The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, May 08, 1908, Image 2

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    . tXTK-
?sd Cloud - - Nebraska.
'-VN, A-
''V" 'N've
Gifts if Weddings, Birthdays
itrci lu tho I'oitofllce nt Itcd Cloud, Nob.
h& Second (.'last Matter
f. Nuwiiouse
Chief of Police Fears Twenty Others
Arc Still in the Ruins Thirteen Arc
Seriously Injured Hotel Register Is
Consumed by the Fire.
Foil Wayne, IiwI.. May 4. El" ven
t siivji deaJ, M.any niKsluj; and thir-
ku -erlously ;njtticd m the r silt of
i;r that il'.iti(i.M,(l tin' :i' w Avelino
.-"J. Fort Wayne's piincipul bos
- .. nt cm e.itly liotir. ( hi"l ot I'nllco
ii:r. enbiucl: said ho Ixlicvod twenty
S-r-t' - were otill lit the ruins.
f... fisMi" intoiior of the building
j, .. .smoM":!ng heap ot ltilns, and
: many dojd ate (oiuoaled b the
: '- ran u'" be coujectuto-l The
?'-! reght"; was consumed b the
v.- ;ind lh ,s tto aentiate means
:.'Jeimiitlf4 who It iiilsslng
'J l-e IsiKiwt. dead ate: It. ii lolmson
J '.urn. 111.. M. I Mi. -It of New Voik,
.' !' Miller at Whtbuygail. .1 E Kills,
j c-tiian. C'lirago; W. A. I'.ttlioi
j'.'-mai'. IV I U'a.utr; .1. V polin.
i:e ii!i:j. I'l'f'.ub'lphia; thice unidtii
t!'i men a:ii one woman
J 'if known : .'.liis: I'iniih Master, at
'jricy, Atilivu. Iinl ; E 15 Alty (if
' Jy'iash, Chvlo IMvJaiuin, salesman.
it. '.tit: Mi) Satah ll.tthnw.iy and
-wMjianlon al Mlslinv. l.a, Ind.; It S.
.ri'jli' of Dullieil, Te.
The complete destitution of the in-
1 -rior of the hotel makes the work of
jveerlne: lu lien u dlfllrtilt task. A
.wfijjMl heap of charred wood. btlcks
v0 twisted tilulfiii is piled up bo
seen the hare walls to the second
. -ory. Piece by piece this must bo re-
noted before the toll of the dead can
o roninleted Soi.i" of the bodies
alyu oa' ar. mangled and charted
'vttd recognition Infantry com
jay I) unit buttery i: of the National
Vwird re on duty and aiding the
jire and police lottos to tb'ar awuy
K d'iiu
Started in Early Morning.
The 111" disc-in e.od at )-'M a. m.
tii bi olfi'iitnr shaft bv Niuht C'loil:
lloti Hooliius. lie i usliPil to the nil-' s'x
) er floors akumiug the guest until
lie Jlam ., which had spread with an-
-vailing rapidr.. tfrous liiui bad, Hid
f L-j is, however, saved many lives.
fue liotel wa. elected half a ccntuty
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plete and freshest lines of the newest creations of the
silversmiths' art. An exceptionally nice line of Silver
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Berry Sets-Tea Sets-Compotes
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. . . - i i i - - -
,T..' .".::: ," '." ?: i out on
their retieat wete able to inauo iiihi
way to the Hie etapt. an I mj vie
saved with runipaiatie cube. Soon
the Unities inoke ltoiu the windows
and cuileil about the Hie escapes.
Some of the moie hnuly ones braved
the llaiues and made their way
thiciiRh fainoUe and Hie bnvn the it on
htaii ways.
The Avelinc hotel was a slx-at y
building of brlcl;, in the bu.sine (en
ter of the city, its election was be
gun In 1832, but it was not complete!
until several years later. In 18f3 th"
building was extensively leinodeled
and two stoile.s were added. The ho
tel and furnishings were valued at
'.jiai'liM Utissy unit t a !':;. o. ' v- -;
At the heiiffh otllie it wa- vain mat
the authoiitics had obtained no clow
as ct which might aid in traelm; the
men imolved in the plol to blow up
th? tiain.
