The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, March 13, 1908, Image 2

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Red CHoud - - Nobrnska.
Bntns-t In tlio I'omuflhr
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Janitor, Blamed by Grief Crazed Pa-
rents, Burlc3 Three of His Own Chil
dran Under Police Protection De-
veloaments at Coroner's Inquest.
Cleveland, March . Colhnwood has
como to a lull realization of her woe.
Hlowly and solemnly the processions
of death began to wend their way to-
ward I ho cemeteries, bearing the bat-
xored and charred remains of some of
the hundred and sixty-seven children
whoso lives wore snuffed out in Wed-
nesday's catastrophe in the Lakevtew
There was no cessation in tho fu-
uuiul corteges. Those who had no
dead to mourn as a pertonal loss
atuod In tho streets with bated lieaus
us tho grim processions passed.
There was scarcely a dry eye In
Colllnwood. One or the saddest tu-
imrnlH was that of the three children
of .Janitor Hlrter, held Jointly with the
.services for three other little ones
Mutterings against tho janitor could
no heard about tho villugo as gnct
crazed parents sought an object upon
which to wreak vengeance, foi getting,
as they did, that llirtor himself was
walking with bowed head and broken
heart behind tho biers of thtee of his
A detail or police was placed' about
the Hlrter homo when the hour for the !
luuoral came. Fill I v flvo hundred ner-
tons Uad gathered, but when tho cof-
Hub wero carried to the doorway the '
crowd spread and opened the way for
them without protest or expression of
Memorial services in honor of tho
ninoleen unidentified dead were held
In tho six Protestant and two Catholic
churches of Colllnwood. A cortege of
twonty funeral cars then started for
the burying ground.
Testimony describing the mart' rush
lo death of tho school children was
given at the continued session of the
coroner's inquest . Stories of hero
ism on tho part of 'lie women teachers
wore recited. F. P. Whitney, superin
tendent of tho Colllnwood schools,
stated his belief to be that no fire de
partment could have dono any effec'
live work after the ilro had started. '
Two of the teachers told of their un-.
availing attempts to open one of the
double doors at tho rear, which they
.said was locked. Tho inquest also
dovolopod the fact that after the first
crush at tho n'oor it was beyond human
possibility to aid those whom the ton
jjih'h of fire were devouring.
Alienints for Both Sides Will Observe
Defendant in Court.
Denver, March 9. Giuseppe Alia,
Iho priest killer, was placed on trial
In fhe criminal brnnch of the district
court this morning. Tho shocking na
mro of his crime the shooting down
of Father Leo Helnrichs at the altar
In St. Elizabeth's Catholic church on
Sunday morning. Feb. 23, when he
was giving tho sacrament aroused
thinking people throughout the coun
try and caused them to speculate as
to the origin and purpose of the plot,
if any existed, that made Father Leo
u marked man. Alia's conflicting
.statements regarding the shooting
have loii many people to believe ho
must bo Insane. However, four of
tho most export brain specialists in
this city have given It as their opin
ion that Alia Is perfectly sane.
Notwithstanding public announce
ment through the press of the results
of tho observations of tho specialists
appointed by tho district attorney, the
dcfeuHOf has ongnged three alienists to
no present during tho trial. They will
.sit In tho court room nnd obseno the
lofendnnt for tho mirnoso of detecting
any sign of insanity. Should they be
successful, no doubt the defense will
bo quick to grasp that as a means of
avlng the life of Alia.
On the other hand, the prosecution
ban summoned eight alienists to bo
prosent, whose expert knowledge will
ho used to offset any claim of insanity
that might be raised by Alia's attorney.
Fifth Di6tnci tor Tart.
Hastings, March 10. Tho Fifth dlv
Vict Uopubllcan congressional conveu
kon mot horo last night and selected
W. A. Stern of Oranu isnum ami a. u
Gambol of Curtis as delegates to tho
national convention. Thoy worn lu
jtructed to vote for Taft.
Chamberlain Granted New Trial.
