The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, March 13, 1908, Image 7

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Nebraska Roads Take This Method of
Getting Even on Charges.
Unroln, Mnich 10. Alter being pro
vented hy the rnilroiul comminsioii
fium (iicrciihliiK the iniiliniiiii fielgut
chaty from i!.". tu lu cents, Iho Ne
brask.i railroads hnvo increased the
Minimum weight of u shiptiictit to 10b
liouudu An Osl'orcl man recently
mailo a shipment according to the old
inles and paid 50 cents charge only
lo receive a bill later for an addi
tional 77 cents. The shipment was of
mi ititerstnt character, hence the Ne.
hiiiska commission is powerless to give
relief A letter was sent lrom here
lo I he complainant informing him of
Iho dilemma and saying his only re
dress, wuh to buy bis goods In No
li i as lea.
Permission must bo given by tho
railroad commission before railroad
stations may ho closed. The station
of" Huda, near Kearney, on tho Union
Pacific, was closed, but baa been re
opened' when complaint was mudc to
tho railroad commission.
At a conference with tho state rail
way commission, Prank T. Ransom,
attorney tor tho South Omaha Stock
Yards company, said the corporation
would shortly bo divided into two dis
trict companies for the purpose or
simplifying regulation. Tho carrying
business, Mr. Hansom said, will be
mult? separate from the stock yards,
and with different olllcers. As the
omniistjion exercises jurisdiction over
the carrying branch suggestions wore
asked from it on tho formation of the
jvo companies.
Sheldon Orders Investigation.
Lincoln. March 10. Governor Shel
don requested the state board of pub
'lc lands and buildings to investigate
i he report that morphine was being
snuggled into the Nebraska peniten
ary. He submitted to the board tho
report of Prison Physician Giffen. who
5serted that runny prisoners were ad
dicted to the use of narcotics.
Mrs. Frances A. Dawes Dead.
Atlanta. Ga., March 10. Mrs.
France. A. Dawes, wife of Major
.larueo W. Dawes, U. S. A., and former
governor of Nebraska, died here. The
body will be taken to Milwaukee for
Roosevelt Strong Second in Spite of
His Declaration.
Omaha, March 9. There will be
enough Roosevelt men in tho Repub
lican stato convention hero Thursday
to make things interesting, even if
Taft hos u majority of the delegates, (
which now seems likely. j
Oillclals and unofllclnl lettirns from i
twenty-three counties of tho stato
where a preference vote was taken for i
president in connection with the Re
publican caucus primaries give the fol
lowing totals: Taft, ::,00t; Roosevelt,
2,076; LaFollotto, 4 It); Hughes, 225.
It Is taken for granted thut Secretary
Tatt will hold his lend and perhaps
Increase It ns other returns come in.
The Tatt boom got under headway
in Nebraska before that of any other
candidate and nothing has been able
to stop It. However, tho men who
want to make President Roosevelt the
party's candidate for president, in
spite of his announced refusal to run,
are feeling good over tho fuel thnt ho
has carried' seven counties in the pop
ular vote, although his name was not
printed on the primary preference bal
Secures Stay of Execution Pending
Hearing in Court.
Lincoln, March 8. R. Meado Shum
way, sentenced to hnng March 17 for
tho murder of Mrs. Martin on a farm
near Beatrice, was granted a stay of
execution by tho supreme court to
give his attorneys an opportunity to
appeal his case to the supreme court.
Shuinway's attorneys intend to lay
considerable stress on the fact that
one of the jurors who convicted Shum
way, afterward committed suicide. It
will be argued that tho juior knew ho
had made a mistake and therefore
took his own!!!:.
Suspected 'of Ellis Murder.
Omaha, March 10. J. D. Preston,
the man who walked into the police
station Saturday with three bullet
wounds in his groin, who said he had
come from Texas direct to Omaha, but
whom tho police believe to be one of
three robbers who killed Night Mar
shal James D. Ellis at Brighton, Colo.,
early Friday morning, when he sur
prised them In an attempt to break
into tho postofTlce, had an interview
with Chief of Police Donahue, but
stuck to his original story of the
Texas Senator Voices Money Views of
the Minority.
Washington, March 10 Senator Jo
seph M. Halley ot Texas, a member of
the finance committee which reported
the Aidrlch currency bi;., held tho at
tention of Ills colleagues and visitors
who crowded the gallei m of the sen
ate for over two hours a speech
in opposition to that measure sun. gen
eialy voiced the views of the minor
ity upon the subject of emergency
currency. He did not believe his sub
stitute for the Aidrlch bill would re
sult In Inflation, although It provided
for $500,000,000 as a permanent pnit
of our money supply. "The truth la."
ho said, "the national banks ot this
country are seeking to establish n sys
tem of asset currency, and they will
strivo to defeat any measure which
compels them to secure their circula
tion. They want the privilege of Is
suing their notes without Interest and
without security, nnd lending them to
the people for Interest and upon secur
ity. I shnll always Insist that tho
safety of our currency Is of infinitely
more Importance to the country than
the size of bank dividends."
