The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, June 26, 1908, Image 8

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Wild Animals and Medicint.
A, writer in tlio Hrltlsh Medical Jour
nal thinks Hint nn Interesting essay
might be written on t lie addition to
medical remedies nmde by nnlinnls. It
1h Bnld Hint It 1h to dogs wo owe tlio
knowledge of tlio fever abating prop
erties of bnrk, while to the hippopota
mus Is attributed tlio iihg of bleeding.
The story ns told In Philemon Hoi
lontl's translation of IMIny Ih ns fol
lows: "Tlio rlticr-Horsc hntli tnught
physltloiiB one deiilco In Hint pnrt of
their profession culled Stirgcrlo, for he
tlndlng IdniHcIf ouer-grosso mid fiit by
reusoii of his high feeding mi contln
nnlly gets forth of the water to the
Hhore, lintiltig spied nfore where the
reeds nnd niRlies hniic bin newly cut.
nnd where he sooth the sharpest cane
titul best pointed heo cts his body hard
on to It to prlcke n ccrtnlno vohio In
one of his legs, nnd thus by letting
himself blond tnnketh cvucuntlou,
whereby his body, otherwise Inclin
ing to diseases mid tnalndles, Is well
eased of the superfluous humor, nnd
hailing thus dono hoe stopped) the ori
fice n gnl tie with mud and so "tnneheth
the bloud nnd healeth the wound."
His Idea of the English.
The follow lug Illustrates Louis Phi
lippe's Idea of Ihiglnud and the Hug
llsli. He one day asked Hugo If ho
had ever been In Ihiglh'd and on re
ceiving u ifgntho reply continued:
"Well, when jou do go for jou will
go you will see how strange it Is. It
resembles France In nothing. 0er
there nie older, arrangement, syuiinc
tiy, cleanliness, well mowed Inwnsand
profound silence on the streets. The
pnssorsby ate as serious and as mutu
as specters When, being Pi ouch and
nllve. you spon la the street these
specters look hack at jou nud murmur
with an Inexpressible inlxtino of grav
ity and disdain, 'i'leneli people!' When
I was In Loudon I was walking arm
in arm with my wife and sister. Wo
weie conversing In a not ton loud tone
of o!cc, Tor we are well bred persons,
jou know, jet ail tlio passorsby, bour
geois and men or the people, turned to
gtre at us. nud wo could hear them
growling behind us: 'Pioueli people!
Pronch people!'" "Memoirs or Victor
Rossini and the Drum.
When Ilnsslnl's "Oica I.tulra" was
performed for the tird time the diutti
In the n;hcstiii not onh ccllod inin'i
comment, hut caused the enemies of
Hie loiiiposcr. whom they denounced
us a "foolMi Inventor of unmusical
novelties," to thieateii IJosslul with
bodily violence. One jnuug man. a
pupil of Holla's, gained admission to
the composer's piesence and declined
that ait had been so violently outraged
by the Invention that lie must kill tlio
offender. He diew n weapon, but con
sented to listen to aiguuieiit. He had
been n soldier, and when the composer
nsked hlni why tlieic should not bo u
drum where theio are soldlets he
Hhenthed Ills knife. "Promise tue,
though," lie said, "that you will put
no drums In your futuie music" Kos
slnl promised, but forgot.
The Retort Courteous.
A joutig in. in in a huiry went
tlirough the left side of a pair of
HWlnglng doors In the senate whig of
the capltol at Washington last session
and almost knocked over a senator
who was about to push tlirough the
light side.
The jouug man apologized profusely.
"I'm very sorry 1 didn't know I was
1 am In a great hurry."
"That's all light, son," said the sen
ator. "Hut let me give jou u pleco
of advice about going tlirough doors
like these. Always go tlirough on the
light side nnd turn to the light Then
if you meet anybody coming through
mid bump into hltn you needn't npolo
clze. He'll be n dtirned fool, and It
won't be necessary. Good morning."
Saturday Evening Post.
Greatly Underestimated.
"Hobby," asked Ills Sunday school
teacher, "do you know how many dis
ciples there weie?" The little boy
promptly said that he did and answer
ed, "Twelve." Then ho went on,
"And I know how many Pharisees
there were too."
"Ycs'in. There was Just one less
than there was disciples."
"Why, how do you know that? it Is
nowhere stated how many Plini l"eos
there were."
"I thought everybody knew It." said
Hobby. "Tlio Hlhle sajs. 'Hewato of
the Meven of the Pharisees,' doesn't It?"
Youth's Companion.
The Grandest.
