The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, February 28, 1908, Image 1

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Cases Disposed of In the February
Term of Court.
Thi' following cases coining up for
hearing, the actions taken were:
John 15. Stanscr vs. C. !'. Catlier etal.
Cause continued to next regular term.
Henry Diederich vs. Legal Heirs of
Silas (larber. Continued for term.
iSnmplinur Cloak Co. vs. Hadell "v
Co. Motion withdrawn. IMaintilV given
ten days to tile petition. Defendant
given tweuty days thereafter to an
swer. Mary K. Pratt vs. (3eo. O. Yeiser et
al. Upon application of Mary It. Pratt,
executrix of estate of Mary K. Pratt,
deceased, said Mary 1$. 1'ratt, execu
trix, is made party plaiuliff. Case
continued for term.
Kvan A. Hoss vs. Chas. I.. Saylor.
Continued for term.
Iturton T. Judson vs. Mary A. Creigh
ton. Leave to file amended petition in
ten days with leave to make additional
parties plaintiff.
I. II. Holmes vs. Sarah .J. Vaughn.
Continued for term.
Chas. S. Ohnstead vs. City of Red
Cloud. Defendant given leave to an
swer inbtanter.
Chas. T. Smith vs. City of I Jed Cloud.
Defendant given leave to answer in
stanter. James Forrel v. L. A. llaskins.
3) -fendant given leave to answer in
htanter. Robt. Damcrell vs. Samuel H. lleatoii
etal. Plaintiff allowed to tile amended
petition. Demurrer sustained. Plain
tiffs refuse to plead'further. Action
dismissed, to which plaintiffs except.
Alfred C. White vs. Win. .1. Lippin
cott as road overseer. Defendant
given .10 days to tile amended answer.
Plaintiff's ease set for trial at. next
r 'gulnr term. Case continued for term.
Plaintiffs except.
Kli.ubeth Hughes vs. Marrel Hughes.
Plaintiff given leave to tile amended
petition 'lhstanter. Defendant ex
cepts. ,
Alice It. Kdwnrds vs. Albert 11. k'ee
ney. Motion for additional security
for costs overruled. Defendant given
.10 days to tile answer.
James A. Daltun vs. .1. Albert Van
Horn, road overseer, et al. Continued
for term.
John Olon vs. It. K. Ilussel. Motion
to strike portion of petition sustained.
John Meyer vs. The Unknown Heirs
and Devisees of Aug. Weisbrood. De
fault of defendants entered. Findings
for plaintiff's title quieted in plaintiff
as prayed.
Lucas M. Woods vs. John A. Denton
et al. Plaintiff to tile security for costs
insta nter.
K. K. Harvey vs. Reno D. Kussel.
Demurrer overruled. .Defendant ex
cepts, Iowa Hog and Cattle Powder Co. vs.
A. A. Ford. Defendant given leave to
amend cross petition. Motion to strike
cross petition overruled. Motion to
strike because new issue raised. Over
ruled. Plaintiff excepts.
Jonas M. Sellurs vs. Marion Neal et
al Defendant given leave to plead in
stanter. Demurrer overruled. De
fendants except Defendants given ten
days to answer.
1211a S. Sheppard vs. .lames T. Shcp
pard. Default of defondan(jiiJrcd.
Finding for plaintiff. Minor' children
given to plaintiff. Decree of divorce
granted as prayed on payment of costs.
Itobert Uichardson et al vs. City of
lied Cloud. Dismissed at plaintiffs'
S. N. Livingston vs. The Unknown
Heirs of T. C. Iting, deceased. Default
of all defendants. Findings for plain
tiff. Title quieted as prayed.
F.dwin K. Hodgers, Administrator of
Kstate of Annie K. Uodgers.for license
to sell real estate. Continued for term.
Itobert Richardson vs. C. liccd et al.
l;uuissed at plaintiff's cost.
'-X,hion Cent. Life Ins. Co. vs. J. .1
Vostlewait. Decree
of foreclosure.
f property to be sold.
Louis II. Feis vs. Oliver-P. MoKcs
fconv Court Hnds no error,
of lower, court atllrined.
Hart etal. Sale ordered. Referee re
quired to give bond.
Chas. Curiiey et al. vs. School Dis
trict of the City of Red Cloud, It. R
Itaiues et al. Thomas .1. Ward and
Henry Itutledge allowed to intervene
and are made parties in the action.
State of Nebraska vs. (!..!. Wilson.
Continued for term.
State of Nebraska vs. Maggie Lopor.
Case continued.
Uliulcn Rural Tel. Co. vs. L. K. Ells
worth. Motion to dismiss for want of
prosecution overruled. Defendant ex
cepts. Matter of the Estate of ICatherine K.