Lincoln. March G. C. M. Chamber
ta. sentenced to servo llvo years In
prison on a chargo of ombozzllnt of tho sucr(Jd duty 0 tUo grenU,r part of hQl w,(0 wnB BOrlm,3,y stabbed
(undo of tho Chaiuborlaln Banking UxQ lllimnn iac0 t0 niarry, anu ne wle f,.UBtrntiR a jail break, Is 1m
company of Tecumsoh, was granted a , a t, t u conscientiously eon-, rovlng and will probably recover,
acw trial by. thojmpremo court. . sld(JI. Umj maiiQr , iiuw b uu i
State Convention Names Lelegatcs and
Adopts Platform.
Omalin, March 0. With tho Demo
cratic Etnto convention us a nucleus,
paity Jeauors lrom every county and
practically every primary district In
the commonwealth guinorod lUI-o to
pledge allegiance to Hie prcsiuuiitlal
''' atl(,nH ol A,r- """J"1'1 nu to con-
" 'yal13 for lurtherlnu 'ls inter-1
eatB boloro tho Democratic national1
convention at Denver next Jul. has decided to keep private tht j er-
' hnthuaiasiii was piovaient through sonal letter written by Emperor ii
out the day. It bioKo loose ea.lj uud Ham to Lord Tweedmouth, (list 4ord
gradually Blithering volume, biu.vo out of the admiralty, In which U was
in tumultuous vociferations when thb
,,ittlol., coiiiuMteo .prosenteu tnls
"Tim .miocratlc party or rseuraaua j
again donates confidence- in and an
miration lor William J. Bryan. In him
wo behold the ideal American citi- J
zen the Ideal Democrat. Wo rejoico
that the principles which he has so
ably advocated have been gladly re-
eclved and nre now generally accepted
by the American people. I
"Resolved, That the delegates by
this convention chosen be and nro
hereby instructed to vote as a unit
for tho nomination of Mr. Bryan for
tho presidency."
Tho platform advanced little that
was new. The Fowler and Aldrloh
currency bills wero condemned. Einer-
gency currency, It was declared,
should' bo "Issued and controlled by
tho federal government."
I. J. Dunn of Omaha, D. W. Steph-'
ens of Fremont, Mayor Drown of Un-
coin and Felix .1. Hale of Atkinson
were elected delegates-at-large. Dr.
Hull of Lincoln was chosen national
Wounded stranger at Omaha May
. .
Carry Secrct t0 Grave'
Omaha, March 9. Though he may
"o on his death bed, J. B. Preston,
i itunin ueu, j. u. nesion,
who limped into the pollco
- - 10 man
station, calmly asked for the surgeon
and later was found to have three ae-
rlous bullet wounds In his body, still
refuses to talk or to glvo the police
any information nbout himself.
Tho mnn was examined by Pollco
Surgeon Fitzglbbon when he arrived
at tho station. Ono side or the body
was found to bo entirely black from
tho effect of tho bullet wounds, wnlch
had evidently been Inflicted at close
range. Ono of those was In tho groin,
ono In tho upper part of the right
thigh and' tho other in the uppor part
of the loft thigh.
Preston first said he had come here
from Texas. He said ho had been
shot by a negro on Ninth street, be
tween Dodge and Douglas streets,
about 3 a. in. Thursday. Later he
said one of his associates shot him at
Ninth and Farnam
Lincoln Ball Players Acquitted.
Lincoln, March 7. In tho district
court William Holmes, former mali
nger o tho Lincoln baseball club, and
tho players of the Lincoln and Des
Moines teams were acquitted of the
charge of Sabbath desecration by play
ing a game of ball hero ono Sunday
last September. None of the defend
ants was in court. Tho acquittal or
tho players, while leaving the matter
practically as it was before, is re
garded by baseball devotees as open
ing tho way for Sundny games in Lin
coln tho coming season.
Union Pacific Will Restore Trains.
Lincoln, March 7. Tho state rail
way commission was notified by As
sistant General Freight Agent 1-une or
tho Union Pacific that the road will
on Monday morning next restore Its
dally freight trains on branch lines lu
Nebraska. The trains wero recently
taken off and complaint was made to
tho commission by shippers on the
lines that tho curtailed service worked
a hardship.