"What is tlio grandest thing In the
universe?" asks Victor Hugo. "A
Htorin at sea," lie answers nnd contin
ues, "And what is grander than a
storm nt ea?" "The unclouded heav
ens on a stai r.v, moonless night."
"And what Is grander than tlieso mid
night skies?" "The soul of man" a
Hjiectncular climax such ns Hugo loved
and still, with all Its dramatic effects,
the picturesque statement of n vast
nnd HUbllmo and mighty truth.
WJgwng I believe there's n tinge, of
Insanity In nil religious enthusiasts.
Ilenpcckke Y'esj tnko the. Mormons,
for Instance. Any mnn that wants
more thnn ouo wlfo is plumb crazy.
riillndelnhln Hccord. . -
London In 1704.
In 1781 M. Lit Combo publlalied n
book entitled "A Picture of London,'
hi which, Inter nlla, he sajs, "Tlio
highroads thirty or forty mi.i round
London nro filled with armed highway
men and footpads." This una then
pretty true, though the expression
"filled" is boniewhat or tin txaggera
Hon. The medlcnl student of fifty or
more years ago seems to have been an
ticipated in 1781, for M. I.n Combe tells
us that "the brass knockers of doors
which cost from 11! shillings to l. sh.i
lings, are stolen at night If the inal.l
forgets to unscrew them." a precaution
which seems to have gone out of Msl.
M. La Combe In another puit or his
book exclaims: "How nro you changed,
Londoners! Your women nro become
bold, Imperious and expensive. Hank
rupts and beggars, coiners, spies and
lufortners, lobbers and pickpockets
abound. Tlio baker mixes nluin In his
btead. The brewer puts ophtti and
copper filling In his beer. The milk
woman spoils her milk with snails."
The Blood Red Banner.
Itoyal and national colors vary with
nations and times, but since Cain slew
Abel blood led has been the sign of le
volt. In tile earliest tevolt known to
history, when the Persians roe against
their Mug -1,000 years ago, they wcio
led by ti blood led banner, and during
the i lots which to k place In Pails the
men In tlie iilooit rod caps were mi
lowed by the mob. A blood red ll.ig
waved over Hunker 1 1 lit when the
Americans rotight for liberty, nnd It
was the emblem or the German peas
ants In their gieat uprisings in 1 11! I.
1 Ib'j nnd 1.VJ3. Wood red was the col
or of tlio trades union flags during the
middle ages, and It framed the back
ground of the emblem of the Swiss
confederacy In 13K". Tlnoiigh the
whole of Prcneh and every other na
tional history those striking In their
own wajs for liberty have worn the
blood red cap and hailed the blood ictl
r banner as their loader. It Is a curious
fact that never has a monarch chosen
It as Ids color. London Answers.
Naive Lying.
A police of New Yoi I., discuss
ing the case of a policeman found
guilty of protecting gambling houses.
"The man lied too naively in defense
of his Innocence. He was like a car
pouter eiuplojed by a newspaper friend
of mine My newspaper Iriiiid wiltes
a good deal ill home, and. Ins Niiidj
being uet to the nnisory. the chil
dren's noise disturbed iilm, and lie cm
plovcd a carpenter to make the wall
sound proof between the two looms.
'I'll Vk It all light,' said the carpenter
coiifidcutlj. 'The best tiling to do will
be to line It with slnvlngs.' He com
pleted his Job. then lie called the liter
ary man In. 'She's sound pi oof all light
now,' he said. 'We'll test her.' said the
literary man. 'You stay here.' And.
going into tlio nursery, he called to the
carpenter In the study. 'Can jou hear
nieV 'No. sir; I can't,' was the prompt
reply." New York Tribune.
Was Entitled to Trouble.
Lotil IVlinerston and Sir J. Paget,
who told the story, were walking down
Itoud sheet A man mine up and
salute I I he
How do j on do. Lord Palinerston?"
h. how do? (Had to ee you.
How's the old complaint?"
The stranger's face clouded over, and
lie shook his head. "No better."
"Hear me! So sorry! to have
met jou. (loodby "
"Wlio's vour friend.'" asked
James when the stranger had gone.
"No idea."
"Why, you asked hltn nbout his old
complaint." Saw Thins.
"Pooh, pooh!" replied the other un-1 Oculist (trj lug various glassos)-llow
concernedly. "The old fellow's well j0 (,v 0olc now? See them any bet
over slty; bound to have something j (cr? ,.t Wuninore-Well, the gicen
the matter with him." London Globe. , KrMH-t. 0an shoe Ilrsh rate, but that
The Archbishop Won.
