The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, March 13, 1908, Image 4

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The best medicines in the
world cannot take the place of
the family physician. Consult
him early when taken ill. If
the trouble is with your
throat, bronchial tubes, or
lungs, ask him about taking
Ayer's Cherry Pectoral. Then
take it or not, as he says.
Wo publish 0111' formula!
I y m wo iinninh ieohoi
I f mp tC rrWo"iirBo you""
IX XllVf U 00Ii,n'illX0Ur !
tmrnmrnmmmmmmmmmmmmamtm .
Bilious attacks, sick-headaches, indices
tion, constipation, dizzy spells these
arc some of the results of an inactive
liver. Ask your doctor if nc endorses
Ayer's Pills in these cases. The dose
is small, one pill at bedtime. I
MadobytheJ. O.AycrCo., Lowell, Man.
Real Estate Transfers.
Por the week ending Tuesday, Mesh
lo, furnished by the Fort Abstract Co.
L. II. Port, Manager.
( has. W. drown to William J.
Kelly, wd, o2 nwl, swl nwl
and slinwl nwl sec I1-M2....S
''hris r.i'urhour to C. W. drown,
vd, pt swl set see 7-1-11
K S Kit, to CJeo. Anmck, wd, s'J
sol, nel nel and n'.' nwlscc'.'l-1-10
Robert Mathieson to dyron II.
Gilinore, wd, n2 swl and n2
sel seo'JD-l-lO 0.SOO
Thus. I'.. Perkins to Nathaniel
II. Stone, qcd, sel see 23-1-1.. 1
Wm. M. Kby tu (ieo. W. Shuck,
- w2 swl and sel swl and lot 0
iu sec Ifl-t-O
MttoKlalu to Alexander Klate,
wd, net sec 18. 1-12
Jacob (..ale to August Martin,
wd, lot 27, blk 14, dlue dill..
John W. Johnson, trustee, to
Robert Ilamerell, qcd, s2 and
ne4 see 10-1-9
I. G. Martin to Oscar W. dmick
wd, so4 see 8-2-10
Oliver I). Hedge, slteritL, to Lena
Temple, sd, w2 nel and w2sel
sec 21-2-12
'K. U. Overman to Chas. W. Kaley
wd, is'j nwl nel see 33-2.11....
Lloyd Croker to Henry Crocker,
wd, e2 sec 25-1-1 1
Orly M. Kinyeart, to John II.
wd, o2 Hi and w2 nwl and w2
sw 1 see 20-2-12
Chas. W. Kaley lo John E. Jar-
boe, wd, e'J nwl see 22-2-11...
James J. (,'ary to K. U. Overman,
wd, s2 swl 2S and n2 nwl see
Herbert L. Luce to 1'. K. Dooley
wd. lots 1 and 5, blk 0, Inn
vale State oi Nebraska to Noah
Cluny. d, sel nwl sec 30-3-10..
Mate of Nebraska to Noah
Cindy, d, nel nwl see 30-3-10..
Mate of Nubiaska to Noah
Cluny, d.swl nwl see 315.3-10.
rharlotte Leigh to John Henry
and strictly prohibits
the sale of alum
baking powder
So doss France
So does Germany
The sale of alum foods
lias been made illegal in Washington and the District of Colum
bia, and alum baking powders are everywhere recognized as
injurious. jo projccj y0ursef aasjist alism,
when ordering baking powder,
Sap plainly
If hIIAL powder
and be very sure you get Royal.
Royal is the only Baking Powder made from Royal Grape
Cream of Tartar. It adds lo the digestibility and whole-
someness of the food.
Hlnson, vl, net hoe 27-1-11... 3,000
Prank L. dines to Ainboy Mill
and Elevator Co., wd, swl see
n:i-'j-io 7,260
W. 0. Frahm, county treasurer,
to A. Gilinore, td, lots 12, 1.1
and 14, blk o, Ilohrcr's ad to
IUue Hill 100
A. It. Sellars to S. C. Sluiek, wd,
pt n w 1 he 1 see .'I5-2-1 1 3,000
Total 877,217
Mortgages filed, S24,00.
