The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, April 10, 1908, Image 7

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Tlio IhuiIi we are going to call your
of Tgkas. I'iiIcm the niiin of Toxiih mid
to locate you nt)()iitG)0 milo from Kuusiis City ami GOO mllos from Galveston
the nearest seaboard harbor of any Importance, where froight rates- y wator
to rfafrlatni aro practically tho sunio as from Now York. To transport a hushol
of vvhoat from Hastings, Nob., to Now York by rail will coat you JCJo per 100
IIni or 28.9 per bit. From tho Panhandle to Unlvoston tho rate Ih 9c por bu. or
a Having of 10.9c per bu. Cau you figure
Panhandle lias over you? To show
haw over you. wo want to quote a few figures on the Bowing and yield of whoai
:it tho experiment station, a short distance from whoro wo oifor you those
urout bargains in laud.
Yield of Wheat for 1906-Kasko Wheat
Sowing 3 pecks to tho acre yields JO.O.'i biiHhols, test 02 pounds
Sowing .' peeks to tho noro yields 2.1.10 hushols, test (12.50 pounds
ii ,j ii it uic "22 2." " " (tl "
.i 5 i. i ii 4 ii wJvq ii ii 02.50 "
Now you have tho figures before you for consideration. It will tako you
ti)t a few minutes to compute the difference that tho Panhandle farmer gets
mora for his grain than you do.
(f tho experiment station oau roach such results in farming and doing it
right, you can do tho sumo thing, or cau raiso fi bu. loss and beat nnytbing you
van. in this part of tho country.
With an uveuigo of 21 inches of rainfall for tho last twelve years, nothing
vtnodsin the toad of farmers becoming independent in a short time and fixing
Mnioolf so ho can live at ease.
Fa it hot in tho Panhandle, is asked by people who aro not familiar with
oaditious in that, country. Wo will say that tho average in tho hottest mouths
in tho year, for twelve years is as follows: Juno, 72; July, 7ii; August, 72, and
toptomber, 08. This government report was by the U. S. woathor observer
(Thos. J. Consodim), at Amorilla, Texas, right in tho center of tho Pauhaudle.
Water is procured in sand and gravol and is of the very purest quality and
hdn proven very beneficial for the general health of mankind.
'Wo are making those trips to tho Pauhandlo every
First and Third Tuesdays
in each month, and would bo pleased to poo you and talk it over with you, tis
we cauu' t tell you all in a short ad liko this.
Red Cloud Investment Co.
I. a. HOLMES, President. D. J. MYERS, Vice-Prosident.
A. B. SELLERS, Secretary, and Tfeaaurer
mMMTrmrAN -Rl?QraTa.!8K,on; .?,nS ?"'"" either premier
ir Henry's Condition Remains Un
.changed His Prooable Successor U
Chancellor of Exchequer, Who Has
Seen Acting Prime Minister,
London, April C It was officially
anuounced that tho king has accepted
4ho resignation of Sir Henry Camp-fccll-Oannorman,
the British pritno
miniter. Sir Henry's condition re
mains unchanged, according to the
physicians' bulletin. The king, In
telegraphing his acceptance of the
j)iotnler's resignation, conveyed an ex
pression of his regret and esteem,
with the best wishes for Sir Henry's
No further official announcement
with regard to cabinet changes has
fcoen made, but the king has sum
moned Herbert II. Asqult,h, chancellor
of the exchequer, and the latter will od Ruth Miller, who died from the ef
utart for Biarritz, where tho king is so- . fects 0f eating poisoned candy, an
Journlng, this afternoon. The chan
cnllor, who has beeu acting premier
in place of Sir Henry, Campbell-Ban-nerman,
'edited a meeting of ho cab
inet to submit the premier's resigna
tion and discuss the courso of hual
ns Without Premier or Ministry,
Great Britain is In. a peculiar pc
attention to aro in tho northwest part
you can rondily see that wo aro trying
tho advantage that the farmer in tho
you tho groat adva tngo the Panhandle
.. I IT.
or ministry. According to tho court
circular, Sir Henry resigned on tho
urgent solicitation of his medical ad
Vjsos. As the constitution provides
no"autoruatlc successor, it falls on tho
klnjr tc choose a new head of gov
ernmentand In accordance with cus
tom and procodent the whole cabinet
resigns with the premier.
Tho position of tho country is un
precedented, there being no previous
example of a change occurring in tho
premiership whilo tho sovereign was
abroad. On this account the courso
of the procedure to he followed is in
some doubt.