The senate spent over an hour In
debating the Ft ye bill, providing that
suppltes and materials shipped fiom
the United' States for the Panama
canal shall only be transported In
American vessels. Resolutions of sor
row upon the announcement of tho
death or Representative Adolph Meyer
of Loulslann were adopted and the sen
ate adjourned as a further mark of
respect. The house was in session buf
it few minutes, adjourning upon an
nouncement of Mr. Meyer's death.
Vote on Aldrich Bill May Be Post
poncd Until Next Week.
Washington. March 9. Senator Aid
rich Is still hopetul of bringing in
emergency currency bill to a vote aur
ing tho present week ot the congres
sional session. As several speeches
are still to be made, however, It is
probable that the vote will be post
poned until next week. The legisla
tive, executive and judicial appropria
tion bill will be reported to the uennto
tomorrow nnd will be taken up at the
first opportunity
Tho houso will devote today to mat
ters relating to tho District of Colum
bia and will take up the postofllcc an-
1 whicn Will close tomorrow. It is nopea
to pass tho bill buiore adjournment
' Thuictiay. Then will foilow tho pen
sion bill, on which there will be a pe
riod of, general debate.
The Lllloy subn.ailno bont Investi
gation by tho special houso committee
will begin today and continue dally.
The vennte committee on naval affairs
will resume Its Investigation into tho
government's methods ol construction
Tho mm ,i ucnu.
Yonkc is, N . ' 7.- Thomas
J. Cal mi the tun j ; neiai Cus
ter sont tor f-' .iios j.ii its wnen his
'oinniand wr. "tilinpp- by Indlnus
on the Little PI; lioin river, in Mon
tana, ami who if'ii a tenet lorce duck
to the place where Custer and his
men had been slaughtered died at his
home here
Death of Dr. Slberts.
New York, March tl. A cablegram
received by the board of foielgu mis
sions of the Methodist episcopal
ihurch announced the death at Hueuos
Ajies, Argentina, March !l, of Dr. Sam
uel V. Slberts, dean of the Methodist
theological seminary in that place. He
was a graduate of the Iowa Wesloyan
Czar to Pardon Stocssel.
St. Petersburg, March 10. It is tin
tifileiallj slated that the czar lias com
muted the death sentence Imposed' on
Genet nl StoesFol for the surrender of
Port Arthur to ten years' Imprison
ment in a milltnry tortross. It Is ex
pected that on the gtound of 111 health
a full pardon will bo granted to him
Twenty Firemen Injured.
Chicago. March 1 A score of fire
men weie injured, three perhaps fa
tally, by a flro winch destroyed Apollo
hall, a three-story structure at 25(!-2ii.
lllue Island avenue The cause of tho
flro Is unknown. Tho total dnmago is
estimated at $Sf,000.
i-cagio to tie Deported.
St. Joseph. March 10. ICduardo
Rnglo, the young ltanan who was ar
rested In Kansas City and brought
here, suspected of having sent threat
ening letters to Chief ot Police Franz,
will bo deported, tho police any, the
matter having been taken up by the
federal authorities. It Is now said by
tho police that a companion of Rnglo
sent the letters, as another was re
ceived lodnv.
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Sheriff's Sale.
Nollco In hcn-liy lilvon. tlmt mulnr nml hr
virtue of mi order of hiiIq Imicj(! from tho oillco
of Ofo. W. Ilutcliltmii. clerk of tho DlKirlct
Court or tho Tenth Judlrlnl ltrlct, within
iiiid for WebnUT county. NehniKla. niuin n dn
rrco In an notion peiulliin therein, wherein
Kciwnni if. C'nwieH 18 j.hilntlir und BKHlimt John
0. Totwr nntl If ettlo L. Yi-Iblt nro defendftiim.
I hlmll olTor for mile at i nulla voniloc. totlio
hlKliCNt lildder for ciihIi In Imud nt the enNt
clour of th court lioiiDC. ut Ucil Cloud, In Mild
Wol-Hter county. NohrHHku. (Hint bednt; Iho
bulldiiiK where ii the lust term of HHld rourt
wrh holden). on the yilrd ilny of March A. I).
100. nt 2 oYlork p. m. of sulci diy, tho follow
Inn dohcrlhed property, lowlt: Tho south
twenty threo (23) feet of lot nineteen (10). In
block thirty ono(.1l) In the city of lied Cloud,
WebHior county. Nebrnskn.
(ilven under my hand HiIh day of Fcbru
ry, A. I) 1003.
HW O. I. IIICOflK. Sheriff.
CTIriiMri anil bcautinct Uie lulr.
i nimmrs m luiiiilanl prowlli.
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