The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, July 24, 1908, Image 2

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    The Chief
E. B. DoWOLF, Publisher
Tho Htrnw lint usually shows which
way the wind blown.
Even beef on tho hour hits apparent.
ly taken to n gallop.
Tho Mexican porter handles loade
of 400 pounds with ease.
It has bcoiPestlmated that n Lon
don fog wclghB 3,000,000,000 tons.
And now Tlie" prco oflico should bo
up, and old Bhoos tnko on a sentl
menial vnluc.
Thoro'H a big dlffeienco between n
man't) worth ns cHtlinuted by hlmsalf
and nn shown by his Hillary.
Tho MndrldpoTlco havo nt lnnt
cleared tho HtreetH of tho plague of
boggars, tho blind iilono being allowed
to remain.
Tho innn who ralla moBt nt tho ex
travngunccs of fashion Ih tiHimlly tho
first to bo caught by tho woninn who
follows them.
If tho peokaboo waist had not been
received with such nn open welcome,
tho dlrcctolro gown might seem to
bnvo not n leg to Rtand on.
Rev, Forl)imh'B "opinion Ib thnt we
can't afford to luivo hell next door, but
it lu understood that thlB does not re
for to tho neighborhood phonograph.
When tho ocean steamer largo
enough to hold u hnlf-mllo track la
built tho rncotrnck peoplo can scorn
ub and Bend back hotting dope by wlro
lens. A granddaughter of Bismarck pro
poses to marry tho man alio Iovob nnd
now European society doesn't remem
ber when It over got Biich n shock be
fore Sir Wilfrid Laurlor, with nil his
troubles, Is better off than Mr. As.
qulth. .Ho doesn't ncod to use tho
back door because an army of suf
fragettes Is encamped on his "stoop."
Ab President Castro's proclamation
did not succeed lu driving tho bubon
ic plaguo from Venezuela, ho tuny bo
Induced to tnko moro sensible sanitary
stops to destroy tho visitor which do
Acs him.
Tho old squuro pianos bavo lost
enflto to such an extent that dealers
no longer tako them In part payment
for now planoa. And they nro too
heavy nnd cumbersomo to put In the.
attic. Their namo is Ichabod.
M. Tournny, a Bolglan engineer, has
been commissioned by tho "committee
(or tho International exhibition nt
Brussels In 1910 to eroct n tower nt
Ixellea which will bo much higher than
tho Eiffel Tower. Tho cost is esti
mated nt $240,000.
VlBltors nt n Paris hotel wcro ills
agreeably surprised ono morning to
find that tho boots they hnd loft out
sido their doors hnd been stolen by a
burglnr. Only ono pnlr was left, on
which was a paper with tho words:
"Not good enough for mo."
A beautiful nnd npproprlntc gift is
tho chnpcl boll presented to Tufts. Col
lego chnpcl bells nro moro devoutly
nnd attentively listcnod to now ttinn
they were in tho old days wbon stu
dent attendanco at all tho religious ex
ercises waB moro insistent uud com
pulsory. A man can taka a pretty girl to a
baseball game and spend two hours
trying to show hor tho difference bo
tween n foul strlko nnd n bnso hit,
sayB tho Now York Press, but if sho's
his wlfo and can't sco tho first time
how much better Ills currency Idea Is
than congress' bo goes wild.
A new method by which tho audience-
at a theater can show its ap
proval or disapproval of a play with
out disturbing tho performance is be
ing Introduced by tho Italian dra
matist, Trnvcrsl. Hoforo leaving tho
theater every person is to drop a tick
et into ono of thrco boxes marked
"good," "indifferent" nnd "bad."
A German sclontlst has discovered
that bachelors nro moro llablo to In
sanity than married men, and Bays
that investigation in lunacy wards in
hospitals bhows that 80 per cent, of
tho Inmates nre unmarrlod. Evoryono
will ngreo that tho mnn who Is ini
tnuno ngalnst tho blandishments of the
moro chnrmlng sex has something rad
ically wrong In his montallty.
In addition to other natural wealth
Jr. vaBt volumo, It turns out that
Alaska hns great doposlts of coal and
also velnB of petroleum, tho quality of
which Is still to be tested Hut there
Is no doubt of tho lmmedlato avail
ability of tho coal, nnd ns tho terri
tory has had to Import most of tho
fuel used thero tho importnuco of tho
And will bo apparent. Alaska's possi
bilities apparently nro Just beginning
to bo comprehended.
