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Mi t
The Emancipation
Of the Chaperons.
Copyright, 1305, by AIJco Louise Lcc.
L'll!" Merrlwetber ntrotehe.1
Ills lega out luxuriously In
front of the grate and pulled
at IiIh pine. "A CfirlHttiuiR
house party at The I 'lues." Then after
a patWc, "Who are Invited'"
Ills nephew leaned against the man
tclploeo and .stuffed his hands Into Ills
pockets as he enumerated the guests,
the uncle keeping up a running and
caustic comment:
"Engaged-going to he-Introduced
for matrimonial purposes engaged
the same." The numeration ceased,
"yes, I see myself helping to chap
eron your house party. I stroll Into
the reception room tind Rtumblo over
an engaged couple. I sneak Into the
library and am frowned out again by
a newly Introduced couple. I bang in
to the music room and overhear a pro
posal. No, thank you, Hoy; I shall
spend Christmas in peace and my own
Hoy picked up his bat and moved to
ward the door. "Modern house parties
are not conducted along the lines
you've laid down, uncle. Change your
mind and Judge for yourself." He
turned the knob. "Hy the way, I
didn't mention iho other ohapVron,' did
I? U'h Mrs. Angell, IJertba's widowed
mint, you know." With this parting
shot, which he know was effective, Hoy
discreetly retreated. i
After he had gone Merrlwetber sat
an hour staring at the tire and pulling
away at a smokeless pipe. Then he
arose and looked earnestly at himself
In the mantel mirror. "We're apt to
run down," he apostrophized his re
flection; "apt to run to seed, we Imche
lorn. Now, this tie-let's see, It's six
months out of style, and Ocrtrudo used
to be-huni." He stepped to the phone
and called up his tailor, realizing that
his mind hud already undergone the
change Hoy hoped for.
Ten days later he arrived at The
Pines just In time to dress for dinner.
lie was accompanied by a man and a
smart lot of luggage, accessories which
mane so marked a change In his ap
pcaranee that when at 0 o'clock he de
scended to the lower hall Kurthu Mon
roe, awaiting her aunt at the fool of
the stairs, surveyed him In delighted
"Why, Uncle Hruee," she exclaimed,
"you look so line I scarcely knew you!"
Ilerlhii was his nephew's tlnucce and
already claimed relationship in private,
to the uncle. "I'd make Hoy wear
evening clothes in the morning if he
had such a splendid tlguro-so filled
out, you know."
Merrl wether, following her Into the
living room, laughed grimly at the
doubtful compliment. "Oh, he'll tip the
scales at 10 soon enough, don't wor
ry!" "Vou surely don't look that stout."
began Hertha and, turning abruptly
toward the entrance, finished with.
"Does he. aunlleV"
(Jcrtrude Angell swept past her niece
and met Merrl wether's outstretched
hand cordially. "Look? Why. he looks
surprisingly like the Hruee Merriweth
er I used to know so well."
"fifteen years iicii." was on the ml
of Merrl wether's tongue, but he cheek-1
ed himself Just In time. Cert rude prub-'
ably ignored lapses in time as women'
have a habit of doing, be thought. I'.ut '
surely hers was a face, a form, a bnir-i
big. which had mi successfully with-1
stood time n to entitle her to thcVp
pclkitlou or youth. Her brown hair
had not lost lis luster, nor had her blue'
eyes lost auirht of their sparkling in-1
terest in pre. while she carried beivelf
wllli her old time spring and laeb..
Merrlwelher noted all these things as,
he sat opposite her at dinner. His
memory Hashed picture after picture
before hlm-lhe primary days lit their i
old home school, their grammar room1
betrothal, the warm friendship of later
yea r-, which had meant something1
more to.hlin; then her marriage and
life abroad. As he looked at her he'
had the uncomfortable feeling that, al
though her birth had antedated his by
one year, she was many ,eais id's
Junior. ,
lie was Just eliaraclerl'iiiL' lilmvit
as "old" when Ids nephew's v, ,,.,.
aroused him and added point io hi
rellecllon. "Tomorrow morning we
skate," announced Hoy Joyfully. "I've
had the pond back here cleared for
action, and the Ice Is O, K!" Then lie
added curclessl", -Hy the wa.. I'nclo
Hrttce. 1 forgot to tell you to bring
skates along, but I can easilj piovlde
you with a pair."
