ladies
desire and should ob
tain. It i3 the delight
I of tho experienced
laundress. Once tried
they will use no other. It is puro and
is guaranteed not to injure tho most
delicate fabric. It is sold by tlio
best grocers at too a package. IJach
packago contains iG ounces. Other
starches, not nearly so good, sell at
. .