The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, February 07, 1908, Image 1

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$l a Vear
in Advcxnce
.- f
Demurs to First, Second and Third Alle
gations and Denies the Others.
Republican Convention.
Tlu Webster county Kopublicun con
vention will be held i n tho court house
' in Red Cloud, March .r, 1003, ut one
Tlio school hoard, through its attor- o'clock, for the purpose of electing
ncy, K. S. Overman, has filed its delegates to the state convention at
answer to the petition of Charles Our- Omaha, and to the congressional eon
ney, ctal., for a receiver for the dis- vention.
trict, and says in substance: It was recommended by the Kcpub-
"First Tho petition docs not state Mean central committee that the can
fact sullicient to constitute a cause of cuscs of the several precincts in Web
action. I ster county be held on February U7.
"Second Defendant admits the alle The purpose of these caucuses is to
Rations contained in the first, second elect delegates to the national enliven
iticl third paragraphs contained inlaid t ion, and to vote for your preference
petition. lor president. So in these precinct
"Third Defendant denies each and caucuses is where every Republican
very allegation contained in the hu the right to exercise his kingly
fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh, eighth, power with the ballot. And remoin
ninth, tenth, eleventh, twelith, thir- her the old adage: "With every right
leenth and fourteenth paragraphs in there is a duty." So it is the duty of
aid petition. I every Republican to attend the cau-
"Whcrefore the defendant prays that ens in his precinct, and express himself
the plaintiff take nothing by his peti- as to his choice for president of this
tion and that defendant go hence great republic, Let us all attend and
without day (delay) and recover it- show our appreciation of the great
rusts." ' privilege wc enjoy. Don't forget the
The above is signed by the members date the county convention will be
of the school board, and thdii follows on .March 5th. The caucuses are just
the allldavit of 11. F. Haines, president one week prior to the county eonven
uf the. board, statins' that the facts set tion. The. state convention at Omaha
Former Kansas Insurance Commissioner
Recalls Court Incident.
From Smith Center Messenger.
down upon the same level that the
court hail, and cited this instance.
Lemon. Chocolate and Custard Pics
It does not require an experienced
Webb MeXall. who was a practicing i'"ok to make good pies from "OF li
nt torney here thirty years ago, well
remembers the incident in court at
that time, which was made mention of
in the Messenger last week in a clip
ping from the Itud Cloud Chief.
F.ditor Messenger: 1 noticed in last
week's paper an article taken from
the Ked Cloud Chief of thirty years
ago concerning what the article terms
a scandal in this county. I was pres
ent at the term of court referred to.
fudge Holt of I'eloit, presiding, in the
building north of where the First Na
tional hunk is now located. The action
IMF." .lust the proper proportions of
all ingrediei.ts are In the package
ready for immediate use. At grocers,
10 cents per package. Order a few
packages today. 0
lurtli in the answer are true.
liernard MeXeny, as attorney for
plaintiffs, acknowledges receipt of the
This is followed by the following
notice, receipt of which isalsoacknowl
edged by plaintiffs' attorney:
"To the Above Plaintiffs anil Kornard
McNeny, plaintiffs' attorney:
"In view of the existing conditions
will be held March Vi.
.lo-Ki-ii C. S.wr.ot:. Chairman.
Entertainment a Success.
The literary and musical entertain
ment on Monday evening at the Con
gregational church, given by Mr. and
Mrs. Carruthers and home talent, was
a success. The attendance was good
and every number on the program was
of buildings ami the congested condi-' Wi, rendered. Miss Iternice Potter
tion of our schools, the defendant be- !imj Mjss .l0stphine Mlor could not be
lieves that it is due the eitiens and pn..sont and their places were well
taxpayers of said school district of the nilcd by Miss Florence Kellogg and
city of lied Cloud, Webster oouiitj . ' m,.. p. 'j, Curruthers. The piano duet
Nebraska, that the above case should ,,y Misses Ocrtrude Maeklodgo and
he. tried at once without delay. 'I he Vernon Storey was a credit to the
defendant has therefore filed answer performers and greatly enjoyed by the
and hereby offers and requests a trial audience, who would not be satisfied
of sai 1 case at the term of court com- rilji ti,L, young ladies responded to an
mencing February '-'0. l'.H)s." encore, which they happily did. Spe
lt now. remains to; be seen whether rial mention -should liu- ituulc of the
the. plaintiffs will accept the challenge tenor solo, "Our King," by Mr. (Men
for an immediate trial or whether they Walker, but no less enjoyable, was bis
will seek to delay the matter in the Juihibv song in response to an encore.
courts. The matter should certainly
tie settled as soon as possible.