Dr. Darlington, health commission
er of New York city, ha3 been compil
ing and Btudylng statistics of heart
disease In this country, and says tho
highest death rato from this causo,
38.47, is found In Massachusetts,
while Indiana has tho lowest. Ho ns
cribeB tho Increaso and oxtont of this
dlscaso to tho pneo Americans aro
traveling, it will cnuuo Indinnlnna
oomo surprise to learn that tholr pace
Is olowor than that of any other state,
but under the circumstances thoy will
perhaps not wish to dlsputo tho doc
tor's statement.
What Ib Going on Here and There
That Is of Interest to the Read
ers Throughout Nebraska.
A spoclnl election Is soon to be held
In Vnlcntlne to veto bonds for water
Tho Wymoro opera house has
changed hands, F. 15. Crawford becom
ing owner nnd manager.
Tho next term of tho federal courts
for Omaha will begin the fourth Mon
day In September, when both federal
grand and petit juries will be assem
bled. The old settlors reunion will' bo
held lu Union August 14 nnd l(f. Ex
cellent programs consisting of ora
tory, band music and sports have been
Fifty dollars toward will bo paid for
tho ureal and detention of Fred Gnrd
ner, who broke jail at Valentino on
the nighl of July 10, stealing a black
horse nnd saddle to get away on.
J. V. Brooks, northeast of Beat
rice, brought a small limb from hli
poach ochard to the city which con
tained 100 pearlies, lie says he will
have 1,000 bushels of this variety of
fruit for sale UiIh year.
In anticipation of tho early establish
ment of tho' freo delivery system of
tho Postolllco department In McCook,
tho city ofllclals nre arrnnglng for a
bow system of naming the streets of
the city.
Secrctnry of State .lunkln linn re
ceived a Jar of bugs. These Insects
enmo from llershey nnd along with
tho consignment was a note stating
thai tho bugs ute up everything In
sight Prof. Bruner will bo given ti
chnnco to catalogue tho pests.
Solomon Itowo, residing east of
Plnttsmouth, stated that during a
storm a bolt of lightning struck his
residence and blew out one end of tho
building nnd ruined almost everything
In It nnd the carpets and rugs were
burned nnd discolored. Mrs. Howe
was badly stunned, but not Injured.
Tho Homing mills nt Genoa owned
by II, 1-1 Fonda & Bros., a plant valued
nt $15,000 was burned to the ground.
Mr. Tcllmo naud 13. T. Christy, the
two millers, were tho only occupantn
of tho building at tho start of the lire.
Christy was burned to death.
As n result, of tho recent litigation
between Clifford C. Pierce and Lester
F. Wakefield of Sioux City against tho
Omaha, Decatur & Northern Hallway
company, Judge T. C. M linger of the
federal court hns appointed L. It.
Slonecker of Omnhn receiver for the
Tho York High school has lost a
number of Its most efficient teachers.
Mr. Dallas, the principal, has accept
ed a position as principal at Sheridan,
Wyo. Charles Wray, teacher of math
ematics, has accepted n similar posi
tion in the High school nt Ogden,
Utnlu and Mls Gertrude itowen will
go to Milwaukee, Wis., as teacher of
Carles Johnson, a young fellow
about twenty-seven years old, was
drowned In tho Blue, between tho two
mill dnms at Crete. In company with
Fred Macca ho was rowing down tho
swollen stream when tho boat was
carried by tho current Into a tangled
clump of willows. Johnson nttomptcd
to swim ashore and was drowned.
Tho first annual exhibit of tho
Thurston County Agricultural society
will bo hold nt Bedford, September 17,
18 nnd 19. It is noticed Unit a very
liberal premium list hns been pro-
pared by E. F. Chittenden, pioneer
homesteader and printer of Thomas
county, covering n wide Held of indus
try nnd productiveness, nnJ thoso who
visit the fair on the dntes mentioned
will no doubt be ns much surprised ns
thoy will bo pleased by what thnt rap
Idly developing section of Nebraska
Is ablo to show.
