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I in Advance
VOLUME xxxvr.
Tabcr's "Tepee" Opens.
T.aber'H electric theater. 'I'lii' Tepee,
opened, to thu public Monday evening
andthc auditorium was tnM-d to tin
utmoRt and .standing room was at ii
pn4nivun. Everything was in first
class shape when tin doors were
thrown -open ami the initial evening's
entertainments were "craekerjucks."
Onv of the most prominent features
that Mr. Tabcr wishes emphasized is
the fact that ladies and ehildren are
'specially invited as nothing shall he
said or done that will give ofl'cnse to
the most sensitive or fastidious nat
ures. Another feature is the illustrated
songs sung by Frank Witt. Tin entire
program changes Motulays, Wednes
days and Fridays, thus giving thiee
changes a week. Mr. Tuber has spaivd
no expense in this enterprise and wo
trust the public will nppuciale his
efforts and show it in a substantial
way. This neat little theater i one of
the best advertisements Ked Cloud
could povsibly produce for ilsell.
Real Estate Transfers.
For tho week ending Tuesday, Mrh.
17, furnished by the Fort Abstract Co.,
L. H. Fort, Jlanager.
John Fergubon to John W. 1 1 ughes
lor 20 Kobert-s add to Cuide
ltock 1M
C. l Kly etal to Louisa hnbin
s2 lot 2 blk 49 Guide Koek Coin
etery 7
C. P. Kly etal to J. H. Hughes
n2 lot 2 blk 49 Guide ltook Ccm
etary '.'....'. 7
T. V. Child etal. to Milissi A.
Scott pt swl 2-1 -J 1 wd :.CK)
Warren A Vance to Raymocd I'.
West c2 nw 9-2-9 w d :.tvu
M. 1). Robertson to Sarah !:.
Smith lots 7-S-9 blk 2 Kicbard
son add to Ked Cloud wd mo
H C. Oolburn to Peter .1. Spaclicr
lots l-C-3-4-5 blk "A Cowle- wd. HiO
Wm. Irans to Fred N. Gavika lot
7-S blk 4 Inavale wd :r.
Mary J Holmes to Harriet Nel
son lots 13-11 blk 2 1!. It. add
to Ked Cloud wd .'(()
Thora Anderson to Kmory Kcati
uw 30-3-1 1 wd t'.lKK)
Juliu-. J. Anderson to Kincry
Benn uw 30-3-1 1 qed 1
Floyd D Crow to George A. Grow
wd :.()
William 1'. Vance to Hanson S.
Proudtit sw 1 9-2-0 qed I
Hanson S. I'roudfil to James 1.
Varrell e2sw 9-2-9 wd (H)0
llumuth P. Varrell to Frank IS.
Springer w2sv tl-'MI wd . . 1090
James P. Varrell to Frank 15.
Springer e2sw 11-2-9 wd 1000
Wm. H. Mackey to Joseph V.lick
ensta:!' lots 17-1 s blk M Ked
Cloud qcd I
Wm. 11. Mackey toJoseph Kliek
enftail pt lots J9-20-21-.'2-2:! 21
blk 21 Ked Cloud wd 1200
A. T. Walker to 1. 11. Holmes
s2 lot 3-4-5 blk 17 Ked Cloud
wd Hi.'.o
Hertha J. Holmes to A. T. Wal
ker lots ft-C-7-8 blk S Kaley A
Jacksons add to Ked Cloud wd 050
Republican City Convention.
The de-legates to the republican eity
convention met in Firemen's hall
Thursday afternoon. They could not
meet in the court house as that was in
use by the county board. The dele
gates chosen at the caucuses last Mon
day night were as follows: A. 1T.
Kaley, Geo. Morhurt, James Kurden,
Chas. Kobinson, Uev. A. A. Cressmutt,
(ico. Uavlor, I). W. Turnure, Kd Me
Allistcr, Kd J. Overing, J no. Yost.
I Dr. O. A. Nelson, F. W. Sludebaker,
Wm. Frahm, Paul Storey, C. F.Cathcr.
I Ira Wolf and ('has. Keigle for the
north ward and .1. F. Kdwards, Chas.
