The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, March 13, 1908, Image 8

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Newsy Notes from Neighboring Towns
(Prom the Review.)
Dr. McCiirl litis purchased of Curl
Onstatl u team of beautiful and woll
matched driving horses.
Eli Bennett has boon attending court
a couplo of days and during Ida ub
hoiico some dirty sncak-thlef helped
himself freely to his corn
Elzy Plot-point, who moved to Cedar
Rapids, Iowa, camo into the ailico last
Saturday and ordered tho Itovlow
ohongod from tho Iowa address to Ina
valo, Neb.
Henry Plumbs' saw mill is gaily
humming thoso days while it saws tho
lumbor for his largo barn and othor
buildings to bo ore tod as soon us the
lumber is made.
Mrs. Hackett dislocated hor hip
Tuesday morning by falling out of
bod. Dr. T. B. Meyers and McCarl
woro called aud tho dislocation was
rcplacod. This is rather serious for
an elderly lady.
(Prom the Leader)
Ora White is laid tip with a sprained
Born, to Mr. and Mrs. Louie Kruger,
Monday, a girl.
Louio Sohumun has boon on the sick
list for a number of weeks.
Sidney Pounds has installed a now
system of lights in his restaurant.
Wo understand A. D. Bakor has pre
sented tho Christian church with a
now altar.
S. P. Duncan and wifo woro in Roso
laud tho first of tho week in attend
unco at tho funoral of his aunt.
Frank Iloinke and family loft Mon
day morning for Everett, Wash., whoro
i mi ali mi.' i' ice y.
urliiy, P- ii i y:(Mi, about noon,
C .
Sail' h im.m'm fi out this w m Id
ltd Ci-s- hfipta at Kan-as
, M .. l oi having undergone an
i, n I'.r kiiliif.s ii-Hihlo tho pie
ii Mir ii.ii.
Electrical Flushes.
Buenos Aires is to have an undo
ground railway.
Tho Dniiish government is very much
Interested in the development of elec
trical plants are now in operation
electric fans are now being made
Vi'rv small for desk and tablo use.
Milwaukee A St. Paul railroad hns so
cured other water -rights which, it in
estimated, will generate nearly 200,000
horse power.
The street railways of Chicago, it in
said, have made arrangements to run
special funeral cars to the city coim'
teries. Each car will scat forty people)
and contains a special compartment
for the casket. Tho cost of hiring such
(Prom t o Expios-.)
En MnriN i- I'i'O'lo'l to lie sol Ki
ll d () go hi I. n. coin Li try out on tt o
bol tonni there.
W W. Akorn whs homo rrom Dakota
tliu flrnt or tho wek. Hi had (pule a
sick spell while in the north.
It. A. MoKoown lolt Wednesday
m-irnlng for Palrtield where ho will
engage in business, having bought out
a furniture store.
Samuol Vestoy of Shu Francisco,
Calif., stoppod off to see L. Urodstone
on his to England, whore ho sails from
Now York city next wook.
More than a scoro of people walked
tho streots of Superior Tuesday night
(Prom tho Argus.)
Mrs. Sam Ellis is in Kansas City for
surgical treatment.
J. D. Hart man has been unablo to
drive his mail route much of the timo
this wook.
Frank Lull and Miss Edna Morris
woro married at Sioux City, Iowa,
Wednesday, February 20.
Georgo Jackson has boon conllnod
to his homo this week with pneumo
nia. Ho has been very sick.
Claud Smith arrived Monday evening
from Dakota. His sister is very sick
and his visit at this time was for tho
purposo of seeing hor and rendering
what, assistance he could.