The resignation of Sir Henry Camp-bell-Bannermnn,
tho first Liberal
prime minister of England since Lord
Rosebery gave up office in 1895, has
its dramatic phase, for as ho passes
from tho stage, tho mixed forces
which ho held together as a party ap
pear also to he approaching tho end
of political power. Tho Bannerman
government, it should be stated, com
bined too many factions and too many
fads; all tho elements of opposition to
conservatism and of discontent united
to make common cause against the old
government, and when Joined together
in an administration n working team
of Homo Ruleis, Laborites, Socialists,
Liberal Imperialists and Llttlo En
glanders was found well nigh Impossi
ble. But it speaks much for Banner
man's leadciship that the disintegra
tion of his party has gone on so
much more swiftly since the attack
of heart trouble, last fall In Bristol,
where ho had gone to make a political
speech, which removed him from tho
possibility of active leadership.
Bryan Will Not Attend.
Dea Moines, April 4.- William Jen
nings Bryan will not bo present In
New York to attend olthor of tho Jef
ferson day banquets, to be held thoro
on tho j night of April J3. Mr. Bryan
telegraphed President F.ojc of"the Nqw
York Democratic club that ho could
not bo present. This puts an end to
tho controversy botweou tho two fac
tions, both of which claimed Mr. Bry
an as tho speaker on thaf date.
Morasch Jury Unable to Agree.
Kansas City, April C.Tho Jury in
tho' cado, of Mrs. Sarah Morascb,
charged with the murder of four-year-
nounced thnt It was unable to agrea
upon a verdict and was discharged.
It is understood' that the, Jury stood
eight for conviction and four for ac
quittal. r '
"Aren't you ashamed to beg?"
"Sometimes, mum. When I find how
stingy tpcorlc arej.1 falrlyr blushes for
them.", - , .
Denef T,at Acquisition of Stock of
Various Lines and Systems 'o
Kill Competition or Monoid .
Trade and Commerce.
Salt Lake, April 7. Answers o, h .
(lcfeiidanta in tho eult of the i ...
Status against tho Union Pac.iic, v..
II. Harrlman ct nl., for dissolution of
the so-called Harrlman system wcio
filed in tho federal court here. Tho
answers make general denials of al
legations of consolidation for the pur
pose of restraint or competition and
monopolizlnz trade and commerce.
Mr. Harrlman, in his answer, denied
that he, with Jacob Schiff, Otto 11.
Kahn, James Stlllman or others, havo
owned or controlled a majority of the
stock of the Union Pacific. He admits
that he is president and the other men
wero directors. Schiff and Kahn re
signed In 1000 and Stlllman In 19u8.
He admits thnt Schiff and Kahn were
members or tho firm of Kuhn, Locb &
Co., and that this firm bought stocks
and bonds of the Union Pacific and
E. 11. HAIUtlMAN.
Orogon Short Line, but It is denied
that tho company wris a "fiscal agent"
of the Union Pacific He denies that
ho and the other defendants conspired
to restrain trade among the several
states and foreign countries or to re
strain competition among defendant
Bteamshlp and railroad lines, or to de
prlve th.o public of advantages of
trade nncrtcommcrco through inde-
pondent competition, if any there was,
or to effect a conBol.IdMJon wltfi tho ,
Idea of monopolizing or restraining
trade and commerce; admitting, how-
ever that the Union . Pacific acquired
a majority Of tho capital Stock Of tho
.various lines and systems.
Ho denleH In each Instance, that tho
acquisition Of stock was to kill com-
petition or monopolize trade or com
merce. Admitting that tho directors
of several of the defendants are Iden
tical, he denies that the Union Pacific
hus control in management or opera
atlon of the affiliated lines. He avers
that In the transcontinental lines of
railroad' reaching the Pacific coast
south of Portland the Union Pacific is
hut n link about one thousand miles in
length an intermediate carrier with
out any power to make rates upon
such traffic; that tho Southern Pacific
owns and controls lines between Og
den and tho coast with no power to
make latcs on business east of Ogden;
thnt no rates could bo made from the
Missouri river to the coast without
tho joint consent of the Southern Pa
cific and tho Union Pacific; that
while the Union Pacific and its con
stituent companies separately owned
connecting lines operated as a single
system from tho Missouri river to
Portland, Ore., and operated certain
small steamships between Portland
and San Francisco, yet such a route
via Portland was not only Impiactica
hie as a competitor of tho Southern
Pacific, but any attempt to use It ns
Mich would have greatly Injured the
Union Pacific, because the Southern
Pacific would thereupon have pre-
fcrred the rivals of the Union Pacific
In routing and Interchange trafflc at i Fleet to Sail North Saturday.