II Kaley, Fred Maudeville, Jno. Gratis,
I M. Able, Wm. Kohrer, Kd Amuck. W.
I N. Kichurdsou, Win. Koon, Chas. Kes-
let and Jno. Gulbraith for the south
The meeting was called to order
by Mr. L. V. Albright and Chas. Kob
inson was chosen as permanent iJiair
man and Mr: J. F. Kd wards was se
lected as secretary The convention
then proceeded to the nomination of
nomination of candidates by informal
ballot. The following men were nom
inated: J. (). Caldwell, mayor: Jas.
Kurden. clerk: J. O. Kutler, treasurer;
Clarence Keed, police judge; (ieorge
Overing, eity engineer Kd A mack
was nominated to fill the vacancy in
the First ward and Kd Pulsifer was
nominated for the full term. C. I).
Kobinson was nominated for council
man in the Second ward.
The convent ion then adjourned as a
eity convention and reconvened in
mass convention for the purpose of
nominating two men for the school
board. Frank Studebaker and Henry
Newhouse received the majority of the
votes on the formal ballot :uul were
declared the nominees of the conven
tion, the vote standing JO each for, as
against 31 each for the next two high
est. The convention then adjourned.
Mortgagee Filed S 11,1.10
Mortgage- Released S 7.900
Business College Notes
Fein Hutchison. Frank Watson .tnd
Merle Komiusky quit school Friday t;
wjn farm work,
Eum.a Perry is -till till lit' sieic list.
Carrie 1-oin was nbschl Monday.
Charle l'rul" Veft foi Ids home in
Campbell Thursday.
Geo. Vvnltakor was absent on account
of Whines., Wednesday alternouii.
Arvid Anderson returned Wcdnesdaj
aftt-r.a two days' absence.
Ada Fit, is absent this neck on ac
count of her mother's illness,
Viola i'eak isiied at her home in
Oowlcs Sunday.
Card of Thanks.
We wish to express our sincere
thanks to the many neighbors and
friends who so kindly assisted us in
the sickness and death of our beloved
wife and sister.
M. K. ll'siloi ami Famim.
The eminent physician on chronic dis
eases will visit our eity
Friday, March 27, 1908.
And will be at the Hotel Royal until :
p. m., one day ONLY.
Dr. Pottcrf. president of the statV of
the Koston Klectro Medical Institute,
is making a tour of the state.
He will give consultation, examina
tion, and all the medicines necessary
to complete a cun FKEK. All parties
taking advantage of this oiler are re
quested to state to their friends Ine
result of the treatment.
Cures DKAFNKSS by an entirely
new process.
Treats all curable cases of catarrh,
throat and lung diseases, eye aud ear,
stomach, liver and kidneys, gravel,
rheumatism, paralysis, neuralgia, nerv
ous and heartdisease, epilepsy, Kright's
diseases and diseases of the bladder,
blood and skin diseases.
Liquor and tobacco habit, big neck,
stammering cured.
Files, fistula and rupture cured with
out detention from business. Kyes,
nose and throat.
i lasses fitted, granulated lids, cata
racts, cross eyes str lightened .without
I i you are improving under your fam
ily physician do not take up our valu
able time. The rich and the poor are
treated alike. Idlers and euriousity
seekers will please stay awav. Our
time is valuable.
Keuinnber. NOT A l'KNNY will bo
charged for the medicine required to
make a cure for all those taking treat
ment this trip. Olllee hour 9 a. in.
Positively married ladies must be ue
Ji'luiWlK'd by their husbands. Kcinem-lii-i'
the dale-,
Friday March 27th at tin- lioval Ho
tel. Wed Clmid. X, braska.
8 -
; vewns iinn runerais.
Kiwfiwwpyw&.ww)m'xk ,
Kirs. Rncliol H. Lewis. '
Mrs. Ihichel K. Lewis aged mother,
oft'. II. Lewis of tins eitv died I'ri-,
day. March II. 190s. she Was born J
Decembers. Is.H. and wts Til years l
mouths and 0 days vhl at the time of
her death. Piiiici'tll sen ices were held
frim the Pleasant Hill sehool house
.Saturday afternoon. March It, at 3
iieloek. COllducLed bv l!tv. (ii'ii limn.!
inel. Interment was made in the
Pleasant Hill cemetery.