Dr. Whatelj. some time aichblshop
of Dublin, mice had an encounter with
a jouug aid do camp, and the piimato
emerged victor At dinner the soldier
asked tliis singular question, "Docs
your grace know ihe illffeionce be
tween an :irclihMinp and au ass?"
"Sir, I do not," answeied Dr. Whately.
"One wears tlio cioss on his miter and
the other wears It on ids back!" o
p'. lined the tactless otlker. "Do jou
know tlie difference between au abi
de camp and an ass':" asked the aich
blshop calmly In letuin. "No, jour
grace. I do not." was the icply. "Nei
ther do I!" said his gran-. LIveipool
Greeley's Writing.
Dining the e.uly part of the nine
teenth lent.iry tlie bad writ lug of great
men beuime almost a hjwoid in fact.
poor writing was considered by some i
I P"ple as almost a sign of genius.
Horace Giooley was such a poor writ
er that his correspondents were some
times obliged to guess at Ids meaning,
it Is related that a repoiter on the New
York Tribune w ho received a letter
from Greeley discharging liliu present
ed it as a letter of recommendation to
tlio editor of another paper.
The Spoor.
"I'm gunning for railroads,"
nnunccd the trust buster.
"Then come with me," whispered the
near humorist. "I can bIiow jou some
of their tracks." Soutliwcstetn's Hook.
Tombs of the Patriarchs.
No spot lit nil Palestine Is so jealous
ly gunrded ns the liaram or stared
nrcn built nbovo the enve whcie. ac
cording to trndltlon, He burled the
bodies of Abraham and Sarah. Isaac
and Itobeccn. Jacob and Leah. This
haratn Is Inclosed within a double
wall, au outer one of Arab workn an
ship, dntlng from the fourteenth cen
tury, and an Inner very massive one
with many buttresses, which compe
tent nuthorltlcs it ft Ihe to the days of
the Herods. No Christian or Jew Is,
except by very special permission, al
lowed within these walls. The most
Hie "unbelievers" may ordinarily do Is
to ascend from the street to the sev
enth stop on one of the staircases lie
twceii the w fills. At n spot near the
t 'ir is a stone with a hole in it, down
which, It is said, a long Hcdouln lance
can be tin list Its whole length without
tcndil'g any obstruction. This, the
.lews l.elleve. teaches to the sacred
cave Itself, and In Its neighborhood
they .isseuiLife every Prhhiy to liiouiu
anil piaj. us they do before the wall
of th it other liaram the temple aie.i
-In Jerusalem. Philadelphia Ledger.
Hercules' Labors.
The twelve labors of Hercules were:
To slay the Neinean Hon; to kill the
Lernean hjdia: to catch and hold Hie
Aicadlan stag: to destioy the Hrytnun
thiaii boar: to cleanse the stables of
King Augeas; to destroy the cannibal
birds of Lake Slyniplialus: to capture
the Cretan bull; to catch Hie horses of
IHouiedes; to get possession of the
girdle of HIppoljte. queen of the Ama
zons; to capture the oxen of the mon
ster licrjmi; to get possession of the
apples of the Hesperides nud to brlug
up from the Infernal legions the three
headed dog Cerberus.
Tlio Irresponsible Child.
Small Hoy moth hit: the Phi P.eta
i Kappa kej hanging fiom tlio minis
! ter's watch chain) Did jou find it
, again, or is this another?
i Minister-Why. my little man, what
i do you mean? 1 never lost It.
Small Hoy-Oh. mother said you had
loot the charm jou laid when jou were
young. Judge.
led cl'iiliaut an' the purple 'potamus
Ftlll look kinder-kinder blurred.
"What made jou kick Jlmpson?"
"Ho called me an ass."
"Oh. well, kicking Is a characteristic
of asses, but I shouldn't think jou'd
want to contlrin Jlmpsnu's statement
so quickly." - London Telegraph.
Why It Was There.
Auntj Tommy, I put three pies In
here jesterday, and now there Is only
one. How is that? Totniiiy-Please, It
was so dark, aunty, i didn't see that
one! - Punch.
Too Healthy.
"Do you believe that mosquitoes car
ry malaria?"
"Not tlie mosquitoes around heie,"
answered Parmer Corntossel. "They
couldn't possibly do It and be so
health j" Washington Star.
Persistency is tho road to success.
The only known exception to this rule
Is the enso of a hen sitting on n china
egg i:chnnge.
Prevent the Slips.
"A mini who loves Ills hind for.ilves
his brother's slips."
