The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, February 14, 1908, Image 4

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CONSTANCY-My Valentine.
By the gnrlnndod K'to or tlio imrdou I waif,
Whore tho reddest of roneH run riot,
Where tlio hrovvn thrush a madrigal slug to IiIh mnto
And quivers his four through ilioqmor.
In tlio languorous must of iho lavondur dunk
I pray for your promised returning;
Through tho miirvoloiiH mist, of tlio dawn's umethy-t
Tho watch-flros of Lovo still nr burning.
Whilo softest of skio with tlio depths of your eyes
Their blessing of bluo bend aliovo you,
With all of Its hoat-i my fou I lioari ropoats :
I lovo you -I lovo you I lovo you."
In tho dust of distrust, in tho blight of tho night,
Whatever of woo may botido me,
I roach out my hands over dosoiato sands
And find your own rnudy to guide me,
When lifo become strife wHi miseries rifo
And vladuesH goosd n In tho gloom,
gropo toward tho grin'e of ymir josimiiio faco
And the world is a giu-l o in 'doom.
In a thousand of oar with lioir teaching of tears
ay my lips learn to toil lm they mis you;
Iu reverent dreams forever it, eems
I kiss you, and kiss you, and kiss you.
When Juno Is u-swoon 'nonth tho kisses of noon,
Or yot in tho nights of November,
My faith is without any shii-oii of doubt
The ( I roams of tho past to dismombor.
Whilo Memory cieops hack thr uuh t Jio twilight of Time
To pause at tho place whcro wo parted
And pluck from tho dust a pour fragment of rhymo
Lovo dropped at your foot, broken-hearted.
And though well I know wherever you go
That heaven's sweet care will caress you,
I coasolessly pray through tho dark and tho day
"God bless you, and bies-t you, and bloss you."
to a lawyer to know how to break up
the paper tind run It six months. He
was charged $2 for the advice. '
Passing through a certain part of the
c mn try one day a stranger read this
slim: ''Danger! If any man or woman
lot his orhcr cow stray into tins here
cornfield. Ids or her tall shall be cut
off, as the case may be."
A St. Jami'B, Mo., newspaper office
was shot Into with buckshot by the
local grooor because of his ad, which
should have read: "A fresh stock of
airy butler dally." The printer used
an "h" Instead of n "d" in the word
dairy." The pi inter takes more
chances than any other man on earth.
A merchant asked an editor In a cer
tain Michigan town to roast the city
administration for letting an itinerant
peddler come in and undersell him on
goods. This Is what tho editor wrote:
"City Dads You will hereby take
notice that you are roasted for per
mitting peddlers to sell goods here.
The merchant for whom we do this
favor has his Job printing done in Ch
oa go."
A negro arraigned in a south Mis
souri court on the charge of stealing a
cow pleaded not guilty. "Ah nevah
stoled dat cow." be explained to the
judge. "Yob Iloniili, she took a fancy
toe tne and follered me home. Ah tried
tor shoo her 'buck, but, no sah, she
wouldn't go. Dat night she bawled
so hahd Ah had ter let hull in my balm
so's mail fainbly could git some sleep."
One winter afternoon Mark Twain
took the train for his home, but a ter
rific snowstorm was raging, and about
half way to his suburb the train was
snowed in. All night the passengers
were imprisoned, but early in the
'morning they managed to reach a
nearby teleiraph station and Mark
sent the following dispatch to his of
fice: "Will not be in the office. Have
not got home yesterday yet."
A miouncement
fifE have purchased the Robin
ff son & Burden grocery stock
and are getting lined up ready for
We appreciate the liberal patron
age already shown us and extend
a cordial invitation to you to call
and give us a trial. We will treat
you right. ' Respectfully,
'.!? m a 4 w?
tojonnson & oonerw
' Successors to Robinson & Burden JJ
fl Bell Phone No. 4. Rural Phono No. 62. J:
1Sw M
l"'S3t tf '''f'ff'C'''S''''!?'m'tf'
vCoughs of
EsiKcially night coughs. Na
ture needs a little help to quiet
the irritation, control the in
flammation, check the progress
of thedisease. Our advice is
r-give the children Ayer's
Cherry Pectoral. Ask your
doctor If thi9 is his advice also.
