The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, April 24, 1908, Image 4

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Not a drop
or jico
Doctors prescribe very little, if
any, alcohol these days. They
prefer strong tonics and altera
tives. This is all in keeping
with modern medical science.
It exolains why Aycr's Sar-
saparilla is now made entirely
free from alcohol. AsK your
doctor. Follow his advice.
Wo publish our formula
Wo banish nlcohol
w from our modlolnos
Wo urge you to
oomuii your
Unless there is daily action of the bow
els, poisonous products are absorbed,
causing headache, biliousness, nausea,
dyspepsia. Wc wish you would ask youf
doctor about correcting your constipation
by taking laxative doses of Aycr's Pills.
Mad by th J, C. Ayer Co., Low oil, Mais.
net returns farmers are receiving
where, by reason of their location,
they are obliged to sell through cream
buying agencies rather than to a local
It is requested that all farmers will
ing to assist the Department of Agri
culture in securing information on this
point will mail to the department at
their earliest convenience a report of
the net price per pound received by
them for butter fat for eaeli month
during 1007. If original statement
slips giving price per pound can bo for
warded, these will be copied and re
turned upon request.
Correspondence should be addressed
to the Dairy Division, United States
Department of Agriculture, Washing
ington, D. C H. A. I. 1'ress Bulletin
No. 11, department of agriculture.
In the vicinity last week and repaired
an organ for Dave Fishel.
Mrs. Minnie Killough was up to
Lawrence recently and stayed a week
and took her daughter, Mrs. Annie
Walsburg's place In the restaurant,
while she took a trip to South Dakota.
creek only
Farmers Receive High Prices For Dairy
There are approximately (5,000 cream
fries in the United States, making a
total of 500,000,000 pounds of butter
annually. The average net price per
pound paid farmers for butter fat
ranged from 4 to 5 cents higher in,
1007 than in 11)00. This would Indicate
au increased return of 20 to 3.r million
dollars to the patrons for the, year just
An interesting thing about the cream
ery business is the fact that 1,800 of the
0,000 creameries are co-operative plants
and the number of co-operative cream
eries is constantly growing. The
greater number of creameries that
liave goue out of business for one rea
son or another in tho past few years
have been tho individual creameries,
owned by individuals or corporations.
Something over a thousand cream
eries, mainly in the middle northwest,
have reported the results of the past
year's business to the department of
agriculture. These reports aro nearly
all from sections wliRre the local cream
ery (either co-operative or individual)
predominates. Careful estimates have
been made from these reports which
show that the net price paid farmers
for butter fat at these creameries av
eraged between 23 and 39 cents for tho
year 1007. Tho lowest price paid was
in June, when the average was be
tween 24 and 25 cents.
These prices are true only for the
local creamery, which receives its
eream or mule direct irom tanners
wagons, where there is neither com
mission to pay for buying cream nor
freight or express charges for trans
porting it to the churning plant.
Commission and freight average from
2 to 3 cents per pound. Farmers sell
ing cream to agents who have to ship
the cream to distant churning points
may expect to receive 2 to 3 cents lefas
per pound for butter fat than prices
paid by local creameries
Tho United States department of
Agriculture is desirous of gettiug ad
ditional Information concerning the
We understand that .Tames Franc's
has bought the I'ayne farm in Smith
Joseph Iturgess is going to have a
sale next Saturday, comm ncing at
one o'clock. He will sell houshold
goods and stock.
Mrs. C. K. Smith is in quite poor
health. ,
Mrs. J. A. Mitchell is helping care
for her sick grandson, Master V.
Hutchison near Jlnrr Oak.
Jim Iturgess' baby was sick last
week, but is better now.
Dr. Ilerslmer accompanied Dave
Anderson and son to Kansas City,
where they have gone to consult a
medical specialist for the little fellow.
Karl Morris is moving this week to
Canada, where ho goes to look after
laud owned by Dr. Hershner. He ex
pects to be gone several years. Mrs.
