The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, August 14, 1908, Image 7

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he can get the best value
at moderate cost, with the
extra protection of a positive
money warranty, by choosing
Paul Storey
The Clothier
Separator oil for sale at Cutting's
Dr. ltcck of Superior was In town
Iaey Spracher was down from Cow
les, Monday.
Mrs. Trix I.ojigton returned to Heat
rice Monday.
Arthur Lacy and wife of Cowles were
here Monday.
Miss Rlali 01 instead of Inavale was
here Saturday.
Miss Ruby White came down from
Franklin Thursday.
Mrs. Jesse ltrooks was down from
Catherton, Monday.
Mrs. Alice Richards of llladen is vis
iting here this week.
Miss Kthel Reynolds of Mlnden is
visiting Grace Kinsel.
Miss Agnes Leonard of Itiverton was
in Ued Cloud.Thursday.
Miss Steele of Illinois Is vUiting her
cousin, Clara Burgess.
Fred Hurd and family of Cowles
were in town Mondav.
Rev. Xanders and son Laux returned
to Broken-bow, Monday.
Miss Mav Winters returned to her
home in Lincoln Tuesday.
Miss OUle Deck of Superior is visiting
friends and relatives here.
Mrs. Baulah Carpenter of Coluinbuf,
O.. is visiting friends here.
Mr. and Mrs. Will Norrls were down
from lnavale, Wednesday.
Ross Hrooks'pf Catherton has been
attending the Chautauqua.
Some good city lots to trade for
6tock. II. W. Gui.i.iroitit. :t-3.'l
Special prices on old wheat Hour at
the Red Cloud Milling Co.
Miss Delia Lambert of Catherton Is
visiting frl.nds here this week
A. 1. Pierce went to Iowa, Monday,
to attend a family reunion.
Mr. and Mrs. Walter Thomas were
down from Cowles, Monday.
Hud McCune and wife of llladen are
visiting his parents this week.
Miss Mable Winfrey returned from
Omaha the first of the week.
Mrs. John Tomlinson lb enjoying a
visit from her daughter of Chicago.
Mr. and Mrs. I'lumcr Weston return
ed to their home in Lincoln, Sunday.
Miss Ferguson of Guide Rock is visit
ing her sister Mrs. Wilbur Hamilton.
Staee Morhart returned, Wednesday,
trom u three weeks outing in Colorado
Mr. and Mrs. A. T. Walker returned
Thursday from an outing in Colorado.
Mr. and Mrs. Dwlght Jones of Guide
Rock were here the first of the week.
Miss Robinson of Guide Rock is vis
iting her cousin Mabel Kvans this
Dr. T. Albert Jones is enjoying a
visit from his daughter of Chicago this
Miss Irene Xanders of Broken-bow
is visiting Norma Richurdson this
The W. C. T. U. will meet on Wed
nesday afternoon with Mrs. II. J.
Miss Cora Lockhart of llladen has
been visiting her aunt Mrs. James
Mrs. Ida Errett arrived Sunday from
Wray, Col., to visit her brother, Dr.
Mis- Dcssie T'i.1or returned from nn
extended in Mlssnuil the last of
the week.
Mrs. James P.urden leaves Sundsiy
for Kansas City to buy her fall stock
of Millinery.
Miss 1'aiiuitn Studebaker is enter
taining a couple young lady friends
from Hlue Hill.
Kennedy Ilros. Shows will be in Red
Cloud on Thursday, Aug. 20. See their
"ad" in tills issue.
Wantkh A young lady who wishes
learn typesetting. Call at the Chief
ofticc for particulars.
Mrs. OUle Waller and children of
Cowles have been visiting Jud Halley
and family this week.
Mrs. Win. Welsner returned the last
of the week from a three mouths visit
in eastern Tennessee.
Geo. Hutchinson and J. II. Halley at
tended the llryan notification meeting
at Lincoln. Wednesday.
Mrs. Nancy Cowley of llladen is vis
iting ('. II. Rust and family and at
tending the l'hnutauiua.
Misses Grace ml Carrie Shute are
here from North llraueh attending the
i"huutauiua this week.
Miss Kliahcth Stern returned to her
home lu Marysvllle. Mn.. Sunday, after
visiting the Taylor girls.
Frank Cnwdcn leaves for the citst
tomorrow morning to buy new rail
and Winter goods for his linn.
Lightning. struck the house of M. It.
Corner, Monday evening, but not much
damage was done the building.
Coming. Kennedy Ilros. one ring
circus and menngerle will exhibit at
Red Cloud on Thursday, Aug. 20th.
Mrs. Myrtle Mummey of Council
llluffs arrived Monday to visit her par
ents, Mr. and Mrs. David Morrison.
