The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, April 10, 1908, Image 8

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Commencine Tuesday Morning, April 7th
We have received from a New York suit and skirt house, a special line of the newest and latest style skirts and suits
Tuesday Morning, April 7th, we place them all on sale in onr special Easter Sale at Special Sale Prices. This is without
question the nicest line of skirts ever shown in this city. Every skirt is well made and handsomely trimmed with taffeta
folds, braids and self folds. We invite you to come and see them. We fit all skirts. Alterations when necessary,
made free of charge and fit guaranteed.
85.50 black Panama Skirt, wile price 8 13.75
3.00 Fancy Plaid skirte, Hale price 1.95
?G 00 black Panama Blurts, sale price 4.75
$7.50 shadow stripe Mohair skirts, sale price 8 5.50
$7.50 black Panama skirts, sale price 5.50
$7.50 black Panama skirts, sale price $ 5.50
$7.50 brown Panama skirts, sale price $ 5.50
$7.50 blue Panama skirts, sale price 5.50
$7.50 black Chillon Panama skirts, sale price $ 5.50
&7 nn wliito Pii.iiiiinn. skirts, sale nrice $ 5.50
.,tUH . ......... -- , i
nrice .v
$ (1.00
. ..$ 0.50
. . .$ G.75
. ..$ 7.50
. . .$ 7.50
. ..$ S.50
. . .$ 0.75
. . .$ 0.75
. . .$10.00
7 r,n hiiw.kNt.rinH Panama skirts, sale price .u
7r,n hlnp f!1iifrmi Psm.iinn skirts, sale price $ 5.,'
S7.AO hlii Pnnaina skirts, sale price $ 5.5
Ss.nn new srev Panama skirts, sale price $ (
Special Easter Sale on New Suits
88.50 black Panama skirts, sale price
$8.50 white wool Serge skirts, sale price. . . .
$ 0.00 brown Panama skirts, sale price
$10.50 black Voile skirts, sale price
$10.50 black Voile skirts, sale price
$11.50 blue Voile skirts, sale price
$12.50 black Voile skirts, sale price
$12.50 black Voile skirts, fealj price
SiK.ftO Voile skirts, sale price
$1.J.50 black Voile skirts, sale price j10,0.0
$15.00 black Voile skirts, sale price $10.75
$15.00 black Voile skirts, sale price 10,j5
$15.00 black Voile skirts, sale price $10. 5
$113.50 Ladies' fancy grey suits
$15.00 Ladies' fancy Mohair suits
$18.00 Ladies' fancy Mohair suits
$18.50 Ladies' blue Serge suits
$18.00 Ladies' blk Panama suits
$18.50 Ladies' blk 4l "
$18.50 Ladies' blk " "
$25.00 Ladies' blue stripe Panama suits
$25.00 Ladies' blk Panama suits
$27.50 Ladies' blue Panama suits
8:50.00 Ladies' silk stripe Panama
$ 8 50
...$10 50
...$12 50
...$12 75
...$12 50
...$1 50
...13 50
...$18 50
...818 50
...810 50
,..$21 50
Special Easier Sale New Spring Jackets & Coats
$ 5.00 new plaid Jackets
$ 5.00 blk silk Eton Jackets
$ 5.00 covert Jackets
$0.50 " "
$ 7.00 blk silk Jackts
$0.50 blk " FAon Jackets....
$ 7.00 blk " Box coat
$ 8.50 blk silk coat
...$.) 05
. . . $ 3 75
...8 4 00
...$ 5 00
. ..$ 5 00
...$ 4 75
...8 5 00
...8 0 75
$10.00 blk silk Jacket ? 7 50
$ 0 00 blk Broadcloth Jackets 7 00
$11.50 blk silk Jackets f 8 50
$12.50, 50 in silk Jackets f 0 50
$14.50 blk silk coat H 50
Special Easter sale on New Arbutus cloth, Featliersilk and Heatherbloom Petticoats at 98c, $1,25, 1.35, 1.50, 1.75, 2.0ft
$2.25. Special Easter sale on all the New Springs Waists at from 50c to $5
Special Easter sale on all the new Belts ai 25, 35, 45 and 50c. Special Easter sale on the new long Silk Gloves.
Special Easter sale in our Millinery dept. Newest and latest style Pattern Hats, new Trimmed Hats, and Ready to
wear Street Hats on sale at money saving prices.
Electric Flashes.
A Chicago inventor ba- patented an
electric device fop pocking a cradle.