Manspeaker, an incompetent. Ordered
to show cause why license should not
issue for sale of property.
Victor H. Fuhon vs. Mildred Fulton,
Donald Fulton and Robert Fulton, dr.
Continued for service.
Robert McMurray vs. W. F. Renkel,
Administrator of Kstate of Ucorge
Ralston, deceased, et al. Sheriff di
rected to make deed for wU nul and
wJ sel see 21-2-12.
Lewis P. Albright vs. The State Life
Insurance Co. of Indianapolis, I ml.
Judgment on mandate.
Kstate of Stephen It. llockett. Rob
ert Damcrell appointed administrator;
bond approved and tiled; letters issued.
Kstate of Andrew Arnold. Order dis
charging administrator.
In re guardianship Arnold minors.
C.uardiau presents new bond, which is
In re guardianship minor hell's of
lotham Martin. N-.w bond of guard
ian approved and tiled.
Kstate of , lotham Martin. Older con
tinuing partial distribution.
civil, casks,
Lincoln Shade Co. vs. Hayes'. For
trial March .1.
Uronuweg ,v. Sehoentgen Co. vs.
Hayes. For answer .March 2.
Red Cloud Girl Wins Honors.
In a literary contest held at Beatrice
recently, Miss Marie Itoss, the 12-year-old
daughter of County Clerk K. W.
Ross, won second place, many of the
contestants being from higher grades
in the school. The subject of her
paper was "The Life of Washington."
and the following report of her essay
is taken from the Heatriee Sun:
"In studying Washington's life, we
found instead of wdrking for 'pay or
his own good, he was working for his
people and his country, it was the
magnanimity of the man which made
the people sure that he was no self
seeker who would betray their interest
for his own glory or rob them for his
own gain. This made them trust him
in war and peace as one who would
never forget his duties.
"In the revolutionary war he re
fused all pay except his expensus, of
which he kept a strict account. The
only pay he wanted was that the
Americans should be victorious."
"We see his character in the way ho
praised the achievements of others.
He was always as willing to share the
credit of a victory as he was to bear
the burden of defeat.
"He also shows his character in the
quiet dignity with which he. faced the
Conway cabal. He was not anxious to
defend his own reputation, but only
wished to save the army from being
New Band Director Here.
The Citizens" "Concert Hand has been
vurv fortunate in securing the services
of Mr. A. It. Tansey of Chariton, Iowa,
who takes charge of the. band March
I, in place of Mr. Snapp, who leaves
soon for Colorado. Mr. Tansey comes
very highly recommended, both as a
man and musician. He has been iden
tified with some of the best bands in
Iowa for the last fifteen years, and his
success as director is second to none..
Mr. Tansey will be present at the con
cert tonight and will direct the second
part. Everyone should come out and
give him a suitable reception, and let
him know at the start what lied 'Cloud
thinks of its baud.
Banquet for Juniors.
Saturday night, at Woodman hall,
occurred the annual banquet of the
high school seniors given for thu
juniors. The hatchets which decora
ted the walls reminded one at once
that it was Washington's birthday,
One of the features of the evening was
the contest in writing poetry, subjects
being assigned from the life of Wash
ington and topics of school interest.
Marvel Turnure, Lucille (Irlee. Mar
garet and .IcnulcMiitcr. impersonating
colonial Indies and gentlemen, enter
tained the company by dancing the
minuet. The plan of having every
thing Washingloiiian was shown at
supper in the. cherry place-cards. After
supper the time was spent in games
and all present report.
Letter List.
List of letters remaining uncalled
for at pobtolllcc at lied Cloud, Neb.,
for the weok ending February 2"s 1!K)8:
Hishop, Stella CM llolllcr. Kdith
Hottce, A It Janseii, .lames
F.rb, Hcnnie McPherson, F L
Those will bn sent to t.lio (load letter
olllee Mnrali 1, 1!H)8, if uncalled for
liuflii'O. Wlion calling for above please
say "advertised."
T C. H.u kkk, Postmaster.
. - . - -
Dr.Dctohoas Hollef forltlieumiulsm nni! Neural
lilt umIIchIIv cure la 1 to. 'J day. Junction upon
llio hyMom In romarkiible nnd iiiyntcrlouti. Jt
Noyus, Norman Shoe Co. vs. V. II. removed at onro the oiuira tout tiioillM!Ho Im
Fry. .Judgment on findings. M Sola by
Louisa Corbett etal vs. Levi L. De jriigglot, Red Clouil.
crippled and the cause of liberty from
being wrecked. He made no effort to
take revenge of those that tried to
injure hliii."
Passed Worthless Checks.
A stranger giving the name of A. J.