"A man who loves his Mud doesn't
have occasion to. Ho puts ashes on
his pavement." Haltlmnre American.
At Red Cloud, Neb.
High Grade Pianos
Albright Bros.
n Unsecured u';j,.
Though pawnbn ki i i.h- not r.
posed to liuv Ktij frauds, o.i.j . t
ers, Hiere Is n stmj l tool in Ne-
Yoi't that shows tint t a j m)h,..; .,.
stretch their i tiles '.( fie light in..i.
comes along. A lo.tnlu i.n-lng in in
had been having a verj liaid nikmI; or
luck. If thole weie t wciitj-oite horse
In the race, his Hud e would nevei In
better than No. 'jn I .ualij his i utn.'.i
was all goiu : also it I f hl i gotlalie
pioperty. When he had pei-t his list
dollar for'M, he tinned into the
pawnshop whole nil his valuables were
being caied for, and thej iiiuouiited to
"I'd like to have .$.m) on this," hr
said to the proprietor, lajiug down an
ordinary lead pencil on theounter.
Without a change of countenance, the
pawuliiiiker made out a ticket and
pasvf.i i ho money over the inuiitei.
Right theio the lining man's for
tunes seemed to change. K cry one of
his scIim tloiis provid au o.mj vvIiiiic
and. as he pushed his luck, lie win
able at the cud of the week to le.leein
his pencil and all his other v.ilunb.os
New Yolk Olobo.
A Doubtful Guarantee.
The Arabs and. Indeed, all Moslems
have the practice of re-enforcing prom
iscs bj adding to their word or honor
the Arable phrase lnshallali ("Please
God") How much meaning It con vojc
in some lands of the cast Is told In the
pages of "In .Moorish Captlvlly."
'1 lie pious proviso is a very useful
formula to the Moors and Is fteqiientl.v
used in making promises Unit tlfj
have no Intention whatever of keeping,
as they can then take refuge behind
the Almighty when tliej are ta.ed
:th their bleach or faith.
'I here is a story told of a man win
i . i a shop In Gibraltar and who
knew the wajs of the Moor. To him
one day came one of the fallbfnl, who
was desirous of buj lug some cloth.
On being Informed that Hie price was
jf'J a j'ard, payment In sixty dajs. In
"All right. I will take so mm h au 1
will pay jou In sixty day. lnshallah"
"No," Mild the vender, "the pi Ice Is
if-', payment In slxtj days. Kor slxt.v
dajs, lnshallali, tw price Is $'-'.r.ii."
The Bible's Good Use of Words.
The Hlble as a standard for the cor
rect use of words has Ikjcii uiged upon
readeis by Professor Louusbiiry of
Yale, wilting In Harper's Magazine
"Make up jour mind." says Professor
Louusbiiry, "that Hie Hlble Is a guide
to be followed grammatically ns much
ns It Is morally. The language of our
version belongs to the sixteenth ten
tuty It theiefoic naturally contains
expressions which, though proper at
that time, are not In nccoid with Hie
common usage of our day. When It
was oilglually translated, which was
generally the lelatlve pionouli lefer
ling to pel sons Hence we say. 'Our
Pailier which att In heaven.' More
than tills, the subtle distinction found
In the employment ol shall and will
had not then become established In the
language Hut these do not nffect the
conectness of Its piocedure in regaul
to expiesslons still met with every
where. In such cases accept Its au
thority without question and conform
jour practice with it."
He Saw.
"Per 2 cents." Mild the boy with the
dirty fine, "I'd hunch jo down:"
"Here's de l cents," said tlio boy
with ragged trousers, tossing the ioIiis
at Ids feet and squaring off belliger
ently. "Now coino on nn' try It, durn
j el"
"Wot's de use?" rejolued the other
'joy, picking them up and bncklng
way. "Ain't no sense In Itnockin' a
feller down w'eu je Un git do mini
out'n 'Im widout doln' It. See?" Chi
cago Trlbuue.
Red Cloud.
l!ed t loud played ball with llertrn !
at Holdrcgo Thursday afternoon n.n'
won the game by a score 0 to 2. ''Ji
boys will ecitainly liave a rcputnt u
as fast ball players in the western pa -t
nf this state
IWItK is llEMEF roit WOMEN
Mother fJrny. n nnrf o In New York iliicov( re d
hii iiHiniHllc. jileinnt lifil) rare for women s
UN called AfsTltAMAN I.KAK. It Is the o ,
certain regulator Cures female weaknpeH
mill liHtkHche. kidney. bladder nni) lull ,ir
tru ilili'K At nil (IniKKMo or ly mall AOcvii'
sample l'lti:i: Address The Mother Urn) I
U-ltuj.N Y
Farm or Business
(or Halo. Not particular about location
Wl'li to liFur from owner only who
will ell direct to buyer. Give price,
description and Mate when possession
can be had. Address,
L DARBYSHIRE, Box W99 Rodurftr, N. T-
Weather Report.