.Merrl wether miaked luwardlj. bin
made no reply until after dinner, when
ho backed ids nephew Into a cornet
and addressed liini privately and force
fully, "I've not been on skates for ten
years, and I don't Intend to make
spectacle of myself now by any
means "
"Wh., uncle or -you know, that
makes things rather awkward, for Mrs.
Angell does all those tilings so well,
and er wo don't want her to feel
boted here."
"Oh!" groaned Merrl wet her. "In thai
cute I'll try. bin watch out for a rep.
anon or n ennpter in tne 'I'lcitwtcK
rnpore!'" nnd he turned abruptly Into
tho ballroom.
""Are you looking over tho scene of
former triumphs?" asked a gay voice
beside him. And Mrs. Angell moved the room to straighten a candle
In one of the candelabra.
Merrlwelher noted with admiration
her free, light stop. She was it superb
iipeclmen of womanhood, but ho fer
vently wished she had appeared oldei.
"Why Is It," ho asked Impulsively, ig
noring her question, "Unit women re
tain their youth so much longer thun
She paused with her hand on the
candle and looked back. "I think," she
replied thoughtfully, "It's because they
Insist on doing youthful things."
"There It Is again!" ho thought, with
an Internal groan. He would be obliged
to skate and dance and do all the other
uncomfortable things which forty years
nnd 2120 pounds shrink from. Still as
lie watched her move about the room
the burden of, It did not seem so oner
ous after all.
Therefore he danced not badly, but
laboriously, alt the while admiring the
graceful ease of Gertrude AngcU's mo
tions. "At least," be determined resolutely,
"I'll not be caught skating, as I was
dancing, without n bit of practice." It
was 1 n. in. when he made this resolu
tion and Issued the command to his
mnn, "Peter, get me up at 7 unless,"
In sudden inspiration, "It should be
Promptly it I 7 he was awakened In n
rebellious frame of mind. "Stiff as a
cart horse," he grumbled. "I hope it's
snowing like blazes."
The man raised the shade and looked
out. "Sky clear as a whistle, sir."
So, with bis sleep cut short two hours
at both ends of the night, Merrlwetber
dragged himself and the pair of skates,
produced by bis thoughtful nephew,
out to Uie pond behind the bill. For
an hour bo skinned bis kuccjt, bumped
his bead and" disturbed the equanimity
of his temper before he was able to
move alone with moderate speed and
keep bis feet under him.
When he went in to breakfast he was
thankful for a few moments alone In
front of a glowing grate tire. He
stretched his aching legs toward the
beat and rubbed the back of his bead
where a bump was appearing which Is
not laid down in phrenological charts
and pains from which were darting in
every direction. lie listened idly to
voices in the ball uutll Ids attention
was chained by two comments made
Just outside the door.
"Isn't she a perfect delight of a chap
eron? And so young ton! She can't be
The reply was given in a doubtful
tone. "Wby-e-e, yes, she must be all
of thirty."
"Forty-one." muttered the listener
doggedly, the light of Ills new resolve
shining again in his eyes.
At 10 o'clock the entire parly went
out to the pond, and Merrlwetber skat
ed ;ind skated and skated until Ids
teeth were clinched in desperation uuA
his forehead knitted In his efforts to
hold out as long as Mrs. Angell did.