While Dave Reit. was hore he coaxed
a due span of matched mules away
from n fellow, but KeltAs bank ac
count was just I50 shy by reason of
tho transaction. Ho shipped them to
his farm near Lincoln, Neb., Friday.
they expect to makotholr future homo, i utiablo to find lodging. Every hotel
Elmer Schermorhorn returned to his ' and rooming house was full to over
homo at Stratton Monday. Ills wlfo i Mowing,
and son will remain horo visiting some , jt pays to raiso good horses on tho
timo yet. ; fann. As an instance, Frank Davis of
R. A. Simpson and wife roturned ; Harrison township sold a big team
Monday from Hot Springs, Ark., after weighing over .'1,800 tho othor day for
a six weeks' absence. Both are looking I $:UJ.r, and on Tuesday sold a span of
hearty. i black driving mares to Lenn Conn for
Jacob Goll is having tho old building 25
which was formerly occupied by the J. Babcock of near Broken Bow was
Loader torn down and will build a here this week visiting his sister, Mrs.
horso burn on that lot aud one half ', C. C. Bagley, whom he had not seen
the lot west which ho purchased of j for over twenty years. Ho was among
pressure water main system. This
agreement is backed solely by the re
liability and perfection of the new
general electric switchboards with this
company recently installed.
Morton L. 111)1. of Lebanon Hut., wnyn; 'Vy
wife had Iutlnnimatorv Kheumatlsm In evtij
mtn-clo and Joint; tier mifToriiiK wait terrible
aud her body and face were swollen almost t.o
youd recognition, hod b(en In bed six weokn
and had elcht physicians, lint nrolvcd no
benefit until she tr'ed Dr. Dtelion's lttllef tor
KheiiDiatlKin. It gave Immediate relict nud
she was Hblc to walk about In threo dare. 1 asv
mire ti saved her life." Sold by U. E. Grlce.
OniKRlM. Ked Rlond.
August Martin.
(Prom the Citizen.)
Tho infant girl of Mr. and Mrs. Geo.
Miuiuger died Tuesday.
Born, to Mr. and Mrs. Ed Lanhani,
south of town on Tuesday night, March
:t, a boy.
Ed Glebe returned Saturday from
Lincoln, bringing his boy, who has
been in that, city taking treatment.
Geo. Logan of Kay, Iud., a brother
to Clydo Logan, was hero to attend the
funeral of tho hitter's wife.
Mrs. Clydo Logan, who had been ill
for two or threo week, suddenly col
lapsed Monday and died about -l o'clock
Mrs. H. Crilloy has been seriously ill
this week with .an acute attack of
pneumonia, but is somewhat bettor at
present writing.
A littlo girl of Mr. aud Mrs. Clar
ence May has been down with boiirlot
inn for the past, week, and lias been
under quarantine at, tho homo of ,lr.
At a meeting of tho board of direc
tors of the First. National bank held
Tuesday it was decided to pm chase u
new Victor .Manganese Steel screw
door bank safe.
(From the Messenger)
Scarlet fever seems to hold sway up
in the Womer country.
Klrkpatrick & Son shipped in t!."0
tons of manufactured ice from Kansas
City tho first of tho week.
A. J. Shaffer is having a heap of
trouble with his oyos and it is feared
tjiat he will lose the sight of both of,
Tho sad news came up from Crystal
Plains township this morning that
.- t i i- i -
mrs. .iarK aniveiy nad died at nor
homo recently.
County Clerk Badger was able to bo
out. on the streets Saturday to shako
hands with his many friends who were
in from all parts of the county.
Miss Lula Wert, who is now a grad
uato nurse, writes to hor parents here
that she has a case of nursing a
wealthy lady in Chicago, aud that she
will j:o there from Lincoln soon.
Mrs. Walker Buchanan, who was
taken to Bethany hospital at Kansas
City last week, was operated upon Sat
urday and word comes that sho is get
ting along very well. Mrs. Buchanan
is past 00.
Mr. Ed Kirktmtrick. who has been
in very poor health for some months.
the youngest soldiers of tho civil war,
enlisting at tho ago of 1", and serving
through to tho cud. .