Lives in
and Firemen Risk
Work of Rescue. l
New Yoik, May I. An early morn
ing lite in a l'our-stoiy brick tenement j
150 and the woodwork was dry as tin-, u J
1i-- fl hi.rn.wl liln, iiiiililivvftii.l unit CailSCll
xi. iliiin u few minutes from 'the time
'je tiro wus diicovoieil the whole in-
'esrlor of thy hotel was a mass of
'ijaznttsi that tilled the touldois and
'Ootes wi'h suffocating clouds, of
mok tun! laid fiery barriers across
i? rwi'ini of est ape, nave by the win-
Kjv. Tho (Ire depaitment lepcued
ninay by means of ladders, but t-onie,
tjicoirled bv tlio oiiwaul nisli of the
;t.vnei, leaped fioni high windows to
iVw: p,i''d stieet Tt. S. .loliuson of
ivma, It
Jltsbt'Jy 'iiick a baltony and bound
vS fr uiin t'.e street, lie was a
t'oahtji and bleeding mass when
jitOcM nt'. and died a shoit time later
n. sit Ji ..'pb . hospital.
s ii' ilann'i ini'i eased, men and
wlmi wi'ti' -een 111 the windows of
5?fij -(!-.. vheie tlie wibll.v im
il-iied !i-'ipa Tboso who uot fioni
Humboldt street, Brooklyn,
the death of six persons and
the serious Injury of four others.
Every member of one family, con
sisting of a mother uud four children,
aio among the dead. There were many
tin Ming rescues by police and Hie
men and it was due to their biave
woik that the death list was not
larger. A half dozen or more per
sons who weie trapped in the upper
stotics were saved by jumping into
life nets The financial loss is $10,000.
The dead aie; Mrs. Dora Abiams
Known Dead Number Eight,
Culcapo, May I - -The flnillnar of an
other body in th. ittins of t'.n- Cbiiimo
Kiiluction (Diupauy's plant at Thutv
ninth and lion stivet . which was
wrecked by an explosion and tiie.
makes the list of known dead eight
, Tho body was identified as that of
J William l.enze, a WeUhman. One of
, the bodit- preiously i'toeied was
I believed to be that of l.enze.
Bryan Introduces Lecturer.
Lincoln. May ;. Profe.--or John V.
Lloyd of Cincinnati deliwiod a lecture
heie last night, under the auspice.; of
the Lincoln Medical college, on "An
Evening in the Orient." He Wh. in
tioducd by William J. ltryan, who ie
lated their expediences in quarantine
nt Suez, two years ago this month.
Mr. Bryan and Mr. Lloyd met at that
time and weie companions in forced
exile for several days.
jumped fioni the llfth story, t '' auu -airie. aiiiih ami v mines.
1 Aoiaius; .mis. Jennie t.oueu.
Three Dead In Butte Wreck.
Untie, Mont.. May I. tlcorge IChle,
fireman of the Hurliugtou oeilaud
limited, the tiain which was Unamlt
ed b bandits uai tliis city, is ibail.
This makes tin I'i'id latality ol th"
wreck the other tun b!n:: Englii',er
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monument by that time. Come and
see us early as it takes time to prop
.erly finish a monument. Wc have
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Wall Paper, Paints a.nd
Contractor for
4. 1
brand paints. Hell phone 2q6. S
Papering, Painting and Interior Dec
paper hanging a specialty. Acme
Hell phone 2q6.
1 1 ii Ml
I V I li
w w f
ing Bros. & Co,
Artistic Monuments.
440-446 N. Webster. RED CLOUD, NEBRASKA.
Kearney Can Advance 'Phone Rates.
Lincoln. May 5. By a liiling of
Stato Railway Coutnils.sioner Williams,
the Kearney Independent Telephone
company is permitted to advance its
piesent lates of service. The i tiling
sets a precedent lu that it is the Hint
time such a concession haa been
granted slmo the lonimisslon assumed
juilsdirtion over the telephone lines.
Shoots Self Through Heart.
Harvard. Neb.. May ." II. O Fletch
er, manager of the brokeiage house of
II E. (ioocIi &. Co. of Liniolii, is dead
at his home heie, as a result of a guu--hot
wound through the heait, thought
to be self inflicted III wile louud
him tMng on hi ii-tuiu home No
cnu-e is known
L. H. Korty Resigns.
Omalm, May '2. Louis II. Korty, for
twenty-one yea is superintendent of
telegiapli lor the Union I'aciile system,
has 1 1 signed on account of ill health
J. IJ. Hheldon, who has been manager
of the headquarters' telegraph ofllce.
has been piomoted to succeed Mr,
Spoiled Their Waltzing.