Ogden and the business In tonnage- San Dlogo, Cal., April C.Tho bat
and revenue thus lost would have tleshlp fleet haying completed, target
greatly exceeded tho total 'volume of practice at Magdulena bny, the crews
business! received! ovjer such nn im- will gtvo the' greater part of the week
practicable route in competition with to tho work of putting the big shlp3
the Southern Pacific. , in condition, for tho receptions that
J await them atalirornia ports. Tho
Latter pay 8ainti in Session. warahlps wllj weigh anchors on Satur-
'Kansas City, April 7. The annual day and point their prows toward San
report or the condition or tho reorgan
ized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter
Day Saints was read at tho 'world's
conforenco, which is now in session
at Independence, Mo. Tho church has
57,365 members, a. net gain ,alnco 'last
year's conference of 23,230. The larg
est gains have been made In Canada
and the next largest in Missouri. Iowa
has the greatest number of members,
8,982, and Missouri la second, with 8,-
Stakes Funeral Cash; Loses.
Atlanta. Ga.. April 7. AlleglnK that
vhe had been "mntchqd" out of $700
which had been Intrusted to liira to
pay tho hospital and 'funeral expenses
of a friend. JumeB G6odrlch asked for
the arrest of tho two men whom ho
said had swindled him. ,
Dcftats M.ickcnschmidt In Wrestling
Match at Chicago.
Chicago, April 4. George Hnekcn
Bch tnlclt unit in his match with Frank
Gotch for the cateh-as-catch-cau
wrestling championship of thu world.
giving tho title to the Iowa muu by
After moro than two hours of un
availing tuggng and desperate scram
bllng. the Russian said to Gotch;
"I'll give you tho match."
Referee Ed Smith at once declared
Qotuh tho winner.
Tho end camo so unexpectedly that
tho great crowd of 8,000 which wit
nessed tho contest could scarcely com
prehend what had happened. Not un
til the rofereo had announced that
Hackenschnudt had Htirrondoiod the
championship of tho world to Prank
Gotch did tho full significance of tho
event strike homo Then tho excited
men swarmed Into the ring, surging
about Gotch until tho police camo to
his roscue and drove tho crowd back
through tho ropes. The match was in
soiiio respects sensational, but it
served mainly to show that Gotch bat
a defensive system which no one can
brealv down.
For an hour and forty-five minutes
ho eluded every attempt of the Rua
bian Lion to fasten a grip on him.
Gotch sidestepped, roughed his man's
features with his knuckles, hutted htm
under the chin and generally worried
Hackenschinldt until tho foreigner
was totally at a loss how to proceed
But when, In the clinch that finally
came, Gotch shimmed his opponent to
the mat and camo within an ace of
securing a firm toe hold, following this
up by lifting Hnckcuschmidt clear of
tho mat and slamming him en his
shoulders with tn rifle force, the Ku
lopean exponent was hcait-brokcn
Tho lines slowly deepened on his
face, the hoots and gibes of tho crowd
hurt his feelings and, after consider
ing the mutter for a few seconds, he
decided that It was time to milt.
Pew of the spectators but wero will
ing to give Gotch tho palm. The Iowa
man was in tho butter condition,
was cpiicker and trickier and showed
a far bettor knowledge of the game.
Enraged Because Convicted, McDonald
Uses Pistol in Court Is Shot Down.
Terro Haute, Ind., April 3. Found
cnlltv nf n. nharco nf arson Henrv F.
McDonald, Jn the circuit court room,
shot.An(1 meA William A. Dwyer, ae-
noualy wounded threo other officers
ftn(1 wa3 nmaelf seriously wounded,
Th0 ai,00tng fallowed tho announco-
mont of th(J verdict of tho Jury before
whlch McDonald had been tried on
cnargea of dynamiting' stores and
,ni.hM In Snnfnr.l.liist Veai-.
whpn tho ,.,rv renort0d lt verdict
McDonald Jumped to hlB feet and drew
a revolver. Ho fired at Prosocutlnc
Attorney Jamas A. Cooper, Jr., but
missed. Cooper dodged and McDon
ald directed his flro at the officers
seated around' tho table.
Without an opportunity to defend
himself, Detectlvo Dwyer was shot
down. Almost in an instant police offi
cers nnd deputy sheriffs in the court
room drew their revolvers and opened
fire on McDonald. Tho convicted man
fell with half a dozen bullets in his
Harvey V. Jones, superintendent of
police, was shot in tho sldo. Deputy
Sheriff Ira Wellmnn sustained a wound
In tho chin. Sylvestor Doyle, city
court bailiff, was shot In the leg An
other shot struck a bystander.
Trainload of Oranges for Iowa.