Mortgages released, 1 1,825.
Electricity In Church Edifices.
Pew realize what an important part
electricity plays in the work about the
t i -i- ...tin rin :
Iliouern eiHUCll eiimces. ilium isani-
sidcrablc work constantly required
about a church building andHlie clean,
noiseless, enicicnt and economical olco-
,.:.. nmtmvs do this work better than
any other power in the world. The
great pipe organs use in?tor power for
the air compressors; the ventilating
fans aro motor-driven: the ei
t m vm.UUIIl ciulllll.rh.
, .... .
earpets are
the build
ing is lighted with hundreds of electric
The new Kirst daptist church of
Mass., is electrically
The lighting of this large
building has been worked out on sci-
entillc principles and the incandescent
lamps liave been artistically arranged
for effects which could be produced
with no other kind of illuminant. No
sharp or direct rays of light fall upon
the eye from any position.
Five motors, aggregating 30 h.p. do
the work about this church. The
largest motor, ten horse power, drives
a fan iu connection with the heating
system and assures an even tempera
ture throughout the large auditorium.
' The organ blower is operated by an
eight horse-power motor and a fan for
! the ventilation of laboratories isdriven
by a four horse-power motor. The in
stallation of a vacuum cleaning system,
driven by a four horse-power motor,
makes it unnecessary to use brooms or
sweepers to keep the building clean.
The cost of cleaning has thus been
greatly reduced iu comparison with the
old methods of doing the work by
Another interesting motor applica
tion of a wood, canvas and asbestos
curtain between the main auditorium
and Sunday-school room. This curtain
is about thirty-five feet wide and thirty
feet high, weighing about three tons
The motor will raise this curtain noise
lessly in less than half a minute. The
motor installations require little atten
tion and the church is in no way iu
mrud, even m appearance, uy incse
five applications of electric power.
Klectnc Iscws Serviec
i Dr.DctcliotiH Kellcf forKliiMimntlMi. andNeural
Kin radically cun-s la 1 to.'! dayti. Its action upon
tlio sy stem is remarkable and mj Morions. 11
removes at onco tin; cause and tho disease Im
mediately disappears Tho first dose Kreatly
bcnHlltH, 75 cent and II. Sold by II. K. Giuce
druggist, Red Cloud.
Mrs. Walcom and Airs, darill. mother
and sister of Mrs. E. d. (Soldo, who
have been visiting here, left Tuesday
morning for St. Louis.
H m&mi
mm i B S
Who Thev Are and What They Will Do.
Since the announcement has been
innde In these columns that Dr. den W.
Kinsey, chief of staff of the dot
Springs doctors who have their Ne
braska State Institute located at Lin
coln, intends to make a two-day visit
to Ued Cloud on March 23 and 21, dur
ing which he will stop at the Hotel
Royal where he will receive patients,
the question has been many times
atked, "Who are the Hot Springs doe
tors anil what do they do?" The an
swer is this, The Hot Springs doctors
are an association of specialists who
treat chronic diseases by the dot
u.. ..!.... e ...,... 4 'Hi
oiJiinyn nn;iii ui ufuuiicMt, s uvy
have already established institutes iu
many of the larger cities of the United
States. The Nebraska State Institute
is located at 14th and O streets, Lin
coln. The object is to bring this Hot
Springs System treatment within the
reach of all. The Hot Springs system
of treatment for chronic diseases has a
national reputation as is evidenced by
the fact that the United States govern
ment has established its army and
navy hospitals at Hot Springs, Ark..
where soldiers and sailors are sent af-
ter all ordinary methods have failed
to cure. Thousands of sick people are
carried to Hot Springs every year,
Many people who go there without
hope often go home happv and well.
dot everyone cannot go to IlotSprings.