Patronize home industry. Special
prices on a to r hundred pound lots of
old wheat Hour at Red Cloud Mills.
For Sale three thoroughbred Short
horn bulls. Can be seen on farm two
Mrs. Canny and daughter. Rertha. of
Miuuciipolis arc vis. ting friends hcr
this week. They are on their way to
Salt Lake to visit relatives.
Mrs. C. W. Grout and little son ar
rived home from the Fast the tht of
the week, where they hail been visiting
relatives for about two months.
Little James Miner, son of Mr. and
Mrs. Hugh Miner, met with quite a
painful accident Monday when he fell
down into a ten foot curbing In the
Are you trying for that 10 In gold
given the lady having the largest vole
in the Piano Contest August 2'.'. See
our announcement on another page of
this issue.
Look pleasant and don't forget to
Insure your property against loss by
Fire, Lighting iv Cyclone in one of the
old line insurance companies repre
sented by L. II. Fort agent, Damerell
block. SI ooo cyclone policy only costs
you 5? for II years.
Rev. J. M. Hates left yesterday for
St. Paul mid northern stations. From
there he will start on a two-weeks va
cation, visiting his sou in Valentine
and other friends in Cherry Co. He
will hold the net regular services the
second Sunday in .September.
We print in this issue the announce
ment of F. 11. Gerlaeh as a candidate
for the nomination as representative
from the -llth district. Mr. Gerlaeh
has (-erved Webster county as com
missioner, and while in that otllce
made an enviable record. Should he
be nominated and elected to the State
Legislature he will always be found
striving to serve the people to the best
of his ability.
Wanti:i At once, '-."i or :o young
men and women to take a course in
Multigraphing. Course can be com
pleted in from one month to six weeks.
We have a position waiting for you as
soon as yon are ready, Salarys run
from Sl" to S'.'O per week for beginners.
Who will be the lirst to enroll? Tuition
for complete course S'J.. For further
cutern pir t of the state where he s
best known, and fioiu the further fact
that he comes from a county that hits
never been honored with a democratic
nominee for state olllce. .,
In conversation with a reporter of'
this paper, Mr. Terry stated, that he
tad met many republicans who aiej
very strongly In favor of the election i
of Mr. llryan, and who base their
opinions and hopes upon the fact that
party lines have been wiped out. and
the paramount question before the
people todav, Is "shall the people
miles southwest of Guide Rock. Joii.v particulars address the Hebron Bust
Oiimsit.iii:. ness College. Hebron Neb.
Llovd Rrndbrook came up from Long
Island, Kan., Sunday to visit a couple
of days with his mother, Mrs. M. Fink
cnbluder. John Throne went to McPherson,
Kan., Sunday, where he will be mar
ried on Wednesday to a young lady of
that place.
Mrs. Harry Hates and daughter and
Miss Flora Miller of Dresden Kans.,
are visiting with relatives in the city
this week.
Miss lithel Reynolds and brother
who have been visiting relntlves In the
city, returned to their home the first
of the week.
W. A. Crane, the drummer evangel
ist of Oxford, will speak in the Christ
ian church Tuesday evening, August
18. Admission free.
Miss Mnrthcua LaMarc returned to
her.home in Hurlington, Iowa, Tues
day, after visiting her uncle, Dr. Dam
erell, for some time.
Owing to 111 health I will sell one
10-horse Russell engine, one 32-54 Case
separator with blower attached. Iu
quire of J. L. Harlow.
Visits at Red Clud.
Men.o Warren Terry of Heatriee,
who has been visiting here with rela
tives anil attending the ehautauqua,
returned to his home on Monday.
Mr. Terry is a candidate for the
Democratic and Peoples Independent
party "nomination for th olllce of at
torney general.
He was elected to the otllce of county
attorney of Gage county two years
ago, notwithstanding the fact that his
county has long been one of the ban
ner republican counties of the state.
During his term of office many im"
Copied With God Stick W.rk Wins
Five Games of Tturnament.
Completely out classed at every stage
.if the game. Franklin lost all three
panics of the series eiidii.g Monday.
The local team showed marked Im
provement both at the hat anil on the
bases and the games were at no time
in doubt.
Friday's game ended with the seoie
at .". to 1 in favor of the local team mid
pretty clearly showed the merits of the
respective teams. Clark' was in the
box for tin' locals mid had the situa
tion well in hand at all times.
Garber pitched Saturday's game, and
although hit safely a number of times,
the Hunt result was never In doubt as '
the locals were stinging the ball licrce
ly in almost every Inning, the game
ending with a score of 7 to I.