Morris will go as soon as Earl gets a
house built.
Lacli Hutchison and Clarence Klvett
have returned from Texas and think
the country is fine.
Nothing doing on
Mrs. Clias. Oglesvie and Mrs. John
Norrls were calling at Urubakcr's
Clias. Jackson and fabilly of Rose
mont were visiting at A. C. Jackson's
The Easter exorcises at the school
house were good and a large crowd
enjoyed the doings.
Several of our folks are planting
corn this week.
Eveline Fuson of Ord, Nebr., is visit
ing at llrubaker's.
Mrs. Clyde l'nync and Mrs. Vincent
of near Guide Hock were calling on
the creek Saturday.
Frank Person had trouble with his
colts Sunday, trying to drive through
tho creek.
Chas. Itrubaker bought a fine cow
of J. A. Saunders of Cowles. Jim got
Harry Waller and Hill Hailey were
putting up poles on our creek phone
line Fridav. We ought to have a man
to look after our line.
Still dry and warm.
Farmers are waiting for it to rain to
sow alfalfa.
Easter exercises at Eckley church
passed off very pleasantly and quite a
crowd was present.
Henry Shuttc was married recently,
but the ladies' name wc didn't learn.
The little daughter o Chas. Worley,
who has been poorly for some time is
reported worse ut present writing.
Fred Hangert and family are all just
recovering from the small pox. Dr.
Barrett of Lawrence is attending
Mr. and Mrs. II. V. Hubbard of
Guide Rock attended Easter service at
Eckley Sunday.
Mrs. Wm. Rykcr of Guide Rock came
up Tuesday to her daughter's, Mrs.
Chas. Worley's to help care for the
little sick babo.
Frank and Effle noward-and Mabel
Guy of Guide Rock attended Easter
exercises at Eckley church Sunday.
Anna Cook has been having a seri
ous time with the chicken pox and was
quite oick for some time.
Stewart Albright of Red Cloud was
and strictly prohibits
the sale of alum
baking powder
So does France
So does Germany
The sale of alum foods
has been made illegal in Washington and the District of Colum
bia, and alum baking powders are everywhere recognized as
injurious. Tq pr()tect c,f agajnst a,um
when ordering baking powder,
Sap plainly
and be very sure you get Royal.
Royal is the only Baking Powder made from Royal Grape
Cream of Tartar. It adds to the digestibility and whole-
someness of the food.
Nothing manufactured shows
so great an improvement as
Clothing. Each season shows
this more forcibly.
This Spring's line is better than ever.
Glad to show you.
Mrs. Alonzo Halty was quite sick
last week.
Mrs. Garrison served tea for the
Christian aid hoeietv Friday afternoon.
Mrs. Floyd Crow served the M. E.
Aid society "coiTee" at her home
Thursday afternoon.
Mr. and Mrs. W. F. Crowell leave
soon for their new home. Their many
friends are sorry to lose them from
this place.
Chas. Eddy has been moving somo of
his effects to his new home at Inavale.
Mr. and Mrs. Press Reeve and Mr.
and Mrs. George Warrell spent Sun
day as guests of Mr. and Mrs. Emmet
Mrs. E. M. Parker and her mother
Mrs. Cross spent Monday In Superior.
April 21, being the birthday anni
versary of Mrs. Estella Crowell, sever
al of her relatives and friends sur
prised her by appearing with "baskets
of good tilings" a short time before
the dinner hour. It is needless to say
it was a very pleasant occasion.
Wednesday being Arbor day the
school here celebrated the event with
a half holiday and the high school lads
went to Superior for a game of base
ball. Prof. Swisher went to Superior
The last of the week Mrs. Uross re
turned to her home in Kansas. She
has been the guest of her son, Armour
Cross and her daughter, Mrs. E. M.
' The llaptist ladies are well prepared
for work as they have a quilt and car
pet rags to sew. They meet at the
church Thursday 'afternoon April .'to.
