The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, March 13, 1908, Image 5

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New Wall
Our new stock of Wall
Paper is nearly all in and
we can show you all the
latest patterns and color
ings and we want every
body to conic in and see
Cans L Gaffing
The Druggist.
K. K. llurr was up from Guide Rock threatened to put litui off the trnlit, '
Wednesday, whereupon his companion offered to
Remember Frank Hndley does paint- Py " &v. Tl,is eiitnged the
inir and nnncr hanging. l)ar,' of tho ,,rht MUl l,,at he looU " i
1. 1 it. .. , .. i i i.i .n,i smash at the party of the second part,
I!. 1 Vfi4 .if 1 2 .11.1., k.imI? ivni. li Kml r .T i '
Cloud visitor Wednesday.
landing heavily upon him. Next time
"Mill" oilers to nay "How's' fare he
Closing out sale of live stock March won't.
17. .Sec bills. I. N. Brown, Inavalc.
Foit Sai.k 1 have some good Uni
versity or Kherson seed oats.
E. J. 1'HrKitsoN, Inavalc, Neb.
Mae Kulton and Tom Jones of Wal
nut Creek were transacting business
in Red Cloud Tuesday.
Mrs. S. It. McHrlde has returned
from a several weeks' visit with her
daughter, Mrs. Nellie Kinch.ln Kansas
Erankle, the little daughter of Pr.
and Mrs. O. A. Nelson, broke a finger
Services at the llaptist ehureh Sun
day are as follows: Itiblo study at 10
a. in. Preaching at 11 a. in.: theme,
"The Rravo Three Hundred." Preach
ing at 7:.10 p. in.; theme, "Coining in
Contact with the Devil." Mble study
on Tuesday evening at the home o
Alva Sellnrs. Prayer meeting Wedncs
day at 7:110 p. in. C. A. Wilson, pastor.
On account of some dissatisfaction on
the part of some members of the bin d
the new leader, Mr. P.ert Tnnsey, n
slgned at last night's meeting of tin-
20 Per Cent
Discount Sale
v IftlK.tlFTTFS ?
m iwrraiuMii iuv
Ni'j '. Tuesday is St. Patricks day.
Will West visited with his mother
mil sister this week.
Mr. and Mrs. George- 15. MeCall were
up from Guide Rock Monday.
Mr and .Mrs. Will Tapham are tl e
parents of ii son, born Tuesday.
Clarence Maurer came in from Iowa
to .tttnd the funeral of his mother.
Closing out sale of live stock March
17. Sec bills. I. N. Brown, Inavalc.
Mr and Mrs. Ed llubbell of Lebanon
visited Mr. and Mrs. Charles Gilliam.
Mr-. Charles hctr.lcr is visiting with
ln-r parent.-, Mr. and Mrs. C. II. Strayer.
Mrs 0. W. IVuik left Tuesday morn
ing for her new home near Imperial,
N b.
I'red Smel.ser arrived Tuesday from
-evcral months' stay in Gothenburg.
W. P. Gillis, the new cashier of the
Cowles bank, was a Itcd Cloud visitor
Jos MeClellnnd was down from
Hlooaiington the first of thcjfwcclc on
Albert McGuire, who hits been work
in,' at Wymore, came home Monday
for ,i vihit.
W. A. Smith and family left Tuesday
morning tor tneir new uoiue in iili
Springs, S. D.
Will Clark came in Tuesday fr m
Kauona, Kan., for a visit with friends
n nl relatives.
Mr and Mrs. Walter Sanderson are
tin- parents of an eight pound boy,
li .rn last Saturday. Temple, the well known Kansas
Citr commission man, was a Red Cloud
visitor the first of the week.
last Sunday by getting it caught in a organization. The major portion of
wringer. , the members express themselves as
"The Tepee," the new electric theater living been well satislicd with Mr.j
and vaudeville house owned bv W. II. Tunscy's leadership, but he could not
Tuber, is rapidly being put in shape -' prevailed upon to remain and listen (
for business ' lo l',c "knocking" of recalcitrant mem
,. , ,,., , . , . i Iters. I'non inquiry we learn that Mr
Frank Etherton received a telegram , ,l ' J
,, . . . ,,. i . . ... . Tnnsey Is as able a cornetist as the
I' ndnv evening calling him to Wymore ,,,, , , , , ,
. ", . ... M Red Cloud boys have been able to se-
on account of the serious illness of his J
. . , . ., , ,, . i cure, being courteous and gentlemanly I
sister-in-law, Mrs. Laura Etherton. ! ,, . . . . .. , , ... I
to all. As a last resort the band will
unrry Harlow came nome irom rco- , eomnellcd to "knock out'' the Jealous
I Canned Fruit k Vegetables
im overstocked on Canned Goods
and will place on sale in my store
window beginning
Saturday, Feb. 22,
Lent commences
March 4.