He knows best. Do as he says.
W publish our formula!
We binlah Moohol
from our nioJIolnes
Wo urce you to
oon.uii your
He Always Remembered.
A smile lurked at the corners of Mrs.
Lombard's mouth as she listened to
tho plaint of tho school friend whom
the pork packer's wife to "render"
something on the piano!
Many a husband is hungry for the she had not seen for more than ten
love his wife wastes on the dorg! , years. "I'm afraid, dear," she said.
darned curiosity is al- J . ,...., ,i .. ....
your piaus. xou see, l uiiuiiuu u iui-
curiosity is al-
for the husband's
3f you think constipation is of trifling
xbnscquence, just ask your doctor. He
-adll disabuse you of that notion in short
r.:ardw. "Correct it, at once!" he will
,!ty. Then ask him about Ayer's Pills.
-JL'niild liver pill, all vegetable.
--- IIjuIo by tbe J. C, Ayor Co., Lowell, TSwts
Wise and Otherwise.
.The echo always has tho last word!
ljjiving on love is all right between
' inralsl
3t. ujisets a man terribly to lose his
Civil ii,nr.c at the bank!
i.Tdany a black mustache has p;i
looting woman's face red!
31. is not considered good form to ask
A woman's
ways responsible
Many men believe honesty pays in
the long run, but they are too fat to
run long!
The Diogenes of today, hunting for
an honest man, would have his lantern
Many a man would sacrifice the bis
cuits mother used to make for the
dough that uncle made!
It almost makes a man a woman
hater when he thinks it is only the
female mosquitoes that bite him!
The man about to be operated on for
an enlarged liver sent for a minister.
He wanted to be opened with prayer!
A bald-headed man will stand for
hours watching Hies get stuck on lly
paper, and feel only partially revenged
at that!
Too many rich philosophers tell you
that money doesn't make happiness,
and then they go out and sandbag
everybody in sight for more of the
filthy lucre.
When an office girl takes pity on a
stray cat she usually goes out, buys u
nickel's worth of pickles and thou won
ders why tho eat is so ungrateful as
not to eat them.
A fellow who had been criticised by
the editor of a local newspaper applied
JnjS TSicre is never a question as to K3
Fro the absolute purity and health- K3
OKj fulness of food raised with K
getful man too."
"Why, yon told me not ton minutes
ago that your husband hail never yet
forgotten your birthday or your wed
ding anniversary," cried her friend,
"aud you told me you'd been married
nearly eleven years! That's ever since
tho year after father took us all
"Yes," said Mrs. Lombard demurely,
"I have. That's a long time, Isn't! It?
But, you see, one thing was in my fa
vor 1 was born on the Fourth of
July. Mr. Lombard couldn't very well
forget the national holiday. Aud as
soon as I'd found out how forgetful ho
was I decided to be married on an
other holiday.
"I suppose us you were abroad you
didn't realize that the date of my wed
ding was unusual people aren't often
married on the Ulid of February, 1
think. But. you see, by a little Ju
dicious plnnning I've been saved the
necessity of reminding him about our
anniversary." Youth's Companion."
Real Estate Transfers.
For tho week ending Tuesday, Feb.
11, furnished by the Fort Abstract Co.,
L. II. Fort, Manager.
Mate of Nebraska to Georges
Amack, deed lot 10 so sw 5-1-108 .107
I'eter C. Oberg to II. Gandrcault
wd ne 10 and mv 20-3-12 12,000
Oliver D. Hedge, sheriir, to Le
nora E. Warren, sd lots 1, 2, '.',
and !, block 10, Smith and
Morris addition to Ked Cloud. 105
State of Nebraska to V. II.
Boner, deed et set 21-2-10. . . . 5(50
Moritz Adlcr to John Uarkley,
qcd lots I and 2, block 2, Gar
ber's 2nd add to Red Cloud.. . 70
Total si:i,ao2
Mortgages filed, 85,030.