Tho members of the order of tho
Knights of Phythlns In Nebraska arc
planning to celebrate at Omaha on tho
2Ild of November next, tho fortieth an
niversary of tho organization of tho
first lodgo wost of Ponncylvnnla "Ne
braska No. 1" which was Instituted
nt Omaha In 1808. The famous "Day
ton Team," consisting of 100 well
drilled nnd uniformed Knights, has
boon engaged at an oxpenso of $4,000
to glvo n dramatic rendition with beau
tiful electrical effects of tho famous
play of Damon nnd Phythlns upon
which tho Ordor Is founded, and dur
ing tho celebration upwards of 1,000
men will bo Initiated. Lodges from
nearly every western state have signi
fied tholr intention! to attend, and It
Is conservatively estimated that not
less tbnn ten thousand members of
tho Order will visit Omaha on that
Tho farmors of Adams county are
Jubilant over tho fact that wheat
yields In thnt section nro exceeding nil
expectations. Ono farmer residing
ton miles west of Hastings threshed
nnd marketed his poorest pleco of
wheat, It producing twonty-fivo bush
els per acre, which he marketed at 70
cents por bushel.
Congressman G. W. Norrls of the
Fifth Nebraska district, has rccelvod
credentials as ono of tho American
mombers of the Interparliamentary
union, which holds Its next sessions
In Berlin, Germany, beginning Septem
ber 10.
of Greater or Lesser
tance Over the State.
Tho county assessment of Douglas
county totnls $32,793,424.
Corn brought moro money on tho
Omnhn market Saturday morning, says
an Omaha paper, than In Chicago
for the first lime In tho history of the
Omaha innrket, according to grain
dealers. On the floor of the exchange
J. H, Swcnrcngen sold eight cnrlonds
to the Transmlsslppl Grnln company
for 75 cents per bushel. It was No. 3
corn nnd a few minutes after the sale
waa closed Mr. Swearengen was offer
ed 75V4 cents for 8,000 bushels. The
highest price In Chicago was 74 cents,
Mrs. Amelln Barr of Plattsmouth re
ceived a telegram saying that hot
youngest son, aged 1(! years, was
drowned Sunday In Pennsylvania.
William Walter, blacksmith of Bur
ress, a village seven miles south of
Kxeter, was accidentally shot with u
22caliher rifle In the hands of his lu-
year-old son, the ball passing entirely
through the thickest part of his thigh,
canting considerable hemorrhage and
Hev. F. M. Sturdevant, for the Inst
four years pastor of tho Tecumsch
Baptist church, hns resigned, asking
that his resignation trke effect Octo
ber 1. There Is no discord between
the pastor and the church members,
rather quite tho contrary. However,
Hev. Mr. Stuidevnni desires to make
a change.
Sheriff T. V. Carroll came to Repub
lican City from Alma and arrested Os
car Kent on n peace warrant sworn
out by his wife. Kent was taken be
fore County Judso Shelborne nnd
placed under $300 bonds. Kent, It Is
nllcged, has been abusive to his wife,
on moro than one occasion has struck
her and threatened to take her life.
While putting up hay on IiIb father's
farm near Fullerton, George N. Carter,
aged 20, was overcome by the heat.
When Dr. Barber arrived he found the
young man's eyes set and body rnp
Idly growing cold. He bi ought him
to the Carter home In town and after
much work was rejoiced to see a
change for the better In Carter's con
Al Ravennn the "fats" played the
"leans" a game of baseball and won
by a score of 9-S. The proceeds of
tho game, nenrly $100.00 were do
nated to the "good roads fund." A
club of fifty members has been raised
and much more will bo secured from
time to time, us the road question Is
tho most serious one Uavenna busi
ness men have to contend with.
A freight train No. 7l5. enstbound.
on tho Burlington ran over and killed
August Crumroy of Culbertson, three
quartern of a mile enst of that place.
Crumroy was walking In the middle of
(ho track and was practically ground
to pieces by the engine and cars,
Tho man was evidently very hard of
hearing, ns he paid no attention to re
peated whistling by the locomotive.
Albeit II. Evans, a liveryman of
Wray. Colo., was tried before Justice
of tho Peace H. 11. Berry of McCook
charged with adultery, and waB held
to uppear nt tho next term of tho
district court; bis appearance bond be
ing fixed at $300. A Mrs. Brady of
near Wray is tho woman In tho case,
and the crime Is alleged to havo been
committed nt McCook, May 23, 1908.