.Malc. Jane NcLeotl.
Maggie .lam McLeod was bora Jan
nary 27. ts77, at Springfield. Manitoba.
Canada, Was married to Morris K. I
liishop, March '.".', Isou, nt Hebron,
Neb., to which union two children
were born, Alma aged 7 and Florence
aged 2 years. She united with the
Presbyterian church in the year 1S93.
Ten years later she moved her member
ship to the Methodist church in which
she remained a faithful and active
member until she departed this life
March 12, 190S. She leaves a husband,
two ehildren, father, mother, three
brothers and si sisters to mourn her
Mrs. Phoebe Bennett.
Mrs. Phoebe Kennett died Thursday,
Maieh 12, 190S, at her home southwest
of town of paralysis. Funeral sen ices
were conducted by Uev. Ceo. Hummel
Friday afternoon, .March 13. toils1, and
interment was made in the Hummel
Card of Thanks.
We desire to express our heart felt and
sincere thank to all our friends for
their kind help and sympathy during
the illness and death of our beloved
wife and mother.
Cuius Zeiss mi Famii...
Wedding Bells.
! I
Silver Medal Contest.
The second silver medal contest con
ducted by the V. C. T. V. will be held
in the Congregational church Thurs
day evening, March 2(5. A class of
young ladies from 1 1 to 17 years of age
will be the contestants, dmission 10
pretty quiet wedding occurred at
the home of Mr. and Mrs. D. K. Whita
ker when their daughter Miss Katlier
yne was united in marriage to Mr. Al
bert .1. Fry Wednesday evening at 7
o'clock. Kev. Charles Smith of the Dun
kard church performed the ceremony .
After the mystic words were said and
congratulations were received, all sat
down to a bountiful supper wh'eli was
spread for the new couple. They will
make their home on the Fry farm south
west of town. They received a num
ber of beautiful and useful presents.
Those from out of town who attend
p weu. C. I). Whitakcr and wife of
Stratton: S. K. Whitakcr and wife of
Hastings; Mrs. C. D. Suydam and son
of Fairvicw, 111. The Chief with their
many friends extend congratulations
and wish them many years of happy
wedded bliss.
On Tuesday last it was a day of re- j
joicing at the home of Larson Lund, it
being the occasion of the wedding of '
Mr. Lund's daughter. At high noon !
John K. Johnson of Kurke, South Da
kota, was united in marriage to Hattie '
Lillian Lund. The Kev. .Mr. Harrison
pastor of tho Soribner Congregational
church, olllclated. Minnie Htnious of
Minnesota was bridesmaid and Heuty
V. Johnson, brother of the groom,
acted the part of best man. S. H
Johnson and wife of Ked Cloud wer
here attending the wedding, und-a few
immediate friends of the family. There
were a large number of presents givei
the newly married people, and amou.
them a, few packages of money. In tin
evening the popular j'oung juviple were
serenaded by their friends. On Wed
nesday Mr. Johnson and wife left for
Kurke where they will make their new
home. Mr. Johnson is in the einplo
of the Nye Schneider Fowler companj.
Uehling Times.
S. H. Johnson hud wife and sor
Henry V. returned home today fuiu.
tec above wedding.
Ladies' all wool underwear at 1
Newhouse's. Now is the time to buy
Morton t.. Hill, of I-etmiuin, lad., mijh; "M?
wlfo hxd InHnmmntory ItliotuniitlMn tavver
mtuclo and Joint; tier HUlTcrliiK wnn terrible
mm! her body mid fnco wrro nwollen almmi be
yond recognition: liiul been In bed Klx vttrk
nnd tmd elKlit ili)lclmiH, Iml received no
bencllt until tdio tried Dr. Dctchoit'H Ittllcf for
ItliuumatlHm. It khvo Immedlnte reiki unit
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N t.
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Ik.itK'.l.!. '
ML.. j..