Mortgages released, $5,047.50.
Sweetly Thoughtful.
The Do Jones back lawn was a lawn
in name only. It was really an arid
desert bald, so to speak and In dry
weather It was always as dusty as a
motor track. To the astonishment of
Mrs. Do Smythe, who lived next door,
she one day saw her devoted husband
turning the garden hoso upon the Do
Jones' "lawn."
"Well, I uever!" she exclaimed. "I'm
sure I wouldn't troublo to lay the dust
In tho Do Jones' back yard, John, es
pecially as they are such a hateful lot
of gossips. Small thanks you'll got for
your troublo anyway."
Hubby turned to his better half with
a smile which told of mixed pleasure
and, v indict iv'encss.
"That's all right, my dear. Their
dulling little FIdo was washed suow
white this morning. Now lie's out
there rolling about llko a barrel and
rubbing the mud well into his lleecy
coat. Trust your .husband, my sweet,
for real, unadulterated thoughtful-
ness!" London Scraps. )
An essay on the piano by Jimmy
Jones: "A planer are a insterment of
torhhure, made mostly to annoy the
nabors on. 'Everybody in the nabor
hood's got it in for the gurl that bangs
the planer. It are for many purposes,
one of which are for the young swel
wot conies to see his gurl. At tluun
times she alus plais tunes yon can't
tell apart, which is elassikel music.
Fnkel Bill sais if he goes ter hell he
nos the devil'l put him in a room with
a gurl who plais clapslkel songs on' a
lumbers Coal
Wo have in stock at all times a
complete lino of Building Material
aud Good Coal. 0r prices aro
reasonable. Wo solicit your patron-'
age. Bell Tel. GO. Farmers Ind. 71.;
Music Lessons Free on Violin. Mandolin
or Guitar.
If you would like to learn to play
any of these instruments call at once
and take advantage of this opportunity,
.loin the first club and got a good
start. Tuition absolutely free.
AuoAnuiour'.s Studios,
I'otter Block, Red Cloud,. Neb.
Mrs. J. C. Wolf.
Mrs. Martha A. Wolf, aged 05 years,
died Saturday morning at the home of
hcr daughter, Mrs. George Reed, east
of Ked Cloud. Funeral services were
held Monday, conducted by Rev. G. W.
, An old lady was carefully brushing
Jier hair one morning in winter in the
presence of a .small grandson. As is
UMial when the air is cold and crisp,
her hair was bristling. "Why, grand
mother, what makes your hair stick
out like that?'" asked the small boy In
wonder. "Only the electricity Unit
gets into my hair these days," she re
plied. "Well, if we haven't got the
funniest family I ever saw! You've
got, electricity in your hair aud mu'.s
got gas in her .stomach." t
ife'W f, iii' a T jx ,
$ !k, fit ". .' V '
'jsitf jB
A pure, cream of tartar powder
Its fame is world wide
No alum; no phosphate of lime
BljH PJiffi ,.,, B ,PTm iflflMjO
HiiMi i" ww w wwwwi i
Women and "Sport."
When a big shoot takes place In the
coverts near one of our country houses
the occasion Is inado a sort of society
gathering. The ladles or the house
party grace it with their presence, and
other ladles of the neighborhood are
glad to be allowed tho honor of such
company. Thus a Inrgo and fashion
able party assembles, aud while each
beat Is In progress the girls and wom
en try to look on unmoved while a
wounded hare kicks and squeals upon
tho ground tor minutes which seem In
terminable to the sensitive onlooker
until the beat Is over and the dogs are
loosed to finish oil' the cripples. And,
though the hare's piteous shrleklug
makes lis case seem tho worsl, the
men; tumbling over and over of a
wounded bird Is a shocking sight to
see as the lime passes and no one goes
forward to release It of Its life. Lon
don Mall.
Baking Powder
The only Baking Powder marlo
with Royal Grape Cream of Tartar
made from grapes
Insures healthful and
delicious food for every
nome every day
Safeguards your food against
alum and phosphate of lime
' ,-
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