Boston dispatch: Arthur O. Kolley
of Franklin, N. II., expects to assume
this fall the position of profeusor of
biology nt Douno college, Neb. Mr.
Kellcy Is a graduate of Dartmouth,
with tho degrees of A. B. and A. M
nnd Inst year was an Instructor In
biology in thnt Institution. Mr. Kellcy
conies of New Hampshire stock nnd
is ono of tho most brilliant young men
In thnt state.
The greator por cent of tho wheat
crop In Johnson county hns been cut.
Most farmers seem. to think the crop
will bo a fair one. Corn on tho hills
where It has been dry enough to work
Is being freed from tho weeds nnd,
after a week of dry weather, tha low
land corn enn be worked. Some farm
ers who havo lands on tho extreme
lowlands havo lost their crops as a
remit of Hoods. .
That Merrick county Is to hnve a
dralnnge ditch, constructed on scien
tific principles and extending tho
wholo length of tho county nnd re
claiming 100,000 ncros of land which
during every wet season like the pros
out ono nro more or less useless for
agricultural purposes, heoms qulto
probable of realization If the recom
mendations of tho government experts,
who nro there going over tho pro
posed route of the ditch, are heeded.
Now York dispatch: Forty-throo
school teachers, forty-one of them
from Nobrnska and thlrty-nlno of thorn
women, went to Ellis Island and saw
how Immigrants nro received. Thoy
nro, stopping at the Cosmopolitan
hotol. I. A. Downey, stnto Inspector
of normal training in high schools In
Nebraska, is In chnrgo of tho party
nnd Mrs. Sarah Brludlcy Is chaperon.
Tho tenchors wero solected from va
rious towns In Nebraska by Bchool
board. They are studying pedagogy
nnd psychology In the various places
they visit.
An Incident of tho big flood in
Wheeler county wns tho destruction
of tho dam which C. A. Stltzor was
building nt Erlcson.
Tho Central City boys' band, nn or
ganization undor the direction of Fath
er Dolfosse, for several yoars lu otic
ceslon n fenturo at tho Ak-Sar-Ben
festivities In Omaha, has been re-organized.
Aftor tho departure of Fath
er Dolfosse for Robinson, 111., last fall
tho organization of tho band wns
dropped for n while. Now Pi of. Fritz
W. A. Paul, who comes from Pough
keopslo, N. Y lies been necwed as
Most Important Happenings of the
Past Seven Days.
interesting Items Gathered From all
Parts of the World Condensed
Into Small Space for the Ben
efit of Our' Readers.
Mexico Is In the throes of a finan
cial panic. Lack of frw colnago of
gold Is blamed for tho situation.
Three deaths from heat occurred at
Coffeyvlllo during tho recent hot spell.
jimu in-'j iiuiicmi ttniic uiun in miji .
Is said to be slated to succeed Milton
B. Purdy as assistant attorney general
of tho United States.
An effort to regain possession of the
thousands of acres of public r.chool
Innds which hnve been sold In recent
years Is to be made by the state of
Kansas. Much evidence of fraud has
beon secured by State Accountant Gnf
ford. Dr. W. A. Hemphill, accused of com
plicity In the death or Miss Lizzie
Gleason, whose deathbed statement In
criminated the physician nnd Ilov.
Clyde M. Gow, wns convicted of man
slaughter nt Troy, Mo., nnd sentenced
to three yenrs In the penitentiary.
Six persons wero killed when a train
on tho Pennsylvania railroad struck
an automobile at Columbia City, 1ml.
A, joint board of the war department
and bureau of forestry has taken up
the matter of preserving the forests
on military reservations.
Tho government Is to make a mili
tary and nnval exhibit at the proposed
exhibition nt Albuquerque, N. M.
Tho Arab patrol of Ararat temple of
Kansas City was awarded Hrst prize
in tho competitive drill of the Shrln
ers at St. Paul.
The Standard Oil company has made
overtures to tho administration at
Washington to consent to a nominal
fine In each of the cases against It,
on the principle that this was Its first
offense. Tho administration's reply
wns an emphatic "no."
Tho excess of this country's exports
of merchandise over Imports In the
12 months ending June 30, 1908, wns
$(;C0,C00,000, making a new record for
n year's trade balance.