All kinds of
. The Grocer
All tho Phones
..!.. Ill f 11 1... . !.., Iw In. 1
1 111, 111,, 1 in-nii.i,) utuiiiuH, "iiiiii mu
has been for several mouths. He is
suffering from a severe attack of rheu
matism. Paul S. Dietrich, former president
of the business college, came in Tues
day morning from Lincoln to assist in
straightening out the tangle in the
affairs of the business college.
Paul Rntler, from over In Kansas,
loaded a car of household goods anil
farm implements in this city Monday,
preparatory to going to Alberta, Can
ada, where he will make his home.
Frank Ilamaker, who was an auc
tioneer in this city more than twenty
years ago, but who now lives in Leb
anon, Kan., had the misfortune to lose
his house oy lire one day last week.
O. E. Fearn of Haigler was in the
city Tuesday on his way home from
the congressional convention at Hast
ings. He is a brother of Ed and Fred
Fearn of this city and has many friends
C. D. Robinson, Hiram Holdredge,
O. It. Pitney, J. 15. Wiscearvcr and
Will Norris'were in Hastings this week,
serving on the federal petit jury. All
but the llrst two named were excused
D. E.-tdams, a son of Judge Ed L.
Adams, and A. Nelson of Minden were
in Red Cloud Wednesday. They are
assisting Evangelists Gallowav and
Alexander in the revival meetings at
Hump Wisecarver has sold his lunch
counter to his brotlier-in-law, Hugh
lJarr, recently of Virginia. Mr. Wise
carver accompanied C. W. Rushee's
household goods to Holdredge this
Miss Kate Wagoner will accompany
Mrs. Ed Mohler and her two sons to
Ludlngton, Mich., in the near future,
where they will occupy the farm re
cently purchased by the late Mr. Moh
ler. The Red Cloud delegation to the
congressional convention at Hastings
succeeded In having Colonel C. W.
Kaley elected an alternate to the na
tional convention to be held in Chicago
in dune.
Mrs. Hrokaw, who has been here for
the past week assisting in caring for
her sister, Mrs. Chris Zeiss, was called
to her home in Superior Wednesday
morning by a message, stating that her
husband was very sick.
E. .1. Pulsipher and Harry Stronp
went out to the home of Mrs. George
Heaton, in Walnut Creek township,
Wednesday, where they will build a
porch and make other improvemei.ts
in the residence property.
Theodore Ponsar, who was the mU'er
at the old Red Cloud roller mills more
than twenty years ago, was in Red
Cloud last Saturday renewing acquaint
ance with his former friends. He now
lives in Omaha and Is engaged in the
manufacture 'of machinery for ul fill fa
Mack Fentreis, accompanied by a
friend who was on the same battleship
with him, came in' Saturday from the
west, lloth boys tell some revolting
stories of the treatment they received
at the hands of petty ofllcers and older
".lackies." Roth express a willingness
to re-enter the navy if they can be
transferred to another ship than that
which thev were on when they "took
French leave."
Two well known citizens of Inavalc,
who vtcro in Hod Cloud Saturday, took
the evening train for home. One of
them happened to bo ."broke," and
when the conductor asked for his fare
and continuing until stock is re
duced a large assortment of Canned
Fruits and Vegetables at 20 per
cent discount from. reguJar prices.
Your opportunity to secure bargains
in canned goods. Don't forget the
Fulton Market
Blue Hill -:- Nebraska
Will bo in Hod Cloud Saturdays
at Smith's barn.
About 10 o'clock last night when the
eieeine iigut piani mew a nan iioen -j . -j "1 , TTlrt"U OO
intermittent blasts those who heard it' CiaiJe ailCl piaCe I1 eD.
fell to wondering what could possibly
have happened. Others hurried to the
plant llnd that Mr. Green, the night
dynamo attendant and engineer, had
placed the Index finger of his left hand
on one of the dice-box valves while
oiling and accidentally had the llrst
joint cut oil'. Itelng in much pain lie
could not keep up steam with one
hand and fearing that the lights would
go out he whistled for help. He was
accompanied to town by some of the vis
itors when Drs. Creightonand Mitchell
dressed the wound. This morning
Mr. Green seems as good natured as
ever, but one can sense the pain back
his good humor.