N. J. Durenberg Kills Himself.
Kearney, Nob., March 7. N. J. Du
renberg, a business man of Elm Creek,
reputed to bo wealthy, committed sui
cide by shooting in tho Windsor hotel
here. In a loiter to a sister, Mrs. L.
Brandcnberg of Fresno, Cul., Duron
berg spoke of domestic troubles aud
his drinking habits. Ho Intimated
that ho would tako his life aud said
" inheritance due him should go to
the sister.
Bishop Advises Catholic Maidens to
Encourage Suitors.
Buffalo, March 10. As a solution to
tho pronlom of the greut ,lWed, tho
utt Rov churies IIenry colton, bishop
of miftal()i hns recommended that all
tho unmarried women under his splr-
itual guidance nray for husbands.
Tho recommendation Is contained in
a circular letter addressed to tho rec
tor8 of parishes in tho diocese, and
wn8 rca(l , nU tho K0mun Catholic
It Is ono of tho results of the now
marringo laws of tho church as re
cently proscribed by Popo Pius and
lias created a profound sonsntlon.
Tho bishop Impressed on nil tho un
wefl of nmrraBeaui0 ago that it was
London Ycllov, Journals Are Lecturing
Thunderer fo- Its Sensationalism in
Exploiting Story Discussion in Par-
lament ,s Bref and Dry.
London, March 10. Tho government
charged by the London T.mes that
his majesty attempted to influence
legislation in the matter of naval cs
timatoa of Great Hrltaln. How tins
decision, which was announced in
both houses of parliament, will please
tho country remains to bo seen. Dal-
four, speaking lor the opposition, In-
dorsed the policy of tho cabinet, and
it may be predicted that the public
will consider tho Incident closed
The rcmurk made by Lord Rose
bery that ti.e nation was making it-
self ridiculous over this affair finds
much support. The discussion was
brief and dry. All the participants
proceeded as If they were walking on
eggs, for criticism of the ruler of an-
other nation Is a delicate business
The fact that Lord Tweedmouth con-
suited Sir Edward Grey, the foreign
secretary, before replying to Emperor
William a letter, was tho only new
fact brought out, and It goes far to
diminish tho criticism of Lord Tweed-
mouth, because It relieves him of all
suspicion of anything resembling dis
loyalty to the Interests of th'o navy.
Tho chnrnrt"r of Emperor William's
letter Is now generally understood.
The spiciest passage Is believed to be ;
fhe reference to Lord E.her that he!
had' better occupy himself with drain j
pipes and keep his hands off the '
navy- !-nl Esher was engageu in
im,rovnB the drainage system
Windsor castle when Emuctur WIllIo
was there recently.
An amusing feature of the affair Is
that all the sensational newspapers
of London arc lecturing the Times for
its sensationalism In exploiting the
Public opinion with regard to the
discussion in parliament yesterday of
Emperor William's letter to Lord
Tweedmouth, as revealed by tho press
comment, Is not altogether satisfied
with the official statement There are
still grumblings, especially from the
section devoted to the anti-govern
ment campaign in favor of a big navy,
at the decision not to publish the cor
respondence. Nevertheless, both tho
opponents as well as the supporters of
the government agree that the unfor
tunate affair should now bo permitted
to drop Into well deserved oblivion.
Chancellor of Syracuse University Ac
cused of Defaming President.
Brandon, Vt., March 7. Charges
have been preferred by Row Georgo
A. Cooke, pastor of tlio Methodist Epis
copal church In Brandon, against Itev.
J. R. Day, chancellor of Syracuse uni
versity, on tho ground that Dr. Day
defamed the character of President
Roosevelt. Tho charges havo been
presented to Rev. Dr. R. M. Watters.
presiding elder of tho Now York
church conference or tho Methodist
church, to which Chancellor Day Is
ecclesiastically attached.
Dr. Cooko said that in a book, en
titled "A Raid on Prospeilty," written
by Chancellor Day, President Roose
velt was severely criticised and that,
in his opinion, Dr. Day had violated
tho rules of tho Methodist church in
thus assailing the president. Mr.