Tho deathbed accusation of Eliza
beth Gleason, who died In Elsbcrry,
Mo., from the effects of a criminal
operation, has cost Hev. Clyde Gow
his license to preach as a Methodist.
Striking miners fired on a train
containing strikebreakers at Jefferson,
Ala., mortally wounding a deputy
marshal. Several of the strlkecrs wero
also wounded. State troops havo been
ordered to the scone of tho disturb
ances. Tho Interstate Commerce commis
sion reports thnt during 1907 tho rail
roads of the country killed ono pas
senger for- every 1,432,031 carried, and
injured one for every 07,012 carried.
A total of 122,855 persons were either
killed or injured during tho year.
A pleasure launch carrying 75 per
Eonii was caught In a typhoon In Ma
nila bay and 25 of thoso on board
wero drowned. Three Americans wero
among tho lost.
Jn tho federal court nt Chicago
Judge Kohlsnat handed down a deci
sion upholding tho anti-pass law and
declaring that railroads could not ex
change transportation for newspaper
A suit Involving $30,000,000 worth
of bonds with Interest has been filed
in the federal court nt San Francisco
against tho various Pacific railroad
companies and E. II. Harrlmnn.
Tho Democratic cnndldato for pres
ident nnd vice president havo issued
a joint appeal to tho farmers of tho
country for enmpnlgn contributions.
Tho Krupps havo bought all tho
rlghtB outside of Sweden for tho Ungo
torpedo, ono of tho deadliest instru
ments of destruction yet Invented.
Herbert Cutler, president of tho
Cutler Paint & Glass Co., of Kansas
City, committed suicide by taking acid
in his private olHcos. Business re
verses caused by floods Is given ns tho
A dynamite bomb wns exploded in
a fashionable apartment house In New
York whero 40 families resided. Tho
building wnB badly damaged, but no
loss of llfo occurred.
Tho emperor of China is reported
ill again in Pekln.
The Democratic national committee
hns adopted a resolution declaring no
campaign contributions will bo accept
ed from corporations, and that no
ono may glvo moro than $10,000. All
gifts of moro than $100 will bo made
public on October 19.
Tho Shrlncrs havo selected Louis
ville, Ky., as tho place for tho 1909
In attempting to oscnpe from tho
Nebraska penitentiary at Lincoln J.
G. Fnrrell was drowned.
Tho Socialists, Prohibitionists nnd
People'a parties must hold delegate
conventions In Missouri In order to
get their presidential electors on tho
official ballot.
Sunday theaters aro Illegal In Kan
sas under a recent decision of tho
supremo court
What Is declared to bo tho original
painting by Hubens of tho "Descont
From tho Cross" has been dlscovored
in a Cnthollc cathedral in Warsaw,
Russian Poland.
Twolvo men lost their Hve3 bb tho
resulL-of nn explosion In a coal initio
at Wllllnmstown, Pa.
TJio Atlantic battleship fleet arrived
at HcAiolulu on schedulo time and met
with nn enthusiastic reception at tho
hands of n cosmopolitan throng which
i bad gathered to vlow tho arrival.
According to n statement issued by
the bureau of labor tho average wnges
In 1907 wero 3.7 per cent higher than
In 1900. During the same time tho
average price of food advanced 4.2 per
Senator LaFollctto Is to discuss tho
record of Senator Long of Kansas in
a political speech at Emporia on Aug
ust 1.
The railroads comprising the South
eastern Freight association mid tho
Southeastern Mississippi Valley asso
ciation bnvo ngrcfcd on nn advance In
freight rates amounting to from four
to ten cents a hundred pounds, to
tnke effect on the first of September.
The Atchison (Kan.) Oatmeal und
Cereal company mill, tho only "nntl
trust." mill in thn wnt. bun bren hoM
to tlu, llntUo Crock nrcanfast Food
Tho Wcstim Federation of Miners
nnd the 1'nlted Mine Workers of Amer
ica have reached nn understanding
rt.g,ir,ng ti complete and uniform ex-
change of working cards.
Steve Adams, a member of tho
Western Federation of Miners, has
l en acquitted of the charge of kill
ing Arthur Collins, a Colorado mlno
The Santa Fo railroad Is reported to
be handling 50 cars of new wheat a
day In southwestern Knnsns. Most cf
It Is going to Kansas City.