In her memoirs Mine. lu llolgne
ghes smile Interesting glimpses of
Englisli social life, l'or instance, s!ie
"In 1S10 no youns English lady ven
tured lo waltz. The Duke of Devon
shire relumed from a lour in Germany
nntl observed one evening at a large
ball that a woman was never seen to
better nd vantage than when waltzlug.
I do not know whether he was anx
ious to play a trick, but he repealed
this assertion several limes. It was
passed from uioulh lo mouth, and at
the next ball all the youiitf ladles were
waltzing. The duke admired them
greatly, said that It was delightful and
gave proper animation to a ball. Ho
then added carelessly thai lie, at any
rale, had decided never (o marry a
lady who waltzed, it was lo the
Duchess of Itlchmoiiil and at Carlton
House that he saw tit lo make this
revelation. The poor duchess, the most
clumsy of matchmaking mammas, near
ly fell off her chair with horror. Sho
repealed the statement to her neigh
bors, who passed it on, and consterna
tion spread from seat to seat. The
yjiy.ujr ladles continued lo waltz with
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WM. WOLFE. Secretary.
cicnr consciences. The ola laujcs weie
furious, but the unfortunate dance was
concluded. Before the end of the even
intj thy good Duchess of Blchmoud
was able to announce that her daugh
ters fell an objection to waltzing
which no persuasion of lieu could ever
overcome. Some few girls of more In
dependence continued to waltz, but the
majority gave It np
The beil reading- is what suits our
temperament, mood or season of life.
We leave Longfellow and Sscotl at
sixteen, Bjroii at nineteen; Shelley
and contemporary poets occupy us
when we come of age, and subsequent
ly we settle down to Wordsworth till
we die. London Outlook.
"St. Louis doctor sets sixty crazy
women to shopping as a cure,' she
rend I'tom the paper.
".S'poso when the. can shop all dn.
without buying anything he'll ie0ard
them as cured," he commented.
Her only rejoinder was a look of
contempt.-Philadelphia Ledger.
Netlce u Creditors.
in thu matter of tin estuto of Jiiuhuvl
l m. ir, in.'Ut.llH.-'J.
NoilcoMitriNyKlvi'ii ( nil persons linvini!
ulRltn iiiiij rJuniuicN uxhIiiM ttic i-tHte of
ItiR'tii'tl K. t.oul-. Inloitf WebMer pouiilr.ilo
ceased, imii me time iixeil fur illlnc clulmH
i iinnlii'-t-HiiJ t'.uto Ishix mouths from the Ifitli
, day of Mu. KiJ
.Ml Hicl nernjii'. nro rtmilrcil in nr.i. ihM
cliihif. lili tlie voui'liprN totln fount .Tudco
ot nld i eouuty. At IiIh oillre tlit-rtlu. on or i,efte
tho Mhdnj of NotoiMbiT. IWs; uiiil nil cUImM
bo llll u 1.1 beticird before the khIi! JikIro on
thu lOlh cJrty of November. lOn.S, nt one oY-lock
P. in.: iiml that thu ndmitiihiriitor is allow cd ono
jurfi-imiheA,riJdiiy of April, tftiH. in wlitcli
to pn thtdftii-ullowed ufiitlnst Mild csiHteitnil
suttlothcaiiip l.W i:umi.n,c.'oiiiiI .liulce.
l-. i . E. I'. Ovcimiiu, nitoriic fur phtnuj.
17 -j
Morton I- Hill, of Lebanon. Iud i,rs; "My
lfe Iir1 InllKmnmtory Hheumrttlim' In every
muscle and o!ut, her bnireilns wan terrlbl,
and her bod and face wero swollen alrnon be
yond recoKOltloiii had been In bed sl weoki
and bad e'tzht iiliMelani, but rccclvod no
benefit until the tried Or DetehouMitlief lor
Hhenraatlnn. It Rave Immediate rolloi aad
she wl blc to wnlk about In three days i am
sure li saved her life." Sold by II. S. OrJco,
nniRL-lst.ltctl Cloud,
s i