Carl Fred Lambrccht.
Carl F. Lambrccht died last Friday
at the age of 74 years. Funeral ser
vices were held Sunday at the New
Virginia M. K. church, Kev. U. P.. K.
Hill of lnavale conducting thc-crviecs.
Mr. Lambreot was a native of Her
many and came to America in IMJIi.
On March 31, IMiS, lie was married to
Charlotte Pieussner. and to this union
union niii" children were born, eight
of whom, with his widow, survive
him. He came to Webster county in
1S7.S and took up a homestead, on
which he lived until the time of his
(ilen always docs well and is one
the coming singers of lied Cloud.
ctiooi motes y
llettie LorenU quit school last week.
Leo Ifyan is taking geometry with
the tenth grade.
Many of the ninth grade have
absent thisnveek.
Aubrey Harris entered tin
Real Estate Transfers.
For the week ending Tuesday, Feb.
."i. furnished by the Fort Abstract Co..
L. 11. Fort, Manager.
Wilella Payne to F B Payne, swl
invl n w I swt and s'i swl :t 4 -:t-PJ,
wd 1000
.lames A Harlan to .Tames Wil
liam Finney, nwl UT-It-'.l, wd . . Tu'OO
Levi (J Snider to Joseph 1! Kil-
lough, n:J nel l-S-'.i, wd WOO
Abigail Malick to Clara Malick.
lots 7 and 8, bile S, Cowles, wd 00
Flvira Dimick et ul to Cowles
Hank, lots I and '.'. block 10.
'owles. deed .'.Oil
.lohn Maine to the Cowles Hank.
lots 1 aud '.'. blk 10. Cowles.qed :.00
t.hris P.ierhaus to Oley Ivci-mmi.
lots I and 5. blk 7. Madcn, wd 000
Henry C Colburn to .lames A
Saunders. lots 1,'i and :i. blk
7. Cowles, wd .".''
Oliver 1) I edge, sheriff, to ('has
F (Jund et a I, lots II and 1.'!,
blk :i. Kohror's add to Itlue
Hill, sheriff's deed wu
been 1'harles Spcnce to Blnier (,'ox, lot
7. blk I, S pel ice's add to Kla
den, wd 7."
civil, cvsr.s.
First, National Hank of Itlue Hill vs.
Kalph Hose and A. L. Olover. Hy stip
ulation: juiigmeut for plaintiff for S70
against defendant Hose.
P.yruc-Hammer Dry Hoods Co. vs.
was a divorce ease between parties in A. . I. H:ies. Judgment for plaintiff.
iucricau Hand Sewed Shoe Co. vs.
. J. Hayes, Judgment for plaintiff.
F. P. Kirkeudall Co. vs. Dicderieh.
For answer March '.'.
James Peterson vs. Win. Routs. For
trial February 7.
Thomas H. Matters vs. City of Ked
("loud. Dismissed by plaintiff without
the northeast part of the county. A
lady witness, with a puke siiubunnel
on her head, was on the witness stand
giving evidence on the part of the
plaintiff, and in response to a ques
tion to state what she had seen be
tween the defendant (a woman) and a
gentleman (not the husband) at her
house. She answered that it was not
lit for decent people to hear. The at
torney said. "Ho up ami whisper it to
the court." which the witness did. The
court leaned over toward the witness
and listened, and soon braced up ami
.said. "That will do. that will do'."
And the court never would till what
the witness said. Later, at the dinner,
In our last week's issue we men
tioned that J. O. Lindley had gone to
Missouri to look after some property
in which he was interested. It kccmim.
that more than thirty years ago, be
fore leaving Missouri, Mr. Lindley
sold lo a party the right to cut the tim
ber from u 17-acre tract of land in
Atchison county, Mo., 'jcur West.boro.
The years went by and the transaction
faded from the memory of Mr. Lind
ley. The man who bought the timber
right cleared the land and occupied it,
keeping up the taxes. About ten yenrj
ago he or his heirs sold the land to n
friendless and homeless old bachelor,
who put many improvements on tlui
properly. A short time ago this man
died and, as he had no known heirs,
the court was pur.lcd as to what t
do with the property until, up'on look
ing into the records, it was found that
Mr. Lindley had never sold the laud
and that he was still the rightful
owner of it. When he went to Mis
souri to look after his interests lie had
no trouble in establishing his claim.
As a consequence his is richer by tho
possession of a seventcen-acre tract id
land that is worth at, least ?I00 an
Here Is Relief for Women.
If you have pains in your back, uri
nary, bladder or kidney trouble, and
want a certain, pleasant herb cure for
woman's ills, try Mother 1! ray's Australian-Leaf.