It remained for Dr. Kinsey to discover
the seerots of the Hot Springs of home
treatment so that It can be used any
where iu any home without inconven
ience, annoyance or publicity and
without detaining the patient from his
usual occupation.
This wonderful Hot Springs treat
ment is what dr. Kinsey is bringing
to Red Cloud, during this first visit
he will be here but two days, March
23 and 21. dr. Kinsey will receive
patients at the Hotel Royal parlors
where he will examine all patients
free of charge. Those that are found
to be curable will be treated at a low
price, those that are not curable will
not be treated at any price. The ob
ject of this two-day visit is to get a
few cases to show what this wonderful
Hot Springs treatment will do in the
way of curing chronic diseases even
after other methods have failed. Dr
Kinsey solicits only ditlicult cases.
Cases that have failed of a cure by or
dinary methods and have been given
up as hopeless. Of course, dr. Kinsey
does not claim that he can curb all
cases, but among these hopeless cases
he will select a great many that can
be cured and those that cannot be
cured will be frankly told so and no
money accepted from them under any
Dr. Kinsey has a national reputation
among physicians on account of bis
wonderful knowledge of the human
body. He acknowledges no peer in the
matter of medical diagnosis. To dem
onstrate his ability he will undertake
to di.ignose any case in a few minutes
time, describing every ache and pain
and locating the cause of the trouble
without asking the patient any ques
tions. To aid him in his diagnosis dr.
Kinsey carries with him the most
powerful uiicoscope made besides
many other instruments imported from
the various medical centers of the
world and some invented by himself
and used by no other doctors in the
world but the Hot Springs doctors.
This visit of Dr. Kinsey at the Hotel
Royal March 13 and 21 will be a won
derful opportunity or the sick and
alllicted of this community who want
to get well and there are many to take
advantage of it.
Hlsf Informal Wav.
The following anecdote, after re
maining in storage many year?,, has
been recently dusted and brought to
A young and afterward distinguished
attorney from an .up-country district
of New York state was arguing his
first appeal in the old general term of
supreme court, lie had been in many
legal scrimmages in justices' courts at
home, but had never stood in the awe
some presenceof Hvescdateand learned
judges of the supreme court, In general
term assembled. Ills embarrassment
was great. He repeated himself and
misplaced his words so often that It
was (piite evident that he must soon
be routed by his own confusion unless
something should occur to break the
spell. Finally, and just as he was
lloundering the deepest In a chaotic
jumble of language, and ideas, the pre
siding judge interrupted with the fol
lowing remark:
".Mr. Smithers, I believe it will be a
great relief to yourself and to the
I court if you will address us in the
same free and informal way that you
doubtless use iu addressing your local
A nnouncement
WE have purchased the Robin
son & Burden grocery stock
and are yetting lined up ready for
business. ,
We appreciate the liberal patron
age already shown us and extend
a cordial invitation to you to call
and give us a trial. ,We will treat
you right. Respectfully,
to Johnson
Successors to Robinson & Burden
Belt Rhone No. 4.
.4Vn.Kr4.iK''lk'k.b-lll4'lrVl'dl'iyb''4 Sb' '
Tho Innds wo aro going to call your attention to aro in the noithwcst part
of Textip. Take tho map of Texas and you can readily soo that we are trying
fo locate you about G30 miles from Kansas City and uOo miles from Galveston
the nearest seaboard harbor of any importance, where freight rates hy water
to England aro practically tho sauio as from Now York. To transport a bushel
of wheat from Hastings, Neb., to Now York by rail will cost you l(Jc per 100
lbtfor 2SJ per bu. From tho Panliandlo to Galveston tho rnto is 9o per bu. or
u saving of ll).flo por bu. Can you figure tho advantage that the farmer iu the
Panhnndlo has over you? To show you the great adva -tage tho Panliandlo
lias over you, wo want to quote a few figures on tho sowing and yield of wheat
at tho experiment station, a short distance from whore v.o offer you theso
great bargains in laud.