The large fans produce too much breeze a cai. H olly ut,t. g-jo while the regu-
for this service. lar carriage hiic. for such an occasion
The Jefferson hospital of Philadcl- Is about S7 for each carriage used.
phlu has just purchased an electric , $MM u ,m,tc iUy or night, p.-n-
ambulatioe. The machine, is of the anv i,.,s mm ,.ri...,i between the
most approved typo. Saw York Edison company and the;
The electric light in tho dark clothes city of New York for failure, to supply
closet which lights when the door is power for the pumps of the new high
opened is one of the most useful ad
juncts to the home.
If all the telephones made last year
were one telephone the monster instru
ment would he HOO miles high and
would weigh 4,000 tons.
A wireless telegraph station is being
installed in the Eiffel tower by the
French government. It is hoped to
send messages to Now York.
In Preston, England, the power gen
erated by th". city's waste is sufficient
to operate the electric railways. This
is a suggestion for the wasteful cities
of this country.
For the production of local and in
tense heat directly where it is wanted
electricity is in a class bv itself. For
facility and flexibility of control as to
tile degree of heat it has no rival.
The Cia Cent raes railway of Bahia,
Brazil, has placed an order with the
General Electric company of New York
for considerable new railway equip
ment. The order includes a number of
motors, controllers and air brake systems.
Tokio. Japan, has 00 miles of electric
street railways. The track is narrow
gauge, but the cars are broad. The
projects for electric railways in that
country since the late war aggregate
an estimated expenditure of S:t.V).00-
Blueprints in largo draughting V
partnients are now made by machine.
The prints are made with mercury are
lights and the drawing is turned with
electric motors to insure an even print.
The prints are dried with the fixing
hath with an electric fan.
A company of Hamburg, Germany,
bu-diioss men has been formed to erect,
a tidal power plant at the mouth of the
river Elbe near Cixh-'ven. The ebb
and How of the tide will be utilized to
develop electrical energy of 1 1,000 h.p.
A recent test is said to have demon
strated the practicability of the plan.
An ingenious inventor has patented
an electric foot warmer which is in the
(Prom ther Tribune.)
J. L. Wheaton camo tip from Rod
Cloud Saturday to spend tho day with
his sons living in this vicinity.
Mr. and .Mrs. B. Mobley left Wednes
day night fo Tyron, Okla., in tho hope
of benollting Mrs. Mobley 's health.
Paul Amman arrived homo Wednes
day night from his trip to Europe,
where ho went last fall in company
with Otto Stolt..
John Hester arrived home from
Dundy county last Friday, where he
had been looking for a lot. of cattle
which ho is wintering there.
Win. Paulson this week sold out his
interest to the breeding stable and
stock horses to his partner, Charles
D.Miglas, who will conduct the stablo
O. L. Dunn, living on the A Mi Grove
prairie, lias neon seriously sicu mo
past week, and we understand that his shape of a pair of light felt overshoes
Notice of Incorporation.
Know All Men by These Presents: That we.
Wallace A. Mnynnrd. William Wolfe and Wll
Ham Kngeltt do hereby associate ourselves to
gcilier for the purpose of forming and becom
ing a corporation In tho state of Nebraska, for
tho tiausactlon of the business herein described.
The name of the corporation t-liull be thu Itcri.
Cloud Ilardwftte and Implement company.
The principal place of transacting its business
shall be in the city of Jled Cloud. In the county
of Webster, and state of Nebraska.
The nature of the business to be transacted
by said corporation Hhall bo the buying and
sclliiiK of all kinds of merchandise.
The nuthorl.ed capital stock of said corpoia
lion shall bo forly tbound dollars (lO.On) lir
shares ot live hundred dollars encli.
The corporation shall commence businesi
when twenty-live thousand dollars of the cap!
tat stock is mild an.
The board of directors of nld curiioratlor
shall determine when the balance of 'nld kiocl
shah be paid in.
Tho existence of this corporation elmll com
monce on the l!7i) day of February. MS, and
continue during the period of fifty years.