The lire which has been raging In
the Santa Maria oil fields of Califor
nia has been finally brought under
An explosion In a powder magazine
at Cle Elum, Wash., caused the death
of nine persons and serious Injuries
to a number of others.
Tho Prohibition national convention
at Columbus, O., nominated Eugene
V. Challn of Chicago for president
nnd Aaron S. Watklns of Ada, O., for
vice president. Hev. W. I). Palmoro
of St. Louis was first named for vice
president, but declined. Tho platform
adopted Is the shortest on record, con
taining only 350 words.
Tho thousand-mllo relay raco from
New York to Chicago by members of
I ho Y. M. C. A. started on time from
tho city hall In New York. Two
thousand boys, each to carry tho mes
sage from Mayor McClellan to Mayor
Bussc a half mile, engaged lu tho
Gulseppe Alia, tho murderer of
Father Leo Helnrlcbs in a Denver
church, was put to death in the state
prison at Canon City, Col. Ho was
hitter to the last and went to tho
scaffold calling down maledictions up
on the Homnn priesthood.
The Modern Woodmen of America
havo filed a suit in the federal court
at Dc3 Moines to recover $420,755.49
which was on deposit In the First Na
tional bank of Charlton, lown, at the
thno of Its failure. Tho receiver and
tho comptroller of tho curroncy are
madn defendants.
Chairman Hitchcock has arranged
for a Borles of conferences with Re
publican leaders of tho various sec
tions of tho country to map out tho
campaign plans. Tho first meeting Is
scheduled for Colorado Springs July
20 nnd 21.
Tho city council of St. Joseph hns
pissed nn ordinance creating a public
utilities commission over the veto of
Mayor Clayton.
Judgo Dabbs in tho circuit court at
Carthage, Mo., set aside a deed to a
fifth interest in tho Carter estato of
533 acres of valuable mining land
near Webb City, on tho ground that
tho deed was obtained through mls
William II. Taft has been elected a
member of the International Society
of Steam Shovclmcn.
Col. William II. Hosslngton, for
many years one of tho most promi
nent members of tho Kansas bnr and
a powerful forco In politics, died sud
denly at his homo in Topoka. His
daughter found him dead In his library
on returning from a abort automobile
Mrs. Mary Holllday, widow of tho
lato C. K. Holllday, projector of tho
Santa Fo railroad, is dead in Topekn
of old age.
William F. Walker, tho Now Britain,
Conn., absconder, has at last- arrived
in this country from Moxlco. Ho will
be returned at onco to Connecticut
for trial.
Miss Ethel Hoosevelt, second daugh
ter of tho presldont, recently celebrat
ed her eighteenth birthday with a
fancy dress party at Sagaraoro Hill.
John M. Korn was warmly wolcoraed
upon his arrival at IiIb homo In Indian-
npolls by a nonpartisan gathorlug of
citizens. Vice President Fnlrbanka
escorted tho Democratic cnndldato
from his homo to tho public square
and made tho address of welcome.
Thomas D. Jordan, formerly comp
troller of tho Equitable Llfo Assur
anco society,, nnd who wns undor In
dictment In connection with tho Arm
strong Insurance Investigation, dropped
dead In tho subway at New York ro-
Trof Edward O. Frazlcr of tho
Kansas university has resigned to ac
cept a professorship at Rochester uni
versity at Rochoster, N. Y.
Tho Slirlners had 10,000 men In
tholr annual parade at St. Paul, Many
novol effects wero produced by tho
uniforms of tho 3G Arab patrols in
Mr. Bryan will bo officially notified
of his nomination for president In Lin
coln, Neb., August 12.
Whllo trying out a spirited horso
Gov. Fort of Now Jersoy waB thrown
heavily to tho ground and painfully
A non-partisan welcomo was Given
Gov. ami Mrs. Haskoll on their return
from tho Denver convention by tho
citizens of Guthrie
EXCEEDS $151,000,000.
Less Than 500 Institutions Report
Payment of $8,371,748 In
Wages to 13,358 Em
ployes In 1907.