Yield of Wheat for I90G Masko Wheat
Sowing 1) pecks to the aero yields 20.0.1 bushels, tost (52 pounds
.. .j .. 4. . .. .. o-,i(r, .. ,. (5l ,.
Durum Wheat
Sowing Jl pecks to tho acre yields 2.'5.IO bushels, test (52.50 pounds
( , l u u t. i. 2'-V"i " ' d "
" 5 " " " " 10.20 ' " "
Now you have tho figures beforo you for consideration. It will take you
but u few minutes to compute the differenco that tho Panhandle farmer gots
more for his grain than you do.
If the experiment station can reach such results in farming and doing it
right, you can do tho sumo thing, or can raise ." bu. less and beat anything you
can in this part of tho country.
With an nverogo of 21 inches of rainfall for tho last twelve years, nothing
stands iu tho load of farmers becoming independent iu a short timo and fixing
himself so lie can live at ease.
Is it hot in tho Panhandle, is asked by people who are not familiar with
conditions in that country. We will sav that the average iu tho hottest mouths
in the year, for twelve years is as follows: June, 72; July, T."i. August, 72, and
September, (IS. This government report was by tho U. S. weather observer
(Tho. J. Oonsodim), at Aniorilla, Texas, right iu the center of the Panhandle.
Wnter is procured in sand and gravel ami is of the vory purest quality suiri
has proven very beneficial for tho general health of mankind.
We aro making those trips to tho Panhandle ovory
First and Third Tuesdays
in each month, and would be pleased to soo you and talk it over with you, ns
we cannot tell you all in a short ad like this.
Red Cloud Investment Co.
I. II. HOLMES, President. 1). J. MYERS, Vice-President.
A. D. SELLERS, Secretary and Treasurer
justice of the peace."
"Well, then," replied Smithers, "I
wish that while I am busy alleviating
your honor's dense ignorance of the
law you would keep your d -d mouth
shut!" The court laughed heartily and1
waved for him to proceed, He grew
eloquent, and won his ease in the midst
of hearty applause. l)oheinlan.
Corn Exposition Commission Appointed.
The Nebraska commission for the
National Corn Exposition, to be held
at Omaha, in December, have been ap
pointed by (lovernor Sheldon, upon
recommendations from tho state board
of agriculture and the corn improvers
association and are as follows: Will
iam r.rnst, Johnson county, president;
i. A. durnott, Lancaster county, vice
president; U. llogue, Saline county,
second vice-president; W. 1!. Mcllor,
Sherman county, treasurer. At the
first meeting held by this commission
I. (!. Montgomery of Lincoln was ap
pointed secretary, The state board of
agriculture luveapproitriatedsullicient
funds to start the promotion for a lirst
& Boner
Rural Phone No. 62.
21.30 " "
kiss .Nebraska exhibit and we would
suggest that every enterprising farmer
in this vicinity join in perfecting an
organization for the growing of a su
perior grade of corn. If you will try,
send in your name to the secretary.'"
Lot us show that our country is pro
gressive. ,
Mrs. Robert Taylor of duboice,
Neb., is visiting at the home of W. K.
Notice of Application For SaUon License
Kotloo Is hereby given Hint IJ. .T. Kolimcthchcr
ha8 lilod In tho olllce of the county clerk of
Wehster county, Nehrftska, thlb SBtU day of
February A. 1). 100M, hid petition signed by the
required number of resident freeholders, of Onk
OreeX prcelnet, Webster comity, Nebraska,
prfiyiiii; for ti saloon license to be granted by
tho board of commissioner of said county,
luitliorl.liii; tho salo of malt, splrltuoim and
vinous liquors on lot eleven (It), block twelve
Vi), In tho village of lJosemout, Webster
tounty, Nebraska, for u period of ono year
from and after tho 1st day of April A. D. 1P08,
Hearing of said application will be hold at the
meeting of tho board of comity commissioner
to be held on Tuesday, March 17, lOta. or at Uio
ilrbt mcetlnt; thereafter, K. W. Itoas,
Oil County Clerk.