That lie was becoming a in. in of one
Idea he acknowledged to himself thai
afternoon on the sleigh ride. "What
Certrude dares, I dare." he told him
self in feeble Jest. That sleighing par
ty was a nightmare to hint for days
afterward. The drifts were deep, and
the sleigh was overturned again and
again, generally with Merrlwelher at
the bottom of the heap, owing to the
fact that .sleighs incline readily in the
direction of -J'JO pounds. Then, to vary
the monotony of the tip-over.-, there
were miles of hillsides with a souther
ly exposure where the sun had melted j
the snow and obliged the parly to
Merrlwetber tolled up the slopes, bus.
banding Ids wind by maintaining si
lenee. watching Cert mile's clastic Mops
ruefully and feeling bis resolutions in
respect to .onlhfiilnos.s ooze from bis
chilled linger lip-..
"All out for our last climb:" cried
Hoy as the horses stopped at the foot
of a steep rise. "This is our last hill."
"Thank the Lord!" hiild Merrlwelher
devoutly behind his mustache. n
watched' his chance when the atten
tion of the oilers, especially Certrude,
was directed elsewhere, and' then, as
sisting his pedal extremities laborious
ly over the lde of the sleigh, he fell on
hen heavily, trusting to luck rather
than to his tired legs to keep him up
right. Near the end of their climb he re
marked to Mrs. Angell. with all the
nonchalance he could command. "I
should think you ladle.-, would be a bit
A light laugh put him to shame, and
a pair of dancing blue eyes met his
In a glance which stripped him of lif
ted .ears and led him back Io the
days when he had walked beside her
with necr a thought of fatigue.
"Tired!" she returned carelessly . "And
by such a little trip as this?" '
I hat reply, coupled with the day's
unparalleled exertion, turned the tide
of .Merrlwelher' - resolutions, in his
room before dinner he eased his aching
that evenln .j ue elitnvTi or "T t. ""
gcll's prooioLC, and he uoticci, t ,
wlUt a p.ui' of o ..ethlng ver.. I
jealousy, that Hriggs, the you.i c
man in the part.,, occup c.l his sp . e
moments loo!.. a.; in her direction.
"I'll see what tho weather prow, o
for tomorrow," w.u his Irresolute cj.o-
ment as he reached his room at ml.i-
, night and noted Unit Peter had one-
Udlently packed his thing. ready for the
0:10 train. "If It sluuld storm, m.iy-
j bo" was his last conscious thought,
1 mid then he drllted off into a I. mil
where Gertrude spent her Clirlstmases
I with him benlde a quiet hearthstone
and chaperoned bouse parties no nitre.
Next morning, when he awoke, the
snow was driving ag.ilnst the window,
while tho wind whistled savagely
through the trees. Merrlwetber turn
ed over with n deep grunt of satisfac
tion. There could be no sleighing uo
skntltig, no tobogganing, such a day
as this, and that night was Christmas
eve and the Christmas tree. He had
purchased an exquisite copy of "Maud",
for Mrs. Angell. It was a poem they
had once read together, and he won
dered If bis memory of the fact would
touch her. With these thoughts ho
drifted back Into sleep, and the morn
ing train went thundering cityward
without him.
bones In a mnn Is clinir and determined '
to return to the city cail.v next morn
ing, lie would be old and sensible and
comfortable once more, lie would for-1
get Certrude as long as he could not
keep up with her youilifuluess. !
Hut alas for his determination! He
nearly forgot his brubes aud sprains i
.s'o" hm;m' unit luiiUnl havU
Hut his triumph over the state of the
weather was short lived. At the break
fast table his nephew curdled his blood
by the announcement of the plans for
the Christmas trees, which yet stood In
the forest a tulle across lots. "Two of
the men are sick Ibis morning, fellows,
so we'll have to fall into line anil fetch
the trees." Hoy proclaimed, with a rel
ish born of twenty-three years and
warm blood.
The "follow." Including Merriwcth
or, worked in the storm until noon be
fore the trees were properly out. trim
med, cleaned and set up in the ball
room ready for the decorations and
gifts. The ladles had Hie decorations
in charge, but Merrlwetber found there
was no rest for the weary. He bal
anced himself perilously by I lie hour
on the top of slopladders. which sway
ed and creaked ominously under bis
weight: he climbed stairs to fetch pack
ages from the billiard room; lie search
ed for lost hammers nnd knelt on nils
laid tacks until he relegated Christmas
and house parties to the lower regions.