According to tho Nebraska stnte
bureau of statistics 191 manufacturing
institutions In the state last year
turned out finished products worth
$151,28G,92G. This announcement has
been received with considerable snr
prlso by thoso who have been of the
opinion that Nebraska manufacturers
wero insignificant in comparison with
agricultural products. Tho 494 Insti
tutions reporting have a capital stock
of $43,5C9,C75, employ 1:1,358 persons
to whom were paid $8,371,718 In wages
and paid $81,403,998 for materlnl.
Slaughter houses and meat packing is
tho chief nianufacturiit? industry.
Labor Commissioner Ryder In giving
out tho statistical Information for
publication, said:
"Tho grand total value of product
of the almost 500 manufacturing
plants, $151,000,000, in round numbers,
makes a good showing when wo keep
In mind that tho total capital repre
sented Is but $43,500,000 In round num
bers. And the $8,371,7 IS paid out In
wages Is scattered into houses ex
tending almost from boundary to boun
dary of the state."
A Burlington Bridge Man Loses His
J. C. Woodrlng, superintendent of
bridges and master carpenter for the
Lincoln division of the Burlington rail
road, lost his llfo nt tho Platte rlvei
brldgo of that railroad near Fremont,
Neb., nt 11:15 a. in. Saturday. The
breaking of a chain throw him from a
temporary bridge Into the water, 30
feet below. In falling his bond struck
tho edge of a steel bridge girder and
two ugly wounds wore made. He
dropped Into the water, was seen to
como to tho surface about 15 feet
away, face down, and to disappear
again. It was 2:15 p. ru. when the
body was finally taken oul of tho river,
three-fourths of a mile down stream,
aftor tho workmen hnd dragged tho
bottom of tho river for hours.
Protest Over Cattle Dipping.
There Is general Indignation around
Ainsworth, and presumably in the en
tire western part of Nebraska, over
tho enforcement of tho cattle dipping
problem. This Indlgnntlon Is, first,
against an order that requires cattlo
to bo dipped when they do not havo
the dlscaso and bnvo not been ex
posed; second, at tho requirement for
dipping at this tlmo of year the hot
season; and, third, because the dip
ping and tho stato Inspection do not
seem to bo final a government in
spector having to pass on them be
foro they may safely go to market
without risk of being run Into quar
antine. Several head of cattlo nro re
ported to havo died from tho results
of dipping.
Drowning Nerr Snyder, Neb.
August, son of Herman Zahn, was
drowned Saturday evening in the
Pohblo creek near Snyder, Neb. Young
Zahn was fishing In tho company or
several other boys and In somo way
ho fell into tho stream which was
20 feet deep at tho point whoro they
wore fishing. The other boj3 wero
unable to save him. Tho body wa
found Bcevral hours later. Tho boy
was 18 years old and wa3 a son of
Herman Zahn, who wns killed In his
saloon about eight years ago by the
Crowell gang, which was later sent
to tho penitentiary.
Turkish Soldiers Revolt.
It is rumored that 7,000 Turkish
B"ldlers In tho Monastlr district arc
in open rovolt and that 32,000 troops
havo been ordered to tho scone of tho
outbreak. It Is also reported that a
number of officers of tho Third army
corps havo threatened thai unless the
officers now awaiting court mnrtlal on
tho charge of assisting tho "young
Turkey" agitation aro Immediately lib
erated, all tho generals In Macr-isnla
will bo killed and tho army will then
march to Constantinople and demand
tho re-establishment of tho constitu
tion. Schuyler City Hall.
Fully 2,000 or moro pooplo assem
bled Saturday afternoon nt tho site
of tho now city hall nt Schuyler, Nob.,
to witness tho laying of tho corner
stone Good music was given and
good speeches woro dollvorod. Tho
hall Is to bo a $15,000 building nnd
ono of Uio best of Its kind in tho
Boy Plans Foolish Prank.
Phil H. Conlgllo, a 15-year-old Italian
boy, son of a fruit dealor of Lincoln,
Nob., was arrested Saturday, charged
with having tried to wreck a train
botween Ashland and Greonwood. Ho
admits having placed n tlo on tho rails
but denies that ho wlshod to wreck the
train. Ho says ho was walking be
twocn Ashlnnd and Greenwood on his
way to Lincoln when ho took tho
notion to pluco tho obstruction on tho
rails. As a reason for tho deed tho
boy saya: "It was Just baby work,
that Is all I can say about it."