Monday's game was won by oppor-1
tune hitting coupled with several er
rors. Masters pitched heady ball and
the game was a walk-a-way after the
fifth inning, the score being 0 to ft.
. The weather man toolc a hand lu
Tuesday's game, putting a stop to the
game with a heavy downpour of rain
in the third inning, neither side having
scored a run.
Ten Innings were necessary to de
cide Wednesday's game, Superior scor
ing two runs in the ninth Inning and
tieing the score at :t to .1, Red Cloud
scoring the winning run in their half;
of the tenth on two hits and an error, i
In a nice, clean game, Red Cloud de
feated Chester Thursday afternoon by
the score of 3 to 2. A two-bagger In
the second Inning by Clarke netted
two runs, ami another of the same
kind by Sclioonover In the tenth
inning finished the game. Hotli teams
fielded a snappy game, malting it an
interesting contest throughout.
Don't forget the next Excursion date
of the Red Cloud Investment Co. is on
August 18th. While business is not
very pressing on the farm take a few
days outing and visit the "Newest
Land oMromlse," where good cheap
portant criminal have been tried, one! l'm abounds with diversified crops,
where the very sight of it will make
you "open the latch of your pocket-
book and say, I'm going to have some
of that."
Tiik Run Ci.oun Im:hvtmkst Co.
of the most Important being the State
of Nebraska vs. R. Mead Shuinway.
who was convicted of murdering Mrs.
Sarah Martin on the .'trd of last Sep
tember, and. the. supreme court has re
cently affirmed the decision of the
lower court and set Friday, October Pineules for the kidneys, no day's
in ;.o n.n.lnv nt niiitlrtn,. trial $1. Guaranteed. Act directly on
it L Lnll-vn,! hv manv that t.h nm W'ln!" a.d Vr,,Icf ! t,,C
. ." , ,, ,7 . lohe or backache, rheumatic pains,
Inatlon of Mr. lerry would add much kidney and bladder trouble. Invigor
strength to the ticket in the Novem- ate the entire system. Sold by Uenry
ber election, especially in the south- Cook.
Special Sale of Thin Ms
for Hot Weather
All Lawns and thin Summer Goods at
one-third off. Don't want to carry
any over for next year, so will sell these
at a price that will move them.
Bargains in Laces and Embroideries.
Some of these have insertions and
edges to match. All go at one-half
price marked. Did not mark these up
for this sale; all go at one-half the old
Wash Belts
Embroidered Wash Belts at 15c and 25c
Muslin Underwear
Skirts with three rows of Val. insertion
and edging at $1.00.
Three clasters of tucks and hemstitch
ing, embroideried flounce, at $1.25.
Embroidered insertion 2 1-2 inches
wide with embroidered insertion to
match, $2.25.
Special in Corsets
All 5oc corsets and girdles at 40c
Gauze Underwear
Children's pants at 15c
Children's vests at 6.jc to 25c
Ladies' gauze vests at 10c to 50c
Ladies' gauze pants at 15c to 50c
I hi
i Jls
1 m m. m L
ML. 4S
jUs5 Aj
s )W.
Look at the fine Dress Shirts in our
south window for SQc
These are big bargains. We have
plenty more inside. Come in and
ask to see them.
While you are inside ask to see our
line of of liht-wcight Two-piece
Suits, Straw Hats, Thin Underwear,
Light-weight Sox, and Oxford Shoes
We can lit you out in just the right
Gouiden-Kaley Glothing Go.
I'lrst Door North of Postofficc.
hook I
Bargains in Groceries
A B G Goods
Nothing better on the nnukot.
"Wyandotte Cloaner and Clonnsor."
Bottor than lye or soap. Cleans every
thing. Fulton Mafikkt, Damerell Blk
f. vn'v'vWaavv'vvv
should inspect our
before investing in a machine.
All we ask for the DeLaval is a trial, and we
would like to have you take one out and give it a
fair test along side of any other separator made. It
will cost you nothing to make the test You will
keep the best, and we are sure that one will be the
A 430 iombiI capacity separator for $75.00.
Will yai live It a trial?
Red Cloud Hardware
aaid Implement Co.
WM. WOLFE. Secretary.
B Si
There are four leading makes of watches
on the market and we sell them all. You
can make no'mistake in buying one of us.
Our extra largejjine gives you practically
unlimited choice. No mattir the size or
grade, we have them. Cases of all grades
enabling you to buygthc watch youjwant.
A written guarantee with every one.of
them. Price alwajs held at the lowest
We invite inspection and comparisons of
goods and prices.
?$ D SatisfactionjorSYourl Money Back,'
Jewelers tjrtlclaM
B. S N.'.Watch;iMMtKS