Tlie instrumental readings are f-i .-.
government standard instruments ex
posed In the manner recommended 1 j.
the chief of the weather burenn:
5 iTvmp'iHt'rt ? S xr
111 SI M I .111 ' M Ivur
-1I '.'I CO Ml 8 Clear
21 til 73 .0 . bW ( Iim
-"J tl"i t" SI SW (Jim
:' I SI Ml SS SW flue
n sa :.: .in sw cw
:' Hi M) I 10 I SB I i lent
Very lespcetfully,
him' W. I'.kis. Chan s. Lmm.ow,
Co-Operative Observe
Order to Show Cause.
Wtb-ler Coiuil. , la tht Lo inty
At ii CoiiiiI) I'ourt hetil nt the Count) ( . .
room In mill for nalil lolinl) Wiilncln. J e
lUth A. I) U
la tho matter of Iho cttHlu of Jul n Olfoi (It
On rt'iulliiK mill lllliiK the jictlilon of
Ols-un IIU'il on Ihe lUth iIhv uf .Iuih' .. ) i i
iinij.nK fur the cxnniliiHtloii ami nlkmniiii. .'
IiIk Until iKcounl ot tho amp date, n limit '
iishlKiiineiit of the lain) IicIoiikIiik to nui! i
tHte to the mthiii enlllUwl to liie kudc nv o
tier illitrilmtliiK Ihe ickIiIiic ot ierounl o' it.
ami tlicroupnn nn orilcr illcharKliiK twin f- i.
fnrlhi-i linnleii anil Ktn Ice In IiIh miM rllu - i i
Onlurcil, thnt Ihutnlny, the Jml ilrv ( f '
A.I) lliS al one o'clock in. Is iitlKiinl I
hrarlin: khIiI tstltloii when all dl'ikoi.h i t
eMeil ill all nialler may aiinar at a Co
Court to he held In ami for kuIiI county i-'t
MiinvraiisiMvlir jiraver of )etliloncr fhnulil . t
I'O uranle 1 ; ami that notice of the icnUm y of
nld I'tllllon ami Ihe lirarinK thereof le fwi,
io nil pctnoiis lntercti'il In satil matter hv i it.
llr-hltiK ii ropy of this onlcr la tho KnlC juI
Chief a vnekly nev)nier printed In sM
loiint, for llirec roiiHTiitlre weckf prior to
Mild day of liei r l)K '.'I .
iai 1 I W. Kilos Count) J. iU
Annual Estimate of Expenses and Report
of Revenues Received.
The follow Ihk Ih ihe annual eMlniRie of a
lieiiTinf 'ho iirotmhlu amount of inontv nut
tan for nil nr(iM'!i to lo nilscd in ilu "edj c '
lied ( loud, .Nihrakka, duriliK the cieumt, I "nl
Kor iillietrt- mlarles . 1l- '0
Kor NtrmiH and iillcyn . 1 w ou
Kor HtlKation ... to ni
Kor Miiillcnniiil priiililiK .. MO jo
Kor uiauituiiatiLO of water vvorLa S Mi ft)
Korlnltrvkton iMilir honils ... I OCO txi
Kor Itilcrt'tfl on electric Unlit hoiulu n no
I'or coiitliiRcnt mid liicliUiitnl ozpeiucs rn. m
Kor JildKincut fund . . C 1 m
Kor btrcit IIkIiIIiik ... I.-JX Cli
Kor malniciiHiirc of electric IIrIU work M on
Total jn mo io
Tho following Ih ii htatomeut of tlio entire rti
enneh of nM cltj of lt(d Cloud for the pan tu
cal jerr:
Collected on general fund ll,i.W) Id
OictlpAllou tax collected . 4.C61 on
Collrr ted on water fund
.. 2. Ifr". (K,
Klectrlo IIkIU fund collected . ,
Water levv tund collected
l'.lectrlc ItKht levy collected ...
JiiilKmeni fund collected
Approved June nth. tuns.
.. H.(i.' "ii
.. I.ll.'i CO
. 1.IKIU)
. S5 LSI
ti,i.-2: !s
J. O. CAbDWni.b, Mayo
Attcht! I., u. Fort, City Clerk.
) -
T .