Krom .statistics recently prepared it
appear that the city of London
uses annually 21.'i, 171,270 kilowatts of
electricity at an average cost of about
10 cents a kilowatt.
Chili is thinking of substituting
electricity for steam on a number of
important railroads. An American
engineer is Hguiing on the project.
In the up-to-date butcher shop the
old hand meat saw is never .seen. In
its stead a small band saw driven by
an electric motor severs the bones in
the leg of mutton, the rib roast or
even the old-fashioned soip-bone.
Heavy electric traction of the future
such as involves the equipment of
large trunk line railroads, will use the
new alternating current electric
motors. The motors are capable of
complete and ctuelent control and are
able in descending grades to return to
the trolley lino tlu energy stored in
the train instead of wasting it in heat
and wearing out the brake shoes. In
other words the motors will be turned
into generators when going down hill
and the current made in this way will
be returned to the line.
The abondoned saw-mill sites, where
the timber lias vanished and put the
mill out of business, tire being over
hauled ami turned into small electric
plants by groups of farmers for power
or even to light small villages.
One of the most valuable possessions
in this world to-day is a stream of
water capable of development into
electrical power. Streams which will
produce a steady and permanent supply
of electric horse-power to any amount
are better than a gold mine.
One of the geniuses employed by the
(ieneral KlectricCompanv has invented
a device which will put nn end to the
nefarious work of the incandescent
light bulb thief. It is the custom, in
larger cities, to steal the new light
bulbs from the hotels and public places
and resell or exchange them for drinks
in the cheap saloons. The new device
consists of a socket and a key. After .
the new lamp has been screwed in the
socket it cannot be unscrewed without
the key. The bulb vwll turn around
but will not come out. i
An Knglish electrician gets the credit
for devising a way to ripen bananas by
electricity. The fruit is hung in an
air-tight glass case in which there are
a number of electric lights. The atti
licial light and heat hasten the ripen
ing process in proportion to the num
ber of lights turned on.
The three leading electrical manu
facturers of this country consumed
111,000,000 pounds of copper during
the fiscal year just closed a decrease
of 0,000,000 pounds for the year lUOii-7.
Of this enormous figure the (ieneral
lUcetric Company consumed the most
of the metal or 05,000,000 pounds
The Western Electric came second
with the consumption of 18,000,000 lbs.
There arc 81 ."i miles of electric rail
way in Canada, with a capitalization
of f 75, 105, 170. The province of Ontario
has 102 miles of track; Quebec has 108
miles; the maritime provinces 71 miles
and the far west 101 miles. In 1007
the gross earnings were 812,035,005
and the operating expenses S7,7.17,252.
Portland, Maine, is to be supplied
with electricity obtained from the
tides. Land has been secured n
either side of lllack Hay and it is esti
mated that 25,000 electrical horse
power will be generated, enough to
i light the entire city, furnish power for
the street railways and supply a nuui-
' ber of manufacturing plants.
The sliced of submarine telegraphy
i is illustrated by the fact that five
I minutes are usually sufficient to cover
a complete buying and selling opera
tion between the London Stock Kx-
j change and Wall Street. The distance
between these two points is about
4,000 miles and it takes the message
less than a minute for the journey.
An Anglo-Japanese company with a
capital of 55,250,000 will develop sever
al large water-powers in the southern
' part of the empire. Work on one of
27,000 electrical horse-power and an
other of 8,000 horse-power will be
started this year. A third water-power
of 00,000 horse-power will be -tni-tod
The Missouri Pacific system in Kan
sas will employ telephones instesU of
the telegraph in its railroad work.
m m
Treusseau Gowns
"Trousseau gowns are lovlier than
ever," siys the fasion editor of 1 he
Woman's Home Companion, "but as
they have iucrcascd in beautv, they
have lessened in number. Very Jew
' brides of to-day, no matter how iash
I ionable they may be, order a trousseau
1 consisting of a great number of cos
1 tunics. The reason for this h that
fashions change so that it is necessary
every little while to have a new-style-gown
if one is to keep pace with the
capricious modes.
"The bridal princess gown in a style
which will be in fashion for a lonf,
time to come. One can wear it as long
as the material lasts by merely chang
ing the sleeves to meet the require
ments of the prevailing fashion."
m IHH BV Bi'
To look over your Insurance Policies and see that you
have everything fully covered. The lightning and storm
season is on. I represent six leading companies and have
800 risks in Webster County.
O. C. TEEL, Red Cloud, Neb.
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