At last the trees were decorated, and
Hoy called the party Into the music
room to practice Christinas anthems
Merrlwetber saw his fellow workers
safely into the iiinsli- room: then he
dragged himself upstairs for a t.olaelng
smoke, only to Ibid hN lire out and Ills
chamber cheerless.
Shoving bis aching feel into slippers,
he got himself into a smoking Jacket,
lif bis pipe and descended to the libra
ry. The library lay back of the living
room, far from the music, and li con
Iniucd an inviting couch, at whhli
Morrlwother had looked longingly, hut
had not found time so far to orciip.v.
He pushed aside the curtains at the
entrance with a broad sweep of Ids
hand and stepped within. Then In
stepped abruptly. The couch was occu
pied. "I beg your pardon, Gertrude.
I thought ,ou were singing."
Singing!" she responded crossly,
struggling into a sluing posture. "Why,
I've not a shred of voice left to sing
with!" She did uoi smile, but passed
her hand across her e.ves in a gesture
which caused a great light Io break In
on Merrlwelher.
"You're tired!" lie accused In a ring
ing voice of triumph.
She leaned back, resting her .head
against the wall. "Tired?" she repeal
ed In an Intense voice. "Pin half dead
with the awful pace of these two days.
If I wore a big healthy man now."
glancing resentfully at the proportions
of the mnn before her. "I might be
able Io endure everything ami yet feel
fresh, but, being a woman and forty-one"-
"Certrude." Interrupted Merrlwetber
In a lone of solemn Joy, "fire you forty
one?" "Of course 1 am." she responded al
most Irritably. "You know that I am."
"Ye-es," be replied vaguely, coining
nearer, "but I didn't know Hint you
knew It!"
".I have every reason to know it"
tho tears v v
"when skat
tlsm, and C
that sleigh
hands out hi
enn't endure '
home toinoi'r
leave yon toe'
tire you." '
lashes, an! '
Merrl wet' - . .
Invited. "Ge:-tru :e." lie !.. .. .
voice In which ratr: it Kathfnclhu
of harmony with h: a.moimce. .e
"the exertion attendant on diaper
Ing this house party and keeping u,
with you has given me the rheumatism
In every Joint and muscle, and not o-ily
the headache the effect has penetrated
to my disposition, which Is"
A door opened somewhere, and a
burst of niuslq Interrupted hlin. "Peace
on earth, good will to men."
The door closed, and silence reigned
In the library. A realization of the
Hplrlt of the words came to Merrl
wetber. Ills light manner dropped from
lilin. He leaned over and laid 'his hand
on Gertrude's. "Let's bo old and peace
ful together, dear. Don't go back to
morrow. Spend Christinas here with
The firelight played sofUy over tho
woman's face. She glanced up with u
smile which was tremulous In spite of
her mocking words, "Now thut I thinlc
of It, Hruee, I hnven't bought my tick
et yet, and It Is more comfortable to
be old!"
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j Illustration Sliwlnc Mlxwl Farming .soi,u in
A Worthy Antagonist.
"Did you visit any of the old caves
when you were up in Scotland''" .for-'
kins was nsked by a friend.
"Yes," replied .lorklns reminiscenlly. !
"and. by gum. we had to forcibly pull .
Maria out of one cave."
"Cood gracious! She was fascinated
by lis beauty. I suppose."
"No. It wasn't beauty. You see. there
Is a wonderful echo In I be cave. ii"d
Maria couldn't bear to think of the
echo having the last word." Liverpool
Merou ry.
His Eminence.
A French cardinal, being small of
stature and hunchbacked at thai, al
ways gave I he keenest repartee when
addressed with "highness" and "emi
nence" "My highness Is live feet two
inches, ami the eminence I carry on
my back."
Some ot the choicest lnn! Inr praln ir.,vu.lniv
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tsrflbl ' f f JMltfClf. Ifiir.i. ....
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