Their market will Ve held April 3."i.
Mrs. Schouborg of lloldrege is here
visiting hor sons, Albert and Abe
Schouberg and their families.
W. L. Crowell after getting all ready
to move to Leavenworth decided
Thursday to remain In Guide Hock
and has taken a position witli the
White Hardware Company.
Daniel Diekerson who Is a very old
man is reported as very feeble.
Mrs. Wm. Haldwln and son stavted
for their home at Fairport, Kansas,
Thursday morninir. They made the
trip with team and carriage. Theyj
were Webster county pioneers and had I
been visiting old neighbors and sever
al relutives here. Mrs. Ualdwin is a
daughter of Daniel Diekerson.
Even the ministers of Guide Rock
have taken to fishing.
W.C.T.U. Contest.
The people of Guide Rock wero fav
orably impressed with the high order
of entertainment given by tho W. C. T.
U. ladies at the llaptist church last
Fridav eveninir. ihere were six con
testants in this class, of which Miss
Irene MeGulre was winner. All the
contestants were from Red Cloud.
The music was rendered by a young
ladles quartette consisting of tho
Misses Mabel Winfrey, Pearl Smith,
Nita Argabright and Mildred Fulton,
Miss Pearl Hines played the organ.
After tho program a W. C. T. U. was
organized and the following oiTleers
were elected: Mrs. John Yung, Pres;
Mrs. A. .1. Hayes, Vice Pres; Mrs. I).
Jones, Treas; Miss Helen Pool, Sec.
A great many ladies expressed their
The Clothier.
r i
Try the New Grocer men
They have everything you want in the edible line.
Handle Four Brands of Flour.
O. K. Lebanon at 1.40
White Loaf Amboy at 1.40
High Patent Riverton at 1.40
Imperial High Patent Red Cloud at 1.40
Also have the seeond grades In above brands at,
per sack 1.30
Try a 1Mb. box of Premium Soda Cracker at 51.00 per
box. Try some nice fresh Cabbage or Parnlps, Ruta-
bagas, Onions,
to Johnson & Boner
Successors to Robinson A Burden
Bolt Phone No. 4.
Rural Phone No. 62.
;&SE, fe
Vt.f fmf W mw Ti 0E m 0P mw mT & 1 fcW bm ml mw mmm mW WW
' " l.F.PIT VT VZ VVL V Tfc,tKr,7,Sa7
ivillincmess to tro into tho W. C. T.
.. 0
work and it is expected that this or
ganization will be a strong factor in
the temperance cause in Guide Rock In
the near future.
The Red Cloud people have already
expressed their willingness to put on
another class here in tho near future.
This class is comprised of young ladies,
many of them teachers, and their read
ings will be very line. The last con
test was so pleasing that we suggest
that the next be held in our Opera
House in order to accomodate the large
crowd that is sure to go to hear
Guide Rock Signal.
Letter List.
List of letters remaining uucalh Z
for at postodlco at Red Cloud, Neb.,
for the weok ending April 33, 1908:
Cora Cole, Mr. F. G. Palmer
These will bo sent to tho dead letter
otllce April 27 1903, if uncalled for
before. When calling for above please
say "advertised."
T. C. Hacker, Postmaster.
H WLJmJsm W ire . U
.fen ...M,
purity and wholesomenes
mmmW W Wm riRFAM
-r riMivi
Its active principle re. .a of tar
tar, a pure, liealfr giving fruit
acid, is derived & JleLy from grapes
Poisonous Ingredients ere found In tbe
low-priced baking powders. Their
active principle ts a mineral acid de
lived f join snSpnurlc acid, oil ol vitriol
SroJy Ike label and buy
only baking powder made
Iron cream ol tartar
Nj?gfl Ear I
ER i
mm Mm
'J "' rflA"'"'
4H .w .V!. T
i '.-& 4.&t . jJT,L