I Hue was arrested last night upon the
charge of having passed a worthless
check upon Kd Ashlin, who recently
bought the Herburger restaurant.
He spent the night in jail and will be
given a hearnig this afternoon. As
this check was for only 83, Hlite will
probably be given a light sentence.
At the time of his arrest he had on
his person a little over 810 in cash.
The first of the week he was in IHue
Hill, where he attempted topassaeheck
for 8100 upon W. A. Holmes. Re
bought three sets of harness, amount
ing to $7.1, and offered the S100 check
in payment, but Holmes was to sharp
for him. The checks wero drawn upon
a bank at Auburn, Neb., but a phone
message from there stated that no such
person as A.J. Itlue was known there.
r 1 1 is probable he is wanted elsewhere
for similar offenses.
All parties knowing themselves in
debted to me will take notice that
after March 1, 1U08, all notes and ac
counts unpaid will be placed with my
attorney with instructions to proceed
to force collection. J. (). lli'Ti.Kit.
Business College Notes
Examinations Friday.
draco Tunison and Alice Fogg spent
Sunday in Inavale.
Viola Peak went lo Cowles Friday,
returning Monday.
Fern Hutchison is again in s'chooi
after a two weeks' illness.
Klvlra Rushtoii is enjoying a week at
her home in Ksbou, Kits.
Miss Lena Hermausoii, a graduate,
was a visitor Monday.
Paul Johnston was enrolled in the
shorthand department Monday.
Miss Mabel Brooks made u a. pleas
ant call Tuesday.
Myrtle Hates has been absent from
school this week.
The physiology class is having ex
periments with their recitations. From
the. enthusiasm shown it must be in
te resting.
To Break In New Shoes Always Use
Allen's Foot-Kase, a powder. It pre
vents tightness and blistering, cures
swollen, sweating, aching feet. At all
druggists and shoe store, JJftV. Sample
mailed FHKK. Address A. S. Olm
sted, LeRoy, N. Y. t
(J THE EASIEST WAY to convince you of the sterling quality of our Cj
Underwear, of the satisfaction to you, Is to show exactly what we
have to offer. We think we have THE line. Many people agree
I with us, judging by their buying. If you will call we will be pleased &
to show you
with one-
Muslin Skirts with five rows of Valenciennes
Insertion with Val. lace on edge
of flounce
Muslin Skirts with nine-Inch llounce with one-
inch Torchon Insertion and Tor
chon Lace edge at
Muslin Skirts with twelve-Inch flounce with
tucks and drawn work with four
inch Kinbroidcred edge at
Muslin Skirts with two rows of two-inch Tor
chon Insertion and 2'j-ineh edge C gg
with eight rows of tucks at MlVV
Muslin Skirts with three rows three- 4 K
inch Torchon Lace and ') rows tucks IICFV
Night Gowns
Muslin Night Oowns with 2 rows Km- .
broldered Insertion in yoke at V
Muslin Night Cowns with Kmdroid- .
ered Insertion in yoke at J&
Muslin Night Oowns with Kin- C . rr
broidcrei) Insertion lace yoke V LC
Kinbroidcred Heading, Lace and Tucked Yoke
with rulllc around yoke, edged - ffi
with lace 5L'
Ladies' Muslin Drawers with lace
trimmed flounce at .'
Muslin Drawers with live tucks, Kin
broidcred, edged flounce at
Muslin Drawers with three tucks. ',.
inch eiubroidercd'llounee at
Muslin Drawers witli four tucks and
insertion with S-in. Kinb. llounce..
Muslin Drawers three rows of tucks
with Torchon lace edge on llounce
Corset Covers
Insertion with Kinbroidery. Heading. C A
Knibroidered edge at -'
Wide embroidered front with tucked f
back nl DWC
Lace and Insertion Yoke. Lace and 7C
Heading edge ' -'C
Knibroidered Insertion front with Qf)
Heading and Knibroidered edge X VL.
Long Cloth Corset Cover with six rows Valen
ciennes Insertion Lace and Heading ff
edge around neck and sleeves vv
In Embroideries and Laces we are headquarters for the
best and cheapest.
TIlA CachlAII h!i of the season appears in HI'TTKRICK FASHIONS, SPHINO,
I Hv rOOllIvlI )IIvtV H1,)S' tin I,L'U' publication issued by the great llutterick fashion
house. The price is so cents including a certificate good for ONK Hl'TTKICICK PATTKHN FHKK.
This book Is printed on high-grade paper and contains styles from Paris, London, Heiliu and New York
illustrated by some thousands of Illustrations by foremost fashion artists. OKT IT TO-DAY
P yV
MlM.n II. Willi.. .' ll'TCt',- S