Han Francisco, April C The first
solid trainload of California oranges
scut to Iowa for consumption entirely
within tho state left over the Southern
Pacific and Union Pnelfic roads, for
warded by tho California Fruit Grow
ers' exchange, representing the grow
ers of California. This follows a pub
llclty campaign of sixty days by the
exchange tlnotighout tho state of
Iowa. The result Is a single shipment
of 1,300,000 otaugos, providing one
orange for every two persons In Iowa.
Diego bay. Tho torpedo flotilla is ex
pected to arrive nt Magdulena bay
from Acapulco during tho week,
Hastings Boy Killed by Kick of Horse.
Hastings, Neb., April 7. Philip 8.
Michael, tho six-year-old 'son of Philip
Michael, was kicked In the head by a
harp shod horse und, killed. Tho
skull was mashed back of the left ear
and nfe was almost extinct from Iosb
or Diooa uerore a surgeon couia do
Many New Autos in Nebraska.
Lincoln, April 7." Auto registrational
In the office of tho fecretary of state
Bhow a rapid Increase. So far 2,400
machines havo been registered and
the number Is expected to reach 2.500
by May 1.
Indicted Man Is in Feeble Health and )
Cannot Appear In Court.
Lincoln, April 4. J. H. Edmlston,
indicted several months ago for al-
leged land frauds, whose ball bond of
$10,000 was recently forfeited In tho
federal court at Omaha, has returned t
to his homo In Lincoln from Florida
In very feeble health. Ills physician
says his condition is critical; that he
is Mifforlng from melancholia and
thnt he cannot predict tho outcome. .
Tho doctor snya It Is Impossible for
Mr IOdmlstcn to nppear In court. Mr.
I'Mmlsten was formerly vlco chairman
of tho Populist national committee and ,
a leader of that party In Nebraska.
California Companies Barred.
Lincoln, April 7. Insurance Auditor
Plcrco decided to notify agents of
companies organized under tho laws
nf California that thoy miiHt consc do
ing business in Nebraska. This ac
tion followed a refusal of Commls
hloner Wolf or California to admit
Nebraska companies. The action of
Insurance Auditor Pierce affects tho
Fireman's Fund of San Francisco, tho ,
Hoaio Fire and Marine of San Fran
cImo and tho Pacific Mutual or Los
Telephone Girl Attacked by Negro.
Omaha, Apiil 7. Mollle Gran, a tel
ephone operator, was attacked by a
ncsro at Seventeenth street and tho
Huillngton tracks last night, strangled,
tlnnwn under a box car, and fighting
all the time, was overcome and a rojm
drawn around her nock. Hearing tho
nolsr or the struggle and catching
sight of the negio, a passeihy up
peaml Just In tunc. When the negro
saw him he i an
April Specials
To the Pacific Coast
Vory rnvorablo excursion rutos to
the Paciflo Coast, during tho sum
mor season, of 1008, including spe
cial dates in April to California an .
follows: April 2Gth and 26th. II
luBtratlon, only 100 round trip
Tho Coast tour is the finest jour- ,
ney in tho world. Mako it this -Mimmor.
Also low one-way rates
during' A" ""
To Colorado nd
Rocky Mountains
Plan now for your summer vaca-.
tion in ( 'olorado, w yotning, tho
Black Hlllrf or Yellowstone Park.
Very low mid attractive summor
tourist rates to tho cool mountain
resortsaft:!1 June 1st
Homcaeekera' Rntas
First and third Tuesdays to tho
west generally.
Big Horn Basin
Auction sale for oholco of the
newly irrigated lands under tho
Oregon Basin, or Wiloy ditch, near
Cody. Opening in Mny, 1008. Also
splendid ohanceB yet for homo
steading government irrigated
lands near Garland, Wyo. Write
I). CI in Denver, Laudneokors' In
formation Bureau, Omaha. Ho will
personally conduct laudHeokers
excursions to tho Big Horn Basin
first and third Tuesdays of each
month through the summor.
Excellent business chances in new
growing towns on Burlington ex
tensions. Writo Mr. Denver or
J. P. EDWAUOH.Tiokot Agont.
L. V. Wakoloy, G. P. A., Omaha, Nob.
Ely's Cream Balm
Sure to Oivo Satisfaction.
It cloausea, Bootaes, heals and protects tho
dLsooHtd mombrancj resulting from Catarrh
and drives nwuv a Cold iu thu Houd qnlcklv.
Iteatores tho Souses of Taste and Smell.
Easy to use. Contains no injurious drug
Applied into tho nostrils and nbporbodA
Largo Sizo, f0 conja at Druggiets or by
mail, Liquid Cream Balm lor use IB
atomizers, 7C oouts.
ELY BROTHERS, 56 Warren St.. New YorkJ