The buvnii'sx of f aid corporation .-hall be con
ducted by a board of dltcctors not to exceed
live in number to be tslected b the -tockholdtrs.
The oIlicetM of sold corporation chiill bo prefl
dent, secretary and ti'i.urer. hIih -hrtll bo
elio'ii by the board of director.
The highest amount ot IndchU'duc-!- In which
-aid corporation shall nt any time Mibjeet il.e.f
shall not bo more than one-third of Ii- capital
stock. Wau.ack A.,
WlM.tA'1 Will IT.. ii Kmiki .
Dated till- 'JTth (lay of I'cbiiuirj. l'.i.s. j 12
ailment is in tho nature of appoudi
We understand that Mr. aud Mr.-
An electric buttery supplies the source
of current and insulated wires are the
heating element. When the "boots'
Ambrose Beck, who havo been in Core?, 'v lmll,,1 n tom'h of a button starts
are expected to arrive in this city
about the middle of April. Mrs. Beck
is tlio daughter ot w. ij. .loiiusnii oi
was taken to the St. Joseph hospital this city, and Mr. Beck formerly lived
by her husband last Sun'day morning here, where ho was connected a
to be operated upon. Word was re-1 newspaper. They have been doit g
colvod horo yesterday that she under- j missionary work in tho Hermit King
wont I ho operation in good shape, aiididom.
the current and the foot is soon coin
fortable in a genial warmth.
The big Saltese tunnel in Western
Montana is , being bored by uleetr'c
power generated by nearby-stivams.
The trains to be run through this tun
nel when it is finished will be hauled
bv electric engines. The Chicago,
lYiim will lie clrrn for
P ''V'''vw - - " "V V7
V MilL.. A
n't Yen
Have That
iLj ISo
(Krom tho Signal.)
It. Ayer was soveroly hurt in a runa
way Sunday.
Win. Sawyer sent a force of men to
Lawrence Monday to move a creamery
E. 11. Crary went to College View
Saturday evening to visit his wife who
is taking treatment at a sauitarium.
Mrs. Albert Horn served a birthday
dinnor on Wednesday, March I, in
honor of Mr. Horn's seventieth anni
versary. Miss Minnie Olmstede, Miss Kthel
Albin, Mrs. John Ohmstedo and Mrs.
Portenior .started for California Wed
nesday night.
Small boys and a sling-shot w.ero re
sponsible for the breaking of a ."0
plato glass window In Wirt v Roland's
furniture store.
Wednesday, March I, at high noon,
at the homo of J. M. Mefford. occurred
the marriage of their daughter Carrie
to Lewis Poiry.
Owing to the death of her mother in
Circleville, Ohio, Mi's. L. L Watt dej
parted early this morning on train 11
for that place to attend tho funeral.
It costs you nothing and it may save your child from blindness. Many cases of sick
headache and nervous diseases are caused by defective eyes. In school children perma
nent injury to the individual's health is -often done by making the children use their de
fective eyes in close work at school A few dollars invested in glasses now may mean
perfect vision and health for your child in the years to come or a few dollars saved
may mean poor vision, perhaps blindness and perhaps permanent injury to the health.
If vou have a child that comolains of headache, objects blurring the reading
and running together, eyes feeling dry and a burning sensation after a short time at study, J
you may depend upon it that child is in need of glasses and yoii are falling short of your j.
full duty if you do not at once have an examination made of their eyes.
We are prepared at all times to make an examination and give you honest ad- '
vice we tell you franklv whether it is glasses or something else that is needed. If it is V
glasses we can make a correct fit. '
t. .1 l . l ! 1 . . iL-l i.l '. L .. r
it is me en
i . l-ii. . ..L-i. .l . ?
IS tne autV VOU owe to VOUr cniiaren lO see mat men eyes mc m uiuuci cuii- p
dition. It should be attended to at once. We are licensed optometrists. J
yy $"
f ,