Cooko stated that tho specific chargo
preferred was defamation of charac
ter. He considered that "although
Syracuse university is under obliga
tions to tho Standard Oil people, by
reason or large money gifts," Chan
cellor Day was not justified as a min
ister of tho Methodist church in as
sailing President Roosevelt.
French Forces Rout Tribesmen.
Paris, March 10. General d'Amade,
commander of tho French forces in
Morocco, according to olllcial advices
received here, has followed up his pre
vious advantages in his campaign
against the warring tribesmen by in
flicting a decisive defeat on tho Ma
drukas, and a iorcc of Mulal-Uafld's
adherents, who came to tho assistance
of the tribesmen. The battle lasted
from C o'clock in tho morning until 'i
o'clock in tho evening. Tlio enemy
suffered enormous losses, abandoning
everything In their headlong flight.
Tho French losses were very allglu,
considering tho severity of the com
bat and tho nature of the ground.
ijuise. loano, Aliircn lu.uurry Or
cnaru, charge'a witn tno muraer or ex-
Governor Frank Steunenberg, will bo
taken from tho state penitentiary at
Caldwell today and his case will bo
called. It Is probable that a doflnlto
dato for Ills trial will ho fixed.
Warden Conley Improving.
Butto, March lO.Warden Conley
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Decision Sustains Reversal of Prison
Sentence and Invalidates Four Re
maining Extortion Indictments
Nullifies Ruef's Plea of Guilty.
San Francisco, March 10. Tho state
supremo court refused a rehearing lu
tho case of lormer Mayor Eugene E.
Schmitz, convicted of extortion from
French restaurant proprietors and sen
tenced to live years In the peniten
tiary. This sustains the decision ol
tlio district court of appeals, which
decreed that the judgment and order
ot tho lower court here void, sus
tained tlio demurrer to tho Indictment
and ordered the discharge of tho do
lendant on the ground mat under the
law no offense had been committed.
Abraham Rucf, who was jointly in
dicted with Schmltz, plead guilty and
his sentence Is now pending. The de
cision of tho supr"ine court also ap
plies to him. It Is believed that
Schmltz Immediately will apply lor
release from the county jail ano Ruet
may do likewise. The ptosecutlon
proposes to bring to trial at once
some or the many charges preferred
against them.
The court sustained the appellate
court In its decision that the indict
ment upon which Schniitz was con
victed was defective in that It did not
aver that Schmltz was mayor, that
Rucf, his co-defendant, was a political
boss practically in control ot the city,
that as such they were in a position
to exorcise power and undue influence
over the police commissioners und
that It did not show that Schmltz re
sotted to unlawful means in threaten
ing to havo lhiuor licenses withheld.
Tlio decision practically nullifies
Ruef'rt plea or guilty, Invalidates tho
remaining four extortion indictments
against tho lormer mayor and Rucf
and will enable Schniitz to gain his
liberty on ball after eight months con
finement in tho county jail. Counsel
for Schmltz announced that steps
would be taken at once for the former
mayor's release.
"Tho decision demonstrates," said
ex-Mayor Schmltz, "that tho highest
court In tho state believes what I have
always claimed, that I was removed
from offlce and railroaded to prison."
Leigh, Neb., Marcn ii. Perry Brown,
a resident of Croston, seven miles
west of here, a son of Postmaster
James Brown of that town, accidental
ly, while out hunting, shot himself.
He was Instantly killed.
Mind Reader on Olson Case.
Pondor, Nob., March 6. Sheriff Dor
sey, Olnf Olson and County Attorney
Chase, accompanied by a woman mind
reader from Sioux City, left hero for
Rosalie for tho purpose of locating
tho body of LUlle Olson.
Jennie Chesmore Takes Poison.
Milwaukee, March 10. Jennie dies
more, thirty-six years of ago, com
mitted suicide with poison heio yester
day. She left a letter for her brother
Fred of Mascot. Neb.
Bought, and which has been
has homo tho signature of
been made under his pcr-
supervision since its infancy.
Signature of
i roui
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Red Cloud, Ncbr.
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Phonos: Boll OB, farmors3e
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