President Steward having unexpect
edly resigned as manager of the Red
Cloud ISusincss college, the public
spirited citizens of Red Cloud at once
deemed it incumbent upon themselves
to secure the management of the col
lege v ithout necessitating a loss of
either time or money to those In at
tendance. With this object in view, a
committee having been duly appointed,
conferred with the board of education
to secure their consent lo appoint
Prof. Moritz as manager of the college.
The repuest of the committee being
favorably considered, the commercial
club in conjunction with other prom
nent lmsiness men of the city assumed
financial control and have instructed
Prof. Moritz to reorganize the school
and place it upon a permanent and
stable basis. The college being financed
by the leading business men of the
city is a guarantee in itself of its
future stability ruder the reorganiza
tion thorough instruction will be given
in shorthand, typewriting, bookkeep
ing, commercial arithmetic and pen
manship and students are invited to
enter at any time foi instruction along
these lines.
Qwiffc 23S8B
?"?.. Y
ri ci i liui 1 1 '
and Bacon
liveryman and others'.' They're a 1
The legislature of Ohio has passed
the Rose county option bill by a vc te
of 70 to Uil. It provides that elections
may be held in any county to vote, on
the question of banishing the saloons,
and in the event of any county going
"wet" no township or residence dis
trict shall be effected thereby. Strin
gent regulations have made for the
enforcement of the law, which does
not go into effect until the first of Sep
Read up on the temperance agita
tion at Hastings and listen to the cry
from Lincoln that "Lincoln's going
Por Infants and Children.
Tfio Kind You Have Always Bought
Boars tho
Signaturo of
W. C. T. I). Notes.
On Thursday evening of last week a
number of the W. C. T. V. ladies took
the oratorical contest class to Cowles
to give them the-opportunity of con
testing again. A warm welcome
awaited our arrival there. Arrange
ments had been made for our enter
tainment and a committee, of girls of
that little burg escorted us to their
various homes, where we received a
hearty welcome, in the evuning we
were greeted by an appreciative audi
ence and at the close of the entertain
ment the chorus was requested to again
sing "I)e Walls Am Cumin' Down," to
which they responded. The medal was
awarded to Ethel Wisecarver and was
presented by Rev. Myers of M. E.
church. During the time required for
tho decision of the judges Elizabeth
Overman recited the selection which
won her the medal at the contest here.
Like all the others It was received
with an ovation. Hev. Myers extended
thanks for the evening's entertain
ment with an invitation for us to again
visit them. We are sure that every
member of the visiting party will al
ways carry a warm spot in their heart
for the people qf Cowles, and we are
also sure that they deserve rich blessings.
What's the matter with Red Cloud'.'
She's all right. When tho parents of
fourteen families will give-their daugh
ters for a temperance entertainment
and so willingly lend their assistance
is it any wonder we exclaim she's all
right? And what Is the matter with
Traveling Nan Goes Insane,
A. .1. Moore of Villlsea, Iowa, a trav
eling salesman for the Hand-Sewed
Shoe Co. of Omaha, went insane at his
room in the Hotel Royal in this eitv
.Monday evening, and for a time made
tilings lively for the employes of that
hostelry. It seems that Moore had
been indulging in the flowing bowl too
freely and became atllicted with paresis.
Monday evening he came down from
his room and, standing in the doorway
leading to the ollice of the hotel, dc-
yk ft)
For Sale
Red Cloud,
elared that some one was trying to kill
him. He repeated this perfonnai ee
several times, until Marshal Klmel
and Sheriff Hedge wero summoned,
when he was finally confined to his
room under guard. His wife was noti
fied and she wired Sheriff Hedge to
bring him home. The sheriff left with
the demented man for Villisca on No.
1 1 Wednesday morning.
A New York detective suys there are
probably at least 1,000 men In that
city living under names assumed after
reaching the ago of twenty-one years,
many of them respected and trusted
citizens. He adds, "Men who have
been unfortunate In other cities, who
have committed some petty crime nnd
want to hide from the world, come
hero to begin life anew, leaving th,elr
old names and reputation behlud."
ho raised a rumpus. The conductor j the ministers, the newspapers, ' the
For imaldnu
gMilolrlvf stvtsZ Tnwfootm
m ly, detficious foot Mscuils,
not breads, caise ana pas
try, mere is no substitute for
No Alum No Lime Phomphmtm
The poisonous nature of alum
Is so well known that the
sale ot condiments con
taining It is prohib
ited by law.
-r.,, ..,,., I, I ,, p W.I
". --n