It is si safe and never-
failing regulator. At druggists or by . was present anil
We wish lo call the attention of our
readers to the advertisement, of tho
new grocery firm of Johnson ; Rouer,
KU"ccssors to Robinson & llurden.
If !il Cloud Aerie No. If.:t7, F. O. B..
gave a dance and oyster supper last
evening at their nest. A largo crowil
i i'1' is re-
table at the old .immeriiian hotel, the , ,ail .10 ets. Sample paekagi
court was trying to get a juke upon ! Address The Mother Cray Co.
myself tyou would enjoy a joke upon New York.
the other fellow better than he would -, . ,
upon himself), and 1 called his atten- M pj,. ivter llerigstnd of Denver
FKF.K. ported.
LcKoy, , "The 1,'esurreelion or the Flesh" i
0 ' the subject, of the paper by Kev. Father
' I). Fitzgerald before the Ministerial
is I'nion next Mondav at a . in.. In Mil
lion to the fact that I had not gone visiting with Mrs. Frank Richardson, study of Rev. J. M. Kates
Total ,
Mortgages filed, .jPillOO.
Mortgages released, SI 1 l.'i.
irradc last Monday.
Oeorge Isom returned to school last
Monday after two weeks' absence.
Claude Cramer and Kruce Bshelinan
were absent from school Tuesday.
....; llntiilits.Di wtis absent from
.ehool last week on account of si(.,c. , fr at postofllco at Rod Cloud. Nob.,
. . , . Mary Murphy
Mildred Fulton is again in school. ,j(j Willci
bavin" been absent on account of .sun- (ilciiii Waddell
Philip opicKiirrt
Those will ln sonriutho dead lottoi
Clean-up Sale
" 3 v
AFTER our sale of 20 per cent off we have a lot of Rem
nants and Odd Lots which we will dispose of at bargains.
These are all good, clean goods. This is your chance to buy
goods cheap.
14HY Stockings
Letter List.
List of letters remaining uncalled
for tho week ending February 5, VMS-.
Mct'all has been absent from
school on account of the sickness of
her father.
The twelfth grade held a class ineul
in" Thursday to decide about their
class pins.
Since our last report Robert and
Leonard lloiher have enrolled as ninth
irrii.le students. swollen, sweating, aching feet. At all
leu Rvnn. Koy KaWnsiiii ml thu druggists and shiio store. '.'.le. Samplii
Kuiliur buvh are mtriajj bottuiy with Ul!'l WW. Address A. S. Olm
the tenth gmtlu. sted. LelJoy, N. V.
olllce Fob. Ul). liKW, if uncalled for
botore. When culling for above ploase
say "advertised."
T. C. II m ki:ii, Posf master.
To Urertk In New Shoes Always Use
Allen's Foot -Base, a powder. It pre
vents tightness and blistering, cures
swollen, sweating, aching feet.
It is trtui that Stockings ought to wear better
Vfcftn'tf- lAnat-' tnan iiiey oo. nic nose we sen, it sometimes
UOIl I nUflhi seems, ought to wear better. Customers occasion
ally say that no stockings wear as well as they used to do. Of course, the trouble
is partly in the Stocking and partly in the wearer.
Women don't wear as heavy Hose as they once wore. They say: "Give
me something thinner; 1 can't wear those thick ones." And, of course, the ma
terial is not in them to give service. We would not expect the same service
from a lace and broadcloth gown, yet we do something similar in our reasoning
on Hose.
'Then many require that their Hose lit like a glove. If they were to buy a
half size larger they would add much to the life of a pair of 1 lose. A good deal
depends on the treatment given a Stocking. If it is pulled on, twisted on, jerked
on, or worn with ill-fitting shoes, even a firm Stocking will soon give way.
It must be said, too, that dyes which are too strong will ruin a Stocking.
That is where the customer is powerless, and it is where we are powerless as
well. The old iron-wearing 1 lose were ingrain dyed colored in the yarn before
knitting. The newer fast blacks are much more evenly dyed, but an acid is user!
that sometimes gets ahead of the watchfulness even of experts. Hut people
would not have the old gray-touched Hose and they can't have guaranteed wear
combined with fast, even color.
In ladies' Hose we hae the following Embroidery Hose:
Medium Weight Cotton Hose, '
Heavy Weight Cotton Hose,
Fleece Lined Cotton Hose,
Cotton Hose with White Soles,
Cashmere Hose,
All at 25c
Shetland Floss .: " 80c lb
Ali Silk Ribbon
os i to I .' at . . 5c per yard
Nos to to r.o at . lOc per yard